Robert Spencer: Jihad Terror Is the New Normal for Europe

The editor of JihadWatch did a fine job of explaining the state of Europe following the Merkelized immigration of Muslim unfriendlies. The latest atrocity was the machete attack on two Belgian policewomen in the town of Charleroi, for which ISIS has claimed responsibility.

Another day, another Muslim terror attack in stupid-diverse Europe: Belgian police investigate machete jihad.


Robert Spencer appeared on Fox Business Monday to answer the question “Is jihad terror the new normal in Europe?”

Of course the answer is Yes, because ISIS has been happy to walk through the door that German Chancellor Merkel opened when she invited displaced Syrians to her country (and legions of other Muslims joined in). The important point is that ISIS is using the overwhelming numbers of unidentified foreigners to swamp the police.

Spencer warned the same thing can happen here (where the FBI already is investigating 900 terror cases). And right on cue, it was reported on Monday that if the Obama surge of quickie screening continues, the number of Syrians admitted next year may reach 30,000.

Of course, the proper number for Muslim immigrants is ZERO. America does not need workers, the nation is quite diverse enough and citizens don’t want the traditional culture overwhelmed by hostile jihadist foreigners.

ASHLEY WEBSTER: In Belgium, two police officers were attacked over the weekend by a man with a machete screaming in Arabic. It’s familiar story unfortunately, Robert Spencer, author of the Complete Infidels Guide to the Koran. Is this the new normal for Europe, do you believe, these types of stories? Because it feels like we’re hearing about them almost on a daily basis.

ROBERT SPENCER: There’s no doubt that it’s the new normal for Europe. The Islamic state ISIS has called for these kinds of attacks. They’ve made a concerted effort to get people into Europe to launch these kinds of attacks from within the refugee influx. Remember the two of the Paris attackers last November were refugees. This man was an Algerian national who’d come into Europe in 2012, and so there are many many others embedded among the peaceful refugees who are actually Islamic jihadis. There are going to be many many more attacks like this one.

WEBSTER: And the question is how much at risk is the United States? We know that Europe has struggled with this: they have a large number of migrants, refugees, to your point, that have come in. What about the United States? Where are our vulnerabilities?

SPENCER: Our vulnerabilities are everywhere. The more people, the more refugees that Barack Obama brings in, the more likely this kind of thing is to happen in the United States. Remember that Tashfin Malik, the San Bernardino shooter, had passed five separate background checks from five different US agencies, and so we’re bringing in only refugees who were vetted and checked — and that vetting is completely useless.

WEBSTER: What’s interesting and then to that point, I want to get back to Europe and France. One of the suspects arrested in the death of the priest in in northern France had actually been on their radar, very much so, even had a tracking bracelet on his ankle and yet they were unable to stop this attack, but we don’t have — I don’t think anyone has — the resources to follow suspects 24 hours a day.

SPENCER: That’s the ISIS strategy, and see, that man’s tracking bracelet, it was actually turned off for three hours every morning, and that’s when he did this attack. And the ISIS strategy is to overwhelm law enforcement in Europe and the United States with so many of these jihadis that we just can’t possibly keep track of all of them, and it’s working.

WEBSTER: How do we stop this? I would assume that you would believe this is going to continue. Will it increase in its frequency?

SPENCER: It’s going to increase; there’s just no doubt about that. That’s a hundred percent certainty. One of the things we have to do is really reconsider whether we need to bring these refugees in, when the Saudis, for example, are taking absolutely none of them and attributing their refusal to the fact that there are terrorists among them. We ought to be able to do the same thing.

Administration Is on Track to Hit 10K Syrian Refugee Goal

It looks like the friend of all Muslims in the White House is going to reach his dangerous aim of importing 10,000 Syrian refugees into the US during this fiscal year, even though they cannot be screened for terror ties according to testimony from FBI Director James Comey. On the President’s value scale, extreme diversity apparently ranks higher than national security or the safety of Americans.

Washington used to assure us little citizens that its examinations of potential jihadists from the Middle East were thorough and took 18 to 24 months. Then the administration decided on the “surge” strategy to squeeze extra Muslims into the country by cutting the investigation to three months.

