Muslim Cabbies Struggle with Ramadan in Big Western Cities

Customs deriving from a desert religion can be inconvenient. The Islam holiday of Ramadan requires Muslims to fast from dawn to sundown for a month, which can put a crimp into normal behaviors like work.

Ramadan is determined by a lunar calendar, so it occurs in varying seasons over the years. This year’s observance starts around June 17, near the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. So in wandering so far from their homelands nearer the equator, Allah’s gangsters have to fast for much longer periods. For example, the period of daylight in London (51 degrees N) now is around 19 hours.

How unfortunate that a religion based on warfare and violence has holidays where its followers become grouchy from daily hunger. To commemorate the tendency toward worsened savagery during the month, website is about to roll out its annual Ramadan Bombathon scorecard to keep track of the unfolding carnage.

Back in London, the BBC reports that some Muslims won’t be working at night when they are feasting in the Ramadan style — and it’s serious eating, where not a few Muslims gain weight during the month of fasting. Some Allah-bots, such as cab drivers, won’t work at all during the month.

And that’s a lot of taxi drivers, since one million Muslims reside in London, which is no longer majority white because of the extreme levels of immigration for decades.

Summer Ramadan hits 25% of cab drivers who stop work at sun-down, BBC News, June 19, 2015

At least a quarter of minicab and taxi drivers in London are stopping work once the sun goes down to mark Ramadan.

The holy month commemorates the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad, according to Islamic belief.

Organisations which represent drivers said at least 25% were finishing their shifts before sundown to return home and break their fasts with family.

It is estimated about one million Londoners will fast from sunrise to sunset during Ramadan.

The Muslim holy month follows the lunar calendar and as such it is the first time in many years it has fallen at this point in the summer when daylight lasts for about 19 hours.

Steve Wright, chairman of the Licensed Private Hire Car Association, said: “We are aware that many private hire and taxi drivers won’t be working during Ramadan. It’s certainly very tight, it’s about 25%, but it doesn’t stop the world from turning.” [. . .]

But what about the United States? Are men in turbans grumpy from low blood sugar driving American cabs? Or not?

As it happens, Muslim drivers are bad enough even when they eat lunch. In 2013, a Mohammed caused a young woman visiting from Britain to lose her leg when he drove onto the sidewalk in a fit of anger.

Another horrible driver was the Afghan immigrant who killed the celebrated Sixty Minutes journalist Bob Simon in February. Abdul Fedahi had multiple license suspensions and one functioning arm, yet he was allowed to drive professionally. Simon’s widow filed a lawsuit against him a few days ago.

Anyway in New York City (41 degrees N, 15 hours daylight now), Islam cabbies “struggle” with the strain of Ramadan. Poor little lambs. Their desert customs are not a good fit with the big infidel city. They can alway go home. Many immigrants have.

Thousands of city cabbies struggle as Ramadan routine begins, New York Daily News, June 18, 2015

It’s fast times for thousands of city taxi drivers.

Thursday morning marked the first day of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month, meaning that from sunrise to sunset, observant cabbies will have to hustle for fares without food or water.

“Always, you have a headache the first three days,” said Ashraf Ashour, 48. Continue reading this article

Europe Faces Summer of Invasion

In the first three months of 2015, Europe saw the arrival of 185,000 illegal aliens, a big uptick from last year’s numbers. The increase is not surprising, because who among the one billion Africans wouldn’t like a better life in first-world Europe with its generous welfare policies? Word has gotten out that if you claim to be a refugee fleeing some war or privation, you may win the asylum sweepstakes. Nobody is punished for engaging in refugee fraud, so they keep coming.

Europe should be defending its people from a true invasion, but is too mentally weakened to understand the national security threat posed by open borders to African and Middle Eastern migrants.

Of course, there are real refugees fleeing brutal wars in Syria and Iraq, but most photos don’t show families but instead reveal boats crowded with young African men. Europe is struggling with unemployment for its own people, so the Africans won’t find the streets paved in the gold they desire: anger and social unrest may well result.

Plus the chaos allows easy entry of jihadist Muslims who want to mass murder European infidels. A report from Le Figaro this week said over 1700 suicide bombers are ready to attack France. So Europe doesn’t need to import any more trouble than it already has.

Below, African men disembark from an Italian Navy rescue boat onto the battered island of Lampedusa in late May.


