Poll Shows San Francisco Tech Backlash Is Not Universally Supported

In San Francisco, the low-intensity warfare of hipsters and immigrants against tech workers has been boiling along. The city has experienced a substantial boom in tech business, with new workers paying top dollar for apartments, and housing has gotten more expensive as supply declines and demand increases.

The alleged suffering of certain victim groups caused the [...]

Crowds of Illegal Aliens Jam Nevada DMVs to Procure Driver Cards

The joint has been jumping at the Nevada DMV, as thousands of unlawful foreigners have sought possession of driving authorization cards. The new year allows illegal aliens to register to receive a document that permits legal driving within the state.

As usual, greasy politicians in support claimed that the policy would increase highway safety and lead [...]

Obama's Timing Is Questioned regarding Syria Incursion

The curious decision of Obama’s to engage in a sudden flurry of foreign adventurism has not been entirely lost in the Beltway, with at least one Congressman suggesting that the interest in the internal problems of Syria may be a strategy of distraction. Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) noted the use of chemical weapons several months [...]

San Francisco Bay Bridge Countdown

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, the region is semi shut down because of the five days of construction required to switch to the new Bay Bridge from the old one which was damaged in the 1989 earthquake. The new structure has been plagued by huge cost overruns in the billions of dollars and [...]

Peaceful #Justice4Trayvon Memo Didn’t Reach Oakland

According to the all-knowing media, nationwide demonstrations against the Not Guilty verdict of George Zimmerman were “mostly peaceful.” Apparently Oakland is not worthy of attention, since the Saturday night riot there was moderately destructive.

The damage to the downtown Sears store, for example, was estimated at $50,000 and required special thug tools to smash its heavy-duty [...]

Los Angeles: Geert Wilders Speech Explains Europe's Situation

The Dutch freedom-fighter Geert Wilders (pictured) visited southern California last weekend to deliver a speech at an event titled “Europe’s Last Stand?”

Wilders analyzed the history and wrong ideas leading to the current liberal dislike of national sovereignty among European liberals, namely their belief that Nazi fascism was caused by bad patriotism.

As it happens, liberals believe [...]

California: Wretched Unemployment Gets Upbeat Reporting

In California, scribblers are doing the happy dance over the latest unemployment news, because the rate of joblessness reached the “lowest level since December 2008.” Oh, huzzah!

Meanwhile, in Realityville, the state still has the worst unemployment rate in the nation — 9.6 percent — which California happens to share with Nevada and Mississippi for the [...]

Immigrants Boost California Union Membership

The California model of government, with high taxes and a Democrat-majority legislature and governor, is looking pretty good to top union goons, er labor leaders. While union membership is dropping like a rock in the United States as a whole, organized labor is growing in the once-Golden State, which has had some of the nation’s [...]

Mohammed Filmmaker Sentenced to Silence in the Slammer

On Day One of the Obama second term, the filmmaker who was wrongly blamed for causing the deaths of four Americans at the Benghazi 9/11 terrorist attack was sentenced to a year in prison. (Secretary of State Clinton had assured the father of murdered SEAL Tyrone Woods that the administration would have the filmmaker arrested, [...]

Your Tax Dollars (and Credit Card) at Work in Pakistan and Beyond

A few days ago, the national debt reached an unimaginable $16 trillion. And yet, the Washington spending beast trundles along as if the country weren’t about to be overwhelmed.

One example is the State Department, the “diplomacy” of which is often little more than bribery. Its budget escaped major cuts in 2012, leaving over $50 billion [...]

Diverse California: Graffiti on Trees

For those of us who love California’s beautiful parks, the state’s abandonment of the system was a tragic portent of destruction to come. With no rangers nearby to keep an eye on the premises, theft and vandalism were sure to follow.

Below, a lush redwood glade in Marin County’s Samuel P. Taylor Park, slated for closure.

California [...]

California Puts Bracero Studies on the Curriculum

It’s hard for a normal mind to keep up with the wacky leftist groupthink that energetically runs amok in Sacramento. The project of remaking California into the perfect diversity utopia continues in the one-party state, with the latest eruption being a new law that encourages schools to include bracero history.

Last year, California became the first [...]

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