Los Angeles Times Reports Trump Supporters Love Dreamer Amnesty!

In case citizens have any question about what the proper attitude about a DACA/Dreamer amnesty should be, the liberal press is Johnny-on-the-spot to tell them. Candidate Trump promised to end the program that was begun by President Obama with an unconstitutional decree in 2012, but President Trump has recently backslid to a more Democrat position.

Not to worry — Trump voter are “flexible” according to a front-page headline on Saturday’s Los Angeles Times. Even previously pro-enforcement Arizonans now apparently think that “Dreamers” should be allowed to stay because they arrived through “no fault of their own.”

Interestingly, a 2010 Rasmussen poll showed that 64 percent of Arizona voters rejected citizenship for anchor babies, but the current Times item was less clear about public opinion, noting “Dreamers, who, polls show, are viewed with sympathy by a majority of Americans.”

The liberal press has been running at full speed to push public opinion about “Dreamers” into accepting an amnesty that will surely grow into the millions, thereby creating a new batch of Democrat voters.

The media have purposely expanded the amnesty language by using the more appealing term “Dreamer” which refers to any young illegal alien, while DACA refers to a numerically limited group of around 800K. When amnesty is on the table, Democrats want maximum numbers, because importing big-government foreigners is the only way they can win elections.

As Mark Twain observed, “No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session” — and double that when the subject is amnesty for future Democrats.

Friday’s newspaper headlines showed the media preference for the word “Dreamer”:

Trump Backs Plan to Stop Deportation of Dreamers — New York Times

‘Dreamer’ deal gains cautious support on Hill — Washington Post

‘Dreamer’ deal roils status quo — San Francisco Chronicle

Hope for resolution to ‘Dreamers’ dispute — Los Angeles Times

Trump confirms support for legislation against deporting of ‘Dreamers’ — Sacramento Bee

A Dreamer amnesty will send the message that American jobs and benefits are available to anyone on earth as long as they bring some kids. Basic psychology informs us that rewarding a behavior encourages more of it.

Here’s the Times article that encourages Americans to be nice to illegal alien job thieves, because deporting people is mean!

Dealing with Democrats? Protecting ‘Dreamers’? Here in Arizona that’s just fine with these Trump supporters, Los Angeles Times, September 15, 2017

Mesa, Arizona — Donald Trump’s tough talk on illegal immigration was a big part of the reason Dave Hagstrom and many others in this booming Phoenix suburb supported him for president. “Walls make good neighbors,” Hagstrom said.

So when the president moved this week to cut a deal — with Democrats no less — to block the expulsion of 800,000 immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children, was Hagstrom disappointed?

Not at all.

“If you were to deport them, where would they go?” Hagstrom, 60, a car-warranty manager, asked on his way to a Bible-study dinner at an upscale shopping mall. “To send them across the border would be inhumane almost. There’s no life for them there.”

Trump’s fiery rhetoric and promise to seal the U.S. border with Mexico attracted millions of supporters in last year’s election, many of them older white conservatives like the ones who repeatedly elected immigration hard-liner Joe Arpaio as sheriff here in Maricopa County.

But as Trump shifted this week to a softer approach on the young immigrants in legal limbo through no fault of their own, many of his most die-hard supporters moved right along with him — among them Arpaio, who was ousted in November by voters tired of his inflammatory approach.


Senate Hearing Paves Way for Self-Driving Trucks

Anyone who cares about automation’s threat to jobs should know that industry is moving ahead rapidly to develop and market self-driving vehicles which endanger the employment of 3.5 million Americans. As noted here, the House passed a self-driving car bill earlier this month despite its busy schedule.

Some non-automotive companies are investing the big bucks, like Google putting over $1.1 billion into the technology. But that amount pales in comparison to Intel’s purchase of Mobileye, an Israeli-based company developing vision-based advanced driver-assistance technology, for $15 billion. Automotive and tech businesses have decided that the future is automated, and nobody wants to be left out.

Look closely to see there is no driver in the Otto truck shown below.

The Senate page for the hearing with video and text of testimonies is here: Transportation Innovation: Automated Trucks and Our Nation’s Highways, September 13, 2017

I watched the hearing on C-SPAN and would rate it as watchable, only moderately wonky.

