Census Shows America Becoming More Diverse — When Will We Have Enough?

The new Census release informs us that a record 41.3 million foreign-born persons reside in the United States as of 2013, comprising 13.1 percent of the population, the highest proportion in 93 years.

In another sign of growing diversity, the WSJ on Sept. 24 reported Limited English Limits Job Prospects: Study Finds 1 in 10 Working-Age Adults Has Limited Proficiency. The article notes, “In Los Angeles and Miami, about a quarter of the working-age population has limited English” so the perhaps the language layabouts have congregated in those cities where Spanish is spoken widely. Or maybe the newbies depend on lots of bilingual food stamps and other freebies to get by.

The Center for Immigration Studies has a paper on the Census report, U.S. Immigrant Population Record 41.3 Million in 2013, that includes a helpful list of important points revealed in the new numbers. I’ve pulled out a few that are interesting because they show how immigration has been turned against the American interest: Many thousands from unfriendly Muslim nations (like Saudi Arabia — 40,000 immigrants in three years) and many more from third world backwaters (like Guatemala — 71,000 immigrants in three years) known for disinterest in scholarship (see chart) and headed for the permanent underclass. Elites seem determined to make the United States as un-American as possible.

• The nation’s immigrant population (legal and illegal) hit a record 41.3 million in July 2013, an increase of 1.4 million since July 2010. Since 2000 the immigrant population is up 10.2 million.

• The 41.3 million immigrant population (legal and illegal) in 2013 was double the number in 1990, nearly triple the number in 1980, and quadruple that in 1970, when it stood at 9.6 million.

• The sending regions with the largest increases from 2010 to 2013 were South Asia (up 373,000, 16 percent growth); East Asia (up 365,000, 5 percent growth); the Caribbean (up 223,000, 6 percent growth), the Middle East (up 208,000, 13 percent growth); and sub-Saharan Africa (up 177,000, 13 percent growth).

• The sending countries with the largest increases 2010 to 2013 were India (up 254,000, 14 percent growth); China (up 217,000, 10 percent growth); the Dominican Republic (up 112,000, 13 percent growth); Guatemala (up 71,000, 9 percent growth); Jamaica (up 55,000, 8 percent growth); Bangladesh (up 49,000, 32 percent growth); Saudi Arabia (up 44,000, 97 percent growth); Pakistan (up 43,000, 14 percent growth); and Iraq (up 41,000, 26 percent growth).

• Between 2010 and 2013, four million new immigrants settled in the United States; and since 2007, when the Great Recession began, at least 7.5 million immigrants have settled in the country.

• As a share of the population, immigrants (legal and illegal) comprised 13.1 percent of U.S. residents (about one out of every eight), the highest percentage in 93 years. As recently as 1980, 6.2 percent of the country was comprised of immigrants.

• Immigrants comprised 16 percent of the adult population (18-plus) in 2013, nearly one out of every six adults.

• Mexicans accounted for the largest immigrant population in the United States by far, with 11.6 million legal and illegal immigrants living in the United States in 2013. However, the number of Mexican immigrants in the country declined 1 percent from 2010 to 2013.

• The number of immigrants from Europe also declined.

Minnesota Somalis Demand Free Halal Food

Up north in the Twin Cities, home to the largest population of Somalis in the United States, the Muslim immigrant freeloaders organized a protest to complain about the quality of free food they were getting because none was halal.

You may have heard that “beggars can’t be choosers” but that idea is hopelessly old-fashioned in today’s liberal values. It’s simply racist to deny a diverse tribe their ethnically appropriate free stuff because it would damage their self-esteem.

Below, emaciated Somalis plead for freebie food slaughtered according to Allah.

Remember that the halal Islamic slaughter process is condemned by civilized people because it is unnecessarily cruel. In western slaughterhouses, the animal is stunned into unconsciousness before being killed, but Islam insists that the creature be fully conscious while being slaughtered. See the Daily Mail’s report, Horror at halal slaughterhouse.