Unsurprisingly, many people don’t want the invasion. In a recent British poll, only 34 per cent said they would welcome refugees, which fell to 29 per cent when asked about refugees from the Middle East. Many Brits think the Australians have the right policy by turning migrant boats away before reaching land.

But instead of facing the demographic tsunami honestly and taking steps to stop the invasion, European leaders squabble over how many thousand each country should take. They should be planning defensive measures but have been too lulled by decades of easy living and diversity propaganda from the left to understand that war is upon them.

New immigrant crisis on the way: 185,000 migrants flood into Europe in just three months, Express (UK), June 19, 2015

ASYLUM claims from migrants reaching the EU have nearly doubled in a year, figures released yesterday show.

In the first three months of this year alone, 185,000 immigrants have sought refuge in Europe.

The number is 86 per cent up on last year and underlines the migration crisis threatening Britain.

Home Office staff accepted 7,300 applications from asylum seekers at a rate of 81 every day, taking the number housed in this country while their claims are assessed to 30,000.

The statistics come amid growing concern about the tidal wave of migrants heading across the Mediterranean to Italy and Greece.

But despite cries from the two cash-strapped countries that they are being overwhelmed by the influx, they accepted just 18,000 applications between them.

The number underlines fears that Greek and Italian border officials are allowing migrants to pass unhindered so they can move on to the UK and other countries to claim asylum.

Alp Mehmet, of MigrationWatch, said: “This huge number doesn’t surprise me. The official figures are catching up with what we already know – numbers are growing massively.

This is why each country simply taking in a few is not going to work. It is the tip of the iceberg and the more we take in the more the iceberg will grow.

“We have really got to think about how we stem the tide.” Continue reading this article

Happy World Refugee Day, Suckers, er, Americans!

According to the United Nations, June 20 is World Refugee Day, an event designed to draw attention to the many people cast adrift by war and calamity. That’s the idea at least. Many of the current crop of Africans fleeing to Europe are economic migrants — otherwise they wouldn’t be mostly young men under 30.

The BBC had a story in April that tracked African aliens; one was a Gambian Muslim who journeyed over 4500 miles to reach the first-world opportunities in Europe in order to support his large polygamous family. But Europe has opened its borders wide for “refugees” so people like the Gambian are taking advantage of a situation.

The Mediterranean’s migrant survivors, BBC, April 23, 2015

Malick Touray, 30, The Gambia
Malick, a 30-year-old mobile phone technician, describes how he began his journey across Africa to Europe in October 2012 because of his financial situation, struggling to support his extended family.

He had finished school early and started work because his father – who has three wives – could no longer pay school fees for Malick and his 18 other children. [. . .]

Another odd behavior is that towns stuck with diverse “refugees” now have Celebrations on or around June 20 organized by professional resettlement experts (the well paid persons who instruct primitive tribal people about how to operate light switches and stoves).

Erie Pennsylvania is having a Refugee Celebration as are Jacksonville Florida and Wakefield Oregon. Isn’t that like having an Ebola Celebration? Don’t people feel un-celebratory about being forced to leave their ancestral homes and be resettled in an alien culture?

But the point is that resettlement workers want to display their liberal virtue of extreme diversity and inclusion as well as promote the importation of refugees in a positive way — hey, let’s have some foreign people on welfare do their native dances!

Below, Bhutanese perform a cultural program in Erie, where the refugee population has surpassed 10,000:


The festivities constitute another version of celebrating diversity, which seems to be the highly enforced prime directive in these days of open borders.

The celebrations also distract attention away from what’s causing all the refugee turmoil: Islam doing its traditional thing of conquering infidel lands for Allah as well as killing other Muslims who aren’t sufficiently Islamic in the mind of the jihadists.

Below, an 1800-year-old church in Mosul was burned by Muslims last year.

WorldRefugees2001-14graphIslam-nytCheck out the chart of top refugee sources, compiled by the New York Times. Like last year, the top refugee creators are Islamic, namely Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia. See my report from 2014: World Refugee Day: Jihad on the March,

But elite media promotes emotion, not analysis, about refugees so we rich first-worlders will feel guilty and willing to rescue lots more historic enemies. It’s ugly to watch, but the pattern we see today is precisely how conquering Islam destroyed Christianity in northern Africa and the Middle East over centuries. Western nations should not admit potential enemies within our gates: Muslim refugees should go to Muslim nations, period.