The issues around self-driving trucks are somewhat different from cars, particularly because of the size and use. A self-driving car will always have a human in it — unless “Come and get me” is planned as a future function. A platooning strategy will probably be the norm for a while, where a driver will be present in the lead vehicle.

Of course, nobody in the hearing was so unPC as to mention that:

Automation makes immigration obsolete.

America won’t need to import foreign workers to drive its taxis or trucks — or do anything else in the roboticized future.

Experts in the field see automation as a job shrinker. Oxford researchers forecast in 2013 that nearly half of American jobs were vulnerable to machine or software replacement within 20 years. Rice University computer scientist Moshe Vardi believes that in 30 years humans will become largely obsolete, and world joblessness will reach 50 percent. The Gartner tech advising company believes that one-third of jobs will be done by machines by 2025. The consultancy firm PwC published a report earlier this year that forecast robots could take 38 percent of US jobs by 2030. Forrester Research Inc. has a more optimistic view, that there will be a net job loss of 7 percent by 2025 from automation.

Self-driving trucks could hurt drivers, Teamsters tell U.S. senators, USA Today, September 13, 2017

WASHINGTON —- A U.S. Senate committee is considering whether legislation dealing with the future of self-driving cars should also pave the way to self-driving trucks, considering the impact such technology could have on millions of workers.

The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee held a hearing Wednesday on automated vehicles focusing on the future of self-driving commercial trucks and 3.5 million commercial truck drivers nationwide.

“Self-driving vehicles have the potential to change the transportation industry as we know it. That can be for the better or for the worse depending on the actions that this committee, workers and others take,” said Ken Hall, general secretary treasurer of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. “It is incumbent upon the members of this committee that workers are not left behind in this process.”

Even as Hall and others — including U.S. Sen. Gary Peters, D-Mich. — suggested that it may be too early to allow for widespread testing of autonomous commercial trucks across the nation, others said that the future of autonomous trucks could greatly help reduce traffic fatalities and improve safety.

Legislation passed by the U.S. House last week paved the way toward more testing of autonomous cars across the nation — allowing for as many as 100,000 cars to be exempted from safety standards while  they are being tested — but did not address the future of autonomous trucks.


From President Trump to Amnesty Don — a Former Democrat Reverts

It’s pretty likely that Democrats learned one big lesson from the 2016 election: that they need to import more immigrants into the country since new residents overwhelmingly choose the D-candidates.

Polls assured the nation that Hillary Clinton was a shoe-in for president, and Democrats would continue to rule the White House, but it didn’t work out that way.

Democrats once represented the working class, but not so much now after they embraced divisive race politics. Many white working class people voted big for Trump last November in states that were thought safe for Hillary — like Wisconsin where she never campaigned. Democrats are no longer interested in pro-American policies like increased wages, and the voters have noticed.

As Tucker Carlson remarked recently:

The Democratic Party has no interest in halting the flow of illegal immigrants, no matter how much it might hurt Americans who already live here. They’ve done the math. Democrats lost in 2016 because our middle class rejected them.

That means they’ve got two options now: they can embrace the issues the middle class cares about, or they can import an entirely new electorate from the third world and change the demographics of the U.S. so completely they will never lose again. They’re going with the latter option.

Here’s his whole statement in the first five minutes of the following video, which is worth watching.

Tucker also opined, “It would be a massive amnesty, one of the biggest ever granted in American history.”

Right. Once the amnesty issue is opened in Congress, every opportunity to max out the numbers will be taken by wily Democrats and the Republicans who like a cheap-labor workforce. It won’t stop with just the 800,000 current DACAs.

If President Trump (now known as “Amnesty Don” which reflects his earlier Democrat party affiliation) wants to wreck the Republican party and harm the American people, amnesty for millions of Democrat-inclined foreigners is just the ticket.

Trump was elected because was was seen as being the strongest proponent of immigration enforcement. Was it all a lie? Apparently.

