World Refugee Day: Jihad on the March

On World Refugee Day (June 20), the ever helpful mainstream press presents the refugees as the issue du jour — important for public awareness according to liberal values, but not important enough for explaining the causes. The New York Times headlined Refugees at Levels Not Seen Since World War II but did not place the [...]

Ethiopian War Criminal Refugee Is Sentenced in Denver for Immigration Fraud

America is open and generous toward the world’s downtrodden and as a result has accepted many diverse war criminals as immigrants and refugees.

Today’s example was a guard at a brutal prison in marxist Ethiopia where he tortured and killed dozens of prisoners. Kefelgn Alemu Worku (pictured) later escaped to the United States, entering as a [...]

Arizona: Iraqi Refugee Bomber Aldosary Charged with Murder

From Arizona comes this curious twist on a refugee terrorist story: Abdullatif Ali Aldosary (pictured), the Iraqi who tried to blow up the Casa Grande Social Security office last fall, has also been charged with the murder of a co-worker which occurred a few days before the bombing.

I blogged on the case when it happened, [...]

Arizona: No Bail for Iraqi Refugee Bomber

In Arizona, the Iraqi refugee accused of bombing the Casa Grande Social Security office last Friday, appeared in court for the second time on Wednesday.

Information about Abdullatif Aldosary has been accumulating over the intervening days, such as the bomb-making materials found in his home.

Aldosary already had a record as a hostile character, having been arrested [...]

Buffalo: Somali Refugee Beats Stepson to Death

This crime is particularly disturbing since the 10-year-old victim had called the police on at least two occasions asking to be protected from his violent stepfather, Somali refugee Ali Mohamad Mohamud.

You have to wonder whether police were too politically correct to intervene in a Somali family matter. When diversity is in play, authorities are sometimes [...]

Ethiopian Refugee Sentenced for Sexual Assault of 84-Year-Old Man

Minnesota is afflicted with more East-African diversity than any place should have. A recent example was the sentencing of an Ethiopian refugee who sexually assaulted an 84-year-old legally blind man who was weak from cancer treatment. Ahmed Sule got nearly 29 years in prison, a tough sentence according to standard guidelines.

Sule’s lawyer said she [...]

Somali Immigrants in Minnesota: Import a Problem, Then Pay to Try to Fix It

On July 27, Rep. Peter King chaired the Homeland Security Committee’s third hearing about Islamic terrorism in the United States, titled Al Shabaab: Recruitment and Radicalization within the Muslim American Community and the Threat to the Homeland.

King’s opening remarks (Watch) noted that the hearing was part of an ongoing investigation.

At this hearing, the third in [...]

Iraqi Refugee Terrorists Prompt Rescreening

This just in: authorities have noticed that Washington’s permissive refugee policy regarding Iraqis has created a national security threat. The rush to rescue meant that do-gooder behavior trumped normal prudence in background checks, and dangerous persons were admitted as a result.

As I noted in Iraqi Refugees Pose a Terror Threat, in 2008 Sixty Minutes created [...]

Iraqi Refugees in US Charged with Terrorism

Why does Washington continue to welcome likely enemies in situations with little oversight? It was entirely predictable that welcoming a large number of poorly vetted Iraqi Muslims would endanger national security.

Even the Los Angeles Times, which normally promotes open borders and diversity no matter what, lambastes the government for sloppiness in this case. One of [...]

Somali Found Guilty of Murdering His Four Children in Louisville

For a mass murder case that has taken nearly five years to come to trial, the proceedings in Louisville came and went swiftly, in just four days. The trial of Somali Said Biyad began on Monday and the guilty verdict was delivered on Friday in a non-jury trial, which was the result of a plea [...]

Somali al-Shebab Recruits Are Released in Minneapolis

Sometimes, judges’ decisions are hard to figure, like releasing Somali terrorists onto the streets of America. Maybe the accused men sounded properly repentant, but the judge in question may not know that under the Islamic doctrine of Taqiyya, deception in the service of that religion is considered a moral action.

And why were refugees who returned [...]

Complain-o-rama: Utah Requires Foreigners to Pass Driver's Test in English

Oh, the humanity! A state expects foreign newbies to be able to read the local traffic signs in order to be licensed to drive. A recent article from Salt Lake informed readers that a suffering Somali refugee was forced to endure taking the bus and (gasp!) walking. Shouldn’t refugees at least get a right [...]