Cuban Boat People May Portend a New Caribbean Run on the Border

Apparently life in Cuba has not been going well in recent times, as indicated by an upsurge of northward-bound boaters — 25,000 in FY 2014.

It’s amazing that the ancient Cold War policy remains in place that allows fleebags to stay if they make it to land, a magnet for moochers if ever one existed. So Cuba’s illegal aliens keep coming, because they are rewarded with immediate amnesty if they make it to US territory under the so-called “wet foot, dry foot” policy.

Could it be as bad as the crime-importing Mariel Boatlift that turned Miami from a normal American city into a diverse gangster capital? Who knows? There are 11 million Cubans whose only block to the freebies of America is 90 miles of ocean. Long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad swam from Havana to Key West in 2013 but no Cuban has attempted that method.

The New York Times praised the ingenuity of recent DIY boaters although it didn’t mention the clever creations of earlier exoduses.

Sharp Rise in Cuban Migration Stirs Worries of a Mass Exodus, New York Times, October 9, 2014

MIAMI — Leonardo Heredia, a 24-year-old Cuban baker, tried and failed to reach the shores of Florida eight times.

Last week, he and 21 friends from his Havana neighborhood gathered the combined know-how from their respective botched migrations and made a boat using a Toyota motor, scrap stainless steel and Styrofoam. Guided by a pocket-size Garmin GPS, they finally made it to Florida on Mr. Heredia’s ninth attempt.

“Things that were bad in Cuba are now worse,” Mr. Heredia said. “If there was more money in Cuba to pay for the trips, everyone would go.”

Mr. Heredia is one of about 25,000 Cubans who arrived by land and sea in the United States without travel visas in the fiscal year that ended on Sept. 30. He, like many others, is also an unexpected throwback to a time that experts thought had long passed: the era when Cubans boarded rickety vessels built from old car parts and inner tubes, hoping for calm seas and favorable winds. As the number of Cubans attempting the voyage nearly doubled in the past two years, the number of vessels unfit for the dangerous 90-mile crossing also climbed.

Not since the rafter crisis of 1994 has the United States received so many Cuban migrants. The increase highlights the consequences of United States immigration policy that gives preferential treatment to Cubans and recent reforms on the island that loosened travel restrictions, and it puts a harsh spotlight on the growing frustration of a post-Fidel Cuba.

More Cubans took to the sea last year than any year since 2008, when Raúl Castro officially took power and the nation hummed with anticipation. Some experts fear that the recent spike in migration could be a harbinger of a mass exodus, and they caution that the unseaworthy vessels have already left a trail of deaths. Continue reading this article

Analyst: One in Three Jobs Will Be Done by Smart Machines by 2025

The machine age is hard upon us yet its implications for the economy of America is not discussed by anyone in government. Humans are rapidly becoming less necessary in the workplace where computers, automation and robots are performing tasks that would have been thought science fiction just a few years ago.

Last year, an Oxford University study (“The Future of Employment: How Susceptible Are Jobs to Computerisation?”) was published that concluded “about 47 percent of total US employment is at risk” to be replaced by smart machines.

Below, robots build cars at a California Tesla factory in 2012.

Now an expert from the Gartner consulting firm predicts that one-third of US jobs will be done by a computer or robot by 2025 — that’s 11 years from today. How is society supposed to work when a third of the working-age population cannot find jobs?

Some in the government, in particular Rep Paul Ryan, advocate hugely expanded legal immigration to replace the boomer generation’s retirement. Increased immigration would be a terrible mistake in terms of what the future workplace will need, because many tasks will be performed by machines. Millions of additional workers imported from abroad according to the wishes of elites and billionaires would mostly end up in the growing permanent underclass.

Smart robots will take over a third of jobs by 2025, Gartner says, PBS Newshour, October 7, 2014

At its Symposium/ITxpo conference in Orlando, Florida, the technology research firm’s forecast pointed toward a future of not only automated physical work, but cognitive tasks as well.

“Gartner predicts one in three jobs will be converted to software, robots and smart machines by 2025,” said Gartner research director Peter Sondergaard. “New digital businesses require less labor; machines will make sense of data faster than humans can.”

We’ve long heard of automatons replacing factory jobs, but Gartner said, for example, the technological advances in software have allowed machines to perform a variety of tasks that has already infiltrated many industries, including financial analysis and medical diagnostics.

