Austrian Citizens Buy Up Firearms to Celebrate Invasion Diversity

Austrian citizens are permitted to purchase long guns, and many of them are doing so, apparently in fear of the Muslim invasion promoted by Germany.

In particular, women are buying guns, probably because they are aware of the Muslim propensity for rape and especially of infidel women — something that the Koran recommends.

The blog BareNakedIslam has started a post where Europeans can tell their stories of the new Muslim invasion. So far, most are women.

Czech television reports the uptick in Austrian firearm purchase:


In Austria, there has been a rapid increase in the sales of weapons to private individuals. All long guns are currently completely sold out. Those arming themselves are primarily women. Austrians have begun to arm themselves with projectile weapons. If anyone wants to buy a long gun in Austria right now, too bad for them. All of them are currently sold out. This is reported by the Austrian outlet ‘Tiroler Tageszeitung’. It provides accessible information regarding the purchasers, which shows that all the stock is sold out.

“We cannot complain about lack of demand” says Stephan Mayer, a gun merchant.

He further claims this is the case for the last three weeks. The huge demand has its roots in fears generated by by social changes. “People want to protect themselves,” says Mayer. ”Nonetheless, the most common purchasers of arms are primarily Austrian women They are buying tear [pepper] sprays, which are much in demand,” says Mayer.

He claims that guns are truly in great demand, and more potential customers are entering the market than ever before. Continue reading this article

Iranian Working at US Defense Contractor Is Sentenced for Spying

How stupid did Pratt & Whitney have to be to employ an Iranian engineer? Mozaffar Khazaee was sentenced Friday to eight years in prison for attempting to carry sensitive material about the engines for the U.S. Air Force’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and F-22 Raptor as he left for Iran. He was arrested at the Newark International Airport in January 2014.


Khazaee was raised in Iran and entered to this country to attend the University of Oklahoma, later earning a doctorate in mechanical engineering from New Mexico State University. Interestingly, Washington doesn’t mind thousands of foreign students from unfriendly nations studying technology and other useful subjects. Literally hundreds of thousands of Chinese from the communist People’s Republic are currently taking valued college slots, along with quite a number of Saudis (thanks to some cheapie social engineering from George W. Bush a decade ago). This year saw a record number of foreign students attending American universities, where the full tuition checks are welcome.

It’s crazy to be equipping our enemies with top-notch educations that enable them to attack us more effectively. Bad guys can easily arrive as students and then stay. Or there’s the business ploy: Lou Dobbs mentioned in 2007, “Three thousand front companies we know of, Chinese front companies, trying to steal American industrial secrets, in addition to the effort to steal U.S. technology.”

Despite numerous espionage episodes from foreign students and workers, Washington continues to run our national immigration system as if America has no enemies in the world.

Back to Khazaee, who got a ridiculously light sentence — whatever happened to capital punishment for spies?

Ex-Pratt Engineer Given 8-Year Sentence For Attempt To Deliver Secrets To Iran, Hartford Courant, October 23, 2015

A former Pratt & Whitney engineer was sentenced to more than eight years in prison Friday for attempting to deliver what federal prosecutors called “highly sensitive” information about military jet engines to Iran.

Mozaffar Khazaee, 61, formerly of Manchester, was sentenced to 97 months and ordered to pay a $50,000 fine by U.S. District Judge Vanessa L. Bryant for violating the Arms Export Control Act.

Khazaee was accused of trying to send to Iran proprietary, trade-secret and export-controlled material relating to U.S. military jet engines, which he had stolen from Pratt and other U.S. defense contractors where he had worked. In addition to Pratt, Khazaee had been employed by General Electric and Rolls-Royce.

Bryant, at the urging of federal prosecutors, imposed a sentence that exceeded the 57- to 72-month sentence recommended by the advisory sentencing guidelines used in federal court. Continue reading this article

FBI: Agency Is Investigating 900 in America for ISIS Jihad Connections

Here’s a bit of news the press under-reported during the week of the highly anticipated Hillary hearing. FBI Director James Comey put a specific number on how many possible jihadists in America his agency is scrutinizing, and it’s shockingly high at 900.

