California Residents Flee the Once-Golden State

It’s not news that California residents are escaping the worsened crime, traffic, housing prices and general crowdiness, but a landlord bringing his tenants along to a new state gets attention.

The unusual circumstance made the front page of the San Jose Mercury News on Friday:

A few decades back, San Jose was a rather ordinary city, to […]

Rents Soar in Crowded Northern California

The San Jose Mercury News filled much of its Sunday front page with a story of the struggles of ordinary people facing the high cost of housing in the popular Bay Area. The influx of highly paid tech workers has pushed up rents, along with general population growth in the area.

It’s a simple case of […]

Immigrant Population Reaches All-Time High

The Center for Immigration studies has just published a new report showing the immigrant population in the United States has grown to an unthinkable 43.7 million.

Tucker Carlson took the number with the proper seriousness and invited CIS’ director of research Steve Camarota to discuss how America is being changed forever by unrelenting mass immigration.


Storm Dangers Highlight Florida Growth

As the powerful Hurricane Irma moves toward Florida, climate change is already being named as the culprit for the storm’s projected level of damage. But we needn’t look beyond the state’s rapid population growth and corresponding construction to understand the escalating cost of big storms there.

Florida is one America’s top five states for immigration-caused population […]