Paris Tourism Shrinks Following Repeated Mass Murdering Jihads

Unwise immigration — particularly welcoming a historic enemy of 1400 years duration — has its consequences. Paris is no longer a safe city because of the number of hostile Muslims in Europe, with one disturbing example being parishioners having their bags checked last Christmas to enter church for services.

Co-ordinated attacks throughout Paris last November killed over 100 for allah, including the people enjoying outdoor cafes like the one below.

Soldiers now guard iconic landmarks like the Eiffel tower.

Sensible travelers are responding rationally by going elsewhere. Paris businesses are suffering as a result, although no reporters have asked owners whether they think diversity is strength.

In addition, France has cancelled numerous public events because of the jihad threat to public safety.

Paris tourism chiefs demand rescue plan as attacks scare off visitors, Reuters, August 23, 2016

Islamist attacks have scared off thousands of tourists from Paris and its top attractions, helping rob the French capital of about 750 million euros ($850 million) in revenues, officials said on Tuesday.

Strikes and floods have also taken their toll, overshadowing a boost from the Euro 2016 soccer championships and leaving the tourism industry in need of massive new investment and a rescue package, representatives of the sector said.

“It’s time to realize that the tourism sector is going through an industrial disaster,” the head of the Paris region tourist board, Frederic Valletoux, said in a statement.

Visitors to the Arc de Triomphe fell more than a third in the first half of 2016 from the same period a year earlier, the tourist board said.

The Grand Palais museum reported a 43.9 percent slump and the Palace of Versailles just short of 20 percent.

“Hotels are already laying off staff though they’re not saying it. This industry is on its knees and it needs relief measures now. Hoteliers need the weapons to fight back,” Georges Panayotis, head of hotel research firm MKG group, told Reuters. Continue reading this article

European Union Honcho Says Borders Are the Problem

Are liberal elites capable of learning from events that contradict the theory?

Certainly not Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, the executive branch of the European Union. He recently made headlines by remarking that “Borders are the worst invention ever!”

Whoa. That comment followed an invasion via immigration of over a million unfriendly Syrians and other Middle Eastern grifters marauding through Europe in the past year. They or their fellow muslims committed hundreds of sexual assaults in Cologne on New Years, truck jihad in Nice, last November’s multiple attacks in Paris, to name a few.

Does Jean-Claude have a problem with pattern recognition?

Meanwhile, it’s still summer, meaning prime sailing time in the Mediterranean, and the “refugees” are still coming.

On Tuesday, former UN Ambassador John Bolton appeared on Fox News and explained how Europe’s open borders ideology is a case of learning the wrong lesson from history: elites believe that WWII was caused by having nation-states, and if that political system was eliminated, then war could be prevented in Europe.

Good luck with that. Hasn’t war been a rather common condition among groups of humans throughout history? Human nature is tribal, territorial and acquisitive — and war often results as a consequence.

MARTHA McCALLUM: So the head of the European Union saying that national borders are quote the worst invention ever, Jean-Claude Juncker says that he wants to open all of the borders between the countries in Europe. This despite a flood of refugees from the Middle East and the recent terror attacks in Germany, France, and Belgium. Joining me now with his thoughts on this, John Bolton, former US Ambassador to the UN and a Fox news contributor. Good to have you here this morning. So what do you think about this comments?

JOHN BOLTON: Well cue up the John Lennon music. Look, what you’re hearing here is the essence of the European Union theology that war in Europe was caused by nation-states: the way you eliminate war in Europe is eliminate nation-states and it’s one reason, I think the most profound reason why the British just voted to leave. They actually like their country and would prefer to keep it rather than see it in a borderless Europe like Junckers imagines. But the practical consequences really do though go to day-to-day security for average Europeans with this flood of refugees, covering so many terrorists with the terrorist attacks we’ve seen. A borderless Europe looks a lot less attractive today than it did back in the dreams of the founders of the EU.

McCALLUM: It feels like the sentiment in Europe is going in the actual opposite direction of what he’s talking about. Is that your sense or is that just what we read about how people are feeling in Europe?

