Rasmussen Poll: Voters Want Tough Punishment for Illegal Alien Criminals

Fifty-six percent of voters favor a five-year mandatory prison sentence for illegal aliens convicted of major felonies who return to America after being deported. That’s Kate’s Law, as espoused by Bill O’Reilly as a straight-forward punishment that would get the attention of potential repeat alien offenders like Francisco Sanchez, the Mexican who said he kept returning to San Francisco because it was a sanctuary city.

On July 1, Kate Steinle was shot dead as she strolled with her father on a San Francisco pier by a five-times deported Mexican.

On July 21, the Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony from several citizens whose loved ones were murdered by illegal aliens, including Kate’s father Jim Steinle.

Plus, 59 percent say the government is not aggressive enough in punishing criminal aliens. But the current occupant of the White House is about as friendly to criminals of all flavors as presidents come.

Voters Favor ‘Kate’s Law’ Sentences for Illegal Immigrant Felons, Rasmussen Reports, November 3, 2015

Senate Democrats recently blocked “Kate’s Law,” legislation intended to impose mandatory prison terms on illegal immigrants convicted of major felonies who have been deported but have again entered the United States illegally. The law was named after Kate Steinle, the young woman murdered this summer in San Francisco by just such a person.

Fifty-six percent (56%) of Likely U.S. Voters favor a five-year mandatory prison sentence for illegal immigrants convicted of major felonies who return to America after being deported. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 27% oppose such legislation, while 18% are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Seventy-two percent (72%) of Republicans and 53% of voters not affiliated with either major political party favor a law like the proposed Kate’s Law. Democrats agree by a much narrower 43% to 36% margin, with 21% undecided.

Fifty-nine percent (59%) of voters say the federal government is not aggressive enough in punishing illegal immigrants who commit felony crimes in this country. Just 22% believe the government is aggressive enough in punishing these individuals, but nearly as many (19%) are not sure.

Following Steinle’s murder by an illegal immigrant from Mexico who had been deported several times and come back, 62% of voters said the U.S. Justice Department should take legal action against cities that provide sanctuary for illegal immigrants, and 58% said the federal government should cut off funding for those cities. Republicans in Congress included Kate’s Law in legislation to cut funding to “sanctuary cities.” President Obama threatened to veto the measure, but Senate Democrats stopped it procedurally. Continue reading this article

Germanistan Is the Plan, Muslim Invader Brags

Germany’s delusional Chancellor Angela Merkel thinks she is a great humanitarian for unilaterally opening up her nation to many millions of a historically unfriendly tribe. While she is posing for selfies with Islamic welfare moochers, her policy threatens Europe’s survival as the home of western civilization, and people are becoming alarmed at the growing chaos.

Today’s item showing Merkel’s complete idiocy is a video of an Allah gangster spilling the beans.

MUSLIM NEWBIE: Now, honestly, in Germany Islam will come whether you want that or not. Your daughter will wear a hijab. Your son will have a beard. OK? And your daughter will marry a bearded man. And we multiply more and more. You Germans don’t make any more children, you have maybe, tops, maybe two kids, and we make seven, Alhamdulillah, OK, comrade? And then we take four wives, and we have 22 children. So you have maybe one kid and one little doggie, yeah?

And that’s it. Comrade, that’s not our fault, that’s your fault. When you exploited our countries colonized them, so that you can drive your Mercedes and use that digital camera there, that’s how Allah our god makes it that we will conquer you, not with war here in Germany but with birthrates, firstly, and secondly we marry your daughters, yeah? And your daughter will wear a hijab. So, now you can go and lose it, OK, one can already see the hate in your eyes.

Meanwhile, the young Muslim males keep invading.

Mother of Illegal Alien Crime Victim Remembers Her Son’s Life

It’s tough sledding to be related to somebody killed by an illegal alien thug. The personal loss is bad enough, but the response from the government and liberal media is slim to none.

