Tucker Carlson Considers Trump’s 70-Point List of Immigration Enforcement

On Monday, Tucker Carlson examined the latest from the White House about enforcing law and sovereignty, noting, “The administration has now put forward a 70-point immigration plan which calls for easier deportations of people here illegally, a border wall or a partial border wall anyway and new limits on chain migration, which is the idea that once you get here all of your relatives can come. Those are all preconditions for any future amnesty of DACA beneficiaries. Could this be the beginning of real immigration reform?”

Tucker chatted up a liberal radio host from Los Angeles, Ethan Bearman, who was quite chipper about continuing the import of foreign workers. Interestingly, automation came up and Tucker connected the dots. He didn’t say “Automation makes immigration obsolete” but pretty close!

ETHAN BEARMAN: I want people out of the shadows, so they’re not abused and they’re not subjugated by unscrupulous people who take advantage of them while they’re here working. By the way, one of the advantages of a long term change here with increased minimum wages is you’re gonna see Silicon Valley fill that void. John Deere just bought a huge company — it was over three hundred million dollars, to buy a company that makes the lettuce bot to automate some of that so there are long term trends that are happening here as well, but why are why do we want to be as mean as possible?

TUCKER CARLSON: I like immigrants, I actually really do. I grew up in California. I like them. But I think our primary responsibility is to Americans, but I wonder as a macro question, if we’re automating a lot of these jobs — and you just said we’re going to — why do we need 1.1. million legal low-skilled workers every year and an unknown but high number of illegal ones? What’s the point, what are they gonna do exactly? If jobs are going away, why are we importing all these people? Has anyone ever stopped to ask that question?

In fact, smart farm machines have been coming on strong for a long time, and the advances in ag technology are making human farm laborers a thing of the past. When a farmer can rent a robot weeding machine for $300/month, why would he bother with a crew of Mexicans? The future of farming is automated — along with many other industries.

Now, back to the larger subject of Trump’s List. NumbersUSA has a simplified enumeration, excerpted immediately below. The voluminous entire list follows that.

WH Immigration Principles Call for Ending Chain Migration & Mandatory E-Verify, October 8, 2017

BORDER SECURITY: Build a southern border wall and close legal loopholes that enable illegal immigration and swell the court backlog.

• Fund and complete construction of the southern border wall.

• Authorize the Department of Homeland Security to raise and collect fees from visa services and border-crossings

• Fund border security and enforcement activities.

• Ensure the safe and expeditious return of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) and family units.

• End abuse of our asylum system by tightening standards, imposing penalties for fraud, and ensuring detention while claims are verified.

• Remove illegal border crossers quickly by hiring an additional 370 Immigration Judges and 1,000 ICE attorneys.

• Discourage illegal re-entry by enhancing penalties and expanding categories of inadmissibility.

• Improve expedited removal.

• Increase northern border security.

INTERIOR ENFORCEMENT: Enforce our immigration laws and return visa overstays.

• Protect innocent people in sanctuary cities.

• Authorize and incentivize States and localities to help enforce Federal immigration laws.

• Strengthen law enforcement by hiring 10,000 more ICE officers and 300 Federal prosecutors.

• End visa overstays by establishing reforms to ensure their swift removal.

• Stop catch-and-release by correcting judicial actions that prevent ICE from keeping dangerous aliens in custody pending removal and expanding the criteria for expedited removal.

• Prevent gang members from receiving immigration benefits.

• Protect U.S. workers by requiring E-Verify and strengthening laws to stop employment discrimination against U.S. workers.

• Improve visa security by expanding State Department’s authority to combat visa fraud, ensuring funding of the Visa Security Program, and expanding it to high-risk posts.

MERIT-BASED IMMIGRATION SYSTEM: Establish reforms that protect American workers and promote financial success.

• End extended-family chain migration by limiting family-based green cards to include spouses and minor children.

• Establish a points-based system for green cards to protect U.S. workers and taxpayers.

Here in the Scribd format is the whole 70-item thing.

