Administration Plots Massive Syrian Refugee Drop into America

For ages, the Obama crew has been claiming to screen Muslim refugees super-thoroughly in a process that takes years. Then a few weeks ago, the government announced a “surge” program that would magically reduce the process to a mere three months, and the new quickie rapefugees began to arrive.

Europe and the Middle East has millions of spare Muslims who would love to partake of the American infidels’ helpful welfare offices.

Last winter the administration did announce its intentions to increase the intake of Syrian Muslims by a large degree, so we shouldn’t be surprised. Keep in mind that FBI Director Comey has said that Syrians cannot be adequately screened because the US government does not have access to Syria’s databases of crime and such.

It is totally irresponsible of the administration to bring so many unemployable and uneducated (65 percent illiterate!) Muslims — who are not known for their willingness to assimilate to western values. The best we could hope for would be many thousands of quiet welfare receivers, but it’s likely that some number will become dissatisfied and violent in jihad fashion.

Plus, an appalling 93.5 million Americans were out of the workforce in March — how fair is this dodgy policy to them? Some employers will hire refugees just for extra do-gooder diversity points. There’s nothing good about it.

U.S. eyes ways to expand Syrian refugees from 10,000 to 200,000, Washington Examiner, By Paul Bedard, April 25, 2016

In a move around the standard refugee settlement process in America, the United Nations and the administration are scheming to find other ways to boost the number of Syrians entering the country, from 10,000 this year to possibly 200,000.

U.S. officials, meeting with United Nations human rights officials in Geneva, joined in a project that looks to “alternative safe pathways” to setting Syrian refugees in America and Europe that include pushing colleges and universities to offer tuition programs and encouraging Syrians already in the country to open their homes to those who’ve fled the war-torn Middle East nation.

The plan already has one victory. Last week, the University of Southern California revealed that it is offering five free tuition programs for Syrian refugees, including one in the school’s journalism program. Continue reading this article

Even Somalis Know the Mexico Border Is a Sieve

It doesn’t bode well for America’s national security when even a backward Somali can figure out that the southern border is a practically a welcome mat for an ambitious jihad gangster. The was the upshot of a recent story from Minnesota where some of the local Somalis are charged with partnering with ISIS to smuggle jihadists through welcoming Mexico north to attack the hated American infidels.

Below, Minnesota-residing Somalis were arrested a year ago for trying to join ISIS. One of them, Gulec Omar (on the right) also planned to smuggle ISIS fighters across the Mexican border.

Tucker Carlson and Ralph Peters discussed the case a couple days ago:

TUCKER CARLSON: Four Minnesota residents from a local Somalian community outside Minneapolis will be on trial next month for conspiring with ISIS plotting to carry out possible attacks here in the US. According to federal prosecutors, one of those accused terrorists, Gulec Ali Omar, even conceived a plan to route foreign fighters across the US-Mexican border. All this comes as FBI director James Comey warned of a possible Brussels-style attack in America within the next two years. Watch this:

FBI DIRECTOR JAMES COMEY: We stare at what happened in Brussels and imagine it is our future that we have to work against; that it could be that the threat they’re facing on the continent, increasingly here in the UK, is the threat that we could face two years from now. And we talk a lot, plan a lot, work a lot against that possibility.

CARLSON: It’s an ominous warning, and joining us now with his reactions, Fox News strategic analyst, Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters. Colonel, great to see you tonight. Minneapolis yet again the site of an FBI investigation into terrorism. Something has changed in Minneapolis. Whatever happened to Minneapolis nice or Minnesota nice? It didn’t used to be the locus of terror plots. Why is it now?

RALPH PETERS: Well among other things, our immigration policy is so utterly screwed up. How we not only brought in Somalis in very large numbers, we ghettoized them. We allow them to congregate in one area where they don’t have to learn English, they don’t learn American values, they’re subject to hate preachers, most radical forms of Islam, and it’s a little Somalia within the United States.

CARLSON: But for years we brought Scandinavians into Minneapolis and they congregated together and lived in their own neighborhoods and spoke Swedish and Danish and they didn’t plotting terror attacks. What’s the difference?

