Mexico Border: They Keep Coming — the Kiddies & Moms, That Is

Is is not curious that illegal border crossings greatly increased in July? The influx normally slacks off in mid-summer because of the killer heat on Mexico’s northern edge. Furthermore, the unaccompanied alien children, AKA UACs, were up 27 percent, and family units escalated by 46 percent.

Is a new kiddie surge beginning?

Back in 2014, the Border […]

Robot T-shirt Factory Is Planned for Arkansas

Here’s a snapshot of the automated, globalized future: a Chinese company has acquired a factory in Arkansas to produce t-shirts for the German company Adidas using robot sewing machines from Atlanta business SoftWear Automation.

Clothing manufacture is big business and is important to small, poor countries like Honduras where the income from sewing jobs helps keep many […]

Tech Titans See the Stratosphere as the Next Frontier for Expanding the Internet

Sunday’s San Jose Mercury News had a big front-page graphic showing the tech industry’s big plans to wire the third world for the internet.

One of the movers and shakers of the internetization of the planet is Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, an open-borders billionaire who says he wants to share.

Zuck’s project is a drone with a […]

Pew Hispanic Report: Tribe Loyalty Trumps Patriotic Assimilation

The latest study with polling data from Pew Hispanic has a lot to mull over. While the title — Illegal Immigration Backlash Worries, Divides Latinos — highlights the reliable old chestnut of “backlash” (which has been a handy tool for portraying illegal aliens as victims), some of the more interesting poll results compare differing attitudes […]

Recent Education Costs Toted Up for California Alien Kiddies

In California K-12, one in four students are classified as Limited English Proficiency, indicating some are likely the children of illegal aliens along with legal immigrants. And the aliens keep coming, contrary to MSM reports.

So it is useful to recalculate occasionally the costs of the continuing, decades-long tsunami of illegal aliens mooching off the state’s […]

Napolitano: Enough Enforcement Already; Time to Amnesty Future Democrats

We knew what was coming, that a minuscule pretense of border protection would prompt immediate demands from the Obamatrons for rewarding lawbreakers. The ink was barely dry on the new, rather sparse border spending legislation before Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano piped up for the big amnesty enchilada.

And the enforcement ducks aren’t in line by […]