Vatican Catholics Tell Italians to Pipe Down about Illegal Alien Invasion

The current pope is a serious anti-borders type and recently called the rejection of migrants fleeing violence “an act of war” — which is an upside-down characterization when Europe is being invaded by many thousands who just want free stuff. Many of the illegal aliens flooding through Europe’s open borders pretend to be refugees, but are actually economic opportunists, encouraged by the fecklessness of the Eurocrats who refuse to defend their homeland.

Below, the pope visited the Italian island of Lampedusa in 2013 to “highlight the suffering of migrants.” The island has been overrun with African illegal aliens because of its proximity to Tunisia and Libya.

Other important cassocks chimed in behind the pope’s anti-nation-state theme, with Angelo Bagnasco, the head of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, denouncing “the indifference shown to the exodus of desperate people forced by poverty, war and persecution to take their chances elsewhere.”

It’s too bad Cardinal Giacomo Biffi is no longer around to speak sanity to power. He died on July 11 but is remembered as warning in a 2000 pastoral letter that the influx of Muslims was a danger to Italy’s Catholic identity and that Christian immigrants should be given preference. He also stated that Islamic notions of family and the status of women were incompatible with Italian culture and that Islamic fundamentalists posed a threat to Christian Europe.

The pope and his cronies are generous with the safety of Europe even though the invasion of historic Muslim enemies presents an existential threat to the continent, now and going forward. Today’s liberal generosity to thousands of moocher migrants will turn out badly as jobs disappear with increasing automation and the young Muslim men become disappointed and angry.

Below, African migrant men disembark from an Italian Navy rescue boat onto the island of Lampedusa in May.

At least the concerned citizens have their heads on straight and are standing up against the destructive catholic elites.

Church clashes with Italy’s right over migrants, The Local, August 11, 2015

High-ranking members of the Italian Church on Monday slammed politicians who peddle anti-immigrant ideas to win votes – sparking a heated row with Italy’s right wing.

“We here hear talk of the ‘unbearable’ number of asylum seekers, an attitude that is unfortunately fed by these salesmen” who are merely pandering to voters, Nunzio Galantino, secretary general of the Italian Bishops’ Conference (CEI), said in an interview on Vatican Radio.

The head of the anti-immigration Northern League party, Matteo Salvini, was quick to lash out at the Roman Catholic Church, saying “those who defend this illegal invasion, which is ruining Italy, either don’t understand or are making money” from the migrant arrivals.

Tempers have been fraying in recent weeks over the reception of migrants and would-be refugees in Italy, with Pope Francis intensifying his pleas for those fleeing war or persecution to be taken in – despite increasing anger over the numbers being rescued. Continue reading this article

“Refugees” Flooding Europe Have High Standards for Their Treatment

There are real refugees fleeing war in the Middle East who are invading Europe these days, but quite a number are economic moochers who have seen the first world lifestyle on TV and would rather live there than in their peaceful African villages.

These people expect wealthy Europe to roll out the red carpet and start dispensing the free stuff immediately. When services aren’t forthcoming for the thousands overwhelming the poor countries on the edge of Europe, the scroungers can get huffy, as one sees in the DW video below.

DEMANDING SYRIAN WOMAN: I don’t have money! Help me! I want to go! I don’t want to stay in Greece! I want to go in Europa! I am Syrian!

YOUNG SYRIAN MAN: I see we are in third world countries. No toilets, no water. People have been waiting for more than 10 years, 10 days. What can I say? Is this Europe? If this is Europe, we’re going back to Syria.

And speaking of non-refugee economic relocators, check out the front page photo below from the Wall Street Journal of August 10. All of the “refugees” are young men who look like they have never missed a meal. Family groups are more likely to be genuine refugees, although certainly not all, but these gangs of young men are out to grab some first world stuff.


Greece has its own problems paying its bills these days following a full blown economic crisis that rocked the Eurozone for weeks. Greece doesn’t need the aggravation of thousands of uninvited foreigners arriving and demanding a handout. The article below reports that 124,000 illegal aliens have arrived in Greece this year and the country is overwhelmed.