A related point: 31 suspected ISIS terrorists have been arrested in the U.S. In the past year. Wouldn’t it be better to keep the unfriendlies out?

Below, U.S. Ambassador to Jordan Alice Wells (top left) poses with a Syrian family on their way to be resettled in Missouri after a quickie processing.

Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies appeared on Fox News recently and explained that Obama has a time constraint because he wants to look extra virtuous at his UN refugee confab coming up:

MARK KRIKORIAN: I don’t think there was any chance they weren’t going to hit this goal. The administration, the White House, set this number at 10,000 by the end of the end of September because President Obama is hosting a refugee summit at the UN in late September, so he has to to browbeat other people, other countries, to take in more Syrian refugees. So there’s no way that it wasn’t going to happen. What’s interesting though, is they clearly have cut corners. . .

Now to speed it up, they’re cutting it down to something like three months.

In fact, the administration has sped up the screening process so much that it may well exceed its numerical goal and import extras. What could possibly go wrong?

Obama administration to go beyond 10,000 Syrian refugees, By Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, August 5, 2016

80 percent approved, 7 percent denied

Administration officials said Friday that the 10,000 Syrian refugees President Obama wants to welcome this fiscal year is a floor, not a ceiling, and they can go even higher than that total.

“We can now say that we’ve welcomed 8,000 Syrian refugees so far this year and we are very confident we will welcome at least 10,000,” Assistant Secretary of State Anne C. Richard told reporters in updating the flow.

At today’s pace, more than 12,000 refugees could be admitted by the end of September, which marks the end of the fiscal year.

Those are part of the 85,000 total refugees from around the world that Mr. Obama has said he can accept.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Leon Rodriguez said he’s confident his officers can screen out potential terrorists and other bad actors even without access to the tools Mr. Comey said are important. Continue reading this article

France Cancels Public Events because of Security Fears

France has reacted to a string of murderous jihad attacks from its Muslim residents by calling off a number of public gatherings that might attract more mayhem. Soldiers and well armed police are more apparent on streets already, so authorities must think that their existing forces are not adequate to protect people from the worsened threat from the Islamic fifth column.

Below, French soldiers guarded Notre Dame Cathedral where parishioners had to go through a bag check for Christmas services.

So the French people will have fewer events to attend, but of course jihad-attracting crowds cannot be eliminated in stores, in the subway, in schools and elsewhere.

Over the last 18 months, the French has endured the Charlie Hebdo attack, the multiple jihad attacks in Paris last November and the Bastille Day Nice jihad where a Mohammed-driven truck killed 85 and injured over 300.

This carnage is what happens with Muslim immigration. Too bad the big boss in Washington isn’t paying attention.

Armed police guard the St. Tropez beach.


Among the cancelled events announced in France so far are the Nice Cycling Championships set for mid-September and the well known Lille flea market which attracted 2.5 million visitors over two days last year. Also scrapped were the popular open-air cinema at the Parc de la Villette in north-eastern Paris and the car-free day on the Champs-Elysées. The Quai 54 basketball tournament was cut, and had scheduled an appearance by NBA star Kobe Bryant.

All of this looming danger and fear has a depressing affect on the people. Civilization is based around the expectation of safety, and when that disappears, the public sphere is seriously undermined.

Even the most starry-eyed advocates of diversity must realize by now that Muslim immigration is a society killer and should be avoided by all nations that want to preserve peace, freedom and sovereignty.

Summer sun can’t mask creeping anxiety in France, The Local (France), August 4, 2016

The summer is in full swing in France but beneath the surface there is growing anxiety.

With every new terror attack, French citizens stoically declare that “life goes on”, but despite this show of defiance, a creeping anxiety has taken hold of society.

Outwardly, the French summer is in full swing, restaurant and bar terraces — targeted in a November attack on Paris — are packed and vibrant, beaches are covered with sunseekers and streets as busy as ever.

However beneath the surface, many are feeling the strain after a string of terror attacks over the past 18 months.

“There is a cumulative effect. At first (a terror attack) is an unexpected event, but now we are in a situation where we fear it happening again,” said Evelyne Josse, a Belgium-based psychologist and trauma expert.

