Liberal Judges Releasing Illegal Alien Criminals: A Pattern Is Noted

Liberals say that they are the friends of women’s rights and safety. But when those issues face off against the dubious rights of illegal aliens, women often end up being the losers. In a vexing case from Boston a couple weeks back, a Democrat judge released illegal alien Uber driver Luis Baez who was accused of rape on a very low bond of $2500 so he wouldn’t be deported.

Apparently the likelihood of his escape, not to mention re-offending didn’t count for much in the mind of the judge. Protecting Americans from dangerous people is supposed to be the #1 job of government, but liberal judges have a different idea.

Massachusetts author and radio host Howie Carr discussed this case and others with Tucker Carlson on Thursday. Carr noted the “pattern” of liberal judges not following the law in order to protect illegal aliens, and he had plenty of examples to prove his point.

Do liberal citizens not care about secure streets and public safety?

TUCKER CARLSON: An immigrant accused of rape is on the run after a judge in Boston ignored federal requests to keep him detained. A Fox station in Boston reported on the story, here’s part of it:

BROADCAST: A dangerous drive home for a local woman after investigators say she was assaulted by her Uber driver who used a fake name to register with the rideshare company. Thirty-four-year-old Luis Báez pled not guilty to three counts of rape. Prosecutors say the young woman was picked up using the app in Boston last September and driven to a location she didn’t request. Baez allegedly raped her and then dropped her off at Boston College where she reported the incident to campus police.

CARLSON: But it didn’t end there. Newton district court judge Mary Beth Heffernan refused a request from prosecutors to set high bail for Baez: she released him after acquiring just 2500 bucks. Now ICE agents are hunting for him; they say he disappeared.

Howie Carr writes for the Boston Herald, hosts a daily radio show — one of the most famous men in New England. He’s also the author of the book Kennedy Babylon. He joins us tonight. Howie, thanks a lot for coming on. This story almost sounds like something that you’d make up — it sounds like a parody. How did this happen? is it what it seems?

HOWIE CARR: Yeah, I think this is a pattern that’s repeating itself all over the country, Tucker. In this case, the guy is an illegal alien once deported to Dominica, purportedly a gangbanger in the city of Boston, and he’s operating under an alias, as you just heard. And so they bring him in and the prosecutor, an assistant district attorney from a very liberal county, works for a very liberal Democrat district attorney comes in there and says we want a hundred thousand dollars bail on this guy because he’s a flight risk, and ICE has asked us for a hold and make sure that he’s held because they’re going to put a detainer on him to make sure that he can’t escape. but we want a GPS via the judge — a political appointee of former governor Deval Patrick another very liberal democratic politician — doesn’t even listen to the entire argument by the the employee of a liberal a district attorney and so he just says $2500 bond and then says can he make the bond here at the courthouse so he doesn’t have to go back to jail. She didn’t want to inconvenience him in the least, so he makes the bond and that was nine days ago and nobody has seen him since.

CARLSON: What it really comes down to, when the left is put in this case a liberal judge to balance the rights of women — which they say they stand for — with the so-called rights of illegal aliens, the latter wins: 2500 bucks for bail on a rape charge — have you heard of that before?

CARR: No, it’s happening around the country, Tucker. There was a case in New York City last week, a Dominican woman was charged with, pleaded guilty to stealing $35,000 worth of Victoria’s Secret products, and the judge tried to block photographers from taking her picture out in the hall of the courthouse. He said you’re just going to get her deported; he tried to stop them.

You had a case in Portland, Oregon, in January where a Mexican illegal alien was in court for a hearing for a drunk driving case, the ICE agents were out in the hall waiting for him to come out so they could grab and put a detainer on him and throw him out of the country. Somebody let him out of the back door of the of the courtroom.

We had another case in the Springfield, Western Mass, here last year, a Dominican bodega owner was pleading guilty to stealing $35,000 worth of food stamps — welfare fraud — and he came into the court and the judge said in an open courtroom, you know if you were an American we would be sentencing you to some serious jail time, but we don’t want to get you deported, so we’re not going to give you any jail time, and the guy got probation stealing $35,000.