PETERS: Well they did clog our arteries with a lot of cheese. But very seriously, it really comes down to culture. Scandinavians came over here from European culture. Traditionally, European culture has been our culture and its American derivative. And to be fair, most Muslims have done a fair job of integrating. Some of the Iranian Americans have done a great job. But the Somalis were undereducated or uneducated, practiced a very primitive form of Islam, and again they didn’t get dispersed, they didn’t have to integrate and that’s a fundamental problem.

But Tucker, back to the basic thrust of this story that terrorists are going to be coming across the Mexican border — they’re certainly going to try and keep trying to come through airports, they’ll keep trying to come across the Canadian border because the terrorists desperately want to hit us. (Continues)

Speaking of Somali immigration — certainly one of the most wrong-headed government policies ever — WND recently published a very informative graph that well shows the extent of the problem that has continued in a substantial fashion through three administrations:


It’s not exactly new news that our enemies have noticed the laxity of American border enforcement. Last June, the ISIS magazine Dabiq suggested a nuke could be transported into the US through Mexico. In December, a couple of Middle Eastern men were caught crossing the border carrying steel cylinders in their backpacks — parts of a jihad engineering project perhaps? ISIS reportedly operates a camp just a few miles from El Paso in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, so they are ready for whatever they have in mind.

Here’s a text report about the Somali case:

ISIS suspect reveals plans to open up route from Syria to U.S. through Mexico, Fox News, April 22, 2016

One of the American men accused in Minnesota of trying to join the Islamic State group wanted to open up routes from Syria to the U.S. through Mexico, prosecutors said. Continue reading this article

Self-Deporting Mexican Finds Success at Home

We immigration restrictionists love upbeat stories of Mexicans who forsake their theft of American jobs and achieve prosperity upon return to the beloved homeland. Is it not racist to believe that brown people are inherently incapable of creating wealth and must instead be rescued by big white America?

In fact, Mexico is rich, ranking #15 among nations in world GDP. Mexico’s middle class has seen significant growth in the last decade or so, even though there the disparity between rich and poor is still extreme. There are lawless regions near the border where drug gangs rule, but other areas have a level of order where business can operate and thrive.

Despite the difficulties, there is enough potential within the wealthy Mexican economy for an energetic entrepreneur to be successful, as today’s example demonstrates.

Sunday’s Los Angeles Times front page presented the happy self-deport story:


The downside to this immigration tale is the college education an American did not get because illegal alien Mexican Bernardino Hernandez took that slot at UC Davis.

Raised in the U.S. without legal status, he attains the American dream — in Mexico, Los Angeles Times, April 24 2016

Six years ago Bernardino Hernandez boarded a plane to Mexico City with not much — his high school yearbook, a printer and his college copy of “Thomas More’s Magician,” a novel about creating a utopian community in 16th century Mexico.

He had recently graduated from UC Davis, but he felt limited by his lack of legal status in the United States. Hernandez was 21 years old and unsure whether he’d ever reach his potential in a country that he’d called home since he was a toddler but that now wouldn’t allow him to work legally.

Before he departed, his disapproving father gave him $1,000 in cash but warned him, “I won’t pay for a coyote to bring you back.”

No need.

Though he gave up on his American dream in the U.S., he is now living it in Mexico.

Hernandez, 27, is at the helm of a translation company he launched last fall, leading a team of 15 linguists who offer services in nearly two dozen languages to multiple businesses, including eight transnational companies. Continue reading this article

Red China Aims to Expand into Self-Driving Car Business

The ChiCom business sector intends to be a world leader in the coming self-driving car industry. It has big plans, including a well-developed intelligence network.

In fact, China’s tech giant Baidu has set up a Silicon Valley office in Sunnyvale, California, that employs 160 workers, many of whom are working on the car project.

The ChiComs are quite energetic in stealing American technology from afar via the internets, but a Silicon Valley location will open up more personal spying opportunities — and China is expert at traditional espionage as well.