BOLTON: No, I think that is it: increasing mood in the public as a whole. It’s certainly been spurred by the refugee flows, but but it’s been building for a long time, and it goes to the basic flaws in the European Union project. This is a top-down initiative driven by people who have concluded on an ideological basis that a Europe without nation-states, making a super-state out of all of Europe, will stop war on the continent, and and that’s what they’re about. And it’s failing in many respects, it’s failing because the euro the common currency is failing, it’s failing because people are rarely consulted about what they think of this project, and when they do, in referenda in country after country they tend to vote against it. So when you add on the terrorists problem, the terrorist threat cause by the refugee flows, it’s no wonder it’s coming to a boiling point.

(See a longer video of the interview here.)

Furthermore, borders for the most part reflect the people that they demarcate. Classicist Victor Davis Hanson made that point in a recent opinion piece:

Why borders matter — and a borderless world is a fantasy, Los Angeles Times, July 31, 2016

Yet the truth is that formal borders do not create difference — they reflect it. Elites’ continued attempts to erase borders are both futile and destructive.

But liberal elites — like Jean-Claude Juncker — believe they know better.

EU boss sparks border OUTRAGE: Juncker slammed over ‘beyond parody’ checkpoint madness, UK Express, August 23, 2016

CALLS to drop border controls in Europe sparked fury yesterday. Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, claimed they were “the worst invention ever”.

Ukip spokesman Peter Whittle said that his comments were “beyond parody”.

This was another reason “why we must exit the EU as quickly as possible, otherwise our security could be left exposed by Juncker’s anti-borders policy.

“Safe and secure borders help to define a nation, you only have to look at Germany to see what happens when you when you effectively discard them.

“Mr Juncker is also well behind the curve to think he, or his colleagues amongst the European political elite, can stop popular democracy from flourishing across Europe following the historic Brexit vote.

“I’m happy to predict that Britain will not be the only country to leave the EU and become a free and sovereign nation again,” added Ukip’s national culture spokesman.

Mr Juncker’s comments at the European Forum Alpbach in Austria’s Tyrol were taken as a sign that he intends to block attempts to tighten border checks to deal with the migrant crisis overwhelming Europe.

It is also a challenge to France and Belgium who have pushed for an end to the Schengen free-movement zone across the EU to stop terrorists crossing the Continent without checks after Europe was rocked by a series of atrocities. Continue reading this article

New Warehouse Robot Is Introduced

When Amazon bought the Kiva company with its warehouse robots in 2012, CEO Jeff Bezos made the unusual decision to keep the machines in-house and not support Kiva’s existing customers. That decision created a market for similar machines, and engineers got to work on inventing comparable robots that could perform warehouse-type tasks of pulling items from shelves and assembling them for shipment.

Now we see one of the new warehouse robots, and the inVia model is capable of picking an item off a shelf and plunking it into a box for eventual shipment.

Plus the report says the machine will end those “tedious” jobs that humans suffer with to get their paychecks.

In fact, the government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics listed the 2015 number of stock clerks and order fillers at 60,670. This is how jobs are disappearing — a few at a time as a warehouse operator rents some robots to increase efficiency, cut costs and work 24 hours.


The “tedious” job of warehouse order filler is decent-paying for low-skilled employment, around $30,000. It’s the kind of job an immigrant might take.

So maybe America doesn’t need so many immigrants…

Warehouse Robots Might Just Make Tedious Jobs a Thing of the Past, Digital Trends, August 19, 2016

Ask anyone you know that’s worked in a warehouse. While the pay is decent for a job that requires little training in many cases, the work is extremely tedious. But with our ever increasing reliance on technology, it was only a matter of time before humans were taken out of the equation.

That’s where a Los Angeles-based inVia Robotics hopes it will make its mark. The company this week unveiled what it calls the first “goods-to-box” robotics solution, one that requires no human intervention at all. Robots do all the sorting, “picking,” and even packaging for shipment.

The first time a package might reach human hands is in shipment, a far cry from the human-dominated system we have now. That’s pretty crazy. Continue reading this article

America’s Senator Jeff Sessions Defends Trump as Immigration Enforcer

Senator Sessions appeared on Fox News Sunday morning and for once he had an interviewer — Tucker Carlson — who is knowledgeable enough on the subject of immigration to have a decent conversation with the senator.