The woman in Manhattan she didn’t do any jail time, she didn’t do restitution, she didn’t do any community service. I mean it’s like there’s a double standard here. In many cases illegal aliens or non-citizens are treated better than Americans. Continue reading this article

Massachusetts Sanctuary Mayors Are Called Out for Violating Federal Law

A couple of Bay State mayors have been waving their diversity flag and doubling down in support of sanctuary, like Boston’s Mayor Martin Walsh who promises a safe space for foreign invaders in his city’s city hall:

Sanctuary Suites: Defiant mayor vows to harbor illegals at Boston City Hall, Boston Herald, January 26, 2017

“If people want to live here, they’ll live here,” Walsh said yesterday. “They can use my office. They can use any office in this building. Any place they want to use. They’ll be able to use this building as a safe space.”

Why do liberal mayors think immigration to America is a right? Should the billions of poor people on the planet be permitted to move here just because they want to?

The mayors say they want to keep their communities safe, but crime victims of illegal aliens see it differently because sanctuary cities are less safe for American citizens.

Milford, Massachusetts, resident Maureen Maloney objected to the arrogant mayors because she lost her son Matthew Denice when a drunk-driving illegal alien dragged him to death. The Ecuadoran alien, Nikolas Guaman, had a long rap sheet but was protected by Massachusetts’ sanctuary policy, allowing him to remain and eventually kill 23-year-old Matthew.

Below, in 2014 Maureen Maloney gave a victim’s statement at the sentencing of Guaman for manslaughter.

In the current matter of sanctuary, Maloney said her family’s loss will never go away.

Grieving mom calls out pols grandstanding on sanctuary issue, Boston Herald, January 27, 2017

Any grandstanding mayor who actually harbors illegal immigrants should be prosecuted by the feds, said the grieving mother of a Milford man killed by a motorist who faces deportation after his jail sentence is up. . .

“The ripple effect of losing Matthew is not just the pain and suffering of me and his immediate family,” she stressed. “He had a longtime girlfriend. They were planning on getting married. He had a huge circle of friends and extended relatives. The ripple effect just goes on and on and on.

“I hear them saying that we’re separating these (illegal immigrant) families. Well, my family has been permanently separated. And I can’t call heaven and I can’t visit heaven. I have to go visit a grave,” she said. “The illegals do have other options. My son has no options. He had a very promising life, and it’s gone. There’s no other way to put it.”

She recently spoke on a Boston radio show:

Sheriff Thomas Hodgson of Bristol County Massachusetts won’t accept the liberal do-gooder blather about protecting illegal aliens. He was interviewed on Fox News on Sunday and discussed the illegal aspect of sanctuary policy.

ED HENRY: You might call it a Sanctuary City Showdown. Some mayors are speaking out after president Trump’s executive move to strip funding for sanctuary cities.

BOSTON MAYOR MARTIN WALSH: You are safe in Boston. We will do everything lawful in our power to protect you.

SOMERVILLE MASS. MAYOR JOSEPH CURTATONE: Somerville will stand with you regardless of your race, creed, color, gender. . . We know what makes America great. Continue reading this article

Drunk-Driving Illegal Alien Guilty of Manslaughter in Massachusetts Dragging Death

In 2011, 23-year-old Matthew Denice was dragged to death by a drunk-driving illegal alien from Ecuador. Nicolas Guaman, with a blood alcohol level at 3x the legal limit, ran a stop sign, crashed into Denice’s motorcycle and dragged the young man for a quarter mile as bystanders banged on Guaman’s truck to make him stop.

Matthew Denice, shown below, had graduated from Fitchburg State University and planned to go to graduate school to study criminal justice.

This crime was easily preventable had authorities used deportation as intended to remove dangerous persons. As noted in a 2011 report:

Family alerted police on driver, Boston Globe, August 23, 2011

Milford police arrested Guaman in 2008 on charges of assault and battery on a police officer and at least one public employee and of breaking and entering, according to the police and the Worcester district attorney’s office. The case was continued without a finding for one year. Police said he also faced a few minor traffic charges dating to 2007, but the district attorney’s office could not confirm that information.

Guaman had assaulted a police officer but was not deported. Massachusetts is crazy liberal and likes to pamper dangerous foreigners. The case is another reminder of what happens when the government forgets that its prime directive is to protect public safety — as exemplified by the recent report that the government released 36,000 foreign criminals including murderers, rapists and drunk drivers.