An NBC report from last July observed extensive cyber-spy activity, with a map showing how Chinese hackers have breached US cyber-security more than 600 times in the past five years to steal secrets:

This National Security Agency map shows a red dot for every successful computer intrusion by China over the past five years — nearly 700 with computer attacks in every state but North Dakota. The northeast corner from Washington to New York is a massive blob red and intrusions are clustered around California’s Silicon Valley, the aerospace regions in the Pacific Northwest and Southern California’s defense industrial base.

Besides the increased Chinese espionage opportunities of its California foothold, the entrance of self-driving cars into the economy generally means a large employment category faces obsolescence from automation: more than three million Americans have jobs as drivers.

Below, the Chinese Baidu company’s self-driving car.


The recent Reuters report about ChiCom self-driving cars observes that the People’s Republic could be advantaged by its “regulatory structure” — does that mean fewer lawyers and less supervision regarding safety? The PRC certainly benefits by operating more pollution-spewing industries, unencumbered by annoying environmental regulations which enable the Chinese to manufacture more cheaply than America. (Funny how transnational trade deals never include the pollution factor.) Even the upbeat Reuters report noted China’s “choking air pollution.”

Look Mao, no hands! China’s roadmap to self-driving cars, Reuters, April 22, 2016

In the race to develop self-driving cars, the United States and Europe lead in technology, but China is coming up fast in the outside lane with a regulatory structure that could put it ahead in the popular adoption of autonomous cars on its highways and city streets.

A draft roadmap for having highway-ready, self-driving cars within 3-5 years and autonomous vehicles for urban driving by 2025 could be unveiled as early as this year, said Li Keqiang, an automotive engineering professor at Tsinghua University who chairs the committee drafting the plan. The panel is backed by the powerful Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The draft will set out technical standards, including a common language for cars to communicate with each other and infrastructure, and regulatory guidelines – a unified framework that contrasts with a patchwork of state laws and standards in the United States.

Without coordination, that patchwork could hold back the development of self driving cars in the U.S., David Strickland, a former safety chief for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, said at an event in Beijing this month.

China’s top-down approach could see it overtake the U.S. and Europe, where automakers have generally been left to agree among themselves on industry standards. A push for self-driving and electric cars also fits with Beijing’s shift to an economy driven by high-tech and consumer industries rather than heavy industry and low-end manufacturing.

“If we can convince the government that every company, every car on the road must use this (single standard) … then there is a chance China can beat the rest of the world” to the widespread use of self-driving cars, said Li Yusheng, head of Chongqing Changan Automobile’s autonomous drive program.

China is ripe for the advent of self-driving cars. It’s the world’s biggest autos market and is blighted by choking air pollution, traffic congestion and often erratic driving. More than 200,000 people die each year in road accidents, according to World Health Organisation estimates. Continue reading this article

Sidewalk Delivery Robots Appear to Be Moving toward Implementation

Starship Technologies has been testing its little delivery bots in a few cities and they are already being employed in London. The machine looks like an ice chest on wheels and can scoot along sidewalks without terrifying the children. And unlike Amazon’s proposed drone delivery machines, the earth-bound vehicles are unlikely to endanger safety.

The company thinks the bots are being accepted by the public and can work in many locales. Rough neighborhoods might be unsuitable, even though if a bot is stolen or otherwise messed with, it can send a message to police with photos. The machines may prove to be attractive to unengaged youth in inner cities despite precautions. Or little kids might hop a ride for fun.

Below, a Starship delivery robot.


This technology is another example of how rapidly machines are being developed to perform human jobs more cheaply than workers. Delivery jobs aren’t great, but they are at least good entry jobs for young people to learn basic work skills.

Some phone-automation here, some self-driving transportation there — pretty soon there aren’t any jobs left for average or low-skilled people. What are the 70 percent of Americans without a 4-year college degree supposed to do to support themselves? Not that a pricey education is a solution either — occupations like law and finance are being chipped away by smart machines also.

It must be obvious that with technological unemployment dogging the American workforce, the government shouldn’t be importing immigrant workers who are not needed now, and will certainly won’t be needed in the automated near-future. If indeed nearly half of US jobs are susceptible to being taken by smart machines in less than 20 years, as forecast by Oxford University researchers, then the number of immigrants should be ZERO.