Most foreigners are unclear on the concept of America because socialism is the norm in much of the world. They come for the better economic opportunities, but vote for the socialist big governments they left. The Pew graph below illustrates that hispanics vote Democrat for generations, assimilating only very slowly to the idea that freedom is better.

What the nation needs is less immigration overall, which is proposed in the RAISE Act and universal E-verify to eliminate the huge jobs magnet. An E-verify bill was recently introduced by Rep Lamar Smith in the Legal Workforce Act, and it needs to get the president’s support, not another amnesty.



Trump Considers Cutting Refugees by More Than Half

It may be that President Trump wants to look tough on immigration, given his big hints about supporting a DACA amnesty in a few months. So a New York Times front page story about decreased refugees may indicate a strategy to that end.

Refugees add up. Pew Research noted earlier this year that around three million refugees have been deposited in the US since Congress passed the Refugee Act of 1980. And refugees are diverse, like the 16,370 Congolese admitted in fiscal 2016 along with 39,000 Muslims the same year.

An annual chart beginning with 2002 shows an upward drift:

In addition, the refugee program is not popular among registered voters. A Pew poll taken last October found 54 percent of responders said that other nations should sort out their own problems, and the US therefore did not have a responsibility to admit refugees from Syria and similar regions.

The New York Times story was reprinted in the Gulf News (located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates) without any annoying limits. So click away:

US may cut refugee limit by more than half, GulfNews.com (NYTimes story), September 13, 2017

President Donald Trump promised during his 2016 campaign to deny admittance to refugees who posed a terrorist threat

WASHINGTON: The Trump administration is considering reducing the number of refugees admitted to the country over the next year to below 50,000, according to current and former government officials familiar with the discussions, the lowest number since at least 1980.

President Donald Trump promised during his 2016 campaign to deny admittance to refugees who posed a terrorist threat. In his first days in office he took steps to radically reduce the program that resettles refugees in US cities and towns, capping the number admitted at 50,000 as part of his executive order banning travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries. That was fewer than half the 110,000 refugees President Barack Obama said should be admitted in 2016.

But in recent weeks, as the deadline approached for Trump to issue the annual determination for refugee admissions required by the Refugee Act of 1980, some inside the White House — led by Stephen Miller, Trump’s senior adviser for policy — have pressed to set the ceiling even lower.

The issue has created an intense debate within the administration, with Miller and some officials at the Department of Homeland Security citing security concerns and limited resources as grounds for deeply cutting the number of admissions, and officials at the National Security Council, the State Department and the Department of Defence opposing a precipitous drop.

No final decision has been made, according to the officials, but as the issue is being debated, the Supreme Court on Tuesday allowed the administration to bar almost any refugees from entering the country while it considers challenges to the travel ban order. The court will hear arguments in the case next month.

Spokesmen at the White House and the departments of Homeland Security and State declined to discuss an annual figure, noting that it had not yet been finalised. By law, the president must consult with Congress and make a decision by the start of each fiscal year, October 1, on the refugee ceiling.


Stories of Unlawful Voting Are Sent to Integrity Commission

Voter fraud has long been underplayed in the press, despite well known cases like “Landslide Lyndon” Johnson’s victory in his 1948 Senate race after supporters “found” 87 extra votes to put him over the top.

Early on, President Trump created the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity with Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach as vice chair. Secretary Kobach has been making controversial statements about messy subjects — like saying the 2016 New Hampshire US Senate election result was changed by out-of-state voters. His honesty has made him a target for the mainstream media.

Voter ID to prevent fraud has long-standing support among the public yet Democrats consistently block it.

Reporter Stephen Dinan included some interesting facts about non-citizens who have voted unlawfully. With at least 11 million illegal aliens loose in the country, you have to wonder how many are gratefully voting for the Democrats who support open borders and lots of freebies for foreigners.

Detailed stories of fraud and weaknesses in election system are sent to voter integrity commission, By Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, September 11, 2017

One man’s mother, who was in a “memory care” ward of a nursing home and deemed too incapacitated to vote, somehow still managed to have a ballot cast in her name in Florida.

A man in New York said he got voter ID cards sent to his home for family members who moved away decades ago and now vote elsewhere. He said it would have been easy to go vote in New York in place of those people.

