Christmas in Islamified France Requires Increased Security Measures to Protect Citizens from Immigrants

I happened to click on a French news channel on Friday morning and saw Paris church-goers having their bags checked to enter their cathedral — such is the state of danger in France nowadays emanating from its hostile Muslim residents. Is there any public policy idea in the history of the world worse than Muslim immigration?

Below, seriously armed soldiers guard Notre Dame cathedral to prevent a jihad attack.


France has 120,000 police and soldiers on guard to protect its citizens over the Christmas holiday. This is the sort of new normal we don’t want in America, but Washington seems intent on delivering it nevertheless with its insistence on thousands of unscreenable Syrian refugees and Muslim immigration generally.

France celebrates Christmas under tight security, France24, December 25, 2015

It was a subdued Christmas Eve in Paris on Thursday, with tourist numbers down, security bolstered at shops and churches, and locals still on edge after last month’s jihadist attacks.

Heavily armed soldiers patrolled outside the iconic Galeries Lafayette and Printemps department stores in the city centre, still doing a brisk last-minute Christmas trade but notably less crowded than usual.

“It’s a lot quieter,” said taxi driver Belkassem. “I feel bad for the hotels and restaurants because there are a lot fewer tourists in town this year and this is a crucial time of year for them.”

The famous “bateaux-mouches” boats that carry millions of tourists each year along the Seine have reported a 15-30 percent drop in business since the attacks of November 13, which left 130 dead and hundreds injured.

It is not only France that is feeling the tension this festive season. Christians around the world are bracing for potential attacks at a symbolic time of year — even in China where the US and British embassies warned of possible violence against Westerners in Beijing. Continue reading this article

Administration Plans Photo-Op of Deporting Families

Perhaps stung by news reports of immigration non-enforcement, the White House has a clever scheme to strike back at the friends of sovereignty: it will deport photogenic sympathy-evoking families with cute kids, rather than violent criminals with gang tattoos. Jose the gangster gets to stay! Then the Obama crew will blame border defenders as meanies for making them deport families.

If the Obama administration wanted to show good faith (!) in immigration enforcement, then it could re-arrest the illegal alien criminals it released in recent years.

Don’t forget the Democrats’ immigration permissiveness has caused terrible human suffering among Americans from the crimes of illegal alien criminals allowed to run wild. The Senate held a hearing in July of families who had lost loved ones to illegal aliens. Senator Jeff Sessions summed up by remarking, “This administration has consistently and steadfastly placed the goal of amnesty above the goal of public safety.”

If career criminal alien Francisco Sanchez (left) had been deported instead of released onto San Francisco streets, he wouldn’t have present to shoot Kate Steinle as she strolled with her father on a bayside pier.

The problem of liberal treatment of dangerous foreigners goes far beyond shocking individual stories: ICE released 30,558 convicted criminal aliens in FY 2014. (See more numbers in the CIS report The Non-Deported: ICE Still Releasing Criminal Aliens at a Rapid Pace, May, 2015.) Wouldn’t repatriating these foreigners be a better place to start enforcing immigration laws?

Anyway, if the government were serious, it wouldn’t warn the perps that it is coming to deport them so they will have time to skedaddle.

Plus, only “hundreds” of families will be given free trips home, while around 100,000 families are believed to have crossed the Mexican border since last year. That doesn’t make much of a dent, does it? It’s a photo-op, not a crackdown.

U.S. plans to deport some immigrant families who crossed southern border, CBS News, December 24, 2015

WASHINGTON — The Department of Homeland Security is planning a large-scale effort to detain and deport hundreds of immigrant families who have illegally crossed the southern border of the U.S. since the start of 2014, sources confirmed to CBS News.

The plan was first reported by the Washington Post, which cited people familiar with the operation as saying it could begin as soon as early January, though final DHS approval was still pending.

The raids would be carried out by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and target adults and children already ordered to leave the U.S. by an immigration judge, the newspaper said.

Sources confirmed the information contained in the Post article to CBS News correspondent Jeff Pegues.

