Sweden Asserts Border Controls to Curb Alien Chaos

In 2013, Sweden extended asylum to all Syrian refugees, who at that time numbered around two million. That was a generous offer from a country with a population of fewer than 10 million, but then it regards itself as a moral superpower and may have felt an urge to display its liberal virtue.

Now however, Sweden’s good intentions have been defeated by the burden of Muslim diversity. Too much violence, too much rape and too much disorder have proved daunting.

Of course, even without the cultural difficulties that hostile Muslims bring, the logistics of settling 200,000 people are simply unworkable in terms of providing social services, plus the project has been very expensive.

The PBS Newshour presented a sanitized version of Sweden’s trouble with diversity, although the segment did allow that the “huge refugee influx is endangering law and order and the country’s internal security.”

Feeling burden of migrant crisis, Sweden imposes border controls, PBS Newshour, November 12, 2015


GWEN IFILL: After declaring that its welfare system was collapsing under the strain of up to 200,000 refugees, Sweden today became the latest European country to impose border controls. The nation has accepted more refugees per capita than any other country on the continent. But its appeals to other European nations to share the burden have been largely ignored.

Special correspondent Malcolm Brabant reports.

MALCOLM BRABANT: Lunchtime today at Hyllie, the first station in Sweden across the bridge from Denmark, and police begin border controls over concerns that the huge refugee influx is endangering law and order and the country’s internal security. Continue reading this article

Senator Rubio Is Still the Amnesty Poodle

For some odd reason, Senator Marco Rubio wasn’t asked about his sponsorship of the nation-crushing Gang of Eight amnesty bill during Tuesday’s Republican candidate debate. (He is pictured here with his G8 Democrat amnesty mentor, Senator Charles Schumer.)

So National Public Radio helpfully checked in with the Florida senator on Wednesday morning to learn his current views. (After his failure to subvert America, Rubio appeared at conservative venues claiming to have learned his lesson, so updates are recommended.)

You can listen here to the NPR piece titled Sen. Rubio On Immigration: We Can’t Accept Everyone.

Cutting to the chase, here’s the amnesty part, where the highly desired work permit is treated as an afterthought by Rubio:

STEVE INSKEEP: So what is a practical way to deal specifically with those millions of people who are here illegally now?

RUBIO: Well, let me tell you how we can’t do it because we’ve tried and that is in one massive piece of legislation comprehensive. It just can’t happen because the trust of the American people doesn’t exist when it comes to the immigration system. So I think we have to pursue a three-step process. The first step is we don’t just have to pass a law that improves our ability to enforce the law. We have to prove to the American people that it’s working, show them that in fact illegal immigration numbers have come substantially down because we’ve built walls in key sectors of the border, because we have an entry-exit tracking system, because we have E-Verify. After we’ve done that, the second step is modernize the legal immigration system so that it’s merit-based so that people come here legally on the basis of what they can contribute economically, not whether or not they have a relative here living here.

After you’ve done those two things, we’re going to have to realistically but reasonably deal with the fact that we have millions of people in this country illegally. If you haven’t been here very long, or you’re a criminal, you will be deported. Otherwise you will have to come forward, pass a background check, learn English, pay a fine because you violated the law, start paying taxes and you’ll get a work permit. And that’s all you’re going to have for at least a decade. In my mind, that is the best way forward on this issue and in my mind it’s the only way forward on this issue.

So the immigration policy proposed by the supposedly chastened Rubio is for the illegal alien to present himself and immediately receive his work permit — which is the holy grail for alien job thieves. They come to make lots of dollars by stealing American jobs, not vote in US elections. The media chatter about a “path to citizenship” is a planned distraction so Americans won’t understand the issue and motivations. The Democrat party and la Raza certainly want citizenship for illegal aliens to make them big-government voters, but the millions of invaders don’t want to become Americans: most retain the identity of their homelands. For example, Pew research found only 21 percent of hispanics self-identify as Americans.

Remember: Work permits are the real amnesty.

