Tucker Carlson Examines a Future with Self-Driving Cars

driverlessbookcoverLast week Fox TV host Tucker Carlson interviewed robotics expert and Columbia professor Hod Lipson, author of Driverless: Intelligent Cars and the Road Ahead to discuss the future of transportation and jobs. The professor is obviously a well educated guy and an expert in his field, but he apparently doesn’t get how the entire basis of a market economy is undermined when workers are no longer necessary for production and services.

Instead, Professor Lipson has the gee-whiz attitude toward automation of many tech elites that makes them rather dim about how economics affects society. The cover of his recent book shows a reclining non-driver reading a book as his robotic car gets him where he’s going — very revealing I thought.

Lipson thinks the answer to the jobs question posed by Tucker Carlson is that unemployed drivers can just find new work somewhere — even though automation is gobbling up employment in all sorts of fields from fast foods to manufacturing.

Remember the dire predictions of massive jobs loss from automation: robotics experts forecast a fundamentally different future because of smart machines and computerization. The Gartner analytical company predicts that one-third of jobs will be performed by robots by 2025, and that trend goes beyond manufacturing to cognitive tasks like financial analysis and medical diagnostics. A 2013 report from Oxford University researchers estimated that “nearly half of U.S. jobs are vulnerable to computerization” in less than 20 years. A report this year from the consulting firm McKinsey and Company, found that 59 percent of manufacturing work could be automated in the next decade.

Curiously, Professor Lipson surmises that self-driving cars will spur automotive manufacturing, while other futurists predict decreased car ownership overall. Perhaps today’s two-car family transported 20 years hence will own one car and summon a second when necessary on a smart phone, or they may not own a vehicle at all. Fewer total cars is the dream of city managers who struggle with traffic and parking issues.

On the bright side, there will be no more drunk driving when a robot is in charge of directing the car.

Certainly in a future with no driver jobs, America won’t need to import immigrants to pilot cabs or drive trucks, because

Automation makes immigration obsolete.

As Tucker said, driving is a major jobs category that employs millions of Americans, but the self-driving car advocate did not take that concern seriously without repeated prodding. Tucker didn’t buy the pitch that self-driving cars would vastly improve safety either — it’s all about businesses saving money.

TUCKER CARLSON: It’s our birthright: it’s both a joy and a necessity when your country spans a continent, but is it about to end abruptly? Driverless cars are coming, maybe sooner than we think they are, and what are the ramifications exactly? By the way, what happens to the millions of Americans who drive cars and trucks for a living? There at least four million of them. Joining us now is one of the foremost experts on this subject, Hod Lipson. He’s a roboticist, mechanical engineering professor at Columbia in New York and the author of Driverless: Intelligent Cars and the Road Ahead. Thanks a lot for coming on. I think this is a really interesting topic and a cool topic and driverless cars are a marvel, but I think anyone who ponders it for a minute starts to feel concerned for the millions of Americans who drive for a living. So what will happen to them?

HOD LIPSON: I think there’s you have to look at the big picture and realized that what we’re about to experience is a transformation to transportation as a whole, so we’re going to have a lot more cars being driven, a lot more traffic, and a lot more production of cars, so the industry as a whole is going to grow in a big way. We’re going to have a lot more car manufacturing, a lot more mechanics jobs, a lot more jobs for maintenance of roads. So overall we’re going to see an expansion, but it’s true that some jobs are probably going to go away, not completely and driving is one of them for sure.

CARLSON: So that’s not a small thing, I mean this is not buggy whip manufacturing. According to the census, driving commercially, either delivery or trucks, is the single most common job in the majority of states — I think in 29 of 50 states it’s number one and number two and a bunch of others so this is a huge disruption of a massive part of the labor force, and I mean you’ve thought a lot about the technology behind this. Who’s thinking about what happens to those people? What exactly are they going to, do you think? Continue reading this article

Sob Story Fodder: Worldwide Alien Flood Escalates with Obama Countdown

For the last several days, the Los Angeles Times has presented a series of featured front page sob stories about how mean America is to illegal aliens. For Christmas day, the front pager was particularly scoldy, by suggesting in effect, “You spoiled citizens are having a wonderful holiday and are too cruel to open your borders to the world’s poor who would like to share the goodies.”