A Texas election judge said that when he asked one voter to show his ID, the man whipped out his green card, signaling he was a legal immigrant but not a citizen and shouldn’t have been voting at all.

For a problem that critics say doesn’t exist, Americans seem to have a lot of stories of voter fraud or the potential for it. They are sharing those stories with President Trump’s voter integrity commission as it wades into one of the administration’s thorniest fights.

The stories are buried in the thousands of public comments being collected by the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, which holds its second meeting Tuesday in New Hampshire.

The reports are unverified, but some of those writing offer detailed histories of their brushes with fraud.

Chris Moore wrote of his mother, Maxine E. Moore, who at age 96 was in the “memory care” unit of an assisted living facility in Broward County, Florida. She suffered from dementia so serious that she “did not know what day it was let alone what was going on in the world.”

Although election officials determined her not competent to vote, she was still registered as a Democrat and ballots were cast in her name in the March primary and the general election.

“The specific reports of alien registration and voting show that the current system is broken. The system must be improved, and it’s easy to do it,” said J. Christian Adams, president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation and one of the members of the voter commission.

Mr. Adams‘ organization released a report Monday finding hundreds of noncitizens registered to vote in 11 counties in New Jersey. Some 10 percent of those ended up casting ballots, the study found.

In some cases, the immigrants told election officials that they weren’t citizens but were kept on the rolls and were even allowed to vote, the study says.

That tracks with one of the other reports filed in the public comments with the voter commission. Mark Annotti, a deportation officer at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said he has encountered thousands of immigrants during his service in Boston and Florida and regularly asks them whom they voted for in the latest election.

“While very few illegal aliens ever admitted to voting in the national election, I was surprised at how many lawful permanent residents admitted to voting in the national election. When lawful permanent residents were informed that they were not authorized to vote in the national election, many claimed they were not aware,” he said.

“When pressed to explain further, many simply stated that they were provided a ballot, made their selections on the entire ballot and returned the completed ballot,” he said.


Facts Undermine Media’s DACA Sob Story of Suffering Children

While the worthless liberal press falsely portrays DACA recipients as being innocent children, nearly all of them are young adults. Some DACAs are parents themselves, a situation that the San Francisco Chronicle ran as a front page story on Sunday, though without a tear-jerk photo.

As sob stories go, this one endangers the major premise — that of the “cruel” Trump threatening to deport little kiddies to homelands they never knew.

Strangely enough, the media never mention that their beloved President Obama created the temporary amnesty program (“Deferred” Action on Childhood Arrivals) that now has so many on the left shrieking up a storm. Obama probably figured a future president would be forced into engineering a big amnesty by the demanding Dreamers unwilling to forego the American goodies. The situation may indeed work out that way, judging from Trump’s weakness on the issue.

Up to a quarter of DACAs are parents themselves (!) according to the following news article. Wait — a sizeable number of Dreamers are dads and moms rather than little tykes? So confusing for the accepted liberal narrative.

Thousands of ‘Dreamers’ face agonizing choices about their children, San Francisco Chronicle, September 9, 2017

Erika Almanza picked up her 11-year-old son from school in San Jose one afternoon shortly after President Trump was elected and began to ask him about his day, but first the boy needed his own questions answered.

“Mommy, are you illegal?” he said. “Are you going to get deported?”

She assured him she would not, because she is a “Dreamer” — one of the more than 200,000 people in California protected from deportation by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA.

Now Almanza doesn’t know what to tell her son and his 7-year-old sister after the Trump administration announced Tuesday it is phasing out DACA. She is facing not only the prospect of being deported to Mexico in a couple of years, but the realization that she would probably choose to leave behind her children, who are U.S. citizens by birth.

“Their life is here. They only know here. The same way my life is here,” said Almanza, a 27-year-old small-business owner, who was brought to the U.S. from Mexico at age 4. Her partner, the children’s father, is undocumented.

While attention on the DACA program has long focused on college students, surveys suggest that up to a quarter of the nearly 700,000 recipients are believed to be parents of citizens. These relationships add a powerful dimension to the debate as Trump, who professed “love” for “Dreamers” even as he rescinded DACA, asks Congress to come up with a solution.