Administration Immigration Principles by Alex Pfeiffer on Scribd

You Say Dreamers, I Say DACA — Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

It was good to see Mark Krikorian note the difference between DACA recipients and Dreamers when he appeared Sunday on Fox News. Importantly, he reminded the audience that the Dreamers are a much larger group, perhaps three or four times that of DACA illegals, depending on how they are being counted — opening “a whole new can of worms” if Dreamers become the amnesty recipients.

Below, Dreamers paraded around Hollywood a few years back, wearing caps and gowns as they pretended to be scholars.

As I’ve pointed out before, the press conveniently prefers to confuse DACA and Dreamer, and anyway Dreamer sounds nicer than DACA to media scribblers.

The important point is that DACA comprises a specific list of around 780,000 known persons who signed up for the unlawful Obama program; Dreamers, on the other hand, can be any number the Democrats want. The D-Party hopes to inflate the numbers of illegal aliens receiving amnesty into the millions using confusion as a weapon.

Breitbart explored the Democrats’ devious discussions of DACA/Dreamers:

EXCLUSIVE– Sen. Durbin Spills the Beans on Amnesty: Admits ‘DREAM Act’ a Ploy for Open-Ended Amnesty, Breitbart News, October 7, 2017

Democratic leader Sen. Richard Durbin confirmed to Breitbart News that the Dream Act amnesty is open-ended and larger than his advertised number of the 780,000 people who have signed up for the DACA amnesty.

Breitbart News asked Durbin on Wednesday how many people would be included in the amnesty, which is co-sponsored by South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham. Durbin answered by saying:

We’re aiming at the DACA population, which is 780,000, but the Dream Act leaves that open.

Durbin spoke at a press conference arranged by Mark Zuckerberg’s FWD.us advocacy group. The event featured roughly 100 illegal aliens. Breitbart News asked the Illinois Senator when he would have a public estimate for the number of people who would gain from open-ended Dream Act, and he replied:

I don’t know that we have numbers. We can tell you 780,000 DACA. You have got ask how many are eligible for DACA today that didn’t apply, and I dont know what that number is. I really don’t. It is going to be more than 780,000, but I don’t know what it is.


Tom Petty Is Remembered in His Gainesville Hometown

It was pretty remarkable when a stadium of 90,000 fans sang one of the top Tom Petty songs during a LSU/UFlorida football game to celebrate the Gainesville-born rocker who died recently.

Video of 90,000 Gators fans singing a tribute to Tom Petty in unison is amazing, Business Insider, October 8, 2017

Earlier this week, legendary rocker Tom Petty died
unexpectedly at the age of 66
. On Saturday, football fans
from his hometown came together to sing a tribute.

The moment came at the end of the third quarter during the game between the Florida Gators and the LSU Tigers. Before the start of the fourth quarter, the entire crowd came together to sing “Won’t Back Down” in tribute to the Gainesville native.

Only a few seconds were shown during the CBS broadcast. However, Twitter user Cody Worsham caught a larger chunk of the song from the stadium and it is amazing.

The best version of the song included musicians George Harrison and Ringo Starr joining the Heartbreakers. I listened to it frequently during the depressing Obama administration to cheer up.

California Goes Sanctuary State: Feds Respond with Alien Sweeps

Governor Jerry Brown apparently thought he was showing the pro-borders President Trump that California didn’t have to obey the nation’s immigration laws, even though it’s clear that the feds control who gets into the country. In fact, Brown’s illegal alien base and their supporters “cheered” when the gov signed the legislation making California a criminal-friendly sanctuary state.

The Trump administration didn’t let the challenge to law and sovereignty go unnoticed; in fact, it struck back with more arrests and a promise to expand, where garden-variety illegals will be swept up in the arrests.

Below, ICE agents arrest an illegal alien foreigner.

Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan noted in his October 6 statement that Brown’s action “will undermine public safety.” He also declared, “ICE will have no choice but to conduct at-large arrests in local neighborhoods and at worksites, which will inevitably result in additional collateral arrests, instead of focusing on arrests at jails and prisons. . .”

So Jerry’s ploy may backfire on his favorite people.

ICE will target California neighborhoods in wake of state’s new sanctuary law, By Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, October 6, 2017

The head of the federal deportation agency said Friday his agents will now have to go out into communities in California even more frequently to round up illegal immigrants, now that the state has embraced a full sanctuary policy.

