Broken Ship with 700 Middle Easterners Is Towed to Europe

In the United States we get trainloads of illegal aliens, but in Europe the intrusive moochers often come by the shipload across the Mediterranean.

The latest influx of invasive boat people has come on a basic freighter and they number around 700 (pictured below).

We shouldn’t think too harshly of the illegal invaders since they are responding rationally to Europe’s rescue and potential offer of a home in the first world. Elite Europeans became overly generous with governmental services after a particularly terrible loss of life when hundreds of boaters drowned in attempting to reach the continent in October 2013. The EU decided that somebody needed to rescue the Africans and Middle Easterners and that duty fell on the Italians because of geography. But a year later, Italy declared that it would end its navy’s Mediterranean rescue operations, because the policy enticed more to come.

This week’s boatload approached from the east (Turkey) rather than the southern route starting in north Africa. Perhaps the boaters hope the Greeks will be more hospitable than the Italians — at least for the time being.

The NPR story below includes an audio version at the link.

Disabled Ship With Hundreds Of Migrants Aboard Towed To Crete, NPR, November 27, 2014

RENEE MONTAGNE, HOST: It is worth considering on this day the millions of people around the world who are refugees fleeing war. Many trying to escape the fighting in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq try to reach Europe. About 700 refugees are on a broken-down freighter in the Mediterranean Sea right now under tow by the Greek Coast Guard. Joanna Kakissis has the story from Athens.

JOANNA KAKISSIS, BYLINE: The Greek Coast Guard says the 250-foot cargo ship was headed to Italy when its engine failed. Hundreds of migrants, including women and children, are on board. The Greek Navy towed the ship through rough waters to the port of Ierapetra in southern Crete. The mayor of Ierapetra, Theodosios Kalantzakis, says local authorities and aid workers have turned an indoor basketball court into a shelter.


KAKISSIS: This space can’t house them for long, Kalantzakis says, but we had to put them somewhere until they go to migrant detention centers. Most of those on the ship are refugees from Syria and Afghanistan, he says. Amnesty International says that more than 2,500 people have died this year trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea to make it to Europe. The number of undocumented migrants arriving in Greece has tripled this year, says merchant Marine Minister Miltiades Varvitsiotis. Continue reading this article

Obamacare Harms Citizen Workers by Implementing Financial Advantage to Hire Illegal Aliens under Amnesty

Illegal aliens have a lot for which to be thankful this season, given that Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty will give work permits to at least five million foreign job thieves. Plus, the President’s cornucopian package includes Social Security and Medicare even though the he claimed his amnesty wouldn’t cover benefits that cost taxpayers billions of dollars yearly. In addition, businesses now have a big financial incentive to hire illegals because they are not required to receive Obamacare.

Funny how the system is being rejiggered to screw the citizens and benefit the invasive foreigners.

Border watchdog and filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch appeared on Fox News on Thanksgiving morning to discuss the government’s inducement to hire illegals, including some observations as a former employer:

LYNCH: Let me explain how this works using my own company. I used to have 250 employees. Fifty of them would be front office workers, sales, marketing etc, I gave them insurance. My guys in the back though, the lower-skilled, the lower-wage, I can’t afford to give them insurance. So if I don’t give them insurance I get hit with a fine. Now that fine could be anywhere from two thousand and five thousand, not three, could be anywhere between. So if you look at the higher range, if I don’t pay insurance I have to pay a million dollar fine — five thousand times two hunderd employees. But now because Obamacare is not given to anyone legal US citizens or legal aliens, the illegal aliens — the five million or I think more like 10 million, who just got the work permits from President Obama — I can now hire them legally and get rid of my US citizen employees and save myself the million dollars. . .

I find something very ironic. He gave the other day after Ferguson a speech in Chicago about how it is that there are so many hardships in the black community and then he goes on and talks about his amnesty. Anybody who’s familiar with this knows that amnesty of this kind throws the black community under the bus. We’ve got 22 percent unemployment for young black men, highest in this country, in some cities it’s 50 percent.

So now what happens is that these people are all going to go in and take those jobs. Employers are going to be forced to hire the illegal aliens. if you think about it because the Obamacare businessman the employer mandate suffers you. It actually pins the employer versus the employee in a way that’s like the Hunger Games, so you bring in the illegal aliens and that’s it. I think he knows exactly what he’s doing. It’s devastating for the economy because you’re going to look at those 200 employees that I had — where are they going? They’re going on the welfare line. . .