In February, PBS NewsHour’s Making Sense talked to authors Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee of “The Second Machine Age” about what was different with this new wave of technological advancement:

“We are at an inflection point. The first big inflection point in human history was about 200 years ago, when the steam engine started the industrial revolution,” Brynjolfsson said. “That was a period that saw a whole set of new machines come along that could automate muscle power, physical work.”

“In recent years, we are seeing a wave of technologies that can augment, automate all sorts of cognitive tasks,” he added, “and we think, ultimately, those will have as big, or an even bigger effect on humanity as the first industrial revolution.”

Sondergaard said drones are an example of an emerging smart machine that’s competing with the human worker’s cognitive abilities, reported Computer World. Drones’ uses have now extended into agriculture, geographical surveys and oil and gas pipeline inspections and their contributions may become standard in five years.

“One day, a drone may be your eyes and ears,” he said.

Twenty Percent of US Residents Do Not Speak English at Home -- That's 62 Million

Race remains the prime issue of leftists who use it daily as a club against their political enemies from Washington to Ferguson MO.

But as psychological identifiers go, language is more important. A person of any race can be a loyal and enthusiastic American, but someone who doesn’t speak English cannot be, because non-English speakers remain immersed in another culture.

Language carries culture, which is why Americans should reject Mexicanizers who demand that Spanish become equal to English in the United States — immigrants claiming such a right are invaders looking to overturn the American nation. The Pew graph shows an interesting difference between hispanics and Asians regarding their willingness to integrate to American culture via language.

And Spanish is only one problem of diversity: some of the tens of thousands of dumped illegal alien kids from Central America don’t even speak Spanish, but US schools are supposed to teach a first-world curriculum to youngsters speaking indigenous languages (known in one school district as “Preliterate English Language Learners”).

Language is also the best measure of assimilation (which citizens still expect out of immigrants). The new Census data is therefore bad news for the national community, analyzed in a CIS report: One in Five U.S. Residents Speaks Foreign Language at Home, Record 61.8 million.

The Washington Times crunched the facts and their implications:

An eye-popping 20% of U.S. residents abandon English at home, By Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times, October 6, 2014

Cultural changes prompt surge in foreign languages

One-fifth of people in the U.S. speak a foreign language at home, according to a report being released Monday by the Center for Immigration Studies, which found Arabic and Urdu — the national language of Pakistan — among the fastest-growing.

The report found that nearly half of all California school-age children speak a language other than English at home, as do a third of Texans and Nevadans, according to the report, which is based on Census Bureau numbers.

Three decades ago, 10 percent of residents spoke a foreign language at home, but a surge of immigration and changing cultural patterns have sent the percentage skyrocketing. More than 40 percent of those who spoke a foreign language at home said they speak English less than proficiently.

Steven Camarota, co-author of the report, said the increase in foreign language speakers isn’t an accident, but rather the result of policy decisions that could be reversed by Congress.

“Allowing in over one million new legal immigrants a year and to a lesser extent tolerating illegal immigration has important implications for preserving a common language,” Mr. Camarota said. “For too long, we have given little consideration to whether continuing this level of immigration, mostly legal, hinders the assimilation of immigrants and their children.”

Spanish speakers dominate, with 38.4 million U.S. residents — roughly 12 percent of the total population — speaking Spanish at home.

That is not likely to change. The number of foreign language speakers surged this summer with the illegal immigration of children from Central America.

Some of the children speak Mayan or other relatively rare indigenous languages, putting a strain on courts and schools.

In August alone, as the school year was opening, several districts reported major jumps in their expected student populations. Continue reading this article

LA Times Says California Mega-Drought Won't Be That Bad

The Los Angeles Times has been doing a fair amount of drought coverage that can be worry-making (e.g. “Severe drought? California has been here before”), but on Monday it assured readers that 70 years of low rainfall won’t be a state killer.

Well-read water worriers know about the Medieval mega-droughts that struck the west from 900 to 1400 AD, which is quite recent in terms of climate hiccups. Nature won’t take a holiday just because nearly 40 million California residents use water daily.

The preponderance of water use in the state goes for agriculture, but in times of drought the household user is exhorted to cut down and not waste.

The Times’ article is curious with its upbeat tone based on projections in addition to semi-cheerful quotes from experts that a mega-drought won’t be a complete disaster.

No farmers were interviewed for their opinions apparently, although the article noted, “Some farm communities would turn to ghost towns.”

Meanwhile the paper has no mention of the immigration-fueled population growth that driven the number of residents from 20 million in 1970 to an unsustainable 38 million in 2013. That extreme growth creates a lot more water users, right?