The series, with its own special title — “The Desperate Trek” — is a guilt trip from top to bottom comparing the feckless Third World with the First. And it’s likely that the sob story genre will experience even more of a boost after the Trump administration takes power.

The most striking element in the current border surge is the worldwide nature of the illegals, indicated by the December 22 story titled, ”Haitians, Africans, Asians: Tracking the sharp rise in non-Latin American migrants trying to cross into the U.S. from Mexico”. Apparently the whole planet knows that the Obama open borders will end on January 20, and the rush is on to get inside in time to disappear. Some of those foreigners bunching up in Mexican border towns have already tried Europe with no luck, and they hope for a better outcome in Obama’s lawless America.

Traveling from Nepal to Tijuana is 8,000 miles, so there’s no question that these are desperate people. But why don’t they pool that considerable energy in organizing to demand their dirt-bag governments be more accountable? Nobody wants to do the hard work of nation-building: they just want to roll in to a place where the government and economy already function.

Note that in the headline below, while thousands are making the long treks from abroad, only “dozens” are sent home. Hmm. Apparently there is no trend toward more enforcement, just a handful of sob stories to be exploited.

THE DESPERATE TREK – They gambled, and lost, Los Angeles Times, December 24, 2016

Dozens of migrants braved thousands of miles of jungles, seas and bandits to reach the U.S. Then they were sent home.

On a chilly April night in the desert outside Phoenix, Rasel Ahmed, his wrists and ankles bound in cuffs, shuffled onto a bus at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement airfield with a pit in his stomach.

From his home village in the rice fields of eastern Bangladesh, the 30-year-old restaurant worker had traveled through a dozen countries to reach the United States, nearly collapsing in relief when he saw the American flag flying over the border crossing at San Ysidro.

For 18 months he bounced among detention centers in San Diego, Louisiana and Alabama, praying for an immigration judge to let him remain in the country, get a job and support his family 8,000 miles away.

Now it appeared his time had run out.

Rasel sat near the front as the bus approached a plane looming beside an empty airstrip. Two dozen shackled Bangladeshis and Indians twisted in their seats, some shouting in protest, when the bus stopped.

An immigration officer who looked to be from Pakistan barked at the group in Urdu: “You’re all going home, either alive or dead,” he said.

The ICE-chartered flight that took off from Mesa, Ariz., on April 3 carried 85 Bangladeshis, Indians and Nepalis. They had reached the end of a long, unlikely journey to the United States.

They were among thousands of international migrants whose numbers are now surging across Latin America, taking advantage of travel routes and smuggling networks forged over decades by Latino immigrants destined for the U.S.

Nearly all had started in Brazil and snaked north for months, braving dense forests, roiling waters, bandits and gang-infested towns before arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border. Some attempted to sneak in illegally and were caught; others surrendered to authorities, requesting asylum.

South Asians have become some of the biggest users of this expanding immigration pipeline. In the 11 months ending in August 2016, at least 4,060 Bangladeshis, Indians, Nepalis and Pakistanis traveled to the U.S. along this route, compared with just 225 seven years earlier, according to Customs and Border Protection statistics. Of those, 3,604 were arrested while crossing illegally, nearly a fourfold increase from 2012. Continue reading this article

Red China Smog Shuts Businesses, Sickens Its People and Poisons Winds to America

The ChiCom’s economic success via manufacturing has come with a large cost to the health of the Chinese people and to the environment with choking pollution caused by unrestrained factory emissions. The recent prolonged spell of suffocating smog has shown the severity of the problem.

A few days ago, Beijing issued its first Red Alert of the year for 23 cities and an area roughly the size of the United States. Schools and factories have been shut down. Flights are cancelled because of poor visibility. Half a billion people are affected, and Chinese routinely wear masks in public to filter out the filth they are breathing.

A Chinese citizen recently wrote in the Business Insider that the first time she ever saw blue skies and white clouds was when she arrived in Boston to enter college.

Below, smog turned the Forbidden City shades of grey earlier this week.