Another example of twisted values: a court-appointed psychologist told the previous judge on the case that Guaman couldn’t be tried because “nearly half of indigenous South Americans from Mongoloid descent are deficient in an enzyme required to break down and metabolize alcohol.”

According to proper liberal-think (plus some odd racial formulations), the killer was actually a victim.

The bench trial took four days, and while the prosecution pursued charges of second-degree murder, Judge David Ricciardone decided that a manslaughter verdict was more appropriate, with a sentence of 12-14 years in prison.

The verdict was a disappointment to many, who thought the killer should get the maximum punishment possible. Local WBZ-TV new analyst Jon Keller wrote in Keller @ Large: Nicolas Guaman Is A Murderer: “The justice system bent over backwards to give Guaman a fair trial, but it didn’t do much for Matthew Denice and his family. It looked the other way while Guaman lived here illegally for nine years.”

Elsewhere on Boston media, radio talk guy Howie Carr discussed the case on May 19: Ann Coulter on Illegal Alien Amnesty and the Guaman Verdict.

Below, Matthew’s mother, Maureen Maloney, gave a victim’s statement at sentencing.

Interestingly, the judge said he gave a less than maximum sentence because of the defendant’s lack of previous criminal behavior. Apparently assaulting a cop is no longer a serious infraction.

Nicolas Dutan Guaman sentenced to 12-14 years in motorcycle dragging death of Matthew Denice of Milford,, May 19 2014

An Ecuadorean immigrant was sentenced Monday to 12 to 14 years in prison for dragging a Milford man to his death with his truck.

Nicolas Dutan Guaman was found guilty earlier Monday of motor vehicle homicide and manslaughter by motor vehicle by Judge David Ricciardone. Guaman was acquitted of the most serious charge he’d faced: second-degree murder.

Prosecutors said that on Aug. 20, 2011, Guaman struck Matthew Denice, 23, who was riding his motorcycle. Denice was caught under the truck and stuck in the wheel well, where he was dragged for about a quarter-mile as panicked onlookers tried frantically to get Guaman to stop.

Guaman was also convicted of reckless endangerment of a child, leaving the scene of an accident which caused personal injury or death, failing to stop for police and driving without a license.
Guaman’s six-year-old son was in the truck at the time of the crash.

Ricciardone also sentenced Guaman to serve 10 years of probation after his sentence is up, during which time he would be forbidden from driving. In all likelihood, Guaman, who came into the country illegally, will be deported before then. Continue reading this article

Surprise! Administration’s ‘Humanitarian Deportation’ Means Criminal Aliens Get to Stay

Following a promise from the Presidente to make deportation more “humane”, the administration has decreed that “petty” criminals can benefit from Obama’s executive amnesty.

Who hasn’t seen this coming? More “humanitarian” deportations weren’t going to include better sandwiches for Pancho during his trip home: obviously enforcement standards had to fall lower.

But it’s worse than that: there are no standards. “Petty” crime has no definition at all, so it’s whatever some bureaucrat wants it to be. Is theft no big deal? What about carjacking? Is drunk driving a petty crime?

Drunk driving is a crime many in the government have preferred to overlook, even though numerous Americans have been killed by drunk-driving illegal aliens. Arguably from a public safety perspective, drunk-driving aliens should be at the top of anyone’s Deport ASAP list. But we cannot trust the Obama administration to act with the protection of Americans in mind.

In 2011, many concerned citizens of Milford Massachusetts gathered to demand the government enforce immigration laws after young Matthew Denice was dragged to death by a previously arrested drunk-driving illegal alien.

In addition, the protection of illegal alien criminals has been a common theme in Democrat immigration legislation and policies generally. In 2011, Senator Jeff Sessions observed that the DREAM Act of that year was worse than the last in terms of creating a Christmas tree of goodies for dangerous foreigners, and he provided a point-by-point list of criminal-friendly items.

Is not every immigration bill worse than the last when the Democrats are major authors (and many Repubs are just as bad)? The problem is the Raza open-borders extremists are pulling the legislative strings and they do not act in good faith.

DHS giving illegal immigrant ‘petty’ criminals second chance in waiver application process, Daily Caller, March 24, 2014

Are you an illegal immigrant whose waiver to stay in the country was denied because of your criminal past? Well, you’re in luck, because the Obama Administration may let you stay in the country anyway.

