Arizona Approves Waymo for Commercial Self-Driving on Its Streets

The self-driving revolution took another step forward recently when the state of Arizona gave the Waymo company a permit to charge customers for its transportation service. The self-driving cars have been tested on Phoenix streets for several months with people riding for free, and the new authorization allows the company to charge customers which puts […]

Automation Is Observed In Baltimore

A recent article in the Baltimore Sun investigated the topic of whether we should fear automation because of job loss. The piece is interesting because it contains a curiously balanced presentation with think tank projections for the future robotization versus current industry deflection with odd reasoning, e.g. “For every robot, you need a robot repair […]

Cotton Harvesting Technology Cuts Labor Costs

A century ago, one of the most miserable jobs was picking cotton in the hot sun. Now cotton farming has become highly automated like much of present-day agriculture. One cutting-edge machine is a John Deere cotton stripper which moves through the fields, picking and processing eight rows of cotton at a time and finally plopping […]

Security Robot Promises Reduced Labor Costs

A version of this video showed on a daytime news show in northern California on Monday:

Interestingly, the company came out with the major selling point of robots, that they are cheaper than human employees who want paychecks, lunch breaks and benefits. The Youtube channel is CGTN, aka China Global Television Network, which may not be […]

Canada: Energy Company Switches to Self-Driving Trucks for Oil Sands Mining

Self-driving vehicles come in various shapes and sizes these days, and a Canadian company is investing in giant ore-carrying trucks to help mine oil sands in northern Alberta.

What’s unusual is that Suncor Energy came right out and said the automation would cause 400 jobs to be cut over the next six years. The new Komatsu […]

Immigration’s Normal Toxicity Is Explained

Walter Russell Mead discusses in a WSJ opinion piece why immigration is a contentious issue by sketching out the opposing teams — elites vs. citizens, rich vs. poor, globalists vs. nation-statists.

He also referred to the potential revolutionary change if “robots will take all the jobs” which is always good to see in the non-tech press.

Unfortunately, […]

General Motors Designs a Revolutionary Self-Driving Car

GM is taking a giant step into future tech with its new self-driving car that has no steering wheel and no brake pedal. Will the public accept such a startling lack of control? Many would want their self-driving car to have a “Manual” button that allowed a human to take charge. It’s not like computers […]

Tucker Carlson Analyzes the Big Picture of Immigration, including the Automated Future

The popular Fox News host appeared on another show onThursday and proceeded to give a brief history lesson on immigration and how today there is no longer a need for America to import mass numbers of foreign workers.

Tucker Carlson reminded the viewers that immigration should exist only when it helps — not harms — the […]

Former Restaurant Executive Notes That Automation Is Killing Jobs Now

The topic for a Fox New segment on Wednesday was Maryland lawmakers seeking to raise the minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour. Andy Puzder, a former CEO of CKE Restaurants, the parent company of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, warned that a higher minimum wage leads to increased automation and layoffs of human workers.

Watch the […]

Korean Company Designs Robots to Replace Service Workers

Las Vegas’ annual Consumer Electronics Show is a global stage for new tech products to be introduced to the public and is taking place now from January 9 through 12. As the title suggests, most of the new machines are aimed at gizmo-minded shoppers, such as a self-driving suitcase, a laundry-folding robot and a variety […]

Socialist Sweden Finds Automation Unthreatening

The New York Times had an interesting cultural analysis about automation in Sweden, where the workers appear not to fear they will be made unemployed by smart machines. Americans, by contrast, are suspicious about the effects of automation according to a recent Pew poll, with more than 70 percent admitting they worried about job loss, […]

Foreign Flood into America Hits New High

We shouldn’t be surprised that the anti-American President Obama’s last year brought a record level of foreigner influx, as a major part of his destruction derby against the United States. He disapproves of the American people — particular the conservative ones — and used his presidency to overwhelm the traditional culture demographically and import a […]

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