And don’t think the Minnesota Somalis are pining for some nice organic tofu. A woman from Peta suggested a vegetarian Eid to some India-residing Muslims and was attacked by an angry mob for her trouble. She had to be rescued by police from rock throwers.

Back to Minnesota mooching…

Somali advocates rally for halal food shelf in Twin Cities, Fox News Twin Cities, September 15, 2014

MINNEAPOLIS (KMSP) – A Somali women’s advocacy group is demanding a review of its request for county support of a halal food shelf in the Twin Cities. The Isuroon Project says there is a “desperate need” for a culturally-specific halal food shelf in the metro, but that Hennepin County has denied its requests for support. Continue reading this article

Pope Urges Global Protection of Migrants

The busybody in the Vatican thinks the first world is not rescuing enough “migrants” and accepting them into their nations. Pope Francis has already written his statement for World Refugee Day in January and the highly inclusive message was recently released, titled “A Church without frontiers, mother to all”.

For a taste, here is the final paragraph:

“Dear migrants and refugees! You have a special place in the heart of the Church, and you help her to enlarge her heart and to manifest her motherhood towards the entire human family. Do not lose your faith and hope! Let us think of the Holy Family during the flight in Egypt: Just as the maternal heart of the Blessed Virgin and the kind heart of Saint Joseph kept alive the confidence that God would never abandon them, so in you may the same hope in the Lord never be wanting. I entrust you to their protection and I cordially impart to all of you my Apostolic Blessing”.

You might think that the Pope would focus on endangered Christians, who are being removed from the Middle East by murderous Islamic jihad, demanding that non-Muslims “Convert or die.” But no, he apparently believes that all refugees should be welcomed in the West, including hostile Muslims who promise to destroy Christianity and the other non-Islamic religions.

Below, the Pope’s first official trip outside the Vatican was to the island of Lampedusa (long besieged by thousands of demanding foreigners), where he welcomed Africans to Europe.

As noted here earlier, refugees are largely created by Muslim wars: World Refugee Day: Jihad on the March. There is no reason to infect the West further with the Islamic pathology of violence and supremacism. Muslim refugees should go to other Islamic societies.

The Pope has written that “authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence.” Perhaps he should stick to interpreting Catholicism, since the Koran is full of admonitions to Muslims that they commit violence on infidels who will not submit.

Nevertheless, the Pope recommends a borderless world, straight out of the liberal playbook.

Pope calls for ‘globalization of charity’ to protect migrants, Catholic News, September 23, 2014

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Pope Francis called for the “globalization of charity” through an international network to fight human trafficking and ensure the rights of migrants and refugees.

The pope’s words appeared in his annual message for the World Day of Migrants and Refugees, which in 2015 will be observed Jan. 18. The Vatican released the pope’s message, “Church Without Frontiers, Mother to All,” Sept. 23.

“Large numbers of people are leaving their homelands, with a suitcase full of fears and desires, to undertake a hopeful and dangerous trip in search of more humane living conditions,” the pope wrote. “Such migration gives rise to suspicion and hostility, even in ecclesial communities, prior to any knowledge of the migrants’ lives or their stories of persecution and destitution.”

Pope Francis called on all to honor the “biblical commandment of welcoming with respect and solidarity the stranger in need.”

“Jesus Christ is always waiting to be recognized in migrants and refugees, in displaced persons and in exiles, and through them he calls us to share our resources, and occasionally to give up something of our acquired riches,” he wrote. Continue reading this article

Feds Cut Illegal Border Crossing Prosecutions

It can be hard to keep up with the administration’s dismantling of immigration enforcement, particularly concerning the border which is now open to any alien who can rent a kid.

Now the feds are taking apart Operation Streamline, a rare bright spot in a largely dismal border enforcement landscape.