Migrant crisis pushing Greek island of Kos to the limit, Euronews, August 11, 2015

The migrant crisis on the Greek island of Kos is pushing people to their limits.

Fights broke out during a registration procedure as more than 1,000 migrants gathered in a long, crowded queue outside a local football stadium.

Migrants demanding quick registration blocked the main coastal road staging a sit-in and chanting “We want papers. We want to eat!”

Police reportedly used fire extinguishers and batons to control the crowd. It comes amid heightened scrutiny of security forces after a policeman was suspended on Monday for ‘abusing a migrant’.

Under pressure
Greece is struggling to cope with the increase of migrant arrivals. Some 124,000 people arrived so far this year mostly on the eastern islands closest to Turkey. Authorities are unable to keep pace. On Friday the UN refugee agency warned the country to take control of what it called the ‘total chaos’ on the Mediterranean islands. Continue reading this article

California Reinvents “Citizenship” according to LA Times

La Times practically shrieked in joy with a featured story at how California has become less American, less law-abiding and more Mexican, er diverse. The arrogance of liberals knows no bounds.

Behold the Tuesday headline, right below the Times banner:


It’s not exactly a good time to be doing cartwheels about California’s rebellion against law and sovereignty when another murder victim of an undeported illegal alien criminal has been in the news. This time the victim is a 64-year-old woman veteran of the Air Force, Marilyn Pharis, who was bludgeoned to death in her own home in Santa Maria.

On July 1, 32-year-old Kate Steinle was shot dead by a five-times-deported Mexican as she strolled with her father on a well visited pier in San Francisco. The crime received nation-wide news coverage and prompted a Senate hearing a few weeks later.

Nevertheless, the preventable murders of Californians are just so much road kill to la Times, which apparently believes that liberals’ open-borders utopia is worth all the death and suffering. Citizenship, law and sovereignty are just so 20th century.

Interestingly, the online title of the celebratory article was slightly less confrontational than the print version. I think. Note that energized Democrats have more goodies planned for foreign moochers.

California gives immigrants here illegally unprecedented rights, benefits, protections, Los Angeles Times, August 11, 2015

It started with in-state tuition. Then came driver’s licenses, new rules designed to limit deportations and state-funded healthcare for children. And on Monday, in a gesture heavy with symbolism, came a new law to erase the word “alien” from California’s labor code.

Together, these piecemeal measures have taken on a significance greater than their individual parts — a fundamental shift in the relationship between California and its residents who live in the country illegally. The various benefits, rights and protections add up to something experts liken to a kind of California citizenship.

The changes have occurred with relatively little political rancor, which is all the more remarkable given the heated national debate about illegal immigration that has been inflamed by GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“We’ve passed the Rubicon here,” said Mike Madrid, a Republican strategist. “This is not an academic debate on the U.S. Senate floor about legal and illegal and how high you want to build the wall…. [The state] doesn’t have the luxury of being ideological…. The undocumented are not going anywhere.”

Democratic lawmakers and immigration activists, with diminishing opposition from the GOP, continue to seek new laws and protections. These measures include cracking down on employers withholding pay from low-wage workers and expanding state-subsidized healthcare to adult immigrants without papers.

These new initiatives face obstacles, but backers say such hurdles center on the hefty price tags of the programs, not political fallout from the immigration debate. Continue reading this article

India Faces ‘Robot Invasion’ Just Like the First World

Manufacturing robots are showing up in interesting places, and not just in industrialized economies any more. Despite India’s having an abundance of very cheap labor, it is just as susceptible as America to automation because robots have gotten inexpensive enough to make them competitive with humans.

Robot arms spray motorcycle gas tanks in a factory in India.

The Bloomberg article is noteworthy for its straight talk about the workplace revolution, signaled by using the phrase “robot invasion” (!) in the title. The threat to jobs isn’t disguised by pretense that the smart machines are there to “help” human employees do the unpleasant or boring work. One industry spin has been that the machines are “collaborative robots” or “cobots.” Nope, the machines are there to replace humans who are not as precise or cheap to operate.