And don’t think for one moment that the illegal alien who just got this work permit who might be picking crops or hanging sheetrock is going to say “Ooh, now I can do that legally.” They’re going to be able to go to those better payroll jobs, working at UPS, working at the United States Postal Service. This is devastating to the American worker.

Few voices in the big capitol city speak on behalf of the citizen worker like Senator Jeff Sessions does. One bad example is the bought-off black leadership who care zero about working people of their race (or anyone else) keep drinking the amnesty Kool-Aid and pushing the far left racialist agenda. (Breitbart: Elite Black Leaders Praise Obama Exec Amnesty That Will Hurt Black Workers)

Meanwhile, the number of illegal border crossers is surging to get on the amnesty gravy train.

Obamacare offers firms $3,000 incentive to hire illegals over native-born workers, By Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, November 25, 2014

Under the president’s new amnesty, businesses will have a $3,000-per-employee incentive to hire illegal immigrants over native-born workers because of a quirk of Obamacare.

President Obama’s temporary amnesty, which lasts three years, declares up to 5 million illegal immigrants to be lawfully in the country and eligible for work permits, but it still deems them ineligible for public benefits such as buying insurance on Obamacare’s health exchanges.

Under the Affordable Care Act, that means businesses who hire them won’t have to pay a penalty for not providing them health coverage — making them $3,000 more attractive than a similar native-born worker, whom the business by law would have to cover.

The loophole was confirmed by congressional aides and drew condemnation from those who said it put illegal immigrants ahead of Americans in the job market.

“If it is true that the president’s actions give employers a $3,000 incentive to hire those who came here illegally, he has added insult to injury,” said Rep. Lamar Smith, Texas Republican. “The president’s actions would have just moved those who came here illegally to the front of the line, ahead of unemployed and underemployed Americans.”

A Department of Homeland Security official confirmed that the newly legalized immigrants won’t have access to Obamacare, which opens up the loophole for employers looking to avoid the penalty. Continue reading this article

How Many Trillions of Taxpayer Dollars Will Obama's Amnesty Cost?

On Friday, Lou Dobbs chatted up the topic of the executive amnesty with former CBO Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin, who called the action “a tremendous step backward for the nation.”

Dobbs brought up the aspect of taxpayer cost first thing in the segment, quoting the Heritage Foundation’s Robert Rector, an expert on welfare and immigration costs.

In May of 2013, Rector released a study showing the cost for taxpayers of amnesty would be $6.3 trillion, a number that assumed 11 million aliens. (Read the original report: The Fiscal Costs of Unlawful Immigrants and Amnesty to the U.S. Taxpayer.)

The current $2 trillion figure is based on Obama’s stated goal of rewarding 4-5 million illegals with non-deportation and work permits (the true amnesty), but the millions not covered are already squawking that they too are entitled to the full bounty of America, despite being a pack of thieves.

They unrewarded intruders are unlikely to languish for long however, since the royal decree will apply to all of the 11-20 million eventually. The dollar costs will only increase because the plan is to import poor people who will support big Democrat government.

Meanwhile, as the 4-5 million number is the one being debated, Neil Munro broke down the unimaginable trillions into smaller parts that can be understood by citizens as a handout for foreign lawbreakers being financed out of American wallets.

Obama’s Amnesty Will Cost $22,000 Per US College Grad, Daily Caller, by Neil Munro, November 23, 2014

President Barack Obama’s amnesty for four million illegal immigrants will cost Americans about $2 trillion, or roughly $40 billion a year for the next five decades.

The cost of Obama’s generosity is equivalent to 30 cents extra for every gallon of gas bought by Americans.

Or a $10 monthly fee added to every cellphone.

Or a $22,000 tax on every American graduate’s four-year college degree.

The $2 trillion cost is driven by the federal government’s support for all poor people, says Robert Rector, a budget analyst at the Heritage Foundation. Rector explained that, on average, the illegal immigrants benefiting from the amnesty have a 10th grade education.

That low education ensures they can’t earn enough money, or pay enough taxes, to pay for the many benefits they’ll get if they progress from temporary residents to legal residents and then to citizens, Rector said.

