'Lone Wolf' Is a Term that Mischaracterizes Personal Jihad

One of the most misleading phrases in the news these days is “lone wolf” meaning a jihad-style terrorist with no convenient associates who can be chased down by police.

On the contrary, most of these characters are plugged in to a historic terror manual, the Koran. They are not “lone” by any stretch; they are part of the active ummah, the community of Muslims. And the Koran tells the faithful that it is their duty to engage in war to promote the spread of Islam: over a hundred verses in the Koran call for warfare against infidels.

By leaving out the religious context of these violent attacks, it is easy for the mainstream media to identify the perps as crazies rather than purposeful jihadists fighting infidels for allah.

Former CIA analyst Clare Lopez appeared on SunTV with Brian Lilley this week and discussed the “lone wolf” characterization so popular with the media:

CLARE LOPEZ: (speaking in reference to a Canadian jihadist) “When you heard him speaking in that little video clip you played there, you heard him say, ‘Our people’ and that’s the clue that this is not anything that really should be termed a “lone wolf” attack. I think that is a misnomer. What he is referring to is the fact that he, even though he is a Canadian born and raised, feels himself more to be a member of the worldwide global Islamic ummah, or people, than he does a Canadian citizen. And this is the clue for us to understand the mentality in thinking not lone wolf but member of the global Muslim community which has been exhorted by the Islamic State in its magazine and in various video announcements, they are being told you must perform individual jihad — that’s the correct term, individual jihad, in Islamic doctrine. . . .

If enough Muslims around the world respond to these calls by the Islamic State and others that there will be a swarming affect that law enforcement will find very difficult to deal with because just as you say there isn’t any warning, there aren’t any plots to break up or to infiltrate, but individuals acting on their own or perhaps maybe in very small cells but I do think this is what we have to look forward to in the coming months and perhaps years in terms of the international global jihad movement.”

Majority of Summer Surge Illegals Don’t Show Up in Court

Wait, weren’t illegal aliens supposed to be pining for the whole enchilada of freebies, benefits and work permits — all with approval in writing? Now we learn that tens of thousands of newbies who blew over the border last summer with kiddies in tow are no-shows for their court hearings to get their amnesty applications rubber-stamped.

Below, Central Americans travel to stupid-generous America to get a boatload of freebies including free-to-them education for the kiddies, who are the tickets for entrance.

What’s the problem? Perhaps the illegals already get plenty of free stuff in the shadows — billions of dollars worth.

Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies discussed the issue with Neal Cavuto on Fox News Tuesday, noting, “The administration knew exactly what it was doing. They knew there were 400,000 cases pending in immigration court, but they went ahead and they told Congress and the American people, ‘Oh yes, we’re going to make these cases a priority’ and they knew very well that they were overloading the system, that people weren’t going to show up and nothing would happen to them.”

Vaughan had reported earlier about how few of the border surgers have been deported:

Contrary to Administration Claims, Only a Tiny Fraction of ‘Surge’ Border-Jumpers Deported, CIS.org, By Jessica Vaughan, December 24, 2014

An investigative report by a Houston television station exposed that only a tiny fraction of the families and children who crossed in the border surge of 2012-14 are being returned to their home countries, despite Obama administration claims that the cases are a priority. According to immigration court records obtained by the station, only a few of the illegal family or child arrivals are qualified to stay in the United States, and the vast majority (91 percent) have simply absconded from their proceedings after release and joined the resident illegal population, where they are no longer a priority for enforcement under the new, expanded “prosecutorial discretion” policies.

The Houston reporters obtained statistics from the immigration courts on 30,467 cases of families and unaccompanied alien children (UACs) who arrived illegally between July 18 and October 28, 2014. Of these, only 22 percent (6,093) have been completed.

In total, 17,042 people were apprehended as family units; 13,425 were UACs. . . .

In addition, Cavuto reported that Mexico deported more illegals than the US from January to December of this year, remarking “Hypocrisy to no end” in reference to Mexican squawks about America deporting their fleebags. But the Mexicans are happy to send troublesome Central Americans home.

Mexico Number One! We know how Mexicans love to excel.

Here’s a Breitbart story about Mexico’s deportation record:

Mexico Deported More Central Americans Than US in 2014, Breitbart.com, December 29, 2014

During the immigration crisis of 2014, Mexico, a country known as an illegal immigration corridor used by human and drug smugglers, increased its deportation efforts and ended up surpassing the number of Central Americans that the United States deported during the year.

From January to December, Mexico deported 107, 199 Central Americans immigrants by land, while the U.S. only deported 104, 688 illegal immigrants during that time period. Of those deported by land from Mexico, 43,456 are from Honduras, 41, 731 are from Guatemala, 20,988 are from El Salvador and 1,024 are from Nicaragua, information released by the Guatemalan Migration Office to Mexican news outlets reveals.

