Media Melts Down over Brexit Outcome

The Brexit media aftermath continues to roil, in part because the press was caught flatfooted regarding the results. In addition, Britain’s choice to return to nation statehood upsets the globalist values of the liberal stenographers of elite views.

Below, Nigel Farage was condemned for UKIP’s poster illustrating the mobs of mostly Muslim foreigners allowed to invade […]

New York Times: Backward Southerners Are Unduly Frightened by Muslim Syrian Refugee Dump

Saturday’s New York Times had another of its predictable open-borders items on the front page, where it bashed Americans for being fearful of potentially dangerous foreigners being dumped in their communities by Washington.

Apparently, citizens don’t trust the government to protect them from enemies. Should anyone be surprised about that attitude, given the numerous jihadist murders and dozens […]

Media Sob-Story Eruption Occurs following Amnesty Setback

A couple years back, I suggested a journalist employment visa be created to promote more sympathy in America’s newsrooms for citizen workers who are replaced by dirt-cheap foreigners: “Let’s Have Immigrant Diversity in the Main Stream Media!”.

The news coverage about Obama’s amnesty being temporarily blocked caused a flood of sob-story crapdoodle about illegal aliens in […]

Your Tax Dollars at Work: PBS Amnesty Agitprop

Don’t look now, but PBS is about to dump six hours of diversity propaganda TV on the American public, curiously timed around the amnesty debate in Washington. How convenient for them.

In FY 2012, the feds spent $445 million to fund PBS TV and NPR radio, aka the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Clearly, no expense was spared […]

Time Magazine Nominates Illegal Aliens for Person of the Year 2012

Time listed a diverse crew of 40 for its annual award, not all of whom were even actual persons, including the Higgs Boson and the new Mars Rover. The inclusion of “Undocumented Immigrants” was one of the more controversial of this year, though other sketchy characters were also present, from Kim Jong Un to Sandra […]

Islamic Scholar Responds to Media Accusations in Norway Murders

According to the elite liberal media, if everyone would just stop saying critical things about Islam, then hostile Muslims would chill and worldwide kumbaya would prevail. But if 1400 years of war, invasion and (now) immigration by Islam against the West is any indication, a pacifist response to historic Islamic bellicosity is not recommended.

After the […]

Sesame Street Outed as Leftist Indoctrination

There’s no question that the liberals at PBS crank out pro-diversity propaganda like Energizer bunnies swilling cappuccinos, such as the recent puff piece “Welcome to Shelbyville” promoting misogynous hostile Somalis as fine immigrant material.

Sesame Street is a major brainwashing arm to influence the kiddies, pushing hard on issues that can be framed for impressionable young […]

NPR Shoots Itself in the Foot (Again)

I saw bit and pieces on news shows of this undercover video showing an NPR executive schmoozing for dollars with men identified as terrorist sympathizers, but watching the whole thing at once is quite a tour of liberal condescension. Attitudes range from the university (“liberal because it’s intellectual”) to the Tea Party (“racist, racist people”).

We […]

UC Berkeley Chancellor Blames Sovereignty Defenders for Tucson Massacre

Far left loons from far and wide have been invecting upon Saturday’s shooting in Arizona to blame free speech from conservatives as the cause, even though the perp appears to be a paranoid schizophrenic with a long rap sheet of anti-social behavior and no political affiliation.

In California, Robert J. Birgeneau, the Chancellor of the University […]

Diversity Journo-Hucksters Promote Censorship

It’s not exactly news that open-borders enthusiasts employed in the media strive daily to blur the line between immigrants and illegal aliens, often by leaving out the “illegal” adjective till late in the story if it is mentioned at all. Sometimes I fantasize about printing out a few thousand copies of the word “illegal” and […]

Another Use for Tax Dollars: Government Media

The NPR honcho now famous for quashing politically incorrect speech by firing Juan Williams is also well known for working to expand the role of government in media. The press has been on a downsizing spree and depleting newsrooms because of falling circulation and cratering ad sales because of the internet ascendance over the past […]

Washington Post Opts Out of Free Speech Where Islam Is Concerned

The American press has not exactly distinguished itself in reporting on hostile Islam. Physical attacks on those who comment honestly about the curious “religion” have had the desired effect — cowering terror among editors.

Last January, for example, an axe-wielding Somali broke into the home of Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard to kill the artist for drawing […]

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