Users of a popular French online medical forum describe panic attacks on the metro, being paralysed with fear at the prospect of taking trains to go on holiday or going to the beach, with one woman writing she feels that going out in a crowd is like playing Russian Roulette.

“The anxiety is always there,” 32-year-old Thibaut Chaize told AFP on his way to work in Paris. Continue reading this article

Barbarian Jihadist Pakistan Is #7 in US Immigrants

Is it not appalling that backwards Pakistan is one of the top immigrant senders to this country? — up to a million residents estimated. In fact, there are so many Pakistani immigrants residing in America that they are now disallowed from the evil Diversity Visa.

Below, Pakistani Muslims celebrate after burning down Christian homes in Lahore.

The former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz was interviewed by Stuart Varney on Friday, who mentioned that westerners are appalled by Pakistan’s honor killings — estimated at a thousand per year. And yes, Pakistanis have brought that barbaric practice to America, specifically Buffalo resident Muzzammil Hassan who beheaded his independent wife in 2009.

Just consider some news from Pakistan and its people:

●  Christian women were kidnapped near their home in Sargodha (Punjab) and forced to marry Muslim men.

● A suicide bomb killed 15 outside of a polio vaccination center in Quetta. The Taliban has murdered dozens of public health workers who vaccinate children to prevent polio.

● The social media star Qandeel Baloch was murdered last month by her brothers for dishonoring the family.

The US government rejects criminal individuals from immigrating (theoretically at least) — why does it admit criminal cultures?

As 7th largest immigrants, Pakistanis not eligible for US diversity visa, Pakistan Express Tribune, July 22, 2016

KARACHI:  After forming the seventh largest immigrant population in the United States (US), Pakistanis are no longer eligible for the diversity visa.

The diversity visa is a special immigration lottery that allowed families from countries with low rates of immigration into the US to qualify for the move. A lot of Pakistani families used this facility to immigrate to the US, leading to an immigrant population of between 700,000 and one million Pakistanis.

According to the US law, diversity laws are only allowed to counties that have low rates of immigrants, said US consulate in Karachi’s spokesperson Brian Asmus, during a media tour of the Karachi consulate’s visa section on Friday. Pakistan had 104,000 immigrants in the 10 years between 2005 and 2014, he said, explaining why Pakistanis are no longer eligible.

The state department has only stopped diversity visas and there are a lot of other options, such as petitions, student, visit and exchange programme visas, which come under the non-immigrant category. “One can always apply for immigrant visa if they have immediate family in the US,” explained US consulate’s Non-Immigrant Visa chief Mary Pellegrini. Continue reading this article

Geekwire: Presidential Candidates Ignore Automation Job Challenge

Last winter I wrote an article for The Social Contract titled Presidential Candidates: Why Is Automation’s Job Destruction Not Being Debated? (PDF version here). That piece covered the whole primary field, which turned out to be easy because none of the various 20+ contenders discussed the looming economic and social threat of machines and software replacing humans.

Naturally, I pointed out that immigrant workers would not be required in America’s automated future.

Interestingly, Geekwire’s article on the automation topic mentions immigration, but tech expert Moshi Vardi thinks that potential immigrants may be dissuaded from coming if they learn there is more competition for low-skilled jobs — really? Professor Vardi has been effectively warning about the technology threat to society, but he may not fully grasp the magnetic pull factor of American freebies on the third world.

The report below confirms my assessment that it is unwise for first-world nations to continue admitting immigrants, particularly with lower skill levels (hello, Germany!), because a growing underclass of unemployed persons will create social problems in the future.

In short:

Automation makes immigration obsolete.

Other than ending immigration, the fixes for the long-term future challenges caused by smart machines are rather limited. A basic income program for all is briefly discussed in the piece below, but that proposal sounds difficult to implement — not to mention being the mother of all illegal immigrant magnets.

Neither Trump nor Clinton is addressing the biggest challenge to jobs: automation, Geekwire, by Alan Boyle, July 30, 2016


Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both promising to bring good-paying jobs back to America, but analysts say neither of them has addressed one of the biggest challenges looming ahead: the impact of automation and the rise of artificial intelligence.