In a guidance distributed to congressional offices and obtained by The Daily Caller, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced that it is reopening cases in which applications for provisional unlawful presence waivers were denied to criminals.

According to the notice, USCIS had determined that applicants should not be denied an I-601A waiver due to a past criminal offense so long as it “falls under the petty offense or youthful offender exceptions or is not considered a crime involving moral turpitude.”Last week, USCIS began reopening waiver applications denied due ‘solely’ to a prior criminal offense before January 24, 2014, “in order to determine whether there is reason to believe the prior criminal offense might render the applicant inadmissible.”

The notice does not specify what types of crimes constitute a “petty offense,” and defines neither “youthful offender” nor “a crime involving moral turpitude.” Neither DHS nor USCIS responded to TheDC’s requests for comment. Continue reading this article

Massachusetts Mulling Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Aliens

In Massachusetts, the usual suspects are pushing driver’s licenses for foreign intruders. The boosters claim that requiring aliens to learn the rules of the road would make driving safer for everyone.

Interestingly, when illegals lined up around the block for licenses in Nevada, around 75 percent of applicants failed the written test. That figure would comport with the arrogance of Latin males who think they don’t need to study to pass a test.

However, a substantial number of deaths by illegal aliens are fueled by excessive drinking, where knowing state laws and the stopping distance at 60 mph won’t prevent a blotto drunk foreigner from killing innocents. In fact, drinking immoderately is considered to be a positive character attribute indicating macho-ness in many hispanic cultures, particularly Mexico.

Back to Massachusetts, the mother of crime victim Matthew Denice has spoken out against the proposed weakening of driver’s license protections.

Denice (pictured) was was killed when a drunk driving illegal alien Ecuadoran smashed into his motorcycle and dragged the young man for a quarter mile as bystanders banged on the side of the perp’s truck trying to make him stop. The accused killer, Nicholas Guaman, had a long rap sheet including assaulting a police officer, but had been shielded from deportation by Massachusetts’ sanctuary policy.

Why do liberals want to protect dangerous criminals and willfully thwart public safety? Are they insane?

Advocates push for driver’s licenses for Mass. immigrants, Fox News Boston, January 26, 2014

BOSTON — Lawmakers will soon consider passing a bill that would allow illegal immigrants to get a driver’s license.

The Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, or MIRA, is backing the bill.

Policy director Shannon Erwin says that issuing licenses to undocumented immigrants would make the roads safer because they would have to pass all of the RMV requirements and get insurance.

“It would let more drivers take the drivers’ exam. More people to learn the rules of the road, more people to purchase individual liability insurance,” Erwin said. “Nobody wants to be in an accident with an uninsured driver.”

Maureen Maloney lost her son, Matthew Denice, in August 2011 when illegal immigrant Nicolas Guaman allegedly struck and killed Matthew with his truck, dragging Matthew’s body down a Milford street.

Guaman is charged with his murder. Continue reading this article

Illegal Alien DUI Killer Pleads Guilty in Virginia

Last April, Maxey Ann Lynch (pictured) was killed by a drunk-driving illegal alien as she was doing her job of Richmond Times-Dispatch newspaper carrier. Her car was struck head-on by Guatemalan Santos Gabriel-Tomas driving the wrong direction, and she died later in the hospital.

Not only was his blood-alcohol content 0.19 percent (more than twice the legal limit), he also had no license to drive due to his illegal alien status.

Worse, this crime was entirely preventable because Gabriel-Tomas had been convicted in March 2012 of drunk driving, but was not deported. In a nation that cared about public safety, drunk-driving illegal aliens would be deported as a matter of law, but that is not the case here.

Now-retired Congresswoman Sue Myrick worked for years to pass the Scott Gardner Act, but with no success. As she said, the bill required, “You’re drunk, you’re driving, you’re illegal, you’re deported, period.” In 2012 Senator Chuck Grassley proposed a three-strikes requirement that would have meant deportation after three DUI arrests. However, that law would not have saved Sister Denice Mosier from a two-timer nor young Matthew Denice either.

Below, Santos Gabriel-Tomas was previously arrested but not deported.

Man pleads guilty in DUI fatality, Richmond Times-Dispatch, August 23, 2013

An intoxicated, wrong-way driver who pleaded guilty to the killing in April of a Richmond Times-Dispatch newspaper carrier in South Hill had been convicted of DUI a year earlier and had never been licensed to drive in Virginia.

