South Africa Seeks Help to Put Down Anti-Immigration Riots

Excessive immigration can usually muddle through as long as the jobs economy doesn’t tank. But when employment disappears, then jobless locals begin to notice the cheapie foreign workers. That scenario seems to be the case in South Africa, where several persons have been killed in anti-immigration rioting across the country over the last couple weeks. Most of the immigrants apparently are other Africans.

Below, South Africans rough up a foreign cabbie in an instance of black-on-black xenophobia. (See Daily Mail coverage for photos of machete diversity.)


The deadly violence going on is regrettable, but humans are normally tribal beings by nature, and sometimes the us-versus-them urge gets ugly.

In 2011, the IPSOS pollsters asked citizens of a number of countries whether they thought that there were too many immigrants. Two-thirds of South Africans agreed with that statement.

It’s odd that many governments let such predictable time bombs grow and fester, but they do. Now the political leaders of South Africa must deal with widespread rioting over weeks: their response is to ask for help from outside. Note that the immigrants have formed up into vigilante groups and armed themselves with machetes.

South Africa seeks diplomatic support to defeat anti-immigrant unrest, Reuters, April 17, 2015

South Africa sought diplomatic support from countries across the continent on Friday to defeat the “demon” of anti-immigrant violence in which at least four people have been killed over the past fortnight.

Foreign nationals have complained that the South African police are failing to protect them, raising the prospect of a row between Pretoria and its neighbors, as well as stirring hostility to South Africans working abroad.

The unrest, which began in the port town of Durban, has spread to Johannesburg where police fired rubber bullets and a stun grenade on Friday to end a stand-off between South Africans and an immigrant vigilante group armed with machetes.

“We believe that working together we can defeat this demon,” South African Foreign Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane told reporters after meeting African diplomats in Pretoria. “We all have to nip this in the bud.”

However, the Malawian government has hired buses to repatriate 500 of its nationals, Information Minister Kondwani Nankhumwa said on Friday. He urged South Africa to provide greater protection for immigrants, echoing demands from China and the African Union.

Kenya and some other African governments have also offered to evacuate any of their citizens who feel threatened, while local people in neighboring Mozambique temporarily blocked a road leading to the South African frontier on Friday in protest.

Chadian Ambassador Mahamoud Adam Bachir told Reuters the Pretoria meeting had helped to alleviate some safety concerns. “It went better than expected. We were assured of the security of our nationals,” he said.

South Africa, with a population of about 50 million, is home to an estimated 5 million immigrants, from countries including Somalia, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Malawi, and from further afield, including China and Pakistan. Many own shops or sell wares as informal hawkers on street corners or in markets. Continue reading this article

Muslims Murder 15 Christians on Boat to Europe

It’s spring on the Mediterranean and that means thousands of Africans and Middle Easterners are boarding rickety boats to reach Europe, where they expect to be welcomed and treated generously. The Associated Press reported on April 14 that “more than 7,000 migrants have been plucked from the Mediterranean in the last four days.” Furthermore:

More than 280,000 people entered the European Union illegally last year. Many came from Syria, Eritrea and Somalia and made the perilous sea journey from conflict-torn Libya.


But even during the attempted escape to a better life, the common Muslim urge to murder infidels couldn’t be suppressed, and allah’s gangsters had to kill 15 non-Muslims because they were Christians.

Didn’t the killers understand that they were headed for a continent of cultures based on Christian principles? How did they expect to get along? The killers are just an extreme example of the diverse barbarians headed north to overwhelm Europe. Africa is home to over a billion people — why wouldn’t a hundred million or more leave for the freebies of Europe’s social welfare societies?

By not blocking the thousands of boaters (as the Australians wisely do), Europe is training Africans to keep coming.

Police: Muslim migrants threw Christians overboard, USA Today, April 16, 2015

Italian police arrested 15 Muslim migrants who survivors said tossed 12 Christians from a boat during a recent Mediterranean crossing attempt. In a separate incident, 41 migrants were feared drowned as the situation in the region intensifies.

The Muslim migrants involved in the clash with Christians were arrested in the Sicilian city of Palmero and charged with “multiple aggravated murder motivated by religious hate,” police said in a statement Thursday, according to the BBC. The victims were from Nigeria and Ghana. The suspects were from Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal.