Note to elites who plan on hugely increased legal immigration following Obama’s executive amnesty: the west doesn’t have the water to support them.

And how reassuring is it that computer modeling tells us not to worry?

In virtual mega-drought, California avoids defeat, Los Angeles Times, October 5, 2014

A few years ago a group of researchers used computer modeling to put California through a nightmare scenario: Seven decades of unrelenting mega-drought similar to those that dried out the state in past millennia.

“The results were surprising,” said Jay Lund, one of the academics who conducted the study.

The California economy would not collapse. The state would not shrivel into a giant, abandoned dust bowl. Agriculture would shrink but by no means disappear.

Traumatic changes would occur as developed parts of the state shed an unsustainable gloss of green and dropped what many experts consider the profligate water ways of the 20th century. But overall, “California has a remarkable ability to weather extreme and prolonged droughts from an economic perspective,” said Lund, director of the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences.

The state’s system of capturing and moving water around is one of the most expansive and sophisticated in the world. But it is based on a falsehood.

“We built it on the assumption that the last 150 years is normal. Ha! Not normal at all,” cautioned paleoclimate expert Scott Stine, a professor emeritus of geography and environmental science at Cal State East Bay. Continue reading this article

Congressman Poe: Prevent Travel to America from Ebola-Stricken Africa

Being both a Congressman and a former judge, Ted Poe (R-TX) is quite conversant with the law, and he has been reminding the executive branch that the President has the power to shut down travel from the ebola-swamped nations of west Africa under 42 U.S.C. Title 42 Sec. 265. The statute basically says that when the United States is endangered by communicable disease from abroad, the President can end travel from the affected area — see actual wording below.

The only problem is convincing the President that his first duty is to protect the American people, not send 3000 troops to Africa to set up free-to-them hospitals. In fact, it appears the White House plan is to inconvenience citizens rather than block potentially infectious Africans, according to the Daily Mail: Americans set to face increased screening at airports amid Ebola crisis.

Poe discussed the African ebola threat with another judge recently:

As a Texas congressman, Poe became alerted when Ebola Tom (pictured), the Liberian medical moocher, arrived in Dallas on a travel visa to get first-world healthcare.

Poe got media attention because of his press release and letter to the head of the Centers for Disease Control:

POE: Cease Travel to Affected African Nations until the Ebola Threat Is Contained, Press Release, October 1, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, Congressman Poe (TX-02) sent a letter to Dr. Frieden, Director of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), regarding the recently confirmed case of Ebola in the United States.  In the letter, Poe calls on the CDC to recommend that the President invoke his authority under 42 U.S.C. Title 42 Sec. 265 to prohibit non-essential travel to Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea by all American citizens, resident aliens, and foreign nationals attempting entry into the United States, until this current outbreak is brought under control.

“The health of our citizens should be the main priority of our government,” said Rep. Poe. “Fortunately, there is a law already on the books with the very purpose of containing the spread of diseases into our country. The time to invoke this law to ensure Americans are not exposed to this deadly disease is now, not after the disease is spread even further within our borders.” Continue reading this article

America Opens Its Doors to Thousands of Syrian Refugees, Despite the National Security Threat

On Sunday, it was reported that according to American experts, ISIS jihadists plan to breach European security by pretending to be Syrian refugees:

US intelligence: Islamic State fighters pose as Syrian refugees to enter Europe, Jerusalem Post, October 5, 2014

BERLIN — Islamic State combatants disguised as Syrian refugees fleeing the war-torn country want to enter Europe to launch terrorist attacks.

The German mass circulation Bild am Sonntag reported on Sunday that the “Americans succeeded in decoding locked communications of the ISIS leadership.”

The information from monitored ISIS conversations, also known as Islamic State, revealed that the terrorists cannot use airports on their way to Europe because of the strict control. Government officials confirmed the Bild am Sonntag report.

An official for Germany’s Interior Ministry told the paper that Germany stands in the “focus of jihadist terrorism,” but there is no indication at this time of any concrete attacks.

The Bild am Sonntag wrote,”In view of the chaotic conditions on the Syria-Turkey border, it is nearly impossible to catch ISIS-terrorists in the wave of refugees.” [. . .]

It is rather ironic that American intelligence is blowing the whistle on the national security dangers arising from crowds of refugees: last February the administration decreed relaxed standards to allow more Syrian refugees into the United States.

