“Migrants” Escape Cruel America by Battling Snow Drifts to Reach Canada

Oh, the horror! Illegal aliens feel it necessary to flee Trump’s America where immigration laws are enforced (at least to a degree) for CANADA in DECEMBER! After all, our northerly neighbor is known to be welcoming, particularly since Justin Trudeau became prime minister.

In fact, Trudeau responded to President Trump’s limited immigration ban of last January by tweeting “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada.”

The Washington Post front-paged a chilly photo on Saturday to show the frozen wastes of Canada that fleeing aliens must face — brr!

The Post frets that the illegal aliens will turn into icicles in the snow — ignoring the fact that plenty were smart to enough to break into Canada during the warmer months preceding December. But any reasonable discussion would spoil the sob story!

The Post article was reprinted on another site, so click away, non-subscribers:

The perilous path to Canada for migrants shoves local Minn. officials onto front lines of debate, Inforum.com, December 15, 2017

By Washington Post

NOYES, Minn. – Chad Cosley tracks them as if they were deer.

He looks for footprints and frequently checks his network of trail cameras, which had been documenting wildlife along the U.S.-Canada border but now also capture would-be refugees fleeing the United States under President Donald Trump.

“I was up there hunting just on November 4, and we had fresh snow,” said Cosley, 45, who owns a parcel delivery service. “The following morning, we had four sets of footprints walking all the way up to the border with Canada, and there was a glove laying there on the ground – brand new, with perfume on it – so it was definitely a gal.”

Since the start of the year, more than 1,000 people have made similar journeys through this tiny community in far northwestern Minnesota in an attempt to enter Canada by avoiding official border crossings, part of a nationwide surge as Trump advances his campaign pledge to make life uninviting for undocumented immigrants and some aspiring refugees. The exodus, also playing out in border towns in the Northeast that lead to Quebec and Ontario, is rattling local officials on both sides of the border who are now angry about being shoved onto the front lines of America’s divisive immigration debate.

A Ghanaian woman’s body was found in a ditch near this small Minnesota town in May. She was an asylum seeker who succumbed to hypothermia while trying to cross the border. Residents fear there will be calamities in coming months as travelers encounter winter here, when a frigid northwestern wind scours barren fields separating Minnesota from Canada’s Manitoba province, making the traverse through blizzards and across frozen swamps a harrowing and life-threatening trip.

The concern has intensified, with county officials publicly calling on the Trump administration and Canada to waive a policy that prevents would-be refugees from passing through official border crossings. That plea has been met with silence.

Although rural Minnesota overwhelmingly supported Trump in last year’s election, some residents are troubled by his hard-line immigration policies, given the impact on their towns.

“For us, it’s a shocker to see these people wandering around,” said Leroy Clow, 73, a retired farmer and electrician. “It’s nice-dressed families – like they could be your neighbor – but they are scared and don’t know what else to do.”

According to the Canadian government, 9,335 people made asylum claims at land ports of entry between January and October, including those picked up after crossing the border from the United States at unauthorized locations. That is more than double the average of annual claims made from 2011 through 2016.

Counting asylum requests at airports, marine terminals and immigration offices, the Canadian government processed more than 41,000 applications this year through Oct. 31, nearly double the total processed in all of 2016.


Oklahoma: Islam Convert Is Sentenced to Death for Beheading Coworker

On Sept. 24, 2014, Alton Nolen entered a food processing plant and proceeded to behead one worker, Colleen Hufford, and seriously stab another, Traci Johnson. Nolen had been suspended from Vaughan Foods in Moore, Oklahoma, for making racist remarks; plus he also had converted to Islam while in prison, where too many rough characters get converted to the religion of murder.

Nolen was stopped from committing any more mayhem by a man with a gun, Mark Vaughan, a reserve sheriff’s deputy and the company’s chief operating officer.

Below, Colleen Hufford (left) was killed in Nolen’s attack and Traci Johnson (right) was slashed, as jurors heard during the trial.

Naturally, the killer claimed he was following the koran, which instructs muslims to treat non-muslims harshly, e.g. “When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks” (Qur’an 47:4).

Nolen was a born-here convert, but continuing muslim immigration and increasing their numbers is normalizing the totalitarian political system into something acceptable in America, which it is not.

“May God have mercy on your soul,” Oklahoma man formally sentenced for beheading coworker, KFOR.com, December 15, 2017

NORMAN, Okla. — An Oklahoma man was formally sentenced Friday morning for beheading a coworker at a food plant.

Alton Nolen, 33, was convicted of first degree murder in late September for beheading his coworker Colleen Hufford inside Vaughan Foods in September 2014. Following a two-phase trial beginning in mid-September, jurors recommended Nolen be sentenced to death in October.

By then, he had already been handed three life sentences plus 130 years combined on assault charges for stabbing another coworker Traci Johnson and attacking other workers inside the plant that day. Johnson survived the attack.

