White House Reports Huge Effect of Chain Migration

Good for President Trump’s brain trust for researching the under-reported evil of Chain Migration. A measure of its enormous effect: during the 10 years from 2005 to 2015, the U.S. permanently resettled roughly 9.3 million new immigrants on the basis of family ties — 70 percent of the total immigration. In short, immigrants are choosing […]

DHS Saves German Homeschool Family from Deportation

The hopes of the Romeike family of homeschoolers to remain in America seemed to have crashed and burned on Monday when the Supreme Court declined to take their asylum case, but on Tuesday the DHS intervened to allow them to stay indefinitely as long as they remain law abiding.

It’s rare to see the government act […]

Singaporeans Rally against Increased Immigration

Raza types typically auto-shriek accusations of racism against anyone who advocates American borders and immigration law enforcement. However, dislike of the importation of foreigners is, if not universal, then very common, as shown by the graph. It was a part of the 2007 Pew report titled “World Publics Welcome Global Trade — but Not Immigration”. […]

Even Refugee Do-Gooders Get the Blues

The New York Times reports that a stalwart refugee welcomer, the mayor of Manchester NH, is getting tuckered out with the flood of newbies with the gimmes. After taking in more than 2100 Somali, Sudanese and other diverse refugees into the city (pop. 109,000) in the last decade, Mayor Ted Gatsas wants to call a […]

Pelosi (Jr.) Version of Patriotism Opens July 4

The Fourth of July has gotten a lot of bashing this year from the dinosaur media. US News & World Report warned its liberal readers that taking your children to an Independence Day celebration could turn them into (gasp!) Republicans (Harvard: July 4th Parades Are Right-Wing). Plus, traditional yummy foods are both unhealthy and damaging […]

Wretched Jobs Report (with No Mention of Immigrant Workers)

The latest employment figures are dismal to say the least. The nation’s economy added the fewest jobs in eight months, and the unemployment rate has gone up to 9.1 percent. Only 54,000 jobs were created in the month of May by private employers.

It gets worse: according to a MarketWatch report, Half of Last Month’s New […]

American Businesses Choose Foreign Workers over Citizens

It’s a shame more local media are not as inquisitive as Nashville’s Channel Five, which dug into the issue of businesses giving Americans the runaround because the companies preferred hiring foreign workers, who are more docile.

Bear in mind these are LEGAL workers, brought through the H2B program. But the effect to citizens is the same […]

Illegal Alien Che Fanboy “Scrambles” for Cash While Attending UC Berkeley

Boo hoo, a poor illegal alien student at UC Berkeley has to spend his time scrounging money and mooching chow at the local food bank.

It’s another sob story from the ultra-lib San Francisco Chronicle, that has never met a freeloader illegal alien it didn’t like. It ignores the fact that any university slot taken by […]