Providence Police Show How Crowd Control Is Done

On Saturday morning, a group of pro-Trump patriots marched in the capital of Rhode Island to display their appreciation for the sovereignty-defending president. Naturally, a gaggle of anti-Trump marxists gathered to harass and jabber.

What I noticed was how effective the local police were at preventing antagonistic sides from getting out of control: they formed a line and kept the groups apart. Fundamental cop stuff, right?

That was exactly the element missing in the March 4 Berkeley event where gangs of masked anarchists were allowed to assault the pro-Trump crowd, many of whom were older, even elderly. The Berkeley Police stood around as violence intensified without utilizing the strategy of basic crowd control. Clearly the city leaders made it clear that pro-Trump citizens were not welcome in their precious People’s Republic. See my blog for details: Berkeley Police Watch as Masked Anarchists Pursue Violence, Finally Arrest 10.

In Providence, the police formed a line to keep the two sides apart.

Because the peace was maintained in Providence, some people managed to have respectful disagreements. This is how political discourse is supposed to work, and law enforcement is a part of the picture.

A line of police officers divide Trump backers and foes at State House, March 25, 2017

Supporters and opponents of President Donald Trump got into shouting matches in front of City Hall Saturday morning as a march to the State House in support of the president got underway.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Providence police and state troopers formed a line between Trump supporters and foes at the State House terrace to prevent violence.

There were about 1,000 demonstrators at the State House, according to estimates made by Providence Journal reporters and the Providence police.

The rally ended at about 12:45 p.m., when the Providence police and state troopers ordered demonstrators to leave the area of the State House. The pro-Trump forces mostly dissipated, while the anti-Trumpers marched back toward City Hall, intending to head to a “RISE UP! Rhode Island” rally at the Roger Williams Memorial National Park on North Main Street, where organizers said they will urge people to “raise their voices against the current administration’s policies of hate and bigotry and stand in solidarity for equal rights for everyone.”

The two sides marched up Francis Street from Providence City Hall together. Trump’s supporters led. The opponents followed.

They were noisy: the President’s supporters chanting “USA, USA;” the opponents shouting expletives associated with Trump’s name.

But there was no trouble until the two factions reached the State House when there was some pushing and shoving.

That ended when the police formed their standing barrier between the two sides.

“I think it was a good representation of the American system of government,” Providence police Commander Thomas A. Verdi told The Providence Journal. “Two groups equal in size … each voicing their opinions and positions, and both very passionate, but able to do so in a very peaceful way.”

Around the edges of the crowd, something like respectful conversations broke out between a few on either side. Continue reading this article

London Terror Attack Sends City Elites into Appeasement Swoon

It’s so tiresome to see the same old liberal response to a shocking terror attack in a major world city as happened in London on Wednesday, where a hit-and-run SUV and knife attack killed four and injured dozens.

Prime Minister Theresa May said Britons were “not afraid” — although maybe they should be, since after years of terrorist murders, British police still are mostly unarmed: the officer who was stabbed to death, 48-year-old Keith Palmer, was not carrying a weapon, even though he was posted near Westminster as part of the protective force.

Hello! London is no longer the same community that believed police without guns could be more reasonable and accepted by the citizenry. In fact, the city is no longer majority white, as of 2012, and it continues to become less British because of catastrophic immigration. In December, over a thousand muslims yelling Allah Ackbar marched in London, demanding a caliphate.

The muslim mayor of the city, Sadiq Khan, declared after the recent killings that such disturbances are part and parcel of living in a big city these days.

Prime Minister May also declared in response to the murders that it’s wrong to describe the attack as “Islamic terrorism” and further expounded that the killer’s suspected ideology was a “perversion of a great faith.”

Every liberal pol is an expert on the religion of Islam! (When it is actually a totalitarian political system.)

No expression of liberal grief can be complete without a vigil, and London held a tasteful British one in Trafalgar Square on Thursday that included some Islam-is-peace propaganda.

The response behavior is painfully predictable and exhibits so little understanding of what kind of relentless enemy the West faces in Islam. Being nice and accommodating won’t work, a point that was emphasized by Ayaan Hirsi Ali when she was interviewed by Tucker Carlson on Wednesday.

TUCKER CARLSON: Why is it that so many on the left — internationally, in this country, in Great Britain, all through Europe — have so much trouble coming to terms with the religious component of this violence?

