Automated Trucks Threaten Millions of US Jobs

Self-driving vehicles are coming on strong, faster than anyone knowledgeable thought a few years ago. Self-driving vehicles are being tested for real world use, and highway laws are being rejiggered to accommodate the new tech future.

But driving is a major jobs category, as shown by the map below, taken from an interactive NPR graphic in the 2015 article Map: The Most Common Job In Every State.

Millions of driving jobs still exist in the US because it’s one gig that could not be outsourced to China, but self-driving technology now threatens that employment. Indeed, as a San Francisco writer asks, Self-driving trucks: what’s the future for America’s 3.5 million truckers?

Of course, it goes without saying that America no longer needs to import immigrants to drive our trucks given the coming technology. There is supposedly a shortage of drivers now, leading to a push for immigrants, but that won’t last long. The future is automated, including on the highways.

It was news last October when a self-driving truck from the Otto company traveled 120 highway miles to deliver a load of beer:

The following article was written by Martin Ford, author of the book Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future. His knowledge on the subject adds to the big picture of how our society is on the edge of a foundational transformation to work and the economy.

Driverless trucks: economic tsunami may swallow one of most common US jobs, By Martin Ford, The Guardian, February 16, 2017

America is producing more than ever before, but it is doing so with fewer and fewer workers. Once trucks become automated, where will these jobs go?

In April 2016, Uber announced the acquisition of Otto, a San Francisco-based startup that has developed a kit that can turn any big rig into a self-driving truck.

The Otto technology enables complete autonomy on highways: trucks can navigate, stay in their lane, and slow or stop in response to traffic conditions completely without human intervention. Otto’s equipment currently costs about $30,000, but that is certain to fall significantly in the coming years.

Otto is by no means alone. Massive automated vehicles are already commonly used to move materials for the Australian mining industry. Daimler, the German multinational company, has likewise demonstrated its own model, a giant 18-wheeler with a “highway pilot” mode available (meaning a driver has to remain present, prompting the head of the US branch to say that “tomorrow’s driver will be a logistics manager”). Another approach is to use automated convoys, in which self-driving trucks follow a lead vehicle.

It seems highly likely that competition between the various companies developing these technologies will produce practical, self-driving trucks within the next five to 10 years. And once the technology is proven, the incentive to adopt it will be powerful: in the US alone, large trucks are involved in about 350,000 crashes a year, resulting in nearly 4,000 fatalities. Virtually all of these incidents can be traced to human error. The potential savings in lives, property damage and exposure to liability will eventually become irresistible.

There’s only one problem: truck driving is one of the most common occupations in the US.

Once replaced by automation, where will these jobs go?

As of 2015, a typical production worker in the US earned about 9% less than a comparable worker in 1973. Over the same 42 years, the American economy grew by more than 200%, or a staggering $11tn.

For millions of average Americans, the reasonable expectations of their youth – a steady job, home ownership, college education for their children – have degraded into decades of stagnation, even as they have been continuously bombarded by news of the overall growth and prosperity of the US economy.

The driving force behind this transition has been technology. It is widely recognized among economists that while the impact of globalization has been significant, especially in specific regions of the country, robots and factory automation have been a far more powerful force. Indeed, even those jobs that did migrate to China are now evaporating as factories there aggressively automate. Continue reading this article

Lawful Immigration Enforcement Shocks Liberal Establishment

Wednesday’s top headlines were a revealing expression of left angst over the government defending America’s law and borders, with some verging on hysteria:

White House clears way for far more deportationsLos Angeles Times

Deportation rules put millions at riskHouston Chronicle

Deportation push put in motionChicago Tribune

U.S casts wide net on ways to deportSan Francisco Chronicle

Officials defend border ramp-upWashington Post

I.C.E. MEN COMETHNew York Daily News

U.S.: Any crime means deportationAustin American-Statesman


The NYTimes included a front-page photo of deported foreigners, although they were all males; apparently no pictures of young mothers with cutesy kids being deported were available:

Curiously, Democrats and their media never complained when Presidents Clinton and Obama portrayed immigration enforcement as a positive for the American people and the nation-of-laws idea.