The US government does not have a good record in detecting bad guys among the thousands of diverse foreigners awaiting a first-world home. Two active jihadists were found in Kentucky after they had been resettled there as Iraqi refugees and are now serving long prison sentences. Their discovery inspired a lengthy and expensive do-over by authorities: Terrorist Refugees Prompt Rescreening.

Below, a Syrian refugee camp.

Another factor to consider is the vast majority of refugees on earth are persons who have been displaced from their homes by Islamic trouble making: World Refugee Day: Jihad on the March.

Now that the calendar reads October, we are in Fiscal Year 2015 and that means a new batch of unfriendly, assimilation-resistant refugees can enter the US despite the fact that there are no jobs for them and they present a national security threat.

U.S. to greatly expand resettlement for Syrian refugees, Washington Post, September 30

The Obama administration will greatly increase the number of Syrian refugees approved for permanent resettlement in the United States next year but has opted against a separate refugee program to serve victims of that intractable civil war, administration officials said Tuesday.

The State Department is reviewing more than 4,000 applications from Syrian refugees seeking permanent homes in the United States next year or beyond, up from dozens considered for resettlement this year and last, officials said. The expansion reflects determinations by the United Nations refugee agency and the United States that tens of thousands of refugees living outside Syria are unlikely to ever be able to return.

The White House said Tuesday that it has approved permanent resettlement for up to 70,000 refugees worldwide next year, the same figure as for fiscal 2014.

Up to 33,000 could be resettled from the Middle East and South Asia, including Syria. Although there is no set target for Syrian refugees, they are expected to form a far larger percentage of the total than ever before.

The State Department has received more than 4,000 referrals in recent months and is processing them, a State Department official said. The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak for attribution, said “large numbers” of Syrian refugees will begin to arrive in 2015. Continue reading this article

New Orleans Struggles to Pay for Illegal Alien Students

When National Public Radio covers the thousands of illegal alien kids now expensively cluttering up the nation’s classrooms, it likes to emphasize the sob story hook of gang violence in Central America. So when the diverse kiddies end up in New Orleans, there is some irony, since the Crescent City is known for violent crime. Last spring, Mayor Mitch Landrieu admitted, “In 2010, New Orleans was America’s murder capital,” although it has improved somewhat.

But a recent NPR report at least had some dollar amounts included for the cost of educating the uninvited foreigners, and that is always welcome since the feds have been remarkably secretive about where the little aliens have been relocated and what the cost of their upkeep is.

Below, illegal alien students adjust to New Orleans’ Carter Prep.

The costs of the illegal kid dump are important to state and local governments which are forced to pay them. To that point, Louisiana Senator David Vitter recently posted a press release about the state’s schools:

Vitter: Costs, Number of Illegals in Louisiana Schools Higher than Reported, September 30, 2014

Updated numbers show more than 1,600 unaccompanied alien children (UAC) in Louisiana school system will cost at least $7 million

(Metairie, La.) – U.S. Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) recently reached out to John White, Louisiana Superintendent of Education, regarding the state’s ability to handle the influx of the 1,275 unaccompanied alien children (UACs) relocated to Louisiana. Since White’s initial response, the number of UACs relocated to the state has increased to 1,652, and he estimated it will cost Louisiana nearly $7 million, if not more, to educate them in the 2014-2015 school year.

“This rapid influx puts an additional burden on teachers who will be expected to accommodate non-English speaking students. That’s not fair to the teachers and not fair to the students in the classroom,” Vitter said. “President Obama’s failure to enforce basic immigration laws is now causing a huge financial burden for Louisiana.”

The recent NPR story noted that each illegal alien student at Carver Prep, a publicly funded charter school, costs an additional $2400. Since the federal government has ponied up only $200, that means the American students get less.

New Orleans Schools Face A Surge Of Unaccompanied Minors, NPR, October 02, 2014

For 14-year-old Yashua Cantillano, life in New Orleans is an improvement.

But that’s not saying much.

Just three months ago, Yashua was in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, dodging gang members. He says they would drive by his school, guns visible, threatening to kill him, his younger brother — Yashua’s whole family.

“We’d hide all day,” Yashua says, “and that kept us from going to school.”

After crossing the U.S. border illegally, he came to New Orleans and ultimately enrolled at Carver Prep, a small charter school on the city’s east side.

In just the past year, the number of so-called “unaccompanied minors” from Central America — like Yashua — has nearly doubled in the U.S. Many are now being held in detention centers. But some 55,000 have been released to relatives already living in the country, and many have since made their way into the public schools.