How do we know that illegal aliens don’t care about American citizenship? We can judge from previous behavior. Only 40 percent of the 1986 cohort of 2.7 million who got amnesty with legalization and work permits chose to become citizens. They got the right to take US jobs and that was all they cared about.

Automation Mentioned at Republican Debate — by Marco Rubio

The fundamental transformation of the American workplace by smart machines has gone undiscussed in the Presidential campaign until now: one tiny mention occurred in Tuesday’s Republican debate by a man who characterizes himself as the fresh voice for the 21st century.

RUBIO:  The problem is that today people are not successful working as hard as ever because the economy is not providing jobs that pay enough. If I thought that raising the minimum wage was the best way to help people increase their pay, I would be all for it, but it isn’t. In the 20th century, it’s a disaster.

If you raise the minimum wage, you’re going to make people more expensive than a machine. And that means all this automation that’s replacing jobs and people right now is only going to be accelerated.

Wait, this was the senator who pushed hard for the evil Gang of Eight amnesty bill that would have doubled legal entrants per year in perpetuity as well as forgive millions of lawbreaking foreigner job thieves and award them with immediate work permits. Senator Jeff Sessions said that 57 million would get legal status under Rubio’s bill.

The ambitious new senator from Florida thought he would make a name for himself by creating landmark legislation that would coincidentally injure Americans who work for a living by flooding the labor market with millions of foreign workers. Now he thinks he should be president.

Rubio was an enthusiastic member of the Gang of Eight amnesty gang who worked behind closed doors to defeat enforcement.

Actually, there was also a question about robots that went to Senator Rubio but he didn’t answer it:

BAKER: Senator Rubio, Senator Rubio, let me — let me take you to a question that I think gets to the root of a lot of the anxiety that people have in this country. The economy is undergoing a transformation through information technology. Americans are anxious that the new economy isn’t producing higher-paying jobs. Many are concerned that the new wealth seems to be going mainly to innovators and investors.

Meanwhile, with factories run by robots and shopping done increasingly on smartphones, many traditional jobs are just going away. How do you reassure American workers that their jobs are not being steadily replaced by machines?

RUBIO: Well, you know, that’s an excellent question, because what we are going through in this country is not simply an economic downturn. We are living through a massive economic transformation. I mean, this economy is nothing like what it was like five years ago, not to mention 15 or 20 years ago.

And it isn’t just a different economy. It’s changing faster than ever. You know, it took the telephone 75 years to reach 100 million users. It took Candy Crush one year to reach some 100 million users.


Yes, Senator, we are living through a massive economic transformation, one that indicates Washington’s immigration input going forward should be ZERO, because machines will be doing the jobs.

Appeals Court Smacks Down Obama’s Unlawful Executive Amnesty

The decision seemed long in coming since Texas Judge Andrew Hanen’s original opinion, but it is very welcome in drawing a line showing that the Constitution still is respected in the United States.

Twenty-six states challenged the right of the President to unilaterally amnesty millions of illegal aliens. After all, the Constitution mandates that the Congress makes the laws and the President executes them. That was the idea of the founders anyway.

Interestingly, the press framed the story according to their immigration position. The Los Angeles Times showed its bias with its front-page print headline “Blow is dealt to migrant plans” while the Washington Times heading simply read “Obama’s amnesty plan loses in court.”

Still, it’s not like federal agents will now swing into action to deport the five million unlawful foreigners amnestied. The Obama administration routinely releases illegal alien murderers, rapists and drunk drivers, so the un-amnestied persons who merely steal American jobs have little to worry about regarding enforcement.

Below is an early report from Fox News with an interesting chat between two lawyers:

MEGYN KELLY: The president’s immigration executive action takes a real hit. In a two-to-one decision, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against the administration’s actions, upholding a lower court injunction against those executive actions that have been issued by a judge down in Texas. Judge Andrew Napolitano’ is our Fox News senior judicial analyst.

So this is the ruling, it’s a biggie and it’s true there is a dissenter but the president has lost and what does this mean?