The program has a common sense approach: process the illegals rapidly and save the government a pile of money by cutting out long periods of holding and feeding lawbreaking foreigners:

‘Operation Streamline’ takes hard line on illegal border crossers, Arizona Daily Star, March 24, 2013

Criminal cases can wind through the court system for years. But through the aptly named “Operation Streamline,” more than 70,000 illegal immigrants over the past five years have met with their attorneys in Tucson, heard the charges against them, accepted a plea and been sentenced by a judge – all in one day.

A procedure so sensible couldn’t last with the current crew in the White House, and so it is apparently being shut down — though the feds don’t want to fess up about the reduction in enforcement.

Is this change a bone tossed to Raza extremists (who demand zero deportations), unhappy about their amnesty being postponed till after the election?

Feds pulling plug on Operation Streamline prosecutions?, Associated Press, September 22, 2014

TUCSON (AP) — The federal government refuses to say whether prosecutors in Yuma have scaled back a years-old program that guarantees jail time for most immigrants caught crossing the border illegally and which law enforcement officials say is crucial to public safety.

Reports that federal prosecutors have stopped some prosecutions under Operation Streamline surfaced nearly two weeks ago when Arizona Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake wrote a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder seeking information on the status of the zero-tolerance program that circumvents the civil immigration system and lumps together months’ worth of criminal proceedings into one day for immigrants caught crossing the border illegally.

Yuma County Sheriff Leon Wilmot said in a letter to the senators that he had been informed that federal prosecutors in Yuma are no longer going after first offenders.

But the government has been completely silent on the issue. Public affairs officials from the Department of Homeland Security, Justice Department and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection have all refused to answer questions about whether the program has been scaled back.

Brett Worsencroft, president of the Border Patrol union for Yuma Sector border agents, said the U.S. Attorney’s Office has in fact ended prosecutions of first-time offenders.

“Operation Streamline is like one of the last strongholds we have as a deterrent. Our manpower is dwindling on a daily basis,” Worsencroft said. “The fence can only do so much.”

Worsencroft said the program was a large factor in the steep decline in border-crossers in Yuma because it sent a message that even first-time offenders would serve jail time and because it allowed agents to focus their attention on drug smugglers and other dangerous criminals. Continue reading this article

Khorosan: Jihad’s Latest Gang

It’s not often that the New York Times and JihadWatch scholar Robert Spencer agree about an Islamic threat, but a Sunday front page headline was “U.S. Suspects More Direct Threats Beyond ISIS,” referring to Khorosan a newly coined Allah gang.

Interestingly, Spencer discussed Khorosan a few days ago on Canada’s SunTV:

Khorosan is something of a knockoff from al Qaeda, which may feel upstaged by all the noisy media coverage about ISIS, as well as its success in grabbing territory. Every jihad bunch wants to be recognized as the baddest on the block, which is not good news for western civilization.

Spencer noted the symbology of Khorosan, saying,

“The name comes from a region in central Asia in ancient Iran, that is the subject of the stories that are told in Islamic tradition about Mohammed talking about the end times and saying that the black banners come from Khorosan, and you should go and follow them and you will find the person who is the caliph of Allah, that is the mahdi, the savior figure of Islam who will conquer and Islamize the world at the end of the world in this view.”

“So the idea is that this group is named after this region from which will come the jihadis that will herald the final Islamization of the whole world and the conquest of all the infidels and they are plotting apparently attacks in the United States against westerners high-profile targets, something on the order of 9/11 and they seem to apparently be here now, of course the same can be said for the Islamic State.”

So any group that calls itself Khorosan has big jihadist plans. It must be aware of America’s pathetically undefended southern border that unaccompanied children cross daily.

The Times piece was loaded up with wonkish beltway expertise.

U.S. Suspects More Direct Threats Beyond ISIS, New York Times, September 20, 2014

WASHINGTON — As the United States begins what could be a lengthy military campaign against the Islamic State, intelligence and law enforcement officials said another Syrian group, led by a shadowy figure who was once among Osama bin Laden’s inner circle, posed a more direct threat to America and Europe.