In October, she told reporters she did not know if she could ever forgive Nolen for his actions.

“Mr. Nolen, I don’t understand why you did what you did to me and Colleen and the other gentlemen, but that was wrong and you know it was,” she said. “I pray for you.”

In 2014, Nolen justified his actions to investigators by claiming he was a practicing Muslim and believed his actions were correct by the Quran. During closing arguments in October, Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Masburn noted Nolen asked for the death penalty at one point.

“He wants it, because he thinks something good is waiting for him on the other side. Give it to him, and let him find out,” Mashburn told the jury.

In court Friday morning, Judge Lori Walkley accepted the recommendation of the jury, sentencing Nolen to death by lethal injection for beheading Hufford.


Housing Costs in California Continue to Surge

California remains a popular place to live, where millions from around the world have come to experience the moderate climate, excellent restaurants and easy going law enforcement.

In fact, 27 percent of the state’s population is foreign born as of 2016 according to the Census.

But California’s popularity has caused a huge crunch in affordable housing, where a downturn in employment or plain bad luck can make some people homeless because of the high cost of anything with four walls. Others who would like to buy a house simply can’t afford one. Supply and demand can get ugly.

Plus, from an environmental viewpoint, California’s 40 million residents make it highly overpopulated. Last year’s winter rainy season was intense and broke a brutal five-year drought. But a very dry fall this year makes another drought look like a real possibility. It’s curious how the environmentalists in the state never speak up about the obvious immigration-fueled overpopulation problem.

Below, new housing in the San Francisco Bay Area shows how open space is paved over to build more suburbs.

Overpopulation also shows up in California’s famously horrible traffic.

William La Jeunesse reported on California’s skyrocketing housing costs:

California housing crisis affecting middle class the most: It’s ‘a broken system’, Fox News, By William La Jeunesse, December 14, 2017

For all of its claims of being an economic paradise, California is a failure when it comes to housing.

Not just low-income, affordable housing, but middle-income, working-class housing for teachers, firemen and long-time residents hoping to live anywhere near work.

“California has a housing crisis. We can’t provide housing to our citizens,” said Rita Brandin, with San Diego developer Newland Communities. “In Georgia, Texas and Florida, it can take a year and a half from concept to permits. In California, just the process from concept to approvals, is five years – that does not include the environmental lawsuits faced by 90 percent of projects.”

Numbers tell the story of California’s housing crisis.

* 75 percent of Southern Californians can’t afford to buy a home, according to the state realtors association.

* 16 of the 25 least affordable communities in the US are in California, according to 24/7 Wall Street.

* Officials this year declared a homeless emergency in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange counties.

* 56 percent of state voters say they may have to move because of a lack of affordable housing. One in four say they will relocate out of state, according to University of California Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies.

* A median price home in the Golden State is $561,000, according to the realtors association. A household would need to earn $115,000 a year to reasonably afford a home at that price, assuming a 20 percent down payment. Yet, two thirds of Californians earns less $80,000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

* The household income needed to afford a median-priced home in the Silicon Valley town of Palo Alto is $450,000.

* In San Francisco, a median priced home is $1.5 million, according to the Paragon Real Estate Group.

* Home prices in California are twice the national average, and 70 percent can’t afford to buy a home, according to state figures.

* Median household income in L.A. is $64,000. That’s half what is necessary to buy a home.

*1 in 10 residents are considering leaving because they can’t afford a place to live, according to a state legislative study, while US Census figures show 2 million residents, 25 and older, have already left the state since 2010.

* In 2016, 30 percent of California tenants put more than 50 percent of their income toward rent and utilities, according to the California Budget & Policy Center. Economists consider 30 percent the limit.

* California needs to double the number of homes built each year to keep prices from rising faster than the national average, according to the Legislative Analyst’s Office.


Robert Mueller’s Willful Ignorance, Then and Now

The former head of the FBI Robert Mueller has a stellar reputation for integrity, at least among the scribbler classes, and he has been praised as the perfect human to snoop into Donald Trump’s alleged “collusion” (not a crime) with Russia.

But Robert Spencer has a different opinion about Mueller, based on the director’s removal of jihad facts from the FBI’s counterterrorist training in 2012.

As Spencer has written for years on his website JihadWatch.org and in numerous well footnoted books, Islam is a supremacist ideology that seeks world domination.

As Spencer explained in Why Jihad Watch:

Why Jihad Watch? Because non-Muslims in the West, as well as in India, China, Russia, and the world over, are facing a concerted effort by Islamic jihadists, the motives and goals of whom are largely ignored by the Western media, to destroy their societies and impose Islamic law upon them — and to commit violence to that end even while their overall goal remains out of reach. That effort goes under the general rubric of jihad. . . .