Some argue that the challenge will soon become impossible to ignore.

“Job losses due to automation and robotics are often overlooked in discussions about the unexpected rise of outside political candidates like Trump and Bernie Sanders,” Moshe Vardi, an expert on artificial intelligence at Rice University, said before this month’s conventions.

Previously: AI prophets say robots could spark unemployment — and a revolution

Vardi pointed out that manufacturing employment has been falling for more than 30 years, and yet U.S. manufacturing output is near its all-time high.

“U.S. factories are not disappearing: They simply aren’t employing human workers,” Vardi said.

That trend is hitting America’s working class particularly hard.

“While manufacturing is the most striking example, there is considerable evidence that automation is transforming other sectors of the labor market, and there’s increasing evidence that this leads to economic stratification, the decline of the middle class and the subsequent undercurrent of misery that is driving support of Trump,” Vardi said.

The transportation sector is likely to be next, as autonomous vehicles start moving products and people. It’s widely recognized, for example, that the biggest expense for ride-share services like Uber is the driver’s pay.

In an email to GeekWire, Vardi said the automation of transportation could eliminate millions of jobs in the United States. “This is going to be a huge f…. deal,” he wrote.

So far, automation has disproportionately affected routine occupations, University of British Columbia economist Henry Siu noted this month during a White House AI workshop in New York. “Those are occupations that perform a narrow set of rule-based and repetitive tasks,” he said. That category takes in middle-class workers ranging from machine operators to travel agents to administrative assistants.


Historically, employment in routine jobs has bounced back after recessions. But the past three recessions and recoveries have shown significant declines in routine jobs, which makes for “jobless recoveries.” (Credit: Jaimovich and Siu, 2015, via Artificial Intelligence Now)

In the years ahead, artificial intelligence is likely to bring automation’s disruptive impact to less routine occupations, Siu said.

Continue reading this article

DHS Allows Thousands of Syrians to Remain in US

Obama’s countdown to post-President is notable for even less border enforcement and increased numbers of potential unfriendlies from the Middle East, in particular unscreenable Syrians. FBI Director Comey testified to Congress last year that Syrians cannot be checked out for jihad affiliations because the US has no access to Syrian records. Yet they are welcomed even when the danger is well known.

The latest open door to potentially dangerous Syrians was the Monday announcement of DHS chief Jeh Johnson that 8000 Syrians of varying legality would be allowed to remain in this country under the Temporary Protected Status category. TPS has long been a joke even in the chaotic immigration realm because “temporary” actually means forever, or at least for an indeterminate period.

Below, hostile Syrians in Syria, which is where they should remain. Jihadis have said they would use the refugee crisis to enter western nations.

The issue was explained on Fox News Tuesday:

ELIZABETH PRANN: The Department of Homeland Security granting protected status to more than 8,000 Syrian refugees living in the US, whether they’re here legally or not. The move is fueling fears ISIS terrorists could slip into the country unnoticed. Secretary Jeh Johnson saying refugees can’t go back home saying quote in part, “Attacks against civilians, the use of chemical weapons and irregular warfare tactics as well as forced conscription and use of child soldiers have intensified the humanitarian crisis.” National correspondent William La Jeunesse is live in Los Angeles. William can you explain this program to us.

WILLIAM LA JEUNESSE: Sure, it’s back door and a less controversial way to invite and allow more Syrian refugees to stay in the US legally than trying to go through Congress, regardless of those immigrants arrived here legally or not. Critics say the problem is there’s nothing temporary about Temporary Protected Status. It was created in 1990, the program, and not once in 25 years has anyone been required to leave because their status ran out. So the decision by Secretary Johnson provides amnesty to 8000 Syrians already here. They will get a work permit, a social security number, a driver’s license and are eligible for welfare. Now what’s different here is this is kind of a rolling amnesty. Typically protected status only applies to a select group of immigrants affected by a specific event — earthquake or hurricane. This designation however not only grandfathers all Syrians in who have been arrived before 2012, but all who arrived since then. It does not expire, Elizabeth, until 2018. Continue reading this article

Kremlin-Clinton Corruption Gets a Look

The rapid attribution of the DNC email hack to the Russians who supposedly wanted to help Trump in the election certainly looked suspicious, since Hillary Clinton is far more tangled up with the Kremlin than Trump. It was reported over a year ago that the Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars from investors in a deal that ended up with Russia owning part of America’s uranium reserve. How is that not treason on the face?