Carver Prep
In the past, Carver Prep in New Orleans saw just a handful of English-language learners (ELL) in a given year. But this fall, Principal Ben Davis says, the school has enrolled 59 — a fifth of its population. And the vast majority of those kids are unaccompanied minors.

This surge, Davis says, has stretched his resources. “A kid coming from Honduras and from a school that’s been ravaged by gang violence, or, in some cases, kids who haven’t been in school since sixth grade, they have very, very unique challenges.”

Of those challenges, one was not new to Carver: the trauma caused by violence. Its students traditionally come from some of the city’s most impoverished, crime-ridden neighborhoods.

“I was speaking with one of our [students] whose friend was shot right around the corner from his home,” Davis says. “So the rates of trauma across the board in our student population are really, really high.”

But that life of violence is just the beginning of Davis’ challenges.

The Carver Prep Safety Net
Every student at Carver is paired with an adviser. The title doesn’t do justice to the skill set required. Each adviser is like a second parent, giving students a place to turn for help and support while giving the school an early warning system for kids on the edge.

Carver Prep’s tiny ELL program is responsible for coordinating students’ instruction along with myriad services, including extra tutoring, medical care and emotional supports to help them make the transition.

Regardless of skill level, all of the school’s ELL students are kept together for most of the day.

Yashua, for one, seems to be adapting.

“They’re teaching me really well,” he says, “and I’m going to get a computer to learn English.”

The added cost of educating one unaccompanied minor, Carver Principal Ben Davis estimates, is close to $2,400.

The help he gets from the federal government: about $200. Continue reading this article

Ebola Tom, the Liberian Medical Moocher, Traveled to US for First-World Healthcare

Breitbart has reported that Thomas Duncan (pictured), the Liberian ebola guy, came here knowingly in order to get top-notch healthcare in the US, apparently unbothered by potentially infecting many innocents along the way. Today’s Typhoid Mary is Ebola Tom.

After all, America offers free healthcare with few strings attached to anyone on earth who gets here with a compelling sob story. And Obamacare has been quietly expanded to include illegals, so they don’t even need a sob story in the newspaper to get their freebies.

There are numerous examples. One hint of the extent of medical mooching was a 2006 Denver Post article which observed, “Hundreds of Mexican illegal immigrants are in Colorado not just for work but also for free medical care they say they can`t get back home.” (Ill Mexican nationals go home, Denver Post, Nov 20, 2006)

This government-forced do-goodery is very expensive for taxpayers. Mexican Gabriela Perez was brought illegally to America by her parents to get treatment for her spina bifida. Medical care for that defect runs from $532,000 to above $1 million.

Illegal aliens also demand organ transplants, which are among the most expensive procedures, and 18 persons die daily waiting for the organ that never comes. One lucky recipient of organ transplants has to be Mexican Ana Puente who has received at least three liver transplants after her aunt brought her to the US illegally as an infant with a liver disorder. California taxpayers were dinged for around $490,000 for the operation and first-year follow-up, plus $30,000 annually for anti-rejection drugs.

It is ironic that thousands of Americans travel to Mexico to get affordable healthcare. Apparently the Mexes have first-world healthcare for those who have the money.

A danger in the present case is that Africans who fear they are infected will flee the ebola zone to this country to get American medical care that may save their lives. Not every African has the money to buy a one-way plane ticket to the US, but those who do would be encouraged by the fact that Obama scrapped medical quarantine regulations in 2010. As usual, the safety of American citizens is not a priority for this administration.

Boss, Coworkers of US Ebola Patient: He Knew He Had Ebola, US Trip Was ‘Desperate Attempt to Survive’,, October 3, 2014

A Liberian man who traveled to the United States four days before having contact with a symptomatic Ebola victim in Monrovia “knew he had Ebola,” according to his former boss as a FedEx contractor who said he abruptly left his job before the incident.

In interviews with the Liberian Observer, one of the nation’s largest newspapers, both Thomas Eric Duncan’s former boss, Henry Brunson, and an unnamed coworker agree that they believe Duncan knew he had Ebola when he boarded a plane out of Monrovia with a final destination in Texas. Brunson noted that, having come into contact with a pregnant woman who died hours after her interaction with Duncan, he knew of his disease. “If he were in Liberia, he was going to surely die,” Brunson told the paper, saying he was “glad” that Duncan was in a country with adequate medical resources.