A DHS spokesperson said in a statement to CBS News that the deportations would be consistent with Homeland Security Jeh Johnson’s emphasis on “individuals who pose a threat to national security, public safety and border security.”

“As Secretary Johnson has consistently said, our border is not open to illegal immigration, and if individuals come here illegally, do not qualify for asylum or other relief, and have final orders of removal, they will be sent back consistent with our laws and our values,” the spokesperson said. Continue reading this article

Year-End DHS Memo: Deportations Plummet in 2015

It’s not exactly news that deportation is a lost art under the open-borders Obasma regime. But the Washington Times had an interesting stat-fact in its front-page story on Wednesday: the chance that an illegal alien gets deported is just one is 164. How does that compare with getting struck by lightning, I wonder…


A Rasmussen poll from August showed a majority of voters favor deporting lawbreakers, but the White House doesn’t notice surveys that disagree with its priority of amassing more future Democrats.

You can read the wonky bureaucratese of the memo here: DHS Releases End of Fiscal Year 2015 Statistics.

U.S. deports fewer illegals, criminals as Obama amnesty kicks in, By Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, December 22, 2015

Chance of illegal immigrant being deported is 1 in 164

President Obama slashed the number of deportations in 2015, the administration announced Tuesday, removing out only about 235,000 aliens from the U.S. as his amnesty kicked into full gear, putting most illegal immigrants out of reach of agents.

Overall deportations dropped by 32 percent, and even deportations of criminals — whom Mr. Obama had said he wanted to focus on — dropped by 27 percent compared to fiscal year 2014, according to year-end statistics released by Homeland Security. Continue reading this article

Saudi Shopkeeper Busted for Selling Fake Camel Urine

The prophet Mohammed recommended camel piss as a beneficial drink for the faithful, and apparently some do, judging from a recent news story from The Kingdom. A store owner had his shop shut down by authorities when it was discovered the liquid advertised as camel urine was actually his own. Imagine the outrage! Is there a fatwa for this?

The famous Islam Comic: Mohammed’s Believe It or Else! highlighted the practice:


In fact, Mohammed recommended imbibing camel urine on numerous occasions, according to JihadWatch in its discussion of the news:

Some hadiths depict Muhammad touting the medicinal benefits of drinking camel urine. This one also shows him in his full compassionate, merciful glory: “The climate of Medina did not suit some people, so the Prophet ordered them to follow his shepherd, i.e. his camels, and drink their milk and urine (as a medicine). So they followed the shepherd that is the camels and drank their milk and urine till their bodies became healthy. Then they killed the shepherd and drove away the camels. When the news reached the Prophet he sent some people in their pursuit. When they were brought, he cut their hands and feet and their eyes were branded with heated pieces of iron.” (Bukhari 9.76.5686)

And so drinking camel urine is just as much a matter of obeying Muhammad (as the Qur’an repeatedly exhorts Muslims to do; see 3:32; 3:132; 4:13; 4:59; 4:69; 4:80; 5:92; 8:1; 8:20; 8:46; 9:71; 24:47; 24:51; 24:52; 24:54; 24:56; 33:33; 47:33; 49:14; 58:13; 64:12) as is waging jihad and subjugating Infidels (see Qur’an 9:29).

Saudis are known to love camels, and they still enjoy camel races as a celebration of heritage and appreciate a good-looking animal.

Nearly 81,000 young Saudis currently attend American colleges. Do they send home for beverages? We wouldn’t want them to suffer any cultural deprivation while residing in the land of the infidel.

Here’s the story from Saudi Arabia — truth in packaging matters everywhere, it seems.

Saudi authorities close down shop selling traditional camel urine drinks… after discovering the owner had been filling the bottles with his own bodily waste, Daily Mail, December 22, 2015

Saudi authorities have closed down a shop selling traditional camel urine drinks after discovering the owner had been filling the bottles with his own bodily waste.

Health inspectors swooped on a vendor in the port city of Al Qunfudhah, in south-western Saudi Arabia, and confiscated more than 70 full bottles.