Police learned of the incident through interviews with survivors, who said they boarded a rubber boat Tuesday off the Libyan coast with 105 passengers aboard, the Associated Press reported. The surviving Christians were able to remain onboard only by forming a “human chain” to resist the assault, police said. Continue reading this article

Somali Immigrant Indicted on Terror Charges

A Muslim residing in Columbus traveled to Syria and trained with the Al Nusra Front, who then returned to the US with plans to kill Americans. That man, Abdirahman Sheik Mohamud, was arrested February 21 upon his return from the MIddle East. On Thursday, an indictment was filed which said he aimed to murder police or members of the US military.

A local news report from March after the arrest reveals the “community” from which the jihadist sprung. In it, a Somali immigrant leader vows to fight back against the stigma of terror against them. Presumably he hopes that Columbus has forgotten about Nuradin Abdi, another Somali jihadist from the city who was convicted of a plot to bomb a shopping center in 2002.


Naturally, many reports called the perp an “Ohio man” rather than mentioning his background as an immigrant from Somalia.

Also predictable is the fact that no media outlet will question the government’s policy of admitting thousands of likely enemies yearly in the form of Muslim immigrants. Somalis are among the most dangerous and hostile, yet they are being welcomed into the US at a rate of 800 per month.

Ohio man allegedly plotted attack in U.S. after traveling to Syria, CBS News, April 16, 2015

A federal grand jury has charged a Columbus, Ohio man, Abdirahman Sheik Mohamud with attempting to provide and providing material support to terrorists, attempting to provide and providing material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization and making false statements to the FBI, CBS News’ Paula Reid reports.

The three-count indictment was filed Thursday in the Southern District of Ohio. The case is notable because Mohamud, 23, actually went to Syria and returned to conduct attacks, Reid reports. Most “aspiring jihadists” don’t leave the country.

According to court documents, Mohamud is a naturalized U.S. citizen and was able to obtain a U.S. passport. In April 2014 he left the U.S. on a one-way plane ticket to Greece. During his layover in Istanbul, he left the airport and completed pre-arranged plans to travel to Syria. Continue reading this article

Freebie America Inadequate for Discriminating Illegal Aliens

Does La Raza run a complainer training program for illegal aliens? Moocher moms from Central America (yes, they’re back) are griping about the service at one of America’s most deluxe detention centers. Apparently the illegal alien kiddies are “depressed” because of the free-to-them school, housing and amenities are not culturally perfect or otherwise deficient.

The Karnes facility in Texas was supposed to be the embodiment of cushy alien housing that would satisfy demands from open borders activists that holding centers be more like hotels than prisons. Karnes cost $30 million of taxpayer money and features include a salad bar, a library with Internet access, cable TV, an indoor gym with basketball courts, and soccer fields. The cost per person per day is $140 for the resort, er facility.

The place is so fancy that in 2012 a Congressional hearing was held called “Holiday on ICE.”

When Congressman Lamar Smith spoke in the hearing, he noted that the guidelines were designed without input from ICE officers or citizens concerned with the cost of extreme upgrades to holding facilities. Smith further remarked, “While funds for American students physical education classes are being cut, the new detention standards expand recreation for illegal immigrants. . . [with] options such as soccer, volleyball and basketball. It would be nice if all American students got those options.”

Below, the Karnes center offers racks of free clothes for illegal aliens.

The Karnes Library includes books and the internet in a comfy setting.

Fox New’s Greta van Susteren was shocked at the cost and luxury:

Still, it’s all not good enough for the discriminating tastes of today’s illegal alien grifters.

Immigrant mother: Time at detention center depresses kids, Associated Press, April 14, 2015

SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Immigrant children at a federal detention facility in Texas are acting depressed after months of regimentation and confinement, said a Honduran mother who was recently released with her 2-year-old son.

Kenia Galeano, 26, said at a small protest Tuesday in front of a downtown cathedral that the children are suffering after long periods of being held at the 500-bed facility in Karnes City.

U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement authorities, however, have said in the past that the facility provides a number of play and schooling areas where children and residents can move about freely. ICE officials said they would look into questions from The Associated Press about the emotional state of the children at Karnes, but could not provide a response Tuesday.

Tens of thousands of Central American migrants crossed the U.S.-Mexico border last summer, most of them mothers with children and unaccompanied minors.