The next number citizens need to know is how many ISIS supporters are immigrants or offspring of immigrants. There are converts to Islam among jihadists, but they seem to be a small minority.

Earlier in the week, Director Comey testified at the House DHS Committee: FBI Director Admits US Can’t Vet All Syrian Refugees For Terror Ties (Daily Caller, Oct 21).

So the FBI’s top cop says Syrians (90 percent Muslim) cannot be adequately screened, but the Obama administration is importing 10,000 of them ASAP for starters with lots more to follow. We already have a bad jihadist problem in America, but Washington plans to import more of the same tribe. Plus, the government curiously worries about them traveling to Jihadistan overseas, while there are plenty of targets for them here.

Hello! The government’s primary job is to protect the citizens, not perform do-gooder rescues of potential enemies to satisfy globalist values.

Comey: Feds have roughly 900 domestic probes about Islamic State operatives, other extremists, USA Today, October 23, 2015

WASHINGTON — FBI Director James Comey said Friday that federal authorities have an estimated 900 active investigations pending against suspected Islamic State-inspired operatives and other home-grown violent extremists across the country.

In a speech to intelligence officials, Comey initially indicated that all 900 of the inquiries were ISIL related. Later, officials said the vast majority involved ISIL but the number also included other U.S.-based extremists.

Still, Comey said that the total number of inquiries is “slowly climbing” as ISIL has sought to expand their reach into the U.S., targeting largely young, disaffected potential operatives through a provocative social media campaign. Continue reading this article

A Future Forecast Shows Fewer Jobs for Humans Because of Automation

The Gartner consulting firm is in the business of advising tech companies and prognosticating about future trends in that regard. A year ago, it made a forecast that should have gotten a lot more attention: Smart robots will take over a third of jobs by 2025, Gartner says (PBS Newshour, Oct 7, 2014). Assuming that forecast is reasonable — and the millions of jobs already lost from automation during the recession make it seem so — then Washington should be paying attention, but it isn’t.

A couple of Oxford University researchers predicted in 2013 that nearly half of American jobs could be automated within 20 years.

Such a fundamental transformation to the workplace suggests a severe reduction in immigration would be wise, but the Masters of the Universe in Washington seem unconscious to the worsening problem of technological unemployment. The arguments one hears about joblessness are the same old positions: the left demands a higher minimum wage (which causes employers to switch more rapidly to automation) and the right argues that less government regulation will expand employment, which is likely true to a degree. Meanwhile, 93 million Americans are not working and labor participation is at a record low level, so it’s reasonable to think the jobs universe has shrunk at least partially because of automation. And mass immigration continues on auto-pilot.

Below, the OSH robot has been introduced by Orchard Supply Hardware to guide customers to items of interest.

Interestingly, a 2013 article about that year’s Gartner forecast was titled: As the digital revolution kills jobs, social unrest will rise (, Oct 7, 2013). Certainly, a jobless future portends worsened economic dislocation, as other automation experts have warned. Martin Ford, the author of Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future has emphasized that smart machines will rock the foundations of our economic system.

Surely America shouldn’t continue importing millions of unskilled third-worlders when there will be no jobs for them, even given their extremely low wage cost.

For example, bricklaying is a low-skilled job that can now be done by machine:

The Gartner company recently came out with its annual top ten list of predictions of important trends in the tech industry and by extension, the world we inhabit.

Robotics, automation play a big role in Gartner’s top 10 predictions, by Patrick Thibodeau,, October 6, 2015

Machines will replace more writers, and by 2018, 2 million workers will be required to wear health monitors

ORLANDO — Chances are robots aren’t mowing your yard, teaching your children, or bossing you around at work – yet.

But according to Gartner’s annual top-10 list of strategic predictions, robots, robotic systems and automation will have an expanding role.

Sooner or later, there will be robots that train your children and help them with their homework. That “might seem a little strange to us, but is it really stranger than being trained by a purple dinosaur named Barney?” said Daryl Plummer, a Gartner analyst, to the laughter of his audience at the research firm’s Symposium ITxpo.