Worse, from our perspective, is that Chinese pollution doesn’t remain in the People’s Republic: it travels on air currents across the Pacific to North America. A 2014 report published in Environmental Science & Technology estimated About 29% of San Francisco’s pollution comes from China.

China’s wind-borne poison is not a new problem. The LA Times pointed out the toxic clouds nearly a decade ago:

Asian air pollution affects our weather, Los Angeles Times, March 6, 2007

Asia’s growing air pollution – billowing plumes of soot, smog and wood smoke – is making the Pacific region cloudier and stormier, disrupting winter weather patterns along the West Coast and into the Arctic, researchers reported Monday.

Carried on prevailing winds, the industrial outpouring of dust, sulfur, carbon grit and trace metals from booming Asian economies is having an intercontinental cloud-seeding effect, the researchers reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. . . .

Interestingly, the Chinese have promised in the past to cut pollution, but their smog is getting worse instead of better.

Americans spend a fortune on environmental protection to keep our air invisible, but that expense is being undermined by the Red Chinese and their filthy manufacturing. American industry is required to minimize the pollution it produces, yet we have a trade deal with the ChiComs that treats them as fair partners, not cheaters and major polluters. This sort of fraudulent “free trade” is part of the reason why Americans elected Donald Trump in November.

So when President Trump renegotiates the trade deal with the People’s Republic of China, he can hit them with a pollution charge rather than a tariff.

Chinese ‘airpocalypse’ affects half-a-billion people as smog crisis worsens, The Independent (UK), December 20, 2016

Pollution levels are six times higher than the World Health Organisation guidelines, Greenpeace says

Residents living in 24 cities across north-east China have been told not to leave their homes after thick grey fog engulfed the region.

The build up of the most severe episode of poisonous smog in a year has prompted a red alert warning, triggering the closure of schools and restrictions on road traffic.

Some 460 million people have been affected by pollution levels that environmental group Greenpeace claimed were six times higher than the World Health Organisation’s guideline levels.

China declared a “war on pollution” in 2014 amid concern its heavy industrial past was tarnishing its global reputation and holding back its future development

But it has struggled to reverse the damage done by decades of breakneck economic growth, much of it based on the coal-burning power sector.

The smog – which has shrouded the area for four days– has grounded more than 300 flights from the country.

The chief executive of the world’s biggest oil exporter was also caught up in the disruption, with his plane prevented from landing in Beijing on Tuesday due to the heavy smog.

Amin Nasser, CEO of the Saudi Arabian oil producer Aramco, was due to attend an event on Saudi culture at Beijing’s National Museum.

China’s environment ministry has warned that firms were flouting emergency restrictions.

Some power plants and chemical producers had not scaled back operations in line with new regulations, according to China Environmental News, the official publication of the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Continue reading this article

Jihadist Interrogator: Immigration Is Key to Islam’s Conquest of the West

It’s not a secret that the civilization’s Islamic enemies in Al Qaeda and ISIS have used immigration to further its project of world conquest. For example, an ISIS operative stated that the group would use the Syrian refugee crisis to infiltrate Europe through placing its agents within the fleeing hordes. There’s even an islamic word for jihad by immigration: hijrah.

Still, it’s interesting to hear that one of Al Qaeda’s top planners, 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, named immigration as a key component for muslims to achieve world dominance.

Below, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed at the time of his capture.


On Wednesday, former interrogator Dr. James Mitchell appeared on Fox News to discuss what he learned during his lengthy interviews with jihadists. He is the author of the recent book “Enhanced Interrogation: Inside the Minds and Motives of the Islamic Terrorists Trying to Destroy America.”

Mitchell said KSM believed “the easiest way to win the long battle to take over the world with sharia law was actually through immigration and by out-breeding non-Muslims.” (Polygamy!)

So one of the top jihad leaders thinks in terms of immigration as their major weapon against us. Angela Merkel, are you listening?

Mitchell also said that hostile muslims are training us into shariah compliance using the west’s weak response of political correctness to every cultural challenge. Muslims claim to be offended at our customs, and westerners change their behavior to make them shut up. That needs to stop.

The expert interrogator opined that we should “slow down our immigration from these countries that promote terrorism” but why have immigration from muslim nations at all? Zero is the right number, particular since America’s machines are doing more of the work and we don’t need any imported workers at all, and certainly not potentially dangerous ones.