Galeano, who entered the country illegally last November and was detained for more than five months, said the children are unaccustomed to being restricted to the facility and have trouble with the more rigid eating and schooling schedules. She said the food, such as reheated vegetables and chicken mixed with pineapple and oranges, is also foreign to them. Continue reading this article

ICE Director Defends Administration's Mass Release of Criminal Aliens

The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing Tuesday morning to investigate the many thousands of dangerous illegal alien criminals released by the administration, including hundreds of murderers and rapists. The hearing was a disturbing and thorough examination of the administration-decreed immigration anarchy now in effect. Obama’s policies are enormously crime friendly and dangerous to the safety of the citizens. Admitting millions of future Democrat voters even of the criminal sort is more important that performing government’s primary job of protecting the people from foreign enemies and criminals.

How anti-enforcement has the government become? One measure is that ICE officers are issued index cards with a list of whom they may deport, so short is the enumeration of categories. ICE Director Sarah Saldana pulled her own card out of a folder as she was questioned (pictured).

Another yardstick is that Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County cannot find out who the 500 illegal alien criminals are that the government released in his county. The aliens’ identities are a secret, so local officers won’t know if they have arrested one for a new crime.

Sheriff Babeu remarked to Neil Cavuto, “Nobody will get me these names, and the reason why they will refuse to provide the names is then we have a list of all these illegals that our government — President Obama has released into our communities that are committing new crimes, that are committing murder, that are committing rape, that are committing aggravated assault, armed robbery — and then we can directly link them back to the president’s action of this unlawful mass prison break.”

Overall, deportations are down and releases of violent criminal aliens into American communities are up.

When the Immigration Subcommittee Chairman Trey Gowdy asked a rhetorical question in his opening statement of why morale was so low among ICE employees, he suggested, “Could it possibly be that women and men who signed up to enforce the law are now being asked not to?”

Chairman of the full Judiciary Committee Bob Goodlatte presented an opening statement that was not only highly critical of the non-enforcement policies toward criminal aliens, but also verged on insulting ICE Secretary Saldana by explaining the basics of her job to her:

Goodlatte Opening Statement, April 14, 2015

As the Obama Administration consistently shrinks the universe of criminal and unlawful aliens that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) can remove, ICE apprehensions have decreased by 40% since this time last year.  ICE administrative arrests of criminal aliens declined 32% compared to this time last year.  The average daily population (ADP) of aliens in detention facilities has declined to approximately 26,000 beds.  This has occurred despite a mandate in law that requires ICE to maintain a 34,000 ADP in detention facilities.   And the number of unlawful or criminal aliens that ICE has removed from the interior of the country has fallen by more than half since 2008.

Many factors have contributed to the sharp decline of interior immigration enforcement under this Administration, including the collapse of issuance and compliance with ICE detainers because of ICE’s own detainer policy issued on December 21, 2012 that limits ICE’s ability to issue detainers, ICE’s failure to defend its detainer authority, ICE’s implementation of its new enforcement priorities announced by Secretary Johnson on November 20, 2014, and the demise of the Secure Communities program on this same date.

Detainers are a key tool used by ICE.  They are notices issued by ICE and other DHS units that ask local, State and federal law enforcement agencies not to release removable aliens held at their facilities in order to give ICE an opportunity to take them into its custody and put them in removal proceedings.

At the end of the hearing (which may be watched on C-SPAN), amnesty huckster Luis Gutierrez rushed to Secretary Saldana and happily shook her hand, looking pleased with her performance.

ICE Director Struggles to Explain Release of Thousands of Criminal Immigrants,, April 14, 2015

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Sarah Saldaña struggled to explain the reasons behind the Obama administration’s release of thousands of criminal immigrants when pressed by Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) Tuesday during a House Judiciary Committee hearing.

In Fiscal Year 2014, ICE released 30,558 convicted criminal immigrants, convicted of 79,059 crimes, allowing them to walk free in the U.S.

“One-quarter of these 30,000 criminal aliens had been convicted of level one crimes, such as murder, rape, and sexual abuse of a minor. of those 30,000, only 8 percent were Zadvydas cases,” Smith said referring to the Supreme Court case that prevents the indefinite detention of certain immigrants.

“Thousands could have been deported. Why did you — why did the administration intentionally endanger the lives of innocent Americans by releasing thousands of criminal aliens into our neighborhoods?” he asked. Continue reading this article

The Lincoln Assassination Is Remembered

Today, April 14, 2015, is the 150-year anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination just five days after Lee’s surrender ending the Civil War. The murder changed American forever and is a reminder that we get to where we are from where we’ve been. Left-wingers believe people are blank slates that can be molded into compliant cogs in a socialist utopia, but it’s not true: history and stubborn human nature will prevail.