In fact, America would be a lot safer if Muslim immigration were ended immediately.

60 Million People Fleeing Chaotic Lands, U.N. Says, New York Times, June 18, 2015

UNITED NATIONS — Nearly 60 million people have been driven from their homes by war and persecution, an unprecedented global exodus that has burdened fragile countries with waves of newcomers and littered deserts and seas with the bodies of those who died trying to reach safety.

The new figures, released Thursday by the United Nations refugee agency, paint a staggering picture of a world where new conflicts are erupting and old ones are refusing to subside, driving up the total number of displaced people to a record 59.5 million by the end of 2014, the most recent year tallied. Continue reading this article

America’s Senator Jeff Sessions Warns Republicans Not to Support Obama’s Trade Power Grab

The GOP really is the Stupid Party. Many Republicans are uncritical believers in the “Free Trade” religion despite its history of failure. Globalist trade deals have been disastrous for American workers: trade supporters promise jobs and prosperity but it has been a series of sellouts starting with NAFTA. Free trade has all been a big lie, and now the same bunch of elites are back with the same line of crap.

Speaker Boehner in particular is determined to have his way in teaming up with Obama on a the latest trade deal which must be a doozy since it is being kept secret. Boehner was angry with conservatives who voted against it last week and fired some on his leadership team.

Another globalist job-killing trade deal is not what Americans had in mind when they voted Republicans into majorities in the House and Senate. Congressman Jim Jordan, who voted against Boehner and Obama, reflected that idea to Lou Dobbs on Tuesday: “The American people elected to do certain things. Let’s just focus on what we told them we were gonna do when we ran for the job and they elected us last fall. Pew Research has a poll out — 65 percent of Republican voters think Republicans aren’t doing what they said they were going to do because we’re not doing what we said we were gonna do.”

If the GOP doesn’t shape up in short order, millions of conservative voters may well stay home in 2016.

Pat Buchanan appeared on Sean Hannity’s radio show earlier this week:

BUCHANAN: We’ve had $11 trillion in trade deficits since 1992. I said we were going to lose our manufacturing — I never thought it would this horrendous this fast. We lose 5 to 6 million manufacturing jobs in the first decade of the 20th century and 55,000 factories. Sean, this is why the country is standing up against the trade bill. They listened to all the BS they were fed by both parties and now they’ve seen the result, and the results are Detroit, the results are West Baltimore, and they’re saying “Where are all the jobs? They’re gone.”

Senator Sessions cautions that the latest trade monstrosity is even worse than the earlier ones, but why would we expect anything less from Obama?

Sessions: Fast-Track Guarantees Three Mammother Global Pacts Encompassing Up to 90% of World GDP, June 17, 2015

WASHINGTON—U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) issued the following statement today ahead of the new attempt to give President Obama expanded fast-track executive authorities:

“The House is preparing to vote again tomorrow on providing fast-track executive authority to the President. If adopted, it will be sent immediately to the Senate for final consideration.

It is essential that there be no misunderstanding: fast-track preapproves the formation of not only the unprecedentedly large Trans-Pacific Partnership, but an unlimited number of such agreements over the next six years. Those pacts include three of the most ambitious ever contemplated. After TPP comes the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the United States and the European Union, followed by the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA), seeking as one its goals labor mobility among more than 50 nations. Together, these three international compacts encompass three-fourths of the world’s GDP. Including the nations whose membership is being courted for after enactment, the countries involved would encompass nearly 90 percent of global GDP. Yet, through fast-track, Congress will have authorized the President to ink these deals before a page of them has been made public. Then, the Executive sends Congress “implementing” legislation to change U.S. law—legislation which cannot be amended, cannot be filibustered, and will not be subjected to the Constitutional requirement for a two-thirds treaty vote. Continue reading this article

California Offers Another Freebie for Illegal Aliens: Healthcare for the Kids

Nobody should be surprised that Democrat-run Mexifornia has enacted free-to-them healthcare for illegal alien kiddies, and Gov Jerry Brown is ever so pleased with his liberal generosity with the taxpayers’ money. “All in all, I think the people of California can be proud of the work that’s been done,” Brown said.

An estimated 170,000 immigrants 18 and younger could be included in the plan, which supposedly would cost around $132 million annually — barely a nickel in the state budget of $115 billion, or thereabouts. So we are supposed to think.