AYAAN HIRSI ALI: I don’t know. I acknowledge as you do that it’s masochistic, it’s stupid, and I think if you look at the Islamists, they don’t go to the liberals and say, “Thank you so much for letting us take over; we’ll stop terrorizing.” They don’t do it.

CARLSON: So what you’re saying is the Islamists don’t want sensitivity above all, that’s not their goal.

HIRSI ALI: No, Islamists want one thing and that is a sharia-compliant society and eventually the world. That’s what their aim is; it sounds crazy to you and me and everyone else, but that’s the objective. And they want to get there through dawa — this is infrastructure of indoctrinating people into accepting it and other ways of intimidating, you know, forcing them to do it and jihad — violence. And whoever is in their way is their enemy, and it doesn’t matter how nice the liberals are, how accommodating and obliging they are — that’s the objective of the Islamists. And if you don’t understand that, then I don’t think you should be in the business of making legislation, in the business of informed leadership because you’re just incapable of understanding that problem.

Britain needs to snap out of its PC snooze and recognize that the enemy is inside the gates.

Microsoft Age Recognition Software Puts High School Rapist's Age at 27

For an illegal alien, being classified as a minor is very advantageous for getting benefits and free stuff, so unlawful foreigners lying about their age is common from San Francisco to Massachusetts and Europe.

Both of the accused rapists at Maryland’s Rockville High School were students there, with ages given at 18 and 17. A photo of the older one, Henry Sanchez, was published, and he looked rather mature, so I ran the picture through Microsoft’s facial recognition software located online at with the following result:

This software has been used by news websites particularly in the UK because of the extreme cases of fake youth among the illegal aliens flooding into Europe from the Middle East.

One news site, the online version of the Daily Express newspaper, gave examples of the kid imposters and noted that the software was not exact but did work pretty well among their staff:

Older than their years? Facial analysis gives Calais refugee children an average age of 25,, October 21, 2016

To test out their claims ran photographs of 11 of the child refugees who were snapped as they arrived in Britain yesterday through the calculator.

The facial recognition site, which judges people’s ages by analysing their facial features using complicated algorithms, was set up by computer boffins at Microsoft.

It was developed by experts at the computer giant to advance the use of facial recognition software in a variety of fields, including as a security feature to authorise bank transactions.

The site carries the disclaimer its findings are not always accurate, and that they are only designed to indicate how old somebody looks – not to give their actual age.

And a spokesman for Microsoft today insisted: “ was designed to be an example of how developers could build a fun app using modern development practices. It is not intended to be used as a definitive assessment of age.”

When ran photographs of five of our reporters through the system, who were all men aged between 28 and 34, its results were accurate to within two years in all but one instance. . .

To be clear, the software gives an age estimation based on appearance. There are other means to approximate the age of illegal aliens, who normally don’t present a birth certificate upon arrest, like dental examination and bone density testing.

No mention has been made of any physical examination of the foreigners placed in Rockville High School, so we must assume that officials just accepted the age given by the illegal aliens and enrolled them among American teenagers.

Plyler vs. Doe is the 1982 court decision that requires US schools to accept illegal alien children for education, but the decision speaks in terms of “school-age children” not adults:

JUSTICE BRENNAN delivered the opinion of the Court.

The question presented by these cases is whether, consistent with the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, Texas may deny to undocumented school-age children the free public education that it provides to children who are citizens of the United States or legally admitted aliens.

Therefore the age of the illegal alien matters, and a 27-year-old foreigner would not be covered by this ruling in my non-lawyer common-sense opinion.

Maryland: Illegal Aliens Placed in High School Rape 14-Year-Old American Girl

Stupidly permissive school officials placed two illegal aliens from Central America who claimed to be teenagers into freshman classes of Rockville High School because of their inability to speak English. As a result, a 14-year-old girl was raped and sodomized in the boys’ restroom. This horrific crime represents the diversity being foisted upon unwilling citizens by open-borders criminal-friendly sanctuary cities and states.

Below is a photo of the accused Guatemalan rapist, Henry Sanchez, supposedly 18 years old. Did authorities check his physical features to determine his real age as is done now in Europe? Computer analysis of faces is used, as well as bone density and dental maturity examination to make sure that the “boy” being resettled is really what he says he is.

In addition, don’t the facial scar and broken nose suggest that Sanchez is a rough character and inappropriate to be a high school freshmen?