The Civil War should be remembered as the prime example of how the powerful insist upon the cheapest labor possible. More than 600,000 soldiers died in that war over slavery, the ultimate scheme for inexpensive workers. Today’s illegal alien workers beg to be enslaved, only without the distasteful chains, with the reasonable hope that they will eventually be better off in stupid-generous America than home.

So we defenders of sovereignty and citizen workers should keep in mind the lengths to which the current crop of billionaires, like the execrable Mark Zuckerberg, will go to save every nickel, despite the damage to the nation.

CBS had a decent piece about the anniversary and the importance of history, marred by inability of the reporter to pronounce “Appomattox” properly.

America’s Senator Jeff Sessions Illustrates Next Decade’s Millions Admitted from Legal Immigration

Congress is back in Washington today after a two-week recess, and Senator Sessions hasn’t wasted any time in getting back to work. His office posted an informational press release with an illustration showing the coming decade’s gross number of legal immigrants compared with the combined populations of seven American cities:

Does America need 10 million additional immigrants? Will they be a net positive or an overall negative?

America faces deep structural problems, including the shrinking middle class, the historic California drought, and the workplace revolution of smart machines making human workers obsolete. The latter item means that the idea of a future labor shortage because of retiring boomers, pushed by some as a reason for increased immigration, is simply wrong.

The Gartner tech consulting company has forecast that one-third of jobs will be done by smart machines by 2025 — that’s just 10 years from now. A 2013 Oxford University study found that nearly half of US jobs were at risk for automation within 20 years. As a result of radical workplace transformation, America needs ZERO immigrant workers.

In addition, 50 years of unrelenting immigration is pushing the nation toward a record level of foreignness: the Census projects that within eight years, more than one in seven residents will be foreign-born. In 1970, fewer than one in 21 residents were foreign-born.

Seriously? How much diversity does America need?

Anyway, here’s Senator Sessions’ press release:

Chart: U.S. to Legally Admit More New Immigrants over Next Decade than Population of Half-Dozen Major American Cities Combined, April 13, 2015

Background From Immigration Subcommittee:

The predominant supply of low-wage immigration into the United States occurs legally, and the total amount of immigration to the United States has risen dramatically over the last four decades.

Under current federal policy, the U.S. issues “green cards” to about one million new Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs) every single year. For instance, according to the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. issued 5.25 million green cards in the last five years, for an average of 1.05 million new permanent immigrants annually.

New lifetime immigrants admitted with green cards gain guaranteed legal access to federal benefits, as well as guaranteed work authorization. LPRs can also petition to bring their relatives to the United States, and both the petitioner and the relatives can become naturalized citizens.

If Congress does not pass legislation to cut immigration rates, the U.S. will legally add at least 10 million new permanent immigrants over the next 10 years—a bloc of new residents larger than the cities of Atlanta (population: 447,000), Los Angeles (3.88 million), Chicago (2.7 million), Boston (645,000), Denver (650,000), St. Louis (318,000), and Dallas (1.25 million) combined. Continue reading this article

Kenya Announces It Will Deport Somali Refugee Camp from Its Territory after Garissa Massacre

On April 2, a Kenyan university was invaded by al Shabaab Somali jihadists who murdered 147 Christian students. If students could correctly recite the Koran, then they would be excused from execution.

Below, Christian students of Garissa University were massacred for the glory of allah.

Kenya is 82 percent Christian and just 11 percent Muslim, but neighboring Somalia is almost entirely Islam, and some of its residents believe it is their duty to capture more territory for jihad.

Kenyans still remember the 2013 jihad attack on Nairobi’s Westgate Mall, in which at least 67 persons were murdered by Somali al Shabaab. After that massacre, Kenya began deporting illegal alien Somalis, including those from Nairobi’s Little Mogadishu — a neighborhood which must be similar in cultural attributes to the similarly named area in Minneapolis.

The university is located near the Dabaab refugee camp which holds around 600,000 Somalis, which the Kenyan government believes to be infiltrated by al Shabaab. So Kenya wants it out, and the government also plans on building a proper wall along the 435-mile border with Somalia.

Meanwhile, Washington continues to admit Somalis as refugees and immigrants as if they were the nicest people on earth, instead of threats to national security. Refugee Resettlement Watch notes that the US welcomes 800 Somali Muslims every month. Dozens of Minnesota-residing Somalis have returned home to participate in murdering infidels for the fun of it.