Duncan worked as a driver for Brunson at the FedEx contractor SafeWay Cargo until mid-September. According to the Observer, Duncan was involved in a car accident at the end of the tenure at the company, and, according to workers, “having acquired an American visa, he did not care and never returned to work afterwards.”

Another unnamed source, described as a FedEx worker in Monrovia, told the Observer that Duncan knew he had Ebola, as well. “A source at FedEx in Monrovia said Mr. Duncan apparently knew he was suffering from the disease and that his best chance of survival was reaching to the United States,” writes author Omari Jackson, “a position that a family source denied, when we sought confirmation.” The Observer notes that the departure to America, for the source and others consulted, appeared a “desperate attempt to survive.” Continue reading this article

Rasmussen Poll: Voters Object to Taxpayer-Funded Freebies for Illegal Aliens

In a recent survey from the Rasmussen pollsters, Americans show they are not interested in treating illegal aliens the same as citizens — not in financial benefits and not in terms of legal standing. Even a majority of Democrats don’t want illegals to get free stuff on the taxpayer’s dime.

Of course, illegal aliens are deeply grateful for any free stuff they get and hope to become loyal American citizens as soon as Obama gives them the executive amnesty. (Not really; all they care about is money).

Perhaps the total chaos of the administration’s immigration policies shown by months of foreign kids surging across the open border provided a clear picture to the public of the Democrat agenda. Plus, it’s incredibly reckless to broadcast America’s open border when the top jihadist of ISIS has pledged to return to New York City.

Anyway the voters are tired of the anarchy, as the polls shows.

Voters Strongly Oppose Legal Rights, Government Benefits for Illegal Immigrants, Rasmussen Reports, October 1, 2014

The Obama administration yesterday announced that it is spending $9 million to provide lawyers for some of the young illegal immigrants who flooded across the border earlier this year, but voters strongly believe these illegal immigrants do not have the same legal rights U.S. citizens do.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 68% of Likely U.S. Voters say the new illegal immigrants should not have the same legal rights and protections that U.S. citizens have. Just 19% disagree. Thirteen percent (13%) are not sure. (To see question wording, click here.)

Seventy-one percent (71%) say these illegal newcomers should not be eligible for government services and benefits. Sixteen percent (16%) believe they are entitled to government aid. Again, 13% are undecided.

Sixty-three percent (63%) of voters think the availability of government money and services draws illegal immigrants to the United States. Twenty-one percent (21%) believe this government assistance is not a magnet for illegal immigration, but 15% are not sure. These views are little changed from early March 2010 when we first asked this question.

Thirty-eight percent (38%) now say some of this year’s wave of illegal immigrants have been moved by the federal government to their state. Fifteen percent (15%) say their state hasn’t received any of these illegals, but nearly half (46%) of voters don’t know. The administration refuses to make public where these illegal immigrants are being moved and, in most cases, is not telling local and state officials beforehand.

Just 29% of voters approve of housing these illegal immigrants in their state. Only 34% think the administration needs to release publicly the locations of where the illegal immigrants are going, but a plurality (47%) believes it should get the approval of elected officials in a state before moving them there.

(Want a free daily e-mail update? If it’s in the news, it’s in our polls). Rasmussen Reports updates are also available on Twitter or Facebook.

The survey of 1,000 Likely Voters was conducted on August September 29-30, 2014 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Field work for all Rasmussen Reports surveys is conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC. See methodology.

Most voters think the president wants this latest group of illegal immigrants to stay in this country despite majority support for their quick deportation.

Just 30% of voters give the Obama administration good or excellent marks for its handling of the thousands of illegal immigrant children who have entered the country this year. Forty-seven percent (47%) rate the administration’s handling of the problem as poor. This is unchanged from mid-August. Continue reading this article

Census: African Immigrants Doubling Every Decade

Africa-born people are currently in the news, in a bad way, given the spread of ebola to America in recent days.

As it happens, this week the Census released a 10-page report about Africans in the US: The Foreign-Born Population From Africa: 2008-2012.

It has numerous charts and tables like the map below, showing the location of national groups in the US. We now know about the 10,000 Liberians in north Texas because of the ebola flap, but there are many more of that nationality in Philadelphia.

The education level of Africans residing in America shows a wide range of achievement. For example, 39.5 percent of Somalis have less than a high school education, which isn’t surprising given that many come through the State Department’s refugee program which values incompetence. On the other side, Egyptian and Nigerian immigrants have high numbers of college graduates, over 60 percent.