The history of Islam is one of violent conquest of the lands of non-believers, and nothing is different today, except than unwise immigration has invited millions of muslims to enter western nations without an armed invasion required.

The map below shows the early history of Islam’s expansion. Note that the arrows denote military campaigns.

But Robert Mueller apparently found the history of Islam and the koran’s instructions to kill disobedient infidels to be unimportant in counterterrorist training. Isn’t understanding the motivation of jihadists helpful to law enforcement officers?

This is basic stuff that is important for national security, nevertheless Mueller removed it from training materials — yet we are supposed to believe he can investigate the President of the United States fairly.

Robert Spencer posted an explainer video on December 7, based on an earlier article from the Front Page website:

Robert Mueller, Agent of Willful Ignorance, By Robert Spencer, FrontPageMag.com, November 28, 2017

It was Mueller who made sure that the U.S. government would ignore and deny the motivating ideology behind the jihad threat.

It has come to light that as director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, who is currently the special counsel looking for any dirt he can find on Donald Trump, presided over the 2012 removal of all counterterror training materials of any mention of Islam and jihad in connection with terrorism. Since then, our law enforcement and intelligence officials have been blundering along in self-imposed darkness about the motivating ideology behind the jihad threat. This, it turns out, was Mueller’s doing.

In February 2012, the Obama Administration purged more than one thousand documents and presentations from counter-terror training material for the FBI and other agencies. This material was discarded at the demand of Muslim groups, which had deemed it inaccurate or offensive to Muslims.

This purge was several years in the making, and I was – inadvertently – the one who touched it off. In August 2010, when I gave a talk on Islam and jihad to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force — one of many such talks I gave to government agencies and military groups in those years. While some had counseled me to keep these talks quiet so as to avoid attracting the ire of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the possibility of that pressure seemed to me to make it all the more important to announce my appearances publicly, so as to show that the U.S. government was not going to take dictation from a group linked to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Those who had urged silence were proven correct, however, for the Obama administration was indeed disposed to take dictation from CAIR. CAIR sent a series of letters to Mueller and others demanding that I be dropped as a counter-terror trainer; the organization even started a “coalition” echoing this demand, and Jesse Jackson and other Leftist luminaries joined it.

At the FBI, Mueller made no public comment on CAIR’s demand, and so it initially appeared that CAIR’s effort had failed. But I was never again invited to provide counter-terror training for any government agency, after having done so fairly regularly for the previous five years. CAIR’s campaign to keep me from taking part in counter-terror training was, of course, not personal. They targeted me simply because I told the truth, just as they would target anyone else who dared do so.

Although Mueller was publicly silent, now we know that he was not unresponsive. And the Islamic supremacists and their Leftist allies didn’t give up. In the summer and fall of 2011, the online tech journal Wired published several “exposés” by far-Left journalist Spencer Ackerman, who took the FBI to task for training material that spoke forthrightly and truthfully about the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat.


“Plumber” Is Convicted of Quintuple Killings in San Francisco

On March 23, 2012, five members of the Lei family were murdered in a savage attack where they were beaten with a hammer, stabbed and choked to death. The killer then poured bleach over the bodies and flooded the house by turning on faucets and detaching pipes under sinks to hide his identity.

Vietnamese citizen Binh Thai Luc, shown below, was arrested a couple days later.

The case is of interest for important policy reasons: Luc was convicted for armed robbery in 1998 but was not deported for his earlier crimes because Vietnam refused to take him back. Unfortunately the problem remains to this day because Washington is not willing to lean hard enough on those nations that will not receive their citizens. The Trump administration has taken steps, but it hasn’t really been the big stomp that’s needed — see 4 countries sanctioned because of refusal to accept deported immigrants, Washington Times, August 23, 2017.

In 2011, Representative Ted Poe submitted a bill that would deny diplomatic visas to nations that won’t receive their criminal aliens. At that time, ICE admitted it had freed more than 8,500 detainees convicted of murder, rape, and other crimes over four years.

The congressman’s strategy might work, because diplomats apparently like getting out of their dirtbag countries to enjoy the decent restaurants and other pleasantries of the first world.

Poe continued to pursue his proposed solution in the House, noting in 2015, “We give convicted foreign criminals a get-out-of-jail-free card to live in the United States because we cannot permanently detain them and their countries of origin refuse to take them back. This is a dangerous and deadly Achilles heel in our immigration system.”

I was therefore sorry to see Ted Poe’s announcement of his retirement last month, because the former judge’s tough line on deporting illegal alien criminals will be missed as long as America is filled with foreign felons.

Back to today’s case, it was a relief to see a Guilty verdict come from a San Francisco jury, although it took long enough.

Plumber found guilty in slaughter of San Francisco family, San Francisco Chronicle, December 11, 2017

A 41-year-old San Francisco plumber who was on a losing streak at local casinos and faced eviction for not paying his rent was found guilty Monday of slaughtering a family of five inside their Ingleside neighborhood home after targeting them for robbery.

