California Bashes Trump for Chilling Muslim Immigration

Just when you think California has maxed out on all the possible bad anti-Trump craziness, there’s this: Sacramento has decided to expand its education program about the WWII Japanese internment to connect it with current issues like President Trump’s rejection of hostile Muslims as immigrants. Apparently, the big liberal brains equate the unlawful incarceration of […]

College Civics Now Means Leftist Indoctrination and Activism

There’s not enough attention paid to how schools have become socialist propaganda centers to warp children’s and young adults’ minds into leftist mush. Even grade school kids are taught that America is evil and diversity is the highest good.

The National Center for Education Statistics informs about the current number of young people subject to K-12 […]

Cinco de Mayo in San Francisco: Celebrating Jumbled Diversity Propaganda Is a School Activity

The city by the bay never misses an opportunity to push the diversity meme, and the sinkhole holiday was utilized on Thursday to teach young children about Spain’s catholic influence on early California through founding missions. This occurred even though Cinco de Mayo is the anniversary of Mexicans defeating the French army in the 1862 […]

 Add “Homegrown” to Words Made Meaningless for Political Control

A recent Quinnipiac poll found that 58 percent of Americans thought “homegrown” terror presented the greatest threat to the country’s safety:

This result indicates the growing success of liberal government media to blur the meaning of words (particularly regarding immigration) to further its globalist ideology in opposition to American borders and culture. The press routinely uses […]

Diana West: Ignoring Islam’s Hostile Nature Endangers National Security

On Monday, Frank Gaffney and Breitbart put on a program, live in Washington and web-streamed, about national security. One of the speakers was Diana West, author of American Betrayal, which describes Moscow’s infiltration of US institutions over decades.

In Monday’s speech, West drew comparisons between Islam and communism, both of which have had strange taboos surrounding […]

Illegal Alien Crime Is Discussed on Fox — Sort Of

Fox News’ adversarial approach in issue presentation leaves a great deal to be desired: “Fair and balanced” sets up opposing voices to show both sides of an issue. However, that strategy often produces more clamor than facts.

One recent example was Laura Ingraham’s presentation on the O’Reilly Factor about the media’s cover-up of illegal alien […]

Surprise! Spanish-language Media Peddles Immigration

Spanish-language media has a strong anti-assimilation agenda based on its own self-interest. If the Mexicans and other hispanic immigrants get pulled into American culture (like speaking English) then Spanish radio and TV doesn’t have a captive audience. So Univision and Telemundo want Mexican newbies to stay tuned in and balkanized.

Spanish media has been one of […]

Public Schools Spread Pro-Islam Propaganda

Be sure to watch the 3-minute video below that shows how public schools teach an inaccurate, sanitized and politically correct view of Islam to innocent American kids.

Act for America reviewed popular textbooks from mainstream publishers used in the sixth through twelfth grades, “Education or Indoctrination?” and found the books avoided the unpleasant truth about sharia […]

Rep. Peter King Smacks Media for Stirring Up Fake Islamophobia

A few days ago, a disturbed Muslim woman, Jameela Barnette, was shot dead when she attacked a police officer. She had gotten into trouble earlier for threatening Rep. Peter King because of the hearings he presented on the subject of radical Islam and its dangers to American national security.

In the video below, Congressman King chided […]

Rasmussen Poll: Voters Prefer Border Enforcement to Amnesty by Two to One

President Obama’s recent administrative amnesty runs contrary to the public will (not to mention the Constitutional limits to Presidential power) as shown by recent polling.

Despite the media’s relentless propaganda about the bogus desirability of illegals, e.g. young aliens in student costumes demanding taxpayer-subsidized college educations, the voting public remains firm in favoring enforcement over rewards […]

Obama Opens Secret Mission Up to Hollywood

The Obama administration has a way of playing fast and loose with national security — like maintaining open borders in a dangerous world.

Another example has been the operation that killed Osama bin Laden in a Pakistani suburb. Way too much has already been revealed to the public concerning tactics, weapons and military units. Joe Biden […]

La Times Portrays Gangster Lowriders as Mainstream America

The Los Angeles Times loves to pretend that the massive demographic change caused by the Mexicanization of the American southwest is of no consequence. Sometimes the paper rewrites history entirely or ignore the cultural effects of Mexifornication, such as failing schools, increased gang crime and balkanization.

This tendency showed up in a recent news article, where […]

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