In fact, automation makes immigration obsolete.

Self-driving robots will soon be running your delivery errands in the US,, April 21, 2016

In the near future, if you need a few things from Amazon, or perhaps you forgot to pick up the dry cleaning, there’s a chance a small robot will deliver your goods right to your front door.

No, this won’t be a drone dropping something from the skies. A six-wheeled robot from Starship Technologies, run by the founders of Skype, will soon be making deliveries without those complicated autonomous drone systems touted by Amazon and Google. Starship’s little robots are already making deliveries in London, and they will likely be rolling around US streets soon.

Lauri Väin, Starship’s engineering lead, said during last week’s RoboUniverse conference in New York City, that the company has 10 prototype robots, and plans to have 100 by the end of the year, and over 1,000 next year. The Washington Post reported last month that Starship plans to bring its test program to Washington, DC soon. Väin said the little robots, which look like a rolling ice chests, can handle most curbs and cobbles that they might encounter on the streets of metropolitan areas. His robot followed him along quite nicely on the walk from his Midtown hotel to the convention center, multiple blocks away. Continue reading this article

Maryland Sheriff Warns of Worsening Illegal Alien Gang Violence

My earlier report about the April 19 House hearing about illegal alien crime was focused on the victims: House Immigration Committee: Two Mothers Tell of Children Killed by Illegal Aliens.

In addition, a Maryland sheriff made a convincing case that Obama’s disappearing enforcement has left the nation considerably more endangered by illegal alien criminals.

Sheriff Charles A. Jenkins of Frederick County warned that “Open border policies and failure to enforce our immigration laws have greatly impacted public safety in every community in America and cities are becoming war zones. Every single day, more Americans are becoming victims of avoidable crimes.”

Jenkins noted that his office has partnered with federal authorities on the 287(g) program since 2008 and it has been effective in identifying and removing illegal aliens criminals to better protect Americans in his jurisdiction. But clearly the extent of the administration’s border anarchy has made it hard for local law enforcement to keep up.

The sheriff further explained, “The criminal alien gang numbers are growing across the nation, and the serious crimes are increasing. There is also a direct nexus between the action on unaccompanied minors of two years ago and the increases we are seeing in gang crimes.”

Get that last bit? The many thousands of unaccompanied kiddies from Central America of yesteryear who needed immediate housing and programs in schools etc. ad nauseum have now morphed into violent gangsters.

What a surprise. Some were just pretending to be kids for all the easy freebies and others had existing gang affiliations. Plus there are no jobs for unskilled non-English-speaking kids (sometimes preliterate), making them perfect recruits for gangs. The care and feeding of Centrals was estimated to be in the billions of dollars, and that was without their being criminals. America is importing violent criminals and taxpayers are forced to pay for it.

Below, some of the hundreds of thousands of illegal alien Centrals who have been allowed to enter the United States.


You can read Sheriff Jenkins’ full statement to the committee here and watch the hearing at this link.

USC Increases Diversity Funding to $100 Million

In 2012, I reported about UC Berkeley’s office of diversity having a budget of $17 million because it seemed stunningly excessive, but they are pikers compared to the University of Southern California.

Now USC at least has the excuse of being a private university so taxpayers were not dinged by this monumental stupidity. Perhaps when word gets out about $100 million for diversity, parents will nix the kiddies attending such a crazy place, as has happened to the University of Missouri. Mizzou suffered a 20 percent decline in enrollment (and a $32 million deficit) after last year’s racially inciteful protests which included free speech violations that were widely publicized.

Some of the extra millions are to set up scholarships for Mexicans and Syrians. Apparently the increasing devolution of liberal virtue requires screwing one’s own fellow citizens, including poor Americans of all races who need financial help. The great god Diversity must be worshipped with sacrifices — someone else’s, of course.

Will USC’s school spirit need to be axed if it upsets sensitive diverse students?


Another example is Prescott College in Arizona which recently added a $30 fee to the $28,000 tuition in order to establish scholarships for illegal alien students. Again, small spuds compared to USC but the principle is the same.