The practice of drinking camel’s urine mixed with milk is believed to date back centuries while some insist it has health benefits. Continue reading this article

Hijrah to Europe: A Syrian Explains His Purpose for Relocating to Germany

According to the all-encompassing religio-political system known as Islam, a “Hijrah” is immigration with the intention of converting the population of the new country to that belief.

Robert Spencer of JihadWatch explains Hijrah this way:

To emigrate in the cause of Allah – that is, to move to a new land in order to bring Islam there, is considered in Islam to be a highly meritorious act. “And whoever emigrates for the cause of Allah will find on the earth many locations and abundance,” says the Qur’an. “And whoever leaves his home as an emigrant to Allah and His Messenger and then death overtakes him, his reward has already become incumbent upon Allah. And Allah is ever Forgiving and Merciful.” (4:100) The exalted status of such emigrants led a British jihad group that won notoriety (and a shutdown by the government) a few years ago for celebrating 9/11 to call itself Al-Muhajiroun: The Emigrants.

Right on cue, a Syrian Muslim spills the beans about his big Islamic plans:

NARRATOR: For most of the refugees, Germany is their main destination. A majority of them flee from the war. Among them are some who have other reasons and goals.

SYRIAN MAN: My main goal for leaving Syria is… to lead people to the acceptance of Islam. If my wish comes true, I will gladly forgo the whole world. For this purpose I would not only sell Syria, but also… my parents, who are more valuable to me than Syria.

I swear by Allah, I only came here for this one goal. But this will be very demanding work for me. And for this reason, I have met with a few men and women who… want to know more about Islam.

I have observed that they are curious and willing… to get to know Islam through us. If someone would convert to Islam through me, whom I teach… so that in return he can bring others to Islam, then I would be one who received the tenet and passed it on and when he converts to Islam to then Islamize others… then I will be rewarded for my and for his work. In that case I do not want to go back to my home country, I only want to go up (into Paradise).

And what if the non-Muslims aren’t interested in joining up? What then, Achmed? Is forced conversion okay, as Islam scriptures suggest?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Europe has already received more than one million illegal aliens this year.


New York Hotel Phone Operators Lose Jobs to Automation

This New York Times report is unusual in that it looks at a small number of jobs lost, an event that usually doesn’t register in the big media. The public reads about it when Microsoft lays off thousands, but many of the jobs lost to automation go in smaller increments, one workplace at a time. We don’t notice it happening, until one day the employment universe is far smaller and more limited than it once was. Phone operator and related work like receptionist were once jobs available for non-college graduates (around 70 percent of Americans). Now they are becoming obsolete.

These days, we have all experienced obnoxious automated phone systems (“Press 3 for English”) and wished for a human with whom we could reason. But smart machines are much cheaper so they will only increase.

With basic jobs being gobbled up like cookies at a Christmas party, the prudent policy course for Washington would be to sharply reduce the number of immigrant workers. But no! Donors want even cheaper labor.

The decision of the Republican Congress to quadruple (!) the H-2b visa is all the more infuriating given the automated future we face. The H-2B visa designed to bring in non-farm foreign workers to take jobs in hotels, construction, truck driving, and countless other blue collar jobs sought by millions of Americans.

Automation Claims Jobs of Phone Operators at New York Hotels, New York Times, December 18, 2015

On “Mad Men,” the telephone operator for the Sterling Cooper advertising firm, Marge, is a vital part of the office. But that was decades ago. Today, the notion of women with headsets perched behind wire-laden switchboards feels as antiquated as the clattering of typewriters.

Though operators are an endangered lot, they still exist and can be found in some of New York City’s larger hotels. There are 497 hotel telephone operators working in 161 of these establishments, according to the New York Hotel and Motel Trades Council, the union that represents them. Their numbers have dwindled, but not as sharply as might be expected. Fifteen years ago, the union counted 571 operators among its members. Union leaders say the ranks of operators have thinned less in New York than in other parts of the country because of union efforts to save their jobs.