It’s welcome and long overdue to see criminal aliens targeted for removal. However, the cheapie long-term solution for the mass infestation we suffer is universal E-verify at the workplace (bill recently submitted by Senator Grassley) where illegal alien job thieves are disemployed. The foreigners come to steal American jobs, and when employment disappears they have no reason to stay and are likely to self-deport.

New Trump Deportation Rules Allow Far More Expulsions, New York Times, February 21, 2017

WASHINGTON — President Trump has directed his administration to enforce the nation’s immigration laws more aggressively, unleashing the full force of the federal government to find, arrest and deport those in the country illegally, regardless of whether they have committed serious crimes.

Documents released on Tuesday by the Department of Homeland Security revealed the broad scope of the president’s ambitions: to publicize crimes by undocumented immigrants; strip such immigrants of privacy protections; enlist local police officers as enforcers; erect new detention facilities; discourage asylum seekers; and, ultimately, speed up deportations.

The new enforcement policies put into practice language that Mr. Trump used on the campaign trail, vastly expanding the definition of “criminal aliens” and warning that such unauthorized immigrants “routinely victimize Americans,” disregard the “rule of law and pose a threat” to people in communities across the United States. Continue reading this article

New York Times Reports Automation-Fueled Job Loss in the Oil Patch

The automation job wrecker got a rare front-page spot on Monday’s New York Times, where the oil industry was the subject:

Blue-collar worker Eustasio Velazquez, 44, succinctly described the situation of many when he observed, “I don’t see a future. Pretty soon every rig will have one worker and a robot.”

And that one worker will be a tech-trained guy running the oil-extraction machines from a comfy office. The roughnecks have been replaced by robots.

In Midland Texas, Ryan Grant helps guide the operation of his company’s oil wells by computer at a distance since drilling and pumping no longer require human workers.

Bloomberg described the changes that automation has brought to the oil industry. The industry representative argued that lower oil prices made automation necessary. Or maybe it’s just more profitable long term.

The employment ecosystem is fundamentally changing because of smart machines, but the conversation has not yet filtered through to Washington. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban tweeted this week that “Automation is going to cause unemployment and we need to prepare for it,” although he didn’t get into specifics.

There is not a lot that can be done to slow the technology, but the government can at least stop importing immigrant workers who are not needed now and will become even less employable in the automated future. In fact…

Automation Makes Immigration Obsolete

Experts’ projections for a worsening technological unemployment are not hopeful. Oxford researchers forecast in 2013 that nearly half of American jobs were vulnerable to machine or software replacement within 20 years. Rice University computer scientist Moshe Vardi believes that in 30 years humans will become largely obsolete and world joblessness will reach at 50 percent. The Gartner tech advising company believes that one-third of jobs will be done by machines by 2025. Forrester Research Inc. has a more optimistic view, that there will be a net job loss of 7 percent by 2025 from automation — less, but still a serious deficit.

In December, the Houston Chronicle quoted energy analysts‘ estimation that software and robots could reduce the number of oil field workers by 40 percent in the next few years. The Times’ description falls along that line.

Texas Oil Fields Rebound From Price Lull, but Jobs Are Left Behind, New York Times, February 19, 2017

The industry is embracing technology, and finding new ways to pare the labor force. But as jobs go away, what of presidential promises to bring them back?

MIDLAND, Tex. — In the land where oil jobs were once a guaranteed road to security for blue-collar workers, Eustasio Velazquez’s career has been upended by technology.

For 10 years, he laid cables for service companies doing seismic testing in the search for the next big gusher. Then, powerful computer hardware and software replaced cables with wireless data collection, and he lost his job. He found new work connecting pipes on rigs, but lost that job, too, when plunging oil prices in 2015 forced the driller he worked for to replace rig hands with cheaper, more reliable automated tools.