American officials said that the group called Khorasan had emerged in the past year as the cell in Syria that may be the most intent on hitting the United States or its installations overseas with a terror attack. The officials said that the group is led by Muhsin al-Fadhli, a senior Qaeda operative who, according to the State Department, was so close to Bin Laden that he was among a small group of people who knew about the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks before they were launched. [. . .]

The director of national intelligence, James R. Clapper Jr., said on Thursday that “in terms of threat to the homeland, Khorasan may pose as much of a danger as the Islamic State.”

The CBS report was a little more straight-forward.

Al Qaeda’s quiet plan to outdo ISIS and hit U.S., CBS News, September 18, 2014,

WASHINGTON — The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) may be dominating the headlines and stealing attention with its prolific propaganda, but CBS News’ Bob Orr reports, another group in Syria — one few have even heard of because information about it has been kept secret — is considered a more urgent concern.

Sources tell CBS News that operatives and explosives experts from Osama bin Laden’s old al Qaeda network may again present an immediate threat to the U.S. homeland.

At two dozen foreign airports, U.S.-bound passengers are undergoing enhanced security screening. Agents are searching for hidden explosives. Laptops and phones with dead batteries have been banned from flights.

Great Britain raised its national terror threat level, and the FBI is tracking American jihadists who may return home.

Sources say it’s due to the emerging threat in Syria, where hardened terrorists loyal to al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri are working on new, hard-to-detect bombs. Continue reading this article

Australia Foils Headchopper Jihad Plot -- Fears of 'Backlash' Follow from Usual Suspects

It was the biggest police operation in Australian history — more than 800 law enforcement officers raided over a dozen sites across Sydney suburbs to arrest Muslims planning a horrific act of Islamic terror. The objective of jihadists was to snatch a random citizen and murder that person by beheading as a subject for a Youtube video.

ISIS-style Mohammeds like the publicity they get from beheading and the head removals of the two American journalists were therefore a big success.

Plus, their holy book commands the faithful to behead: “When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks…” (Koran 47:4). They appear to enjoy the bloodthirsty murder: a recent video shows a cleric instructing would-be choppers to “take the sword, you place the head like this and then you enjoy yourself with it.”

Remember, this is the “Religion of Peace” and if you don’t agree then you’re a filthy racist Islamophobe.

Here’s Robert Spencer explaining the Australian situation, that ISIS is there and intended to act. (Too bad he couldn’t mention how so many Muslims [half a million] got there, namely through the immigration door.)

Another aspect of Muslim hostility, as Spencer notes, were the protests — not against the brutal planned attacks — but against the police raids arresting the terrorists.

Hundreds protest in Sydney about counter-terrorism raids, The Guardian, September 18, 2014

Over 200 people in western Sydney attended a protest about the pre-dawn counter-terrorism raids that occurred across the country.

Rally organisers took to Facebook to encourage people to join them at a rally at Lakemba station to oppose the treatment of the Muslim community in what have been touted as the largest ever counter-terrorism raids in Australian history. [. . .]

Below, Sydney Muslims protest against the police for breaking up a terror plot.

And not to forget Backlash… No Australian has burned down a mosque or lynched a Muslim, but unfounded fears of a backlash from citizens are propagandized by Islamics into a kind of intimidation.

Moderate Muslims fear backlash following terror threats in Sydney, Daily Telegraph, September 20, 2014

DURING prayers at Lakemba Mosque, the tension has been palpable.

There, and in Auburn, in Bankstown, in Liverpool, and in Greenacre, the situation is the same; Sydney’s Muslims are anxious.

They’re shocked by the allegations levelled against one of their own. They’re bracing for a backlash against innocent families. And they’re worried wider Australia will convict all Muslims of guilt by association.

“There is a palpable tension that permeates the environment,” Muslim leader Dr Jamal Rifi said. [. . . ]

Is there a more self-absorbed tribe on earth than Muslims? Their co-religionists were planning to behead an innocent Australian to make a crude statement to advance jihad, but they are concerned only about how the disrupted terrorism will affect them. Muslims residing in Australia want all the benefits of a free society with none of the responsibility.