These various benefits add up to roughly $50,000 a year for each household, but those households can and do pay only about $13,000 a year in federal taxes, leaving a gap of roughly $40,000 between payments and benefits, Rector said.

That gap is effectively filled by payments from intact, college-education households which normally pay $30,000 more in taxes than they receive in benefits. “It takes all of the net taxes paid by one college-educated family [household] to pay for one of these immigrant households,” he said.

Rector draws his estimate from a May 2013 analysis he completed for Heritage, which predicted a $6.3 trillion, 50-year cost if all 12 million illegals in the country were granted amnesty.

Currently, government spends roughly $50 billion a year supporting the children and families of illegal immigrants. Much of that costs consists of free schooling and medical care for the U.S.-born kids of illegals. Continue reading this article

New York Times Examines California as the More Advanced Illegal Immigration State

The New York Times analyzed the California experience with illegal immigration on Sunday, with the usual slant that diversity happens and American citizens should just lay back and enjoy the tacos.

Apparently, the paper believes that Obama’s unilateral action was Not Enough Amnesty because all 11-20 million weren’t covered, hinted in a prominent photo:

As is often the case with mainstream media, comments can be more accurate than the official text:

JBR Berkeley 13 minutes ago

I am a native Californian and a liberal. I am appalled at what illegal immigration has done to my beloved state. Huge areas of former middle class housing turned into crime-ridden slums. Our cities and freeways so crowded that travel is unbearable. My brother and my closest friends are contractors who follow the law and pay all the required taxes – only the very wealthiest residents can afford to hire them because the great majority of contractors employ illegals at slave wages and dodge all taxes. An employer who hires legal residents and pays all taxes cannot compete.

Just as Reagan’s ill-advised amnesty opened the floodgates that caused the current situation, Obama’s contempt for middle and lower class America will produce untold millions more illegals. We need to ask ourselves – do we want a US modeled on crime-ridden Mexico? Or perhaps Honduras? El Salvador? Perhaps Guatemala? These are all failed countries, ruled by corrupt governments and gang violence which they are exporting to us in the form of illegals. Is this the future we will leave to our grandchildren?

California is an example that immigration demographic change can transform politics completely. The state was a conservative bastion a few decades back until immigration happened, along with a liberal transformation of the schools and an Alinsky-esque media.

Meanwhile, California has fallen enormously in quality of life issues, such as terrible traffic and SRO public transportation as a result of immigration-fueled overpopulation. At one time, families would move here so their kids could attend the state’s excellent public schools and universities. Now they are diversity propaganda factories.

Unemployment has been a bad problem in California, where jobs have come back much more slowly than nationally following the recession. It doesn’t help that the state is hugely over-regulated, and now there’s a million additional workers added to the legal job pool. That’s really tough for workers who are struggling already.

Turmoil Over Immigration Status? California Has Lived It for Decades, New York Times, November 22, 2014

LOS ANGELES — There may be no better place than California to measure the contradictions, crosswinds and confusion that come with trying to change immigration law.

For 30 years, California has been the epicenter of the churn of immigration — legal and not — in the nation. It was California where Pete Wilson, the Republican governor, championed in 1994 a voter initiative known as Proposition 187, which severely restricted services to immigrants here illegally. And it was California where just last year, Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, held a celebratory, dignitary-filled signing of legislation permitting unauthorized workers to obtain driver’s licenses.

One-third of the immigrants in the country illegally live in California, which has a 125-mile border with Mexico, much of it guarded by long stretches of border fence. They work on farms in the Central Valley, in manufacturing jobs in Los Angeles, and as housekeepers and gardeners in Silicon Valley, alongside a steady stream of young legal immigrants who hold low-paying, high-skilled jobs in Northern California’s critical tech industry.

They come mostly from Mexico but also from Central America, the Philippines, South Korea and Japan. Commercial boulevards in the heart of Los Angeles are a riot of Korean-language signs, and in many neighborhoods in San Francisco the talk on the street is as likely to be in Spanish or Chinese as it is English.

And while many undocumented immigrants take pains not to draw attention to their status, California nonetheless offers the prospect of a more open existence than much of the country does, albeit in an ask-no-questions fashion. Given the way many of these immigrants are already treated by the state, be it with the issuing of driver’s licenses or some health insurance, President Obama’s executive action on immigration was almost anticlimactic to many people here.