Tom Homan, acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, made the comments a day after California Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB54 into law, canceling almost all cooperation state and local authorities can give to federal deportation officers.

He said the effect could be even more rank-and-file illegal immigrants snared because federal officers will now have to operate out in the community, rather than focus chiefly on prisons and jails.


Governor Jerry Brown Makes Mexifornia a Sanctuary State

In non-liberal locales, public safety is understood as the #1 job of government. But in California, the top official would rather insult President Trump than protect the citizens from lawbreaking illegal aliens.

The San Jose Mercury News front-pager on Oct 6 didn’t even pretend that the sanctuary scam was enacted to protect the supposedly long-suffering illegal aliens — no, the “‘Sanctuary state’ law defies president.” It’s all about liberal Mexifornians saying Screw You to President Trump.

It’s not like California has been free of illegal alien crime — just the opposite, but state residents killed by illegal aliens are ignored in Democrat-run Sacramento. They include Kate Steinle in San Francisco, the three members of the Bologna family in San Francisco, Marilyn Pharis of Santa Maria, Drew Rosenberg from Los Angeles, Jamiel Shaw in Los Angeles and film director Bob Clark of Pacific Palisades.

Now Governor Brown is giving illegal alien criminals free rein to ravage California.

Los Angeles radio stars John and Ken hope that the Trump administration will double down on arresting California illegal punks.

The Mercury News noted that Brown signed 11 bills into law to protect illegal alien pests.

Jerry Brown signs sweeping California immigration bills into law, San Jose Mercury News, October 5, 2017

The bills will help “hard-working people who contribute to our state,” Brown said.

SACRAMENTO — A far-reaching measure aimed at preventing California’s law enforcement officers from helping to carry out President Donald Trump’s promised crackdown on illegal immigration — best known as the “sanctuary state” bill — was signed into law Thursday, along with 10 other bills designed to protect undocumented immigrants.

California Democrats this year have led a sustained effort to thwart Trump’s immigration agenda, an initiative that began more than a month before the president’s inauguration. Senate Bill 54 and other laws taking effect in January are widely seen — by champions and foes — as the most extensive statewide protections anywhere in the nation for those fearing deportation.

“These are uncertain times for undocumented Californians and their families,” Gov. Jerry Brown wrote in his signing statement for SB 54 Thursday, “and this bill strikes a balance that will protect public safety while bringing a measure of comfort to those families who are now living in fear every day.”

SB 54 was the centerpiece of California’s anti-Trump resistance on immigration issues. Introduced on the first day of the legislative session last December and passed in the session’s final hours, it was pushed by immigration and civil rights groups but fiercely fought by the powerful statewide sheriff’s association.

The bill’s signing came as a big relief to Yadira Sanchez, 26, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico who lives in Oakland and works with the California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance. Brown’s decision, she said, reaffirms California’s position as a leader in defending immigrant rights.

“We’ve always been one of the few states that sends this message to the rest of the country that it is possible to win local victories and that those victories are very important, regardless of what is going on at a national level or in the federal government,” she said.

The bill will limit communication between California police officers and federal immigration agents about people detained by police or in jail awaiting trial. Exceptions include those who have been convicted of at least one of hundreds of serious crimes within the past 15 years and suspects in serious crimes punishable with prison time for which a judge has found probable cause. It also prohibits California officers from inquiring about a person’s immigration status.


DACA Amnesty Process Begins to Take Shape

On Tuesday, the Senate held a hearing about what’s to be done with the youngish illegal aliens allowed to remain and mooch off America because of Obama’s unlawful DACA program. The president says he wants an amnesty limited to actual DACA recipients.

But how likely is a limited amnesty when the bi-partisan open-borders caucus gets revved up with the idea of cheap labor and grateful voters?

Not very likely at all. Senator Lindsey Graham piped up right on cue, “What will happen next is I think we’ll set down and deal with the rest of the 11 million” (Lindsey Graham: After DACA, Bigger Amnesty, More Immigration, Breitbart.com, Oct. 5).

Republicans should know better than to trade amnesty now for enforcement later. That deal didn’t work out so well in the 1986 scam and shouldn’t be repeated. In fact, the American people are still owed enforcement from the promises made then, in particular a secure border and invader-free workplaces.