Storm Dangers Highlight Florida Growth

As the powerful Hurricane Irma moves toward Florida, climate change is already being named as the culprit for the storm’s projected level of damage. But we needn’t look beyond the state’s rapid population growth and corresponding construction to understand the escalating cost of big storms there.

Florida is one America’s top five states for immigration-caused population growth:

Frequently Requested Statistics on Immigrants and Immigration in the United States, Migration Policy, March 8, 2017

Immigrant Population Change over Time: Top States

What were the top five states in terms of the number of immigrants, share of immigrants in the total state population, absolute growth, and percent growth between 1990 and 2000 and between 2000 and 2015?

In 2015, the top five U.S. states by number of immigrants were California (10.7 million), Texas (4.7 million), New York (4.5 million), Florida (4.1 million), and New Jersey (close to 2 million).

When classified by the share of immigrants out of the total state population, the top five states in 2015 were California (27 percent), New York (23 percent), New Jersey (22 percent), Florida (20 percent), and Nevada (19 percent).

Between 1990 and 2000, the five states with the largest absolute growth of the immigrant population were California (2.4 million), Texas (1.4 million), New York (1 million), Florida (1 million), and Illinois (577,000).

Between 2000 and 2015, the five states with the largest absolute growth of the immigrant population were California and Texas (1.8 million each), Florida (1.4 million), New York (662,000), and New Jersey (501,000).

Another factor in Florida’s rapid growth is taxpayer-subsidized property insurance that protects home owners from the real cost of building in such a hazardous region.

Why Hurricane Irma could hurt, a lot: Much lies in harm’s way, New York Times News Service, September 7, 2017

WASHINGTON — The last time a Category 5 hurricane ripped through Florida, it was so destructive that meteorologists retired its name forever. That storm, Hurricane Andrew, made landfall southwest of Miami in 1992, killing 65 people, destroying 63,000 homes and inflicting $26.5 billion in economic losses.

But if a similar-sized hurricane were to strike Florida today in the same spot, it would be far more catastrophic — causing up to $100 billion in damage, according to a recent analysis by Swiss Re, the reinsurance firm. That is even after accounting for the fact that South Florida has strengthened its building codes since Andrew.

The reason is simple: Central and South Florida have grown at a breathtaking pace since 1990, adding more than 6 million people. Glittering high-rises and condominiums keep sprouting up along Miami Beach and other coastal areas. A lot more valuable property now sits in harm’s way.

With Hurricane Irma — currently a Category 5 storm and one of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded in the Atlantic — possibly set to pummel Florida this weekend, the state is confronting the fact that rapid development has made its coastline far more vulnerable to hurricane damage than it used to be.

“Florida has exploded in the last 40 years,” said Megan Linkin, a natural hazards expert at Swiss Re. “If you look at images of Miami Beach from 1926” — when the Great Miami Hurricane, a Category 4 storm, devastated the city with a direct hit — “it’s almost unrecognizable today.”


Tucker Carlson Debates Globalist Libertarian

If there’s a worse advertisement for the libertarian cause than the anti-sovereignty declarations of the unpatriotic editor of Reason magazine, I have never seen it. Katherine Mangu-Ward was recently quizzed by Tucker Carlson about the sketchy “rights” of illegal aliens, like DACA moochers for example. Also joining in the conversation was Mike Donavan, CEO of Nexus Services which provides services for illegal aliens like bail, so he is likewise an enthusiastic globalist. It was an open-borders firefight, with Tucker standing up for American citizens and the nation state.

TUCKER CARLSON: So Katherine, as a sincere libertarian, let me ask you a philosophical question: do we have an obligation to put the interests of American citizens ahead of the interests of immigrants?

KATHERINE MANGU-WARD: No I don’t think so and in particular I think in this case we don’t get priority in this case I just don’t buy it. All that those things are in conflict.

CARLSON: In general. you don’t think that American citizens ought to get meaningful priority over aliens.