Plus, an interesting fact tucked in the lower paragraphs is that 287 million Indians are illiterate. Whoa, aren’t we told repeatedly that Indians make model immigrants? Didn’t Sixty Minutes argue some years back that Indians are smarter than Americans and we should meekly accept them as replacements for citizen workers in tech jobs? It’s good to keep the big picture in mind.

Just remember that the rapid transformation of the workplace by automation, robots and computers smashes the fable of open-border enthusiasts that millions of immigrant workers must be admitted to fill jobs left by the retiring boomer generation. One estimate is that nearly half of US jobs may be computerized by 2033, according to a study from Oxford University.

The automated future means that America needs ZERO immigrants.

Now back to India, where apparently its distance makes the discussion of the automation’s consequences acceptable.

Robot Invasion Undercuts Modi’s Quest to Put Indians to Work, Bloomberg News, August 9, 2015

In a sweltering factory in southern India, Royal Enfield motorcycles are being painted and lacquered by giant robotic arms that move at twice the maximum speed of a human limb, day in, day out, never making a mistake.

Only a few workers are still needed on the paint line at Royal Enfield Motors Ltd.’s plant in Oragadam, doing touch-ups on the iconic two-wheelers coveted for their classic design. Four robots can do the work of 15 human painters toiling across three shifts.

Robots and automation are invigorating once-sleepy Indian factories, boosting productivity by carrying out low-skill tasks more efficiently. While in theory, improved output is good for economic growth, the trend is creating a headache for Prime Minister Narendra Modi: Robots are diminishing roles for unskilled laborers that he wants to put to work as part of his Make in India campaign aimed at creating jobs for the poor.

India’s largely uneducated labor force and broken educational system aren’t ready for the more complex jobs that workers need when their low-skilled roles are taken over by machines. Meanwhile, nations employing robots more quickly, such as China, are becoming even more competitive.

“The need for unskilled labor is beginning to diminish,” Akhilesh Tilotia, head of thematic research at Kotak Institutional Equities in Mumbai and author of a book on India’s demographic impact. “Whatever education we’re putting in and whatever skill development we’re potentially trying to put out — does it match where the industry will potentially be five to 10 years hence? That linkage is reasonably broken in India.”

Competing Tasks
Improving automation will “likely compete with some low-skill tasks,” Standard Chartered Plc economists in London and Toronto wrote in a May report.

Royal Enfield Motors’ plant, near Chennai, is an example. Spray painting is a repetitive and hazardous job, perfect for a machine. Done manually, it exposes laborers to noxious, dizzying paint fumes that can impair memory and cognitive function.

Humans are imperfect: They miss spots, which can corrode the bike. They waste more because they go over the same place twice. No human can paint exactly the same way each time. Continue reading this article

Wealthy Foreign Students Remain Popular among California's University Bean Counters

It’s already mid-August (boo!) and colleges are looking ahead to the new school year with its incoming freshman class. At the University of California system, the entering students will be more diverse, increasingly foreign and less Californian. The liberal suits like to pretend that it’s all about the world community joining hands in campus kumbaya, but the real reason is the full tuition checks required of the auslanders.

This trend is not new, as cash-strapped universities notice the financial resources that well-heeled foreign students offer. In fact, it was reported earlier this year that “international” students (the preferred term) are at an all-time high in American universities.

Pictured is the Berkeley campus, which currently has the highest number of foreign and out-of-state students in the UC system.

In addition, racial diversity gets special attention in today’s University of California. In the 2015 admission numbers, Asians account for 36 percent, hispanics 30 percent, whites 25 percent and blacks 4 percent. Does anyone think that all those hispanic students will graduate? It’s doubtful. A 2010 study found that fewer than half of hispanic students admitted to college manage to graduate with a four-year degree.

