Rasmussen Poll: More Voters Want Border Controlled

Many elected officials want the immigration issue to go away so they can continue servicing the businesses that demand slave-cheap workers. But the little citizens notice the worsening state of the nation due to open borders and permissive immigration — there is less respect for law, more danger from jihadist enemies, schools overwhelmed with illegal alien children, citizen workers forced to train their foreign replacements and a raft of other problems stemming from chaos.


The voters have noticed how badly the administration is running immigration and the borders, a fact which a recent poll reveals.

Immigration: Support for More Border Control Hits Four-Year High, Rasmussen Reports, May 4, 2015

A growing number of voters consider illegal immigration a serious problem and believe controlling the border is the most important thing the government can do, even if using the military is necessary.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 77% of Likely U.S. Voters now consider illegal immigration a serious problem in America today, with 51% who say it is Very Serious. Just 19% don’t think it’s a serious problem, and that includes only three percent (3%) who say it’s Not At All Serious. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

While overall concern about illegal immigration is unchanged from January, the number who think it is a Very Serious problem is up from 47%.

As they have for years, most voters (63%) think gaining control of the border is more important than legalizing the status of undocumented workers already living in the United States. While that’s up just two points from January, it is the highest level of support for border control since December 2011. 

Thirty percent (30%) believe it’s more important to legalize those already living here, the lowest finding in two years.

Most voters (63%) still agree that the U.S. military should be used along the Mexican border to prevent illegal immigration, but that’s up from 57% in January and is the highest finding since December 2012. Just 26% disagree, while 12% are undecided.

Fifty-eight percent (58%) believe providing a pathway to citizenship for those currently in the country illegally will just encourage more illegal immigration, also up from January. Just 24% disagree, but 19% are not sure. Continue reading this article

China Plans ‘All-Robot’ Factory

Despite the extreme headline, the factory being constructed is not 100 percent robots with zero humans: rather, the aim is to cut only 90 percent of the facility’s workforce. Oh joy.

Nevertheless, the headline shows the trend as it is envisioned by captains of industry from Beijing to Fort Worth. Human workers are a cost to be eliminated, and the robot-automation technology is here to accomplish that goal. However, the mass eradication of wage-earners (shoppers!) seems a tiny detail yet to be worked out.


Unlike many American reports about smart machines taking jobs, the Chinese paper gives hard numbers of how many workers are planned to be eliminated. The US propaganda organs prefer to overlook the social effect of the current workplace revolution, just as they have ignored the results on citizen workers of permissive immigration for decades.

Building work starts on first all-robot manufacturing plant in China’s Dongguan, South China Morning Post, May 5, 2015

Construction work has begun on the first factory in China’s manufacturing hub of Dongguan to use only robots for production, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

A total of 1,000 robots would be introduced at the factory initially, run by Shenzhen Evenwin Precision Technology Co, with the aim of reducing the current workforce of 1,800 by 90 per cent to only about 200, Chen Xingqi, the chairman of the company’s board, was quoted as saying in the report.

The company did not give a figure for the investment in the factory, but said its production capacity could reach a value of 2 billion yuan (US$322 million) annually.

Robots are set to take over in many factories in the Pearl River Delta, the area of southern China known as the ‘world’s workshop’ because of the huge export manufacturing industry there, as labour shortages bite and local authorities face the need to spur innovation to counter the economic slowdown.

Since September, a total of 505 factories across Dongguan have invested 4.2 billion yuan in robots, aiming to replace more than 30,000 workers, according to the Dongguan Economy and Information Technology Bureau.

By 2016, up to 1,500 of the city’s industrial enterprises will began replacing humans with robots. Continue reading this article

France Considers Wider Snooper State Powers to Watch Hostile Muslims

France’s lower house has passed a bill to expand the surveillance capacity of the government, and the legislation is headed for the French senate. French civil libertarians oppose the measure as a government invasion of privacy.

The legislation is a reaction to January’s Charlie Hebdo massacre, where two jihad gunmen invaded the Paris magazine’s office and executed 11 journalists, artists and others in the building.

Below, the office of Charlie Hebdo was firebombed in 2011 for the magazine’s satires of Mohammed, but editor Stephane Charbonnier (“Charb”) refused to stop publishing despite the attack. He was murdered on January 7, 2015, by jihadist gangsters.