“We are the state that has the most settled immigrant population in terms of people who have been in the country for 10 years,” said Manuel Pastor, a co-director of the Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration at the University of Southern California. “We went through our Prop. 187 moment. We are at the other end. People will be eager to make this happen, because they realize we are going to get comprehensive immigration reform at some point.”

Indeed, more than half the undocumented immigrants in California have lived here at least 10 years — far more than anyplace else in the country — and one-sixth of the children in California have at least one parent here illegally, according to Mr. Pastor’s center. That was illuminated by Mr. Obama’s expansion of the deportation protection program, since it was based largely on how long immigrants have resided here and whether they have American-born children. Continue reading this article

Illegal Alien Kids Stress New York City Schools

Every city news outlet should replicate the New York Post’s detailed report on the effects on local schools, including dollar costs, from the flood of illegal alien kiddies from Central America.

Sunday’s Post front page directed readers to the story:

Educating backward children from the Third World is an expensive project. One example is Lynn Massachusetts, where the mayor had to rejigger the entire budget by reducing funds to city departments to pay for the extra costs of 600 illegal kids. Those needs include free food, tutors, Spanish-speaking teachers, psychological counseling and healthcare. Some of the little aliens don’t even understand Spanish but were raised speaking indigenous languages like Kanjobal or Ixil. Some have never attended school at all.

An administration education bureaucrat opined, “The DOE believes that every child has a right to a great education,” and that means any foreign kid who can bypass the border gets the whole education-welfare enchilada courtesy of the unwilling taxpayer.

The upshot is this: either taxes are raised to pay for the higher school costs or resources are moved around so citizen kids get less so illegal alien kids can get more. Every American parent with a kid in public school should be concerned and angry about the downgrade.

Flood of illegal immigrants pour into NYC public schools, New York Post, By Susan Edelman and Isabel Vincent, November 23, 2014 | 4:10am

New York has sent a warning to its schools: Expect more illegal immigrants.

The city Department of Education has told principals it plans this year to enroll 2,350 migrant children from Central America who crossed into the United States unaccompanied — with many more to come.

“It is expected that children will continue to arrive in large numbers in the coming years,” says a DOE memo to principals obtained by The Post.

The notice comes as the city rolls out a $50 million red carpet for 1,662 minors who crossed the border this summer to escape ­violence and gangs in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

In the “surge,” 5,000 of the 63,000 migrant kids caught trying to cross US borders — or who turned themselves in for refuge — have been released to relatives or other “sponsors” in New York state. Most live with other illegal immigrants.

In the city, Queens has received the highest number of unaccompanied children, 732, followed by Brooklyn (434), The Bronx (433), Manhattan (63) and Staten Island (less than 50), federal reports show.

The recent arrivals join an estimated 350,000 children of illegal immigrants already in New York state — about 12 percent of the public-school population.

The DOE refused to discuss the exact numbers of recently enrolled children, claiming it would violate student privacy. Officials ignored questions about the cost.

The city’s per-pupil spending in the 2012-2013 academic year averaged $20,749, which would bring the total for the migrant kids to $48.7 million.

But the costs could soar, because the youths — many of them victims of poverty and abuse — will need state-mandated English-language instruction, free or reduced-price lunch, and a range of other services, including psychological counseling, medical and dental. Continue reading this article

Boo Hoo! Not Enough Amnesty!

The ink is hardly dry on Emperor Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty for an estimated five million illegal aliens, yet the chorus of whiners is already in full screech mode, howling that the unprecedented mass pardon/reward is UNFAIR! because it doesn’t cover every single unlawful foreigner in the country.

Exhibit A: Saturday’s front page of the Los Angeles Times (below), which asserts that “Millions… will continue to live with the fear of deportation hanging over them.” As if anyone who is not a convicted axe murderer will be deported.

In fact, the decree will include all of the illegal alien grumblers. But that tiny fact doesn’t matter to the foreign freeloaders, who routinely voice complaints about the nation they chose to invade.

To the inclusiveness point:

Immigration Expert: Nearly Every Illegal Alien Here before 2014 Could Avoid Deportation,, November 21, 2014

“[T]he bottom line is that nearly every illegal alien who arrived here before January 1, 2014 will be exempt from deportation. Potentially about half of them will be able to get work permits, unless Congress takes action to block or blunt that,” Center for Immigration Studies expert Jessica Vaughan explained to Breitbart News.