Monday’s Wall Street Journal has an article by Peter Schweizer, focused on Hillary’s efforts to help Moscow to get technology transfers which undermined US national security. Schweizer was the researcher who wrote the book Clinton Cash, which was the basis for the important documentary of the same name — watchable online at Breitbart: Clinton Cash Movie. The enormous size of the Clintons’ grift is astounding, in addition to the many dangers it created for America. Every voter should watch the Clinton Cash documentary.

KT McFarland appeared on Fox News on Monday and expressed her alarm about the level of public corruption in the Clinton Foundation:

KT MCFARLAND: To me that’s always been the more serious question about the Clintons is frankly the public corruption. When the Clintons left the White House, Secretary Clinton herself said we were dead broke, but then they set up the Clinton Foundation. She was the senator from the state of New York donations poured into the Clinton Foundation from foreign, governments, from foreign corporations and from wealthy foreign individuals, as well as American corporations and rich Americans. But then somehow when she was Secretary of State, certain decisions were made that favored those people who donated to the Clinton Foundation. Now the Clintons have said that’s just a coincidence. Their friends in the mainstream media have said, oh that’s a conspiracy theory to make that connection, but I as an American say, well i’d like to see the books. I’d like to see… let’s have a little sunlight on this. Was there a connection between decisions she made as Secretary of State and donations that went into the Clinton Foundation? Because if that’s the case, what happens when she’s president? I think what they ought to do is either show everybody the books of the Clinton Foundation, let auditors pour through it to make sure there’s no public corruption, or secondly close down the Clinton Foundation if she becomes elected.

Hillary Clinton also has a handy connection to the Muslim Brotherhood through her assistant Huma Abedin. Yet the Senator claims to be the defender of women’s rights, even as she vows to increase Muslim immigration.

Does Hillary believe in anything beyond self-agrandizement through her crime-family business?

UPDATE: here’s a video of Peter Schweizer being interviewed about the Clinton-Kremlin connection on the Hannity show Monday night:

The Clinton Foundation, State and Kremlin Connections, Wall Street Journal, by Peter Schweizer, August 1, 2016

Why did Hillary’s State Department urge U.S. investors to fund Russian research for military uses

Hillary Clinton touts her tenure as secretary of state as a time of hardheaded realism and “commercial diplomacy” that advanced American national and commercial interests. But her handling of a major technology transfer initiative at the heart of Washington’s effort to “reset” relations with Russia raises serious questions about her record. Far from enhancing American national interests, Mrs. Clinton’s efforts in this area may have substantially undermined U.S. national security.

Consider Skolkovo, an “innovation city” of 30,000 people on the outskirts of Moscow, billed as Russia’s version of Silicon Valley—and a core piece of Mrs. Clinton’s quarterbacking of the Russian reset.

Following his 2009 visit to Moscow, President Obama announced the creation of the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission. Mrs. Clinton as secretary of state directed the American side, and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov represented the Russians. The stated goal at the time: “identifying areas of cooperation and pursuing joint projects and actions that strengthen strategic stability, international security, economic well-being, and the development of ties between the Russian and American people.” Continue reading this article

Pope Francis: It’s Not True to Identify Islam with Violence

During a recent interview with the press, the pope rejected the idea that Islam and violence were somehow connected, despite the common occurrence of Muslims bragging about murder dedicated to their religion, punctuated with fervent Allahu Ackbars.

ISIS and other mass-murdering jihadists couldn’t ask for a better friend in the Vatican. Pope Francis refuses to identify Islam with its followers’ daily slaughter for allah, even though the religion’s scripture is full of it.