The millions of Muslim residents in France pose a danger to public safety and national security, so the imported enemy within requires extra attention. A country cannot indulge in extreme diversity that includes historic enemies and still maintain a high level of freedom from government intrusion.

Another sign of France’s wobbly level of public safety: 7000 soldiers are to be permanently deployed to the nation’s streets. They were put on security duty following the January terrorism and now the policy is being made permanent to maintain the peace, if such a thing is possible in diverse France these days.

The government should start with legislation to end immigration from Islamic nations. That would be the most effective measure to take, albeit late in the game for France, which is far down the road of suicide by immigration.

France passes new surveillance law in wake of Charlie Hebdo attack, The Guardian, May 5, 2015

Controversial new bill that allows intelligence agencies to tap phones and emails without judicial permission sparks protests from civil liberties groups

The French parliament has overwhelmingly approved sweeping new surveillance powers in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris that killed 17 people at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and a kosher grocery in Paris.

The new bill, which allows intelligence agencies to tap phones and emails without seeking permission from a judge, had sparked protests from rights groups who claimed it would legalise highly intrusive surveillance methods without guarantees for individual freedom and privacy.

Protesters for civil liberties groups had launched a last-ditch campaign against the bill under the banner “24 hours before 1984” in reference to George Orwell’s dystopian novel about life under an all-knowing dictatorship. Groups including Amnesty International had warned of “extremely large and intrusive powers” without judicial controls.

But despite opposition from green and hard-left MPs, the bill won the overwhelming backing of the majority of MPs from the Socialist and rightwing UMP parties, which said it was necessary to tackle the terrorist risk. The bill was passed in the national assembly by 438 votes to 86, with a handful of no votes from Socialist MPs. Continue reading this article

Islamic Anti-Free-Speech Shootout Hits Garland Texas

Pamela Geller returned to Garland Texas on Sunday to respond to January’s “Stand with the Prophet” jihad conclave that condemned America’s First Amendment because it allows us to tell the unpleasant truth about Islam and Mohammed. She chose the same venue in the same town to emphasize that Americans will not give up our treasured free speech because of hostile Muslims.

Unfortunately, because of Muslim immigration and other negative influences like Islam prison ministries, free speech about Islam is now a dangerous activity in America.

Below, guest speaker Geert Wilders looked happy with the well armed SWAT team that protected the Garland celebration of American free speech.


I watched the entire event live on the internet (love those tubes!). If you are patient enough to watch three hours of speeches and whatnot, check it out (spare link). The shooting started after the speeches were finished: an armed man in camo came into the room and advised that shots had been fired outside. It was later reported that the two men, armed with assault weapons, opened fire on the police and were shot dead by an officer with a service revolver. Good shooting!

The free speech event itself went fine. Geert Wilders gave a strong talk and quoted a Texas founder in his remarks:

Speech Geert Wilders at Muhammad Cartoon Contest, Garland Texas, May 3, 2015

Dear friends,
Thank you all for being here. It’s great to be in Texas, the Lone Star State. The one star in the Texan flag represents all the free Western world needs today: defiance, pride and independence.

It is no coincidence that we are in Garland, Texas, tonight. It is here that, three months ago, shortly after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, Islamic activists convened to demand that free speech be curtailed. They want to prohibit cartoons, books and films which they find insulting.

Our answer is clear:
Don’t mess with Texas!
Don’t mess with the free West!
Don’t mess with our freedom of speech! [. . .]

Let me end by quoting Sam Houston, the founding father of this great state of Texas:

“Texas has yet to learn submission to any oppression, come from what source it may.”

May his words inspire us all today never to submit to Islamic barbarism.

Former CIA operative Gary Berntsen appeared this morning on Fox News to talk about what happened, and he knew a couple people at the event. Those friends said the attackers were carrying AK-47s with drum magazines that hold a lot of ammo. Berntsen observed, “That means significant capacity to fire on a crowd. They probably weren’t there to kill one person. They were probably looking to do mass casualties. Thank goodness for the Garland Police.”