“It’s hard to predict how many people will actually apply for the work permits, but the reality is that nearly all of them will face no threat of deportation,” she added.

The Los Angeles Times at least includes some hints about the economic viability of the 3,165,000 unlawful foreigners residing in the state: Who are California’s immigrants without legal status? Most will be net users of government resources, not contributors, as hinted by the chart below which is one of several.

Following is the article associated with the front-page photo above. The word “tears” appears in the second paragraph, and the sense of entitlement runs throughout.

Obama’s action on immigration leaves millions still facing deportation, Los Angeles Times, November 22, 2014

Minutes after Armando Ibañez heard President Obama tell the nation that millions of people in the country illegally would be allowed to work and live openly in America, the 32-year-old excitedly scrambled to call his aunt, uncle and friends to deliver the good news: They would finally be shielded from deportation.

But with every call he made he held back tears, knowing he and his mother wouldn’t benefit under the new policy. They’d continue to live in the U.S. with the fear of deportation hanging over them.

“I’m going to be left behind?” Ibañez said. “I feel like living in fear is the price that I’m paying for the American dream.”

Although Obama changed the lives of about 4 million people living illegally in the U.S., millions more will see no benefit from his executive action, which he said will keep families together by temporarily protecting a large number of parents of U.S. citizens or longtime permanent residents.

Ibañez, who entered the country illegally 14 years ago from Mexico, is one of roughly 6 million people living without legal status in the U.S. who won’t qualify.

Under the changes, about half of the people in California who are in the country without authorization are now eligible for relief, according to a report released Friday by the Pew Research Center. But that leaves well over 1 million people without protection. Continue reading this article

Obama’s Top Ten Lies about Amnesty

There’s nothing like a good, thorough list to analyze a policy position, and the ever thoughtful Daniel Horowitz has a fine one for the President’s amnesty speech (text) on Thursday.

Top 10 Lies from Obama’s Nullification Speech, By Daniel Horowitz, Conservative Review, November 21, 2014

“The one [a president] can confer no privileges whatever; the other [the king] can make denizens of aliens, noblemen of commoners; can erect corporations with all the rights incident to corporate bodies.”
– Alexander Hamilton in Federalist 69

Lie #1: Every President has Taken Executive Action on Immigration: No other president has ever issued an amnesty of anywhere near this scope, created it out of thin air, or built it upon a prior executive action instead of a statute. And in the case of President Eisenhower, his executive action was to deport 80,000 illegal immigrants.

Lie #2: Illegal Immigrant Crossings are Down: Actually, this is the third straight year that border crossings have gone up, not to mention the entirely new wave from Central America.

Lie #3: It does not grant citizenship or the right to stay here permanently: Under the royal edict, the work permits can be renewed every three years, and most likely, they will be renewed at the same 99.5% acceptance rate as DACA applications.  And once they get Social Security cards, they are going nowhere.  So yes, this is permanent. And yes, they will be able to get green cards, which puts them on an automatic path to citizenship: “we are reducing the time that families are separated while obtaining their green cards.  Undocumented immigrants who are immediate relatives of lawful permanent residents or sons or daughters of US citizens can apply to get a waiver if a visa is available.”

Lie #4: Only 5 Million: Make no mistake about it.  Obama’s illegal amnesty will not just apply to 5 million individuals.  It will apply by default to all 12-20 million illegals in the country as well as the millions more who will now come here to enjoy the permanent cessation of borders and sovereignty.  Given the numerous options for people to become eligible for amnesty, ICE and CPB will be restricted from enforcing the law against anyone because each individual has to be afforded the opportunity to present themselves and apply for status.  There is no way those who were here for less than 5 years will be deported and there’s no way the new people rushing the border and overstaying their visas will be repatriated.

Lie #5: Deport Felons: Obama claims he is going to focus on deporting felons. Yet, he has done the opposite.  36,000 convicted criminal aliens were released last year, 80,000 criminal aliens encountered by ICE weren’t even placed into deportation proceedings, 167,000 criminal aliens who were ordered deported are still at large, 341,000 criminal aliens released by ICE without deportation orders are known to be free and at large in the US.  Again, this is cessation of deportations for everyone. They are leaving no illegal behind.