Man Who Interrogated 9/11 Mastermind: ‘Political Correctness’ Allows Terrorists to Operate Among Us, CNS News, December 22, 2016

(CNSNews.com) – Dr. James Mitchell, who interrogated 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, told Fox News’ “The Kelly File” on Wednesday that political correctness allows for terrorists to operate amongst us “without being challenged” and that the terrorist mastermind predicted that attacks like what happened in Berlin recently would occur.

“Here’s the way political correctness works for a guy like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, it allows them to operate in our midst without being challenged. It allows them to ratchet up the focus on sharia law without us pushing back on it, and we end up inadvertently imposing on ourselves the blasphemy laws of sharia, because we cut back on the things that they find offensive,” Mitchell said.

“We change the way we dress. We don’t have Christmas parties anymore. We don’t say Merry Christmas to each other on the street. Women have to wear headgear. They set up these enclaves, and out of these enclaves they try to impose sharia on those people who come into them. We simply have to not let that happen,” he said.

Mitchell, author of “Enhanced Interrogation: Inside the Minds and Motives of the Islamic Terrorists Trying to Destroy America,” said when he saw the recent Berlin terrorist attack, his first thought was “this was exactly the sort of thing that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed had predicted.”

“Back in 2004, maybe early 2005 – years after his last harsh interrogation – he and I were talking about what he saw as upcoming trends in terror attacks, and he had become fascinated by the amount of damage that Malvo had done along with Muhammad around the Beltway when they were shooting people out of the trucks and cars, and for him what surprised him how much paralysis it had caused given how few deaths were involved – few from his perspective,” Mitchell said, referring to the Beltway snipers Lee Boyd Malvo and John Allen Muhammad.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed told Mitchell that “our civil liberties and our openness and our willingness to be responsive to others cultures were actually gifts from his god, that they were weaknesses and flaws that … his god Allah had put into the American culture so that we could be defeated.”

“He said the easiest way to do that in spite of the fact that al Qaeda dreamed of these big huge catastrophic attacks, that wasn’t particularly practical, that the easiest way to win the long battle to take over the world with sharia law was actually through immigration and by out-breeding non-Muslims. He said that like-minded jihadi brothers would immigrate to western democracies and to the United States,” Mitchell said. Continue reading this article

Parents Miss Daughter Killed by Illegal Alien, Especially at Christmas

The holidays are tough for families when there is an empty spot at the table, particularly so when that person was killed in a preventable crime by an illegal alien. The Washington Times reminded its readers of the costs of open borders on its Friday front page:


Below, 21-year-old Sarah Root was killed in Omaha just a day after her college graduation by one of Obama’s protected DREAMers, reported here: ”Drunk Driving Illegal Alien Kills Woman, Is Bailed Out and Disappears.”.

Candidate Donald Trump made a point of remembering crime victims of illegal aliens during his campaign, sometimes inviting parents onstage with him to speak. He remarked at the GOP convention in his acceptance speech, “Of all my travels in this country, nothing has affected me more deeply than the time I have spent with the mothers and fathers who have lost their children to violence spilling across our border.”

So crime victim families will soon have a friend in the White House, unlike now. The Roots work to keep Sarah’s killer in the news in hopes of his eventual apprehension, and they are confident the Trump administration will initiate policies that will help prevent other illegal aliens from murdering innocent Americans.

Iowa family set for ‘empty’ Christmas despite Trump’s help, Washington Times, December 22, 2016

Daughter killed by illegal alien in tragedy without justice

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa — There was a time when Scott Root and Michelle Wilson-Root looked forward to Christmas, but not this year.

Their 21-year-old daughter, Sarah Root, was killed Jan. 31 by Eswin Mejia, an illegal immigrant from Honduras accused of plowing into the back of her vehicle as he street-raced while drunk in Omaha, Nebraska. He skipped bail. Nearly a year later, he remains a fugitive.

For the Roots, this is the first Christmas without her, their first since the tragedy put them on a path with President-elect Donald Trump, who brought national attention to the case as part of his call during the election campaign for a crackdown on illegal immigration.