Nevertheless, their ranks will be thinning a bit more. The Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, a 795-room hotel on Broadway, plans to shut its telephone department, which has seven operators. The Park Central Hotel on Seventh Avenue is also planning to close its five-person phone department.

In January, the operators at the Crowne Plaza, who had already seen their numbers reduced from 13 people a few years ago, were told they were being replaced with an automated phone service; other hotels are already using similar phone systems. Technical kinks have delayed the changeover. Continue reading this article

Spain: Severe Unemployment May Create a Lost Generation

One reason cited for Germany’s excessive welcome of sketchy, potentially dangerous Syrians is the need for new workers to keep the factories humming. Der Spiegel reported, Rx for Prosperity: German Companies See Refugees as Opportunity, noting that the German population is “shrinking” and the nation faces a labor shortage.

Is it not odd that Germany doesn’t look closer to home for new workers — like Spain? That country has plenty of young people being strangled from unemployment. Some Spanish workers have in fact relocated to Germany for job opportunity, but why isn’t there more outreach?

It has been reported within the last week that the Syrian newbies are functionally illiterate and mostly worthless as job prospects.

Spaniards would also be a better choice because they have higher IQs on average: Spain – 98 versus Syria – 83.

Plus Spain is culturally Christian and has a European sensibility. Jihad is not a cultural value there. By comparison, a poll from the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies found that 13 percent of Syrian refugees support ISIS.

In addition, Germany is transforming its factories to automation. It’s unclear that new workers need to be imported at all.

Below, Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel checks out a new model of manufacturing robot. Gizmodo has a page of photos of her viewing robots, so she is well acquainted with automation technology.

But if Germany must have new workers, why not make use of Spain and other European nations with large unemployment? Wasn’t ease of movement for workers advertised as an advantage of the borderless European Union?

Unemployment in Spain: a life without hope?, EuroNews, December 18, 2015

Jerez de la Frontera – where more than 1 in 3 is out of work
Every day is a challenge for 27-year-old Miguel Angel Vaca Fernandez, as he strives to keep his head up and rise above his circumstances.

He is one of a huge number of unemployed young people in the city of Jerez de la Frontera, in the Andalusia region in southern Spain.

The overall jobless rate in this city is at a huge 40 percent.

Behind that dramatic statistic are the individuals, like Miguel Angel, who every day are facing the challenges created by longterm unemployment.

“I’ve been unemployed for three and a half years. It’s a truly hopeless situation, you start believing, ‘that’s all, that’s life’. You keep muddling through,” he says.

“There are days you don’t want to get out of bed. Then there are other days you get up with some small hope, but it’s just for nothing, it’s desperate.”

Miguel Angel is training for the police entrance exams. Competition so tough that this year 58,000 people applied for 1,300 available police jobs.

Concerns about a lost generation in Spain are something Miguel Angel knows about all too well. Continue reading this article

Disneyland and Other Theme Parks Increase Security after San Bernardino Jihad Attack as Part of America’s New Normal

Welcome to the New Normal (jihad-style) in America, where daily life is increasingly constrained by safety concerns as never before because of Washington’s policy of Muslim immigration. The latest victim is the theme park, a popular family activity that remains somewhat affordable. But the new security measures, such as metal detector screening, will certainly add to the cost as well as the hassle.

Disneyland, aka the Happiest Place on Earth, has decided to increase its security precautions.


It didn’t have to be this way. Muslim immigration was a relatively recent screw-up resulting from the 1965 opening of the diversity gates. The number of Middle Easterners residing here in 1970 was a manageable 200,000. Now it’s millions.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson had a succinct reaction to the “new normal” in an interview with a security expert:

“That’s not really the country a lot of us want to live in and this is the result of bad government policy: so the government imports people from refugee camps in Somalia and the rest of us have to go through metal detectors.”

More Muslims mean less freedom. It will only get worse.

For example, airline travel used to be relatively fun. You arrived at the airport, checked in and were headed for your destination in short order. Now the process takes an hour or two longer for all the security measures so Achmed won’t blow the thing up for allah.