MANGU-WARD: I don’t know what this means to say — meaningful priority over aliens. American citizens benefit when people come here work here, raise families here, and it is absolutely the case that these dreamers in particular are going to add to our economy add to our culture make America a better place

CARLSON: Those are massive assumptions that in some cases are true, in some cases are false, but if you could determine in a specific case if there’s one job and if you know you got a choice between someone who came here illegally and someone who’s an American citizen, you wouldn’t automatically go for the American citizen?

MANGU-WARD: Well I mean I think you could ask similarly, do I favor protectionist policies, do I think if a job could be here or a job could be in China is it morally better for the job to be here? I think the answer is no in that case too.

CARLSON: I vehemently disagree with you but I want our viewers to know what your position is on that. So this is not an abstract question because there are a ton of unemployed Americans, almost 100 million actually — not all of them want to go to work, but I think we could all agree a lot more of them ought to be working than are. Why would we be issuing any work permits to anybody from outside the country until those people have jobs?

And so it went with more of the same. These globalists believe it is totally fine for illegal aliens to take jobs in the US that by law are supposed to go to citizens and legal immigrants only. The citizens pay the taxes and fight the wars to keep the country going, while invasive foreigners come only to loot the wealth.

Below, citizens participated in a Washington DC No Amnesty rally in July 2015

The ongoing liberal freak-out about DACA aliens overlooks the fact that many of those foreigners are occupying jobs that by law should go to citizens. For example, Apple CEO Tim Cook has bragged that his company employs 250 DACAs — does he think working for Apple is a job that real Americans just don’t want to do? Radio show host Laura Ingraham has also spoken out about the forgotten citizens, remarking recently, “Americans are dreamers too. . . I think there are a lot of folks who listen to my show who turned out at these rallies for Donald Trump who really loved his America-first message and I think there are ways to be compassionate to people short of giving them work permits and federal benefits.”

Candidate Trump ran on an Americans-first platform, but his support for a DACA amnesty leaves citizens high and dry at the feet of open-borders globalists once again. We voted for national sovereignty, law and borders, but we are getting an amnesty process started less than one year into the new administration.

Despite Busy Calendar, House Passes Self-Driving Car Bill

It’s funny how with all the vitally important legislation that needs doing, such as Houston hurricane relief, raising the debt ceiling and funding the government, the House still had time to squeeze in a bill to facilitate the self-driving industry’s movement to the next stage. Who knew it was such a priority?

Certainly the automotive industry regards the self-driving technology as a priority because American companies don’t want to miss out when some foreign businesses are quite keen on it.

Many of the news stories emphasize the safety aspect of vehicles not being driven by imperfect humans, so we will likely hear about those benefits during next Wednesday’s Senate Hearing: Transportation Innovation: Automated Trucks and Our Nation’s Highways.

Below, Daimler tested a big-rig self-driving truck in May 2015 over Hoover Dam in Nevada where automated vehicles are permitted if a driver is present for emergencies.

Not all self-driving news is upbeat however. It was recently reported that some self-driving vehicles could become confused by street signs with graffiti (Autonomous car brains fooled by graffiti on street signs, Fox News, August 7). The automotive computer might interpret a redecorated stop sign as signifying a speed limit of 45 mph. So the guarantee of safety is not quite there yet.

The big picture is that America faces enormous job loss from automation, and blue-collar jobs will likely be among the first to go, but they won’t be the only ones. Oxford University researchers forecast in 2013 that nearly half of American jobs were susceptible to being automated within 20 years.

The Los Angeles Times reported a year ago: “There are 1.7 million truckers in America, and another 1.7 million drivers of taxis, buses and delivery vehicles.” Many of those jobs are threatened, and Washington apparently has no Plan B for what millions of unemployed citizens should do to support themselves in the not-too-distant future.

The least the government could do is cut back severely on immigration, because the automated future won’t require imported human workers.

Remember: Automation makes immigration obsolete.

House Passes Bill to Speed Introduction of Self-Driving Cars, Bloomberg, September 6, 2017

U.S. House lawmakers passed a wide-ranging bill to speed the introduction of self-driving vehicles championed by tech and auto companies racing to develop and deploy the technology.

“With this legislation, innovation can flourish without the heavy hand of government,” Ohio Republican Bob Latta said on the House floor ahead of the voice vote in the chamber Wednesday. Latta is chairman of the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee that developed the legislation.