ANDREW NAPOLITANO: It means that a federal judge in Texas who enjoined the president — signed an order preventing the president from implementing his executive order which effectively changed the immigration laws — that injunction has now been made permanent by a federal appeals court. So the three judges — the trial judge and two appeals court judges — have used their authority under the Constitution to stop the president from writing his own law. They all agreed that that’s what he was attempting to do. Continue reading this article

Al Qaeda Jihadist Posed as a Refugee to Enter Europe

MehdiBenNasrQaedaGovernments in Europe have deluded themselves with the idea that the aliens flooding in from the Middle East and beyond are war refugees or economic migrants because jihadists wouldn’t bother with the messy trek overland or across the Mediterranean. Or something like that.

But one has turned up. Mehdi Ben Nasr (pictured) was caught only because officers became suspicious of him after he had arrived on Lampedusa and he could be identified because Italy had his fingerprints from when he served time for terrorist activity in Italy several years ago.

How many more aren’t noticed when thousands are flooding through every day?

And in this country, the administration is determined to import a hundred thousand Syrian Muslims over the next year, and many more to follow.

Chairman Mike McCaul of the House Homeland Security Committee has expressed doubts that Syrians can safely be brought into the US. During a hearing examining the subject, he remarked, “I think this would be a huge mistake if we bring in these refugees into the United States that could potentially be radicalized.”

Senator Jeff Sessions chaired a hearing in October where it was made clear that Syrians could not be adequately screened because the government does not have a database of information about Syrians.

The refugee scheme is a clear danger to America’s national security, but Obama and company are determined to import as many Muslims as possible in his final year.

Al Qaeda boss who served seven years for terror offences ‘smuggled himself into Europe by posing as a refugee’, Daily Mail, November 7, 2015

The leader of an al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group was smuggled into Europe posing as a refugee trying to cross the Mediterranean, it has been claimed.

Mehdi Ben Nasr, 38, served seven years in jail for being the leader of a jihadi cell which recruited would-be suicide bombers in Europe and directed them to Iraq and Afghanistan.

European leaders have denied that there is evidence of jihadis exploiting the refugee crisis by disguising themselves as migrants and joining them on crossings.

But intelligence analysts have warned that would-be militants could be using the migrant routes to reach Europe undetected.

Once ashore in countries such as Italy and Greece, it is feared that militants could side-step identification by the authorities – and plot violent attacks on European cities. Continue reading this article

Germans March in Berlin against Immigration Chaos

On Saturday, 5,000 concerned German citizens marched in Berlin to protest their government’s open-borders refugee policy.

What did Chancellor Angela Merkel think would happen when she invited all Syrians to come? Hundreds of thousands have responded already to the offer of a comfy first-world lifestyle, and millions more are expected.

Admitting hordes of a historic enemy (Muslims) is still an invasion to the citizens even if the government is complicit.

This clip shows the large crowd:

DW characterized the pro-sovereignty Germans as “right-wing anti-immigration” party, while the opposition favoring open borders were a “broad alliance of associations.”

Chancellor Merkel was an object of scorn for many among the marchers, as shown below.


The Daily Mail has lots of photos of the event; so does Breitbart.

Thousands march in Berlin anti-refugee demo, Deutsche Welle, November 7, 2015

Some 5,000 supporters of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) have protested in Berlin against Germany’s refugee policy. The demonstrators called for Chancellor Angela Merkel to step down.

Among the speakers at the rally were AfD head Frauke Petry, the deputy party leader Alexander Gauland and MEP Beatrix von Storch.

As AfD rally marched through Berlin and the capital’s government district on Sunday, protesters were heard shouting “Merkel has to go” and “We are the people” – chants which have also become popular at demonstrations held by the the right-wing movment PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) in recent months. Continue reading this article

Former CIA Director Warns Russian-Airliner-Style Attack Can Happen Here

After the recent crash of the Russian airliner caused by an apparent on-board bomb, the baggage handlers in Egypt have come under suspicion since the plane blew apart in the sky: Black boxes show bomb brought down Russian jet (CNN).