The Roots and their 25-year-old son, Scott Jr., met with and campaigned for Mr. Trump in Iowa. His Nov. 8 victory was their victory, too. That doesn’t make Christmas any easier.

“It’s going to suck,” said Mr. Root, his blank face a contrast to the cheerful green and red decorations at the local Starbucks. “Just like Thanksgiving sucked. Empty.”

It’s not hard to see why Sarah Root’s death resonated with Mr. Trump. The day before she was killed, Sarah graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Bellevue University, where she carried a 4.0 GPA while working full time at Walgreens.

The 19-year-old driver, also known as Edwin Mejia, had a blood alcohol content of 0.241, three times the legal limit, when his truck rear-ended her Oldsmobile Bravada SUV. Despite Mejia’s history of missing court dates, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement refused to put a hold on him.

Charged with vehicular homicide, Mejia posted the required $5,000 of the $50,000 bond set by a Nebraska judge and fled. He has been added to ICE’s most-wanted list, although there is no word on his whereabouts.

The case soon came to symbolize a perfect storm of judicial and bureaucratic indifference. Even ICE Deputy Director Daniel Ragsdale acknowledged in a letter to Iowa and Nebraska Senate Republicans that “Edwin Mejia should be in custody.”

“The killer of our child is gone,” said Mr. Root. “The judge has no accountability. The federal government, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said he wasn’t an enforcement priority. Now he’s on the top 10 of the ICE list, so he is a priority, but there’s no federal money to catch him. Zero.”

From a political standpoint, the Roots were in the right place at the right time — Iowa, in the middle of a Republican presidential primary.

They connected with Mr. Trump in February and threw their support behind him as he bashed the Obama administration for allowing Mejia to slip through the cracks, first after he entered country as an unaccompanied minor in 2013 and then for refusing to detain him.

“I’ve met Sarah’s beautiful family. But to this administration, their amazing daughter was just one more American life that wasn’t worth protecting,” Mr. Trump said in his July 21 acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. “One more child to sacrifice on the altar of open borders.” Continue reading this article

Automation Makes Youth Employment More Difficult

Young people are particularly hard hit by the increased automation of business, since they need a first job to learn the basic skills of showing up on time, taking directions and pleasing the boss. Increasingly those basic first jobs — like waiter or pizza delivery driver — are being done by machines.

One indicator is a 75-year high of young people living with their parents: 40 percent of millennials are remaining in the nest because they can’t earn enough to live on their own.

In fact, the whole basis of the economy — humans working for income and then purchasing products from business — is being undermined by the growth of automation. But nobody in government or business is paying attention.

Automation experts forecast a fundamentally different future because of smart machines and computerization. The Gartner analytical company predicts that one-third of jobs will be performed by robots by 2025, and that trend goes beyond manufacturing to cognitive tasks like financial analysis and medical diagnostics. A 2013 report from Oxford University researchers estimated that “nearly half of U.S. jobs are vulnerable to computerization” in less than 20 years. A report this year from the consulting firm McKinsey and Company, found that 59 percent of manufacturing work could be automated in the next decade.

Below, Kiva robots in Amazon’s Tracy, California, warehouse distribution center perform tasks once done by humans.

Naturally, all this automation means that America needs vastly fewer immigrants to come and work cheap.

Automation makes immigration obsolete.

The East Bay Times is a paper located in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is why the nearby Tracy Amazon warehouse is highlighted in the following story.

Commentary: Automation is making holiday jobs harder to come by, By Michael Saltsman, East Bay Times, December 21, 2016

Students looking to put some extra cash in their stocking this holiday season may end up with a lump of coal instead.

Traditional youth holiday job opportunities are increasingly being automated. Online shopping rates are expected to reach all-time highs this year, growing 18 percent to roughly half of all shoppers. Amazon added 120,000 seasonal employees this year to meet the online demand. That’s great for jobseekers in cities with Amazon warehouses, but not so great for those in the vast majority that don’t. These jobs are added at the expense of local mall jobs that have been a rite-of-passage for a generation of young jobseekers.