Which leads one to wonder: why is Kenya so much more serious about protecting its national security than America?

Rule #1: Keep likely enemies outside the wall.

Kenyan official to U.N.: Relocate world’s largest refugee camp, or we’ll do it, CNN, April 11, 2015

Nairobi, Kenya (CNN) Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto on Saturday gave the United Nations’ refugee agency three months to relocate refugees from the Dadaab camp — the world’s largest — to Somalia, or “we shall relocate them ourselves.”

“The way America changed after 9/11 is the way Kenya will change after Garissa,” Ruto said in Nyeri, according to a statement from his office.

Al-Shabaab gunmen stormed Garissa University College in eastern Kenya this month, killing 147 people. Kenya’s government says that attack was masterminded by senior Al-Shabaab leader Mohamed Mohamud, whose “extensive terrorist network within Kenya” extends into the sprawling Dadaab complex, according to a Kenyan government document given to CNN.

Ruto, who is the second highest-ranking person in Kenya’s government behind President Uhuru Kenyatta, said his government has had discussions with United Nations officials about what to do with the camp.

On Saturday, a U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees officer said the agency had not received any formal request from Kenya’s government about moving Dadaab. The U.N. refugee agency manages the Dadaab complex, having set up the first camps there in late 1991 amid Somalia’s civil war.

The agency and the governments of both Kenya and Somalia agreed in 2013 on a process for the repatriation of Somali refugees. But that was supposed to be mutually agreed-upon and voluntary, in accordance with the refugees’ “freely expressed wish and their relevant knowledge of the conditions” where they’d end up, according to the pact.

None of those things, it seems, applies now to the move pushed by Ruto on Saturday. It’s not clear where he expects the refugees to go, other than somewhere into Somalia and out of Kenya.

Any mass move would be a monumental task, disrupting the already difficult lives of more than 600,000 Somalis who call the camp their home. Simply meeting basic needs is a challenge in the vast complex, which has seen devastating droughts, contagious diseases and other travails that have tested its residents and those trying to help. Continue reading this article

H-1b Visa Wrongdoing Is Ripping Off the American Middle Class

On Sunday, Fox News weekend host Tucker Carlson focused on the lingering scandal of Southern California Edison firing Americans workers to replace them with cheaper foreign workers. A few days ago a group of 10 bipartisan senators called for a federal investigation of H-1b visa abuse in the case, following a March hearing which explored the issue of immigration malfeasance.

Southern California Edison, a major utility in the state, saved considerable money by firing American citizens to hire cheapie foreigners.

Professor Ron Hira was an expert who testified at that hearing [WATCH] and was a guest on Fox’s morning show with Carlson.

CARLSON: The law requires that “the hiring of a foreign worker will not adversely affect the wages and conditions of U.S. workers comparably employed.” That’s the law least followed, yet reports have surfaced that a popular visa program one that everyone in Washington supports, including all the Republicans running for President, is doing the opposite. It’s being used to fire U.S. workers and replace them with immigrants who are cheaper. . . .

Every politician I’ve ever met is for this.

HIRA: Well, not every politician. And certainly American workers are not very happy about these programs, but the tech industry has done a lot to paint the picture that these programs are really good, it’s sort of motherhood and apple pie, when in reality it’s undercutting American workers.

CARLSON: I should be totally clear: Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama has called out this program as contrary to the interests of workers. But tell us how it works. U.S. workers we know for a fact are being displaced by foreign workers with this program?

HIRA: Yes, that’s right. So what happens is these are not exactly immigrants; they’re guest workers who are brought in for up to six years with what are called H-1b visas, and the way the rules work, the employers can bring these workers in way below market, in this case 40 or 50 percent less than American workers, so there’s a big incentive for employers to bring these foreign workers in and replace Americans. And what’s going on is they’re going to american workers — in the case of Southern California Edison, there’s 500 American IT workers who lost their jobs — and they’re telling those workers, look you need to train your foreign replacements. We’re going to fire you because we can hire these cheaper folks and you need to train your foreign replacements. . .

CARLSON: This is not an example, and we often hear this, of a job that there are no American workers to fill, we just don’t have enough educated people in this country. There were workers filling these jobs and they were displaced by cheaper foreigners. . .