Germany Expects Up to Half a Million 'Refugees' This Year

Chancellor Angela Merkel has heard from local authorities in her country that they need a pile of cash to resettle the huge numbers of diverse foreigners headed north from Africa. Germany is crazy to accept so many — the cost, crime, jihad and social turmoil of so many Muslims will verge on suicidal. But Merkel seems on board.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama offers to take a large number of Africans — the more Muslims in America, the better, as far as BHO is concerned. Idaho just learned of the government’s plans to dump up to 2000 Syrians, Congolese and Somalis in Boise and Twin Falls over the next couple years. What’s a few hundred thousand more? More diversity!

Below, Africa is home to over a BILLION people, many of whom are anxious to reach the freebies of the First World by illegally immigrating to Europe.

The news has spread across Africa that the border is open to Europe, so plenty of economic migrants have hit the road. The BBC has a story about a Gambian Muslim from the western edge of the continent who has traveled 4750 miles off and on for over a year because he is desperate for money, period. Africans are willing to journey great distances to reach the easy living of Europe.

The Mediterranean’s migrant survivors, BBC, April 23, 2015

Malick Touray, 30, The Gambia
Malick, a 30-year-old mobile phone technician, describes how he began his journey across Africa to Europe in October 2012 because of his financial situation, struggling to support his extended family.

He had finished school early and started work because his father – who has three wives – could no longer pay school fees for Malick and his 18 other children. [. . .]

The German people don’t want to be flooded with angry demanding foreigners, many of whom are Islamic. A January poll found 57 percent of respondents thought Islam was a threat. A grassroots movement called PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes — Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West) has sprouted up with well attended marches protesting the mass immigration of Muslims.

Here’s more about stupid Germany screwing its own citizens:

German regions need more funds for refugee surge – state leader, Reuters, May 2, 2015

(Reuters) – The German government needs to double its funding to states to 2 billion euros to help them cope with a surge of refugees, the regional finance minister in Bavaria, Markus Soeder, was quoted as telling Der Spiegel news magazine on Saturday.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and top government leaders are set to hold a crisis meeting with state officials in Berlin on May 8 as estimates show between 300,000-500,000 refugees arriving in Germany this year, double the number in 2014.

“The federal government has agreed to contribute a billion euros – it’s going to need to at least double that amount,” Soeder said, adding the states were struggling to cope with rising numbers. Continue reading this article

More Jobs Are Being Lost as Robots Become Affordable for Small Business

We have become accustomed to seeing robots in the workplace in big industries like auto manufacturing, but most Americans work in smaller companies, so the threat of smart machine replacement for those jobs is not so great, right? Wrong.

Baxter the robot, a machine introduced a couple years ago, costs around $22,000 to purchase and $3/hour to run. So small manufacturers are beginning to take advantage of the machines to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Baxter excels at simple tasks like loading boxes, as shown.


It’s disconcerting that Washington is snoozing through this fundamental transformation of the employment universe where the human worker is becoming obsolete in the production of goods and services. The CEO of the Gallup pollsters remarked a few months back that “At the recession, we lost 13 million jobs, only three million have come back,” which is sounds like a good snapshot of the American economy: jobs are not being created and the cause is partially smart machines.

In 2013, an Oxford University study (“The Future of Employment: How Susceptible Are Jobs to Computerisation?”) was published that concluded “about 47 percent of total US employment is at risk” to be replaced by robots and automation. The Gartner consulting firm has forecast that one-third of jobs will be done by smart machines by 2025, a short ten years from now.

The globalized economy — consisting of outsourcing and mass immigration — has severely damaged the social fabric of this country. The grandparents of today’s angry young people could find middle-class jobs with a high school education, but that world of opportunity is gone, largely because of bad policy choices from Washington. (For example, Americans were told a few decades back that outsourcing entire industries would be fine because everyone would be retrained for tech jobs.) Automation is making that bad situation worse, and it’s not even mentioned in congressional discussions of joblessness.

There’s not a lot that can be done by government to deal with technological change, but political leaders should at least jettison the delusion of a future worker shortage caused by the retirement of millions of boomers: many of those jobs will be done by smart machines.

Therefore, the correct number of immigrant workers is ZERO. The technological revolution in the workplace making humans less necessary means any new low-skilled immigrants (which is most of them) will end up in the welfare office. Instead of importing superfluous immigrants by the millions, the government must focus on citizen needs. In particular, schools should partner with business to include training that prepares American young people for the few jobs that remain.