Santos Gabriel-Tomas, 30, an immigrant from Guatemala in the country illegally, was convicted in March 2012 of driving under the influence of alcohol in neighboring Lunenburg County. He had never acquired a license to drive, but a judge in the earlier case revoked his privileges to obtain a license for 12 months as part of his punishment, Mecklenburg County Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Allen Nash said.

After the suspension period passed, Gabriel-Tomas continued to drive without a license and was doing so when he crashed head-on April 7 into a car being driven by longtime Times-Dispatch carrier Maxey Ann Lynch, 61, who later died at VCU Medical Center. Continue reading this article

Massachusetts: Secure Communities Is Implemented

Secure Communities is a common-sense federal program where the fingerprints of persons already in jail are sent to a national database to determine immigration status. Yet the open-borders Raza-tarians condemn the policy as an affront of the self-designated right of illegal aliens to break any American laws they want.

Interestingly, the Obama administration recently removed traffic violations from Secure Communities, even though illegal alien drivers, drunk and otherwise, are a major cause of foreigner-caused death among Americans. The new directive supposedly does not cover drunk driving illegal aliens — yet. When memories fade about shocking cases like the death of the nun Denise Mosier at the hands of a drunk-driving Bolivian, inebriated drivers will likely be quietly included among Obama’s protected class.

But today, the news is good. Despite Governor Deval Patrick’s stubborn defense of foreign criminals, the feds finally implemented Secure Communities in the Bay State.

Even the Boston Herald‘s editorial board concurred that government protecting public safety is a good idea:

State now more secure, Boston Herald, May 11, 2012

To the bitter end the Patrick administration wanted it made clear that deploying the federal Secure Communities program in Massachusetts was absolutely not its idea. It simply defies logic that a team largely responsible for the safety of 6 million citizens would so vigorously resist a program that targets a small number of illegal aliens who have committed a crime.

Finally, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has gotten around to including Massachusetts on the list of states where sharing information on local arrests with federal immigration authorities will now be automatic and mandatory.

Local law enforcement agencies have of course always run fingerprints on suspects through FBI criminal databases. But that information now will be shared automatically with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which will determine how to proceed if a suspect is not a legal resident.

It’s not as if there has been a lack of evidence that action is needed. Just ask the family of Matthew Denice. Nicolas Guaman, an illegal immigrant from Ecuador with a record of prior arrests, stands accused of being behind the wheel of a pickup truck that struck and killed Denice last year. Had Secure Communities been in place when Guaman was arrested back in 2008 for assaulting a cop, it is no exaggeration to say Denice might still be alive. Continue reading this article

Obama’s Illegal Alien Uncle Onyango Gets a New “Hardship” License Instead of Deportation

It’s no surprise that the President’s uncle — the drunk-driving illegal alien from Kenya — won’t be punished for nearly crashing into a police car while in an inebriated state.

In late March, a judge made him hand over his driver’s license, as shown below. Now he’s gotten it back, or at least a reasonable facsimile “hardship” license.

The Obama gang has extended his administrative amnesty by granting “unlawful presence waivers” to anyone who has a relative residing in the United States, so Uncle Onyango doesn’t have anything to worry about.

The article below helpfully hints at how Massachusetts remains unnecessarily dangerous because Gov. Deval Patrick has refused to implement the sensible Secure Communities partnership with the feds to protect citizens from criminal aliens.

Uncle Obama on the roads again, Boston Herald, April 3, 2012s

Just a week after he copped a plea in a drunken-driving rap, President Obama’s illegal-alien uncle has landed a hardship driver’s license from the Registry of Motor Vehicles, making it perfectly legal for him to drive in Massachusetts — even though the feds say he doesn’t belong here.

Onyango Obama, 67, who lost his regular license for 45 days last week, scored his limited license yesterday from the Registry’s Wilmington branch, after convincing a hearing officer that life without wheels would have posed an undue hardship on his livelihood as a liquor-store manager. Obama bolstered his case with a letter from his employer, Conti Liquors, as well as proof that he’d enrolled in an alcohol-treatment program.

“He met all of the criteria,” RMV spokeswoman Sara Lavoie said.

Of the state’s decision to award Obama a license even though the federal government considers him an illegal alien, Lavoie would only say, “Registry business is based on Registry records.”