Former CIA Director James Woolsey recently observed, “There is a reasonably good chance” that a similar attack will occur to an American plane, because many baggage-handers “are foreign nationals who just have worker visas.” They used to be vetted, but no longer are.

It’s not like jihadists like American airplanes as a target or anything. The 9/11 attacks only killed thousands in our major cities using passenger planes as a weapon.

An unfriendly baggage handler could easily plant a bomb on a plane.


On Friday James Woolsey appeared on Fox News to discuss the terror attack.

WOOLSEY: Well, I would say that it definitely can happen here, and there is a reasonably good chance that it will, in part because of the way we are now hiring airport workers. They used to be vetted, but now quite a few of them are foreign nationals who just have worker visas; they’re treated like agricultural workers. And you can do a lot more damage in the baggage-handling area of an airline than you can if you’re a terrorist than you can in the middle of a wheat field.

HEMMER: That is that is quite a statement sir, based on the employees who are working on behalf of the airports and the TSA?

WOOLSEY: There are 12 to 13, I don’t know about TSA but in the baggage handling areas, there are 12 to 13 airports, Phoenix Arizona Detroit and so forth around the country where a company — ISS — is hiring lots of foreign workers that are not vetted has come to be in charge of the baggage handling areas. And it’s just not a sound policy to treat workers in a really dangerous area where they could create a lot of danger is not right to treat them as if they’re agricultural workers, and that’s what the Obama administration is doing.

German Asylum Centers Riot

For the Muslim Violence file: more reports of ungrateful “refugees” beating on each other, according to tribe, which appears to be pretty common.

On Tuesday there was a mass brawl at an initial reception center for refugees, which had to be ended by police forces. According to the police, the violent confrontation was caused by a controversy between an Afghan and an Albanian refugee in a washing facility. Within a short time this expanded to a confrontation between Afghans and Albanians in which, apparently, iron bars were used. In addition, observers reported that a firearm had been seen, which could not be found by police even with tracking dogs. Three people have been taken into custody; five were injured.

Also on Tuesday evening, there was a mass brawl in Brunswick involving 300 to 400 refugees from Syria and Algeria. There police had to intervene with 60 officers to calm the situation.

Violence in Germany’s refugee centers is a part of everyday life according to a recent report.

The newbies are such barbarians that one German town issued rules of expected behavior, like don’t piss in public, etc. Sadly, a stern list won’t have much effect on the angry Muslim boyz, whose culture commands deadly jihad against infidels.

Why would German Chancellor Merkel invite guaranteed violence and chaos into her country? Liberal virtue? She apparently still believes she is a superior humanitarian, despite the mess.

California Campus: Police Send Muslim Slasher to Allah after Multiple Knife Attacks

UCMercedFaisalMohammedOn Wednesday, there was a knife attack at University of California at Merced in which four people were injured and the knifeman was shot dead by the police. Now we have learned more details, and the crime has interesting diversity aspects. The slasher was a Muslim (described as smiling as he attacked), Faisal Mohammed (pictured), yet the authorities are still investigating his motivation. ISIS approved of the attack.

The Merced sheriff said he could find no terror connections, but the Islamic default behavior for stress reduction is often violence against the infidel. Hopefully we will find out before too long.

I learned something in this case that I didn’t know before. UC Merced was designated in 2010 as a “Hispanic-serving institution” and one of the requirements for that classification is that the school “certifies an enrollment of at least 25 percent Hispanic students.” Is that kind of race quota legal after Prop 209?

It turns out that UC Merced has a student body where 40 percent identify as hispanic so there is no shortage.

Anyway, back to the diverse crime. The Daily Mail reports that Mohammad had a backpack filled with odd items for a college student:

‘He had far greater intentions to do damage’, Daily Mail, November 5, 2015

A reclusive student shot dead by police after stabbing four people in a California university campus attack ‘had far greater intentions to do damage’, Merced County Sheriff said Wednesday.

Faisal Mohammad, a freshman who majored in computer science and engineering at the University of California was carrying highly flammable petroleum jelly, ziptie handcuffs, night vision goggles, duct tape and a hammer in his backpack when he was shot in the back by cops.