American colleges are becoming more diverse anyway because foreign students often pay full tuition which helps keep the aging edifice financially alive. On Tuesday, the New York Times reported on the shameful use of recruiters to snare unqualified foreigners with fat checkbooks: Recruiting Students Overseas to Fill Seats, Not to Meet Standards. The upshot is that American students are being ill-served even by state schools funded by taxpayers.

Meanwhile, the innumerate USC students want lower tuition along with the millions for diversity. Grade school math anyone?

USC student govt. demands tuition freeze, $100M for diversity, by Anthony Gockowski,, April 21, 2016

●  Provost Michael Quick announced in a campus-wide email that USC implement nearly all the measures called for in a January 2016 resolution

● The school will increase spending on diversity initiatives by $20 million, bringing the annual total to $100 million

● Student government also demanded a tuition freeze, but Quick rejected it while referring to the significant increase in diversity funding

The University of Southern California’s (USC) administration is promising to dish out millions of dollars in scholarship funds for Syrian and Mexican immigrants as part of a campus wide diversity initiative put forth by the school’s student government.

USC’s student senate passed a diversity resolution last November, calling on the university to invest $100 million in mandatory diversity classes while establishing new administrative positions, including a Title IX investigator; a vice president of diversity, equity, and inclusion; a vice dean of diversity, equity, and inclusion; and an outside vendor to “conduct a campus climate diversity, equity, and inclusion survey annually.”

The resolution, which passed with a vote of 11-1, also demanded that the university “establish an endowed fund and allow for donations to be specifically directed towards this fund of $100 million for scholarships” for students and faculty “from underrepresented backgrounds.” Continue reading this article

House Immigration Committee: Two Mothers Tell of Children Killed by Illegal Aliens

On Tuesday, the House Immigration Subcommittee held a hearing titled The Real Victims of a Reckless and Lawless Immigration Policy: Families and Survivors Speak Out on the Real Cost of This Administration’s Policies.

We have seen crime victim families before, notably in America’s Senator Jeff Sessions’ thorough selection of testimonies last July (see my blog Senate Committee Hears from Families Whose Loved Ones Were Killed by Illegal Alien Criminals). However, the administration wants to import millions of additional Democrats, and a few dead Americans don’t seem to be a prohibitive price.

Chairman Trey Gowdy noted in his opening statement, “Surely we can all agree that protecting the public from violence and lawlessness is the pre-eminent function of government.” (If only the authorities followed that simple principle.)

Congressman Bob Goodlatte is Chair of the full Judiciary Committee and used his opening statement to review some facts about worsening illegal alien crime in America because of the administration’s permissive policies:

BOB GOODLATTE: I also want to express my deepest sympathy to the family members of Sarah Root and Joshua Wilkerson who were tragically killed by criminal aliens illegally present in the United States. Their mothers Michelle Root and Laura Wilkerson are here to share their stories under heartbreaking circumstances that no parent could be prepared for or should have to bear. Sarah Root was killed by an unlawful alien drunk driver less than three months ago. Only hours before her death she graduated from college with a 4.0 average and a degree in investigations. Tragically the Department of Homeland Security did not consider her killer an enforcement priority and did not issue a detainer for his arrest. As a result he posted a state bail bond and fled.

Joshua Wilkerson was tortured and murdered in 2010 by an alien who had overstayed his visa for eight years. The killer was arrested on a harassment charge only months before, but ICE did not seek to take custody. The district attorney who prosecuted the murder case couldn’t explain why ICE did not have an interest in him, despite the fact that ICE regularly reviewed the county jail roster,

Though these two young victims had unique life stories, their tragic deaths are linked by a common thread: they are two of the many innocent victims of the irresponsible policies of the Obama administration that promote the presence of dangerous criminal aliens in American communities. The American public has been misled by the enforcement priorities — deferred action and executive action — policies of this administration which categorize only certain quote unquote serious criminal aliens as worthy of immigration enforcement. However this administration’s actions demonstrate that it finds it acceptable to permit even serious criminal aliens to prey on our communities. The fact remains that illegal immigration has consequences. It is not a victimless crime, and for the families and friends of victims killed, maimed or otherwise hurt by aliens especially those who are illegally present, the consequences can be devastating. Continue reading this article

Ralph Peters: Saudi Arabia Is America’s Enduring Enemy

Saudi Arabia has been in the news recently and in a bad way, in particular about how Washington covered up the Kingdom’s complicity in the 9/11 attacks on America. On April 10, Sixty Minutes presented 28 Pages, a segment about the classified section of a Congressional inquiry into 9/11 and the possible existence of a Saudi support network for the hijackers while they were in the US preparing for the attacks.