Other job opportunities traditionally filled by young people, including those at fast-food and grocery stores, are also increasingly being automated. McDonald’s recently announced ordering kiosks throughout the country and introduced clamshell grills that eliminate the need to flip burgers. Other employers like Panera Bread and Chili’s Grill & Bar have introduced self-ordering kiosks and tabletop tablets. According to one analysis from Cornerstone Capital Group, such systems can pay off in two or three years. Continue reading this article

Busy First Day Is Forecast for Next President

President Trump is going to have a huge mess to clean up after Obama’s final weeks of nation-wrecking sabotage, particularly in the immigration arena. As has been reported, Obama promoted open borders by reclassifying “asylum” so Central Americans escaping poverty can say the magic words about credible fear at home and thereby get welcomed as asylees even though they are just economic fleebags.

The influx of illegal aliens from Central America crossing the border has surged over the final months of Obama’s permissive rule.


In addition, the sanctuary cities harboring lawbreaking foreign criminals are signaling their faux virtue rather strenuously, and some claim they will provide millions of taxpayer dollars to lawyer up the local illegals. Hopefully President Trump will utilize the existing kill switch on sanctuary city funding on Day #1.

Democrats didn’t learn much from the election, but they did discern that their liberal mumbo-jumbo does not work on many traditional citizens in mid-America, so even more millions of big-government-favoring foreigners are needed for Dems to succeed in their nefarious schemes. As a result, Obama is herding in the maximum number of illegal aliens to vote the D-ticket in the next election and beyond. The Democrats are likely to become even more strident in their demands for increased immigration to grow their voter rolls.

BILL HEMMER: A major showdown looming now on immigration: from Los Angeles, William La Jeunesse.

WILLIAM LA JEUNESSE: Right now, Bill, there are two big issues: asylum and sanctuary cities. So let’s start at the border. Right now agents are on pace to apprehend almost 600,000 illegal immigrants. That is the highest in eight years, led by the continued surge of Central Americans. In one month agents apprehended 7,000 children, 15,000 families — almost double last year, but instead of being sent home, the majority are allowed to stay, treated by this president as victims of trafficking and persecuted refugees. Where previously, administrations saw them as economic immigrants, not entitled to stay. Right now ICE is spending $100 million a year, almost $700 per immigrant, flying women and children around the US to stay with family. Until the policy changes, experts say the surge won’t stop. Continue reading this article

New York City Gold Grabber Is Identified as a Four-Times-Deported Illegal Alien

Remember the video a few weeks back of an opportunistic theft of a bucket of gold from the back of a truck in New York City?

Turns out the thief, Julio Nivelo, is an illegal alien from Ecuador, with seven arrests and four deportations to his credit. Heck, he’s just another hard-working New Yorker, according to Bill De Blasio’s values: the major recently called his sanctuary town the “ultimate city of immigrants” after pledging to protect illegal aliens from President Trump’s program of law and borders.

Below, sharp-eyed Julio Nivelo, who hoisted an 86-pound bucket of gold and waddled off with it.


New York City police are still looking for Julio, who could go far on $1.6 million in gold.

Suspect in Theft of $1.6 Million in Gold Flakes Is Named by Police, New York Times, December 20, 2016

He walked about a half-mile carrying a stolen bucket containing 86 pounds of gold flakes. Now, the police in New York City believe, he has traveled much farther to avoid arrest.

On Tuesday, the police identified the man who grabbed the pail from the back of an armored truck in Midtown Manhattan on Sept. 29 as Julio Nivelo. He is now believed to be in Los Angeles.

The flakes, which were valued at $1.6 million, are shed as jewelers and others work with gold. The scraps are weighed with precision and stored in buckets. Continue reading this article

Germany: Salafist Kiddies Learn Jihad at Home

Monday’s murderous truck jihad attack on the Berlin Christmas market makes the following video of particular importance. It shows the sort of anti-western training that some muslim children receive at home from their parents where the juveniles watch decapitation videos on TV and learn that infidels should be killed.

In 2015, German Chancellor Angela Merkel invited suffering Syrians to escape war by coming to Germany, and more than a million muslims from all over responded by flooding Europe.

Interestingly, a salafist preacher is shown instructing how parents should beat their kids into proper islamic submission. Then a Frankfurt police spokesman says the jihadist imam cannot be deported because he has children of his own who need to be supported. Why not deport the kids as well? It’s racist to say that muslim kids can’t be raised in Islamic countries, is it not??

