President Trump Plans a Busy Day #1 (and Beyond)

As a businessman, Donald Trump measures accomplishment in projects completed, not just items kicked down the road for others to handle at a later date.

Unfortunately, his fellow Republicans may be problematic. For example, Speaker Paul Ryan is a big open-borders proponent, as demonstrated the other day when he assured an illegal alien she wouldn’t be deported. Hey, Paul, America can’t be a Nation of Laws when some are exempt.

The list is a hopeful one, if amnesty pests like Paul Ryan get out of the way.

Trump promises a packed ‘Day One’ agenda, Fox News, January 13, 2017

President-elect Donald Trump has a busy Inauguration Day ahead of him — in between the oath of office and the inaugural balls, he’s pledged to take some “big league” actions as part of a Day One agenda that will set the tone for his presidency.

Incoming presidents often set sights high for their first day in office, with mixed results. President Obama promised to shut down Guantanamo Bay at the start of his presidency; yet the detention center remains open, albeit with far fewer inmates.

What Trump says he’ll do — and actually achieves — likewise could differ. But here’s an overview of what Trump may have in store for his first day.

Trump’s presidential campaign centered on illegal immigration. It is perhaps not surprising many of his “Day One” promises fall under the immigration banner.

During the campaign, he outlined a series of steps he could take immediately, largely using executive power.

He repeatedly promised to “eliminate every unconstitutional executive order” — referring specifically to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA), which granted legal status to illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children, or who have children who are citizens or legal residents.

Additionally, he has pledged to suspend immigration from terror-prone regions where vetting cannot be properly done. And he’s vowed to instruct the State Department to “immediately suspend the Syrian refugee resettlement program” and develop a plan for a safe zone in the region.

Trump also says he intends to ask Congress to pass “Kate’s Law” – after Kate Steinle, who was killed in 2015 by an illegal immigrant – to ensure criminal aliens convicted of illegal reentry receive “strong mandatory minimum sentences.” In a speech in Gettysburg, Pa., in October, he promised to yank federal funding from so-called “sanctuary cities” on his first day.

In a transition video in November, he also pledged to direct the Department of Labor to investigate “all abuses of visa programs that undercut the American worker” on his first day in office.

His most famous campaign promise — a wall on the southern border — also has been supposedly slated for Day One action. In a speech in September in Phoenix, Ariz., Trump said on his first day, “we will begin working on an impenetrable, physical, tall, power, beautiful southern border wall.” Though Trump still is vowing to build the wall, it’s unclear what he could actually do on the first day.

He also promised the U.S. will begin deporting the approximately 2 million criminal illegal immigrants in the country — though here, too, it’s unclear what he could do on his first day.

“Day one, my first hour in office, those people are gone,” he said. Continue reading this article

Germany Diversity Update: Sanity Returns Somewhat (with Upcoming Elections) but Actual Deportations Are Tough to Achieve

Below is an interesting discussion on Hungarian TV about the illegal alien situation in Europe, and how intractable it is. Once the moochers are in Europe, they are next to impossible to evict. The aliens have a whole laundry list of delaying tactics, and their home countries don’t want them back either.

Below, in 2015 young Middle Eastern males jammed a train in Hungary to reach Germany and its promise of lots of free stuff.

America certainly dodged a bullet by electing Donald Trump. Hillary promised to admit large numbers diverse unfriendlies, and we will never know how many jihadist murders were prevented by the voters rejecting Hillary.

Back to Germany, property crimes and violence against women (part of the Muslim diversity package) have risen enormously. The following report includes some shocking crime statistics, e.g. in Berlin, 86 percent of burglaries are carried out by the aliens. Nationwide, the foreigners commit 800 crimes per day.

Germany is far less safe because of Merkel inviting the Muslim world into the heart of Europe.