Also note in the video following, $57 million for illegal alien drivers’ licenses — the taxpayers are dinged for that too. The lawbreaking foreigners pay only $33 for the amnesty-lite document.


However, when a major state rolls out the big freebie welcome mat, particularly for healthcare, the policy creates a powerful incentive to draw illegal aliens with expensive medical problems. One medical moocher is Ana Puente (pictured), who was an infant with a liver disorder when her aunt brought her illegally to the U.S. to seek medical care. California taxpayers have been forced to fund her three, maybe four, liver transplants and ongoing anti-rejection treatments. Taxpayers have spent well over $1 million, maybe twice that, for Puente’s medical costs.

And that was before free healthcare for all illegal alien kiddies became law in California.

Another transplant case was Jesica Santillan a Mexican who parents brought her illegally to the United States in hopes of advanced medical treatment. The teenager got two heart-lung transplants because the first organs had the wrong blood type. She died anyway. But apparently liberals believe they get more virtue points for giving other peoples’ donated organs to illegal aliens, not Americans.

Transplants are a very expensive procedure, but so are many others these days. Modern medical science performs miracles, but they don’t come cheap. California’s kiddie healthcare magnet will draw the worst, most expensive cases from abroad, and illegal aliens believe they are entitled to free, first-world healthcare. A 2006 Denver Post story reported,Hundreds of Mexican illegal immigrants are in Colorado not just for work but also for free medical care they say they can’t get back home.” It’s unlikely that number has decreased in the intervening years.

So California’s $130 million pricetag sounds very low indeed.

California Budget To Break New Ground On Immigrant Health Care, Associated Press, June 17, 2015

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – A budget deal between Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders would make California the first in the nation to offer state-subsidized health care to children who are in the country illegally.

The $115.4 billion agreement announced Tuesday is expected to win easy approval from the Senate and Assembly before the fiscal year begins July 1, and its immigrant health care provisions were touted by its backers as a necessity in the face of federal inaction.

“While Washington dithers because they can’t get things done, we need immigration reform,” Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles. “The reality is many of these children, and they are children, require some kind of health care and they receive it in the emergency room.

The cost to taxpayers would be $40 million in the new fiscal year and grow to $132 million a year once fully implemented, numbers that had Republicans objecting and warning that it won’t help immigrants get access to doctors because of the shortage of providers who accept Medi-Cal, the state’s health program for the poor.

Anti-immigration advocates said it was yet another move from Brown – like a bill providing driver’s licenses that took effect this year – that is “extremely generous” toward people who enter the country illegally.

“Gov. Brown continues to sign laws that incentivize more illegal immigration,” said Joe Guzzardi, spokesman for Californians for Population Stabilization. “I can’t really see what reason there would be not to come to California. I can get a job, I can get tuition, I can now get medical care for my children.” Continue reading this article

Mexican Brewery Is Fully Automated

It’s not just the first world where smart machines are taking over jobs that humans recently performed: Mexico’s Constellation brewery is “fully automated” and employs only six human workers per shift.

One variety of the machines is a laser-guided vehicle that moves pallets of beer and materials around the factory, replacing forklifts driven by people. They look like a simplified knock-off of the Kiva robot system that now is the backbone of the Amazon warehouses.

Michael Othites, Senior VP of Operations: Our brew house is fully automated here. We run each shift with six people. We got maybe 58 robots. . .

We’ve got about 70 laser-guided vehicles, as we’re built out, we would have 250 forklifts to do the same work. And then, frankly, laser-guided vehicles, when they need a battery change, they go up, they pull up, they say change my battery. Employees need breaks, employees need lunches, employees call in sick. It’s just the human factor that with laser-guided vehicles, you don’t.

Those darn humans! The machines are so much more efficient and trouble-free!

But hey, Mr. Senior VP, who will buy the beer after millions of workers have been made obsolete and no longer get paychecks?

Also, you have to wonder how many more Mexicans will illegally immigrate to El Norte after losing their jobs to automation. It could be a coming trend.

Jeb Bush Campaigns as the Hispanic Candidate for the American Presidency

The cultural crazy bell was rung pretty hard last week with the news that the a white woman, Rachel Dolezal, has been posing as black for years and used it to her advantage, such as becoming the President of the Spokane NAACP. The media has gone into overdrive, even hitting the front page of the New York Times after a few days (Black or White? Woman’s Story Stirs Up a Furor).