This video is a reminder of how insane it is to believe all diversity is equal and that muslims can be immigrated en masse with no problem.

NARRATOR: Salafism in schools in Frankfurt? Children of radical Salafist parents who are beaten or emotionally abused when they do not recite the Koran correctly? It is for real, and they are not just isolated cases, says the leader of State Security at the Frankfurt Police Presidency.

WOLFGANG TRUSHEIM: This is about war, about children being indoctrinated, they are only in primary school and already fantasize about how when they grow up, they want to join the jihad, kill infidels They refuse to play football with infidels, they say: “I’m not allowed to play football with you, but when I’m grown up, I will kill you, because you are an infidel.” Continue reading this article

Jihad against Berlin Christmas Market Kills Twelve

A stolen 18-wheeler truck was driven into crowds enjoying an outdoors market in Berlin on Monday evening, resulting in 12 dead and 48 injured.

The Express (UK) reported that US counter-terror experts warned European countries of a “heightened risk of terror attacks” planned by jihadists for Christmas-themed events.

I reported last year about the attractiveness of the holiday tradition for the enemies of the West: Germany’s Christmas Markets Are Affected by Jihad Possibility. Crowds of shoppers during the Christian holiday must look like the ultimate in soft targets to allah’s mass murderers. In addition, last July’s attack in Nice France showed the effectiveness of using big-rig trucks as weapons.

Frankfurt’s Christmas market, pictured below, is one of Germany’s largest.

Suspect in Berlin Christmas market attack came to Germany as refugee, reports say, Fox News, December 19, 2016

The man believed to have driven a truck into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin Monday evening had come to Germany as a refugee from Pakistan this past February, multiple German media outlets reported.

The attack killed at least 12 people and left 48 others injured. Officials in Germany and the United States have described the crash as an apparent terror attack, though no group has claimed responsibility. Continue reading this article

Father: My Son Was Murdered in Cold Blood by an Illegal Alien Criminal

One of the early problems facing President Trump after his inauguration will be dealing with sanctuary cities where illegal aliens including violent criminals are protected from prosecution and deportation by liberal governments. Many are doubling down with their pro-crime policy, most egregiously San Francisco, responsible for the preventable deaths of four people during the last decade because of the city protecting dangerous illegal aliens. Certainly President Trump can cut millions of dollars in federal funding to get their attention. But some liberal cities seem really stuck on the upside-down idea that protecting violent foreign criminals from law enforcement is somehow a 21st century version of human rights. Go figure.

Trump spoke often during his campaign about the crime victims of illegal aliens, including in his acceptance speech where he remarked, “Of all my travels in this country, nothing has affected me more deeply than the time I have spent with the mothers and fathers who have lost their children to violence spilling across our border.”

There are likely to be more of those tragic stories yet to come because of so many criminal aliens simply released from prison onto American streets during the current administration. A recent number for criminal aliens on the loose is 820,000: 84 percent with felonies, serious misdemeanors which sounds low after eight years of Obama immigration anarchy, but it’s bad enough.

Sanctuary policies cause pain and death to innocent Americans who deserve better treatment from their government. One example is the murder of 25-year-old Spencer Golvach by a dangerous illegal alien criminal on a killing spree.

Below is Spencer Golvach, before he was shot in the head as he sat in his truck waiting for the light to change in Houston.


Spencer’s father Dan appeared on Fox Business recently to remind Americans of the danger from open borders.

ELIZABETH MacDONALD: First the sanctuary city of Chicago proposed a $1 million legal defense fund to protect illegal immigrants, never asking the taxpayers whether they’re worried about Chicago turning into a magnet for illegal criminals. Now San Francisco doing five times that amount, proposing a $5 million illegal immigrant defense fund. San Francisco town supervisor defending the proposal saying “We are proud to be a sanctuary city. . . we’re going to invest the resources needed to make sure that the 44,000 undocumented people who live in the city get legal representation if they’re taken into court.”

