Endless Immigration Means a Permanent Democrat Majority

It was disappointing to hear Rush Limbaugh say on Fox News Sunday that Democrats “need a permanent underclass that is dependent on the government.” That’s certainly true to a degree, but it is not the most important point.

As many people have noticed, the great majority of immigrants vote Democrat, and continued mass immigration means a permanent […]

Mexican Mom Struggles Back Home after Self-Deporting

“Self-deport” is a verb that has arisen from our modern struggles with national sovereignty: some illegal aliens decide that the hassle of dealing with their unlawful status is too much and they depart for their home country. It’s a double-good situation, where taxpayers don’t have to buy tickets for the intrusive job thieves, and it’s […]

Sob Story Alert! Job-Thieving Family May Be Deported

The Trump era will certainly be seen in the future as a golden age for the illegal alien sob story. After something of a fall off during the open-borders Obama administration, there has been a resurgence of the genre with increased coverage by the leftstream media, where front page coverage of illegal alien travails is not […]

Californians Worry about a Drought Resurgence

About half of Wednesday’s San Jose Mercury-News was dedicated to a report about drought in South Africa. The main headline — The City That Ran Out of Water — gets attention in northern California where a brutal five-year drought was broken last year by a very wet winter when the rains finally came. Now several […]

Seven-Times-Deported Mexican Stabs Shopper in Santa Rosa

The violent crimes just keep on coming in open-borders California (now a Sanctuary for illegal aliens). A seven-times deported Mexican stabbed a man as he was eating at a table in Lola’s Market in Santa Rosa.

Lola’s food selection appeals to a Mexican clientele — so is the place some kind of drug connection hangout? Or is […]

Illegal Alien Cop Killer Mexican Goes to Trial in California

The trial of cop killer Luis Bracamontes started earlier this week in Sacramento. Actually, the illegal alien Mexican admits he killed two officers on a lengthy crime spree.

There’s no dispute that Bracamontes killed Sacramento County Deputy Danny Oliver, left, and Placer County Detective Michael David Davis Jr. 

Pam Davis Owens, the aunt of one of the […]

Update: California Is Still America’s Poverty Capital

It’s not new news that Democrat-run California has the worst poverty in the United States; the Census report to that effect was noted here in 2014.

Still, the fact that the home of Silicon Valley and of so many tech and natural riches can be poverty stricken needs to be repeated, so perhaps people can grasp […]

Is Matt Gonzalez the New Hero of Illegal Alien Sanctuary?

In November, a San Francisco jury found the killer of Kate Steinle guilty of only felony possession of a weapon. Jose Zarate was sentenced on Friday to time served for that crime. However, he is being moved to federal custody where he will face additional charges.

Below, five-times deported illegal alien Mexican Jose Ines Garcia Zarate […]

Crime Victim Dad Fights California State Sanctuary for Illegal Aliens

Don Rosenberg has been a tireless voice for immigration enforcement since his son Drew was killed in a San Francisco traffic crash by an illegal alien Honduran in 2010. Killer Roberto Gallo struck Drew on his motorcycle and ran over his body several times. The charge was initially vehicular homicide, but was reduced to misdemeanor […]

California Rolls Out Over 800 New Laws for 2018

California legislators used the last year to expand state government still further, and the more than 800 new laws taking effect in 2018 will raise the extent of liberal meddling in people’s private lives as well as extending the redistribution of free stuff to favored groups, financed on the backs of the overtaxed residents.

The big […]

Foreign Flood into America Hits New High

We shouldn’t be surprised that the anti-American President Obama’s last year brought a record level of foreigner influx, as a major part of his destruction derby against the United States. He disapproves of the American people — particular the conservative ones — and used his presidency to overwhelm the traditional culture demographically and import a […]

2017 Was the Year When Robots Came Out

In late December, people starts making end-of-year lists and analyses, so it’s not surprising to see one about the progress of automation in 2017. A writer at Wired thinks it been a great year for robots, when they began to be seen walking around and interacting with their environment, rather than being bolted to the […]

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