Below, Senator Sessions spoke at candidate Trump’s Mobile, Alabama, rally on August 21, 2015.

Unfortunately, Senator Sessions was too polite to call Trump’s touchback scheme what it is, namely just more lipstick on the amnesty pig, characterizing touchback as “not… the best solution.”

From a psychological viewpoint, rewarding illegal behavior is always wrong, and particularly so when it followed the failed amnesty from 1986 when the promised enforcement never happened. Even hinting that some sort of forgiveness might be considered after shutting the border is poison. Any reward for bad behavior just incites more of same — something that parents and teachers know.

On the other hand, Sessions was quite right to emphasize that globalized economy of outsourcing, excessive immigration and bad trade deals have been devastating for all working Americans. In earlier interviews, he has admitted that he voted for globalist trade deals because of the rosy promises, but quit when he figured out the claims were bogus.

In discussing how he came to endorse Trump, Sessions recalled last spring, “My view was: This excessive flow of immigration was impacted adversely the wages of the American people, which is a plain fact. I also concluded that the trade agreements weren’t working as promised, and [were] depreciating the wages, the manufacturing base, and the jobs of Americans, and they both needed to change, and he was out there.”

Importantly, Senator Sessions recognizes that immigration must be legal, controlled and reduced for the benefit of the American people. As the senator said, “The idea that you would bring in more workers to take jobs while Americans are unemployed, having to go on welfare, is ludicrous.”

In fact, the reduction of immigration should be severe, considering the increasing use of automation and software to do human jobs.

TUCKER CARLSON: So BuzzFeed which is a fashion blog that has a news component to it had a headline this morning saying in effect Donald Trump has changed course completely on immigration: he’s no longer for deportation. It was a story about a meeting he had the other day with Hispanic supporters of his. Is that true? Has he changed his view on deportation?

SENATOR JEFF SESSIONS: He has not changed his view but he had a great meeting with people who had different ideas and — I understand, I wasn’t there — but he had a good discussion, he listened to all the different views. Look. we need a lawful system of immigration. Trump is absolutely clear and correct on that. We must rein in the lawlessness first. We can’t talk about these other issues until that occurs. I think that remains his firm position.

CARLSON: So that anywhere between 10 to 12 million people here illegally whatever the number, Trump has suggested that they would be required to physically leave the United States, reapply in order to come back legally. Is that…

SESSIONS: I don’t know that he has formally said that he has discussed that, other people have discussed that. That’s the touchback idea. I’m not sure that’s the best solution to the problem, but it’s one solution.

CARLSON: What do you think is the best?

SESSIONS: I think we have to first end all the lawlessness. This can be done, Tucker. It’s very accomplishable with a strong president. A few laws would help, but actually you could do it with current laws, and that’s when you can begin to talk or more appropriately be honest about what you want to do with people who have been here a long time.

CARLSON: So what about legal immigration? We’ve got over a million low-wage low-skilled workers coming in every year into an economy that clearly can’t support them. Would Trump change that?

SESSIONS: We’ve got to consider that. Canada has a great system where they evaluate people: they apply, they rate them given points for things that are good for Canada. First and foremost, an immigration system should protect and serve the interests of the American people. We shouldn’t bring in people that can’t be vetted coming from areas of the world that are dangerous. We need to bring in people with higher skills. We should look for people who love America and value our values and want to be a part of that. People who learned English before they come should get a preference over people who can’t speak the language. So there’s so many rational things that absolutely need to be done as part of an immigration reform that I totally think this country is ready to discuss. Continue reading this article

Turkish No-Go Zone in Germany Shows Cultural Invasion, Not Immigrant Assimilation

Here’s an interesting alternative travelogue to diverse Germany from Canadian journalist Lauren Southern, who works for The Rebel, Ezra Levant’s media creation. Southern visited European areas of interest like colorful Calais and Molenbeek, as well as the Turkish no-go zone in the German city of Duisburg.

LAUREN SOUTHERN: When I was in Europe one of the most shocking things I saw was the lack of integration from their immigrants. In some German towns there’s more than just cultural conflict: people pledge allegiance to entirely different nations.