HIRA: It’s not even a skills gap, in this case the foreign workers have less skills than the American workers; they’re being trained by the American workers, so it’s not about skills, it’s not about need, it’s all about the fact that you can bring in these guest workers at a lot less money.

CARLSON: I wonder what’s happened to the middle class. Immigration undercuts wages. This is like Econ 101.

Senators Call for Federal Investigation of Corporate H-1b Abuse That Removed Citizen Workers

A refreshingly bipartisan list of Senators has sent a letter to the Justice Department, Department of Homeland Security and the Labor Department urging federal investigation of H-1b visa abuse. Ten senators signed the letter, including five Republicans (Sessions, Grassley, Vitter, Cassidy, Inhofe) four Democrats (Durbin, Blumenthal, Brown, McCaskill) and one Independent (Sanders).

One notable name missing is that of Senator Ted Cruz, who in 2013 pitched a 500 percent increase in H-1b visas as part of the hideous Senate amnesty bill that was passed but not taken up by the Republican House. As a Republican Presidential candidate, he might want to stand on the side of American workers rather than foreigners. The letter could have been an opportunity to improve his position, but he didn’t take it.

Below, Southern California Edison, a major public utility, laid off about 500 tech workers and replaced them with H-1b visa holders from abroad.

Senator Jeff Sessions has posted the text of the letter on his website, excerpted below:

Dear Attorney General Holder and Secretaries Johnson and Perez:

We are concerned about recent information that has come to light regarding the abuse of the H-1B visa program by Southern California Edison (SCE) and other employers to replace large numbers of American workers. We urge you to investigate this matter.

A number of U.S. employers, including some large, well-known, publicly-traded corporations, have reportedly laid off thousands of American workers and replaced them with H-1B visa holders. To add insult to injury, many of the replaced American employees report that they have been forced to train the foreign workers who are taking their jobs. This troubling practice seems to be particularly concentrated in the information technology (IT) sector, which is not surprising given that sixty five percent of H-1B petitions approved in FY 2014 were for workers in computer-related occupations. Though such reports of H-1B-driven layoffs have been circulating for years, their frequency seems to have increased dramatically in the past year alone. [. . .]

The letter follows February reports of hundreds of Americans laid off at Southern California Edison for their replacement by cheaper H-1b visa holding foreigners. On March 17, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing about the abuse of immigration procedures to sack American skilled workers. The hearing included several experts on the topic of H-1b abuse, but the workers themselves were prohibited from speaking about their firing by their severance agreements.

It’s doubtful we will see billionaire H-1b abusers like hypocrite Mark Zuckerberg doing a perp walk, but at least there is some movement toward fixing a bad immigration ripoff.

10 U.S. senators seek investigation into H-1B-driven layoffs, By Patrick Thibodeau, Computerworld, April 9, 2015

Southern California Edison IT layoffs cited by lawmakers

Ten U.S. senators, representing the political spectrum, are seeking a federal investigation into displacement of IT workers by H-1B-using contractors.

They are asking the U.S. Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security and the Labor Department to investigate the use of the H-1B program “to replace large numbers of American workers” at Southern California Edison (SCE) and other employers.

This letter is a significant development in this contentious issue. It arrives at the same time that lawmakers are pushing a substantial increase in H-1B visas under the I-Squared bill, legislation that would raise the H-1B cap. Two of the co-sponsors of the I-Squared bill also signed the letter asking for an investigation into H-1B program practices.

The letter to Attorney General Eric Holder and the secretaries of the two other departments, was signed by U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which has oversight over the Justice Department. Continue reading this article

America’s Senator Jeff Sessions Connects Smart Machines and Immigration

Senator Sessions wrote an op-ed published on Friday in the Washington Post where he called for a sane approach regarding the number of immigrants America admits. He correctly noted that the changing workplace must be taken into account. When human employees are increasingly being replaced by robots, automation and computers, then the wrong idea of a future worker shortage argued by Paul Ryan and others must be rejected.

Below, there are no humans present on the automobile manufacturing floor because robots are building the cars, a growing practice.

The senator asks why we should import millions of foreign workers when so many citizens are now unemployed.

America needs to curb immigration flows, By Jeff Sessions, Washington Post, April 10, 2015

It is time for an honest discussion of immigration.