The latest small-business productivity tool: The robot, CNBC, May 2, 2015

47% of US jobs at high risk for being automated in 10 to 20 years

Robots aren’t just for corporate Goliaths; even the little guy on Main Street is adopting them. Their goal: to boost sales and productivity. But at what cost?

Take Sam Kraus, a Hungarian immigrant who founded what became Skyline Windows in 1921. In the early days, the tinsmith traveled around with a small cart to do his roofing and waterproofing work by hand.

Fast-forward to today, and the fourth-generation business, based in New York City’s South Bronx, has left the pushcart era far behind. Skyline, which has evolved into a custom window manufacturer and installer, now relies on robots to do some of its work. In the factory in Woodridge, New Jersey, where it makes its windows, Skyline uses a $150,000 computer-operated machine to automate tasks like cutting holes in the metal and two $20,000 robots to install its windows, which sometimes weigh 600 pounds.

“It allows us to be more efficient—and our plan is to buy more of these robots when we can,” said senior vice president Matt Kraus, whose profitable firm brings in about $70 million in annual revenue and employs about 350 people.

Kraus is one of many entrepreneurs who are discovering that robots can be a powerful tool for growing a small company—even one with its roots in an old-line business. In the manufacturing industry, a recent study by Boston Consulting Group found that by 2025, robots will do about 25 percent of all industrial tasks—and that inexpensive robots are becoming increasingly available to smaller companies. Robotics are also making it possible for more individuals to start businesses in industries where the need for a substantial labor force once posed a big barrier to entry.

“Automation is having a big impact,” said Martin Ford, author of “Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future,” due to be published May 5. “It’s both positive and negative.”

3D printing is one example. Some tiny firms are already using 3D printers to make prototypes and even manufacturing products on their own, as Ford notes. Others are sending the prototypes to China, where they make the products. That will make it easier for entrepreneurs to build wealth, but the flip side will be a decline in traditional jobs.

The future of jobs
“Businesses will need to hire no people or fewer people,” he said. “You can literally have one person start a manufacturing business.”

A decline in traditional jobs could lead to shrinking markets for small businesses, said Ford. “We need consumers out there who will buy what is created by the economy,” he explained. Continue reading this article

Niger Is a Transit Point for Thousands of Africans Headed North

When we see news of the African invasion of Europe, what’s generally presented is the situation on the Mediterranean of rickety boats jammed with young men determined to reach the free stuff of the First World. What’s even more alarming is how far they travel over dangerous desert terrain to demand life in Europe.

The BBC recently traveled to Niger, to see the long journey of the African men north. They begin in their villages and travel to the city of Agadez, a long-time center of migrant transit where space on a truck may be bought. Then they travel 1200 miles across the perilous Sahara to the Mediterranean in hopes of reaching Europe.

The perilous journey migrants make to reach north Africa, BBC, April 30, 2015

For migrants it is a dangerous journey to cross sub-Saharan Africa to reach the north African coast.

It is estimated that 100,000 migrants will go through the town of Agadez in Niger this year, higher than in 2014, putting their lives into the hands of smugglers. Some migrants will never make it, dying of thirst en route, or sold to militia for money.

A rugged infrastructure is in place for millions of Africans to head north, and they seem unaware of the dangers or choose to ignore them. Many of the illegal alien boat people come from Muslim nations, and the current chaos provides an enticing opportunity for  jihadists wishing to make their way into infidel territory.

Europe needs to get realistic about the threat or it will be overrun in short order. The current policy of welcome is exactly the wrong message to send.

Press Conference: Geert Wilders Warns America against Islamic Immigration

Geert Wilders, an outspoken member of the Dutch parliament, has been visiting Washington this week, with a speech to a conservative group on Wednesday and an outdoors press conference on Thursday. Thanks to Rep. Steve King for posting a video of the whole presser.

Below, Geert Wilders at the podium, with Congressmen Scott Perry, Louie Gohmert and Steve King, left to right.


Geert Wilders has been speaking out for years against totalitarian Islam as a danger to western freedoms around the world:

“The Islamic immigration to our free western societies has proven to be a Trojan horse. The jihadis are among us today. And of course not all Muslims are terrorists; it would be ridiculous even to suggest that, but almost all terrorists seem to be Muslims today.”