ANNOUNCER: Germany does not want migrants anymore. The German government intends to deny developmental aid to countries that refuse to take back deported migrants. It seems that the first one to get into trouble will be Tunisia. The security and political expert Georg Spöttle and Barna Fábián discuss the topic. Good morning.

BARNA FÁBIÁN: Good morning. I am thinking that these Arab migrants were not needed in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, so the richest countries in the Middle East want none of them. Now the countries where they actually come from also do not want them back. Where they will go?

GEORG SPÖTTLE: We found out that around 5,000 Tunisians joined the international jihad, mostly they went to fight for ISIS, and these endangerers (German: gefährdend) the German government would like to deport as fast as possible to Tunisia, and also the serious perpetrators and the infamous Nafris, who only went to Germany to sell drugs, who under 4-5-6-7-8 false identities get social benefits, we are talking about getting thousands of Euros monthly. Now Merkel and the government would like to get rid of them real fast, the elections are “ante portas” [at the gate] this year, in the fall especially, when we vote for a new Chancellor.

Sunday there was a protest in Tunisia against the possible return of jihadists. They marched through the city with a large sign saying, “We are not Germany’s garbage bag.” This is a wee bit strange, because these people did not hatch out from some eggs here, but came from Tunisia using the migration wave. It is very interesting that the Tunisian government was not in a hurry in the past, either, to take these people back. We could see it in the case of terrorists, for example in the Berlin terror attack. He was not even alive when his re-admission papers finally arrived. They could not provide that in two years. The North African countries: Tunisia, the Kingdom of Morocco are not really motivated or in a hurry to get these serious perpetrators or dangerous jihadists accepted back into their country. Continue reading this article

College Civics Now Means Leftist Indoctrination and Activism

There’s not enough attention paid to how schools have become socialist propaganda centers to warp children’s and young adults’ minds into leftist mush. Even grade school kids are taught that America is evil and diversity is the highest good.

The National Center for Education Statistics informs about the current number of young people subject to K-12 public education:

In fall 2016, about 50.4 million students will attend public elementary and secondary schools. Of these, 35.4 million will be in prekindergarten through grade 8 and 15.0 million will be in grades 9 through 12. An additional 5.2 million students are expected to attend private elementary and secondary schools (source). The fall 2016 public school enrollment is expected to be slightly higher than the 50.3 million enrolled in fall 2015.

Sadly, the civic education many Americans experienced as kids is disappearing.

In its place, globalism and its values are being taught.

Below, an international flag was created for use in a New York classroom a year ago.

Recently, the National Associate of Scholars published a report, Making Citizens: How American Universities Teach Civics, that warned about the “New Civics” which redefines the subject as leftist political activism.

That topic was explored recently on Fox News:

BRIAN KILMEADE: Our universities and colleges around the country are turning their classrooms into cash registers by selling out and trading academics in favor of activism. You have a recent survey of over 400 universities: they found that nearly all are offering courses — it was called “new civics.” Our next guest says those courses designed to turn institutions of higher learning away from scholarships and towards left wing advocacy. Professor Frank H Buckley is a professor at George Mason University; he’s at the Scalia Law School and he’s the author of ”The Way Back”. Frank, first off, do you think this is organized?

FRANK H. BUCKLEY: Well it’s more like astroturf. What’s happening is the federal government is supporting a great deal of money into colleges that have programs that train students to be student activists, and the ultimate goal is to make this a part of every course and indeed a condition for tenure for university professors so it’s really a takeover of scholarship in the direction of making little community organizers out of all of our students.

KILMEADE: And when do you think this infiltration took place?

BUCKLEY: It’s happened over the last 20-odd years, I mean it certainly increased over the last eight years, let’s say, but it’s really remarkable: it’s under the radar screen. It’s well hidden it’s there, but it took an organization called the National Association of Scholars to go out and actually see what was happening and the results are shocking. Continue reading this article

San Bernardino Jihad Brother Is Convicted of Immigration Fraud

Syed Rizwan Farook and his immigrant wife Tashfeen Malik murdered 14 of his fellow workers for Allah on December 2, 2015, during an office Christmas party. The two were shot dead in a gunfight with police a few hours later.