On its seventh day of deliberations, the San Francisco Superior Court jury found Binh Thai Luc, an undocumented Vietnamese immigrant with a violent criminal past, guilty of five counts of murder in the massacre of the Lei family on March 23, 2012.

The victims’ bludgeoned bodies were found covered in blood and household cleaning products in various rooms of the row house on Howth Street, which had been flooded with water. The damage was so severe and the scene so chaotic that investigators didn’t initially know if they were dealing with a quintuple murder or a murder-suicide.

Prosecutors said Luc used a hammer to commit one of the worst mass homicides in modern San Francisco history, though the weapon was never found. The defendant was also found guilty of five counts of attempted robbery and two counts of burglary.

Because Luc was convicted of murder with special circumstances — in this case, lying in wait and committing multiple killings — he faces life in prison without the possibility of parole. The charges made him eligible for the death penalty, but the district attorney’s office did not pursue that punishment. Judge Carol Yaggy will set a sentencing date Tuesday.

“This was a very gruesome, brutal murder, and we’re pleased we’re getting some accountability for the family and for the community,” District Attorney George Gascón said.


Self-Driving Vehicles Threaten the Jobs of Millions

It’s good to see the press covering the coming revolution in the workplace caused by automation, as the San Francisco Chronicle did Sunday with a front-page story:

Driving is indeed a threatened occupation, and one big reason is the money being invested in the new technology by companies that don’t want to be left behind. So there is a rush for market dominance because huge money is involved. For example, Ford announced in February that it was investing $1 billion in a self-driving startup company. The same CNN Money article mentioned that GM spent $1 billion to acquire Cruise Automation in 2016.

One helpful item in the Chron piece is the instructive chart that analyzes all the sub-categories of driving jobs that may be affected — sobering!

Also, the Chronicle has a section of articles titled On the cusp of a car revolution that has some interesting stuff.

The article does mention the “platoon” strategy for trucks, which seems like it will have to be a long-term intermediate step before full automation: a human drives the lead big rig and a couple of digitally connected vehicles follow. Self-driving technology may be safer overall, but it’s not perfect, and a 40-ton 18-wheeler run amok is too awful to contemplate. Plus, how would self-driving trucks get fuel and other on-road maintenance?

Meanwhile, even as robo-vehicles are rapidly coming this way, the usual suspects are scheming to import still more cheap-working immigrants as drivers, according to a recent article from an industry publication:

Immigrant truck drivers: Shhhh. We don’t talk about it., FleetOwner.com, June 11, 2017

. . . Fleet Owner reached out to eight industry stakeholders with multiple phone calls and email messages to discuss immigrants in the U.S. trucking industry and either received no response or the equivalent of “no comment.”

This reluctance belies the fact that recruitment of immigrant drivers appears to be successful. Currently, of the 1.2 million motor carrier-employed U.S. truck drivers (operating Class 8 trucks) about 224,722 or 18.6% are immigrants, according to U.S. Census data for 2011-2015 as analyzed by Justin Lowry, PhD, a Postdoctoral Researcher at George Mason University’s Institute for Immigration Research. Figures for 2010-2012 clocked in at 15.7%, he said.

It’s crazy for the government to allow large levels of immigration to continue when we are entering a period of increasing unemployment caused by automation in the next few years.

Finally, note the weak title in the online version of the article: of course there will be more tech jobs in the automated future, but fewer people will have jobs overall because the point of employers installing machines is to save money.

Robot cars may kill jobs, but will they create them too?, San Francisco Chronicle, December 10, 2017

Millions of people drive for a living; autonomous technology could make their work obsolete

Barreling through California’s Central Valley, his big rig’s 48-foot refrigerated trailer loaded with lettuce, peppers and tomatoes, Brett Goodroad acknowledged that he’s probably among the last generation of long-distance truckers.

At 38, he has been driving trucks since he was a teenager working on summer harvest crews in North Dakota. With a master’s degree in fine arts and a penchant for listening to classic books on the road, he doesn’t fit the standard trucker profile. But the aptly named Goodroad, who has put in more than a decade driving for Veritable Vegetable, an organic produce distributor, is an eloquent spokesman for his millions of comrades now traveling America’s highways.

“The end of our species is coming — it sounds like it should be a country song,” he said as he finished his regular five-day haul from San Francisco to New Mexico and back, his dog, Louis, riding shotgun. “I definitely see that truck drivers are going to be a relic of the past in the future.”

That future — one in which our vehicles, including trucks like his, will drive themselves — is fast approaching. Some experts say fleets of driverless vehicles will be on the road within two years.

Along with utopian forecasts of far fewer traffic accidents, cleaner air and cheaper transportation, there’s another sobering prediction: Self-driving vehicles could cost millions of people their jobs. Autonomous autos will also create new jobs, but those most likely to lose their livelihoods, including many truck drivers, may not easily find new occupations.