Despite being warned by my cab driver that the area was dangerous for Canadians, I decided to take a quick trip to the district of Duisburg, Germany, called Marxloh. Estimates say that Duisburg is home to around 100,000 Turkish people in a city of a population that is just under 500,000: that’s a pretty big demographic and it shows.

When I was walking through the town my jaw was dropping, I could not believe what I was seeing and that I was still in Germany. There were cars everywhere with Turkish flags, windows with Turkish flags, and giant Turkish flags hanging from buildings above stores. Everyone spoke Turkish and the stores prominently featured Turkish goods. I didn’t hear anyone speaking German when I was in Marxloh. I think I saw a grand total of two non-Turkish people.

How can this even be considered a part of Germany anymore? These people are not only not integrating, but they openly commit themselves to another country. It almost felt like a turf war, like the Turkish people there were claiming the land as their own, like any group of people would do when they conquer city and put up their flag.

In Marxloh, Germany has surrendered its sovereignty. The Turks have completely dominated the area. There were few German flags left in Marxloh, and when I did see them, they seemed like a sad little protest on conquered land, a harrowing symbol of the weary soul of Germany. Why else would you move to a country if you are in love with another? If you’re so obsessed with Turkey, why not stay there? If you have no intention of being a German, why not move back?

Germany is being conquered culturally quite literally, and as immigration increases and Germany leaves its borders open, the borders of these enclaves will expand until the country is unrecognizable.

You see this all over the world. We have cultural enclaves in Canada where people don’t learn the language, don’t integrate or mix with other Canadians and have an entirely different culture. Our governments claim these communities are evidence of multiculturalism. But when you go to these enclaves, there is no evidence of integration. It is just segregation and this fragile equilibrium cannot last for long.

Below, a street scene in Duisburg’s Turkish zone, with burqas, satellite dish and Turkish flags.


I’ve reported previously about Turkish PM Erdogan’s regular visits to his colonists in Germany to remind them of their roots. When he makes speeches to his people, he urges them to stay loyal to Turkey, even declaring in 2008 that “Assimilation is a crime against humanity.” His exhortations seem to be working — if they are even needed in Turkish enclaves.

For more disturbing details of immigration-spawned lawlessness, see Soeren Kern’s 2015 report Police Warn of No-Go Zones in Germany.

Leftist Summer Camp Teaches Racist Victimhood to Kiddies

When I attended summer camp in the previous century, we kids learned important skills like building fires and tying knots. I still remember the correct up and overs to produce a perfect square knot.

But nowadays, leftwingers run summer camps that can resemble Hitler Youth gatherings in terms of indoctrination: it’s Alinsky for kiddies.

Here’s a snap from Saturday’s San Jose Mercury front page:


BabyRacist-newsweekThe sign held by one boy that says “Racism isn’t born, it’s taught” shows a basic misunderstanding of human nature common to the left. In fact, tribalism is an ancient, hard-wired aspect of our psychology and cannot be erased by the brainwashing the left likes to use. Remember the 2009 Newsweek cover story, Is Your Baby Racist? (Yes.)

Lefties run the schools and often train kids to be little community organizers. I ran into an example in 2010 when I attended the Ninth Circuit Court in San Francisco as Arizona’s pro-sovereignty law was being argued. There was a group of mostly white kids from King Middle School in Berkeley with signs protesting Arizona’s law as Jim Crow and racist. I talked to one boy who told me they learned the stuff in class and appearing at the protest was part of their school work — talk about assisting your own dispossession! This brainwashing can lead kids into becoming anarchists or Occupiers.

Bay Area kids learning about social justice issues at rallies, summer camp, San Jose Mercury, August 12, 2016

OAKLAND — With a smile stretching from ear to ear, a girl with dreadlocked hair and purple rain boots yelled, “Mic check!” — initiating a chant among others sitting in a circle at Abundant Beginnings summer camp.

“What do you want?” she shouted confidently. “Justice!” other campers replied. “When do you want it?” she followed. “Now!”

The chant echoed across Oakland’s Lake Temescal on a sunny summer day, just as shouts from Black Lives Matter or other civil rights protesters resonate on overcast nights in downtown Oakland.

But these weren’t the voices of typical protesters.

Leading the chant was 3-year-old Jonnie-mae Taylor, of Berkeley.