In reference to the petroleum jelly, Sheriff Vern Warnke said: ‘He had poor man’s C4’ – C4 being the dense, putty-like explosive used widely by the military and demolition teams.

Here’s the Fox News report:

JON SCOTT: Authorities are now identifying the man behind a stabbing spree on a California campus as eighteen-year-old Faisal Mohammad they say he was a student at UC Merced from Santa Clara, California. Police say Mohammad stabbed four people before he was shot and killed by school officers. Claudia Cowan joins us now live from Merced with more on this story.

CLAUDIA COWAN: Jon, 18-year-old Faisal Mohammad was a computer science and engineering major from Santa Clara. That’s about two hours away from here, so he lived on campus, and his roommate describes him as a loner who didn’t say or do much, but that all changed yesterday. Police say Mohammad used a nine-inch hunting knife to stab four people in an attack that started inside a classroom and then moved outside. All four are expected to survive.

A lot of credit is being given to the second stabbing victim thirty one-year-old Byron Price, a construction worker who heard the commotion in a classroom, want to check it out and got stabbed himself. He says Mohammad appeared to be enjoying the attack saying he had a smile on his face. The sheriff said Price may have saved a student whose stab wounds were so serious he needed to be life flighted to the hospital. Authorities say Mohammad attacked two more people as he ran away, knife still in his hand, and when he made a move toward campus police one of the officers shot and killed him.

This latest act of campus violence has left everyone here shaken. . . It’s not known whether Mohammed targeted his victims, whether he planned this attack or what provoked him. Investigators say they are now combing through his activity on social media. They have searched his dorm room and are talking to people who knew him but again, John, according to the roommate, he really didn’t have many friends here. We are hoping to get an update from the sheriff’s department in about two hours and in the meantime here at UC Merced, no school today. Classes resume tomorrow.

Raza Family Values Are on Display in Hate-Trump Video

Fox News and others have been showing a version of a hate video made by a group called Deport Racism that has all the nasty bits bleeped or smudged out. Naturally the internet has the original obscene rant, for the time being at least.

The acceptable media explanation seems to be how terrible it is that these innocent kiddies are being abused by adults by making them say obscene things. That may be true up to a point, but little Ricardo looks like he really enjoys saying, “F#ck you, Donald Trump!” and with giving him the finger (shown below).


In fact, the kids look entirely comfortable and enthusiastic performing their Hate Whitey roles. You have to think they are growing up in Raza (“the race”) families where hating America (which gave them a home and lots of freebies) is Job #1. They certainly don’t seem to like Americans, calling us “pinches racist suckers.”

Why do they want to live here again??

By the way, quite a number of American citizen hispanics appreciate Trump’s unvarnished call for immigration enforcement because they are the ones most hurt by open borders unleashing foreign job thieves into the marketplace.

Oh, and the Deport Racism bunch are the same ones offering $5000 to anyone who will heckle Trump during his SNL appearance on Saturday. They seem not too clear on this American freedom of speech thing, so while their bodies may be residing in the US, their values remain stuck in Meheeco.

Do these hideous little barbarians represent the sort of families we are importing by the millions into our country? If so, our future looks dim. The video proves every negative thing Trump has said, and worse. Far worse.

BOY: Hola, Donald Trump! Screaming, “Get out of my country.” Republicans use offensive words.

GIRL: Here’s a few of our own.

BOY: F#ck you, racist f#ck. Continue reading this article

San Francisco Sanctuary City Sheriff Is Defeated for Re-election

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi was soundly defeated in Tuesday’s city election. He had recently gotten national attention for his role in releasing Francisco Sanchez, the five-time-deported illegal alien who went on shoot Kate Steinle on a San Francisco pier.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi can soon go back to wearing his civilian clothes.


It couldn’t have been hard for even liberal San Franciscans to vote Mirkarimi out of office. He was trouble more often than not. The 2012 case of his hitting his wife (a Venezuelan telenovela star) created an ongoing drama on local news shows where the sheriff came off as arrogant jerk. He also failed a firearms test and lost his driver’s license after crashing a city vehicle. He was not a law-abiding law enforcement officer.