Some 3.8 million Americans work as motor vehicle operators, driving trucks, delivery vans, buses and taxis, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Truck driving is the most common occupation in 29 states and the second- or third-most common in most others. On top of that, an estimated 1 million people drive part time for Uber and Lyft in the U.S. Globally, more than 100 million people are estimated to work behind the wheel.

“This will be the biggest disruption in work and jobs that the country has ever experienced,” said Andy Stern, a labor expert and president emeritus of the Service Employees International Union. “It will happen relatively soon, and we are in denial and avoidance.”

Naturally there is the usual chirping about safety — “far fewer traffic accidents” — as is the case above, but the mega-profits for future winners are mentioned further down in the article:

Then there are more esoteric opportunities. A report from Intel predicts the rise of a new “passenger economy,” worth a jaw-dropping $7 trillion by 2050. The bulk of that revenue would derive from ride hailing and the freight industry.

Some $200 billion would consist of goods and services provided to people during their rides in robot taxis. Think manicures, massages, lattes, fast-casual meals, mobile health care, remote meetings, immersive digital entertainment. (Intel doesn’t mention it, but practitioners of the world’s oldest profession might ply their trade in self-driving cars as well.)


San Francisco’s Illegal Alien Death Toll Does Not End with Kate Steinle

San Francisco officialdom recently had amnesia about the city’s history of citizen deaths caused by illegal aliens: Kate Steinle was shot dead by a Mexican while strolling with her dad along a popular pier, and the important suits pretended to be shocked and amazed for the cameras about the danger of their sanctuary city.

But those with any memory (or honesty) recalls the triple murder of the Bologna family in 2008 by an illegal alien thug who was not deported despite having a criminal record in San Francisco. The shooter, Salvadoran Edwin Ramos was clearly a dangerous character, a known gang member who had earlier been arrested for assaulting a passenger on a bus and attempting a robbery of a pregnant woman, yet he was not deported because San Francisco shielded him.

All of these violent deaths were preventable crimes had San Francisco co-operated with the feds on immigration enforcement, but the liberals running the city think they know better.

Below, Tony Bologna and his two sons were shot to death by an MS-13 gangster a short distance from their home in San Francisco as they returned from a family picnic.

The San Francisco Chronicle poked some memories on Sunday, when a front-page story reminded readers of the Bologna deaths. The writer, Vivian Ho, is a court reporter with experience with murder cases. She appeared numerous times on LA’s John and Ken Show to discuss the case with the radio hosts who have a strong interest in immigration enforcement.

Kate Steinle case: After crimes by immigrants, families see pain politicized, By Vivian Ho, San Francisco Chronicle, December 9, 2017

Before the Steinles, there were the Bolognas. On a cool summer day in 2008, the San Francisco family was torn apart by a senseless act that thrust the city and its immigration policies into the national spotlight.

A little more than seven years before Kate Steinle was fatally shot on Pier 14, Danielle Bologna lost her husband and two of her sons in a mistaken-identity gang hit by an MS-13 member who had been shielded from deportation twice by city juvenile justice officials relying on San Francisco’s sanctuary laws.

The cases ended differently, with the MS-13 killer sent to prison for life and the homeless undocumented immigrant accused of shooting Steinle acquitted Nov. 30 of murder and manslaughter charges after saying he had fired accidentally.

But both families had to deal with an aftermath in which the tragedies stopped being solely their own, in which their pain became a talking point in the tempestuous debate over U.S. immigration, in which they had a loud voice but in a conversation they couldn’t control.

“I felt like my family was just nothing,” Bologna, 57, told The Chronicle in a recent interview. “No one even really cared, though they liked to blame each other for this or that. And I was just left trying to make the best for my two surviving children.”


Japan May Provide a Snapshot of the Automated Future

Does Japan offer a preview of the near future of more robots? Perhaps, since the nation has an aging population, and it has rejected immigration as a source of labor, choosing automation to pick up the slack.

The Atlantic magazine takes a look in a new article that visits a robot restaurant in a robot hotel that is part of a Dutch-themed amusement park near Nagasaki.

Behold the robot pancake maker in the Henn-na Hotel.

The whole thing looks pretty gimmicky, but the Japanese seem to like their robot technology with bells and whistles.

An earlier report on the business noted that a hotel of similar size requires a staff of 35, but the Henn-na “gets by with less than seven staff members and the goal is to get down to a staff of just three humans.”

Hotel work is low-skilled and much of it can be done by robots already. We should consider these facts in an American context where immigrants make up much of the hotel workforce in diverse cities. We already see robot bellhops being introduced and management will be looking for more automation as customers appear willing to accept it.

Fast food automation is similarly coming on strong in the US, with robotic burger flippers, pizza prep and cappuccino brewer.