Fox News reported the story on Monday:

BRET BAIER: Now to a disturbing story out of suburban Washington DC where two Rockville High School students have been arrested and charged with rape, but should the teenagers have been in the country at all? Correspondent Doug McKelway has a story that is still developing tonight.

DOUG McKELWAY: At Rockville High School in progressive Montgomery County, Maryland, police say a 14-year-old ninth-grade girl was pushed into a boys’ restroom last Thursday. Despite her efforts to resist by holding on to a sink, she was shoved into a stall where she was allegedly raped and sodomized. Police arrested two ninth graders: 18 year old Henry Sanchez, an illegal from Guatemala, and a minor 17-year-old, Jose Montano, also here illegally. Both are being held without bond.

CITIZEN (PARENT?): I just hope she’s okay you know now, in a week from now, and maybe the rest of her life.

CITIZEN IN CAR: You figure that they’re protected and they’re safe, but . . .

McKELWAY: It happened amidst a debate to formally declare Rockville a sanctuary city though both it and Montgomery County have long practiced informal sanctuary. In a joint statement after President Trump’s inauguration, county leaders reassured residents of long-standing policy quote “Police do not enforce federal immigration law.” Maryland state policy goes well beyond non-enforcement, granting in-state college tuition rates to illegals. It has helped lead to massive demographic shifts here.

DANIEL McHUGH, MONTGOMERY COUNTY YOUNG GOP: Who’s come with them? Their parents their aunts, their uncles, the cousins, their nieces, their nephews. MS-13 has come through that door with them too.

McKELWAY: Among school families in central Montgomery County, 51 percent are now immigrants. The poverty rate for immigrant homes at 14 percent is twice that for native homes at seven percent, meaning a lower tax base as some schools struggle to serve student bodies speaking as many as 19 different languages.

McHUGH: Higher taxes, lowered educational standards and higher crime is what we’ve faced in Montgomery County as a result of pro-illegal-immigration policies put forth by the county government and even by the state.

McKELWAY: After Thursday’s incident the superintendent of Montgomery County Schools wrote parents about the alleged crime, calling it quote, “Horrible and unacceptable. They do not represent the positive values of our students and school communities.”

Yet in the 22 month period from January 2014 through September 2015, Montgomery County ignored federal immigration orders to detain 63 illegals who had prior criminal records. Coincidentally today the Department of Homeland Security began publishing a weekly list of sanctuary cities and the numbers of illegals those cities are releasing after DHS ordered them detained. And lastly, tomorrow night Rockville High School will host its monthly parent teachers meeting. No doubt concerned parents will have lots of questions. Bret?

BAIER: And we’ll be there.

Sanctuary cities function as a crime magnet to foreign criminals. The Mexican multiple deportee who shot Kate Steinle dead said in a jailhouse interview that San Francisco’s sanctuary policy was the reason he chose to live there.

America’s current de facto immigration policy imports poor, unskilled and criminal foreigners. President Trump is trying to reverse the situation of immigration being totally negative, but Democrats see importing millions of big-government voters as their only hope to regain power.

A recent poll determined that 80 percent of voters disapproved of sanctuary cities, yet they remain: nearly 500 have been counted by, including a recent surge that apparently shows Democrat governments would rather snub President Trump than protect their own citizens from preventable illegal alien crime. This is the depth of evil to which liberalism has plunged itself.

Engineer Returns Home to Pursue the Indian Dream

There are all too few immigrant-return stories in the media, probably because they refute the liberal narrative that immigration is a total positive for all concerned because of the increased Diversity. For some people — perhaps many — the move is not what they imagined and the adjustment is too hard: immigration stress is the cause of some immigrant crime, I suspect.

So it is totally sensible for an unhappy immigrant with skills to return home to family, culture and a career. It’s also a better choice for the United States than for millions to be importing the relatives and culture into growing separatist barrios. We Americans prefer our culture too.

Our subject today is an Indian woman, Nupur Dave, who was trained in engineering, but was worn down by lack of sleep, insufficient money from her Silicon Valley job and plain homesickness.

The San Francisco Bay Area lifestyle can be enticing, but its desirability has made it very expensive.

Why can’t there be a Mexican Dream in that wealthy nation where the middle class is growing? Why can’t there be an Indian Dream or a Brazilian Dream? On a planet of seven billion people, would-be immigrants to the first world need to reform their home nations instead of investing all their energy into an escape. It’s racist to think non-white people cannot manage successful societies.