Illegal alien enthusiasts in the government used to pretend that steps would be taken to weed out the dangerous ones, but that was always a lie. Now they don’t even bother to pretend, like when the Senate Democrats blocked a bill punishing sanctuary cities a couple weeks ago.

Police Sergeant Brandon Mendoza was struck and killed in a head-on collision by drunk-driving illegal alien who had prior arrests for burglary and assaulting a police officer but was not deported.

In ultra-liberal San Francisco, the poster city of illegal alien crime after the July murder of Kate Steinle, the Board of Supervisors faked concern about the issue by debating non-binding resolutions about the policy the same day the Senate anti-sanctuary bill was blocked.

Interestingly, San Francisco’s Tuesday election for sheriff has been reported to hinge partially on the sanctuary issue. Incumbent Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi released Kate Steinle’s accused killer even though federal immigration officials requested the man be detained for deportation. Interestingly, a recent UC Berkeley government studies poll found a majority of Californians opposed sanctuary policies, including 73 percent of Democrats. So it’s possible Mirkarimi might get a bad surprise on Tuesday.

Brandon Mendoza’s mother Mary Ann Mendoza appeared on Fox News on Sunday to discuss the occasion of the remembrance day to recall the victims of illegal alien criminals.

TUCKER CARLSON: A critical issue in the 2016 presidential race is how the candidates will deal with illegal aliens entering this country, some of them committing deadly crimes. For hundreds of families the issue is more than political, it’s personal and decidedly tragic. Those families have declared today a national remembrance day; they’re going to hold vigils across the country in the memories of their loved ones killed by people who shouldn’t have been here in the first place.

Our next guest will be among those. Last year Mary Mendoza’s son police sergeant Brandon Mendoza of Mesa, Arizona, died after a drunk man in this country illegal for almost two decades crashed head-on into him. The man was wanted for a variety of crimes. Mrs. Mendoza joins us now to tell us how she is honoring the life of her son. Mrs. Mendoza, thanks for joining us this morning. Can you tell us how you’re honoring the life of your son Brandon?

MARY MENDOZA: Well today is National Remembrance Day, and we’re going to have a ceremony down at the Capitol in Phoenix at 5 p.m. this evening where we will gather and remember all the Arizona victims. And since Brandon’s death I’ve been trying to honor him as best I can, to carry on his his legacy and what he was doing in the neighborhood that he patrolled. We’re having the annual Mendoza Thanksgiving dinner to Boys and Girls Club that he started of several years ago. I’m trying to get scholarship funds out there because it was so important for him to have children get education and have goals in life. Continue reading this article

Campus Costume Correctness Rules!

On Halloween, the New York Times reports about the application of politically correct thought to the winter holiday of sugar and dress-up. (But the front-page story did not include any bad pictures of what not to do — better be safe!) It explains why kids and adults are hectored to be very careful in choosing their costumes so nobody will be offended by edgy clothing statements.

Let’s not hurt jihadists’ tender feelings by portraying them as the stone-cold murdering monsters they really are!


The effort to stomp out creative self-expression via costumes is part of propagandizing modern Marxist beliefs of socialism and diversity using culture as a weapon. One symptom is the demolition of free speech and demanding race-based sensitivity where the rules change constantly. How better to destroy freedom than by just make everyone shut up.

In other words, traditional Americans must carefully respect the culture of every other tribe on earth, but it isn’t necessary for immigrants to respect ours, like learning English when they move here.

Another example is how using the phrase “illegal alien” (which is legal terminology, not race abuse) can now cause a college student to get a lowered grade.

Halloween is an opportunity for ordinary citizens to criticize the failed diversity ideology ever so slightly. But that liberal sacred cow must remain sacrosanct or else shrieking will ensue.

So a simple Mexican-themed party where everyone wore a sombrero required the University of Louisville to issue an apology, as did a taco fiesta at Clemson. Funny, Mexicans dress like Americans all the time, particularly when they are crossing the border illegally.