The action now moves to the Senate, where Republican John Thune of South Dakota and Democrats Bill Nelson of Florida and Gary Peters of Michigan are leading work on legislation of their own. The trio serve on the Senate commerce committee, which on Wednesday announced a Sept. 13 hearing to examine autonomous commercial vehicles and how they may fit into the Senate’s self-driving vehicle legislation. The House bill only applies to passenger cars and light trucks.

The House bill would put the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in charge of regulating self-driving car safety and preempt competing rules at the state level. Manufacturers would eventually be able to introduce as many as 100,000 self-driving cars per year that don’t comply with current safety rules that assume the presence of a human driver. It also instructs NHTSA to develop new standards for self-driving cars. Companies must draft security and privacy plans for autonomous vehicles and document their approach for ensuring self-driving car safety.


Non-deported Alien Is Released from Jail to Murder Girlfriend

Friday’s edition of the San Francisco Chronicle had a big front-page story about Veronica Cabrera Ramirez who had been murdered by her illegal alien boyfriend. Nery Israel Estrada Margos had been arrested by Santa Rosa police for abusing her, but instead of holding him for ICE agents to fetch for deportation to Guatemala, police released him and he killed her.

The case makes liberals unhappy, because it is unsettling to their naive idea that illegals should be protected from deportation. Of course, if Margos had been given a one-way trip to Tegucigalpa, Ramirez’ two teenaged daughters would still have a mom who was alive.

Geraldo Lopez, the victim’s ex-husband and father of the girls, wants to know why the illegal alien wasn’t deported.

Meanwhile, legislation to make California a sanctuary state with little immigration enforcement is plowing through the legislature. SB54 would “prohibit state and local law enforcement agencies, including school police and security departments, from using resources to investigate, interrogate, detain, detect, or arrest persons for immigration enforcement purposes” — a bill of criminal rights for foreign lawbreakers.

Man wanted for deportation allegedly kills girlfriend, exposing complex debate, San Francisco Chronicle, August 31, 2017

When Santa Rosa police officers jailed a man in early August for allegedly abusing his girlfriend, they worried the violence might escalate and obtained an emergency order barring him from contacting the woman.

But the man, Nery Israel Estrada Margos, faced a larger impediment to seeing his girlfriend. Federal immigration agents wanted to take custody of him and deport him to his native Guatemala.

Nevertheless, Estrada Margos was released the day after his arrest when he posted bail. He soon returned to the apartment he shared with his girlfriend of nine months, Veronica Cabrera Ramirez. And on Aug. 18, authorities said, he walked into the lobby of the Santa Rosa Police Department and confessed he had killed her.

With Estrada Margos, 38, now accused of murder, Sonoma County sheriff’s officials say they did in fact notify immigration authorities of his impending release — but U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE, says the heads-up came too late.

The tangled circumstances behind the release have infuriated the victim’s family and raise new questions about how local jails across California cooperate with immigration agents.

More than two years after a man who was released from jail in San Francisco despite being wanted for deportation killed Kate Steinle on San Francisco’s Pier 14, the issue remains politically and emotionally charged. It is the subject of shifting local policies, legislative efforts in Sacramento and threats from the Trump administration against local governments that have sanctuary policies.

Some advocates for immigrants believe counties shouldn’t cooperate at all with the ICE, in order to build trust with immigrant communities. But Cabrera Ramirez’s ex-husband said he doesn’t understand why a potentially dangerous man would be released when another option existed.

“If the county kept this guy in jail, my ex-wife wouldn’t have died. This could be avoided,” said Gerardo Lopez, 50, of Rohnert Park, who has two daughters ages 16 and 17 with Cabrera Ramirez, who was 42 and worked in a nursing home. “This guy shouldn’t be out on the streets and put other people’s lives in danger. I don’t get why they would leave this guy out on the streets.”


DACA Rejects Surge, as President Trump Considers Future of Obama Amnesty Program

When Obama signed his illegal DACA amnesty into pseudo-law, the recipients were characterized as young innocents who arrived in the US because of their parents. But that description has turned out to be a lie, as a recent tally shows 2139 DACA beneficiaries have lost their freebie status because of crimes committed or gang affiliation.