Here are Gartner’s predictions:

1. Writers will be replaced. By 2018, 20% of all business content, one in five of the documents you read, will be authored by a machine, Plummer said.

“Robowriters” are already producing budget reports, sports and business reports, and this trend is sneaking in without notice. One advantage for machines: They don’t have biases or emotional responses, he said.

2. By 2018, 6 billion connected things will be requesting support. These non-human “things” are nonetheless customers requesting services and data, and other methods of support. Marketing to them (and by extension their human owners) can help build a business.

3. By 2020, autonomous software agents outside of human control will participate in 5% of all economic transactions. Smart algorithms are already beginning to perform transactions without our help.

4. By 2018, more than 3 million workers globally will be supervised by a roboboss. “The problem with this is that robot bosses don’t have human reactions,” Plummer said. “The reality is we have to see if robots can get human mannerisms right.” Continue reading this article

Hungary’s Viktor Orban Warns Europe That Foreigner Invasion Cannot Continue

Prime Minister Orban has been a rare voice of sanity in the mass delusion now afflicting European elites. In July, he remarked that “Europe is at stake… The question now is not only what kind of Europe we Hungarians would like to live in. Rather, will all that we now call Europe exist at all?”

Hungary moved to shut its borders from the tsunami of unfriendly foreigners by building a fence in September, which resulted in rioting by the “refugees.”

Mr. Orban appeared this week in a meeting in Spain. The clip of his remarks below has a screw-up in the middle, but he ends up with a sensible observation that you can hear: “Europe is not able to accept everyone who wants a better life.”

We see the open-borders fantasy of liberals being played out now in Europe. The immediate result is chaos, and much worse pain is sure to follow.

‘We are in deep trouble’, Politico, October 22, 2015

Orbán stares down Merkel on migration, calls Europe ‘rich and weak.’

MADRID — Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán faced down German Chancellor Angela Merkel ahead of a key migration conference this weekend, using his most explosive arguments yet to rally his center-right political allies behind a tougher response to Europe’s refugee crisis.

“We are in deep trouble,” Orbán said in remarks to the European People’s Party annual congress here, building on comments he had made Wednesday night on Hungarian television. “This is an uncontrolled and unregulated process,” one that threatens democracy because governments did not “get authorization from (citizens) for millions to walk into our continent.”

To loud applause from conservative politicians from across Europe, Orbán slammed politicians on both the left and right. He accused left-wing political parties of “importing future leftist voters to Europe” while trying to “hide it behind humanism.” Continue reading this article

Arrogant Eritreans Are a Growing Part of the Europe Land Rush

Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal had a diverse front-pager about Eritreans escaping a dictatorial regime to reach next-door Ethiopia and far-away Europe. The online article has an array of sensitive photos highlighting difficulties of their lives both in the homeland and in Ethiopian refugee camps.

Below, an Eritrean woman resides in an Ethiopian refugee camp. At least half of Eritreans are Muslim.


On the other hand, a brief video that has appeared online that shows the demanding attitude of Eritrean aliens when they arrive in Europe (Eritrean migrants warn Germans their days are numbered). Do they not understand that foreigners making threats is not a good way to make friends and influence people in a new place?

ERITREAN MAN: That your democracy for us is an anti-democracy. Your democracy is anti-democracy. It is for you. Because you are racist. (Howls of approval from diverse crowd.)

We are equal under the law. I know this thing is in your hands, but I assure you, we are not going to fear of you. Because we are more than stronger, more than the yesterday, and we will be tomorrow MORE stronger and with the future. (Crowd chants in approval.)

These must be some of the Muslim Eritreans. Allah’s little helpers come with a well developed sense of entitlement, as has been noted here before, e.g. demanding Syrians in Uruguay, demanding Syrians in Greece. The Koran assures backward Muslims that they are the top humans and lowly infidels exist to serve superior Allah acolytes.

Here’s the text of the WSJ piece:

African Dictatorship Fuels Migrant Crisis, Wall Street Journal, October 21, 2015

Thousands flee isolated Eritrea to escape life of conscription and poverty

ASMARA, Eritrea—On a cool March evening soon after his 16th birthday, Binyam Abraham waited until his mother and young siblings were sleeping and slipped away to begin the long trek toward Eritrea’s southern border.