West Coast Ports Plan Robot Replacement of Human Workers

When globalization was being pitched some years back by economic elites, they admitted outsourcing would send millions of jobs overseas to cheap-labor nations like Red China, but at least there will be lots of jobs in port cities where the billions of dollars in goods are received.

But modern automation and robots are changing that source of employment, as in so many others. Port operators look to the new smart machines to reduce costs by replacing human workers.

The blurb for the following video notes, “Automated ports and container terminals use robotics like automated guided vehicles (AGVs), automated stacking cranes, automatic gantry systems, and automatic shuttles and elevators.”

Below, the Port of Oakland, which has been losing money in recent years and has already reduced its workforce substantially.

This process of downsizing via automation, robots and computers is occurring throughout the economy. In fact, “about 47 percent of total US employment is at risk” according to a 2013 Oxford University study, “The Future of Employment: How Susceptible Are Jobs to Computerisation?”

America certainly does not need to import millions of immigrant workers based on the false premise that a future labor shortage is looming because of boomer retirement, pushed energetically by amnesty huckster Rep Paul Ryan. An amnesty for 11+ million illegal aliens is just the beginning: increasing legal immigration is a top priority for business and left elites, shown by the Senate bill’s doubling of legal immigrants.

Given the robotic revolution that has just begun, the correct number of immigrants is ZERO.

Port labor talks turn on effects of automation, The Columbian, September 20, 2014

LOS ANGELES — West Coast shippers and dockworkers are struggling to reach a labor agreement as terminal operators replace as many as half of laborers at some ports with robots in the largest technological change in half a century.

The two sides are discussing how to retrain and preserve jobs for dockworkers as automation reduces the number of positions at one Los Angeles terminal by 40 to 50 percent after changes are completed in 2016, according to a Harbor Department report released in April.

“In the U.S., the extent to which automation of container terminals affects the number of longshoremen’s jobs depends on negotiations between the employers and unions,” Neil Davidson, a senior analyst at Drewry Maritime Research in London, said by email. “Employers aren’t simply free to decide to reduce jobs. In addition, it depends on the nature of the automation.”

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union and the Pacific Maritime Association are negotiating a new contract for 20,000 West Coast dockworkers, more than two months after a six-year agreement expired. A strike or lockout could cost the U.S. economy $2 billion a day, according to the National Retail Federation and National Association of Manufacturers.

In addition to automation, the two sides are discussing salaries and work rules. They resolved the issue of health-care expenses, they said in August without revealing details.

Terminal operators at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, the largest U.S. port complex, are installing equipment that moves containers from ships to shore cranes and trucks with minimal human labor. The first large-scale automation project is scheduled to be complete at a TraPac Inc. terminal at the Port of Los Angeles in 2016. In neighboring Long Beach, Orient Overseas Container Line Asia Pacific is adding robots as part of a $1.3 billion project to upgrade two container terminals by 2019. Continue reading this article

‘Future’ Border Security? Where Are Demands for It Now?

It’s amazing that otherwise intelligent people chatter on about “future” border security, with the idea that it ought to happen someday soon (yawn), given the world situation of uncertainty and violence. Now the nation is threatened with ISIS jihadists (headchoppers thought to be too extreme by al Qaeda) but little kiddies from Central America still break in daily. The border is wide open, not secure from enemies at all.

Stuart Varney of Fox Business had one of those general “border security” conversations on Friday, but it’s no different from others you hear all the time.

Why is border security something to be achieved sometime in the unspecified mysterious future? Where are the guffaws of disbelief when the administration clearly doesn’t want the border made secure? Most of the illegal crossers will be future Democrats, after all, and only a few want to blow stuff up for Allah — that seems to be the view of the White House. The administration is certainly bent on training the public to accept blatantly open borders as the new normal.

In a Fox interview on Friday, both Neil Cavuto and Senate candidate Scott Brown sounded alarmed about the border chaos, a rarity.