Sports events are an attractive target, as shown by the close call in the Paris jihad of November: suicide bombers tried to enter the soccer match attended by President Hollande but were kept out, preventing an even worse massacre when an alert security guard found the explosive vest on one during a pat down.

The 2013 Boston Marathon jihad bombing demonstrated how a 26-mile footrace presents an enormous challenge to maintain safety. Authorities rarely reveal dollar costs for jihad prevention, although we do know the 2015 Boston race included approximately 3,500 local, state, and federal law enforcement officers and 300 National Guard Military Police Officers — that’s a lot of overtime.

London’s 2012 Olympics cost $2 billion for security and turned the city into an armed camp, with surface-to-air missile batteries installed on apartment buildings. By comparison, the pre-Islamic 1948 London Olympics required minimal policing for citizens to enjoy world-class athletics with no fear of Muslim killers.

How much longer can the Olympics survive given such enormous costs for Muslim diversity?

With Mexicans, you at least get burritos. Allah’s gangsters bring burqas, mass murder and a supremacist ideology.

Disney theme parks beefing up security with metal detectors, Associated Press, December 18, 2015

ORLANDO, Fla. — Three major theme parks announced Thursday that they are adding security measures including metal detectors ahead of the busy holiday season.

Officials at Disney, Universal and SeaWorld’s Florida theme parks said all three parks will be using metal detector screening for guests as they enter.

In addition, Disney is discontinuing the sale of toy guns at both its Florida and California parks and will no longer allow those items to be brought in.

The moves come at a time when many public venues worldwide are stepping up security efforts to thwart possible terrorism or other attacks after recent violence in Paris and San Bernardino, California.

Disney will be randomly selecting guests for secondary screening but wouldn’t say how long the measures would be in place. Universal says its metal detector use is a test and won’t discuss specific future plans. SeaWorld says guests can expect bag checks and wand metal detector checks. Continue reading this article

Obama’s Government Ignores Suffering Christians in the Middle East

The Islamophile in the White House seems determined to jam as many Muslims as possible into the United States during his remaining term in office, and the refugee route is a handy import method. As it happens, the system is stacked against Christian refugees from the Middle East, who really do need help. The UN’s refugee camps have become Muslim-dominated sharia zones where Christians are frequently attacked and as a result, they avoid the camps. So when Washington brags that Syrian refugees come from camps where they have been checked out thoroughly (mysteriously, without appropriate databases), Christians are left out. How convenient for the Obama Bureau of Islamophilia.

Fox Business host Stuart Varney explained how they system works against Christians who are genuine refugees:

Christians are targets in the Mideast, but President Obama will not give Christian refugees priority in coming to America. He says there will be no religious test for entry. However, a closer look reveals a system that overwhelmingly favors Muslims. It is a system that keeps Christians out. Here’s how it works.

Those Syrian refugees, who we are supposedly vetting thoroughly, come from camps run by the United Nations. There are no Christians in those camps. They risked death if they seek refuge there. So the refugees who are on the list, who get on the list, they are almost entirely Muslim. The UN system accepted by Mr. Obama effectively locks Christians out.

This is appalling. President Obama has failed to acknowledge the grave crisis for Christianity in the Mideast. Quite simply, the whole region is being ethnically cleansed. The Christian presence will soon be gone entirely. And the slaughter continues.

Think about it. Christians are refugees, fleeing terror. They aren’t migrants looking for a better economy; for them it’s life or death. They are the true victims of religious tyranny. Frankly I think they qualify as victims of genocide but Mr. Obama will not acknowledge their unique and horrific situation. Instead we accept and pay for large numbers of Muslims. We are accepting here a religious test that’s being imposed over there. It’s one week to Christmas, and as President Obama begins his Christmas vacation there, few Christian refugees will be celebrating in the peace and freedom of America, and that is a disgrace. (Spare video link.)

The jihad onslaught has murdered and chased out a community that has lived in the Middle East for millennia. But Obama wants to rescue Muslims, who are apparently more to his liking.