The following photo shows the jihad family: mass murderer Syed Rizwan Farook (far left) and family members at the time of arrest (from left to right): brother Syed Raheel Farook, brother-in-law Farhan Khan and mother Rafia Farook.

Below, Pakistani immigrant Tashfeen Malik (circled) achieved her Jihad Dream of mass murdering Americans by marrying a born-here Muslim man with a fiancee visa, and ended up dead on a California street.

As it happens, immigration fraud has been a theme of the family’s behavior in the United States, and Farook brother Syed Raheel was found guilty of that charge earlier this week. He will be sentenced in November.

Unfortunately, as a US citizen by birth (of Pakistani parents), brother Farook cannot be deported. The case is a reminder of how dangerous second-generation Muslim immigrants can be. In some instances, the stresses of developing an identity apart from the parents’ can drive young allah-followers into the path of jihad. Muslim immigration is a big mistake for that reason, because even nice parents can have a jihadist kid. How many more innocent Americans have to die so liberal elites can worship diversity without question?

Below, the Americans killed by the San Bernardino jihad couple. Without Muslim immigration, they would still be alive.

Muslim immigration is very costly to American safety and brings nothing of value. Why continue a failed policy? Immigration is a privilege, not a right — isn’t it?

San Bernardino shooter’s brother found guilty in immigration case, CBS News, January 20, 2017

LOS ANGELES — The brother of one of the shooters in the San Bernardino terror attack pleaded guilty Tuesday in an immigration fraud case stemming from the probe into the killings.

Syed Raheel Farook entered the plea in federal court in Riverside to one count of conspiracy to commit immigration fraud, the U.S. attorney’s office said.

The 31-year-old is the brother of Syed Rizwan Farook, who was killed along with his wife in a shootout with police after the Dec. 2, 2015 attack in which 14 people were slain and 22 injured.

Syed Raheel Farook, his wife and Russian sister-in-law were accused last year of conspiring to arrange a fraudulent marriage between the sister-in-law and Enrique Marquez Jr., who is charged with plotting with Syed Rizwan Farook to carry out earlier attacks and with supplying guns used in the 2015 killings. Continue reading this article

America’s Senator Jeff Sessions Discusses Immigration Enforcement of Violent Illegal Aliens during His Attorney General Hearing

Crime victims of illegal aliens were a topic in the Tuesday hearing for Jeff Sessions’ appointment to be Attorney General in the Trump Administration. Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse brought up the case of Omaha constituent Sarah Root who was killed by an illegal alien just a day after she graduated from college. If that wasn’t bad enough, some local authorities allowed the drunk-driving Honduran Edwin Mejia to post bond and escape. The bond was just $50,000, meaning Mejia needed only 10 percent of that, $5000, to get out of jail and leave the country.

Below, illegal alien Edwin Mejia (left) killed Sarah Root, yet he could post bond even though he was clearly a flight risk.

The systemic lawlessness of the Obama regime has been a plague upon the land and the cause of many preventable deaths caused by illegal aliens. As Senator Jeff Sessions remarked in a hearing about crime victims of illegal aliens, “This administration has consistently and steadfastly placed the goal of amnesty above the goal of public safety.”

Crime victims of illegal aliens are important people to President-elect Trump also, who discussed them (including Sarah) in his acceptance speech and gave three parents a forum to speak at the GOP convention about the loss of their children.

Below, GOP convention attendees carried signs saying “Make America Safe Again!”

In Tuesday’s hearing, details of the conversation between Senators Sasse and Sessions illustrate what an unworkable mess immigration enforcement has become after eight years of its dismantling by Obama.