The path to America-style prosperity is not a mystery: it requires equality under law, freedom, property ownership and an openness to entrepreneurial activity.

Nupur Dave (pictured below) made the decision to go home to India and her move has worked out well.

Why this Google engineer gave up on Silicon Valley and moved back to India,, March 18 2017

By all accounts, including her own, Nupur Dave had the dream life.

A native of India, she had spent the past decade living in the US. She was working at Google at the perk-filled “Googleplex” headquarters in Mountain View, California, at a job she loved. And she had obtained a permanent residence, her green card.

She was a manager for a part of Google called Network Content Distribution, the network tech that makes Google run faster (in geek speak: it’s Google’s homegrown alternative to a content distribution network like Akamai).

And the opportunities for promotion were plentiful.

“I got to travel all over the world, attend conferences,” she told Business Insider.”It was great. The team was great. It was really good job.”

There was just one problem. She was growing increasingly unhappy with this Silicon Valley dream life.

Expensive and lonely
For one thing, the cost of living was a hardship. While she was paid well, it wasn’t enough to get ahead in the costly Bay Area, much less buy a house. Continue reading this article

President Trump Proposes Cuts to Foreign Aid — Shrieks Ensue though Abuses Abound

Will Uncle Sucker’s ill-considered spending of taxpayer dollars to dirtbag hellholes be pruned?? Recipient pigpens of corruption immediately began bleating in terror along with defenders of the traditional order to the news. Al Jazeera reported alarm emanating from the United Nations. Germany’s DW opined that the cuts would “diminish US influence”, suggesting that good behavior is sustained only through American bribery. The BBC characterized the cuts as a “squeeze” even though the reduction is only 28 percent of wasteful expenditures in sketchy nations.

In the following video, Ambassador James Dobbins explains the supposedly wonderful purposes for which foreign aid money is spent:

Below, Obama spent generously in corrupt regimes throughout Africa and across the Islamic world during his administration:

Will more billions be funneled to Afghanistan? Attempts at nation building in the future Talibanistan is the ultimate in stupid waste because the aid doesn’t work and it has fueled corruption — shocking, I know.

Instead, President Trump should spend more money to quarantine Islam because the tyrannical political system cannot be fixed.

Finally, can the United States at least end foreign aid to one of the wealthiest nations on earth? Mexico is #15 in world GDP, yet stupid America has sent our corrupt narco-state neighbor $2 billion in the last decade. That’s the figure given in a government report USAID: Mexico; Country Cooperation Development Strategy: FY2014 — FY2018 in a footnote on page 12:

7 The U.S.‐Mexico Merida Initiative is an unprecedented partnership between the United States and Mexico to fight organized crime and associated violence while strengthening the rule of law.  USG funding for the Merida Initiative has totaled approximately $2 billion since 2008, with the GOM typically investing 10X USG spending in priority program areas.  The four pillars of the Merida Initiative are: I. Disrupt Organized Criminal Groups; II. Strengthen Institutions; III. Build a 21st Century Border; and IV. Build Strong and Resilient Communities.

As it happens, I wrote about the Merida Initiative a decade ago: A “Marshall Plan For Mexico”—Sending Welfare To A Crack House. Foreign aid to grifter Mexico was a bad idea then and it is even more stupid now.

Interestingly, the USAID report’s cover includes a photo of young students playing violins. Does our foreign aid pay for violin instruction or kiddie orchestras in Mexico? No mention of violins is given in the paper.

Sacramento: Special Visa Afghans Want Continued Growth of Their Community

Thursday’s front page story from the Sacramento Bee about Afghan translators who haven’t yet been rescued with a visa to America is a reminder that military entanglements abroad have a way of becoming a runway for immigrants. We further learn that thousands of Afghan nationals have settled in the Sacramento area on Special Immigrant Visas as a result of their help to the US military. (Sacramento is a diverse city, where over 22 percent are foreign born.)

It’s a familiar story: American troops need local help to be more effective in stomping the bad guys, and those helpers then must be rescued and resettled in the USA because they can no longer live in their homeland — which seems a failure of the whole project somehow. And the worse the war goes, the more foreigners must be saved from living in their country and plunked down in some American town far from Washington DC where the decisions were made. One thinks of Vietnam, where the failure there brought a flood of refugees and boat people to the point where well over a million now reside in this country.