While some Bay Area children spent their summers sharpening their math skills or playing group sports, Jonnie-mae and other campers — about 20 of them on this day, between 2 and 10 years old — learned about social responsibility and justice during outdoor activities.

The camp is one of many places kids are testing their voices about social issues. In a handful of recent Bay Area demonstrations against police violence involving people of color, those leading the chanting and carrying signs were children and teenagers — often encouraged by parents or older youth eager to impart critical life skills at a time when tensions are high across the country. Continue reading this article

America’s Senator Jeff Sessions Warns That Obama’s Syrian Refugee Program Endangers America

In his usual polite and scholarly way, Senator Sessions has laid out the case to condemn the President’s reckless (at best!) importation of unscreenable foreigners from the millennial enemy of western freedom — Islam. As the Senator notes, “Good public policy puts the safety and security of this country first,” and welcoming unknowable Syrian Muslims into our neighborhoods fundamentally violates that principal.

What could possibly go wrong with Obama’s scheme?

Preventable terror, suffering and death, for starters — as is happening now in Europe’s summer of terror, following Chancellor Merkel’s insane flinging open the continent’s borders and subsequent jihad invasion.

We should learn from Europe’s terrible immigration catastrophe, not ignore it.

Sessions: Refugee Terrorism Increases While Obama Increases Flow, August 10, 2016

WASHINGTON—U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Immigration and The National Interest, issued the following statement today about the Obama Administration’s refugee policies, its temporary amnesty for Syrians in the United States, and dangers posed by admitting large numbers of refugees to the United States:

“Despite a clear nexus between immigration and terrorism, and warnings from top officials in his own Administration about their inability to properly vet refugees, President Obama remains in denial ‎about the dangers that his policies pose to the United States. Instead of taking a sober assessment of the ‎dangers that we face, and analyzing the immigration histories of recent terrorists so that we can more effectively safeguard our immigration system from being infiltrated, the Obama Administration leads the United States down a dangerous path – admitting as many refugees as possible from areas of the world where terrorists roam freely, and granting a temporary amnesty to Syrians living in the United States illegally. And contrary to the assertions made by many, the potential for future terror activity is real.

Our primary effort, and that of our allies, should be to provide support to those who are displaced as close to their homes as possible, and work to return them home as soon as possible. Of course, our foreign policy should always seek to avoid situations where such violence and chaos occur. But instead of pursuing these policies, the Obama Administration continues with its radical plans.

The 10,000 Syrian refugees his Administration will admit this Fiscal Year represent a nearly 500 percent increase over the roughly 1,600 Syrian refugees who were admitted last year. This radical increase places the safety and security of the American people at risk, there will surely be consequences.

Since September 11, 2001, we know that at least 40 individuals who were admitted to the United States as refugees have been convicted for, or implicated in, terrorism or terrorism-related offenses – and the total is likely much higher. Some were admitted as adults, others as children, but these cases refute the false assertion that those admitted to the United States as refugees never engage in terrorism. But because these facts do not fit within his worldview, President Obama rejects them. ‎And in so doing, he rejects his sacred oath for what he perceives as political gain.

Plainly, there is no way to properly vet these refugees. Our intelligence databases are only as good as the information that goes into them – meaning that the absence of derogatory information in our systems about an individual does not ‎mean that admitting that individual carries no risk. Nor do we have an effective method to screen refugees for the possibility of potential post-entry radicalization.

Good public policy puts the safety and security of this country first. There is no doubt that this continuous, dramatic increase in refugees from areas of the world where terrorists roam freely will endanger this nation. We must change course.”

Continue reading this article

Maya Language Speakers Need Interpreters to Mooch Asylum and Freebies

Sometimes journalistic artistes who seek to mold public opinion via compelling sob stories of illegal aliens miss the mark by including too many details about diverse dysfunction. The LA Times’ Tuesday front-pager may have lurched into the fact zone concerning Maya illegals and the number in the Central American horde who have crossed Obama’s open border. Meanwhile, we are supposed to feel sorry for illegals from the south who don’t even speak Spanish.


The fact that more than 100K Centrals have arrived here illegally in recent years is alarming enough: they are straining schools and local budgets wherever they alight en masse. But the many who are minors without parents are a recipe for gang formation, particularly when the need for unskilled labor is shrinking enormously. Interestingly, the excuse du jour for asylum whiners is that gangs at home are pestering them to join, but then they end up in gang towns like Oakland.