SENATOR BEN SASSE: Senator Sessions, I’d like to talk a little bit about the Sarah Root case: I know that you and I have discussed it briefly last summer. Sarah Root was woman who was killed a year ago this month in Omaha; she’d just graduated from college and she was killed by a drunken street racer. Omaha authorities believe that this guy had been engaged in similar activity many times in the past. He was an illegal immigrant, he ran into her car, killed her right after her graduation, he was detained by Omaha police, they ultimately notified the department of Homeland Security.

This guy is a flight risk — he was able to post a fairly insignificant bond and he disappeared. The Department of Homeland Security did nothing to detain the guy despite the fact that the Douglas County Sheriff and the Omaha Police Department asked that he be detained. The Obama administration determined that it wasn’t an enforcement priority. Continue reading this article

Democrats Fear America’s Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General Because Immigration

Did the Democrats learn anything remotely realistic from the whipping they got November 8 and over the Obama regime generally? Under the cool hipster president, Dem influence continued falling to historic lows, particularly at the state level, where they lost over 900 legislative seats over four years. Meanwhile, Hillary ran an inept campaign and didn’t even visit Wisconsin, arrogantly believing the state was in the bag, but Democrats blame everyone but the top perp for the White House loss.

Indeed, Democrats may see the 2016 failure as a reinforcement of their idea that the traditional population must be replaced by immigrants who are culturally attached to big government. So tough immigration enforcers running the government is exactly what Democrats don’t want, because law and borders mess up the Democrats’ Final Solution to the American problem.

Tucker Carlson discussed the upcoming Jeff Sessions nomination as being opposed because of his strong enforcement position on immigration, though that reason will not be discussed much in the hearing, Carlson thinks.

TUCKER CARLSON: This is really about Jeff Sessions, make no mistake at all: it’s about the Attorney General which is the most significant appointment the new president will make for a bunch of different reasons, and Jeff Sessions, of course, has been vetted; he’s been in the Senate a long time, he’s been in public life for more than 30 years, the FBI has vetted him, so there’s no question about his bona fides, there’s no question that he’s not some secret Russian agent.

They just don’t like his views and they especially don’t like his views on immigration, but they’re not going to attack on immigration because his views are actually pretty close to where the public is on immigration: secure the borders, don’t undercut American labor with low-wage immigrants etc. I mean people agree with him, so they’re going to attack him as they always do — wait for it — as a racist and that’s what they’re doing now but there’s no evidence of that at all, and it’s a slur and it lowers the tone dramatically, it’s bad for the country but that’s all they’ve got, so that’s what you’re going to hear.

STEVE DUCEY: Of course the Democrats are bringing up some what that has been depicted as a joke like 30 years ago that he made as as an example that he’s racist, but here’s the thing, Tucker, because the Democrats changed the rules a number of years ago, all these guys are gonna get through and the Democrats have only themselves to blame. . .

CARLSON: (2:45) What bothers me about this is I think the country could use a debate on immigration and trade, and those are the two issues that people are actually upset about but again, we’re not getting that. Instead you’re going to hear all kinds of implications about the character of these people — let’s debate the issues. These are real issues and I think all of us would benefit from from an adult conversation about them but we’re not going to get it.

Court Allows Steinle Parents to Sue Feds over Negligence in Kate’s Murder

Chief Magistrate Judge Joseph Spero has allowed the family of Kate Steinle to bring a lawsuit against federal authorities for negligence contributing to her death.

Below, Kate Steinle, left, her heartbroken parents, right. The inset shows Francisco Sanchez, the illegal alien killer. Kate was shot and killed by Sanchez (who confessed) as she and her father strolled on a popular San Francisco pier on July 1, 2015.

It’s disappointing that the sanctuary policy of San Francisco won’t get nailed in the courts, because its lawlessness regarding criminal aliens has been shameful and deadly. In 2008, Tony Bologna and his two were murdered by an illegal alien MS-13 gang member that the city had coddled and protected. A few months ago, after the deaths of four innocents caused by San Francisco’s sanctuary approach, the city doubled down on its protection of foreign criminals.