The bad news is zero information about the Africans’ religion, and it makes a difference whether they are Christians who would more likely share American religious values or Muslims who might become loyal to jihad.

Also, there is no mention of cultural practices, normal in the homeland, which are illegal in the United States, like polygamy and and female genital mutilation (FGM). Many Americans have forgotten that Utah was prevented from attaining statehood for 47 years because of its polygamy norm: only when Utah ended multi-wifing in its constitution was statehood allowed by the US Congress. Regarding cruelty to women, in Somalia, 98 percent of young girls have been subjected to barbaric FGM, according to the World Health Organization. Why would Americans want immigrants whose basic values run so counter to our own?

Anyway, America needs Zero additional immigrants to do the work because of the accumulated effects of outsourcing and mass immigration plus the rapidly expanding use of robots and automation to make human workers less necessary (see Three Stakes in the Heart of the American Dream).

Here’s the Census’ press release about its new report:

African-Born Population in U.S. Roughly Doubled Every Decade Since 1970, Census Bureau Reports

The foreign-born population from Africa has grown rapidly in the United States during the last 40 years, increasing from about 80,000 in 1970 to about 1.6 million in the period from 2008 to 2012, according to a U.S. Census Bureau brief released today. The population has roughly doubled each decade since 1970, with the largest increase happening from 2000 to 2008-2012.

The Foreign-Born Population from Africa: 2008-2012, a brief based on American Community Survey statistics, shows that the African foreign-born population accounts for 4 percent of the total U.S. foreign-born population. No African country makes up the majority of these immigrants, but four countries — Nigeria, Ethiopia, Egypt and Ghana — make up 41 percent of the African-born total.

“The brief — the Census Bureau’s first focusing on the African foreign-born population — highlights the size, growth, geographic distribution and educational attainment of this group,” said Christine Gambino of the Census Bureau’s Foreign-Born Population Branch, who is one of the brief’s authors. “We have found that the African-born population tends to be more educated and accounts for a relatively large proportion of the foreign-born population in some nontraditional immigrant gateway states such as Minnesota and the Dakotas.”

The foreign-born population from Africa had a higher level of educational attainment than the overall foreign-born population: 41 percent of African-born had a bachelor’s degree or higher compared with 28 percent overall. Within the foreign-born population from Africa, educational attainment varied by place of birth. For example, 40 percent of the Somali-born population had less than a high school education, while 64 percent of Egyptian-born individuals had a bachelor’s degree or higher.

This brief is one of several focusing on the foreign-born population from world regions of birth. Previous reports include The Foreign Born from Asia: 2011and The Foreign Born from Latin America and the Caribbean: 2010.” In addition, supplemental tables are now available for the African-born population by metropolitan statistical area. Below are highlights of the geographic distribution of the African-born population from the brief:

Geographic Distribution

  • The four states with African-born populations over 100,000 were New York (164,000), California (155,000), Texas (134,000) and Maryland (120,000).
  • Of the 10 states with the largest African-born populations, Minnesota (19 percent), Maryland (15 percent), Virginia (9 percent), Georgia (8 percent) and Massachusetts (8 percent) had percentages of African-born in their foreign-born populations that were at least twice the national percentage of 4 percent.
  • Metropolitan areas with the largest African-born populations were New York (212,000), Washington (161,000), Atlanta (68,000), Los Angeles (68,000), Minneapolis-St. Paul (64,000), Dallas-Fort Worth (61,000) and Boston (60,000).
  • Among the 10 metro areas with the largest African-born populations, Nigerians were the most populous group and constituted a high proportion (20 percent or more) of the African-born in the Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston metros.  Similarly, Ethiopians were a high proportion and the largest group in the Washington D.C. metro, Cabo Verdeans in Boston, Somalis in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Egyptians in Los Angeles and Liberians in Philadelphia.

Portland Terror Trial Outcome: Somali Immigrant Sentenced to 30 Years for Christmas Bomb Plot

In 2010, Oregon-residing Mohamed Mohamud (a naturalized citizen born in Somalia) planned to mass murder Americans at a Portland Christmas tree-lighting ceremony where typically hundreds of families show up for the festivities. He rang his cell-phone twice, thinking a huge bomb would go off, but it was a fake set up by the FBI to take out the would-be killer.

Mohamud was sentenced on Wednesday to 30 years prison time, despite the fact that the prosecutor recommended 40 years.

Interestingly, the case began when his father contacted the FBI, as noted in the video below, about his concerns that his son was becoming drawn to jihad.