“I don’t see a future,” Mr. Velazquez, 44, said on a recent afternoon as he stooped over his shopping cart at a local grocery store. “Pretty soon every rig will have one worker and a robot.”

Oil and gas workers have traditionally had some of the highest-paying blue-collar jobs — just the type that President Trump has vowed to preserve and bring back. But the West Texas oil fields, where activity is gearing back up as prices rebound, illustrate how difficult it will be to meet that goal. As in other industries, automation is creating a new demand for high-tech workers — sometimes hundreds of miles away in a control center — but their numbers don’t offset the ranks of field hands no longer required to sling chains and lift iron. Continue reading this article

Cross-Atlantic Rorschach on Muslim Immigration Shows Differing Views

On Sunday, a gaggle of diversity enthusiasts met up in Manhattan’s Times Square to celebrate a rally dubbed “I Am A Muslim Too” — a vile sentiment to be expressed just blocks from the site of the worst jihad mass murder in America, where 2,606 died in the World Trade Center on 9/11.

How quickly these lefties forget the 9/11 terror attacks. Perhaps the jihad will provide an updated reminder to New York City some day soon, courtesy of Muslim diversity.

And what’s with these crazy American women promoting more Muslim immigration? They should know that their European counterparts have suffered mass sexual assaults from immigrant rapefugees, and some streets have become very dangerous and women have become fearful about normal life in Germany and elsewhere since Muslim men arrived en masse.

Below, liberal women in New York City demand more Muslim immigration apparently so America can import misogyny, polygamy, child marriage and slavery.

At least the Fox report grasped the anti-Trump aspect of the protest, rather than any profound love of Muslims. Imagine if President Obama had instituted a temporary travel ban regarding the sketchy Muslim countries he had listed — would there have been weeks of noisy protests and lies? Very unlikely.

Former Trump pal Russell Simmons leads ‘I Am A Muslim Too’ rally against president, Fox News, February 19, 2017

The Muslim call to prayer rang out through Times Square in New York City on Sunday afternoon as a large, mixed-faith crowd of merchandise hawkers, social activists, organizers, curious tourists – and genuine protesters – declared their allegiance with Islam.

“I am a Muslim, too!” the group chanted several times at the anti-President Trump rally organized by hip hop mogul Russell Simmons and a local rabbi and imam. . .

In addition, welcoming refugees, of whom Muslims accounted for 46 percent in 2016, is not cheap. Breitbart reported yesterday that “American taxpayers will spend more than $4.1 billion in the 2017 budget to support the 519,018 refugees who have been resettled by the federal government in the United States since October 2009.”

Meanwhile across the pond, normally liberal Europeans have rethought open borders welcoming Islam, and now a healthy majority want an end to Muslim immigration entirely — not a little pause as President Trump mandated. A recent poll from the highly respected Chatham House think tank found that 55 percent of Europeans surveyed in 10 nations think a permanent halt is necessary.

And the Europeans are right for once: why welcome the historic enemy of Western Civilization? America doesn’t need any immigrants because of the workplace automation onslaught, and we seem to be plenty diverse already. So why not chill severely on all immigration?

Yes, the recent inundation of hostile Muslim hordes has refined Europeans’ appreciation of diversity.

Bill O’Reilly discussed the fascinating reversal of opinion in Europe on his show a week ago:

More details on the Chatham poll below:

Majority of Europeans want Muslim immigration stopped: Poll, Washington Times, February 8, 2017

European leaders were quick to denounce President Trump when he advocated a temporary ban on all Muslim immigration to the U.S. during the presidential campaign, but a new poll shows their own constituencies strongly support the idea.

The Chatham House survey published on Tuesday found 55 percent of Europeans from 10 different nations agree that Muslim immigration should be stopped. Just 20 percent say they want migration from the Islamic world to continue, while 25 percent neither agree nor disagree.

Majorities in all but two of the 10 states surveyed agree that “further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped.”