More recently, San Francisco moved toward creating a war chest of taxpayer funds to pay lawyers to protect deportable aliens in court.

The legal system makes it very hard for victims of illegal alien crime to sue the government. For example, Danielle Bologna tried to sue San Francisco over the preventable deaths of her husband and two sons, but the case was disallowed. So even a limited lawsuit from the Steinle family is a victory. Let’s hope it succeeds.

Kathryn Steinle’s parents get OK to sue feds, but SF cleared, San Francisco Chronicle, January 7, 2017

The parents of Kathryn Steinle, who was shot to death on a San Francisco pier in July 2015 by an immigrant with a record of deportations, can sue the federal government for negligence because a ranger allegedly left the gun used in the shooting in his unlocked car, a federal magistrate ruled Friday.

U.S. Magistrate Joseph Spero dismissed the parents’ claims against the city of San Francisco, which had released Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez from custody less than three months before the shooting without notifying immigration authorities. But Spero said the parents may be able to prove that the federal government was at fault for Steinle’s death because its employee’s apparent carelessness led to the shooting.

“Leaving a gun loaded makes (its) capability for harm readily accessible in the same way as leaving the key in the ignition of a vehicle,” Spero said. Continue reading this article

Trump Election Prompts Surge of Robot Purchases

Elections have consequences, so they say. The Associated Press reports that farmers in California fear that Trump’s promise of mass deportations means they won’t have enough cheapie Mexicans to pick the crops and are therefore investing in agricultural automation.

Actually, the narrative makes for a swell liberal sob story, but labor-saving farm technology has been improving for years: in 2004 the New York Times reported on increased mechanical harvesting of citrus (In Florida Groves, Cheap Labor Means Machines). Plus, the machines are becoming much cheaper so that even small operations can afford them. Naturally, when farmbots are less costly than illegal alien pickers, farmers choose the machines.

Below, a robot hand picks a pepper.

The upshot is that farming is rapidly becoming automated, with or without Trump’s election. In short. . .

Automation makes immigration obsolete, both on the farm and in the office.

Remember when open-borders flacks routinely asked, “But who will pick the strawberries?”

Robots will pick them!

Continue reading this article

Austria and Germany: Muslim Sex Attacks Repeat during New Year’s Celebration

What’s wrong with this picture? Authorities had a year to prepare for Allah’s violent misogynists after last year’s debacle in Cologne and other cities where more than a thousand women were sexually assaulted during the holiday celebrations.

Below, the 2016 jihad attacks against women occurred in the shadow of Cologne’s historic cathedral.

But police were not able to stop the violence against women in Europe despite a one-year warning. To hostile muslims, it’s a way to show their strength over the despised infidel. Islam expert Robert Spencer explained what passes for Islam logic in a recent blog:

Germany: Muslim migrants planned sex assaults to show “you can’t defend your women”,, January 4, 2017

This was a clear declaration of supremacism. The Qur’an teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use (cf. its allowance for a man to take “captives of the right hand,” 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30). The Qur’an says: “O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.” (33:59) The implication there is that if women do not cover themselves adequately with their outer garments, they may be abused, and that such abuse would be justified. The Muslim migrants in Cologne meant to put their European hosts on notice that this was how their women would be treated henceforth. . .

New Year’s mob attacks are now beginning to be reported from Europe. Hamburg was hit by fireworks used as weapons — a hint that muslims should not be allowed around explosives of any kind. Or better yet, don’t admit them as immigrants in the first place.

CHAOS IN GERMANY: Migrant sex attacks and fireworks thrown at POLICE during NYE events, The Express (UK), January 3, 2017

A CROWD of more than 1,000 men shot fireworks at riot police and women were attacked by migrants as New Year’s Eve celebrations spiralled out of control across Germany, despite heightened security due to terror fears.

