Kansas Voter ID Sets Off Lawsuit from Anti-Sovereignty Democrats

Friday’s New York Times front page included a whiner about a college student who claimed she was too busy to obtain proof of citizenship required to vote in Kansas (where sovereignty warrior Kris Kobach [pictured] is Secretary of State).

A distracted student is news?

This is pretty weak gruel, even for Carlos Slim’s Amnesty Gazette.

A 21-year-old because miffed when his […]

European Union Exhibits Super Bureaucracy

The only thing worse than an overgrown national government is a bloated transnational bureaucracy, and the European Union is indeed the unaccountable modern super-state run amok. The distant government is disliked by many Europeans, but remains stubbornly entrenched, passing ever more niggling laws to control behavior, not protect freedom.

Reporter Dale Hurd visited Brussels to check […]

Birth Tourism Is a Growing Business in Southern California

Traveling to the United States to plop out a US-citizen baby is not illegal. It is perfectly lawful to engage in birth tourism, which is promoted by the fundamental misunderstanding of the intent of the 14th Amendment, that any baby plunking on US soil results in an American, which is not what was legislated at […]

Outed Illegal Alien Scribbler Now a Time Cover Boy

When Jose Antonio Vargas announced his status as an illegal alien journalist last year, several newspapers scrambled to contact their attorneys for fear of prosecution for unlawful hiring of an ineligible worker. The editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, Phil Bronstein, whined that he had been “duped” by Vargas and was therefore not responsible. (See […]

Cardinal Dolan Preaches Open Borders

Now that Timothy Dolan has been promoted by the Vatican to Cardinal, he has become more welcome on big media. There is a meme going around that the press-savvy New York cleric could become the first American Pope, which makes him something of a hot property as religious figures go.

One of his favorite topics is […]

Catholic Bishops Promote Immigration Lawbreaking as Religious Freedom

The recent contraception kerfuffle and the ensuing debate about “religious freedom” must have made the Catholic church in America feel like it had some moral authority to weigh in on other issues. The debate started when a Georgetown student complained that her university health plan did not include contraceptives because she attended a catholic school.

Bishops […]

Alabama State Immigration Law Faces Scrutiny from Usual Suspects

More good news on the state enforcement front: Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has signed his legislature’s tough bill into law. It’s heartening that state elected officials are still moving forward, despite the barrage of criticism and lawsuits they know they will face.

And yes, the enemies of the nation are squawking up the usual storm of […]

Senator Pearce: Arizona Update

Politico has a piece written by Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce explaining recent voting (not positive for enforcement) and how long it took to get SB1070 passed. Pearce emphasized how the war for American sovereignty and safety from hostile invasion requires tenacity over years.

As long as Mexico sees exporting its cheap workers north as advantageous, […]

Arizona Law Defended in the Courts and on the Streets

Your humble correspondent attended the Ninth Circuit Court in San Francisco Monday morning for the federal government’s continuing suit against the state of Arizona’s tough immigration law. As a non-lawyer, I found the proceedings interesting, although somewhat mysterious, given all the legalistic shorthand referring to previous cases and numbers of sections within the Arizona law […]

Nebraskans Choose Sovereignty over Anarchy

Whenever given the opportunity to vote on law and borders, American citizens regularly voice a strong desire that national sovereignty be preserved and protected.

Today’s example is the town of Fremont Nebraska, population 25,000, which is burdened with the illegal alien magnet of meatpacking plants. Yesterday’s referendum to prohibit aliens from acquiring jobs and housing brought […]