Did any American vote for this country to be the deluxe flophouse of the world?

Wanted: Mayan indigenous language interpreters, Los Angeles Times, August 9, 2016

The day Vinicio Nicolas found out whether he would be allowed to stay in the United States, and hopefully far from the gang trying to recruit him in Guatemala, he brought along an interpreter.

With the stakes so high, he wanted someone who spoke his native tongue. He had arrived in the U.S. just eight months before, and his English wasn’t good. But neither was his Spanish.

The language the 15-year-old needed an interpreter to wrestle with — for the sake of his future — was an ancient Mayan one called Q’anjob’al, or Kanjobal.

Successive waves in recent years of more than 100,000 immigrants from Central America — many of them boys and girls who came without their parents — have created a shortage of people who can translate Mayan languages, especially K’iché (Quiché) and Mam. This is an especially acute need for arrivals from Guatemala, which is home to more than two dozen indigenous languages, but also from countries such as Honduras.

Before entering an asylum office in Anaheim, interpreter Aldo Waykam asked Vinicio how he was feeling: “Tzet x’i a kul?”

“Watx,” the teenager replied. Good.

Spoken by almost 80,000 people in mostly rural municipalities in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, Kanjobal is common in places like Santa Eulalia — where Vinicio grew up — but rare everywhere else.

Mam, a Mayan language spoken by more than 500,000 people in Guatemala, ranked ninth in the top 10 languages spoken in U.S. immigration court last fiscal year. Quiché ranked 11th. Both surpassed French, according to the Department of Justice Executive Office for Immigration Review. Continue reading this article

Robert Spencer: Jihad Terror Is the New Normal for Europe

The editor of JihadWatch did a fine job of explaining the state of Europe following the Merkelized immigration of Muslim unfriendlies. The latest atrocity was the machete attack on two Belgian policewomen in the town of Charleroi, for which ISIS has claimed responsibility.

Another day, another Muslim terror attack in stupid-diverse Europe: Belgian police investigate machete jihad.


Robert Spencer appeared on Fox Business Monday to answer the question “Is jihad terror the new normal in Europe?”

Of course the answer is Yes, because ISIS has been happy to walk through the door that German Chancellor Merkel opened when she invited displaced Syrians to her country (and legions of other Muslims joined in). The important point is that ISIS is using the overwhelming numbers of unidentified foreigners to swamp the police.

Spencer warned the same thing can happen here (where the FBI already is investigating 900 terror cases). And right on cue, it was reported on Monday that if the Obama surge of quickie screening continues, the number of Syrians admitted next year may reach 30,000.

Of course, the proper number for Muslim immigrants is ZERO. America does not need workers, the nation is quite diverse enough and citizens don’t want the traditional culture overwhelmed by hostile jihadist foreigners.

ASHLEY WEBSTER: In Belgium, two police officers were attacked over the weekend by a man with a machete screaming in Arabic. It’s familiar story unfortunately, Robert Spencer, author of the Complete Infidels Guide to the Koran. Is this the new normal for Europe, do you believe, these types of stories? Because it feels like we’re hearing about them almost on a daily basis.

ROBERT SPENCER: There’s no doubt that it’s the new normal for Europe. The Islamic state ISIS has called for these kinds of attacks. They’ve made a concerted effort to get people into Europe to launch these kinds of attacks from within the refugee influx. Remember the two of the Paris attackers last November were refugees. This man was an Algerian national who’d come into Europe in 2012, and so there are many many others embedded among the peaceful refugees who are actually Islamic jihadis. There are going to be many many more attacks like this one.

WEBSTER: And the question is how much at risk is the United States? We know that Europe has struggled with this: they have a large number of migrants, refugees, to your point, that have come in. What about the United States? Where are our vulnerabilities?

SPENCER: Our vulnerabilities are everywhere. The more people, the more refugees that Barack Obama brings in, the more likely this kind of thing is to happen in the United States. Remember that Tashfin Malik, the San Bernardino shooter, had passed five separate background checks from five different US agencies, and so we’re bringing in only refugees who were vetted and checked — and that vetting is completely useless.

