Poll: More Than Half of Americans Want Repatriation of Illegal Aliens

Thanks to the Center for Immigration Studies for commissioning a realistic poll about what citizens want done about the millions of illegal aliens in our midst.

Immigration polls are easy to influence by the way the queries are worded, particularly when the liberal media asks questions on the order of, “Should undocumented valedictorians be flogged with […]

No Match-Up between Agenda of President vs. Public

Funny, but President Obama’s policy priorities don’t correspond at all with what the voting public wants fixed. American citizens want the economic mess cleaned up, in particular by increasing the number of jobs and decreasing the deficit.

That was the common-sense result of recent polling from Pew Research. The paper, released January 24 and titled Deficit […]

Election Night Poll: Arizona-Style Immigration Enforcement Preferred

Even during an election that showed big gains for Democrats, many of whom are permissive regarding borders and US sovereignty, a majority of voters nevertheless remain favorable to tough immigration policing.

A poll commissioned by Breitbart.com and JudicialWatch.org found that 61 percent of voters preferred an approach like Arizona’s state enforcement law to crack down on […]

Poll: California Not Mexifornia Just Yet

California is a very blue state these days, but that doesn’t mean the folks have gone over to the evil open-borders side of Satan and his minions. An interesting Field Poll was published 9/28 verbosely titled California Voters Somewhat Ambivalent about Government Policies toward Illegal Immigrants Living Here.

However, the “ambivalent” attitude cited refers to the […]

Rasmussen Poll: Nearly Two-Thirds of Voters Object to Anchor Baby Citizenship

The pollsters report that this is the highest percentage ever of opposition to jackpot babies getting citizenship, a practice stemming from a misunderstanding of the 14th Amendment.

In June of 2010, Rasmussen found that 58 percent rejected anchor baby citizenship, and the recent survey revealed 65 percent against the policy, so the voters have not forgotten […]

Actual Terror Attempts Are Increasing, but Pollsters Worry about Americans “Uncomfortable” with Muslims

The usual media suspects are wringing their metaphorical hands over the results of a new poll showing that many Americans are “uncomfortable with Muslims.”

Perhaps the diversity ideologues missed the Associated Press investigation released a few days ago:

AP IMPACT: 35,000 worldwide convicted for terror, Associated Press, September 3, 2011

The AP used freedom of information queries, […]

Rasmussen Poll: Voters Oppose Benefits for Illegal Aliens

President Obama may think he can “rekindle excitement among hispanic voters” (in the characterization of the Washington Post) with his administrative amnesty, but American voters as a whole are not impressed with the trend toward erasure of citizenship.

Somewhat surprising is that a majority of voters object to public school for illegal alien kiddies. Apparently “the […]

Rasmussen Poll: Voters Prefer Border Enforcement to Amnesty by Two to One

President Obama’s recent administrative amnesty runs contrary to the public will (not to mention the Constitutional limits to Presidential power) as shown by recent polling.

Despite the media’s relentless propaganda about the bogus desirability of illegals, e.g. young aliens in student costumes demanding taxpayer-subsidized college educations, the voting public remains firm in favoring enforcement over rewards […]

Gallup Poll Finds Sub-Normal Identification of Muslims with USA

When a big-time polling company (Gallup) partners up with an Islamic nation (Dubai) to show Muslim success in the United States, the investigation may not be very challenging.

The just-released 132-page report (half in Arabic) is titled “MUSLIM AMERICANS: Faith, Freedom, and the Future; Examining U.S. Muslims’ Political, Social, and Spiritual Engagement 10 Years After September […]

Rasmussen Poll: 61% of Voters Oppose Anchor Baby Citizenship

A recent Rasmussen survey indicates that more Americans than ever believe birthright citizenship is a bad policy and should be changed.

As a 2008 CBS report (Illegal Immigrant Births – At Your Expense, see video below) revealed, pregnant illegal aliens deliberately come to give birth in this country so their kid can get all the benefits […]

Rasmussen Poll: 2/3 Agree That States Should Enforce Immigration Laws

From the consistently interesting Rasmussen pollsters, indications remain that the public still supports Arizona-style state immigration enforcement as long as the feds willfully neglect the job.

Presumably, the citizens want something done because they are sick of the border anarchy and millions of illegals still occupying American jobs.

And a recent GAO report found that nearly 20 […]

Pew Hispanic Report: Tribe Loyalty Trumps Patriotic Assimilation

The latest study with polling data from Pew Hispanic has a lot to mull over. While the title — Illegal Immigration Backlash Worries, Divides Latinos — highlights the reliable old chestnut of “backlash” (which has been a handy tool for portraying illegal aliens as victims), some of the more interesting poll results compare differing attitudes […]

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