The university overlords complain that they need more money from the taxpayers to admit more in-state kids, but nobody in the perfunctory news reports ever suggests that a lot of money could be saved by cutting waste in the enormous bureaucracy. One place the suits could cut is the funding for “diversity:” In 2011 it was reported that UC Berkeley had an office of diversity and inclusion that spent $17 million annually. UCB is plenty diverse and doesn’t need a big bureaucracy when the state’s demography already supplies it.

And here’s a money-saving idea: charge more for useless degrees like chicano studies. The decision of what major to choose should make the kiddies consider the real world of work after graduation. And promoting anti-American subjects like leftist chicano propaganda shouldn’t be supported by California taxpayers anyway.

Also, keep in mind that the foreign students are well situated to grab an American job upon graduation, so it’s a two-fer screw job on young citizens.

How foreign, out-of-state students pad UC’s shrinking budget, San Francisco Chronicle, April 9, 2015

As state funding for the University of California system has declined, campuses have plugged budget shortfalls by enrolling out-of-state and foreign students who pay more in tuition.

An analysis of enrollment and funding data shows a demographic sea change across the UC system.

About 95 percent of undergraduates enrolled in the system were California residents in 2007. That number dropped to under 87 percent in the 2014-15 academic year, as the state Legislature cut more than $810 million in funding, after adjusting for inflation. Meanwhile, international enrollment increased nearly fivefold over the same period, from 1.8 percent to 8.5 percent of the student body. The number of domestic out-of-state students grew by just under two percentage points.

As freshmen prepare to leave home and move onto campus for the 2015-16 academic year, an even higher percentage will be coming from overseas and across state lines. Non-resident admissions for the fall semester increased by about 13 percent UC-wide, with Santa Cruz, San Diego, Irvine and Davis experiencing particularly large jumps.
Continue reading this article

Rome's Mayor: The City Is Swamped with Unwanted Illegal Aliens

Over in the European spots popular with illegal aliens, the newbie squatters are cluttering up the place. Where to put them so the locals won’t trip over the diverse invaders?

Below, foreign scroungers lounge about near Rome’s Tiburtina train station earlier this summer.


Italy is unlucky in geography, with its southerly island of Lampedusa located just 70 miles from Africa, making it an easy destination for moocher fleebags. Modern communications have shown third-worlders that a more luxurious life is available if they can reach Europe and claim victimhood.

Europeans better wake up to the unforgiving demographics. The UN has a new report out, forecasting more rapid population growth than earlier projections: 11 billion humans on earth by 2100.

The growth leader is Africa, exploding from 1 billion today to well over 4 billion in 85 years:


And every African who is allowed to stay in Europe will be texting the rest of his family to join him in the wealthy first world, where welfare offices hand out free money to anyone with a hard-luck story. There’s no reason for millions not to come when Europe makes itself so attractive.

Rome ‘too crowded’ for more migrants: mayor, The Local, August 4, 2015

Rome receives the second-largest number of refugees among Italian cities, but Mayor Ignazio Marino has warned that the Italian capital is reaching saturation point.

His warning comes less than a month after violent protests broke out over the arrival of 100 refugees in Casale San Nicola, a suburb in the outskirts of the city.

Concerned about how to accommodate more refugees, Marino said the city is “overcrowded”.

“We can’t welcome 18 to 20 percent of people who arrive in our country. We don’t have the resources,” he was cited by Ansa as telling a Lower House commission on immigration on Tuesday. Continue reading this article

Undeported Alien Criminal Is Arrested for Murder in Central California

California is becoming quite the horror show of illegal alien crime. The latest is painfully similar to the San Francisco shooting death of Kate Steinle in its preventable nature: the accused illegal alien,Victor Aureliano Martinez Ramirez, has a long rap sheet including violent crimes but was recently released onto California streets instead of being deported and/or prosecuted.

Below, Marilyn Pharis during a happier time, before she was raped and bludgeoned to death with a hammer in her own home.


When I learned that the murder of Pharis occurred in Santa Maria, that place rang a bell. In fact, I reported in 2011 that it had the highest level of hit and runs in California: Santa Maria the Worst for Hit & Run Crashes, Mostly from Illegals. So the community (70 percent hispanic in 2010) is already a hot spot of illegal alien crime.