Once, 18 years ago, a person responsible for hardening America’s perimeter actually predicted a date of accomplishment. That was the promise in 1996 from Immigration and Naturalization Service Commissioner Doris Meissner that border security would be a done deal by 2001:

California Border Patrols Busier Than Ever / Illegal immigrants line up despite tightened controls, San Francisco Chronicle, by Louis Freedberg, January 31, 1996

Meissner said that controlling the border is going to be a long- term, step-by-step process. “We’ve always said this would be a three- to five-year effort to build up to what would be needed,” she said.

After the 9/11 attacks on our major cities killing thousands, the Department of Homeland Security was created to protect the nation. (I had always thought that defending America was the job of the Pentagon and the military, but that idea was apparently wrong.)

The DHS pursued a virtual fence tech solution aka the Secure Border Initiative (SBI), spending a billion dollars on it, before chucking it in 2011. The next fix proposed was a mix of technology

New technology to protect US-Mexican border won’t be deployed for at least a decade, Associated Press, March 15, 2011

WASHINGTON (AP) — Technology to replace a now defunct virtual fence project at the Mexican border likely won’t be fully in place for at least another decade, maybe longer, according to the Government Accountability Office. [. . .]

Rep. Mike McCaul, R-Texas, balked at the idea that the high tech gear, which he said is already available to the military, would take more than a decade to be deployed.

“You are talking 10 to 15 years. It took us a decade to put a man on the moon,“ McCaul said. “I don’t understand why it takes so long. You have a crisis going on down there. Everyone knows it. We know how dangerous it is in Mexico, we know how dangerous it is on the border. Why can’t we ramp up this process?“

In the video following, Sheriff Gary Painter of Midland County Texas says, “The border is wide open” and there is concern that jihadists are ganging up in Juarez for an attack.

Shutting down border anarchy is far more important now, when jihad is on the march. Does the administration have assurances from its sketchy advisors from the Middle East that no attacks are planned? If not, the present open border is a huge gamble of a big terror hit on Obama’s watch that even his poodle media won’t be able to cover up.

America's Senator Urged Colleagues To Vote against Dictatorial Amnesty

On Thursday, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) spoke against the President’s promised executive amnesty scheduled after the November election. Specifically, Sessions offered Democrats an opportunity to condemn the lawless amnesty by voting on a procedural item that would block the Obama effort to undermine national sovereignty and the Constitutional powers of Congress.

NumbersUSA explained the strategy and unfortunate outcome:

Senate Votes in Favor of Pres. Obama’s Executive Amnesty, NumbersUSA.com, September 19, 2014

In a procedural vote in the Senate on Thursday, a motion offered by Sens. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to allow a vote on Pres. Obama’s executive amnesty fell one vote short of passing, allowing the President to move forward with his promise to grant amnesty to work permits to an estimated 5-6 million illegal aliens after November’s mid-term elections. Five Democrats — four of which face difficult re-election bids — joined the 45 Republican Senators in supporting the motion to move forward with a vote.

With the Senate and House poised to adjourn until after the mid-term elections, the motion was likely the last opportunity for Congress to stop Pres. Obama from moving forward.

“You (the American people) have been right from the beginning. You have justly demanded that our borders be controlled, our laws enforced and that, at long last, immigration policy serves the needs of our own people first,” Sen. Sessions said just before the vote. “For this virtuous and legitimate demand, you have been demeaned, even scorned by the governing class.”

In early-August, the House of Representatives passed a bill offered by Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), H.R.5272, that would have prevented any spending authorized by Congress to be used by Pres. Obama to grant work permits to illegal aliens. The bill would essentially block the President’s plans to issue a large-scale amnesty and prevent renewals of work permits for illegal aliens who benefited through his earlier executive amnesties. But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has refused to bring the bill to the Senate floor for a vote in an effort to protect both Pres. Obama and Senate Democrats. A recent poll by “the polling company” found that nearly two-thirds of voters oppose Pres. Obama taking executive action on immigration. Senate Democrats would be forced to support an unpopular move by Pres. Obama or rebuke him.