But how different is she from Jeb Bush, the newest Republican President candidate? He hasn’t gone all the way into total delusion — being a public figure is a helpful reality reminder — but Jeb has devolved pretty far in the direction of cultural transformation. One curious behavior was his checking the Hispanic box on a voter registration form in 2009.


He is married to a Mexican woman, Columba, and they speak Spanish at home. Interestingly, households where English is not normally spoken are often used an an indicator of non-assimilation. Jeb wants to amnesty millions of illegal aliens, but his wife is hardly a good model of what Americans expect of foreigners who want to live here.

Jeb and Columba have been married for 41 years, yet Mrs. Bush remains uncomfortable about speaking English. But Jeb has no such shyness about speaking Spanish, the invaders’ language. The three Bush children learned to speak Spanish before they learned English.

So his use of Spanish in his Presidential roll-out speech on Monday was not a surprise.

Jeb also converted to Catholicism, the hispanic religion, so he really is all in.

A few months ago, Jeb opined, “The fact that I’m bilingual, bicultural can’t hurt.”

Actually, it can hurt quite a bit. Many traditional Americans don’t want to be forced by immigration to become bilingual or multicultural or diverse. In areas of high hispanic penetration, Americans need to speak Spanish to apply for many jobs.

Rachel Dolezal has denied her race, her background and her family, which must be very painful for the parents. Jeb comes from one of America’s leading political families, yet has repudiated this nation’s language and traditions to adopt hispanic culture. Do the Bushes feel the rejection personally? They don’t show any outward signs. Anyway, the family has had Mexican connections for a while, but nobody else has taken on the cultural trappings.

On Monday, NPR went into a multicultural swoon over the hispanic attributes of “Jebcito,” noting “he has made his home by completely embracing Latino culture,” — so post-American!

He Was Born Republican Royalty, But ‘Jebcito’ Is From Miami,, By Mara Liasson, June 15, 2015

There are three Republican candidates who ran Spanish-language ads when they announced their presidential intentions — but only one was an Anglo.

Jeb Bush not only speaks fluent Spanish, he has made his home by completely embracing Latino culture and putting down roots in South Florida.

Ana Navarro, his former aide, tells a little story that shows just how much he’s adopted the culture: One day, she suggested something to Bush that he rejected because it was too expensive. Then, she said, he touched his elbow with his hand.

“That’s a very Hispanic gesture for meaning: ‘Because I’m cheap, because I’m frugal,’ ” Navarro said. “It means ‘I walk with my elbows so as not to wear out my shoes.’ In Spanish, it would say, Yo camino con los codos. And it’s that kind of nuance that he fully understands.”

To understand why Bush only half-jokingly adopted the Twitter hashtag #honorarylatino, you have to understand the path he took to his current home in South Florida. Bush grew up in Midland, Texas, he summered in Maine and went to prep school in Andover, Mass. And it was in high school that his path home really began. He met his wife, Columba, on a high school exchange trip to Mexico. In college, he majored in Latin American Studies. He converted to Catholicism, and he worked briefly in Venezuala. But the place he chose to put down roots was Miami.

“It certainly did shape him,” said Tom Fiedler, the former political editor of theMiami Herald. “The story of Miami since the Cuban exiles began coming has been one of being the new immigrant city.” Continue reading this article

Is the Obama Administration the Friendliest Ever to Illegal Alien Criminals?

AlienSexOffender-BGlobeFPThe Boston Globe had a rather eye-catching graphic on its Sunday front page illustrating the sort of diverse and dangerous criminals who are released by the government that is supposed to protect us citizens.

It’s not exactly news that public safety ranks near the bottom on the administration’s priority list. Its crime-friendly policies are so bad that in April, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing to investigate the reckless release of convicted criminal aliens onto American streets. In Fiscal Year 2014, ICE released 30,558 convicted criminal immigrants, convicted of 79,059 crimes. One quarter of those crimes were level one, which include murder, rape and sexual abuse of a minor.

On Monday, Senator Jeff Sessions issued a press release saying that “One hundred twenty-one convicted criminals who faced deportation orders between 2010 and 2014 were never removed from the country and now face murder charges, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).” So violent criminals continue to commit crimes even after experiencing prison, and government failure has real life consequences. What a surprise.