Mohamud (pictured) is quite a piece of work, having decided in high school that he didn’t like Americans and wanted to pursue jihad so he could kill lots of infidels. When a supposed confederate remarked that the Christmas event would include many children, Mohamud responded, “Yeah, I mean, that’s what I’m looking for.”

But now he’s all sorry, apologizing to the Muslim community for making them look bad.

And despite many cases like this one that illustrates Somalis being a top diversity failure in this country given their crime and terrorism, Washington continues to admit them into American communities, including 8,278 Somali refugees in FY 2014.

Mohamud sentenced to 30 years in tree lighting bomb plot, Associated Press and Staff, October 1, 2014

PORTLAND – Mohamed Mohamud, the young Somali American convicted of trying to bomb Portland’s downtown square while it was filled with holiday cheer, was sentenced Wednesday to 30 years in prison.

Federal prosecutors recommended a 40-year sentence for the 23-year-old. The defense asked for 10 years.

He was arrested Nov. 26, 2010, after pressing a keypad button on a cellphone that he believed would trigger a bomb where thousands of people gathered for the annual lighting of a Christmas tree.

“I want to apologize to everyone in the community and everybody who was there,” Mohamed Mohamud said during his sentencing for the attempted bomb plot.

He admitted what he did was terribly wrong and apologized to the Muslim community for bringing shame to their religion.

U.S. District Court Judge Garr King said the sentence was necessary due to the seriousness of the crime and to deter others who might consider similar acts. Continue reading this article

Pope Francis Urges Europe to 'Open Doors' to Refugees Despite High Unemployment

Over in the medieval Vatican, the busybody Pope Francis has called upon Europe to accept more diverse refugees from the third world.

The Pope could have shown leadership by admitting a few dozen suffering souls to his diminutive city-state (a real country with ambassadors and a flag), but he has not. He is scheduled to meet with survivor refugees from a 2013 Mediterranean shipwreck which would be a perfect opportunity to ask some to live in the Vatican, but no mention has been made of a forthcoming invitation. Opportunity lost.

Meanwhile, Europe is not exactly bursting with opportunity for job seekers, particularly unskilled Africans and Middle Easterners.

Europe’s agony: Painfully high unemployment, inflation near zero, The Globe and Mail (Toronto), September 30, 2014

• Unemployment among the 18 nations that make up the troubled euro zone held at 11.5 per cent in August, according to the statistics agency Eurostat. In the wider European Union, the jobless rate dipped to 10.1 per cent from 10.2 per cent.
• Almost 25 million people can’t find work in the EU, more than 18 million of them in the euro zone.
• Greece and Spain continue to have the highest unemployment in the region, at 27 per cent and 24.4 per cent, respectively.
• Austria and Germany, at 4.7 per cent and 4.9 per cent, enjoy the lowest.
• Among young people, unemployment now stands just slightly below that of July’s level, at 21.6 per cent in the EU and 23.3 per cent in the euro zone.
• More than half the youth work force in Greece and Spain is jobless. And in Italy, youth unemployment is now running at more than 44 per cent.

The Pope’s first visit out of the Vatican was to the Italian island of Lampedusa, which has been flooded with thousands of foreign boat people for years.

In other refugee news, RefugeeResettlementWatch reminds us that FY2015 begins today (October 1) and one consequence is that 4000 Syrians will be dumped into American communities starting now, with the government lowering screening guidelines to get them in, despite the obvious national security danger.

Pope Urges Europe to Open Doors to Refugees, Associated Press, October 1, 2014

Pope Francis urged Europe to open its doors to refugees Wednesday as he marked the anniversary of a deadly migrant shipwreck off Sicily by meeting with survivors and relatives of the victims.

Some 368 people — most of them Eritrean and Syrian asylum-seekers — drowned Oct. 3, 2013 when their smugglers’ boat capsized off the island of Lampedusa. The tragedy jolted the EU and prompted Italy to beef up its Mediterranean sea patrols, which have rescued some 160,000 people this year alone.

On Wednesday, nearly 40 survivors and relatives of the Lampedusa victims met with Francis in the Vatican auditorium before heading to Lampedusa for ceremonies to commemorate the anniversary.

Francis, who has frequently lamented the plight of refugees, said he was speechless, unable to find the words to comfort people who had faced such tragedy.

“I ask all the men and women of Europe to open the doors of their hearts,” Francis said. “I want to let you know I’m near you, I pray for you, and I pray that doors that are closed are opened.” Continue reading this article

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