Forgiving the DACA bunch is moving in the wrong direction. The sketchy principle of birth citizenship stemming from a misreading of the 14th Amendment that allows pregnant foreigners to give birth to anchor baby US citizens is bad enough. Worse is the proposed amnesty for DACAs who entered at up to age sixteen. The DACA amnesty makes America look weak, stupid and unserious about defending law and sovereignty, and it reinforces the image of America as flophouse to the world.

A big step toward a DACA-plus amnesty occurred with the Senate Judiciary hearing on Tuesday: Oversight of the Administration’s Decision to End Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

It was disappointing to hear Senator Grassley talk about making a “deal” to protect the DACA illegals, even after listing the many failures of the program in terms of fraud and crime.

Several years ago, he observed an important point about illegal alien amnesty: “You know what I found out? If you reward illegality, you get more of it.”

That psychological fact has not changed since them. Rewarding DACA illegals will tell the world that another amnesty will come eventually as long as the foreigners have a good story that sounds appealing in the media. Now is the time to be tough toward lawbreaking foreigners, not generous. The government’s kindness should be focused on citizens, not invaders whose aim is to steal jobs from Americans.

Grassley Statement at Hearing on Oversight of the Administration’s Decision to End DACA, October 03, 2017

Prepared Statement by Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, Chairman, Senate Judiciary Committee

Hearing on Oversight of the Administration’s Decision to End DACA, October 3, 2017

Good morning. We’re here to consider how to address the problem created by President Obama’s unconstitutional executive action known “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.”  In September, President Trump gave Congress six months to act in accordance with the Constitution on an issue that impacts millions of Americans and hundreds of thousands of unauthorized immigrants.

We have been debating this issue for 16 years – what type of legal status, if any, that unauthorized immigrants who were brought here as children should have.

Since 2001, successive Congresses have considered this question and always refused to address it. In both 2007 and 2013, Congress considered what we called “comprehensive” immigration reform that would’ve legalized millions of unauthorized individuals. However, these misguided efforts at mass amnesty failed.

The reason is simple. Remembering what happened in 1986, the American people recognized that legalization without enforcement and a way to address increasing demand for cheap foreign labor would only continue a cycle of illegal immigration.

That’s why for years, Congress, in a bi-partisan fashion, worked together to strengthen our nation’s border security and interior enforcement, but has struggled to address some of the thorniest elements of immigration.

Nothing better highlights Congress’s bipartisan commitment to preventing illegal immigration than the Secure Fence Act. That bill authorized the Government to construct almost 700 miles of fencing on the U.S-Mexican border. It passed with overwhelming bi-partisan support, including from then Senators Obama, Biden and Clinton, and from our current Ranking Member, Ms. Feinstein. As President George W. Bush said, that bill was an “important step towards immigration reform.”

Why? Because the Secure Fence Act was an effort to restore the American people’s trust in the integrity of our lawful immigration system by taking a real step in protecting our borders.

As recently as 2010 both Democrats and Republicans agreed that the only lawful action that could be taken was by Congress. President Obama himself summed it up best when he said he “wasn’t a King” and was “obliged to execute the law . . .[and] can’t just make the laws [himself].”

To paraphrase novelist T.H. White, a King President Obama was not, but a King he decided to be. On June 15, 2012, President Obama decided to bypass the Constitution and use his “pen and phone” to create DACA: a large-scale executive action for hundreds of thousands of unauthorized immigrants.

Not only did President Obama abuse prosecutorial discretion by staying deportation for these cases, he also allowed recipients to apply for work permits.

And they did, in the hundreds of thousands.  Since 2012, Citizenship and Immigration Services has issued more than 1.7 million work permits to DACA recipients. Granting these permits was a clear violation of the law and of the constitution.

From the beginning, President Obama’s executive action was riddled with numerous loopholes that allowed for fraud and abuse. Since 2012, victims and whistleblowers have contacted me to explain how criminals benefitted from this program. Continue reading this article

Construction Industry Needs More Workers

The recent hurricanes have left a trail of destruction in Texas and Florida, and residents are looking forward to rebuilding. But as a recent CBS report noted, there is a shortage of construction workers. Our school system has been pushing all young people to go to college when not everyone is a book nerd, and hands-on work skills like carpentry and plumbing are still needed. In addition, the skilled construction jobs can pay quite well, rather than leaving students with a mountain of debt — $37,000 on average for college graduates.