The license allows Obama to drive from noon to midnight.

The license award drew fire from one advocate of tough enforcement on illegals, Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson.

“Our democracy is predicated on law,” Hodgson said. “When we start to interpret these laws differently and manipulate them the way we want them to work for certain people, we start to send a mixed message to people that the law doesn’t really matter. Its subject to interpretation. You don’t have to follow the law. They find ways to justify it. We need the laws to be very clear. We need ‘no’ to mean ‘no’ again.”

Hodgson, along with sheriffs in Plymouth and Worcester counties, stood up for Secure Communities, a program that feeds local police fingerprint checks into federal databases to check the citizenship status of accused criminals. Gov. Deval Patrick has refused to enroll the state in the program.

Obama, a Kenyan national, lost his license last week after admitting in court that Framingham cops had sufficient evidence to convict him in an August OUI bust. His lawyer, P. Scott Bratton, said Obama has an immigration hearing next month.

A judge continued Obama’s OUI case without a finding for one year, meaning he’ll face no further punishment if he stays out of trouble. Obama is the half-brother of President Obama’s late father, and the older brother of Zeituni Onyango, who was granted asylum in 2010.

Baltimore Catholic Diocese Attacks Public Safety

In January, I blogged about the San Francisco Catholics crusading against the law-enforcement program Secure Communities: San Francisco Archbishop Campaigns against Public Safety.

Secure Communities is a federal system in which the fingerprints of persons already arrested are run through a federal database to check their immigration status so that dangerous criminals can be deported. Most people would consider that strategy to be basic common sense. Secure Communities is supposed to be implemented in every state by 2013.

But the Catholic church favors open borders and amnesty for the foreign lawbreakers who now fill its pews. It’s a market-share thing: numerous American Catholics bailed after the priest pedophilia scandal and for other reasons. In fact, a Pew survey found that “roughly 10% of all Americans are former Catholics.” So importing newbie Catholics is seen as desirable by church leaders, despite the crime problems associated with millions of unidentified foreigners.

In one example of how intelligent law enforcement is meant to prevent crime, the family of Matthew Denice called on Massachusetts Governor Patrick to “enact Secure Communities” to avoid future deaths caused by illegal aliens.

Anyone who assumed that religious officials condemning a successful public safety program was just a California aberration would be wrong. Leading Catholics in Baltimore favor coddling criminals just as much as their comrades on the left coast:

Catholic Church: We need comprehensive immigration reform, not ‘Secure Communities’ program, Baltimore Sun, March 5, 2012

The recent article about the expansion into Baltimore of the Department of Homeland Security’s program to crackdown on illegal immigrants (“Immigrants, city fear divide over status checks,” Feb. 26) makes clear the need for real immigration reform. Programs such as Secure Communities, regardless of aim, are succeeding in spreading fear and division and in threatening the stability of the family. Moreover, the program is altering the relationship between federal immigration enforcement and local law enforcement.

The Catholic Church’s concern for the welfare of migrants stems from its belief that immigration is ultimately a humanitarian issue because it impacts the basic human rights and dignity of the human person. The Church believes this dignity is undermined by this program’s alleged channeling of immigrants into the criminal justice system through racial profiling and pre-textual arrests for the purpose of vetting them for their immigration status. Because Secure Communities is operated at the point of arrest, rather than post-conviction, it casts a wide net over virtually any immigrant who has come into contact with the criminal justice system. Continue reading this article

Criminal Illegal Alien Brothers Afflict Milford, Massachusetts

Milford Massachusetts has already suffered too much illegal alien violence with the dragging death of young Matthew Denice at the hands of a lawbreaking Ecuadoran, Nikolas Guaman. Now the accused killer’s brother has been arrested for stabbing another man.

Below, diverse criminals David and Nikolas Guaman are an example of criminal family values among illegal aliens.

Despite a “severe cutting,” the victim is expected to survive, no thanks to David Segundo Dutan Guaman, who knifed the guy at a party. Like his older sibling, David had previous arrests but was not deported.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is notoriously friendly to illegal aliens and has rejected Secure Communitie for his state. The Denice family called on the governor to enact the program to prevent further violence by illegal alien criminals by punishing and deporting them. But Gov Patrick refused, and has remained a friend of foreign criminals and an enemy of public safety.