Greta van Susteren, a lawyer, had an interesting conversation with Santa Maria’s Chief of Police Ralph Martin on Friday. He makes it clear that Sacramento has turned the dial to favor illegal alien criminals, but we know the feds are to blame as well. The system is designed not to work, so both sides can blame the other and claim the violent foreigner “fell through the cracks” or some other fiction. Crime committed by illegal aliens goes unpunished in today’s lawless America, and no citizen is safe.

VAN SUSTEREN: There is outrage tonight over an illegal immigrant arrested for the rape and murder of a 64-year-old woman. The illegal immigrant was on probation for battery and drug possession at the time of the rape and murder. Santa Maria Police Chief Ralph Martin joins us. Good evening, sir. Chief, what happened?

CHIEF MARTIN: Well Greta, two weeks ago today Marilyn Pharis. a sixty-four-year-old very healthy woman was asleep in her bedroom. She had just finished an eight-hour shift at Vandenberg Air Force Base where she is a satellite tracker when two men broke into her home, sexually assaulted her, strangled her and then beat her unmercifully with a hammer.

RamirezSantaMariaKillerVAN SUSTEREN: One of the men who has been arrested is here in this country illegally, having been released having been released on other charges?

MARTIN: Yes that’s correct my officers have arrested on Martinez six times in the past 15 months.

VAN SUSTEREN: And why was he out on the street?

MARTIN: Well the state of California has Prop 47 which was really pulled the wool over the eyes of the people here. It was supposed to be safe neighborhoods and safe schools. The reality was they decriminalized all of the small possession cases. So if you’re carrying such things as heroin or methamphetamine, we can’t take you to jail anymore.

VAN SUSTEREN: Chief, I take it and hope that tonight he is in jail having been charged with murder. He hasn’t been let out on this one, right?

MARTIN: Oh no no, this is a felony so he’s been booked for first-degree murder, and the district attorney and I are going to meet next week and this is really a death-penalty-eligible case. Continue reading this article

The 3D Printed Car Is Almost Here

As Washington plods along with its 20th century assumptions regarding labor and the economy, the technology-fueled future is here and changing all the rules. Just when we have adjusted to the idea that cars are produced by a robot factory with few humans, now the 3D printer is being rejiggered to build autos.

That concept shouldn’t be too much of a stretch, since an experimental house is being printed in Amsterdam and automation is being introduced in construction generally.

On Friday, Fox Business’ Stuart Varney interviewed Local Motors CEO Jay Rogers about his company’s development of the 3D printing process to build cars. Rogers says everything will be printed except the motor and the wheels. Varney observed, “It looks to me like you have gotten rid of the labor force. I didn’t see any human beings there, I just saw a computer-driven machine.”

And people wonder why the jobs have not returned as the economic recovery progresses — Friday’s jobs report included the fact that a record 93,770,000 Americans are not in the labor force while Wall Street is doing very well. The new machines are a big part of modern unemployment.

Below, Local Motors’ Strati model reveals some of its print layers if you look closely at the front.


The expanding use of the 3D printers is yet another area where humans are being phased out of the manufacturing process as being unnecessary because machines are faster, cheaper and more accurate. Automation, robots and computerization are making humans obsolete in many jobs across the spectrum. In 2013, an Oxford University study (“The Future of Employment: How Susceptible Are Jobs to Computerisation?”) predicted that “about 47 percent of total US employment is at risk” to be replaced by robots and automation by 2033. The Gartner tech consulting firm has forecast that one-third of jobs will be done by smart machines by 2025, just ten years from now.

As a result of these rapid technological changes to the workplace, America does not need to import immigrant workers to do jobs deemed by some to be too unpleasant for citizens. Given the automation revolution, the appropriate number of immigrants is ZERO.

A recent Popular Mechanics article featured the 3D car:

The World’s First 3D-Printed Car Is a Blast to Drive, Popular Mechanics, August 7, 2015

A little quality time behind the wheel of the Local Motors Strati roadster.