In Hamburg, 14 women were the victims of sex attacks, as more than 45,000 people celebrated New Year’s Eve in the city. Continue reading this article

In Multicultural France, Officials Hide Extent of Annual New Years Car Burning

It now happens every New Years Eve in charming France: hundreds of cars are torched in a nightmarish display of arson destruction, performed by diverse young fellows for the fun of it. Last year at the dawn of 2016, the number of burned cars was 804, a law enforcement success compared with the previous year’s 940.

Below, torched cars were stacked in a Strasbourg junkyard after 1137 vehicles were burned in France over New Years in 2010.


A Parisian recorded cars burning on the street below a few years ago:

But somehow this year, the authorities are more sensitive about the normalized lawlessness of immigrant youth. Are officials finally embarrassed? Do they see a future of worsening anarchy and civil war with jihadists?

For whatever reason, the government doesn’t want the French citizens to know the extent of this year’s destruction.

FRANCE BURNING: Officials ‘HIDE’ arson stats as 1,000 cars set alight in sinister torching, Express (UK), January 3, 2017

THE French government has been accused of hiding their inability to control the country’s sinister New Year’s Eve torching tradition as the interior ministry claimed the night passed “without any major incident” – but almost 1,000 cars were set on fire and destroyed.

On Sunday, the French officials chose to release a low figure of 650 destroyed cars which only indicated the vehicles that were “set on fire” – a figure which did not include those car that were completely destroyed and engulfed in ensuing flames.

But the official figures revealed a 17 per cent rise since last year’s arson attacks, as a total of 945 parked cars were torched during the terrifying tradition.

Pierre Henry Brandet, a spokesman for the French interior ministry, said: “Once again this year, the overall number of vehicles burned demonstrates that, however intolerable, the phenomenon is contained”.

In reality, 454 people were arrested by police throughout the night of New Year’s Eve and 301 of them were taken into custody.

Marine Le Pen’s National Front far-right party immediately condemned the French government for providing the figures that were “extremely hazy”. Continue reading this article

Southern Mexicans Fret, Complain and Bluster over Trump Presidency

The state of Oaxaca lies in southern Mexico, far from the US border, nevertheless a number of its residents depend on connections with the United States to survive, and some put on a brave face about their concerns regarding the new president, voiced in Sunday’s Los Angeles Times.


They make a familiar argument from yesteryear: “Who will pick the strawberries?” and seem to think Americans cannot manage without them.

Hardly! The United States won two world wars and became the planetary superpower before millions of Mexicans invaded to “help” us.

Even in the Mexes’ signature industry of agriculture, automation is coming to the fields and will make immigrant farm labor obsolete before long.

The Times ignores the larger issue that Mexico is rich, consistently scoring around #15 of the world’s nations in GDP ranking. Yet Mexico City feigns poverty in political dealing with its northern neighbor in order to keep its begging hand outstretched. (The US sent wealthy Mexico $560.6 million in foreign aid in 2013.) Remittances from Mexicans residing abroad, mostly in the US, remain a top source of foreign income, nearly $25 billion in 2015. Donald Trump has suggested that he might seize or tax a portion of those billions in order to pay for the border wall, so Mexicans may be squirming over the loss of easy money.

In fact, the best thing that could happen to Mexico would be an end to its dependency on American jobs and dollars by enforcing immigration north of the border. Mexico has great wealth at the top and a growing middle class, but the nation behaves like a poor relation, hoping for more crumbs from the rich uncle.

Donald Trump could help make Mexico average again by enforcing a divorce from the Times‘ “shared economy” and that would be a big improvement for both nations.

Two countries, one economy: A Mexican town whose chief earners are in the U.S. worries what happens if they’re sent home, Los Angeles Times, January 1, 2017

From her stall featuring regional delicacies — chile-infused dried grasshoppers, juicy white worms from the maguey plant and handmade chocolates, among other edible fare — 63-year-old Eufenia Hernandez issued a challenge to U.S. President-elect Donald Trump.