The Denice family is still engaged on the issue and spoke out against the policies that protect dangerous foreigners. They have a spokesperson, shown in the video below, and released a statement on the recent case, included in the print story following.

Guaman Brother Arrested: Denice Family Reaction:

Brother Of Milford Illegal Immigrant Accused Of Stabbing Man , WBZ-TV, February 20, 2012

David Segundo Dutan Guaman is charged with armed assault after a stabbing at his home on Water Street in Milford early Saturday morning. He is an illegal immigrant, and was wanted on warrants in connection with driving violations.

His brother, Nicolas Guaman, is charged with driving a pick up truck that struck and killed Matthew Denice last August.

Another brother, Pablo Guaman, is charged with giving Nicolas the truck. He is out on bail, wearing a monitoring bracelet.

ICE officials say at this point it appears David was not in their system. State officials confirm they did not have any fingerprints from him prior to the weekend stabbing. Now, ICE has launched a retainer against David Guaman, which means if he is let out of custody, ICE has 48 hours to take him into custody.

Milford’s Police Chief Thomas O’Loughlin says this case is a reminder to the community of Matthew Denice’s death, and the frustrations with the lack of comprehensive immigration reform. He says if the program, Secure Communities, was in place in Massachusetts, David would not have been identified because he hadn’t been arrested in a violent crime; however, he says other measures are needed to strengthen immigration laws. He says, “When is the federal government going to do something about individuals such as David Guaman and his brother? Until they do something, local police and state police we are in the middle dealing with the issues.”

Wendy Murphy, who represents Matt’s family, says, “Mathew Denice’s family is very distraught to hear there is, in a sense, the same kind of problem in this case.” Both men are illegal immigrants and both have driving records. Murphy says, “It looks like there is a systemic problem, in the sense that people who are here illegally, and are being coddled by the legal system, are escalating their illegal behavior, and we’re seeing acts of violence.”

Murphy says while Secure Communities would not have lead to David’s deportation before the stabbing, it is a tool that could help collected data and monitor crimes. She says Governor Patrick should reverse course and ask for it to be implemented to help understand the facts. “The public has a right to be angry, and has a right to ask political leaders of the state, why aren’t you measuring the problem?”

Governor Deval Patrick has opposed the Secure Communities program. Last year, ICE announced it will be implemented in every state by the end of 2013.

11.2 million people live in the United States illegally. Officials with ICE say they can only deport 400,000 people per year because of their financial resources. For that reason, they say they focus on deporting violent criminals.

David Guaman will be arraigned on Tuesday in Milford District Court.

The victim in the stabbing is expected to survive.

The Denice family released the following statement:

“Despite all the promises that were made by local officials, politicians, and leaders in the Ecuadorian community after our son Matthew Denice was killed, David Guaman, like his brother Nicolas, who killed Matthew, should not have been free to become involved in more serious violence. We are extremely concerned that despite all the promises that were made, about how things would soon improve and that the public would be better protected, nothing much has changed. Unlicensed drivers are cited on a daily basis, many of them after being involved in accidents or for being pulled over for driving drunk. Without proper training, passing a written test and a road test these drivers put all of our lives at risk on a daily basis. In Milford there has been a huge increase in excessive drinking that has resulted in several violent assaults over the last few months like this most recent stabbing by David Dutan-Guaman.

Our son Matthew Denice paid the ultimate price with his life because Nicolas Dutan-Guaman, who was in the country illegally, had a criminal record, and was unlicensed, chose to get drunk and drive. We are still deeply disappointed that when Govenor Patrick had the opportunity he did not chose to participate in the Secure Communities Program that would eventually lead to deportation of the most serious offenders illegally in our country.”

Sen. Grassley: Three DUI Strikes and Illegals Are Out

According to Human Events, Senator Charles Grassley got an amendment passed in the Judiciary Committee that would make “habitual” drunk driving — meaning three arrests — cause for deportation.

Say, what’s wrong with one DUI being the deportation marker? The Grassley change would not have saved Sister Denise Mosier from drunk Bolivian Carlos Montano, who had two previous DUI arrests before the third one which killed the Virginia nun.

The Grassley amendment would not have saved young Matthew Denice (pictured) from being dragged to death by a drunk illegal alien from Ecuador. Nicolas Guaman had several previous arrests, including the assault of a police officer, but there were no earlier DUIs, and he was not deported.