Now the US is mucking about in jihad territory, with troops in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. We can see that this means more muslim immigrants, which is exactly what America does not need.

Muslims seem to come with a recessive jihad gene that may suddenly pop into activity in the younger generation. Faisal Razmal, the Afghan translator pictured above, may be a fine fellow who genuinely aided US soldiers in Afghanistan. However, a cousin Mohammed who could eventually come via family chain migration may not be so friendly. And some young muslims who are born and raised in America by apparently responsible parents can go violently jihad through a combination of youthful hormones and internet-induced guilt, reflecting the second-generation problem common to Islamic immigration.

Therefore the optimal number of muslim immigrants is ZERO, and the military project to squash ISIS should ideally be conducted via drones and robots only — no troops on the ground who need translators or any human contact.

That strategy is not likely, but the standard human approach creates unacceptable collateral cost for the homeland.

U.S. halts visas for Afghans who aided American forces, Sacramento Bee, March 15, 2017

Afghans who aided U.S. forces fighting the Taliban can no longer receive special visas for their service, at least until year’s end, said U.S. senators and advocates who are trying to pass legislation to restart the flow of newcomers.

That visa halt promises to thwart the reunion plans of many in Sacramento’s growing community of Afghan Special Immigrant Visa, or SIV, holders, considered the largest in the United States. Many of them are still praying for loved ones to arrive from the war-torn Central Asian country.

The U.S. Embassy in the Afghan capital of Kabul has officially stopped accepting applications to the SIV program established by Congress in 2009 under the Afghan Allies Protection Act, said Matt Zeller, the founder of No One Left Behind, a nonprofit group dedicated to helping Afghan interpreters begin new lives in the United States. More than 45,000 Afghan SIV holders and their family members have been resettled in the U.S. over the last eight years, including translators, helicopter pilot trainers, doctors, engineers and intelligence specialists.

Every year until 2016, Congress had authorized 4,000 Special Immigrant Visas for Afghans, but last November, Congress extended the program for only 1,500 applicants for all of 2017, far fewer than those eligible to come, advocates said. Many of the applicants live in danger of retaliation by the Taliban and other groups in Afghanistan.

Those 1,500 visas have just run out, less than three months into 2017, shocking many of the estimated 7,000 Afghan SIV holders and their families who have resettled in the Sacramento area, Zeller said. Some have relatives and friends who have applied to come to Sacramento. Continue reading this article

Fake Hate Accuser Pleads Guilty in Court

There seems to be an uptick in fake hate crimes these days — maybe it’s a reaction to the Trump election or just more diversity generally. But these socially poisonous accusations are rarely prosecuted, so it’s nice to see a perp in court, charged for making a false police report.

Below, Michigan student Halley Bass pleads guilty in her hearing in the 15th District Court on March 6, 2017.

You have to read rather deeply into this detailed article to learn the accused says she was wearing a safety pin to show solidarity with “immigrants” (aka aliens) in Britain who feel threatened by Brexit — what a stretch to say a safety pin was the motivation for a hate crime. What adult person, even an alleged hateful one, can keep track of all the campus message signaling these days? The claim shows the length young liberals will go to achieve politically correct victimhood.

Ann Arbor woman pleads guilty to making up hate crime,, March 7, 2017

ANN ARBOR, MI — A 21-year-old Ann Arbor woman pleaded guilty as charged to one count of false report of a misdemeanor in 15th District Court on Monday, March 6.

Halley Bass admitted in court that she fabricated a story about a strange man scratching her face in downtown Ann Arbor on Nov. 15.

“I was suffering from depression at the time,” Bass told Judge Elizabeth Pollard Hines. “I made a superficial scratch on my face. It was visible and I was embarrassed about what I’d done. So I made up a story and told a friend that a stranger had done it while I was walking. I was encouraged to report it to the police. I made the mistake of doing that.”

At the time, Bass claimed her attack was part of the surge in hate crimes following the election of Donald Trump a week earlier. She told police she was targeted for wearing a solidarity pin connected to Great Britain’s “Brexit” vote.

Bass admitted to scratching her own face with the pin after becoming upset during a Woman’s Literature class at the University of Michigan, according to the Ann Arbor Police Department report.

Bass and her Ann Arbor-based attorney, Douglas Mullkoff, requested that she be sentenced through the 15th District’s mental health court. Hines said if court officials determine Bass is eligible, Bass will be sentenced by Judge Karen Valvo in that court on March 22.