Halloween Costume Correctness on Campus: Feel Free to Be You, but Not Me, New York Times, October 30, 2015

SEATTLE — Pocahontas, Caitlyn Jenner and Pancho Villa are no-nos. Also off-limits are geisha girls and samurai warriors — even, some say, if the wearer is Japanese. Among acceptable options, innocuous ones lead the pack: a Crayola crayon, a cup of Starbucks coffee or the striped-cap-wearing protagonist of the “Where’s Waldo?” books.

As colleges debate the lines between cultural sensitivity and free speech, they are issuing recommendations for Halloween costumes on campus, aimed at fending off even a hint of offense in students’ choice of attire. Using the fairly new yardstick of cultural appropriation — which means pretending for fun or profit to be a member of an ethnic, racial or gender group to which you do not belong — schools, student groups and fraternity associations are sending a message that can be summed up in five words: It is dangerous to pretend.

“If there’s a gray line, it’s always best to stay away from it,” said Mitchell Chen, 21, a microbiology major and director of diversity efforts at the Associated Students of the University of Washington. The university emailed to all students this week a six-minute video of what not to do for Halloween.


James Ramsey, lower right, the University of Louisville president, and his wife, Jane, upper left, hosted a Halloween party in Louisville, Ky. The University of Louisville has apologized after the photo showing Ramsey among university staff members dressed in stereotypical Mexican costumes was posted online.

There has already been one major cultural collision this week that fanned the flames: On Thursday, the University of Louisville in Kentucky apologized to the school’s Latinos after its president, James R. Ramsey, was photographed wearing stereotypical Mexican attire at a Halloween party for staff members on Wednesday. In a picture posted online, Mr. Ramsey wore a sombrero and fringed poncho and stood next to university workers who were dressed as members of a mariachi band, with sombreros, maracas and fake mustaches.

The term “cultural appropriation,” which emerged from academia but has been applied more broadly — say, to refer to Washington Redskins fans wearing feather headdresses or white people in cornrows — has drawn ire from opponents of political correctness. But supporters say it captures a truth: that the melding of cultures is often about which group has the power to take symbols, styles or language from another. Continue reading this article

Amazon Doubles the Number of Kiva Warehouse Robots

Christmas is coming, and the online shopping megastore is revving up to send packages even faster by increasing the number of robot warehouse transporters from 15,000 at the end of last year to 30,000 now in its 13 “fulfillment centers.” The company believes that more of the amazing Kiva robots will enable it to ship its increasing volume of merchandise more rapidly.


Interestingly, Amazon is hiring up a storm, even with the added automation, although you have to wonder how many workers would be needed if there were no robots. The company added 39,300 employees during the most recent quarter and total workforce stands at 222,400.

The increased hiring looks like it will be temporary over the longer term, however, because Amazon is working to develop a picker robot that can discern, grasp and pack various objects, which is the job that humans perform now. The Amazon Picking Challenge is a yearly competition to develop a machine that can replace the humans, and Hitachi already has a potential contender.

America’s economy is still losing jobs all the time to automation, a trend that was accelerated by the recession, where millions of jobs were lost to smart machines.

Certainly given the automated future of the industrialized world and its shrinking jobs universe, neither America nor Europe needs to import immigrant workers. For example, the tech researcher firm Gartner estimates that one-third of jobs will be done by smart machines by 2025.

Furthermore, adding millions to the jobless angry underclass makes civil unrest far more likely. Wouldn’t it be better to avoid future Ferguson-style riots in Spanish by seriously decreasing immigration?

Get your Amazon packages shipped to your home faster thanks to 30,000 Kiva robots, New York Daily News, October 26, 2015

Amazon Robotics, formerly Kiva Systems, now has 30,000 robots working in 13 of its fulfillment centers across the country.

Amazon will now have your orders delivered twice as fast thanks to its robot army — which is now 30,000 strong.