In response to the pope’s statement of Islamic innocence (just a few days after a French priest was murdered in his church!), jihad scholar Robert Spencer remarked:

The Pope is once again ignoring a simple distinction: while people of all faiths and backgrounds commit acts of violence, Islam is unique among world religions in having a developed doctrine, theology and legal system mandating warfare against unbelievers. Unless and until that is confronted, Muslims will continue to commit acts of violence against non-Muslims, including Christians. The Pope is betraying the Christians of the Middle East and the world, and all the victims of jihad violence, by repeating palpable falsehoods about the motivating ideology of attacks upon them, instead of confronting that ideology and calling upon Muslims to renounce and reform Islam’s doctrines of violence.

In addition, the pope has been personally targeted for a live-streamed beheading in St. Peter’s Square in the near future as part of ISIS’ schedule to defeat Christianity. Despite jihadists’ recent war on Christians in Iraq and other historic homelands in the Middle East, Pope Francis has recommended that Europe accept the Islamic invasion.

The pontiff’s attitude on the matter of Islam goes beyond naivete — whatever is he thinking?

Below, during a papal visit to Istanbul in 2014, the Grand Mufti displayed a koran to the pope. Francis has said that true Islam is not violent and the koran and the Bible are the same.

Here’s a video of the pope’s interview to the press during the flight returning to Rome after a visit to Poland.

It’s also disturbing that Pope Francis blames terrorism on the poor economy and lack of jobs, rather than Islam’s commands to “slay [the infidels] wherever you find them” (4:89). As a man of faith, he should understand the power of belief, but he instead prattles the Marxist silliness that economics is the sole impetus for behavior.

Pope Francis defends Muslims and blasts ‘Islam is NOT terrorism’, Express (UK), August 1, 2016

POPE Francis said yesterday it was wrong to identify Islam with terrorism and that social injustice and idolatry of money were among the prime causes of terrorism.

Speaking aboard the plane taking him back to Rome after a five-day trip to Poland, he said: “I think it is not right to identify Islam with terrorism.

“It is not right and it is not true.”

Francis was responding to a question about the killing on July 26 of an 85-year-old Roman Catholic priest by knife-wielding attackers who burst into a church service in western France, forced the priest to his knees and slit his throat.

The attack was claimed by ISIS.

He said: “I think that in nearly all religions there is always a small fundamentalist group.”

He then added: “We have them,” referring to Catholicism.

The Pope continued: “I don’t like to talk about Islamic violence because every day when I look at the papers I see violence here in Italy – someone killing his girlfriend, someone killing his mother-in-law. These are baptised Catholics.

If I speak of Islamic violence, I have to speak of Catholic violence. Not all Muslims are violent.” Continue reading this article

Lawbreaking Sanctuary Cities Nevertheless Receive Hundreds of Millions of Taxpayer Dollars

Sanctuary cities are another terrible immigration policy that has brought preventable crime and death to America, yet the practice continues because powerful elites want cheap labor and open borders. As a result, the notion of America being a “nation of laws” has suffered enormously, along with the unnecessary carnage.

On July 1, 2015, Kate Steinle was shot and killed as she strolled with her father on a San Francisco pier by a five-times-deported illegal alien who had been released by the city as it observed its sanctuary policy.

After the Steinle murder, San Francisco doubled down on its sanctuary policy to protect illegal alien criminals rather than stand for public safety.

For a recent update about the issue, see the July 29 memo from America’s Senator Jeff Sessions: DOJ Inspector General Finds Sanctuary Jurisdiction Policies Violate Federal Law.

Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies appeared on Sunday with Tucker Carlson to review the federal government’s complicity in aiding illegal alien criminals.

TUCKER CARLSON: The US Department of Justice has coughed up about $342 million in taxpayer money, your money, to just 10 so-called sanctuary cities. These places have policies barring jails and the police from cooperating with the US immigration and customs agents. New data show that money is 63 percent of the funds available to all American cities, so should taxpayers be on the hook for coddling illegal criminal aliens? Jessica Vaughan is the Director of Policy Studies for the Center of Immigration Studies. Good to see you this morning. So how exactly this is work and why is the Justice Department paying cities that have policies that violate federal law?