This spring Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne called out the auto industry for the staggering amount of money it wastes in the design and manufacture of cars. His solution is based on classic business principles: consolidate and eliminate redundancy. Local Motors CEO Jay Rogers perceives the same challenge, but he’s attacking it from a completely different direction. For Rogers, the problem stems not from business organization but from the fact that we still build cars the same way we did in 1915, on assembly lines with thousands of individual parts. It doesn’t have to be that way, and the proof is parked in his Knoxville, Tennessee, garage, charged up and ready for a drive.

Local’s answer to the cost-cutting question is the Strati, the first 3D-printed car. It’s a humble (albeit very cool-looking) thing. Built—printed—in Detroit, in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, the Strati is a small electric two-seater, the first of many models in Local’s plans. Two factories, scaled to employ 100 people each, are under construction now and scheduled for completion by the end of the year. Local plans to build its own cars, but it could also end up working as a supplier for original-equipment manufacturers, some of whom have met with Rogers already. “One of them said, ‘This would be great for prototyping,’ ” Rogers says. “And I said, ‘Forget prototyping! This is how you make the car.’ ” That’s the radical big idea, the one that prompted Popular Mechanics to bestow a Breakthrough Award on Local Motors last year. Continue reading this article

Ann Coulter Inquires: How Many Immigrants Are Enough?

The author of Adios America appeared on Fox News Wednesday and asked rhetorically, “How many immigrants are enough?”

And isn’t that THE question? The aim of leftists is to destroy traditional America by dumping in tens of millions of foreigners who are culturally disposed to prefer big government, making them perfect voters for the Democrat party. A 2012 paper from Pew Research indicates a majority of hispanics continue to want bigger government even after three generations of residing in the United States.


And of course the numbers have kept growing since the 2010 Census, because Washington seems incapable of finding an Off switch.

Coulter was previewing Thursday’s Republican Presidential debate, and got into the numbers with Fox talking-head Megyn Kelly:

COULTER: The question should be, “Does this help America?” and and I’d like to ask them, “How many immigrants are enough?” We already have 42 million immigrants in this country. These guys all talk about how they want to go back to the era of Reagan and they’d be Reagan. Well in the eighties when Reagan was elected, one of every sixteen people residing in America was was foreign born; today it’s one in seven. One in seven. Okay, we have 42 million now — a hundred million, 200 million — how many is enough?

KELLY: The other side says for the 11 to 12 million who are here now it is impractical if not impossible to talk about deporting them.

COULTER: Well, I liked Romney’s answer about enforcing e-verify and they’ll go home the same way they came. I mean everyone made fun of Mitt Romney for saying they’d self deport and oh, it’s so impractical — and there aren’t 12 million there are least thirty million. Okay, say there are 30 million; how are 30 million going to self-deport? Are you going to round them up? We didn’t round them up to get them here. They’re gonna go home the same way they came.

Megyn Kelly’s smirky efforts to belittle Coulter and the issue were tiresome, as if discussing the plot to destroy America via immigration is a big yuck. Kelly continued the segment with self-proclaimed illegal alien activist Jose Vargas, who got much more respectful treatment. He made the ridiculous assertion that America couldn’t get along without all the illegal alien workers, noting “half of the construction workers in the state of Texas are undocumented.”

Actually, construction was a decent-paying occupation until the illegal aliens drove wages down to a pittance. Furthermore, America has enormous unemployment when a record 92 million citizens are not participating in the workforce — another reason not to leave mass immigration on autopilot.

Vargas is a con man promoting himself as the alien too charming to deport, but he has stolen jobs and a college slot that should have gone to Americans. Yet Megyn Kelly treats the thief with great courtesy and Ann Coulter gets the dismissive chuckle.

Below, Vargas (right) likes to promote open borders with amnesty advocating richies like Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg.

PBS Thinks Hungary’s Border Fence Is an “Iron Curtain”

The PBS Newshour titled a Tuesday segment “Why Hungary is building a new ‘Iron Curtain’” — a historically ignorant characterization: the original Iron Curtain was built to keep people corralled within the Soviet Union’s communist empire following WWII. Today’s border fence being constructed by Hungary is to keep unfriendly people out. Big difference.