The Boston Globe investigation focuses on violent sex offenders, but liberal permissiveness extends to all areas of crime.

Officials admit that the worst of the worst are released. As the article observes, “Immigration has even lost track of immigrants they insisted were too dangerous to set free.”

ICE’s sex offender policies under scrutiny, By Maria Sacchetti, Boston Globe, June 14, 2015

Globe investigation finds many violent sex offenders released but not closely tracked or forced to register

For years, doctors warned federal immigration officials: Do not take your eyes off Santos Hernandez Carrera.

He had raped a woman at knifepoint and spent roughly half his life in jail, where immigration officials hoped to keep him until they could send him home to Cuba. As far as the public knew, the strategy worked: Until last month, the public sex offender registry said Hernandez Carrera, who has been diagnosed with a mental illness, had been deported.

He never was. Instead, the Globe discovered that Hernandez Carrera is in Florida, one of hundreds of immigrants convicted of sex crimes who should have been deported but instead were released in the United States because their homelands refused to take them back.

They are convicted rapists, child molesters, and kidnappers — among “the worst of the worst,” as one law enforcement agency put it. Yet the Globe found that immigration officials have released them without making sure they register with local authorities as sex offenders.

And once US Immigration and Customs Enforcement frees them, agency officials often lose track of the criminals, despite outstanding deportation orders against them. The Globe determined that Hernandez Carrera and several other offenders had failed to register as sex offenders, a crime. By law, police are supposed to investigate if such offenders fail to update their address within days of their release. But local officials said they did not learn that ICE had released the offenders until after the Globe inquired about their cases.

“It’s chilling,” said Thomas H. Dupree Jr., a former deputy assistant US attorney general who led a 2008 federal court battle to keep Hernandez Carrera locked up. “These are dangerous and predatory individuals who should not be prowling the streets. In fact, they should not be in the United States at all.” Continue reading this article

Rasmussen Poll: Americans Prefer Second Amendment Neighborhoods — Better Avoid the Barrios Then

A recent survey found that more than two-thirds of voters favor living in areas where citizens can be armed for self-defense. This is a traditional value, backed by the Constitution and a 2008 Supreme Court decision.

Americans Prefer Living in Neighborhoods With Guns, Rasmussen Reports, June 12, 2015

American Voters overwhelming prefer living in a neighborhood where they have the option of owning a gun than to live where nobody is allowed to be armed.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 22% of Likely U.S. Voters would feel safer living in a neighborhood where nobody was allowed to own a gun over one where they could have a gun for their own protection. Sixty-eight percent (68%) would feel safer in a neighborhood where guns are allowed, while 10% are not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

HispanicsPreferGunControl-PewPollIt should be borne in mind that many immigrant residents of the United States do not share an appreciation for armed self-defense. Hispanics in particular prefer the gun-grabber ideology of liberals, as shown by an October 2014 Pew Hispanic report “Latino Voters and the 2014 Midterm Elections.” Part of the liberal goal of a permanent Democrat majority attained through massive hispanic immigration is the destruction of the Second Amendment. Gun eradication a big item within Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America into a country that isn’t recognizable as our traditional nation.

Chapter Two: Latino Views on Selected 2014 Ballot Measure Issues

Gun Rights and Restrictions

On November 4, two states will vote on ballot measures regarding gun rights or restrictions. In Alabama, voters will be deciding whether to amend their state constitution to explicitly allow citizens of Alabama the right to bear arms. In Washington state, voters face two competing measures: The first would restrict gun control by preventing confiscation of firearms without due process and implementing background checks for firearm sales unless a federal standard is established. The second would strengthen gun control by extending the existing requirement for background checks in purchases made from licensed dealers to all gun purchases, including gun shows, online sales and private sales.

An early 2014 Pew Research Center survey asked U.S. adults what is more important — protecting the right of Americans to own guns or controlling gun ownership (Pew Research Center, 2014d). Hispanic registered voters nationally say they prefer gun control over the rights of owners by a margin of 62%-to-36%, as do black registered voters by a margin of 71%-to-26%, according to the survey. By contrast, white registered voters choose gun owners’ rights over gun control by a margin of 59%-to-39%. Continue reading this article

Africans Inundate Europe for “a Better Life” Despite Increasing Prosperity at Home

SenegalMigrantsSeekWealthEurope-wsjSaturday’s Wall Street Journal had an interesting front page story about Africans invading Europe by the thousands who are not fleeing war or even poverty, but are looking to grab a First World lifestyle. Meanwhile, Europeans pathetically rescue them and treat them like refugees when the correct response would be to turn back the boats as the Australians have done.