With Sen. Reid’s reluctance to bring the Blackburn bill to the floor, Sens. Sessions and Cruz joined together to offer it as an amendment to the must-pass Continuing Resolution that would fund the federal government through mid-December. Sen. Reid, however, used a procedural move called “filling the amendment tree” that prevents Senators from offering amendments to the bill.

Sens. Sessions and Cruz offered a motion to table the “amendment tree” while making it clear to other Senators that the purpose of the motion was to allow a vote on the Blackburn bill. All 45 Republican Senators and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) cast their votes in favor of the motion and 49 of the 54 remaining Democrats and Independents cast their votes against the motion. With 46 votes in favor, Sen. Reid knew he could allow 4 other Democrats to support the motion and still defeat it since it needed 51 votes to pass. He ultimately allowed Senators Mark Pryor (D-Ark.), Mary Landrieu (D-La.), Kay Hagan (D-N.C.), and Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) to vote in favor of the motion, while Sen. Mark Begich (D-Ak.), who also faces a tough re-election, was forced to cast the deciding vote to kill the motion. The motion failed because of a 50-50 tie.

This is the second time Sen. Manchin has broken with the Democrats on the issue of Pres. Obama’s executive amnesties. In early-August, Sen. Sessions offered a similar procedural motion to get a vote on the Blackburn bill, and Manchin was the lone Democrat to support the motion.

The Obama Administration had announced over the summer that it planned on expanding its 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program to a larger class of illegal aliens. DACA granted amnesty and work permits to more than 500,000 illegal aliens who met certain qualifications. The President had first promise to take action before the end of the summer, but coming under pressure from several Democrats running in tight races, he announced earlier this month that we would delay the action until after the mid-term elections.

Below, illegal aliens promote “Legalization for All” in Spanish (including Marxists — n.b. Che sign). Obama did promise to “fundamentally change America.”

Senator Sessions’ office posted text of his speech on his website:

Sessions Delivers Immigration Address: America Is Not an Oligarchy, September 18, 2014

“So I have a message today to all the special interests, the global elites, the activists, and the cynical vote-counting political plotters that are meeting in secret at the White House. And the message is this: you don’t get to sit in a room and rewrite the laws of this country… America is not an oligarchy. ‘The Masters of the Universe’ don’t get to meet at the White House and decide how to run this country…

If we leave town without having passed a bill to block this executive amnesty, then it will be permanent stain on this Senate, on the constitutional order, and on the tenure of this entire Senate Democrat caucus.”

WASHINGTON—U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), a senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, delivered the following remarks yesterday regarding an effort, which Senate Democrats eventually blocked by a vote of 50–50, to prevent President Obama from moving forward with his plan to implement a unilateral executive amnesty after the November elections:

“In a few moments, Senators in this chamber will cast one of the most important votes they will ever cast in their Senate careers.

With this vote, Senators will make a simple but vital decision. It is a decision that will steer the future course of this nation.

With this vote, Senators will decide whether their allegiance is to President Obama, Majority Leader Reid, and the open borders lobby, or whether their allegiance is to the American worker, the constitutional order, and our sovereign nation’s immigration laws.

The choice could not be more clear. Do we, as a nation, have the right to control our own borders? That is the question every Senator will be answering today. Continue reading this article

Minnesota: Feds’ Program Hopes to Chill Young Somali Jihadists

When the “at-risk youth” are Somali immigrant boys dreaming of headchopping for Allah, then special programs must be developed to appeal to their delicate ethnic sensitivities. Anyway, that’s the plan for the feds to discourage young jihad wanna-bes from joining ISIS.

Minneapolis-St. Paul is practically the jihad capital of America, at least for Somalis — not to forget Dearbornistan and the active community of unfriendlies there.

As mentioned in the video above, the government has tried before to create programs to calm culturally hostile youth without success; see my 2011 blog, Somali Immigrants in Minnesota: Import a Problem, Then Pay to Try to Fix It.