JESSICA VAUGHAN: Well, it’s outrageous. The Department of Justice has a number of grant programs for federal law enforcement agencies, including one that reimburses them for detaining criminal aliens and there’s allowing even the sanctuary jurisdictions that are obstructing immigration enforcement in violation of federal law to get these grants regardless of their policy. And this is outrageous, not only because it means taxpayers are subsidizing the obstruction of enforcement and they’re not complying with federal law, but the result is that criminal aliens who should be deported instead get released back into the communities and are there to keep threatening people so it’s a public safety problem as well.

CARLSON: That’s for sure. The federal government has traditionally withheld funds to the states that don’t follow its guidelines for laws, like when they wanted to raise the drinking age to 21, they said we’re not giving you any more highway funds until you do it. This is just the opposite: the federal government, the Obama people, are rewarding cities for breaking federal law. What does it say about their regard for the law when the Justice Department encourages people to break the law?
Continue reading this article

California Turns Up the Volume of Diversity Narrative in School Textbooks

These days, many public schools have been turned into leftist propaganda factories that Pol Pot would have envied. They teach kids that America is evil and diversity is the highest good. They train students in the violent tactics we have seen at work in the Occupy movement and the anti-cop Black Lives Matter.

California has been delving into creative interpretations before. In 2012, Sacramento decreed that textbooks would soon include information about the many Sikh contributions to the state. That year also saw the addition of gay history for the schools, in which the law required “a study of the role and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans, persons with disabilities, and members of other cultural groups.” Also in 2012, Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that encouraged social studies teachers to present material about the bracero program in California.

Once upon a time, California students of all backgrounds were taught traditional American values of hard work and patriotism. For a remembrance of those bygone days, see Victor Davis Hanson’s The Civic Education America Needs.

Back then, people believed in assimilation, where foreign people were welcomed to this nation in exchange for their accepting American values. Now citizens are supposed to be happy in a balkanized country of separate ethnic tribes, even though the diversity ideology magnifies conflicts.

According to recent changes, state students will get even more diversity propaganda as a result of a big rewrite of educational diversity standards. Apparently not enough high school graduates aspire to careers as community organizers.

Interestingly, the Sacramento Bee story included a photo of farm organizer Cesar Chavez as a diversity icon, even though he actively promoted immigration enforcement to help his legal workers. That fact has been effectively submerged in the media’s black hole of inconvenient history.

California’s new public school history curriculum reflects state’s diversity, Sacramento Bee, July 29, 2016


Dolores Huerta, vice president of the National Farm Workers Association, and Cesar Chavez, the association’s general director, are seen in November 1965. Carl Crawford Sacramento Bee file

After 10 years, thousands of public comments and contentious debates, the California Department of Education has rewritten the history curriculum for California’s more than 6.2 million public school students.

The new History-Social Science Framework for grades K-12 was adopted by the state school board on July 14. It reflects the struggles and progress of LGBT Americans in the United States and California. It also contains more detail on Latino history, along with the role Filipinos played in both World War II and the United Farm Workers movement.

It includes sections on the impact of the missions on California Indians and the challenges faced by Chinese and Japanese immigrants, including the Asian Exclusion Act of 1882 and the forced incarceration of Japanese Americans in World War II.

California’s Hmong history isn’t included, but books by Hmong authors are recommended. The story of Americans with disabilities is also addressed. There’s a much deeper discussion of African American history, relying on slave narratives and firsthand accounts of rebellions and nonviolent protests during the Civil Rights movement.

Nearly every major ethnic group in California has been given a voice in the 900-page rewrite, which is expected to show up in textbooks by 2018. Continue reading this article

Measuring the Full-Tilt Left Radicalism on Display at the DNC

There’s have been lots of post-game analyses of the Democrat Convention, but for a five-minute wrap-up of the disturbing irrationality, the discussion of Fox News commenter Tucker Carlson and Islam-critical author Sebastian Gorka is top notch.

Sadly, it’s not Franklin Roosevelt’s Democrat Party any more, since Barack Hussein Obama increased the takeover by the far left. From the welcome to diverse illegal aliens on stage to disrespect shown to a decorated soldier, the current Democratic worldview looks upside down to traditional Americans.

Black Lives Matter advocates attending the DNC interrupted a moment of silence for murdered police officers with heckling.