Many are Muslims looking for the “better life” Europe offers, or at least that is what they say to western reporters. The current chaos provides an easy entrance for jihadists to gain access to the millions of infidels they hope to murder.

Below, a gang of illegal aliens enters a town in southern Hungary.


The first people shown in the Newhour’s piece is a family from Congo in central Africa. Everyone on the planet knows that Europe is offering itself as a crash pad. Don’t Europe’s leaders know that Africa has a population of over a billion mostly poor people?

These cookie-cutter stories routinely avoid the fact that Europe has bad unemployment and the thousands of young men arriving from Africa and the Middle East won’t find jobs paying fat salaries. They will have plenty of time to hang out at the mosque though, where they will hear that the Muslims are victims and should pursue jihad against the meanie Europeans.

Politically correct leaders there seem too dishonest to admit they are creating future disorder. Do they really think they can admit many thousands of historic enemies from Islam and not see their cities become war zones? The danger now is bad enough, and it will only get worse.

One example: last fall Britain announced that authorities had foiled 40 terror plots since the 7/7 jihad attack in London. Why admit more enemies?

Why Hungary is building a new ‘Iron Curtain’, PBS Newshour, August 4, 2015


JUDY WOODRUFF: We return now to Europe, and another look at the continent’s growing migrant crisis.

In the former communist nation of Hungary, the government is racing to complete what opponents are calling a new Iron Curtain along its border with Serbia by the end of the month. Leaders there say they cannot cope anymore with the tens of thousands of migrants who are entering the country after arriving in Europe through the Greek islands.

Special correspondent Malcolm Brabant reports.

MALCOLM BRABANT: This family is more than 3,000 miles away from home in Congo. After months on the road, they have just slipped across the frontier from Serbia and have been stopped by the Hungarian police.

The adults don’t want to be filmed, for fear of jeopardizing their chances of reaching France another thousand miles away. In this porous border region, the country lane is teeming with migrants on a relentless march to Northern Europe.

You’re in Hungary.

MAN: No, you are in Hungary.

MALCOLM BRABANT: You are in Hungary.

Where have you come from?

MAN: I’m from Serbia. OK. Enough.

MALCOLM BRABANT: Nearby, a member of a right-wing vigilante group which claims to protect a local village stands guard over a group of Pakistanis who also just entered Hungary. Some fled for economic reasons, others because of persecution.

MAN: I wanted to marry some girl. The Muslim religion, we don’t have permission for it, so they kill her. So they don’t — they want to kill me, and now I’m running. Even my family want to kill me, my relatives, everybody, because we cross a religion. So, this is me running from there.
Continue reading this article

Ten Human Jobs Soon to Be Automated Are Mainstream Employment

There are numerous lists of jobs being made obsolete by automation sorted by expertise level (e.g. blue collar, financial, medical) and also by skill type, such as in the chart below:


Today’s item purports to list the top ten jobs moving to the automation column soon. A brief look reveals they account for millions of American jobs.

Surely this country doesn’t need to admit millions of immigrants to fill a non-existent future worker shortage — no such thing will occur, because computers, robots and automation will take up all the slack and then some.

The first 10 jobs that will be automated by AI and robots, ZDnet, August 3, 2015

Advances in automation and robotics are putting a lot of jobs at risk. Here are ten jobs first in line for the robot takeover.

The job market is a battlefield, and it’s about to get a lot worse. In addition to competing against other skilled job-seekers for work, you’ll soon be pitted against robots as well.

Robots have been working alongside human employees in industries such as manufacturing for a long time, helping accomplish tasks quicker or more efficiently. But, as the fields of cognitive computing and artificial intelligence continue to grow, we will see many more industries — from the food industry to customer service — affected by automation.

A 2013 research paper out of the Oxford Martin School in the UK estimates that roughly 47 percent of the total US jobs are at risk of computerization or automation. That means almost half of the jobs in the US could end up being automated.