Below, Emmanuel Jesus Rangel-Hernandez was a DACA recipient despite having known gang affiliation. He was charged with four counts of 1st degree murder in North Carolina.

Perhaps President Trump will rethink his unwise continuation of the Obama program. He promised during his campaign to end it, but has allowed it to expand with 192 new amnesties per day for DACAs who get work permits and access to college slots.

In fact, Mark Zuckerberg’s pro-amnesty recently released a study showing the huge number of jobs that would open up if President Trump ended DACA, as reported by Breitbart.com on August 31: Zuckerberg Group: 700K American Job Openings If DACA Ends. Jobs can be hard to find for young Americans, and freeing up hundreds of thousands held by illegal alien DACAs would be quite a help.

Perhaps the crime numbers will convince the President that continuing an Obama amnesty is not a winner strategy. Certainly news of more jobs for citizens is a plus. Plus, a long-threatened federal lawsuit may be filed by 10 state attorneys general on September 5.

President Trump should remember that kindness to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent.

Feds: 30% surge in illegals losing DACA freedom for crimes, gang violence, by Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner, August 29, 2017

On the eve of President Trump deciding the status of the Obama era program deferring deportation for nearly 800,000 mostly Latin American young adults, federal immigration authorities are revealing a surge in those losing their freedom “due to criminality or gang affiliation concerns.”

Officials told Secrets that the number has surged 30 percent this year.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services said that 622 had their deferred action status pulled this year due to criminal activity.
The numbers on revocations and terminations:

• 2013 — 56.

• 2014 — 153.

• 2015 — 460.

• 2016 — 848.

• 2017 — 622.

• Total — 2,139.

According to USCIS, “The deferred action terminations were due to one or more of the following: a felony criminal conviction; a significant misdemeanor conviction; multiple misdemeanor convictions; gang affiliation; or arrest of any crime in which there is deemed to be a public safety concern. Most DACA terminations were based on the following infractions (not ranked): alien smuggling, assaultive offenses, domestic violence, drug offenses, DUI, larceny and thefts, criminal trespass and burglary, sexual offenses with minors, other sex offenses and weapons offenses.”

In a recent case, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement arrested three DACA immigrants in a nationwide sweep of gangs.

The numbers are small by comparison to the larger DACA population but experts said it shows that not a lot is known about the activities of the youths, mostly young adults.


Africa: Robot Imports Threaten Jobs

We tend to think of automation-caused job loss to be a first world problem, but as the smart machines get cheaper, they are appearing in poor countries as well. Places like Africa, with its host of difficulties, do not have the resources to cope with worsening unemployment and angry residents. Results may range from social disruption and political revolutions to even more illegal immigration to submissive Europe.

Enormous population growth is forecast for Africa, where problems like soil depletion are already being exacerbated by too many people needing food resources.

Europe needs to understand that the surge of illegal immigration is not a temporary thing and will continue as long as Europeans allow it — to their great detriment.

CNN did a good job in recognizing the social downside to automation in the Third world and presenting it factually.

African countries are importing robots and young people’s jobs are at risk, By Torera Idowu, CNN, August 22, 2017

Although still in its infancy, with under 60,000 imports a year, the robotics industry in Africa is developing rapidly.

In some parts of the continent, robots are mining, controlling traffic and even fighting deadly diseases.

Five years ago, The African Robotics Network launched a ’10 dollar robot’ challenge to encourage students to produce their own robots. There are also over 20 African organizations encouraging participation in robotics.

While this might offer the continent more affordable production costs, it has far-reaching consequences for Africa’s 1.2 billion people.

’Half of Africa’s jobs at risk’

A policy brief by the United Nations conference on trade and development reveals that robots will take away two-thirds of jobs in developing countries.

“The increased use of robots in developed countries risks eroding the traditional labor cost advantage of developing countries,” it states.

A 2016 study which stems from World Bank research, states that more than half of jobs in parts of Africa are at risk of automation with Ethiopia leading the highest proportion globally at 85%.


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