The poll caught the attention of Mr. Trump, who tweeted out the results of the poll on his own, closely followed Twitter account Wednesday afternoon.

The country most opposed to continued Muslim immigration is Poland, where 71 percent of those polled say it should be halted, compared to 19 percent who favor allowing inflows to continue.

Sixty-five percent of Austrians also agree Muslim immigration should be stopped, along with 64 percent in both Belgium and Hungary, 61 percent in France, 58 percent in Greece, 53 percent in Germany and 51 percent in Italy. Continue reading this article

Automation: Bill Gates Says to Tax Robots

The restructuring of the economy from market to automation-based is now being considered by serious minds. The discussion faces that future when humans have become less needed as workers because half or more of them have been replaced by machines. That social reality will be shattering to the system that we have lived with for quite some time — workers who are paid for productivity performed, who then purchase goods and services with their wages, creating a virtuous circle.

So it’s sensible to discuss what might be done to rejigger how the economy functions, since the old way is about to die under the juggernaut of automation.

A subordinate policy that must be reconsidered is immigration, which should be ended as a relic of an earlier time: continuing to import millions of unskilled people now seems like social dynamite for the automated future, which is not that distant. However, immigration is a sub-topic to the very basic question of how to remake the economy in a way that won’t crush millions of American citizens into inescapable poverty.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates thinks the answer is to tax the robots according to their productivity. Interestingly, the European parliament rejected just such a proposal earlier this week.

Still, the subject is on the table, and not a minute too soon. Gates discussed his ideas recently, and they should be considered a starting point for more debate.

The robot that takes your job should pay taxes, says Bill Gates, Quartz, February 17, 2017

Robots are taking human jobs. But Bill Gates believes that governments should tax companies’ use of them, as a way to at least temporarily slow the spread of automation and to fund other types of employment.

It’s a striking position from the world’s richest man and a self-described techno-optimist who co-founded Microsoft, one of the leading players in artificial-intelligence technology.

In a recent interview with Quartz, Gates said that a robot tax could finance jobs taking care of elderly people or working with kids in schools, for which needs are unmet and to which humans are particularly well suited. He argues that governments must oversee such programs rather than relying on businesses, in order to redirect the jobs to help people with lower incomes. The idea is not totally theoretical: EU lawmakers considered a proposal to tax robot owners to pay for training for workers who lose their jobs, though on Feb. 16 the legislators ultimately rejected it. Continue reading this article

“Day without Immigrants” Showcases America’s Arrogant Lawbreakers

I wasn’t going to write about Thursday’s “Day without Immigrants,” the illegal alien goof-off day, but the Mexican flag splashed across Friday’s San Jose Mercury was irresistible.

Apparently “Day without a Mexican” (film 2004, event 2006) was not inclusive enough for the expanded diversity of the 21st century. But at least “Mexican” (a foreigner) was a more honest characterization than “immigrant” which describes a former foreigner who has entered a country legally with honorable intentions. Nowadays anybody crossing a border unlawfully is an “immigrant.”

Plus, the current derangement has been augmented by social media. Both sides were heard on a furious Twitter exchange on both sides using the hashtag #DayWithoutImmigrants” — it’s still pretty active, last time I looked: #DayWithoutImmigrants

The “immigrants” insist they are not criminals even when they steal jobs that by law should go to citizens alone. They do have an elevated opinion of themselves and their entitlements in the USA.

Fox News’ Jesse Watters chatted with some high school students who cut class a week ago to protest the ban of foreigners from terror nations. Naturally, the students were a little dim about the details of their protest, like the names of the banned counties.

It’s interesting how diverse students take any opportunity to bail out of school and demonstrate their expertise in marxist sign-making and foreign chants, mixed with demands in English: Si, se puede! Screw you, America, now gimme some free stuff!

4,200 Grand Rapids students skip class for ‘Day Without Immigrants’ protest, Michigan Live, Feb 16, 2017

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Despite pleas for kids to attend school today, Grand Rapids Public Schools said around 4,200 students weren’t in class due to a “Day Without Immigrants” protest.