My next guest’s 25-year-old son Spencer Golvach was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant who had been deported already four times. This illegal immigrant hid in a sanctuary city. Spencer’s father Dan Golvach joins me now. Dan, it’s an outrage and it’s a disgrace what happened with the loss of your son. Quickly, can you please tell the viewers what happened.

SPENCER GOLVACH: January 31st of last year my son Spencer was sitting at a red light less than a mile from his home in the neighborhood I grew up in northwest Houston, and a four-time deported illegal alien that had done five years in prison for attempted murder and had a 15-year rap sheet just pulled up next to Spencer and randomly blew his brains out. He moved on down the road and shot and killed another motorist and then shot yet another motorist and then his last deed was an attempt to kill a Harris County Sheriff’s Department Deputy and fortunately the deputy was able to take him out. Continue reading this article

Trump Administration May Spur Sob Story Storm

One likely effect of the Trump administration will be a resurgence of the illegal alien sob story, a literary sub-genre popular in liberal publishing which is easily written according to a long accepted style. The precursors are already showing up.

Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle had an above-the-fold front-pager with the print title “As Trump era nears, immigrants seek advice.” Of course, the subject is illegal aliens looking for an angle, not “immigrants” who are law-abiding people and don’t need to scam the system.

Unsurprisingly, the loyal friend of job-thieving foreigners — Catholic Charities — is leading the help brigade.

Counselor Beltrand Arellano (right) helps Mexican citizen (and illegal alien) Efrain Salazar with his questions at the Catholic Charities legal clinic in San Francisco.


Senior Salazar does not approve of President-elect Trump, calling him “heartless” — in Spanish of course, since he is a moocher here only for the dollars, not to assimilate and become an American. Salazar claims he is “contributing” to America by “paying rent” — although he has actually stolen a citizen’s job.

Funny how these newspaper scribblers are always interested in the opinions of foreign lawbreakers. I can’t remember similar concern with the feelings of Kate Steinle’s parents regarding San Francisco’s decision to keep its sanctuary policy even after their daughter was shot dead by a five-times-deported alien criminal.

(Interestingly, the Chron did report a few days ago that some residents of the ultra-liberal city have a strain of NIMBY: SF supports immigrants — just not into our neighborhoods. Oops, even San Franciscans are not so devoted to diversity after all!)

Maybe President Trump will figure out that a good judo move might be to push for a journalist employment visa, since that is the only major jobs category not facing immigrant replacements. That strategy would strain the liberal values of reporters, which are probably not so deep when their jobs are the ones threatened by foreign diversity.

Immigrants seek guidance as Trump era nears, San Francisco Chronicle, December 17, 2016

Efrain Salazar, looking tired and down, sat in the waiting room of a drop-in immigration clinic on a recent afternoon because he couldn’t wait any longer.

His sister, a U.S. citizen, applied for permanent residency for Salazar, an immigrant from Mexico living in San Francisco illegally, in the late 1990s. He’s moved around a lot since then and taken a lot of different jobs, and he never bothered to find out where he was in the line for a green card. Until now.

“I’m wondering where I am in the process,” said the 63-year-old Potrero Hill resident, who works as a prep cook in a Marina neighborhood restaurant.

One person prompted Salazar’s sudden interest: President-elect Donald Trump. Salazar is one of many immigrants without documentation who are anxious about their fates under the Trump administration and are turning to drop-in immigration clinics for legal advice.

“The way he acts is not the way a president should act,” Salazar said as he waited. “He’s heartless.” Like the others interviewed at the clinic, he spoke in Spanish through an interpreter. “We came here to work, we’re paying rent, we’re contributing. Why is he discriminating so much against us?”

There are at least two dozen legal organizations that offer immigration assistance in San Francisco, and many of them run drop-in clinics in which a lawyer or an immigration counselor sits ready to help whoever walks in the door at little to no cost. Anecdotally, the clinics report more clients and a big increase in fear and anxiety since Trump’s election.

That was certainly the case at the nondescript offices of Catholic Charities at Eddy and Gough streets the other day. Salazar and 14 other immigrants showed up in the morning and scored the 15 available slots for the weekly clinic, while others were turned away. The lucky ones were told to come back that afternoon to wait for time with Beltrand Arellano, an immigration counselor and the only person offering legal guidance at the clinic that day. Continue reading this article

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