With his father trapped in open-ended military service that would soon snare him, too, Binyam walked for 19 hours without food or water to reach Ethiopia. He made a choice 5,000 of his countrymen make each month, by a United Nations estimate: to flee Eritrea and brave the world’s deadliest migrant trail, across the Sahara and the Mediterranean to Europe.

They leave behind one of the world’s fastest-emptying nations: a country of about 4.5 million on the Horn of Africa, governed by a secretive dictatorship accused of human-rights violations, that is playing an outsize role in the biggest global migration crisis since World War II.

“I didn’t tell my mother before I left, but I didn’t have a choice,” Binyam said, sitting in a mud-brick shack at Adi-Harush, a refugee camp in the foothills of Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains that has become ground zero for Eritrea’s exodus. Flanked by five young friends, all planning to brave the same dangerous journey, he said: “I have to go to Europe so I can help my family.”

Attention is focused, amid the intensifying migration crisis, on Syrians fleeing civil war and making a dramatic run to Europe. Yet by some measures, the exodus from the smaller Eritrea is more extreme. From the start of 2012 to the middle of this year, 1 in 50 Eritreans sought asylum in Europe, nearly twice the ratio of Syrians, based on data from the European Union statistical service Eurostat.

The U.N. estimates that 400,000 Eritreans—9% of the population—have fled in recent years, not counting those who died or were stranded en route.

On the rickety smuggling boats crossing the Mediterranean, Eritreans comfortably outnumber other nationalities. More than a quarter of the 132,000 migrants arriving in Italy between January and September were Eritreans, according to the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees.

Eritreans accounted for a majority of the 3,000 people who have drowned in the Mediterranean this year, humanitarian agencies say.

Despite this toll, emigration here is accelerating. The number of Eritreans seeking asylum in Europe quadrupled from 2011 to 46,000 last year. The exodus is catapulting the African country to the center of a divisive EU debate over which nations’ migrants should be granted refugee status, as the bloc struggles to respond to the wave from Syria.
Continue reading this article

San Francisco Supervisors Pretend to Debate City Sanctuary Policy

The big sanctuary action on Tuesday was in the Senate, where criminal-coddling Democrats blocked the bill that would have punished communities that shield illegal alien criminals.

Meanwhile on the same day in the crime-friendly city by the bay, the odious San Francisco Board of Supervisor debated non-binding resolutions to try to pretty up the lawlessness decreed for illegal aliens by the leftist political class.

It was San Francisco’s sanctuary policy that allowed a five-times-deported Mexican illegal to murder Kate Steinle (shown below) as she walked with her father on a city pier.

The extra weaselly Supervisor David Campos seen in the video below is a one-time illegal alien himself, so he is a passionate advocate for diverse lawbreakers.

Notice how San Francisco’s political elite is actually proud of protecting criminal aliens who murder innocents like Steinle — and also Tony Bologna and his two sons who were killed in another crime committed by an undeported illegal alien.

San Francisco board reaffirms status as immigrant sanctuary, Associated Press, October 20, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco supervisors vigorously reaffirmed the city’s status as a sanctuary city on Tuesday, nearly four months after a woman was killed by a Mexican national who had been released from jail despite federal requests to detain him for deportation proceedings.

The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a resolution urging the sheriff not to participate in a detainer-notification system that asks jails to let Immigration Customs and Enforcement officials know when an inmate of interest is being released.

The action sent a strong but symbolic message to critics who had lambasted San Francisco after the July 1 waterfront shooting of 32-year-old Kate Steinle.

Earlier in the day, Senate Republicans in Congress tried but failed to push through legislation punishing sanctuary cities.

The death of Steinle cast an uncomfortable spotlight on the city that proudly declares itself a refuge for immigrants. As outrage mounted nationally, U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat, criticized San Francisco’s sheriff, saying that suspect Juan Francisco Sanchez-Lopez should have been detained.
Continue reading this article

Uruguay: Syrian Refugees Complain the Hospitality Is Not Adequate

How many Syrian refugees are too many? For tiny Uruguay (population 3.3 million), that number would be 42.