WEBSTER: What’s interesting and then to that point, I want to get back to Europe and France. One of the suspects arrested in the death of the priest in in northern France had actually been on their radar, very much so, even had a tracking bracelet on his ankle and yet they were unable to stop this attack, but we don’t have — I don’t think anyone has — the resources to follow suspects 24 hours a day.

SPENCER: That’s the ISIS strategy, and see, that man’s tracking bracelet, it was actually turned off for three hours every morning, and that’s when he did this attack. And the ISIS strategy is to overwhelm law enforcement in Europe and the United States with so many of these jihadis that we just can’t possibly keep track of all of them, and it’s working.

WEBSTER: How do we stop this? I would assume that you would believe this is going to continue. Will it increase in its frequency?

SPENCER: It’s going to increase; there’s just no doubt about that. That’s a hundred percent certainty. One of the things we have to do is really reconsider whether we need to bring these refugees in, when the Saudis, for example, are taking absolutely none of them and attributing their refusal to the fact that there are terrorists among them. We ought to be able to do the same thing.

Administration Is on Track to Hit 10K Syrian Refugee Goal

It looks like the friend of all Muslims in the White House is going to reach his dangerous aim of importing 10,000 Syrian refugees into the US during this fiscal year, even though they cannot be screened for terror ties according to testimony from FBI Director James Comey. On the President’s value scale, extreme diversity apparently ranks higher than national security or the safety of Americans.

Washington used to assure us little citizens that its examinations of potential jihadists from the Middle East were thorough and took 18 to 24 months. Then the administration decided on the “surge” strategy to squeeze extra Muslims into the country by cutting the investigation to three months.

A related point: 31 suspected ISIS terrorists have been arrested in the U.S. In the past year. Wouldn’t it be better to keep the unfriendlies out?

Below, U.S. Ambassador to Jordan Alice Wells (top left) poses with a Syrian family on their way to be resettled in Missouri after a quickie processing.

Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies appeared on Fox News recently and explained that Obama has a time constraint because he wants to look extra virtuous at his UN refugee confab coming up:

MARK KRIKORIAN: I don’t think there was any chance they weren’t going to hit this goal. The administration, the White House, set this number at 10,000 by the end of the end of September because President Obama is hosting a refugee summit at the UN in late September, so he has to to browbeat other people, other countries, to take in more Syrian refugees. So there’s no way that it wasn’t going to happen. What’s interesting though, is they clearly have cut corners. . .

Now to speed it up, they’re cutting it down to something like three months.

In fact, the administration has sped up the screening process so much that it may well exceed its numerical goal and import extras. What could possibly go wrong?

Obama administration to go beyond 10,000 Syrian refugees, By Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, August 5, 2016

80 percent approved, 7 percent denied

Administration officials said Friday that the 10,000 Syrian refugees President Obama wants to welcome this fiscal year is a floor, not a ceiling, and they can go even higher than that total.

“We can now say that we’ve welcomed 8,000 Syrian refugees so far this year and we are very confident we will welcome at least 10,000,” Assistant Secretary of State Anne C. Richard told reporters in updating the flow.

At today’s pace, more than 12,000 refugees could be admitted by the end of September, which marks the end of the fiscal year.

Those are part of the 85,000 total refugees from around the world that Mr. Obama has said he can accept.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Leon Rodriguez said he’s confident his officers can screen out potential terrorists and other bad actors even without access to the tools Mr. Comey said are important. Continue reading this article

France Cancels Public Events because of Security Fears

France has reacted to a string of murderous jihad attacks from its Muslim residents by calling off a number of public gatherings that might attract more mayhem. Soldiers and well armed police are more apparent on streets already, so authorities must think that their existing forces are not adequate to protect people from the worsened threat from the Islamic fifth column.

Below, French soldiers guarded Notre Dame Cathedral where parishioners had to go through a bag check for Christmas services.

So the French people will have fewer events to attend, but of course jihad-attracting crowds cannot be eliminated in stores, in the subway, in schools and elsewhere.

Over the last 18 months, the French has endured the Charlie Hebdo attack, the multiple jihad attacks in Paris last November and the Bastille Day Nice jihad where a Mohammed-driven truck killed 85 and injured over 300.