Somali immigrants are nothing but trouble and remarkably resistant to socialization. Even the ones who don’t leave to pursue jihad are often engaged in gangs and violent crime.

Rather than trying to civilize persons from a hostile religious culture who are only here for the money at best, why doesn’t Washington realize its mistake and stop Muslim immigration, particularly from Somalia?

Unfortunately no such sanity is forthcoming: RefugeeResettlementWatch reported in September that 7600 Somalis were admitted to the US in 2013.

Interestingly, there’s no taxpayer cost given for the new outreach program, the purpose of which is to protect us from the immigrants Washington deposited into American communities.

Justice Department to expand outreach to Twin Cities in expanded effort to halt ISIS recruitment, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, September 17, 2014

WASHINGTON — The Twin Cities were one of three muncipalities in the country that will participate in a pilot program to boost outreach in the Islamic community in effort to combat recruitment of naturalized Americans by the terrorist group ISIL, Department of Justice officials said Wednesday.

The pilot project will “bring together important Minnesota law enforcement, religious, and community leaders to expand outreach to Minnesotans,” according to Sen. Al Franken’s office, which has urged the Obama administration to deliver additional resources to Minnesota.

Two men with Minnesota ties were killed fighting for ISIL, or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, in the Middle East. Continue reading this article

America's Senator Strategizes Amnesty Smackdown

Senator Jeff Sessions has a plan to throttle Obama’s executive amnesty (now promised to occur after the election) which would be a direct attack on US sovereignty, national security and American workers during the jobless “recovery.” The planned amnesty would include work permits, photo IDs and Social Security numbers for millions of foreign lawbreakers.

Senator Sessions’ plan is to use a procedural vote in the Senate to force a vote on legislation that would block President Obama’s planned effort to unlawfully give executive amnesty to millions.

Today would be a good time to phone Democrat senators and urge them to vote in favor of Sen. Sessions’ motion to table the amendment tree as a statement against Obama’s dictatorial amnesty.

The strategy is pretty wonky stuff, explained in Breitbart:

Jeff Sessions to Mount Anti-Amnesty Push on Senate Floor, Breitbart.com, September 17, 2014

Senate Budget Committee ranking member Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) is drawing a line in the sand on immigration on a procedural vote on Thursday, he announced in a Senate floor speech Wednesday afternoon.

Sessions is focusing on a procedural vote through which Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid needs to bring the Continuing Resolution to the floor and is working to paint the vote as a decision on whether or not to bring the House-passed immigration bills to the floor. The House bills were intended to prevent President Obama from extending unilateral amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. Reid has blocked every effort by Senate Republicans to hold a vote on the matter. Continue reading this article

New York's Muslim Day Parade Displays Terrorist Threats

Last Sunday New York City’s annual Muslim Day Parade was held, as always, scheduled near the 9/11 anniversary for maximum screw-you-America effect.

Pamela Geller appeared on Sun TV’s Source program with Ezra Levant to discuss the appalling sights and behavior. The theme of the parade was supposed to celebrate the shared values of Islam and America (heh), but the event exuded threats and Islamic supremacy.

Exhibited parade items included a lynched female mannequin in the back of a pickup, Muslim men in black brandishing weapons (fake?), and real girls being held in a cage. Levant asked about the caged girls, “Is that the Boko Haram float?”

The four-finger salute, expressing solidarity with Egypt’s jihadist Muslim Brotherhood, appeared to be widely present in clothing and hand signs.

In other words, just another display of diverse Muslim values of barbaric terrorism, violence and misogyny.

You would think a pro-jihad display would get some attention in the media-thick city, but the press was largely absent except for sites like Breitbart and TheBlaze which reported it, plus SunTV.

Below, a female mannequin in a noose being hanged. Maybe next year they will act out pretend beheadings.

Below, Muslim men dressed in black pretended to shoot bystanders with apparently fake guns. Note the yellow T-shirt on the left with the four-finger Muslim Brotherhood sign.

For more photos and videos, see the websites of Urban Infidel and Pamela Geller.

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