Home-building skills are needed for reconstruction in Texas and Florida.

Now, it would be unwise to steer young folks into skills like masonry, which looks likely to be largely automated by robot bricklayers in the near future. Carpentry and plumbing skills will probably survive longer in construction, and remodeling will also supply a lot of jobs even in the automated future.

We certainly want Americans to do the rebuilding, not have thousands of immigrants move in, often illegally, as they did in New Orleans after Katrina to do the work and never leave.

Perhaps someone could organize some on-the-job apprenticeships in the rebuilding, if such a thing is possible.

Here’s the report from CBS Sunday Morning:

A new blueprint for America’s construction trades, CBS News, October 1, 2017

The HELP WANTED signs are up, both figuratively and literally, in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. There’s a lot of reconstruction to be done — and not enough trained workers to do it. Our Cover Story is reported by Mark Strassmann: 

It’s been a month since Hurricane Harvey devastated the city of Houston and Southeast Texas. Damage estimates go up to $190 billion. The cleanup has begun, but a major shortage is looming for the rebuilding effort. It’s not a lack of will, or money; it’s a lack of skilled labor … a national shortage that’s reaching a crisis stage.

[. . .]

America’s economy has a growing labor crisis — a shortage of skilled construction workers. These men and women — carpenters, plumbers, electricians and masons — put a roof over your head. They’re getting harder and harder to find, at a time when — with two devastating mainland storms in the past month — they’ve never been more needed.

“Over the last four years, we’ve seen rising rates of open jobs,” said Robert Dietz, chief economist for the National Association of Homebuilders. “In other words, there’s a help wanted sign put out by the builder or the remodeler, and they simply can’t fill it.”

We talked to Dietz about these “Made in America” jobs, a traditional front door to the American dream.

“Over the decades as we’ve gone through different rounds of infrastructure development, building the nation’s suburbs, the highways and the rest, those construction jobs have been a critical part of building a middle class,” he said. “The challenge right now is that we simply do not have enough people who are ready and willing and able to join the construction industry.”


California Bashes Trump for Chilling Muslim Immigration

Just when you think California has maxed out on all the possible bad anti-Trump craziness, there’s this: Sacramento has decided to expand its education program about the WWII Japanese internment to connect it with current issues like President Trump’s rejection of hostile Muslims as immigrants. Apparently, the big liberal brains equate the unlawful incarceration of thousands of American citizens in WWII with the right of a nation to not admit historic enemies for immigration.

It’s another example of lefties regarding immigration as a right, not a privilege granted by the receiving country.

Below, Japanese-Americans board a bus in Salinas for an internment camp in 1942.

Go figure.

California expands Japanese internment education to current rights threats, San Francisco Chronicle, September 30, 2017

The films, plays and public broadcasts California now funds to enlighten students and the public about the horrors of Japanese American internment camps in World War II will soon be expanded to illuminate more recent examples of persecution — including the Muslim immigrants targeted by President Trump.

The legislation signed this week by Gov. Jerry Brown is just one example of actions by California’s Democratic lawmakers and policymakers to distance themselves from Trump. Some are mostly symbolic, like resolutions calling for congressional investigation and censure of the president, while others chart an independent course for the state in protecting undocumented immigrants and combatting climate change.

AB491, which takes effect in January, provides $3 million over the next three years for educational projects that link the mass lockup of Japanese Americans to ongoing “civil liberties injustices” against racial, religious or sexual minorities or immigrants.

As latter-day examples of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1942 internment order, the legislation cites Trump’s orders prohibiting U.S. entry of anyone from selected countries with mostly Muslim populations, and his campaign promise to ban Muslim immigration.

“It ties the World War II Japanese incarceration experience to what we see happening today,” said the bill’s author, Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi, D-Torrance (Los Angeles County).

The bill itself declares that Trump’s actions “highlight the ongoing need for public educational activities so that no group or community is ever again unjustly targeted as Japanese Americans were during World War II.”