He recommended that America should stop importing Islamic enemies via immigration:

“Trust me: go to Europe and see with your own eyes, Islam and freedom, Islam and liberty are incompatible. Go to any country, any arab or Islamic country where Islam is dominant, that Islam and freedom are incompatible, and we should be warned that what is happening there, the Trojan horse of mass immigration from Islamic countries to our societies, will also happen here, and I don’t want that to happen.”

Over its 1400-year history of carnage, Islam has become expert in the use of warfare, terror, intimidation and politics to conquer large swaths of territory. Some in our own government see it as an efficient system of running society without all that messy freedom, so we should pay attention to Wilders’ warning.

Sweden-Residing Somali Woman Leaves Islam after Reading the Koran

CBN reporter Dale Hurd recently interviewed Mona Walter, an ex-Muslim living in Sweden, to learn about her spiritual journey. After she left Somalia for Scandinavia as a refugee, she read the Koran for the first time and discovered the truth of what Islam is about. Her search eventually led her to Christianity, but her mission is still with Islam, namely to tell Muslims what the Koran really says.

MonaWalterSomaliExMuslimTruth-tellers, particularly when the subject is Islam, often face a lot of resistance. Walter gets death threats and sometimes needs security when she travels. She is brave to do outreach to the Allah tribe, but the hostile reaction of Muslims again demonstrates what a monster the west has created by allowing Islam immigration.

Ex-Muslim: Koran Revealed a Religion I Did Not Like, CBN News, By Dale Hurd, April 28, 2015

GOTHENBURG, Sweden — Mona Walter is on a mission. Her mission is for more Muslims to know what is in the Koran. She says if more Muslims knew what was in the Koran, more would leave Islam.

Walter came to Sweden from Somalia as a war refugee when she was 19. She says she was excited about joining a modern European nation with equal rights for women. But as a young Muslim woman, that was not the Sweden she encountered.

A Real Introduction to Islam
It was in Sweden that she first experienced radical Islam on a daily basis.

“I discovered Islam first in Sweden. In Somalia, you’re just a Muslim, without knowing the Koran. But then you come to Sweden and you go to mosque and there is the Koran, so you have to cover yourself and you have to be a good Muslim.”

Walter says she grew up in Somalia never having read the Koran.

“I didn’t know what I was a part of. I didn’t know who Mohammed was. I didn’t know who Allah was. So, when I found out, I was upset. I was sad and I was disappointed,” she recalled.

And it was in Sweden that Walters says she discovered Allah is a god who hates, and that Islam is not a religion of peace.

“It’s about hating and killing those who disagree with Islam. It’s about conquering. Mohammed, he was immoral. He was a bloodthirsty man. He was terrible man, and Muslims can read that in his biography — what he did to Jews, how he raped women, how he killed people. I mean, he killed everyone who didn’t agree with him,” she explained. Continue reading this article

Geert Wilders Speaks to Washington Republicans

On Wednesday, the Dutch freedom fighter Geert Wilders delivered a speech to the Conservative Opportunity Society in Washington. He was invited by Congressmen Steve King and Louis Gohmert to the city for a couple of events.

The usual suspects objected to his being welcomed to the capital city to warn against hostile Islam, as he does frequently. CAIR demanded that the GOP disinvite Wilders, an elected member of the Dutch parliament. The two Muslim congressmen wanted him blocked from entering the United States.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) issued a press release saying that it is “deeply distressed” that the anti-Muslim xenophobe was invited to Washington. Wait, isn’t the ADL a Jewish group supposed to be concerned with anti-semitism? The biggest threat to Jews is Islam: the Hadith says, “O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.” During the January Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, four shoppers at a kosher deli were killed. French soldiers guard synagogues and Jewish schools from jihad attack. But the ADL is worried about Geert Wilders telling the truth about Islam.

Islam is definitely unfriendly to free speech. In fact, Muslims murder people who speak against their beliefs, such as the slaughter of the Charlie Hebdo journalists. Wilders needs 24/7 security because of his outspoken honesty about the threat that Islam poses to civilization.

Following is the speech, where he reminded the audience that Islam is a threat to westerners because of immigration: we have allowed the enemy inside the gates.

Speech Geert Wilders for US Congressmen, Washington DC, GeertWilders.nl, April 29, 2015

Dear Friends,

It is an honor to be here, among so many colleagues. Thank you Steve for inviting me here at the Conservative Opportunity Society.