John Helmholdt, communications director for GRPS, said it does appear the district of 16,834 students won’t make the 75 percent student attendance threshold for Thursday, Feb. 16, to count as an instructional day.

+ + +

Denver Day without Immigrants protest results in half-empty classrooms, closed restaurants, Denverite, Feb 16, 2017

Denver’s foreign-born residents made their absence felt around the city today for the Day without Immigrants protest against President Donald Trump’s proposed policies and stepped up immigration enforcement around the country.

Anyway, it’s becoming stale to say that foreign kids need to learn English and other useful subjects in school. Robots will be performing the simple jobs the aliens are capable of doing soon enough.

Hopefully, President Trump will re-acquaint the aliens with their beloved homelands and all its local culture.

Hospitality Industry Welcomes Helpful Automation

Hotel management has reacted positively toward the improved capabilities of robots suitable for their industry. A recent confab of the hospitality industry highlighted the new automation becoming available to perform more challenging tasks.

Robot bellhops are already in use in some Marriott hotels and elsewhere.

One of the machines in the pipeline is a robot maid, which would be very attractive technology for hotels because of their need for cleaning staff. A May 2015 Bureau of Labor Statistics report on Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners found 926,240 persons employed in that category, many in hotels.

The Maidbot looks like an industrial strength Roomba in the following video, but advances are sure to be developed. In the meantime, a human maid can clean the bathroom counter and collect the towels while the robot vacuum does the floors, thereby speeding up the process. So fewer human maids will be needed.

Sadly, the government seems oblivious to the approaching automation juggernaut and how it will decimate America’s employment universe in the not so distant future. The only bright light in Washington has been the Senate bill limiting total immigration from Senators Cotton and Purdue.

However, the senators’ RAISE Act would merely cut legal immigration in half, which is not nearly enough, given tech experts’ projections for a jobless future. Oxford researchers forecast in 2013 that nearly half of American jobs were vulnerable to machine or software replacement within 20 years. Rice University computer scientist Moshe Vardi warns of a dystopian future in 30 years when humans become largely obsolete and world joblessness stands at 50 percent. The Gartner tech advising company believes that one-third of jobs will be done by machines by 2025. Forrester Research Inc. has a more optimistic view, that there will be a net job loss of 7 percent by 2025 from automation — but that’s still a serious deficit when more jobs are needed as population increases.

Given a future of mass unemployment that would make the Great Depression look like a hiccup, immigration needs to be retired as an obsolete government policy, along with homesteading.

Robots the talk of tech innovations at hospitality summit , Travel Weekly, February 02, 2017

LOS ANGELES — Hotel robots that perform tasks like delivering amenities to guests or cleaning rooms will be the norm within the next five years, panelists at the Americas Lodging Investment Summit (ALIS) held here last week predicted.

The anticipated growth in hotel robots was largely attributed to falling technology costs and guests becoming more accustomed to the concept.

Early hotel adopters say devices such as Savioke’s Relay robot and Maidbot are gaining favor because they are efficient at both delivering items such as toiletries and bottled water to guests and cleaning rooms. They are also a novelty among family travelers.

Executives with both larger hotel owners like Host Hotels and smaller counterparts like Southern California-based Seaview Investors both expressed satisfaction on the ALIS panels with their early trials of the robots.

“We feel that it pays for itself, more from a guest-satisfaction standpoint than from labor savings,” said ALIS panelist moderator and Seaview Investors president Robert Alter. Seaview has used a Relay robot at his company’s Residence Inn Los Angeles LAX for the past 18 months.

Host Hotels managing director Michael Lentz, said, “We’re testing Maidbots for cleaning rooms. You have to think in years ahead that there are opportunities to reduce our operating costs.” Continue reading this article

Europe: Geert Wilders Anticipates Patriotic Spring across Continent

It’s good news that the populist principle supporting nation-state government and rejecting globalism is sweeping Europe.