So the need for low-skilled immigrant workers is rapidly disappearing. The RAISE Act which gradually cuts immigration in half is a decent start but doesn’t go nearly far enough given the automated future. If the Oxford scholars are right and nearly half of American jobs were vulnerable to machine or software replacement by 2033, then we won’t need any immigrants because the machines will be cheaper.

Robots Will Transform Fast Food, By Alana Samuels, The Atlantic, January/February 2018 Issue

That might not be a bad thing.

Visitors to Henn-na, a restaurant outside Nagasaki, Japan, are greeted by a peculiar sight: their food being prepared by a row of humanoid robots that bear a passing resemblance to the Terminator. The “head chef,” incongruously named Andrew, specializes in okonomiyaki, a Japanese pancake. Using his two long arms, he stirs batter in a metal bowl, then pours it onto a hot grill. While he waits for the batter to cook, he talks cheerily in Japanese about how much he enjoys his job. His robot colleagues, meanwhile, fry donuts, layer soft-serve ice cream into cones, and mix drinks. One made me a gin and tonic.

H.I.S., the company that runs the restaurant, as well as a nearby hotel where robots check guests into their rooms and help with their luggage, turned to automation partly out of necessity. Japan’s population is shrinking, and its economy is booming; the unemployment rate is currently an unprecedented 2.8 percent. “Using robots makes a lot of sense in a country like Japan, where it’s hard to find employees,” CEO Hideo Sawada told me.

Sawada speculates that 70 percent of the jobs at Japan’s hotels will be automated in the next five years. “It takes about a year to two years to get your money back,” he said. “But since you can work them 24 hours a day, and they don’t need vacation, eventually it’s more cost-efficient to use the robot.”

This may seem like a vision of the future best suited—perhaps only suited—to Japan. But according to Michael Chui, a partner at the McKinsey Global Institute, many tasks in the food-service and accommodation industry are exactly the kind that are easily automated. Chui’s latest research estimates that 54 percent of the tasks workers perform in American restaurants and hotels could be automated using currently available technologies—making it the fourth-most-automatable sector in the U.S.

The robots, in fact, are already here. Chowbotics, a company in Redwood City, California, manufactures Sally, a boxy robot that prepares salads ordered on a touch screen. At a Palo Alto café, I watched as she deposited lettuce, corn, barley, and a few inadvertently crushed cherry tomatoes into a bowl. Botlr, a robot butler, now brings guests extra towels and toiletries in dozens of hotels around the country. I saw one at the Aloft Cupertino.

Ostensibly, this is worrying. America’s economy isn’t humming along nearly as smoothly as Japan’s, and one of the few bright spots in recent years has been employment in restaurants and hotels, which have added more jobs than almost any other sector. That growth, in fact, has helped dull the blow that automation has delivered to other industries. The food-service and accommodation sector now employs 13.7 million Americans, up 38 percent since 2000. Since 2013, it has accounted for more jobs than manufacturing.

These new positions once seemed safe from the robot hordes because they required a human touch in a way that manufacturing or mining jobs did not. When ordering a coffee or checking into a hotel, human beings want to interact with other human beings—or so we thought. The companies bringing robots into the service sector are betting that we’ll be happy to trade our relationship with the chipper barista or knowledgeable front-desk clerk for greater efficiency. They’re also confident that adding robots won’t necessarily mean cutting human jobs.


Muslims Pursue Days of Rioting over Jerusalem Non-Event

The propensity of muslims to riot over the tiniest slight is well known, but the recent blow-up is over the edge: President Trump announced that the US now recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the usual Muslo-punks run amok from Afghanistan to the West Bank, as they predictably hop campfires, throw stones and rip flags.

Who knew that the US had the power to bestow the official capital on foreign nations?

On Tuesday, the capital of Israel was Jerusalem, and no big deal.

On Thursday and afterwards, the capital of Israel was still Jerusalem and the local muzloids riot over the non-change.

Back in Realville, the government of Israel is located in Jerusalem, including its ministries, the Knesset legislature, the high court. The locale of a nation’s government is its capital by definition, a standard fact everywhere. The Palestinians just like an excuse to go berserk and destroy stuff.

Unfortunately, America’s undiscerning immigration system has welcomed Palestinians along with many other unfriendlies. The number of Palestinians is estimated to be somewhere over 85,000 by the Census.

One undesirable Palestinian admitted was the convicted double murderer Rasmieh Odeh who was hired as an Obama Navigator. After interminable years of legal wrangling, she was finally deported on September 20, 2017, for immigration fraud. The photo on the right shows a Palestinian resident of the US holding a photo of the murderer Odeh in support. In fact, a search for Odeh Support gets 362,000 hits, showing the backing of muslim immigrants for the killer.