The Seattle-based e-commerce company bought Kiva Systems for $775 million back in 2012, and the number of robots working across 13 of its fulfillment centers had increased to 15,000 by the end of 2014, according to VentureBeat. Continue reading this article

Migrant Minors in Germany Get Special Media Attention

The New York Times rolled out its sob-story chops on Thursday for a front-pager about kiddie migrants arriving in Germany: They’re young, alone and frightened!


Perhaps some or even most of the estimated 30,000 claiming to be minors really are age 17 or below; certainly all the photos in the story show youngish teens. Foreigners know that German law gives more benefits to adolescents, a fact even the Times recognized in a companion piece today: Distinguishing Minors From Adults in a Tide of Young Migrants. So some invaders are most certainly adults pretending to be needy youngsters.

The main article is reminiscent of the Times’ coverage of another victim group: The Lost Boys of Sudan; The Long, Long, Long Road to Fargo (April 1, 2001). The liberal press loves sympathy-evoking tales of suffering and redemption, brightened up with culturally sensitive details. The Lost Boys were a favorite subject for displaying liberal values of diverse rescue, although details of PTSD and crime were mostly overlooked. However, some of the Lost Boys have persevered and succeeded despite great difficulties, which is commendable.

But the Syrian Boyz are Muslims whose religious ideology resists assimilation. Muslims are Allah’s special barbarian task force, whose job it is to convert the whole world to Islam by any means necessary.

Just what are these young males supposed to do in Germany when they reach adulthood? Germany has a good economy but it is turning to automation like the rest of the industrialized world and many jobs are disappearing. The factory work that once offered decent pay for the low-skilled is now increasingly performed by robots.

Meanwhile, Breitbart reports the work capability of invaders is extremely low: Leak: 81 Percent of Migrants to Germany Are Unskilled, Government Predicts 400,000 New Welfare Claimants. Actually, 400,000 welfare recipients sounds low, given the estimate of 1.5 million newbies this year. And then there’s next year and the one after…

Thousands of disconnected Muslims with no jobs and no connection to their new community sound volatile. Many will probably turn to the local mosque for a connection with something culturally familiar, if nothing else. But bad things can happen at mosques, which are political structures that advocate the idea of Islamic conquest.

How many of those sweet-looking boys will be Allah’s energetic jihadists in a few short years? They blow up so fast, as the joke says.

Migrant Children, Arriving Alone and Frightened, New York Times, October 28, 2015

PASSAU, Germany — Reza Mohammadi lost his parents in a forest in Macedonia. Or Serbia. He does not remember. What he does remember is that it was raining: Thick mud clung to his shoes and weighed down his 7-year-old legs.

His family had fled from Afghanistan to Iran, then to Turkey. They had boarded a rubber boat to Greece and were rescued by the coast guard before moving on, mostly by foot, toward Germany.

That rainy night near the Macedonian-Serbian border, Reza and his mother, father and two sisters were walking in a group of about two dozen, he recalled. When he realized that his family was no longer behind him, he sat down on a tree stump and waited. There was a commotion farther down the path. Then a shadow emerged from the trees.

“What are you doing?” a man whispered in Dari.

“I am waiting for my parents,” Reza replied.

The man was from Herat Province in western Afghanistan, like Reza’s family. He said the forest was full of police officers. They had arrested several families in the back. It was not safe to stay. The boy took his hand and ran. Continue reading this article

California’s War on Public Safety Is Illustrated by Illegal Alien Murder

The court proceedings for the July murder of Air Force veteran Marilyn Pharis by an illegal alien are beginning in California, and one of the aspects of the crime discussed in the following report is how state law prevented deportation of a dangerous criminal.

Below, Marilyn Pharis was beaten with a hammer, sexually assaulted and murdered in her home by two men, one a Mexican illegal.

Fox News reported on the case earlier this week:

BRET BAIER: The issue of sanctuary cities and states shielding illegal immigrants from incarceration or deportation is once again being spotlighted in a murder investigation. It involves a repeat offender accused of a heinous crime. Correspondent William La Jeunesse has today’s first court appearance.