Otherwise, there’s a billion more back in Africa where the current batch came from.

The story focuses on Senegal, which the WSJ calls a “stable West African democracy” that is generally prosperous and has benefited from expat remittances adding to its economy. Unfortunately, the new TVs and cell phones also show the attractive wealthy lifestyle of Europe, and young men want that. They want it bad.

However, the WSJ report does not mention that Senegal is 96 percent Muslim, and when the migrants’ unrealistic dreams are not fulfilled in Europe, many will likely become angry that riches were not easily attained and may turn to crime or violent jihad against the people they invaded.

Besides that, Europe has its own problems, like stubbornly high unemployment, and the people don’t want to be overwhelmed by demanding illegal alien Muslims.

Allure of Wealth Drives Deadly Trek, Wall Street Journal, June 12, 2015

Young Men in Senegal Join Migrant Wave Despite Growing Prosperity at Home

KOTHIARY, Senegal—Less than a month after mourning a neighbor killed on the 3,000-mile migrant trail to Europe, Ibrahima Ba set off on the same treacherous road.

The 27-year-old was supposed to build a future in this stable corner of rural Africa, using money sent from his father in France to raise bulls and sell diesel fuel. But in March, as chaos in Libya eased a pathway to the Mediterranean, Mr. Ba gambled he could make a better life, selling the cattle to buy a ticket along the world’s deadliest migrant route and joining the largest global migration wave since World War II.

In April, Mr. Ba’s family mourned him, too: they believe he drowned alongside 700 migrants aboard a trawler that tipped into the sea, the worst in a series of tragedies that shocked Europe and triggered frantic diplomacy to rethink European immigration laws.

At least 1,840 have died on the crossing from Libya to Italy so far this year, following 3,200 known deaths last year, the International Organization for Migration says.

“He didn’t lack for anything, he had everything he needed,” said Mr. Ba’s mother, Awa Diop. “But he wanted to have his own means.”

Mr. Ba represents a puzzling segment of the migrant population: Unlike those fleeing war, famine or economic desperation, this group is risking rising living standards to brave banditry, starvation and stormy seas to make a better life in Europe.

Officials here say five men from this village of several thousand—which in recent years has welcomed smartphones, laptops and satellite television—are known to have perished this year. More are missing, their fate unknown. Another man leaves every week, officials say.

Senegal is a stable West African democracy, and Kothiary has profited from the currents of globalization transforming rural Africa’s more prosperous areas. Flat screen TVs and, increasingly, cars—mostly purchased with money wired home by villagers working in Europe—have reshaped what was once a settlement of mud huts. The wealth has plugged this isolated landscape of peanut farms and baobab trees into the global economy and won respect for the men who sent it.

But it has also put European living standards on real-time display, and handed young farm hands the cash to buy a ticket out. Continue reading this article

Disaster Robot Competition Demonstrates Machine Advances

A month ago, I wrote about the then-upcoming DARPA competition for robots, that had quite a demanding test for the machines (Humanoid Robot Competition Suggests Rapid Advance in Technology). DARPA is the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, an arm of the US Defense Department.

The diagram below shows the obstacle course of very challenging movements in the contest. The purpose of the competition was to foster the development of a disaster robot that could operate in a dangerous Fukushima-type environment, and the tasks reflect that.

Driving a car, closing valves and walking up stairs are at the edge of what free-standing robots can do these days. In fact, a number of the bots simply fell over, and someone put together a humorous video of gravity fails during the DARPA event:

Disaster-capable robots will certainly be an improvement over sending humans into radioactive sites, as happened during the Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami affecting Japan. However, the robots will likely be gradually introduced into fire fighting and some police work, which are well paid professions for humans precisely because the jobs are dangerous.

Despite the number of robots falling over, three machines completed the obstacle course successfully, which is quite impressive. The Korean Team Kaist won the $2 million first prize with its robot DRC-Hubo. The second-place finisher and winner of $1 million was Team IHMC Robotics of Pensacola, Florida with its robot Running Man. Coming in third and earning the $500,000 prize was Tartan Rescue of Pittsburgh and its robot CHIMP.