I am a politician under attack. For over ten years now, I have been living under 24 hour police protection. I am on the death list of Al Qaida. The Pakistani Taliban also want me dead and terrorists from the Islamic State in Syria made similar threats. In order to be safe, my wife and live in a safe house and have stayed in army barracks and even in prison cells, actually the same cells and beds where the Lockerbie suspects were held in the Netherlands. I am driven around in armored cars and even during TV debates in election time in my home country I have to wear a bullet proof vest. Leftist and liberal activists call me a xenophobe and a racist and the extreme right calls me a Zionist and Mossad agent because of my love for Israel.

So what did I do to deserve all this?

The reason for all this is that I speak out against the Islamization of the West. The reason is that I tell the truth about the totalitarian ideology called Islam and that I nonetheless lead one of the major parties in the Netherlands. A national poll yesterday even indicated that my party, the Party for Freedom, is currently the biggest party in the Netherlands.

But enough about me. It is not about me.

I am not the only one under attack. My country is under attack. My continent is under attack. Your country and your continent are under attack. We are all under attack. Our western civilization based on Christianity and Judaism is under attack. The whole free Western world is under attack.

And remember, we have been under attack before.

As it happens, we are gathered here this morning on a symbolic day.

Exactly 70 years ago, on April 29, 1945, two divisions of the US Seventh Army liberated the concentration camp of Dachau, the oldest of the Nazi concentration camps.

One of the American liberators wrote: “Since we saw this camp, we understood that we were not engaged in war against soldiers and officers, but against criminals.”

After the Second World War, our leaders vowed: Never again!

Never again will we tolerate anti-Semitism, political assassinations, mass murders, oppression, slavery. And they vowed that they would never forget and always remember the lessons of history.

Here is one of these lessons:

When confronted with evil, do not put your heads in the sand, but act before it is too late.

In the 1930s, most politicians in Europe had looked away. They tried to appease evil, hoping that it would react to appeasement by growing moderate. What fools they had been! And what a terrible price the world had to pay for this foolishness. Neutrality in the face of evil is evil.

But appeasement is downright suicide.

And here we are today.

Despite all the promises that we would not make the same awful mistake all over again, many Western leaders are doing exactly that. Looking away and appeasing evil.

I often wonder what part of the Koran our leaders find so difficult to understand?

Is it sura 47:4? “When ye meet the unbelievers, smite at their necks and cause a bloodbath among them”? Or is it sura 4:89, “Seize them and kill them wherever ye find them”? Or sura 8:60, “Strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah”? Or is it another of the over 150 Koranic verses which call for jihad against non-Muslims? Or any of the many verses which call for the subjugation of Christians and Jews, or the murder of apostates?

We have a huge problem with Islam in the West today. First, let us look at the causes, then at the consequences, and finally at ways to solve this problem.

The Islamization process has been caused by immigration, combined with our failure to demand that immigrants adapt our values. Fifty years ago, the Netherlands had one thousand Islamic immigrants. Today, we have one million, or 6% of our population.

In the Netherlands, Muhammad is currently already the second most popular name among newborn boys nationwide and the most popular name in our three largest cities, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. This is also the case in the Belgian capital Brussels, the Norwegian capital Oslo, the British capital London and as a matter of fact even in the whole of Great-Britain.

We failed to demand that immigrants adopt our Judeo-Christian values and assimilate into our society. And here are some of the consequences: There is little loyalty to our home countries. Continue reading this article

Jihad Experts Warn against UN-Recommended Refugee Dump in the West

A week ago, a United Nations “expert” on migrant right insisted that wealthy nations take one million Syrian refugees, and he also allowed that the number could be increased later. And by “rich countries” he means Europe and America, not say, ultra-wealthy Saudi Arabia which would be a more culturally appropriate destination.

UN expert: rich countries must take in 1 million refugees to stop boat deaths, UK Guardian, April 22, 2015

[François] Crépeau also defended “economic migrants”, many who try to come to Europe and developed countries from sub-Saharan Africa. They were “people who may not be in need of protection but are desperate for a future because there’s no job for them anywhere near their country”.

This is how the United Nations thinks: the West exists to be a flophouse for billions of the world’s poor or displaced people, even if they are historical enemies of the people who live here. All the jihad activity tearing up the Middle East now is the normal behavior of Islam throughout its history: religious war is how north Africa and the Middle East were turned from Christian to Muslim. We see the traditional tactics of jihad every day on the news — mass murder, terror, intimidation, threats, kidnapping, beheading ad nauseum.