Taiwan Tests Its First Self-Driving Bus

The race is on among tech and automative companies building self-driving vehicles to get their creations on the road. In Asia, a boxy little bus unit has been successfully transporting people around on the National Taiwan University campus since May.

The bus putters along at six miles per hour with a dozen passengers, which developers think is a good start, and Tapei hopes to have autonomous public transportation running in the city within a year.

Not to worry that the US isn’t getting in on the automation action — in March I reported on a similar sort of shuttle bus being tested near San Francisco. And Washington is helping on the legislative front: in September, the House passed a bill to speed the introduction of self-driving vehicles, and the Senate held a friendly hearing examining the special issues of self-driving trucks. However, there was little discussion about the job loss that will arrive with autonomous vehicles, although the testimony of one trucking professional noted that 3.5 million Americans employed as commercial drivers.

Driving is a top job in many states.

Technology experts have warned that the automated future will include massive job loss — why isn’t that a concern of the nation’s legislators? Oxford researchers forecast in 2013 that nearly half of American jobs were vulnerable to machine or software replacement within 20 years. Rice University computer scientist Moshe Vardi believes that in 30 years humans will become largely obsolete, and world joblessness will reach 50 percent. The Gartner tech advising company believes that one-third of jobs will be done by machines by 2025. The consultancy firm PwC published a report earlier this year that forecast robots could take 38 percent of US jobs by 2030. Forrester Research Inc. has a more optimistic view, that there will be a net job loss of 7 percent by 2025 from automation.

One thing is certain: the automated future means that America doesn’t need to import any immigrant workers at all. In fact:

Automation Makes Immigration Obsolete.

The New York Times recently took notice of the self-driving buses in Asia:

In Taiwan, Modest Test of Driverless Bus May Hint at Big Things to Come, New York Times, September 28, 2017

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Rolling with a barely audible hum beneath banyan trees, a brightly painted shuttle bus cruised through a university campus here.

The electric vehicle crawled along at a speed of no more than six miles per hour. And only 12 passengers could fit inside. But the bus also drove itself, raising hopes in Taipei that autonomous public transportation would be up and running here within a year.

“The idea of one day being able to ride around this city in driverless vehicles is quite exciting,” said Amber Chen, who was riding with her son Ruey-She, 8.

The bus tests are partly to prove that the autonomous-driving technology is safe to deploy on the city’s busy streets, and partly to gather the data needed to improve the artificial intelligence that steer such vehicles. The effort, one of the earliest in Asia, could help position Taiwan as both a pioneer in autonomous public transportation and, if things go according to plan, a producer of driverless buses.

So far, the bus being tested, the EZ10, has breezed through its trials on the campus of National Taiwan University, which have been in progress since May.

But successful testing on a closed course at low speeds can only reveal so much about how the buses would fare in traffic. Getting them on the road at busy times is the next step, and the program’s backers are eager to see that happen quickly.


Tucker Carlson Examines the Enormous Taxpayer Cost of Illegal Immigration

Tucker Carlson recently explained what a major expense unlawful immigration is on the American people using the new FAIR report, The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on United States Taxpayers.

Below, the FAIR study showed that illegal aliens do pay some taxes, but not nearly enough to cover the benefits they receive, causing American taxpayers to spend $135 billion annually for the invaders’ upkeep.

In a striking illustration of how illegals are robbing us blind, Tucker observed, “Americans spend only about $70 billion every year paying tuition at public colleges and universities. So if you eliminate the expense of illegal immigrants, we could make every public college in the country tuition free and still have nearly $50 billion left over.”

Illegal aliens flock to stupid-generous America where even foreign thieves like them receive on average more than $8,000 each of free-to-them stuff.

Keep in mind that the $116 billion pricetag is an annual cost, something that adds up rather significantly over decades.

TUCKER CARLSON: One of the most striking features of the debate over immigration in America is the fact that it’s not much of a debate — you’ll notice the failure, indeed the refusal of our elites to grapple with what exactly it means to allow millions of low-skilled workers from around the world to move here. When it comes to details about that, they quote the Statue of Liberty and they move on quickly. Maybe they don’t really want to know much about the effects of their policies; maybe they really believe that every immigrant is a high school valedictorian or some world-class STEM talent who’s only prevented from founding the next Apple or curing cancer by the bigotry of native-born Americans — maybe they really think that. By the way, facts rarely enter into the conversation; it’s wholly emotional, but facts still matter and tonight we have some.