The five Syrian families welcomed into the Uruguay community last year have managed to turn off the entire country with their rude, demanding behavior. (Syrians have similarly made the impression in Europe that they are hard-to-satisfy grifters looking for a handout.)

Particularly troublesome has been Merhi Alshebli, a man with one wife and 15 children. He complained that he couldn’t afford to feed his assorted progeny and doused himself with gasoline during a meeting with a government official. Apparently Alshebli thought the gasoline stunt would express his desire to leave Uruguay for a country with more free stuff. Maybe gasoline dousing is a Syrian thing.

Below, on September 7, Syrians demonstrated in Montevideo with their demands for exit papers to move to a wealthier nation.


Is Chancellor Angela Merkel paying attention to what’s happening with refugees in Uruguay? Germany is forecast to get 1.5 million refugees and illegal aliens this year alone as a result of Merkel’s open borders policy.

Many Uruguayans Fed Up with Complaints from Syrian Refugees, Associated Press, October 19, 2015

JUAN LACAZE, Uruguay (AP) — When Uruguay announced last year that it would be taking in five families fleeing Syria’s devastating civil war, residents of this small town pulled together and lobbied to host one.

Then in November, locals welcomed a newly arrived Merhi Alshebli, his wife and their 15 children with food and seeds to plant vegetables. People in Juan Lacaze, a coastal city of fishermen and paper factory workers in southwestern Uruguay, wanted to do their part to help a country where more than 200,000 have been killed in the fighting.

But after months of the Syrians’ complaints about their living conditions and demands to be sent to another country, many Uruguayans in this town and elsewhere have come to see the refugees more as rude, ungrateful guests. This month the 51-year-old Alshebli shocked locals by dousing himself in gasoline in protest, furthering Uruguayans’ indignation and sense that this South American nation’s humanitarian gesture has gone off the rails.

“I’m outraged,” said Monica Benitez, who works at a shoe store in Juan Lacaze’s tiny downtown. “What they are doing is offensive.”

The Syrians’ discontent is playing out as hundreds of thousands of their compatriots are risking their lives to migrate to Europe and world leaders from German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Pope Francis have urged nations to open their doors to the flood. The administration of U.S. President Barack Obama has pledged to take in 10,000 Syrians over the next year.

Uruguay’s attempt to help by sheltering 42 refugees – a largely symbolic gesture given that over 4 million Syrians have fled since civil war broke out in 2011 – appears to be backfiring, just as earlier this year the ups and downs of six former Guantanamo Bay detainees taken in by the country hogged headlines.
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Netherlands to Muslims: Don’t Come Here Please!

Curiously enough, some Dutch people would prefer that Islamic “refugees” move along to Denmark and made a nice little film to about that point.

The Dutch apparently think Muslims would be happier in Denmark — so thoughtful of Netherlands folks to care!

Luntz Polling: Americans Are More Willing to Vote for Socialists

It’s interesting to see that Americans have become more open to socialism — pollster Frank Luntz found that nearly half of citizens would consider voting for a socialist candidate. Luntz thinks that outspoken socialist Bernie Sanders has charmed the voters with his persuasiveness and that accounts for much of the change, along with convenient political redefinitions.

However, there’s a longer history of leftism being treated kindly by the press. The crimes of the left have never been presented by the media as a major evil: Hitler gets the monster treatment, while his mass-murder equals Mao and Stalin get a pass.

In addition, capitalism has not been working very well for average Americans in recent years. Real wages have remained stagnant since the seventies, and the middle class continues to shrink.

In the minds of many people, capitalism means the global economy forced upon us by the elites, in the form of immigration and outsourcing over decades that has been entirely negative for average Americans: jobs that couldn’t be sent overseas have been given to inexpensive immigrant workers. Meanwhile, the rich have done very well under the globalization they promoted.

Frank Luntz discussed his poll findings with Tucker Carlson on Fox News Saturday.

CARLSON: Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says he’s a democratic socialist. What do voters think? That used to be a really scary word — is it still? Pollster Frank Luntz spoke with a lot of people about this issue and he’s got the very latest from his research on it. Great to see you, Frank.