And many of the illegal alien boat people headed north to Europe are hostile Muslims.

Naturally, our enemies are licking their chops at the opportunity to enter the hated infidel lands by pretending to be refugees. It’s too easy to resist.

Europe’s acceptance of many thousands of potentially dangerous people is a terrible idea on the face, but the sleepwalking to disaster continues because liberal ideology requires the rescue of designated victims. It’s all so Camp of the Saints.

Only a few voices have spoken out about the obvious danger. The Dutch political leader Geert Wilders recommends the Australian approach of turning away all refugee-filled ships. When the aliens understand that they will not be admitted to Europe they will quit heading north in rickety boats.

UN plan to settle 1M refugees an invitation to terror, critics warn, Fox News, April 27, 2015

The humanitarian disaster unfolding on the Mediterranean is likely already providing a “shield” for Islamist terrorists to infiltrate waves of migrants attempting the perilous crossing from North Africa to Europe, terrorism experts and other strategic observers are warning. And they say a UN plan to resettle 1 million refugees in Western nations would turn the situation into a full-blown security crisis.

The exodus now unfolding, as well as the UN call to take in refugees from war-torn Middle Eastern and African nations over the next five years, is providing a “shield for the passage of jihadists to Europe,” said one analyst. Once absorbed into the societies of Europe and other rich countries such as the United States, ISIS operatives would be set to eventually gain all the freedoms of other citizens of those countries – including the freedom to travel, often without having to go through the extra scrutiny involved in obtaining a passport visa.

“ISIS has threatened to [infiltrate the migrants] and German intelligence already said that this is a real threat,” Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders told FoxNews.com from The Netherlands. “An open door policy would – both for the USA and Europe – mean that the threat of Islamists and terrorists entering our countries would increase to a very dangerous level.”

Muslims among migrants trying to reach Italy by boat from Libya tossed 12 fellow passengers overboard this month because they were Christians, Italian police said. All 12 drowned, leading the Italian authorities to charge 15 Muslim men with murder fueled by religious hatred.

While the incident received media attention, appeals by the United Nations and international charities such as Amnesty International and Oxfam have focused on the wider dangers faced by all the migrants crossing by the thousands in crowded and rickety vessels, as they escape violence and economic hardship throughout northern and western Africa, and the Middle East.

The intensity of their appeals for Europe and beyond to step up their intake of refugees soared after some 770 migrants lost their lives when their boat capsized and sank earlier this month.

The tragedy marked the largest loss of life of any in the Mediterranean involving refugees and migrants, and came just days after a similar disaster claimed an estimated 400 lives, while another tragedy at sea left 50 more dead.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called on the “international community” – taken in most quarters to mean developed countries – to institute a “comprehensive and collective” response, which he said should go beyond meeting the immediate need of improved sea-rescue options. Continue reading this article

DHS Secretary Johnson Claims Interest in Deporting Criminals

The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on Tuesday morning where the Chairman, Chuck Grassley, had the opportunity to question DHS chief Jeh Johnson for the first time since Obama’s executive amnesty last November. Senator Grassley used the opportunity to quiz Johnson directly about a case of a man, Emmanuel Rangel-Hernandez, who received the President’s DACA benefit despite being a known gang member. The alien later went on to murder four people, authorities contend.

Below, illegal alien gangster Rangel-Hernandez (r) is accused of murdering Mirjana Puhar, a contestant in the TV show America’s Top Model, among others.

Senator Grassley has been very persistent in pursuing the Rangel-Hernandez case, recognizing how it signifies the sloppiness by which the administration “investigates” — perhaps too strong a word — the illegal aliens which it intends to reward with citizenship. In February Grassley reported on information he had received about the criminal background of the accused killer, and in March sent a letter to the DHS demanding to know the truth. A week ago, the agency admitted its mistake in awarding the gangster alien with a DACA.

In Tuesday’s hearing, Senate Committee on the Judiciary Hearing on Oversight of the Department of Homeland Security, Chairman Grassley mentioned the gangster case just a few sentences into his opening statement (see below) and got quickly to that subject in his questioning.