LA JEUNESSE: Victor Martinez and Jose Villagomez appeared in court Thursday accused of torturing, sexually assaulting and murdering Marilyn Pharis. Because Martinez is an illegal immigrant, his attorney worries.

ATTORNEY: I don’t know with the national media attention if you can get a fair trial anywhere in this country.

LA JEUNESSE: Others worry how illegals like Martinez who was in jail just four days before the murder could be out despite an immigration detainer to hold him.

SHERIFF IAN PARKINSON: We have no legal right or ability to follow the detainer.

LA JEUNESSE: Ian Parkinson says California sheriff’s hands are tied: if they obey federal law, they violate state law.

SHERIFF PARKINSON: That’s exactly why were united in California and really asking that this be fixed and changed because at the end of the day, we’re the ones who have to let him out the door. Continue reading this article

American Workers Replaced with H-1b Foreigners Speak Out about Disney

Last spring, we learned that Disney, the fabled story-teller of moral goodness for children, axed its American IT department so it could replace them with cheaper Indian workers. The citizens were forced to train their foreign replacements or else lose their severance package. The Americans were also supposed to keep quiet about how shabbily they had been treated.

But a couple of workers were interviewed by a Florida television station this week to tell their story, and the firings were as bad as you could imagine. The two men interviewed were the top brains behind making Disney’s park operation user-friendly and had received high praise for their tech work. When they were invited into the boss’s office, they did not expect to be cut.

Below, former Disney workers Dave Powers and Leo Perrero.


The Disney case and a flurry of other H-1b firings, particularly the mass layoff of hundreds from the public utility Southern California Edison, led to a Senate hearing chaired by America’s Senator Jeff Sessions that included several fine testimonies.

The report includes some helpful statistics, like the number of H-1b workers in the US (800,000) and the fact that only 26% of science and engineering graduates are currently employed in a STEM occupation.

Sadly, the story hints that the former Disney workers are no longer employed in tech, and they think that the field is no longer available for young Americans who therefore should not study STEM fields in college.

The H-1b program has been known to have “loopholes” for years, but Congress hasn’t gotten around to fixing them (despite some calls for reform).

In fact, Senator Rubio has a bill that would triple the number of  H-1b workers to replace American workers.

EXCLUSIVE: Former employees speak out about Disney’s outsourcing of high-tech jobs, By Rebecca Vargas, ABC News, Sarasota, Florida, October 28, 2015

ORLANDO, Fla. — Just months before the holidays and on the heels of a great performance review, no less. A VP invites David Powers and Leo Perrero into his office, both expecting pats on the back. Instead they hear the dreaded words: You are being laid off.

“When a guillotine falls down on you, in that moment you’re dead… and I was dead,” says former Disney employee David Powers.

Powers and Perrero were two of the brains behind your magical Disney World experience. For the past 10 years, both worked behind the scenes in the IT field, using high-tech data to ensure all points of sale — from tickets to resort stays — were seamless for visitors. Attaining some of the highest recognitions Disney could give, being let go was the last thing they expected.

“I’m in the room with about two-dozen people, and very shortly thereafter an executive delivers the news that all of our jobs are ending in 90 days, and that we have 90 days to train our replacements then we won’t get a bonus that we’ve been offered,” says Leo Perrero, a former app developer for Disney. Continue reading this article

France: Ten Years after 2005 Nationwide Riot Extravaganza, Immigrant Banlieues Remain Toxic

It was one decade ago today, October 27, that self-inflicted deaths by electrocution of two North African boys in Clichy-sous-Bois erupted into a three-week conflagration of riots across France. The violence resulted in three deaths of non-rioters, many police injuries and nearly 3000 arrests.

It was around that time that we became acquainted with the French immigrant custom of the mass arson of cars which is now a common New Year’s celebration among the diverse. The 2005 riots resulted in 8973 vehicles burned.