A new study by the Federation for American immigration Reform finds that this country’s approximately 11 million illegal immigrants cost taxpayers about $135 billion per year in medical, education and law enforcement expenses. Now there’s an offset to this —taxes, and yet according to the study, these illegal immigrants pay only about $19 billion a year in taxes. That leaves a deficit, which you pay, of $116 billion. Now even by Washington standards. that’s a huge number.

To put it into some perspective, Americans spend only about $70 billion every year paying tuition at public colleges and universities. So if you eliminate the expense of illegal immigrants, we could make every public college in the country tuition free and still have nearly $50 billion left over to — I don’t know — fix decaying infrastructure or subsidize health insurance for the middle class or probably a lot more.

So it’s worth considering as we debate border control and amnesty these numbers. But we also have another set of numbers, these from the Center for Immigration Studies on chain migration. Now when advocates in New York or Washington tell you about immigration, they always pretend as if there’s an economic rationale for it. it’s important — like every immigrant is a high-qualified expert in a coveted field that needs to be here for the sake of our economy.

In fact according to the numbers, government numbers, your typical immigrant to the US is simply related to somebody who’s already here, usually a previous immigrant. According to DHS data, in recent years every so-called “initiating immigrant” — the first one — has brought an average of 3.5 family members into the country with him. For some countries, the rate is even higher. Each legal immigrant from Mexico has brought an average of more than six additional family members here as well.

Many of these family members have little prospect for contributing economically. For instance, 24 percent of immigrants are older than 50, so if they become US citizens, they can become eligible for Social Security and Medicare despite paying very little into those programs. None of this is an attack on anyone as an individual; we’re willing to believe that most of these people these immigrants are good people because they likely are good people, but it’s still an extremely expensive proposition for America far more than most people understand. [Editor: “Good people” don’t invade countries to steal jobs and benefits from the citizens and taxpayers.]

Now all of this ought to weigh heavily on Congress is it debates passing an amnesty for DACA beneficiaries. Supposedly the list will only benefit a small group, a limited group of illegal immigrants who came here as kids but if 700,000 DACA recipients become legal citizens of course they, under the rules of chain migration, will bring many more — estimates suggest millions more, including parents and siblings who may also have entered this country illegally.


Ipsos Poll Reveals Global Unpopularity of Immigration

This just in: people around the world don’t think immigration is a good thing for their country, particularly when there’s too much of it — which is the case now in many places.

We shouldn’t be surprised. Human nature is deeply tribal, and that is why we prefer to be around others who share our values and understand our jokes. Despite the daily dose of diversity propaganda from the media, human community is based upon similarities, not differences.

Bobby Duffy, the managing director of the polling company Ipsos observed, “People are twice as likely to think that immigration is bad for their country than think it is good.”

The Ipsos report may be seen here: Global Views on Immigration and the Refugee Crisis — 2017.

Here’s an important graphic that expresses the growing negativity toward immigration:

Interestingly, 39 percent of respondents in the 25 countries polled wanted their borders closed to refugees entirely.

One important takeaway from the survey is how Americans are like the rest of humanity in wanting to preserve their own culture.

Respondents in 25-nation poll agree: global immigration is increasing, with ‘negative consequences’, Washington Times, September 14, 2017

“Americans’ views on immigration and refugees mirror global unease. Both in the U.S. and worldwide, nearly half say there are too many immigrants in their country and four in 10 support closing borders to refugees entirely,” reports a massive Ipsos poll of 18,000 citizens in 25 nations who generally agree that global immigration is increasing, with “negative consequences.”

Among the findings: 75 percent of the respondents say “the amount of migrants” in their country has increased; 44 percent agree that “immigration is causing my country to change in ways I don’t like.” A quarter disagreed. Almost half — 48 percent — said there were “too many new arrivals” in their nation; 21 percent disagreed.

The poll also found that 42 percent said the impact of immigration in their homeland has been negative, while 21 percent said the effect had been positive. Another 49 percent said immigration placed “too much pressure on public services”; 19 percent disagreed.


