Endless Immigration Means a Permanent Democrat Majority

It was disappointing to hear Rush Limbaugh say on Fox News Sunday that Democrats “need a permanent underclass that is dependent on the government.” That’s certainly true to a degree, but it is not the most important point.

As many people have noticed, the great majority of immigrants vote Democrat, and continued mass immigration means a permanent […]

Older Illegal Aliens Are Resentful of Dreamers

Everyone is a victim these days in America, and even lawbreaking foreigners have sob stories. Sunday’s Los Angeles Times front page played up the feelings of older illegal aliens who resent the attention paid to Dreamer lawbreakers — boo hooey! The non-Dreamers have American jobs and haven’t been deported, but it’s not enough for the […]

DACA Amnesty Debate Starts Up in Senate

Monday’s Senate discussion about immigration legislation was a rare open-ended debate, so the citizens can’t be sure of the result.

Interestingly, the phrase “through no fault of their own” referring to DACA recipients was heard often during the dialogue. It occurred in longer phrases like “young people who were brought here through no fault of their […]

The Upcoming Immigration Debate in Congress Is Discussed on Fox News

You would think that Fox star Chris Wallace had never interviewed a conservative before, judging from some of his clueless questions to Congressman Jim Jordan about illegal immigration on the big Sunday show. Wallace seemed genuinely surprised that a founder of the pro-sovereignty Freedom Caucus objected to a replay of the 1986 failure of Amnesty […]

President Trump Is the Promise Keeper — Except for One

President Trump gave a speech to his Republican congressional crew on Thursday at their West Virginia planning meeting. GOP members of the House and Senate were strategizing at their three-day conference to map out their legislative agenda to match up with the president’s State of the Union address earlier in the week.

At one point, the […]

San Diego DACAs Complain That Trump Offer of Citizenship Isn’t Enough

Why does anyone consider the DACA types to be appealing human beings? They are among the most demanding and self-absorbed people on the planet, plus often being demonstrably vulgar, as shown below:

Democrats use DACA pests as a stalking horse for a mega-amnesty for the 10 or 30 million lawbreaking foreigners now residing in the United […]

Congressman Lamar Smith Finds Trump Amnesty to Have Insufficient Enforcement

On Monday, Rep. Lamar Smith joined Harris Faulkner on Fox News to discuss his concerns with the Administration’s immigration proposal. He has long been a leader for tough, effective enforcement, particularly mandatory E-Verify to keep illegal aliens from stealing American jobs.

Smith is concerned that President Trump’s amnesty proposal is deeply flawed because a vital workplace […]

MS-13 Victim Parents Are Guests at Trump’s State of the Union Speech, As Earlier Supporters Reject His Amnesty

President Trump’s earlier supporters among illegal alien crime victims won’t be present for his major address because most if not all are deeply disappointed in his political flipflop in giving unlawful foreigners amnesty and eventual citizenship. As a result, there will be a new cast of characters in the crime victim category, those who lost […]

Sob Story Alert! Job-Thieving Family May Be Deported

The Trump era will certainly be seen in the future as a golden age for the illegal alien sob story. After something of a fall off during the open-borders Obama administration, there has been a resurgence of the genre with increased coverage by the leftstream media, where front page coverage of illegal alien travails is not […]

Heartlanders Reject Trump’s Amnesty for Dreamers

In the big capital city, “Let’s make a deal” is the operating principle of the legislative playbook, and with the Democrat party sliding into leftward extremism, the compromises proposed have become progressively uglier. Citizenship for nearly two million Dreamer pests is now on President Trump’s table — to the shock of many who believed his […]

President Trump Slams Democrats for Protecting Illegal Alien Criminals

In response to the Democrats closing the government to force an amnesty for DACA and Dreamer illegals, the White House produced a video ad that correctly connects open borders with preventable crime.

The foul-mouthed criminal shown in the video is Luis Bracamontes, the Mexican who is currently being tried for murdering two California officers, Sacramento County […]

Kris Kobach Reminds Americans That DACA Aliens Harm Young Citizens

Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime and is theft at best (and murder at worst): illegals come to steal jobs, education and welfare benefits from American citizens and taxpayers. The latest foreign moochers in the public eye are the DACA illegals, nearly a million foreigners (79 percent from Mexico) who are the latest poster […]

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