The European Union mega-state has been a dismal failure, particularly its Schengen rule of dissolving borders which allowed illegal aliens from the Middle East to swarm throughout the continent. Smaller, more local government is looking very appealing to voters sick of the distant, bureaucratic EU.

As a result, so-called “far right” candidates who have been dismissed for years by the media as fringe characters — particularly Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen — are now coming on strong in upcoming elections. Even Angela Merkel, facing elections later in the year, has recently sought to mitigate the open borders disaster she created in Europe by promising increased deportations.

The Dutch election takes place in one month, and Geert Wilders is leading. The winds of change truly are blowing.

Anti-Islam Wilders frontrunner as Dutch election campaign begins, Reuters, February 15, 2017

Campaigning for the Dutch election began on Wednesday with anti-Islam leader Geert Wilders frontrunner in a vote that will test the anti-establishment sentiment that swept Britain out of the European Union and Donald Trump into the U.S. presidency.

Wilders, a eurosceptic, anti-immigration fan of Trump, has dubbed the March 15 parliamentary election the start of a “Patriotic Spring” in Europe, where French and German voters go to the polls in May and September.

Wilders and his Party for Freedom has led in opinion polls for most of the past two years, but the fragmented political landscape means a coalition government of four or more parties is all but inevitable.

Below, Geert Wilders attended the GOP convention last year and was a popular interview for reporters.

Dale Hurd sat down for an interview with the candidate last week. Wilders described the social conditions affecting politics, for example the crazy hate speech conviction foisted upon him (for suggesting fewer Moroccans) from activist judges, sending the message that any speech critical of Islam may be punished. In addition, the Dutch people have suffered under extreme austerity measures, such as pensions and healthcare for elderly being cut, while great sums have been spent on welfare for illegal aliens, aka “refugees.” The oppression of lawless immigration and its cultural consequences are what Geert Wilders plans to change.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Wilders Could Take Netherlands Out of EU, CBN News. February 9, 2017

AMSTERDAM – Some say he will be the next nail in the European Union’s coffin. Dutch politician Geert Wilders’ anti-EU, anti-immigration Party for Freedom is on track to win national elections in March. But he told us why a victory still might not make him the next prime minister. He also calls his conviction on a hate speech charge, for saying there are too many Moroccans in the Netherlands, “ridiculous.”

He still lives under 24-hour police protection from death threats. And whatever you do, don’t call him the Dutch Donald Trump.  Geert Wilders emerged from his trial more defiant and more popular than ever. And he granted this exclusive interview to CBN News. 

Dale Hurd:  After your recent conviction for hate speech, you didn’t sound very repentant, very sorry.

Wilders:  No I’m not, you know, how can I be? I really said nothing wrong and the crazy Dutch jurisprudence  – it’s not even our law  – I think I’m the first Dutchman who was convicted for something that is not in the law because the judge decided that Moroccans, which as you know is a nationality, has to be seen as a race. Dale, the reason I said it was because 80 percent of the Dutch jihadists who go to fight in Syria are Moroccans. 80 percent. They are 22 times over represented when it comes to street crime, and 60 percent of the Moroccan youth under the age of 23 has been arrested at least once, so in any poll it proved that the majority of the Dutch people agreed with me about the Moroccans, and the judge said because of international jurisprudence, once again not even in the Dutch law, that Moroccans had to be seen as a race. So if you are in Holland, be careful not to say tomorrow that you don’t like French, German or Swedish food or people, you could be called a racist. Of course this is ridiculous. I did nothing wrong and that’s why I will appeal this crazy verdict.

Hurd: Why do you think you’ve become so popular in the Netherlands? Continue reading this article

Drunk-Driving Illegal Alien Mexican Kills Indiana Man, a Former Missionary

David Kriehn died early Monday morning when a drunk-driving Mexican woman smashed into his car, causing it to flip several times into a ditch. He was on his way home from work after closing up the restaurant which he managed.