There were many pertinent points made during the Friday conversation of Carlson and Gorka, such as the media hypocrisy of understating the jihad terror of ISIS while blaming white Americans at every opportunity. Both agreed that the left is lying about its fundamental beliefs, such as rights for gays and women while dismissing jihadists daily attacks on those groups.

TUCKER CARLSON: In recent weeks Europe has been rocked by a wave of terror attacks, the threat posed by ISIS remains very high there and also here. The Democrats barely mentioned any of this during the Democratic national convention in Philadelphia. In fact by our count, ISIS was only mentioned about 25 – 26 times over the course of the week. Donald Trump, on the other hand, was mentioned at least 543 times. What is going on here? Joining us now is Dr. Sebastian Gorka; he is the author of Defeating Jihad, The Winnable War. Thanks for joining us.

So I can’t decide whether this is a matter of Democrats don’t understand the threat of ISIS or being unwilling to acknowledge it — which you think it is?

SEBASTIAN GORKA: If you look at the last seven and a half years, I think it has to be the latter, and I want to be careful here, Tucker. I don’t want to lambaste all Democrat voters in America. The DNC is really a function of the left wing machine, and it’s part of a party that’s been captured by the radicals. Just look at what happened: the convocation was booed, the serviceman with a Medal of Honor trying to read the names of his fellow servicemen killed in combat was booed, the female police officer who asked for a moment of silence for fallen police officers was was heckled by the Black Lives Matter. This is this is unbelievable, and and clearly the thing that they’re most concerned about is not ISIS: it’s Donald Trump and global warming. Continue reading this article

California Update: Illegal Alien Nurses (and Other Professions) Can Now Get Licensed to Work

The Once-Golden State is arguably the leader for supplying rights and benefits to foreign invaders who have no right to them. As such, Americans should look west to see what open-borders liberals are planning for the rest of the country.

The latest is a threat to health and safety, because Democrat-ruled California wants illegal aliens to be able to work even though federal law prohibits it. Being lawyers, the D-legislators figured out a work-around, namely SB1159, that was signed into law last year and covers quite a few occupations that require licensing:

Many professions fall under the California Department of Consumer Affairs licensing boards: accountants, acupuncturists, architects, mechanics, barbers and cosmetologists, nurses, veterinarians, appraisers, therapists, boxers, funeral directors, chiropractors, contractors, court reporters, dental hygienists, dentists, engineers, landscape architects, doctors, occupational therapists, optometrists, pharmacists, physical therapists, podiatrists, psychologists, real estate agents and appraisers, speech language pathologists.

Federal law prohibits the hiring of illegal aliens, but when a major state enables unlawful foreigners to work in the professions, that’s fine in today’s America, apparently.

Today’s report notes that 3000 illegals residing in California have already applied for state licenses to work legally, so the number is consequential.

After Supreme Court Ruling, What’s Next for Unauthorized Immigrants Seeking Work?, KQED Radio, July 29, 2016

Many unauthorized immigrants had pinned their hopes on getting work permits through President Obama’s immigration plan, but early this summer the U.S. Supreme Court placed the plan on hold. This month the Obama administration asked the court to reconsider, but that’s considered a long shot. In the meantime, some immigrants in California are finding other ways to work legally.

California is among the most liberal of the states in granting benefits to those living in the U.S. without legal status. So immigrants like Xochitl Camberos have options even if work permits are still not allowed.

Camberos used to work as a nurse in Mexico. Since arriving in 2008, she hasn’t been able to work much because she is in the country illegally. She came on a tourist visit and said she overstayed.

Despite her status, she may be able to work as a nurse in California soon. Camberos is one of about 3,000 people who have applied for a professional license through a new state law.

The law referred to as SB1159 allows those who don’t have Social Security numbers to seek professional licenses covering 39 disciplines, including nursing, architecture and cosmetology. Applicants can use an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, or ITIN, which is issued by the IRS to immigrants who must pay taxes but are not eligible for a Social Security number.

Federal law prohibits employers from hiring unauthorized immigrants. But nothing currently stops those residing here illegally from opening a business or working as an independent contractor.
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