Anyway, back to the Jerusalem fracas: Friday prayers had an energizing effect on rioting — funny how the Friday people are different from the Saturday and Sunday people:

Two dead in ‘Day of Rage’ over Jerusalem, Palestinian president defiant, Reuters, December 8, 2017

JERUSALEM/GAZA (Reuters) – At least two people were killed in clashes with Israeli troops on Friday when thousands of Palestinians demonstrated against U.S. President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the Palestinian president said Washington could no longer be a peace broker.

Across the Arab and Muslim worlds, thousands more protesters took to the streets on the Muslim holy day to express solidarity with the Palestinians and outrage at Trump’s reversal of decades of U.S. policy.

Israeli soldiers shot dead a Palestinian man near the Gaza border, the first confirmed death in two days of unrest. Scores of people were wounded on the “Day of Rage”. A second person later died of their wounds, a Gaza hospital official said.

The Israeli army said hundreds of Palestinians were rolling burning tyres and throwing rocks at soldiers across the border.

“During the riots IDF soldiers fired selectively towards two main instigators and hits were confirmed,” it said.

More than 80 Palestinians were wounded in the occupied West Bank and Gaza by Israeli live fire and rubber bullets, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance service. Dozens more suffered from tear gas inhalation. Thirty-one were wounded on Thursday.

As Friday prayers ended at the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, worshippers made their way toward the walled Old City gates, chanting “Jerusalem is ours, Jerusalem is our capital” and “We don’t need empty words, we need stones and Kalashnikovs”. Scuffles broke out between protesters and police.


Media Say Shrieks of “Allahu Ackbar” Should Not Be Seen as an Alarm

It’s curious the extent to which the liberal press goes to protect hostile Muslims, as it pretends that none of the group aims to murder infidels in acts of jihad. Not every Muslim is an actual bomber or headchopper of course, but Islam’s holy book does instruct all followers to kill non-believers who will not submit: the koran has over a hundred verses that sanction violence.

Below, Uzbeki Sayfullo Saipov (who entered the US under the diversity visa program) hijacked a truck and careened down a New York City bike path, killing eight on October 31. He screamed “Allah Ackbar” as he murdered.

Does the MSM believe it is protecting muslims residing the US from lynch mobs of Americans, angry at jihad slaughter? Nothing of the kind has occurred despite mass murders for allah from 9/11 in Manhattan to Orlando and San Bernardino.

Or is the press just so dedicated to the failed ideology of diversity that it will go to any length to protect it?

Robert Spencer takes up a symptom of media malfeasance in how it treats the usually hostile scream of “Allahu Ackbar” which often signals a jihad attack — not to worry, according to lib scribblers!

Spencer’s video is a recapitulation of an article from a few weeks ago:

The Media’s Chilling Whitewash of ‘Allahu Akbar’, By Robert Spencer, PJMedia.com, November 6, 2017

On Halloween last Tuesday, a Muslim named Sayfullo Saipov drove a truck onto a Manhattan bike path and murdered eight people while screaming “Allahu akbar.” In response, the establishment media has gone into a full-court press to convince Americans that “Allahu akbar” is not a phrase anyone needs to be concerned about.

The worst article, among many, was published in the New York Daily News. Zainab Chaudry of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) argued that non-Muslims shouldn’t “believe the worst” about “Allahu akbar” because Muslims don’t just scream it while murdering non-Muslims, but use it in a variety of contexts.

That is true, but it doesn’t change the fact that Muslims scream “Allahu akbar” while killing infidels because the phrase means “Allah is greater” — not “God is greatest,” as she falsely claims. It is a declaration of the superiority and supremacy of Islam.

Chaudry’s conclusion is chilling:

So the next time you hear Allahu Akbar — whether it’s in a media report, on an airplane, or in a shopping mall, remember that the phrase used by millions of Muslims and Christians daily to praise God regardless of their circumstances, can never be justified for use when harming His creation.

This is deadly advice. If you hear “Allahu akbar” yelled on an airplane or in a shopping mall, you may well be in the midst of a jihad terror attack. If people on that airplane are now conditioned by Chaudry and the establishment media, they may not fight back. If people in that shopping mall listen to Chaudry, they won’t immediately run, because that would be “Islamophobic.”

And so the casualties will be maximized.


Amazon Robots Propel Online Shopping but Repress Retail

Stores are certainly suffering since Amazon brought its robot battalions onto the retail field. The Kiva robots are an integral and necessary part of the millions of products that Jeff Bezos sells online and quickly ships to customers. Amazon purchased the Kiva robots in 2012 for $775 million; before that, human workers pushed carts around warehouses, walking miles daily to pick the items customers had ordered.

Below, the little orange Kiva robots scoot under racks of merchandise and deliver them to humans who fulfill the orders.

Today, many people find it easier to shop online than to spend hours to drive through traffic to a store that may not have what they want. Amazon’s recent record-breaking Cyber Monday following Thanksgiving illustrates its increasing success, along with Jeff Bezos’ ascent to becoming the richest man in the world.