Grandfather David Kriehn, 66, graduated from Northwestern University, received a Masters of Divinity from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary and had worked as a missionary.

The Mexican, Elizabeth Vargas-Hernandez, is a resident of Indianapolis and has never had a license to drive.

She exactly the sort of arrogant foreigner President Trump wants out of the country so American citizens won’t die in preventable crimes. And drunk driving illegal aliens have been very deadly.

Remember that in Mexico, drunk driving has a positive value in the national culture.

David Kriehn’s killer sounds like she was blotto drunk in a car with several drunk pals. Hopefully Indiana will throw the book at her.

Noblesville man killed in I-465 crash caused by suspected drunk driver, WTHR, February 13, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – An Indianapolis woman believed to be in the country illegally is accused of driving drunk this morning and killing a Noblesville man.

The crash occurred on the city’s northwest side on Interstate 465 near Michigan Road.

The victim is a former missionary. The suspect, state police investigators believe, entered the country illegally.

The high-speed collision happened around 2:30 a.m. Monday, sending David Kriehn’s car careening off the interstate and into a ditch. Investigators say it rolled over several times, killing the 66-year-old father and grandfather.

Co-workers were shocked and tearful.

“Dave was a gentle, caring man,” Harry Straut said. “A good person. The guy you liked to hang out with as well as work with.”

As a manager at famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que, Kriehn earned a reputation as a leader who put others ahead of himself. According to the company’s operation manager, Kriehn closed the restaurant Sunday night, then worked into the early morning, completing an inventory, before heading to his home in Noblesville.

“Dave was an inspirational leader,” Straut explained. “He spend much of his life before entering the restaurant industry being a missionary.” Continue reading this article

Kris Kobach: Illegal Alien Voter Fraud Is Not Rare

According to the mainstream media, the conviction of an illegal alien Mexican for multiple instances of unlawful voting was a one-off case — no reason for the citizens to worry their little heads about widespread foreigner voting. The no problema characterization was favored by the Obama administration of course because of its open-borders policies.

On the contrary, there is a real problem, according to Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who has investigated the crime locally. He discussed the results of his inquiries into voter fraud in Kansas on Monday with Fox News. The shockeroo headline: 18,000 illegal aliens registered to vote (or attempted to register) in Kansas, population 2.9 million.

Also, President Trump is engaged on this issue and how to fix it.

BRIAN KILMEADE: You got a Mexican citizen living in Texas sent to prison for voting at least five times here in America. So why are so many in the media working to cover up these stores? Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach joins us right now live. Kris, you saw a lot of the dust-up over the weekend between the administration and various talk show hosts. They don’t believe there’s anything to it, there’s no proof that this happens.

KRIS KOBACH: There’s tons of proof that it happens. In Kansas we’re fighting the ACLU in a number of lawsuits so we have actually been presenting cases like this to a federal court and you mentioned the one case in Texas — we’ve got 115 cases of known non-citizens who either got on our voter rolls in Kansas or who attempted to get on our voter rolls, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg because you can’t discover most of the cases. We had a statistical analysis done of our entire voter rolls and it looks like we have as many as 18,000 cases of aliens on our voter rolls or people who attempted to get on the voter rolls and are not citizens.

And we’re just a small state. Brian, population-wise so if you take those numbers, you extrapolate to a state like Texas or California, you’re probably talking about hundreds of thousands of non-citizens on the voter rolls, and you’re absolutely right — the media on the left wants to just ignore it and say oh there’s no proof. No, we’re presenting proof in federal court, but they don’t want to put any attention on it. Continue reading this article

Hungary Recycles Shipping Containers as Temp Housing for Illegal Aliens

Viktor Orban, the prime minister of Hungary, continues to provide leadership against an invasion of hostile Muslims via “immigration” leading to an Islamified Europe.

