Ex-Californian Touts Texas as the Conservative Dream Destination

It was amusing to see ex-Californian Paul Chabot expressing his joy at moving his family to conservative Texas — “Living in Texas is amazing!” he exclaimed during a Fox interview on Saturday:

Chabot must not have thought deeply about how California turned from a very conservative state into a very liberal one — the transformation was […]

'The Uninvited' Alternative to CPAC Adds Speakers for Thursday

A more robust schedule has shaped up for a full day of speakers on Thursday, an event meant as a counterpoint to the tiresome Conservatism Inc. presentation that the annual CPAC conference has become.

In particular, the issues of immigration and the threat of jihadist Islam get proper attention at “The Uninvited,” as noted in an […]

Rasmussen Poll: Voters Split Evenly between Obama and Tea Party with 42 Percent Each

Tuesday’s poll data was quite a surprise considered from the viewpoint of the efficacy of the propaganda media. The drumbeat Opravda voices have been incessantly insisting the Tea Party to be evil and racist, so any decent showing by the group in polling is worth noting.

Tea Party bashing has become quite the sport for liberals […]

Rasmussen Poll: Nearly Half of Voters Say They Are Closer to Tea Party Than Congress in Political Views

Since the Dems got shellacked in the 2010 election, they have tried to paint Tea Party citizens as “extreme” — as if demanding responsible spending of Washington were somehow excessive.

Sen. Harry Reid predicted that grass-roots financial conservatism would quickly disappear when members became disinterested. Recent reports from the dinosaur media have suggested that the Tea […]

Rep.-elect Allen West Ready for New Congress

Rep.-elect Allen West (R-FL) appeared on Fox News Sunday morning and maintained his reputation as a no-BS citizen legislator to come.

In addition, he is honest about hostile Islam and tough on illegal immigration.

Rep.-elect West wrote to incoming House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, objecting to the slim schedule (120 days), because West thinks there is too […]

Dozens of Black Republicans Campaign for the House

At times, this New York Times article strains to be polite about black conservatives running for the House of Representatives.

But the fact that it appeared at all in the liberal bastion is unusual. Perhaps the number of candidates — 32 — was too newsworthy to ignore.

Black Hopefuls Pick This Year in G.O.P. Races, New York […]