The universe of work is undergoing a fundamental transformation because of automation and computers, and we’re just beginning to see how the future may function. Massive job destruction is a given, according to numerous tech experts. Oxford researchers forecast in 2013 that nearly half of American jobs were vulnerable to machine or software replacement within 20 years. Rice University computer scientist Moshe Vardi believes that in 30 years humans will become largely obsolete, and world joblessness will reach 50 percent. The Gartner tech advising company believes that one-third of jobs will be done by machines by 2025. The consultancy firm PwC published a report earlier this year that forecast robots could take 38 percent of US jobs by 2030.

Amazon may be adding employees now, but the company’s long term plans are to replace workers in their function of filling and packing customer orders as shown by the company’s annual Picking Challenge competition for robots.

And plenty of other industries from agriculture to accounting are incorporating more smart machines to save money.

So it makes no sense for America to continue importing millions of immigrants who expect to work here, right?

Retail jobs decline as Amazon’s robot army grows, CNBC, December 4, 2017

Amazon employs over half a million workers. In the past year alone, the online retailer has added roughly a quarter of a million employees to its headcount, and 238 cities across the country are competing to become the location of Amazon’s second headquarters, which is estimated to create 50,000 more Amazon jobs.

But according to Dave Edwards and Helen Edwards at Quartz, Amazon may be killing more jobs than it creates. Quartz found that there are 170,000 fewer retail jobs in Amazon-related industries — like bookstores, grocery stores and clothing stores — in 2017 than the year before.

According to their calculations, even if Amazon maintains an impressive 43 percent personnel growth for another year, the total number of workers employed in Amazon-related industries would still decrease by 24,000.

So where are the jobs going? Quartz suggests that an increase in robotic workers could be to blame. They estimate that Amazon added 75,000 new robots to their workforce in 2017 for a total of roughly 100,000. By these approximations, machines constitute 20 percent of all Amazon “employees.”

More robots don’t always mean fewer jobs, but it may in the case of Amazon. Edwards and Edwards write, “While it may be difficult to prove causality, it’s not difficult to see the correlation between a decline of 24,000 human employees and an increase of 75,000 robot employees.”

Amazon attests that the investment in technological workers has improved efficiency. CNBC reports it takes 90 minutes on average for a human Amazon employee to find a product and package it, but with the help of robots, a product can be found and packaged in as little as 13 minutes.


Does Overpopulated California Face Long-Term Drought?

Here in California, the lack of precipitation during this year’s fall-winter rainy season is already prompting worries of another terrible drought. So Tuesday’s headlines warning about climate change in the polar region leading to endemic drought in California were chilling.

The Los Angeles Times had a well illustrated front-page article.

Last year’s rains were huge and saved the state from disaster. But a future of no rain is frightening because history has shown that long-term drought is a civilization killer.

Below, the depleted Almaden Reservoir near San Jose, California, in February 2014.

If the science is correct, then continuing to grow California’s population via immigration and open borders seems unwise, since a desert state cannot support the water requirements for 40 million residents already here. I tend to be skeptical about climate change generally, but a reduction in polar ice can’t be good.

Governor Jerry Brown believes in climate change very strongly, as he shows by traveling around the world giving speeches about it. Yet he has welcomed an unlimited number of Mexican illegal aliens to come here, and he recently signed a bill making California a sanctuary state which is another kind of invitation.

Yet the governor imagines himself to be an environmentalist, despite his active promotion of overpopulation in a state that continues to face a threat to its most basic and important natural resource — water. Democrats are well known hypocrites, but Brown is over the top here.

Climate scientists see alarming new threat to California, Los Angeles Times, December 5, 2017

California could be hit with significantly more dangerous and more frequent droughts in the near future as changes in weather patterns triggered by global warming block rainfall from reaching the state, according to new research led by scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Using complex new modeling, the scientists have found that rapidly melting Arctic sea ice now threatens to diminish precipitation over California by as much as 15% within 20 to 30 years. Such a change would have profound economic impacts in a state where the most recent drought drained several billion dollars out of the economy, severely stressed infrastructure and highlighted how even the state most proactively confronting global warming is not prepared for its fallout.

The latest study adds a worrying dimension to the challenge California is already facing in adapting to climate change, and shifts focus to melting polar ice that only recently has been discovered to have such a direct, potentially dramatic impact on the West Coast. While climate scientists generally agree that the increased temperatures already resulting from climate change have seriously exacerbated drought in California, there has been debate over whether global warming would affect the amount of precipitation that comes to California.

The study, published Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications, provides compelling evidence that it would. The model the scientists used homed in on the link between the disappearance of sea ice in the Arctic and the buildup of high ridges of atmospheric pressure over the Pacific Ocean. Those ridges push winter storms away from the state, causing drought.


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