Descendants of those who suffered under Ottoman oppression centuries ago have not forgotten, and Eastern Europe therefore remains a bulwark against Muslim tyranny.

A recent poll from Chatham House showed that most Europeans want Muslim immigration ended, with higher percentages holding that view in Eastern Europe:

Orban has been tough about keeping illegal aliens out of Hungary. In September 2015, the government began building a 100-mile fence along the border with Serbia to block the huge flow of Syrians and others. A riot ensued, revealing the influx to be more invasion than escape.

Prime Minister Orban recently offered a home to Europeans fleeing mass immigration and multiculturalism. He remarked to an enthusiastic audience, “We shall let in true refugees — Germans, Dutch, French and Italians, terrified politicians and journalists who here in Hungary want to find the Europe they have lost in their homelands.”

In the latest expression of sovereignty, Orban has set up a camp built of shipping containers on the border to hold asylum seekers while their claims are sorted out. The rough housing is apparently part of an ongoing dispute with the European Union over illegal immigration.

Migrants Entering Hungary to Be Detained in Shipping Containers on Border,, February 10, 2017

Every migrant entering Hungary, as well as those already in existing facilities, will now be housed in shipping containers on the border while their asylum requests are settled.

“People’s freedom of movement will be removed, they will be able to stay only in a place designated for them,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s chief of staff, János Lázár, told AFP.

“This place will be the state border, where containers suitable for accommodating 200-300 people will be erected. Migrants will have to wait there for a legally binding decision on their claims”, he added.

He explained that a total of 586 migrants in open and closed camps elsewhere in the country will gradually be transferred to the new sites, and they will be able to take part in court proceedings via telecommunications equipment that will be provided in the camps.

During the height of the migrant crisis, many passed through numerous safe countries ignoring the Dublin accord and requests to stay put as their cases were assessed as they wished to travel to the wealthy welfare economies of northern Europe. Continue reading this article

The “Friendly” Mask of Mexico Falls Away

In the past, Mexico had smiled pleasantly as it ripped America off for billions of dollars in remittances, highly expensive US-taxpayer-funded healthcare and other freebies, even while pretending to be a friend and good neighbor.

It’s getting harding for Mexes to maintain appearances when the new sheriff in Washington DC has told them that the US no longer accepts to their duplicity: criminals are being sent home and a sturdy wall will be built to keep invaders out.

Unfriendly Mexico has chosen to fight back. It announced the other day that it would aid its lawbreaking citizens by jamming American courts with illegal immigration cases. The Mexican government has allocated $50 million to help its US-residing illegals fight deportation in court and has instructed its 50 (!) consulates to provide assistance.

Meanwhile, nobody in the media finds it odd that Mexico prefers that its citizens reside outside their own country. Where’s the love, Presidente Peña Nieto?

The Mexican invaders themselves apparently find jail in the US to be preferable to freedom in Mexico, as long as they believe they will prevail eventually. Funny how the illegals regard America as their territory.

Mexican Migrants Signal They Prefer Detention to Deportation, Wall Street Journal, February 12, 2017

Illegal immigrants meet with Mexican officials in Phoenix, discuss options under Trump administration

PHOENIX—All but one of about 50 undocumented Mexican migrants at a meeting Saturday indicated they would rather risk detention and long court battles in the U.S. than return to Mexico voluntarily.

The majority of migrants at the meeting in Phoenix, which included Mexican officials, signaled in a show of hands that they were ready to fight deportation in U.S. courts.

“Even if that means detention for weeks?” asked former foreign minister Jorge Castaneda.

“Even if it takes months,” shouted one woman. “Even if it takes years,” another yelled. “We are here to fight.”

Mr. Castaneda and others want Mexico’s government to endorse a tough and perhaps risky strategy to battle an expected increase in deportations of their undocumented compatriots in the U.S. by underwriting the migrants’ legal struggle in the U.S. court system. By overwhelming already heavily burdened immigration courts, Mr. Castaneda hopes the legal system would break down, bringing deportations to a halt. . .

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