The first “great wave” of U.S. immigration took place from roughly 1880 to 1930. During this time, according to the Census Bureau, the foreign-born population doubled from about 6.7 million to 14.2 million people. Changes were then made to immigration law to reduce admissions, decreasing the foreign-born population until it fell to about 9.6 million by 1970. Meanwhile, during this low-immigration period, real median compensation for U.S. workers surged, increasing more than 90 percent from 1948 to 1973, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

In the 1960s, Congress lifted immigration caps and ushered in a “second great wave.” The foreign-born population more than quadrupled, to more than 40 million today.

This ongoing wave coincides with a period of middle-class contraction. The Pew Research Center reports: “The share of adults who live in middle-income households has eroded over time, from 61% in 1970 to 51% in 2013.” Harvard economist George Borjas has estimated that high immigration from 1980 to 2000 reduced the wages of lower-skilled U.S. workers by 7.4 percent — a stunning drop — with particularly painful reductions for African American workers. Weekly earnings today are lower than they were in 1973.

Yet each year, the United States adds another million mostly low-wage permanent legal immigrants who can work, draw benefits and become voting citizens. Legal immigration is the primary source of low-wage immigration into the United States. In other words, as a matter of federal policy — which can be adjusted at any time — millions of low-wage foreign workers are legally made available to substitute for higher-paid Americans.

This federal policy continues at a time when robotics and computerization are slashing demand for workers. One Oxford University professor estimates that as many as half of all jobs will be automated in 20 years. We don’t have enough jobs for our lower-skilled workers now. What sense does it make to bring in millions more? Continue reading this article

Hmong Family Values: Former Child Bride Is Murdered by Ex-Owner/Husband

Last week, an angry Hmong ex-husband, Neng Moua, went to a medical office in downtown Fresno and shot his ex-wife, Zyang Vang (pictured), to death and then killed himself. She had seven children, five from the murderous ex-husband.

The couple had a very Hmong history. He purchased her for $3500 from her immigrant parents in 1993 when Vang was a child of 12. Those facts appeared in court documents when in 2004 she applied for an annulment based on her age at the time of marriage. She also swore that he was violent and choked her.

Sometimes Hmong men kidnap girls and force them to submit to marriage, a custom known as bride kidnapping. So Vang was treated better than some. Sort of.

But you have to wonder how a girl becomes a mother at age 13 in central California, and authorities just look the other way. Did a pregnant Zyang Vang attend the 7th grade in a Fresno school? Child abuse and statutory rape are apparently given a pass in modern America as long as those crimes are committed by diverse foreigners. In California the age of consent is 18.

A Fresno TV station tried to grapple with America’s “culture clash” with Hmong, who have been one of the less successful immigrant groups. The high level of misogyny common to the culture got the softball treatment, perhaps because more than 24,000 Hmong reside in the city.

In the piece, a Hmong psychologist claimed that Vang wasn’t sold like a slave, but instead her parents received a dowry. Actually, that’s not true: a “dowry” is money from the bride’s family that she brings to the marriage. A “bride price” is cash given to the bride’s parents by the groom which is what happened in this case. Vang’s annulment papers read, “Respondent bought me from my parents for $3500,” so she thought she had been purchased. The Hmong psychologist just didn’t want to admit that his tribe was practicing slavery in 1993, just 22 years ago.

Diversity can be so enriching. Except when it’s not.

Murder-Suicide Raises Concerns of Hmong Culture Clash, ABC Fresno, By Gene Haagenson, April 2, 2015

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — The revelation that a murdered Fresno woman was sold to the man who killed her when she was just 12-years-old has raised questions about the Hmong culture.

At her shop on Kings Canyon Hair stylist Sy Lee heard a lot from her customers about the murder-suicide involving a Hmong couple. On Tuesday, 43-year-old Neng Moua shot and killed his ex-wife, 33-year-old Zyang Vang, then killed himself. Sy told Action News she was aware of other similar incidents.

Sy said, “It’s not the first time it’s happened a lot of time already in the Hmong culture.”

While violence by husbands against wives occurs in all cultures and ethnic groups the unusual nature of the “marriage” between Zyang Vang and her husband Neng Moua was quite different from most.

Vang had the marriage annulled in 2004 and in court documents filed then, claimed she had been sold by her parents to Moua for $3,500 in 1993, when she was just 12-years-old. He was 22. While it is illegal in this country early marriages were once common in the Hmong and many other cultures. Ghia Xiong a counsellor for Southeast Asian immigrants at Fresno’s Center for New Americans said chronological age was not a key factor in Hmong marriages

Ghia explained, “Our culture goes more by how mature the girl is, not by the physical age.” Continue reading this article

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