“If this individual came down here to Oaxaca, we would put him to work,” she said. “Let’s see if he can work as hard as the Mexicans in the north.”

Hernandez, a veteran border crosser, having made the journey 18 times, has a brother and son in California.

“What would the United States do without Mexicans?” she posed. “Who else would pick the crops? Who would build the homes?”

Mexico too depends on those crops, those homes.

Its citizens in the U.S. sent back nearly $25 billion last year, its second-largest source of foreign income, after manufactured goods and ahead of oil. Much of that ends up in impoverished rural communities like the ones here in the southern state of Oaxaca, which for decades have dispatched young and old to El Norte in a deep-rooted ritual of economic betterment.

The cash they send home builds homes, funds small businesses, refurbishes churches and schools, and provides sustenance for multitudes.

It’s evident in the expansive, half-finished homes dotting the countryside, the Mexican version of McMansions. “They are waiting for more dollars from the north to finish,” people explain.

In the state’s central valley region, lines form daily at banks and money-exchange outlets as people collect cash sent from loved ones.

The cycle of people heading north and money flowing south is so entrenched that no one here can envision it ending. And so while the election of Trump, who has vowed to halt it with a wall along the 2,000-mile border, has spread dismay and apprehension, a more common reaction has been bemusement.

Most everyone in the area appears to have heard of Trump and his threats — his bellicose pronouncements about Mexico have been major news south of the border. But there is a pervasive sense that Trump is bluffing — or will have little appetite to pursue his far-reaching immigration agenda once in office. Or that he will inevitably fail.

“It’s all campaign talk,” Rolando Silvaja Jarquina, a retired teacher, said on a Sunday at a busy market in the courtyard of Tlacolula’s 16th century Catholic church, the Assumption of Our Lady, known for a baroque chapel featuring likenesses of beheaded saints. Continue reading this article

Automation’s Future in Idaho Is Considered

In Idaho, a researcher at the state Department of Labor looked into automation and how it may play out locally. His overall estimate is based on that of the Oxford analysts, that nearly half of state jobs are susceptible within a couple decades.

But there’s no mention that workers are shoppers and are the engine of America’s consumer-driven economy. Nobody is discussing how the financial system is supposed to function without a healthy population of shoppers.

Or that the automation revolution makes immigration obsolete.

Will your job be automated? Nearly half in Idaho will be in the next 20 years, Idaho Statesman, December 28, 2016

The robots haven’t taken over — yet.

Technology already is changing work force and how jobs are done throughout industries. The state may be a long way out from life as portrayed on “The Jetsons,” but one study projects that many jobs are at high risk of becoming mostly automated in the next 10 to 20 years.

Automation isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however. Clear Springs Foods in Buhl has found that machines can help employees.

“It’s really made people’s jobs easier,” spokeswoman Callie Grindstaff said. “We’re really trying to inform people that manufacturing is way different than it used to be.”

Machines that de-bone trout and perform weight-bearing tasks have helped combat workplace injuries and repetitive-motion conditions such as carpal tunnel, she said.

But, nearly half of all Idaho jobs — 46.5 percent — are highly susceptible to automation in the next 10 to 20 years, reports Craig Shaul, a research analyst supervisor for the Idaho Department of Labor.

So what jobs are more susceptible to automation?

“Those tasks where it takes a lot of man hours to do are the ones where people find machines to increase productivity, having increased quality and reducing error,” Shaul said.

Shaul applied data from a study to determine where automation will have the most effect in Idaho in the next 10 to 20 years. The figures are based on a 2013 Oxford report “The Future of Employment” by Carl Frey and Michael Osborne.

What jobs are safe? Basically “the occupations that require a higher degree of social intelligence, perception and manipulation and creativity,” Shaul said. Seventy-four percent of occupations in science, technology, engineering and math are at low risk.

And soft skills — things like interpersonal communication and problem-solving — are likely to become even more desirable for the future work force. Continue reading this article

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