Attorney General Jeff Sessions Speaks Out against Sanctuary Policies

The AG travelled to Portland to warn the city about the sanctuary system it recently instituted as being hazardous to public safety. He delivered a speech to around 80 federal officers in the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office in Northwest Portland.

It’s not like Portland is a crime-free paradise where normal policing can be disregarded: Sessions noted the uptick of violence, that between 2013 and 2015, the city saw an increase in homicides of more than 140 percent.

Nevertheless, Portland instituted a criminal-protecting sanctuary policy in March.

It didn’t take long for a habitual criminal protected by the Portland’s sanctuary to engage in a horrific crime: in July Sergio Jose Martinez, who had been deported 20 times, raped a 65-year-old woman after crawling through the window of her home. Portland authorities had released him onto the streets in the previous December despite receiving a detainer from ICE.

Fox News’ Jesse Watters provided some important details:

Thirty-one-year-old Mexican national Sergio Jose Martinez has been on a path of destruction in Portland, Oregon, a notorious sanctuary city. Martinez has been arrested 13 times since 2008 in Oregon alone. His rap sheet includes car theft, hit-and-run, criminal trespassing, meth possession, reckless endangerment, burglary and shoplifting. He has criminal convictions in California too, including burglary, battery, theft and obstructing a police officer. The man is described as a transient with a daily meth habit. He has been deported — you ready? — 20 times with at least five probation violations from re-entering.

Despite a rap sheet this troubling, Martinez was still waltzing around Northeast Portland on July 24th. This is when his latest crime spree began. Here are the sickening allegations: Martinez, armed with a knife, entered a woman’s home through an open window, used scarves and socks to blindfold her, gag her and tie her up before sexually assaulting her, punching her and slamming her head into the wood floor. . .

Below, Sergio Jose Martinez, the Mexican criminal enabled by Portland’s sanctuary policy to do more violent crime.

This was some of the background to the Sessions speech, and he mentioned the Martinez case along with several others.

The attorney general starts speaking at around three minutes in the following video:

Attorney General Sessions Delivers Remarks to Federal Law Enforcement Authorities About Sanctuary Cities, Portland, OR ~ Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Remarks as prepared for delivery

Thank you for that kind introduction.

It is an honor to be here with you all – with the selfless and courageous men and women of law enforcement. President Trump and this Department of Justice understand your mission. He has directed us to support that mission and support you.

As a former federal prosecutor, for 14 years, I was blessed to work every day with federal, state, and local law enforcement. And there is nothing I am more proud of than what we accomplished together.

We are in the midst of a multi-front battle: an increase in violent crime, a rise in vicious gang activity, an opioid epidemic that it is taking an American life every ten minutes, and threats from terrorism—combined with a culture in which family and discipline seem to be eroding further and a disturbing disrespect for the rule of law.

After decreasing for over 20 years because of the hard but necessary work our country started in the 1980s, violent crime is back. The murder rate surged nearly 11 percent nationwide in 2015 – the largest increase since 1968. Per capita homicide rates are up in 27 of our 35 largest cities.

And Portland is not immune to these problems. Between 2013 and 2015, the city saw an increase in homicides of more than 140 percent. In 2015, Portland Police received more than 180 calls related to gangs, including shootings, stabbings, and assaults – the highest number since they began recording that number nearly 20 years ago, and almost double the count from 2014.

You know the tragic consequences of crime all too well.

You know the story of 17-year-old Jose Morales, who was shot and killed with a rifle, allegedly at the hands of local gang members in Gresham.

Or the story of the 17-year-old from Vancouver who was murdered in the middle of the day in Holladay Park. They had their whole lives ahead of them—lives that we and their loved ones will never get to see.

The fundamental duty of this government is to protect the safety and the rights of its citizens. President Trump is a law and order President.

One of his first executive orders was to back our police and another was to reduce crime in America. That is our goal. That is your goal. We must not cave to rising crime. Working together, with professionalism and dedication we can begin to turn this pernicious trend.

To get on the right track, there are a number of things we must fix. A key concern is that some jurisdictions have undertaken to undo our immigration laws through so-called “sanctuary policies.” Continue reading this article

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