A better idea would be the Scott Gardner Act first introduced by Rep Sue Myrick (R-NC) in 2005: the upshot of which is “You’re drunk, you’re driving, you’re illegal, you’re deported, period.”

She continues to re-introduce the bill in every session of Congress.

For some reason, the Human Events report emphasized Obama’s illegal alien Uncle Omar. At least he didn’t kill anyone, unlike many other drunk-driving illegal aliens; you can say that in his favor.

‘Uncle Omar’ amendment would send drunk driving aliens home, Human Events, February 3, 2012

America’s favorite drunk-driving illegal alien uncle could be on his way home if he continues his drunk driving ways.

At its Feb. 2 meeting, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 18-0 to pass an amendment by Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R.-Iowa), which would change current statutes to make habitual drunk driving cause for deportation, but Democrats voted to strike language that would have made the provision retroactive. Habitual drunk driving is defined as having three DUI convictions.

If it was retroactive, it would mean bittersweet homecomings for many out-of-status visitors to our shores.

It would also mean a difficult situation for “sanctuary” cities and towns that do not report illegal aliens they encounter to federal authorities. If each new drunk driving conviction equals one third of a guaranteed deportation, immigration law nullifiers may start charging drunk driving illegals with something else. Continue reading this article

Brother of Illegal Alien Crime Victim to Run for Milford Selectman

Michael Denice is the brother of Matthew, the young motorcycle rider who was cruelly dragged to death last year by a previously arrested drunk-driving illegal alien in Milford, Massachusetts. Michael has just announced his candidacy for the office of Selectman in his home town.

Below, Michael Denise is the fellow in the white sweater in the center of the group assembled in Milford to protest the preventable death of Matthew Denise.

Denice plans to run for selectman:

The preventable death of Matthew Denice illustrated how little the state of Massachusetts cares about public safety for citizens. The accused Ecuadoran, Nikolas Guaman, had several prior arrests, including assaulting a police officer. Democrat Governor Deval Patrick was particularly egregious in defending the state’s sanctuary policy that protected the killer alien. Senator Scott Brown urged the governor to adopt Secure Communities statewide, but Patrick wouldn’t budge.

As someone who has followed the issue of illegal alien crime, I know that family members of victims speaking out can make a big difference. After Sean and Donna Wilson were killed by a drunk-driving illegal alien with 17 arrests, daughter Heather Steffek worked within the political system to improve immigration enforcement in Tennessee and Nashville. The city later implemented 287(g).

Ed Kowalski, the uncle of murdered high school student Elizabeth Butler, has testified before elected officials in New York and Arizona about the crimes committed by illegal aliens.

Any time the public is reminded that illegal immigration is not a victimless crime, it’s a good thing.

You can check out Michael Denice’s Facebook page about his candidacy.

Brother of Milford man who died in accident to run for selectman, Milford Daily News, January 11, 2012

The older brother of the Milford man whose death in a motorcycle accident spurred furious debate about illegal immigration has announced his intention to run for selectman this spring.

Michael Denice, 26, who lives at 22 Debbie Lane, has taken out nomination papers and has set up a Facebook page about his candidacy.

If Denice makes the ballot, he would likely face Dino DeBartolomeis, who is seeking his 11th term on the board.

“The citizens of Milford need a voice on town issues. I have seen many changes occur in Milford over the past several years, including a rise in crime, an increase in immigration-related issues and a decline in the local economy and businesses,” Denice said in a statement. “We need selectmen that will not only work for the people, but more importantly work with the people in the community.”

Denice is the brother of Matthew Denice, 23, who police say was dragged to his death Aug. 20 by a pickup truck driven by Nicholas D. Guaman, an Ecuadorean who is in the country illegally. Police say Guaman was drunk when he hit Denice, who was riding his motorcycle at Congress and Fayette streets.

Guaman has been charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter while driving, motor vehicle homicide while under the influence, among other charges.

At a September forum in Town Hall designed to clear the air about the local Ecuadorian community, Michael Denice chided Ecuadorean officials, complaining that illegal immigrants have to work under the table, cannot drive with a legal license and must violate other laws just to stay in the country.

“What is your solution for those illegal immigrants already here today?” he asked, prompting a standing ovation from a crowd at Town Hall.

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