Lie #6: Don’t deport families: Obama is playing the family card. It works like this: people are encouraged to come here illegally, Obama grants them amnesty, then their relatives all get to come, even though they would otherwise be ineligible under public charge laws.  Yet, at the same time, because the bureaucracy will be flooded with applications of illegals, and those are the applications that will be prioritized, those families who came here legally will have to wait longer to be united. There is no longer an incentive to enter the legal immigration process.

Lie #7: They have to pay taxes to stay: Aside from the absurd notion that they would turn someone away for not paying taxes, almost every one of these illegal immigrants lacks a high enough income to incur a net positive tax liability.  Hence, by paying taxes, he actually means they will collect refundable tax credits!

Lie #8: Background Checks: Just the thought of a criminal background check of people coming from the third world on a lawless program is a joke.  But the reality is that Obama has already done this with DACA, and 99.5% of applications were approved, including those of criminals.

Lie #9: Cracking Down on Illegal Immigration at the Border: Obama promises to beef up resources at the border.  But as we’ve seen over the past few years, what good are more agents if they are explicitly intimidated into turning a blind eye.  Moreover, there is no promise to build a fence or implement a visa tracking system, so any talk of enforcement is an insult to our intelligence.  Moreover, he is unilaterally abolishing the Secure Communities program, the only successful interior enforcement program left after he abolished 287g state-federal cooperation in 2012.  At a time when we are facing threats from Islamic terror and deadly diseases, this invitation to the world will present a security nightmare.

Lie #10: Scripture tells us, we shall not oppress a stranger: It’s great to see him quoting the Bible for once, but nice try.  There are different variations of this verse throughout the Bible, but each one uses the Hebrew word “Ger” to describe what Obama translates as “stranger.”  A Ger is a convert to Judaism.  The commandment was not referring to people who illegally migrate to a nation state.  And more importantly, it is downright offensive to Americans to insinuate that not granting them benefits is tantamount to oppression, especially given the fact that they have been the biggest recipients of our generous legal system.  Moreover, if there is oppression taking place it is to the American taxpayer and worker and those who suffer from gangs like MS-13.

Daniel Horowitz is Senior Editor of Conservative Review. Follow him on twitter @RMConservative.

Rasmussen Poll: Voters Want Immigration Enforcement, Not Amnesty for Invasive Foreigners

On Tuesday, the Rasmussen pollsters published a nice article that assembled numerous survey results from the company about immigration. The upshot is that the voters (the group that Rasmussen polls) don’t like Obama’s permissive approach at all. They want a lawful process overseen by a government that takes law and order seriously, which this administration obviously does not.

Most Voters Still Veto Obama’s Immigration Plan, Rasmussen Reports, November 18, 2014

President Obama is reportedly about to announce that up to five million illegal immigrants will no longer be subject to deportation, but most voters oppose his plan. The majority, in fact, continue to believe the federal government already isn’t doing  enough to send illegal immigrants back home.

Fifty-six percent (56%) of Likely U.S. Voters think the U.S. government is not aggressive enough in deporting those who are in this country illegally, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. That’s up slightly from 52% in April but down from a high of 60% a year ago. Just 16% believe the government’s deportation policy is too aggressive, while 17% say the number of deportations is about right. Eleven percent (11%) are not sure.  (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Fifty-three percent (53%) oppose the president’s plan to protect up to five million illegal immigrants from deportation and give many of them legal work permits. Thirty-four percent (34%) favor that plan, while 13% are undecided.

Sixty-two percent (62%) of voters already have signaled that they oppose the president granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants without the approval of Congress, and 55% think Congress should challenge that action in court. Continue reading this article

Obama’s Amnesty Magnet Will Incite More Illegal Crossings

Ronald S. Colburn, a retired Deputy Chief of the US Border Patrol, has some strong opinions about the looming amnesty and how it will affect the agents’ ability to do their job of protecting the nation.

RONALD COLBURN: I absolutely believe it will make the situation much much worse. I see the President is sprinting toward a precipice, ready to go off the cliff, except he has the American people tethered on a rope and taking us down with him.