Below, in July 2014 ISIS burned an 1800-year-old church in Mosul, Iraq.

Flood of Border-Crossing Illegal Alien Kids Continues Unabated

Thursday’s Washington Post included an above-the-fold photo and story about the continued influx of “unaccompanied” children across Obama’s open border.


If it weren’t for the increased concern about security due to the jihad attacks in the past few weeks (Paris and San Bernardino) there would certainly be a lot more attention paid to the border chaos.

Of course, the open border is also a major terror magnet to America’s jihadist enemies, and we have no idea how many have used it. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said recently his jail has held 20 inmates this year from countries that are on terrorist watch lists or are state sponsors.

The population of the seven nations comprising Central America is around 43 million, so the well founded belief of illegal aliens that they will be allowed to stay could entice millions of expensive moochers to come. The number that arrived in the first two months of this fiscal year is double that of the same period last year, so the trend is going the wrong way.

And they are expensive, these kiddies who require food, medical care, housing, clothing, and non-English-speaking education. In fall of 2014, FAIR estimated the cost of educating the uninvited foreign children to be $761 million for the school year. Last year Lynn, Massachusetts was “on the brink” from the cost of educating and social servicing hundreds of rustic kids who speak tribal dialects and who may never have attended school.

The feds appear to be running out of funds to maintain Obama’s kiddie-import project because of the increasing numbers of junior freeloaders, although the Republicans’ generous omnibus spending package may have that covered.

In Texas, for example, the feds ordered two church camps to house 1,000 foreign kids near Dallas, 400 miles from the Mexican border.

Following is a local report about the kiddie dump where more than 400 illegal teens from Central America arrived, 20 of whom were girls. Local Congressman Joe Barton visited to see what was going on and promised he would work to change the law to prevent a recurrence.

Here’s the Washington Post article that goes with the front page photo.

Unaccompanied children crossing southern border in greater numbers again, raising fears of new migrant crisis, Washington Post, December 16, 2015

Unaccompanied minors are crossing the U.S. Southwest border in growing numbers again, sparking concerns that the new influx of children could eventually approach the levels that last year prompted the Obama administration to declare a humanitarian crisis.

In October and November, more than 10,500 children crossed the U.S.-Mexico border by themselves, the vast majority from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, according to U.S. government data analyzed by the Migration Policy Institute, a nonpartisan think tank. That’s a 106 percent increase over the same period last year, reflecting a steady increase that began in March.

The numbers are still far below the peak period last year, when more than 10,600 unaccompanied minors crossed the border just in the month of June, swamping federal resources. And the administration, widely believed to have missed the warning signs before the previous surge, “is certainly a lot more concerned and on top of it than they were two years ago,” said Marc Rosenblum, deputy director of the U.S. immigration policy program at the policy institute.

Still, the administration and immigrant advocates are growing increasingly worried, especially because some of the same conditions that drove last year’s surge, including gang and drug-related violence in Central America, have grown even worse. The Department of Health and Human Services, which is required to shelter and care for the children after they are apprehended by the Department of Homeland Security, last week opened a new, 700-bed shelter in Texas and is planning to open another 300-bed facility in Texas as early as Friday. A third, 400-bed facility in California may also be needed, officials said. Continue reading this article

America’s Senator Jeff Sessions Slams Omnibus Bill That Funds Obama’s Radical Immigration Wish List

Do Republican Congressional leaders think nobody will notice the monstrosity that the Congress has created in the omnibus federal spending legislation?

One element of the bill would effectively quadruple the number of H-2B foreign workers for blue-collar non-farm jobs that millions of Americans need. At a time when the labor force participation rate is only 62.5 percent as of November, and over 94 million were not working, increasing the number of immigrant workers is a stab in the back to struggling Americans.

In addition, the Congress has funded a black check for Obama’s Muslim immigration project that will endanger America while it de-Christianizes the nation. Sessions notes in his press release that the omnibus “will ensure that at least 170,000 green card, refugee and asylum approvals are issued to migrants from Muslim countries over just the next 12 months.”