The video below of the DARPA event shows the state of the art in robots that can act in a disaster scenario that requires very advanced movements and balance. The science fiction future really is here, and society is about to be rocked. The most immediate challenge is the reduced need for human workers to produce goods and services, which is reflected now in the jobless recovery. It’s past time for more awareness and discussion among policy-makers. Certainly, first-world economies like the United States don’t need to be importing millions of immigrants, most of whom will end up being in the jobless underclass.

Transforming robot crowned the winner of DARPA’s Robotics Challenge, TheVerge, June 8, 2015

Two-day finals in California saw robots wielding drills and driving cars

A South Korean team has won the $2 million top prize at the finals of DARPA’s Robotic Challenge (DRC) with a transforming bipedal bot that can scoot around on wheels in its knees. The winning design from Team KAIST managed to navigate DARPA’s obstacle course in under 45 minutes, successfully completing eight natural disaster-related tasks including walking over rubble, driving a car, tripping circuit breakers, and turning valves.

The DRC was set up after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, with the aim of accelerating the development of robots that can respond to man-made or natural disasters. Twenty-three teams competed in the finals, with a dozen entering from the US, and the rest traveling from countries including Germany, Italy, Japan, and Hong Kong.

The teams had been developing their robots for more than two years and have tried the challenges before. However, while previous trials gave the robots 30 minutes to complete each task, the two-day finals — staged in front of thousands of spectators in California — pushed the teams to complete all eight in less than an hour. Only three robots managed to successfully tackle them all, and the rest, well, they fell down a lot. Continue reading this article

Jihadist Qazi Brothers Are Sentenced to Hard Time

In 2012, the FBI arrested two Pakistan-born brothers for plotting to bomb New York City, a popular target among diverse jihadists. They pleaded guilty to charges in March and on Thursday received the maximum prison sentences.

Below, Pakistani natives Raees Alam Qazi, 22, and brother, Sheheryar Alam Qazi, 32, face decades in prison.

A Florida news report on the sentencing noted the tough sentence and how Judge Beth Bloom declared, “You are terrorists — evil in your intentions and evil in your deeds and a just sentence must follow.” The reported also mentioned that this case was the 54th plot foiled since the 9/11 attacks. (The Heritage Foundation puts the number at 69 during the same time period.)

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America is home to 307,855 Pakistan-born persons, according to a 2011 accounting, most of whom are presumably Muslims. Some of them have already gone jihad, including the wife-beheader Muzzammil Hassan, Times Square attempted bomber Faisal Shahzad, and the Hayat family of Lodi, to name a few.

Why admit potential enemies at all? Immigration is a privilege, not a right. In WWII there was no immigration of Germans or Japanese under the Democrat President Franklin Roosevelt. Yet Washington acts as if America is not at war with hostile Islam, when hostile Islam has said in word and deed that it is at war with us.

Of course, not all Pakistani immigrants are jihadists or even support a worldwide caliphate, but it is culturally naive for our government to base its immigration policy on the idea that all diversity is equal. It isn’t.

The Qazi jihadists are naturalized citizens of the United States who resided in Florida, identified as “Broward County brothers” by the local newspaper.

Broward brothers get stiff sentences for NYC terrorist bomb plot, Sun-Sentinel, June 11, 2015

Two Broward County brothers were sentenced to the maximum punishment Thursday after admitting they planned a terrorist attack on New York City landmarks and later assaulted two deputy U.S. marshals in custody.

Raees Alam Qazi, 22, who played the lead role in the conspiracy and cycled around Manhattan looking for bomb targets was sentenced to 35 years in federal prison. That is three years more than he expected under the terms of his plea agreement with the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

His brother, Sheheryar Alam Qazi, 32, who provided support, was sentenced to a 20-year prison term, also three years more than expected.

U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom told the Pakistani-born men they had taken advantage of the benefits of U.S. citizenship to plot violence and hatred against their fellow-Americans.

“You are a terrorist, evil in nature and evil in your deeds,” Bloom told Raees Qazi in court.

The judge also chastised Sheheryar Qazi for supporting “your brother’s devotion to al-Qaida.”

The men’s involvement in the terrorist conspiracy was “evil and reprehensible,” she told them. Continue reading this article

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