First, do no harm. When it comes to comprehensive immigration reform, it’s better to have no reform than to have bad reform. I lived though the immigration reform and control act of ‘86; I saw the mistakes made then. In 2003, when I was assigned to the White House as the director for law enforcement I advised both the White House, the Bush administration and Congress, that it would be a bad idea to repeat what we experienced through the previous amnesty program. This should not be about amnesty, this places the Border Patrol agents at much greater danger and they probably have the most dangerous law enforcement job in America.

GRETCHEN CARLSON: You have seen some buses coming through. What do they say?

COLBURN: Amnestia. The placards that you see for destination for a Greyhound bus that say “destination New York City,” “destination Chicago” in Mexico it has been videotaped showing buses en route to the border area from central Mexico saying Amnestia — amnesty. So it’s a theoretical belief in entitlement that Central Americans, South Americans, those from the Caribbean, Eastern Europe and Asia believe that if they can get in, they will get a pass by this president, while those who obey the law and wait their turn to lawfully enter will be pushed aside for those illegals.

CARLSON: Do you now assume that people will be flying fast as they can to the border?

COLBURN: They already are. They’re on their way, I guarantee. I tell you right now, in speaking with Border Patrol agents in just the last couple of days, they are really preparing themselves for a huge influx of amnesty-intended beneficiaries…. This message potentially tonight could really open the valves.

So anyway, what is the job of the Border Patrol in the new post-amnesty era? Hand out milk and cookies to cartel thugs as they cross into the southwest? Rescue aliens who run out of water in the desert?

Will the Border Patrol be allowed to arrest invading foreigners at all? Not that they have been permitted to do much enforcement in the last while.

Democrats Say Executive Amnesty Will Be 'Generous' and 'Restore Rule of Law'

Neil Cavuto had an interesting mix on Emperor Obama’s upcoming amnesty, to be announced on Thursday.

First, he showed a jaw-drop clip of Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX) on Tuesday, spewing forth with typical liberal generosity with other peoples’ jobs, schools and future. As a black woman, she should be aware of the harm to persons of her race from illegal immigration. Instead, she is on board with the Democrat scheme to import more big-government voters from abroad because they cannot convince Americans.

LEE:  “This is not amnesty. This is prioritization. This is saving money. This is keeping families together. This is allowing children to not come home to places where the parents have been thrown from their places of work and taken away from them.  I’m excited about the courage of this president. I look forward to America finally understanding the gifts that you are given. Let us not be a selfish nation! Let us be a generous nation.”

Then Cavuto curiously introduced Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO, with a D- NumbersUSA grade for enforcement) as Matt Salmon (R-AZ, with an A- grade — a screw-up in booking to have two Democrats in a row on fair & balanced Fox?

Anyway, Polis’ chatter had the sound of Democrat talking points, and they weren’t very surprising, consisting of amnesty now, border security later — “Trust us!”

It’s good to have a king — for them.

POLIS: “It’s an exciting opportunity to focus on criminal aliens. We have limited enforcement resources if Congress were to give the President more. Resources, that would obviously be helpful. But in the meantime, the actual threat of criminal aliens rather than the — who knows — 8, 10 million people here, some of whom were brought here at a young age will help make America safer and restore the rule of law.”

“Restore the rule of law” by rewarding and forgiving the lawbreakers — that’s a thought only a Democrat could love.

Plus, it’s odd that the administration says it will begin to focus on criminal aliens now. In 2011, Obama said, “We’re focusing our limited resources and people on violent offenders and people convicted of crimes — not just families, not just folks who are just looking to scrape together an income. And as a result, we’ve increased the removal of criminals by 70 percent.” (Obama says deportation of criminals up 70 percent under his administration, Politifact, May 11, 2011)

Then in 2013, the administration released thousands of criminal aliens rather than deport them, including people charged with kidnapping, sexual assault, drug trafficking and homicide.

Obama and his bunch can’t even talk straight about immigration enforcement to protect public safety, much less actually do it.

Over the couple years, Obama’s amnesty chatter convinced Mexican cartels to refocus their business to do more smuggling, and the kiddie train influx happened as a result. Now another amnesty will be a 21st century gold rush, convincing the thugs of the third world to flock to stupid America to grab whatever they can get.

California Prepares to Issue Illegal Alien Drivers Licenses and Citizens (Not Foreigners) Will Pay $141 Million

The countdown continues toward California awarding official driving permits to approximately 1.4 million illegal aliens at a huge pricetag to the citizen taxpayers — $141 million is the state’s estimate for the program, although that sounds low given all the associated costs.