Meanwhile, Syrian immigration of various sorts has exceeded 100,000 since 2012.

Why do these Republicans think we will vote for them in 11 months?

Here’s Senator Sessions speaking on Wednesday, explaining why “voters are in open rebellion”:

Sessions: Omnibus Would Quadruple Controversial Foreign Worker Porgram, Expand Admissions of Refugees, Fund President’s ‘Entire Immigration Agenda’, December 16, 2015

“There is a reason that GOP voters are in open rebellion.  They have come to believe that their party’s elites are not only uninterested in defending their interests but – as with this legislation, and fast-tracking the President’s international trade pact – openly hostile to them.”

WASHINGTON—U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, released a statement warning that the omnibus funding bill would, among other things, fund Sanctuary Cities, the President’s refugee expansion, and quadruple a controversial foreign worker program replacing Americans – all during a time of increasing concerns about threats to U.S. security and finances:

“The more than 2,000 page year-end funding bill contains a dramatic change to federal immigration law that would increase by as much as four-fold the number of low-wage foreign workers provided to employers under the controversial H-2B visa program, beyond what is currently allowed.  These foreign workers are brought in exclusively to fill blue collar non-farm jobs in hotels, restaurants, construction, truck driving, and many other occupations sought by millions of Americans.

At a time of record immigration – with a full 83% of the electorate wanting immigration frozen or reduced – the GOP-led Congress is about to deliver Obama a four-fold increase to one of the most controversial foreign worker programs.  The result?  Higher unemployment and lower wages for Americans. Continue reading this article

Billionaire Investor Says Automation-Caused Job Loss Is a “National Emergency”

It’s nice to see somebody is paying attention to the devastating effect smart machines are having on American jobs, because our elected representatives in Washington certainly aren’t.

Jeff Greene, a wealthy investor, is concerned that white-collar jobs are about to go the way of blue-collar employment in five to 10 years — that’s soon!

The Wall Street Journal reported in May that advanced financial software has eliminated many office jobs:

Automation is threatening to replace swaths of white-collar workers, much as mechanical robots have displaced blue-collar workers on assembly lines. Among those in jeopardy: accounts-payable clerks; inventory-control analysts, who record and audit what is in stock and estimate inventory needs; and accounts-receivable clerks, who send invoices to customers, track payments, and forecast customer default rates.

These white-collar job losses are harder to notice. There’s no physical robot to see welding a car together, just a better software program to speed tasks through a computer. But the unemployment result is the same. Tech workers face the same pink slips as coding becomes automated.


One consequence is the very reduced need for skilled H-1b immigrant workers, if any are required at all.

Certainly the automation revolution now going on in the workplace needs a little attention from the bright lights in Washington. They continue to legislate immigration when none is needed in the job market. Meanwhile, a 2013 study from Oxford University researchers estimated that 45 percent of US jobs were at risk from automation. The Gartner consulting firm has forecast that one-third of jobs will be done by smart machines by 2025.

So one thing that needs to be done is to find the OFF switch for immigration, because we will need all the remaining jobs for citizens.

Here’s an interview with the concerned billionaire, Jeff Greene:

Industrial Revolution 2.0? Experts debate robotic threat to jobs, CNBC, December 13, 2015

Billionaire investor Jeff Greene is digging into his own pockets to address what he believes is a big issue: robots.

Greene, founder of the Greene Institute, sponsored the Closing the Gap conference last week, hoping that attendees would develop solutions on creating a more inclusive global economy. According to him, a looming threat comes from technology, where he contends automation is becoming increasingly disruptive to both white-collar and blue-collar jobs.

He warned that “what globalization did to the blue-collar worker in manufacturing over 30 or 40 years, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, robotics I believe will do to the white-collar workforce in the next five to 10 years,” Greene said. His comments echoed the widening opinions of experts who believe robots and AI pose a serious challenge to middle-class vitality.

“This is a national emergency and I’m going to address it myself if no one else will,” Greene said. Continue reading this article

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