Bass originally told police that she got out of class at Angell Hall around 1 p.m. and walked to the Starbuck’s on the corner of East Liberty Street and South State Street, but left because it was too crowded, according to the report.

Bass said she then went to the Michigan Theater down Liberty to see what movies were playing and that while she was passing by “Graffiti Alley” a short time later a man attacked her, slashing her face with what she believed was a safety pin, the report said.

Bass told police the attack was likely prompted by the Brexit pin.

“(The) person must have seen the pin and picked on me,” Bass said, according to the report. “That’s my best guess. No other reason why he would be targeting me.”

Police asked Bass if something like that ever happened to her before.

“I’ve heard of other people experiencing incidents recently, but not to me,” she said.

The police noted several scratches on her face.

Bass described the suspect as an approximately 45-year-old white male, with stubble on his face, wearing a black baseball hat pulled low over his face, a gray hoodie with the hood down and sweat pants. Continue reading this article

Irrational Behavior Served Up for Pi Day

Leave it to immigrants and their groupies to ruin a perfectly fun little holiday, namely Pi Day which occurs on March 14 (3.14). Silicon Valley anti-borders diversity fanatics are using the occasion to protest President Trump’s efforts to keep America safe by enforcing its circumference. Not only are the border grinches sullying Pi Day, they are stupidly promoting their billionaire employers who preach diversity but really want cheap foreign labor. Dumb. Work visas should be a rational number that does not harm Americans.

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg (net worth $58.9 billion) has invested in immigration “reform” aka amnesty for millions of lawbreakers while profiting handsomely from his imported serfs.

Back to the fun stuff, Twitter has plenty of cartoons, jokes and videos using the hashtag #PiDay — check it out. As someone who has suffered from terrible math and science education, I appreciate a friendly approach. Only second-rate teachers could make science uninteresting.

Here’s a video reviewing the whole pi math thing in a tasty format:

The original Pi Day started out as a project of a physicist at San Francisco’s Exploratorium to celebrate the curiosity of the endless irrational number pi and has expanded since then.

Back to the downer news, here’s the plan for the protests:

Silicon Valley tech workers plan anti-Trump Pi Day walkout,, March 13, 2017

Thousands of tech workers at Apple, Facebook and Google plan to walk off the job tomorrow, on Pi Day, to protest President Trump’s immigration policies.

About 1,600 tech employees at companies in Silicon Valley plan to participate in a Pi Day protest dubbed Stand Up for Tech. Pi Day is celebrated each year on March 14 (aka, 3.14) in a cheeky reference to the mathematical constant — the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

The Pi Day protests are in response to several of the Trump administration’s policies and statements. Among them is a controversial immigration ban that angered many in the tech community. Executives at Apple, Facebook, Netflix and Tesla Motors have spoken out against the policy as many tech firms and startups are run by immigrants, children of immigrants, or employ a high number of workers with visas or green cards.

“Walk into many tech firms, and you are likely to see a set of company values hanging on their walls,” event organizers Brad Taylor and McKenzie Lock wrote on Medium. “Some of those values are inclusion, transparency, innovation, diversity, openness, ownership and empathy. Today those values are under attack. Now is the time for all tech companies to stand up for these values and prove that those values are more than just hoodie slogans.”

At the center of the Pi Day protest is a rally at King Plaza in Palo Alto, where speakers will address topical issues and nonprofits will host information tables. Speakers include Aatif Awan, vice president of growth at LinkedIn, and Dex Torricke-Barton, a former speechwriter for Mark Zuckerberg, among dozens of others. Continue reading this article

NBC: Automation May Destroy Half of Truck Driver Jobs

I rarely watch NBC, but was clicking around a couple days ago and saw a rather decent piece on self-driving trucks that included important facts about how the technology will affect jobs in an important American industry. Interestingly, Fox News is AWOL on the subject, while the liberal media does better, in particular PBS and The Guardian (UK). The coming destruction of the economic order by the disappearance of the wage-earner component needs to be discussed in media and public forums across the spectrum.

NBC reports that half of America’s truck drivers may lose their jobs because of technology within 10 years. The disemployment is occurring in many fields but there’s little public understanding or debate about the big picture.