It seemed obvious at the time that something funny was going on when over a hundred wealthy Saudis were allowed to fly out of the US on private jets a couple days after 9/11 when all other air travel was still grounded.

Ralph Peters was on Fox News Sunday, giving the Saudis some well deserved condemnation for funding jihad terror around the world. It was sobering when he said that there was a better chance in the long term for a rapprochement with evil Iran than any real reform in Saudi Arabia.

Listening to Peters expound upon Saudi evil, I was also reminded of the tens of thousands of students from the Kingdom who are taking up much desired American college slots. That situation exists thanks to President George W. Bush who thought US educations would be a swell way to improve relations between the countries after 9/11. He got together with Crown Prince Abdullah to set up the King Abdullah Scholarship Program and announced it in 2005. Only 2,500 Saudis attended US colleges in 2005, yet by 2015 the number had exploded to over 80,000 as a result of the scholarship program.

So America is also culturally enriched by the presence of many thousands of Saudis — not all of whom are housebroken in terms of non-drooling behavior toward women and driving a car with proper care. One scholarship recipient, Khalid Aldawsari, used his presence to plot an assassination of President Bush — a Saudi expression of gratitude probably. He was convicted in 2012.

Saudi students are well represented among foreigners attending American universities:

Here’s Ralph Peters’ opinion piece about the Saudis that got him interviewed on Fox.

How Saudi Arabia dangerously undermines the United States, By Ralph Peters, New York Post, April 16, 2016

Iran is our external enemy of the moment. Saudi Arabia is our enduring internal enemy, already within our borders and permitted to poison American Muslims with its Wahhabi cult.

Oh, and Saudi Arabia’s also the spring from which the bloody waters of global jihad flowed.

Iran humiliates our sailors, but the Saudis are the spiritual jailers of hundreds of millions of Muslims, committed to intolerance, barbarity and preventing Muslims from joining the modern world. And we help.

Firm figures are elusive, but estimates are that the Saudis fund up to 80% of American mosques, at least in part. And their goal is the same here as it is elsewhere in the world where Islam must compete with other religions: to prevent Muslims from integrating into the host society.

The Saudis love having Muslims in America, since that stakes Islam’s claim, but it doesn’t want Muslims to become Americans and stray from the hate-riddled cult they’ve imposed upon a great religion.

The tragedy for the Arabs, especially, has been who got the oil wealth. It wasn’t the sophisticates of Beirut or even the religious scholars of Cairo, but Bedouins with a bitter view of faith. The Saudis and their fellow fanatics in the oil-rich Gulf states have used those riches to drag Muslims backward into the past and to spread violent jihad. Continue reading this article

Security Costs of Boston Marathon Quadruple since 2013

On Monday morning, former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis committed a gaffe (i.e. the Kinsley definition meaning a politician telling the truth).

Asked by Maria Bartiromo about the Boston Marathon, Davis responded, “There’s been a significant increase in spending on security here; the costs have quadrupled over what it was in 2013.”

But he didn’t mention the dollar amount, and the host of the financial news show didn’t ask. So the remark was, strictly speaking, only a semi-gaffe.

Below, a helicopter tests for radiation along the Boston Marathon route.


The increased dollar cost of security-strangled sports is entirely due to unwise immigration policies which admit historic enemies like Islam into the country. Another example was February’s Super Bowl, which was expensively guarded by around 60 government agencies.

Clearly the cost is known for the marathon, as the commissioner let slip, but authorities don’t want the little citizens to know how steep the price tag really is for diverse immigration.