LUNTZ: Thank you and what we found is that 47 percent of Americans now would consider — 46 percent — would consider voting for a socialist. It is no longer this demonized word and Bernie Sanders has completely changed it. You got the numbers there from June and I believe that those numbers have even increased. So we ask Democrats in our focus group we did a few days ago which is preferable socialism or capitalism and to my shock, more of them preferred socialism — that’s how much the Democratic Party’s changed.

CARLSON: It just says a lot, I mean socialists, in the name of socialism, 80 million people were murdered last century. It wasn’t that long ago, we both remember, we’re not that old.

LUNTZ: But that’s not the socialism they’re speaking of. So they’ll make the argument that having a police force is socialist because we’re paying for the common good and having a military is socialist, so they’re redefining what the terminology means, and they also believe that capitalism has failed because of this income inequality of CEOs making many millions of dollars and people still working at minimum wage. Continue reading this article

Swiss Election Shows Rejection of Immigration Anarchy

The Swiss have been more sensible than most in who they allow in their small nation, such as in last year’s referendum choosing to limit immigration. On Sunday, the voters strongly chose the Swiss People’s Party (SVP) to register their disapproval of Europe’s illegal immigration chaos.

Al Jazeera reported that the election was “dominated by the immigration issue”, noting that a recent poll “showed that 48 percent of those questioned thought migration was the most important issue facing the country.”

Below, an SVP election poster reads “Against excess, remain free.”


Swiss elections: anti-immigration SVP party heading for record victory, Agence France-Presse, October 18, 2015

Populist rightwing Swiss People’s party expected to take a third of seats in lower house, tipping parliament towards a centre-right majority

Switzerland’s largest party, the populist rightwing anti-immigration Swiss People’s party (SVP) is set for a record win in the parliamentary election, with media reports projecting it will take a third of seats in the lower house.

Based on final vote counts in half of Switzerland’s 26 cantons, and partial counts in 11 others, the ATS news agency forecast the party would take 11 additional seats in parliament.

That would give it 64 of the 200 seats in the lower house, beating its previous record high of 62 after the 2007 election.

Along with advances made by the centre-right Liberal party, Switzerland’s third-largest party, SVP’s gains should tip the scale from the centre-left towards a centre-right majority.

Opinion polls had suggested SVP would gain electoral ground amid concerns over migration and asylum rules, but few had predicted such a dramatic upswing in Sunday’s vote.
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Germany Looks to Refugees for Labor, Even as It Transforms the Workplace with Automation

One of the reasons given for German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s excessive welcome to Syrian refugees was to add humans to the nation’s workforce.

Tapping refugees to combat Germany’s labor shortage, Deutsche Welle, September 2, 2015

The thousands of refugees pouring into Germany every day could offer Europe’s largest economy an opportune solution to plug the ‘gray gap’ in its aging workforce. But integrating the new arrivals could be costly.

But wait. Germany is rejiggering services and production via automation just as rapidly as America, so a lot fewer workers are needed in the near future and going forward. Merkel is quite aware of the technological transformation because she has seen it firsthand.

Below, Chancellor Angela Merkel tries out a robotic arm during her visit to the KUKA industrial robotics factory on March 13, 2015, in Augsburg, Germany.


Check out the German video below that promotes the idea of robots as “helpers” to workers — a ploy of business owners to disguise the inherent job loss of automation. Note the use of the word “colleagues” to describe the human-robot relationship.

The point is that Germany is getting automated, and fast. There’s no need to import hostile Muslims who will bring crime and jihad. Plenty of jobless Europeans, like Spaniards for example, are willing to move to Germany for employment.

Merkel is crazy to endanger Germany and all of Europe by admitting millions of Muslims, the historic enemy of the West.

NARRATOR: Workplace accidents like this simulated one are horror scenarios for companies that rely on robots, but soon transmitters embedded in work clothing will enable robots to recognize their human colleagues better. Scientists at the University of Bremen are working on sensor technology to help intelligent machine tools respond more flexibly to their surroundings. Continue reading this article

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