Below, a fireman tries to extinguish a torched car in Strasbourg during New Year’s 2013.

My blog item from five days into the 2005 riots noted that a police official described the situation as “civil war”: Is Paris Burning?

Now we hear that not a lot has changed in the banlieus, but the problem is the ideology and culture of the immigrant residents which the government cannot change, even with some nice urban renewal projects.

It doesn’t help that Clichy-sous-Bois has an unemployment rate of 23 percent as noted in the video following.

The Local’s report makes the situation sound dire, even after “hundreds of French nationals. . . left their lives in the poor suburbs to head off to join jihad in the Middle East.” Even so, the neighborhoods “are producing terrorists” according to MP Malek Boutih.

France’s experience with Muslim immigration shows that it doesn’t work anywhere.

French suburbs ripe for repeat of 2005 riots, The Local (France), October 27, 2015

Ten years after France was forced to declare a state of emergency as youths rioted in poor suburbs across the country, many experts warn that the same scenario could easily erupt again.

The ten year anniversary of the outbreak that of fierce rioting, sparked by the death of two teenage boys, has prompted plenty of soul-searching in France.

But very little of the contemplation is offering up anything positive that has happened in the ten years since two teenage boys Zyed and Bouna died in Clichy-sous-Bois, despite various government initiatives and billions of euros spent over the years.

In fact the picture painted by many experts, politicians, socialists, and anti-racism groups is rather alarming.

Malek Boutih, an MP for the département of Essonne to the south of Paris and former head of SOS Racism, delivered a detailed report on the state of the suburbs, or banlieues as they are known in French, to the government earlier this summer.

“In 10 years, things have changed, in that the situation has worsened. It’s more difficult now than in the past,” Boutih told BFM TV this week.

“There’s been a decline that has set in in recent years that is approaching on the irreparable, because ten years on these suburbs are no longer producing rioters, they are producing terrorists.
Continue reading this article

Calais Aliens Dig In for the Winter

As the weather turns cold on the western coast of France, illegal aliens in Calais are abandoning their tents and building more substantial structures to survive the winter. The place is turning from a camp to a shantytown.

Below, a humble shack is one of many being built in “The Jungle” where thousands of lawless foreigners hope to reach Britain with its generous welfare system.


Interestingly, some of the illegals appear satisfied to remain in the rough squatter camp they have constructed, particularly since they receive free food and other aid from charities, and Paris remains unwilling to deport them. The video below shows how helpful some French people are to the invaders.

Calais migrants face grim winter in ‘the jungle’, Reuters, Oct 27, 2015

In the Calais migrant camp where the stench of human excrement and bonfires of plastic waste taint the chilly sea air, a man in a polythene rain suit cycles on the spot, powering a dynamo to charge a mobile phone.

Of the 700,000 people who have reached Europe this year looking for peace and prosperity but lacking the papers to stay, the 6,000 living in the dunes on the northwest coast of France in hope of reaching Britain may be among the most determined and resourceful.

Yet simply staying warm, healthy, and in touch with loved ones is proving a challenge there as winter tightens its grip on the sprawl of tents and shanties.

There are families, young children, disabled people, and some who are making a living at the site, known locally as “the jungle”. Not everybody is trying their luck with the regular Russian roulette of cutting holes in fences, leaping on trucks and trains, and trying to walk the undersea tunnel.

Brwa, a 17 year-old Iraqi from Kirkuk, has been in the jungle for four months. He says he is the only member of his family attempting to go to Britain every night.

In his tent are his parents, his sister, her husband and a one-year old baby girl called Elia, who is sleeping.

“We use (canister) gas to heat the tent and everybody wants to come inside. The baby is always kept under blankets and a sleeping bag,” he says.

Kazhen, 27, who fled from Kirkuk in Iraq in September, is blind, and moves around with the help of his friends.

“So many people are catching a cold. We wear a lot of clothing,” he says.

“We have a fire place. We burn wood, plastic also… but it’s not good for health you know?”