This carnage is what happens with Muslim immigration. Too bad the big boss in Washington isn’t paying attention.

Armed police guard the St. Tropez beach.


Among the cancelled events announced in France so far are the Nice Cycling Championships set for mid-September and the well known Lille flea market which attracted 2.5 million visitors over two days last year. Also scrapped were the popular open-air cinema at the Parc de la Villette in north-eastern Paris and the car-free day on the Champs-Elysées. The Quai 54 basketball tournament was cut, and had scheduled an appearance by NBA star Kobe Bryant.

All of this looming danger and fear has a depressing affect on the people. Civilization is based around the expectation of safety, and when that disappears, the public sphere is seriously undermined.

Even the most starry-eyed advocates of diversity must realize by now that Muslim immigration is a society killer and should be avoided by all nations that want to preserve peace, freedom and sovereignty.

Summer sun can’t mask creeping anxiety in France, The Local (France), August 4, 2016

The summer is in full swing in France but beneath the surface there is growing anxiety.

With every new terror attack, French citizens stoically declare that “life goes on”, but despite this show of defiance, a creeping anxiety has taken hold of society.

Outwardly, the French summer is in full swing, restaurant and bar terraces — targeted in a November attack on Paris — are packed and vibrant, beaches are covered with sunseekers and streets as busy as ever.

However beneath the surface, many are feeling the strain after a string of terror attacks over the past 18 months.

“There is a cumulative effect. At first (a terror attack) is an unexpected event, but now we are in a situation where we fear it happening again,” said Evelyne Josse, a Belgium-based psychologist and trauma expert.

Users of a popular French online medical forum describe panic attacks on the metro, being paralysed with fear at the prospect of taking trains to go on holiday or going to the beach, with one woman writing she feels that going out in a crowd is like playing Russian Roulette.

“The anxiety is always there,” 32-year-old Thibaut Chaize told AFP on his way to work in Paris. Continue reading this article

Barbarian Jihadist Pakistan Is #7 in US Immigrants

Is it not appalling that backwards Pakistan is one of the top immigrant senders to this country? — up to a million residents estimated. In fact, there are so many Pakistani immigrants residing in America that they are now disallowed from the evil Diversity Visa.

Below, Pakistani Muslims celebrate after burning down Christian homes in Lahore.

The former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz was interviewed by Stuart Varney on Friday, who mentioned that westerners are appalled by Pakistan’s honor killings — estimated at a thousand per year. And yes, Pakistanis have brought that barbaric practice to America, specifically Buffalo resident Muzzammil Hassan who beheaded his independent wife in 2009.

Just consider some news from Pakistan and its people:

●  Christian women were kidnapped near their home in Sargodha (Punjab) and forced to marry Muslim men.

● A suicide bomb killed 15 outside of a polio vaccination center in Quetta. The Taliban has murdered dozens of public health workers who vaccinate children to prevent polio.

● The social media star Qandeel Baloch was murdered last month by her brothers for dishonoring the family.

The US government rejects criminal individuals from immigrating (theoretically at least) — why does it admit criminal cultures?

As 7th largest immigrants, Pakistanis not eligible for US diversity visa, Pakistan Express Tribune, July 22, 2016

KARACHI:  After forming the seventh largest immigrant population in the United States (US), Pakistanis are no longer eligible for the diversity visa.

The diversity visa is a special immigration lottery that allowed families from countries with low rates of immigration into the US to qualify for the move. A lot of Pakistani families used this facility to immigrate to the US, leading to an immigrant population of between 700,000 and one million Pakistanis.

According to the US law, diversity laws are only allowed to counties that have low rates of immigrants, said US consulate in Karachi’s spokesperson Brian Asmus, during a media tour of the Karachi consulate’s visa section on Friday. Pakistan had 104,000 immigrants in the 10 years between 2005 and 2014, he said, explaining why Pakistanis are no longer eligible.

The state department has only stopped diversity visas and there are a lot of other options, such as petitions, student, visit and exchange programme visas, which come under the non-immigrant category. “One can always apply for immigrant visa if they have immediate family in the US,” explained US consulate’s Non-Immigrant Visa chief Mary Pellegrini. Continue reading this article

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