Minnesota Grade-Schoolers Face Marxist Indoctrination

A critic of public schools’ leftist propaganda appeared on Fox News Sunday to alert the public to what sort of poison is being foisted upon impressionable kids in some schools.

As scholar Katherine Kersten explained, “In 2013 Edina Public Schools adopted something called the ‘All for All’ plan. The intent was to reduce the racial learning […]

Pew Poll: Conservative Americans Think Universities Have Become a Negative Influence

On Thursday, Tucker Carlson opined briefly about a recent Pew poll that shows a growing divide regarding how Americans across the political divide think about our social institutions. Republicans in particular have come to believe the influence of universities on America has become harmful.

Tucker: it’s a big deal when a country’s elites reject […]

Leftist Summer Camp Teaches Racist Victimhood to Kiddies

When I attended summer camp in the previous century, we kids learned important skills like building fires and tying knots. I still remember the correct up and overs to produce a perfect square knot.

But nowadays, leftwingers run summer camps that can resemble Hitler Youth gatherings in terms of indoctrination: it’s Alinsky for kiddies.

Here’s a snap […]

California Turns Up the Volume of Diversity Narrative in School Textbooks

These days, many public schools have been turned into leftist propaganda factories that Pol Pot would have envied. They teach kids that America is evil and diversity is the highest good. They train students in the violent tactics we have seen at work in the Occupy movement and the anti-cop Black Lives Matter.

California has been […]

German Homeschoolers Lose Asylum Case in Court

Funny how the Obama bunch is fine with importing tens of millions of lawbreaking foreigners from criminal cultures (like Mexico) but will not accept a German homeschool family who face punishment at home for keeping the kids out of state school. Perhaps if the Romeikes (pictured below) were Kenyan Muslims instead of European Christians, America’s […]

Dutch Study: Anti-Racism Instruction in Schools Increases Discrimination

So how is all that diversity hectoring in schools working out?

Not very well. In fact, it is having the reverse effect of what is said to be intended, according to recent research. Emphasizing human tribal differences apparently makes kids dwell on those characteristics to a degree that becomes negative for normal social interaction. Human nature […]

Obama Frees Foreign Criminals but Seeks to Deport German Homeschoolers

We learned recently of the Obama administration’s decision to release thousands of criminal aliens onto American streets, using approaching sequester budget cuts as an excuse.

But do not think that the Obama crowd objects to deportation generally. In fact, Eric Holder’s Justice Department is working to deport a German family pursuing an asylum claim because Germany […]

Why Aren’t We More Concerned about Schools?

The corruption of our school system should be a more important issue than it is. For one thing, the Republican Party should regard leftist multicultural indoctrination of American and immigrant children a top concern — certainly more important that rewarding lawbreaking foreigners with amnesty. A hispanic-focused reward trough won’t gain any votes for Rs; the […]

Toronto: Holiday Tree Invites Multicultural Participation

BlazingCatFur shares this photo from a reader, snapped at the University of Toronto, that reads: “Hang something from your culture on The Holiday Tree.”

Dunno whether this is part of an official diversity outreach program from the administration, or merely a freelance expression. There’s only the picture.

In a related story, Rasmussen pollsters report that 68 percent […]

California: Sikh History to Be Taught in Schools

Welcome to the new improved California, now with a Democrat supermajority in state government and an increased dedication to utopian diversity. Surely earthly paradise is about to break out in the Golden State with such a confluence.

One item in diversity bliss is the decree from Sacramento, signed by Gov Jerry Brown into law in September, […]

School Indoctrination Starts Early

Former Senator Rick Santorum observed the other day that universities are indoctrination factories of liberalism. That’s hardly news, but discussing the obvious is becoming more necessary in these conflicted times.

Rick Santorum: Left uses college for “indoctrination”, CBS, January 25, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum said Wednesday that “the left” uses universities to indoctrinate young people […]

Colleges: Freshmen Orientation Means Indoctrination to Liberalism

It’s a crime what many universities do to impressionable young minds. Freshmen students go in expecting an advanced education with intellectual stimulation arising from the debate of great ideas. Instead they undergo liberal reprogramming that would make Pol Pot proud.

For some reason, cultural Marxists are crazy for white guilt. Apparently worship of the great god […]

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