Could U.S. Trucking Jobs Go Extinct Due to Automation?, NBC Nightly News, March 11, 2017

Some 3.5 million Americans drive big rigs and delivery trucks, but revolutionary driverless technology means two million jobs, or more than half of the country’s truck drivers, could lose their jobs to automation in the next decade.


DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Hands on the wheel.

RUHLE: It’s more than a slogan. Some three-and-a-half million Americans drive big rigs and delivery trucks. Long-haul truck drivers earn an average $40 thousand a year for the hard work and long hours and it doesn’t require a college degree.

TRUCK DRIVER STUDENT: I always wanted to be a truck driver so. . .

DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: When you pull up . . .

RUHLE: Students like these are learning the trade at a moment of change in the industry. Revolutionary driverless technology means more than half of the country’s truck drivers could lose their jobs to automation.

RAVI SHANKER, MORGAN STANLEY: We think the first fully autonomous trucks go on sale by 2020. I’ll be surprised if in 10 years a lot of the largest trucking carriers in the country aren’t significantly autonomous.

RUHLE: Daimler showed off the technology in Las Vegas in 2015. Their goal is to assist drivers as they plan to keep them at the helm. Other companies are rolling out programs that could put technology in the driver’s seat.

Then is technology the future, the partner or the enemy to the trucker?

JERRY CORVELLI, JERSEY TRACTOR TRAILER TRAINING: I mean certainly the future, you know you’re not going to stop the technology.

RUHLE: What was once a low-skilled trade becoming a profession driven by code and computers.

SHANKER: The truck driver will also be kind of be a technical engineer and if there’s a problem with the hardware, the software, they’re going to have to figure it out.

CORVELLI: Jobs for everyone in society — the highly skilled, the highly educated — but the ones, the individuals that are not so educated and skilled, where are the jobs for them? So that would be the downside.

RUHLE: For some, there’s no substitute for a human driver.

DRIVING INSTRUCTOR JASON MOODY: There may be a computer that can drive a truck from A to B on a straight line. But there will never be a computer that will be able to navigate a truck in the heart of Manhattan, never.

RUHLE: But those who want to stay in trucking for the long haul should expect a changing industry. Stephanie Rule, NBC News, New York.

As reported in the NBC story, Daimler tested a big-rig self-driving truck in 2015 in Nevada, a state where automated vehicles are permitted if a driver is present for emergencies.

In addition, driving big rig trucks may seem like the quintessential blue-collar American job, but theoccupation has become more diverse in recent years, just like everything else. But America does not need immigrant truck drivers now or later, if it ever did.

Once Dependably Liberal, the Netherlands Is Growing Sick of Imported Diversity

Sunday’s Washington Post had a major front-page story highlighting Wednesday’s election in the Netherlands and how immigration is an important issue with voters.

Naturally, the Post is shocked that liberal Holland would reject open borders and Muslim diversity. It regards any deviation from the one-worlder doctrine to be “far right.” The paper observes, “the Netherlands has been relatively insulated from mass immigration” — but that’s only in comparison with neighbors like France that have turned into armed camps to keep their streets safe.

The article was clearly written before violent protests broke out among Turkish residents who were angered at the Netherlands blocking the Turkish foreign minister from visiting. The official intended to promote homeland politics among dual citizens to increase voter interest in an upcoming referendum that would give more power to President Erdogan. Dutch riot police used batons and water cannons to break up the thousands of Turks who had responded to social media calls for them to complain at their embassy in Rotterdam about the alleged insult. Erdogan called the Dutch “Nazi remnants” over the affront, so the situation is a diplomatic stinker.

The chaotic scene did not reflect well upon diverse immigration a few days before the Dutch election. The mess won’t hurt the candidacy of Geert Wilders, who fired off a strong message to Turkish citizens, telling them to forget about EU membership and an open border to the continent:

The Post clings to the liberal belief that people wanting to maintain their culture and public safety are somehow “fringe” when those values are entirely normal.

Anti-immigrant anger threatens to remake the liberal Netherlands, Washington Post, March 10, 2017

RISING RIGHT | A periodic examination of the people and pressures driving European politics away from the mainstream — and toward the fringe.

AMSTERDAM — Xandra Lammers lives on an island in Amsterdam, the back door of her modern and spacious four-bedroom house opening onto a graceful canal where ducks, swans and canoes glide by.