Below, Muslim immigrants Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev exploded bombs in the 2013 Boston Marathon that killed three and injured dozens.

Pope Rescues 12 Muslims To Demonstrate How Europe Should Surrender to Islam

Pope Francis must have snoozed through Jesus’ instruction to his apostles to be “Wise as serpents” (Matthew 10:16) when preaching the Good News. Otherwise the pope wouldn’t have invited a dozen Syrian Muslims to reside in the Vatican. The group was composed of three families, including six children — appealing now, but some of them may grow into rapefugees, such is the common devolution of the second generation of Muslim immigrants.

Below, the pope welcomes his new Muslim neighbors, including photogenic kids.


The pope could have rescued some Middle Eastern Christians who are being genocided out of existence in their homeland of two millennia, but he didn’t. Perhaps the Muslims provided more opportunity for virtue display. But it is disturbing that even the pope doesn’t care about Christian survival in the place where it all began.

It’s doubtful that the pope’s ostentatious do-goodery will last long, however. The Vatican isn’t much of a place to raise kiddies, particularly diverse ones needing instruction from imams, and the selection of cruelly slaughtered halal food is slim to none. Of course, the families may never see the actual inside of the Vatican in this stage-managed media performance. Whatever the logistics, the three families will end up with Italy caring for them after the media has lost interest in the story. At that point, the pope could be considered an illegal alien smuggler, not a good descriptor for a man of his social standing.

Does the pope know that ISIS plans to conquer Rome (meaning the Vatican) by 2020? Providing for the care and feeding of a few Muslim families won’t let him off the hook. And the Islamic defeat of Rome includes a televised beheading of the pope in St. Peter’s Square, just so there won’t be any confusion about who has won. Remember, the conquest of the world and turning it Islamic has been the ultimate goal pursued these last 1400 years, and the hijrah (conquest via immigration) allowed by Merkel’s crazy open-borders just makes the subjugation project much easier.

The pope is just another political elite selling Europeans out to the barbarians.

Pope Francis Brings 12 Muslim Refugees Back to Italy on Papal Plane,, April 16, 2016

In a “gesture of welcome,” Pope Francis took three families of Syrian refugees with him in the papal plane on his return to Rome from the Greek island of Lesbos Saturday.

The Vatican said it will assume responsibility for the upkeep of the three families, and has enlisted the community of Sant’Egidio to provide the initial hospitality.

Two of the families come from Damascus, and the other from Deir Azzor, in the area occupied by the Islamic State, and all three families had their homes bombed during the Syrian civil war. Continue reading this article

Salvadoran Deportees Get US Dollars at Home

Illegal alien job thieves get deported to their true home of El Salvador — so far, so good. But then the moochers get money from the US government to start their own businesses in Salvador, as a consolation prize, apparently.

The program costs $50,000, so it’s a minor amount given the daily profligacy that is the Washington norm. But when the government is $19 trillion in the hole, that’s when egregiously wasteful spending needs to be cut.

The only program I can recall that compares in governmental spending depravity was Washington’s partnership with Mexico to deliver free-to-them food stamps to Mexican illegal aliens.

Oh, and the IRS commissioner testifying last week that the agency encourages illegal aliens to use stolen Social Security numbers to collect refunds fraudulently.

Lawbreaking aliens get American taxpayer cash — that’s the administration’s values at work, namely foreigners over citizens. And there seems to be no follow-up to see whether the money is actually used to start businesses, or is just spent on whatever.

Here’s the text version of the report:

It’s all your money: US aiding business start-ups — for illegal aliens, By James Rosen, Fox News, April 16, 2016

Read the fine print on the Small Business Administration’s website, and you’ll find that the agency does not provide the funds to “start or grow” a small business – the engine of the American economy, providing roughly three-quarters of all new jobs. Rather, the SBA provides offers loan guarantees to the banks and lenders that do provide seed money.

So it might come as a surprise to American entrepreneurs that there is at least one group to whom the federal government is providing direct assistance for business start-ups: illegal aliens. In fact, these recipients of your taxpayer funds fall into an even more restricted category: illegal aliens who have been deported back to their native land. Continue reading this article

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