So voters could easily have seen the Steinle death as the last straw in a bad history of an irresponsible man who never should have been sheriff.

However the winning candidate, former Chief Deputy Sheriff Vicki Hennessy, may not offer much of a change in sanctuary policy in San Francisco, where the Board of Supervisors recently voted to affirm the protection of illegal alien criminals. Hennessy answered a reporter’s question about sanctuary after the election by saying she “may interpret it differently” — which is hardly a stirring statement in favor of law and borders.

Hennessy defeats scandal-plagued Mirkarimi in S.F. sheriff race, San Francisco Chronicle, November 4, 2015

Former Chief Deputy Sheriff Vicki Hennessy won her bid Tuesday to unseat Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, who cast himself as an innovator in the hidebound law-enforcement community but was dragged down by a series of personal and professional controversies.

In the race to lead the agency whose primary role is overseeing San Francisco’s jails, Hennessy ran a low-key campaign that drew support from the deputies’ union and nearly every politician at City Hall. She called herself an effective manager. Mirkarimi claimed she was too much of an insider to push through needed reforms.

With all precincts reporting and most votes counted, Hennessy had 61 percent support, with Mirkarimi trailing at 33 percent. John Robinson, a former lieutenant in the Sheriff’s Department, was picking up 6 percent of the votes. Continue reading this article

Flying Delivery Robots Are Slated for 2017

Drones are coming, no matter whether or not the citizens want their skies filled with buzzing machines dropping shoppers’ merchandise into neighborhoods. Tech elites like Jeff Bezos think drones are a cool addition to the smart machines already speeding the processing of mail-order businesses like Amazon, which has pioneered automation with its Kiva robot warehouse system.

Below, a Google Project Wing Drone dangles an object to be lowered to the ground.


Google has been a leader in developing self-driving cars so automated delivery drones many not be that big of a stretch.

Why is nobody discussing the safety hazard of robotic flying machines running into people? A database titled Domestic Drone Accidents reports several dozen within the US. At least one lawyer specializes in Drone Injuries, and the website includes drone crash videos. The March issue of the Scientific American had a list of injuries in a piece titled, 5 Epic Drone Flying Failures. A recent Google search for Drone Accident brought over 11 million results.

Plus, will drones cause slingshots to make a comeback among sharp-eyed kids who like to aim and shoot?

Of course, thousands of delivery drivers working for UPS and Fedex will have to find something else to do for a paycheck if drones become a big thing. America certainly won’t need more immigrant workers in the automated near-future where jobs continue to disappear and technological unemployment becomes the new normal.

Tech elites appear to have a rivalry going on to see who can have the coolest, most futurist gadget, like Mark Zuckerberg’s giant drone to beam the internet to the third world and Sergey Brin’s self-driving cars. Hazardous noisy drones for everyday deliveries sound like a terrible idea for the average person’s quality of life, but that doesn’t matter because tech leaders want it to be so.

The topic of drone delivery was discussed on Fox News Tuesday morning:

BILL HEMMER: Google wants to fly its deliveries. The Internet giant want to begin commercial package delivery by use of a drone by 2017. Melissa Frances, After the Bell on Fox Business Network, here with me — nuts-and-bolts 2017, that’s right yeah Google wants to do this?

MELISSA FRANCIS: Yeah, it’s a little over a year from now. They are already testing in Australia and they’re doing it for emergency supplies, for medical supplies. Why Australia? Not densely populated, there’s a lot of sparse areas so they can go and sort of work the kinks out but they’re doing it, I mean it’s called Project Wing and Google’s not the only one. This is coming, I mean it’s like driverless cars. It sounds impossible but you can’t stop it.

HEMMER: So a year ago Amazon said we’re gonna do this, we’re going to deliver your pizza, we’re gonna deliver your six pack of beer. It’s happening now, so how would it work? Continue reading this article

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