GRASSLEY: I want to ask you about Mr. Rangel-Hernandez, a gang member that committed those murders I referred to. According to your April 17 response to me and Mr. Tillis, Mr. Rangel-Hernandez’ application should have gone through several layers of review, including by U.S. Citizenship Immigration Services’ background check unit.

Because of his gang affiliation, the department’s headquarters should also have reviewed the case. Thus, the adjudicator would only be able to approve such an application after a sign off from Washington leadership. There was obviously a lapse, but it’s unclear who dropped the ball.

First question, why was Mr. Rangel-Hernandez approved for deferred action despite his known gang ties. In other words, which office was responsible for approving the DACA applicant, and was it the adjudicator, the background check unit or USCIS headquarters?

JOHNSON: The answer to the Why question is simply he should not have received DACA. I believe on balance DACA is a good program. I also believe that this case is a tragic case, and this individual should not have received DACA. I cannot state that in stronger terms. . .

We’ve gone back and retrained the entire workforce that deals with these cases to make sure that they identify trouble signs, such as suspected membership in criminal gangs. . .

I’m interested in deporting criminals, sir.

Johnson never did get around to specifying the office that screwed up, claiming he didn’t know the name of the unit. (Lame!) Holding people accountable is not the government style. Johnson’s using the word “sir” was the closest to an apology the committee got.

Now, back to the beginning of the hearing for the first part of Chairman Grassley’s opening statement which was rather blunt:

Oversight is a critical function and a constitutional responsibility of the legislative branch. Every year, this committee tries to invite the Secretary of Homeland Security to brief us on the state of affairs of the department. It’s an opportunity to question the administration’s policies as well as an opportunity for the department to take responsibility for its actions.

It’s a pleasure to have Secretary Johnson here today. This is the first opportunity for our committee to question him publicly since the President’s executive actions on immigration announced last November.

Even though there is an injunction against the executive actions, we can still get a good idea of what to expect from the enjoined programs based on the way the department has implemented the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or “DACA” program.

It appears, for example, that applications for deferred action are being rubberstamped, evidenced by the fact that criminals and gang members are receiving this special benefit despite supposed policies against it.

Take, for example, the case of a DACA recipient in North Carolina, Emmanuel Rangel-Hernandez, who is accused of murdering four people, including a former reality TV model.

Last week, the department admitted Rangel-Hernandez had received DACA despite his gang membership, which was known to adjudicators, and despite already being in deportation proceedings.

The agency response indicated a lapse in the processing of Rangel-Hernandez’s application. However it’s not yet clear who ultimately made the decision to approve the application. We need to get to the bottom of it. We know that the agency has terminated 282 DACA requests because of gang and/or criminal issues. So, this appears to be a bigger problem.

This tragedy compels the question: What background checks are in place and are they adequate to ensure that benefits are not being provided to those who pose a threat to the homeland and public safety? And, does this administration truly have a zero-tolerance policy for the granting of immigration benefits to criminals and gang members, as suggested by the President?

The committee will also want to hear from the Secretary about the proposed expansion of DACA and why the department provided over 100,000 DACA work authorization extensions despite assurances its lawyers gave the federal court that it would not implement any aspect of the President’s executive action until February 18, 2015.

Whether discussing the 2012 DACA program or the 2014 executive actions, there remain questions about the legality of the President’s actions. There are also questions about how the department will fund the programs, and whether legal immigrants will suffer due to the prioritization for benefits of people in the country illegally.

The Secretary must also answer as to why this administration is allowing people here illegally to be put on a path to citizenship, which is clearly a constitutional responsibility of Congress. This path to citizenship is afforded through the administration’s use of advance parole, which they are encouraging DACA applicants to take advantage of. This loophole will set a dangerous precedent that will allow lawbreakers to obtain the benefits of lawful permanent residence and citizenship after showing a total disregard for American law.

One thing seems very clear: there is little will or desire by this administration to enforce the laws on the books and to back up agents in the field who swore to uphold the law.

This administration needs to answer for the release of criminal aliens into our communities. In fiscal year 2013, the department released from detention over 36,000 convicted criminal aliens in removal proceedings or after they had been ordered removed. Then in fiscal year 2014, it released 30,558 convicted criminal aliens. They had convictions ranging from homicide to sexual assault to kidnapping to aggravated assault to drunk driving. Continue reading this article

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