Below, in Los Angeles last year, non-English-speakers demand California drivers licenses for illegal aliens in Spanish.

The state is bending over backwards to serve the foreign lawbreaker community by expanding hours, opening new DMV offices and hiring 900 new employees to process the illegals. Sacramento could have passed the enormous costs onto the people whom the policy benefits, but it has not.

I noted last January that the cost of a DL was $33 and the price is not being raised for illegals. Most illegals would probably spend hundreds of dollars for a legal driving permit, given the hassel of driving unlawfully to reach their stolen jobs. Instead, Mexifornia is forcing law-abiding citizens to pay for services made for illegal aliens.

DMV prepares to issue high volume of immigrant driver’s licenses, Merced Sun Star, November 14

The new licenses, which will cost $33, will look almost identical to regular licenses. The only notable difference will be the phrase: “Federal limits may apply” on the front of the license. The back will read: “This card is not acceptable for official federal purposes. This license is issued only as a license to drive a motor vehicle. It does not establish eligibility for employment, voter registration, or public benefits.”

The aliens will be required to pass written and driving tests, but it’s doubtful those steps will reduce the carnage from (previously) unlicensed drivers, since drunk driving is a cultural value among Mexicans. It’s likely that driving deaths will increase following the policy surrender.

California immigrant license preparations continue with extended DMV hours, Sacramento Bee, November 12, 2014

On the verge of granting hundreds of thousands of drivers licenses to immigrants in the country unlawfully, the California Department of Motor Vehicles will extend its hours and offer more appointments next year.

In January California will join the ranks of states that offer driving permits to undocumented immigrants. The rollout hit a snag when federal officials rejected a proposed license design as too subtle but eased back on track after California redesigned the IDs to make them conspicuously different from conventional licenses.

The Department of Motor Vehicles has been steadily building towards an influx of license applicants projected to reach 1.4 million people over the next three years. The DMV has already announced a series of Spanish-language informational videos and last week unveiled emergency regulations establishing which forms of identification immigrants can use to prove residency and receive licenses. Continue reading this article

Behold the Imposing Robot Security Guard, Now Deployed at Microsoft

I reported on the surveillance robot last December (Surveillance Robot Is Touted as Security Aid (while It Eliminates Jobs) where the item was described by boosters as being like R2D2, the little fireplug droid in Star Trek. The industry-supplied photo made it look small and unthreatening, suitable for school use because it wouldn’t scare the kiddies (shown below):

However, a more realistic photo of the thing has shown up on the web, and the 300-pound machine looks large, and more menacing than cute:

The news here is that the Microsoft company has installed five of them to patrol its Silicon Valley “campus” (aka workplace in tech speak). The machine won’t be firing photon torpedoes at thieves any time soon, but your privacy is the target: the robot is a data-sucking monster from hell, as well as a human job extinguisher.

Of course, the rapid robotization of the workplace means that America needs ZERO immigrants to become future worker bees.

Here come the autonomous robot security guards: What could possibly go wrong?,, November 17, 2014

Showing a rather shocking disregard for the long-term safety of human civilization, Microsoft has become one of the first companies to deploy autonomous robot security guards. Dubbed the K5, Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus was being policed last week by five of these roughly human-sized 300-pound (136 kg) robots, each equipped with enough cameras, sensors, artificial intelligence, and alarms that they can replace most human security patrols. Fortunately, despite looking like uncomfortably like a Dalek from the Doctor Who universe, the K5 is not (yet) equipped with a ray gun or any other method for harming or detaining humans.

The K5, built by the Californian company Knightscope, is billed rather euphemistically as an “autonomous data machine” that provides a “commanding but friendly physical presence.” Basically, it’s a security guard on wheels. Inside that rather large casing (it’s 5 foot tall!) there are four high-def cameras facing in each direction, another camera that can do car license plate recognition, four microphones, gentle alarms, blaring sirens, weather sensors, and WiFi connectivity so that each robot can contact HQ if there’s some kind of security breach/situation. For navigating the environment, there’s GPS and “laser scanning” (LIDAR I guess). And of course, at the heart of each K5 is a computer running artificial intelligence software that integrates all of that data and tries to make intelligent inferences — like, should I tell HQ about that large gathering of teenagers, or should that man be climbing in through that window? Continue reading this article

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