The translation business she and her husband run from their home is thriving. The neighborhood is booming, with luxury homes going up as fast as workers can build them, a quietly efficient tramway to speed residents to work in the world-renowned city center, and parks, bike paths, art galleries, beaches and cafes all within a short amble.

By outward appearances, Lammers is living the Dutch dream. But in the 60-year-old’s telling, she has been dropped into the middle of a nightmare, one in which Western civilization is under assault from the Muslim immigrants who have become her neighbors.

“The influx has been too much. The borders should close,” said Lammers, soft-spoken with pale blue eyes and brown hair that frames a deceptively serene-looking face. “If this continues, our culture will cease to exist.”

To Europe’s powers that be, the threat looks dramatically different but no less grave: If enough voters agree with Lammers and support the far right in elections here on Wednesday and across the continent later this year, then it’s modern Europe itself — defined by cooperation, openness and multicultural pluralism — that could come crashing down.

The stakes have risen sharply as Europeans’ anti-establishment anger has swelled. In interviews across the Netherlands in recent days, far-right voters expressed stridently nationalist, anti-immigrant views that were long considered fringe but that have now entered the Dutch mainstream.
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DC Residents Now Share Sidewalks with Food Delivery Robots

Robot food delivery in the neighborhood has been chatted up on the news as the cool new tech thing about to happen, being tested and now it’s here.

The flagship robot delivery fleet rolled out on Wednesday in Washington DC.

The robots are doing the deliveries, although human minders will accompany the machines for now.

The little robots scooting along the sidewalk look pleasantly futuristic, but the rapid entry of automation into non-manufacturing uses over the last while makes the long-term future of some low-skilled jobs appear rather grim. Pizza delivery driver has been the sort of part-time job that’s perfect for students, but that employment option looks to be on the way out.

Delivery person is not a huge employment category, but it is like other areas of small job losses from automation that add up, like hardware store helper, meatpacking worker, bricklayer, golf caddy, oil field roughneck, coffee barista, Amazon grocery store worker, fast food cashier, hotel bellhop, security guard, hotel phone operators and many other blue-collar jobs. (White-collar employment is threatened also.)

The Gartner consulting firm forecast that one-third of US jobs will be done by robots or computers by 2025 is looking more likely as the automating process speeds up with increasingly capable technology. Forrester Research Inc. has a more optimistic view, that there will be a net job loss of 7 percent by 2025 from automation, but that’s still a serious deficit when more jobs are needed as population increases. Furthermore, Oxford researchers forecast in 2013 that nearly half of American jobs were vulnerable to tech replacement within 20 years. The pessimistic view comes from Rice University computer scientist Moshe Vardi, who warns of a dystopian future in 30 years when humans become largely obsolete and world joblessness stands at 50 percent.

Right now, it’s great that President Trump has convinced some companies to bring their businesses back to the United States, but the resulting number of jobs may be disappointing because of automation. Reshoring has been happening already anyway, because US labor costs don’t matter that much when machines are doing most of the work. So we’ll see how Trump’s jobs plan goes.

For the long term though, the future is automated, and the political class needs to wake up and smell the software. At the least, Washington should reduce immigration radically, more than just the 50 percent cut proposed by Senator Cotton.

Automation, robots and computers make importing foreign labor obsolete, and the quaint practice of immigration should be shelved along with homesteading and stagecoaches.

Anyway, here’s more about the DC delivery robots from a couple days ago.

Food Delivery Robots Officially Roll Out In DC TodayWashingtonian, March 9, 2017

The first fleet of delivery robots officially rolls out in DC today after two weeks of testing. Starship Technologies teamed up with San Francisco-based delivery company Postmates for the launch, the first in the US.

Initially a group of around 20 bots will make short deliveries—mostly under a mile—in the Georgetown and 14th Street corridor, with more neighborhoods to come in the near future. The autonomous coolers-on-wheels essentially act like any Postmates delivery service. An app user orders, say, items from a nearby convenience store. The vendor is notified, and a robot is dispatched from one of several hubs. Goods are placed in a temperature-controlled bag in the bot’s sealed compartment, which can only be unlocked with a code that’s sent to the customer. The robot then makes its way to the destination, and voila, that $10 order of snacks and soda is that much more awesome.

Postmates makes over 2 million deliveries a month nationwide using a fleet of cars, bikes, scooters, and average humans on foot. The latter is what stands to be eventually replaced by robots—next in Redwood City, California, and eventually in every city Postmates operates. Continue reading this article

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