Residents camping here are trying to reach Britain, which is in the European Union but outside its Schengen border-free travel zone. They believe they would have a better life there than in the EU countries on the European mainland.

Caravans, donated by local sympathizers, have taken the place of some tents. An Iraqi family with children aged 5 and 6 live in one. Inhabitants say there are now five mosques and three churches. Reuters saw one wooden mosque being built to replace a canvas one. Makeshift shops have popped up.

These signs of permanence have grown since the summer, but along with increased numbers, so has the sense of tension. Continue reading this article

Europe: The Invasion Will Be Televised (by Drone)

Technology has played an important role in revealing the 21st-century style of invasion, where armored attacks have been replaced by hordes of Muslims claiming to be refugees (and only about 20 percent of whom are actually escaping the Syrian war). Inexpensive drones (much cheaper than helicopter rentals) can be sent aloft to record the multitudes of invasive foreigners making their way into Angela Merkel’s welcoming paradise of free stuff.

The video below shows a drone’s-eye view of a legion of welfare-seeking Muslims crossing Slovenia to reach the storied lebensraum of wealthy Germany:

Meanwhile, the suits who run the countries dither and worry about keeping the EU together instead of recognizing the real threat to European safety from millions of Allah acolytes. For example, Germany recently announced it is speeding up deportations of economic moochers so it can accept more genuine Syrian refugees.

The population of Syria is 23 million. What if most decide to accept Germany’s generous offer of TLC? How about only half?

Daily Mail has a story based on photos of the swarms as they transit Slovenia. Below is one:


Previous Muslim invasions of Europe were fought back in Tours in 732 by Charles Martel and Vienna in 1683 by Jan Sobieski. In contrast, today’s European leaders cannot even recognize a historic enemy of 1400 years standing as they welcome millions, some of whom believe spreading Islam by whatever means necessary is their religious duty.

Below, Jan Sobieski in the Battle of Vienna.


Poland: Pro-Borders Party Wins Big in Parliamentary Election

Earlier this month, the Swiss demonstrated their rejection of the Muslim invasion of Europe by voting for advocates of immigration enforcement. Now the Poles have chosen similarly.

The Law and Justice Party won a victory in Sunday’s parliamentary election. The party favors the nation-state rather than the EU super-state and prefers traditional values to multiculturalism. It opposes the EU’s relocation of refugees and illegal aliens into Poland.

Below, in September thousands of Poles protested the EU’s open borders and the resulting illegal alien invasion of Muslims.

Interestingly, Eastern Europe has been more insistent in opposing the mass flood of Muslims, perhaps because the region has experienced the jackboot of Islamic rule under the Ottomans.


In fact, Poland’s King Jan Sobieski helped save Europe from the Muslim invasion of 1683, so Poles have a proud history of defending freedom against tyranny.

Eurosceptics claim victory in landmark Poland election, Reuters, Oct 25, 2015

Poland’s eurosceptic Law and Justice party (PiS) claimed victory on Sunday in a watershed election that risks putting the ex-communist state on a collision course with key European Union allies.

Run by Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the twin brother of Poland’s late president Lech, PiS secured 38 percent of the vote, enough to govern alone and well ahead of the incumbent, staunchly pro-EU Civic Platform (PO) at 23.4 percent, said pollster IPSOS.

If the exit poll is correct, the victory by PiS would be the biggest in terms of seats by a single party since Poland held free elections after shedding communism in 1989 — marking a decisive swing to its brand of social conservatism mixed with left-leaning economics in the country of 38 million people.

It would also be the first time that the socialist grouping that grew out of the pre-1989 communist party failed to win seats in parliament.

A triumphant Kaczynski, whose party immediately signaled plans to reap new revenues from next year with a tax on bank assets, declared victory.

“We will not kick those who have fallen. … We need to show that Polish public life can be different,” Kaczynski told jubilant supporters at his party headquarters in central Warsaw.

Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz of PO conceded defeat. Continue reading this article

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