But, which will be the first to go? Here are 10 jobs that will be at the top of the list.

The conversation about automation upending the manufacturing industry has been happening for decades, and it still hasn’t come to fruition. Tech, factories, and jobs have had a tricky relationship since the Industrial Revolution. Robotic technology has been used in manufacturing for decades — especially at major operations like Ford and Toyota — and the technology continues to advance. But there are still some hurdles in regards to fine motor skills and decision making that need to be overcome before the robots will be able to work on their own in manufacturing. Even the best robots still require humans to closely observe and orchestrate their work.

Many jobs require an employee in the field to physically visit a work site or piece of machinery and check on the operations. New advances in the Internet of Things could render this work obsolete.

“Low-cost sensors combined with high availability cellular/satellite communications and cloud technology are being implemented to automate and alarm these sites, and can be checked and maintained from a desktop or mobile device,” said Scott Perrin, president of mFactor Engineering.

The need for employees in the field will be there, just not solely for the collection of data. Jerry Dolinsky, CEO of Verisae, said that the role of “meter reader” will be obsolete in the future. For example, British Columbia has already implemented smart meter programs. The field technicians focused on troubleshooting and problem solving will still be in demand, however.

At this point, most people are familiar with automated customer service lines and telemarketing. Using natural-language processing, automated call lines are able to better understand what customers are saying and direct them to the proper resource. There’s usually still an option to be routed to a ‘real person’, but even that could be eliminated in the next few years. Continue reading this article

America’s Senator Jeff Sessions Slams High Legal Immigration

It’s nice to know that Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) keeps busy trying to save America from excessive immigration. He gives well researched speeches on the Senate floor (available on his YouTube channel) on the subject and also publishes edifying press releases and the occasional longer piece to inform the Republican conference and the public.

Senator Sessions’ most recent effort is a medium-length press release that criticizes the crazy-high number of green cards to be distributed willy-nilly in the upcoming decade — a shocking 10 million, at a time when jobs are not returning during the tepid recovery. And that’s without the hideous Gang of Eight bill the Senate passed that would have doubled legal immigration forever.


Unlike many snoozer press releases that flow from the capitol city, the Sessions piece is well written and includes history, polling and economic research which all indicate less immigration benefits the American worker and taxpayer. It even mentions that “automation is reducing hiring” which is a worsening drag on the jobs economy.

Washington needs to find the Off switch and stop excessive immigration now operating on automatic pilot. There are bad problems being created by increasing the angry jobless underclass. Adding millions of unskilled foreigners to the population who cannot find work could be laying the foundation for widespread civil unrest in the future

Subcommittee Chart: U.S. to Accept More New Immigrants on Green Cards within Decade than the Entire Combined Populations of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, August 3, 2015

Background From  Subcommittee On Immigration And The National Interest

The overwhelming majority of immigration to the United States is the result of our visa policies. Each year, millions of visas are issued to temporary workers, foreign students, refugees, asylees, and permanent immigrants for admission into the United States. The lion’s share of these visas are for lesser-skilled and lower-paid workers and their dependents who, because they are here on work-authorized visas, are added directly to the same labor pool occupied by current unemployed jobseekers.

Expressly because they are admitted into the U.S. on legal immigrant visas, most will be able to draw a wide range of taxpayer-funded benefits, and corporations will be allowed to directly substitute these workers for Americans. Improved border security would have no effect on the continued arrival of these new foreign workers, refugees, and permanent immigrants—because they are all invited here by the federal government.

The most significant of all immigration documents issued by the U.S. is, by far, the “green card.” When a foreign citizen is issued a green card it guarantees them the following benefits inside the United States: lifetime work authorization, access to federal welfare, access to Social Security and Medicare, the ability to obtain citizenship and voting privileges, and the immigration of their family members and elderly relatives.

Under current federal policy, the U.S. issues green cards to approximately 1 million new Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs) every single year. For instance, Department of Homeland Security statistics show that the U.S. issued 5.25 million green cards in the last five years, for an average of 1.05 million new legal permanent immigrant annually. Continue reading this article

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