In comparison to 2013, Mexico had only deported a little more than 77,000 showing a sharp increase in immigration enforcement for this year when hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from Central America swarmed the Texas border.

According to Mexico’s El Universal, U.S. authorities deported less Guatemalans and Hondurans by plane with the number of deportations decreasing from 88,563 in 2013 to 86,196 this year.

It remains unclear if Mexico’s increased interest in enforcement was due to pressure from the U.S. government. The current administration was under heavy criticism for their perceived failure in dealing with a humanitarian crisis.

As Breitbart Texas previously reported, the housing of minors by immigration authorities became a nightmare for the Department of Homeland Security since immigration officers were forced to stuff dozens of children and teenagers into small rooms.

Establishment Republicans Fret about Hispanic Opinion, while White Working Class Voters Are Available

Senator Lindsey Graham is a regular perpetual motion machine for amnesty. He typifies the Republican Inc. view that maximum outreach is required for hispanic votes, and that includes mega-amnesty aka work permits for millions of foreign lawbreakers to compete with citizens for scarce jobs.

Graham’s establishment views make him a popular guest for the mainstream liberal media, and his Sunday CNN appearance inspired a follow-up by National Journal:

Graham: GOP must tackle immigration to win White House, The Hill, December 28, 2014

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is warning the Republican Party that its chances of winning the White House in 2016 will be “almost nonexistent” if it does not at least take a step toward immigration reform.

Graham, who has floated a presidential run himself, was a supporter of the immigration reform bill that passed the Senate last year.

“If we don’t at least make a down payment on solving the problem and rationally dealing with the 11 million [people in the country illegally], if we become the party of self-deportation in 2015 and 2016, then the chance of winning the White House I think is almost nonexistent,” Graham said on CNN’s “State of the Union” in an interview posted Sunday. . .

Would it be too much to ask our political leaders to occasionally consider in drafting legislation the basics of human psychology, particularly that rewarding a behavior encourages more of same? Also decreasing an unwanted behavior requires punishment or at least negative reinforcement of some sort.

Meanwhile, and less noticed, is how Democrats are similarly fretting about their loss of white working class voters. Republicans are worrying about the opinion of hispanics who may or may not be legal residents while Democrats have lost actual Americans, working people who were once the backbone of the Democrat party.

Perhaps Republicans should pay more attention to blue-collar working people who have been crushed by industry outsourcing employment and excessive immigration to fill jobs that cannot be sent abroad. It also should count for something that traditional Americans tend to prefer more freedom and less government, while hispanics as a culture favor big government, as shown in the accompanying Pew graph.

Charlie Cook described the Democrats’ loss of white voters earlier this month:

Democrats Paved the Way for Their Own Decline, National Journal, December 1, 2014

They have subordinated their traditional focus on helping working-class Americans move up the economic ladder in favor of other priorities.

Much has been said about the long-term demographic challenges facing the Republican Party. Given how dismally Republicans fare with African-American voters—Mitt Romney and congressional Republicans garnered only 6 percent and 8 percent, respectively, in 2012, and this year congressional Republicans got 10 percent—it matters how the GOP does with other minority voters.

In 2012, Romney picked up 27 percent and congressional Republicans received 30 percent of the Latino vote. This year, House Republicans got 36 percent. This doesn’t matter that much in the House, because of natural residential patterns and, to a lesser extent, gerrymandering. But it is a big deal in presidential matters and in some Senate election years more than others (the Latino vote will be much more critical in the 2016 class of Senate seats than it was in the 2014 grouping).

But considerably less is being said about a parallel problem that Democrats are facing. Although the national red-blue maps of the partisan makeup of the House, the governorships, and, somewhat less so, the Senate are misleading in that they equate population with land area, the maps do illustrate where Democrats are strong and where they are not (interesting factoid: Only 14 percent of the land area in the U.S. is represented by a Democrat in the House). Increasingly, Democratic strength is concentrated primarily in urban areas and college towns, among minorities, and in narrow bands along the West Coast (but only the first 50-100 miles from the beaches) and the East Coast (but only from New York City northward). The South and the Border South, as well as small-town and rural America, are rapidly becoming no-fly zones for Democrats. Few Democrats represent small-town and rural areas, and the party is find it increasingly difficult to attract noncollege-educated white voters. Continue reading this article

Amnesty May Cause Farm Labor Shortage

Farmers say they are worried that the government’s awarding thousands of illegal aliens with amnesty work permits will cause them to leave for the greener pastures of legal American jobs.

The farmers are probably right. Ag has long been a doorway for illegals to worm their way into decent employment after they have learned a little English and how to work the system. So naturally the owners think the answer to their labor problem is More Immigrants.

Many illegal alien farm pickers, like the fellow shown below, will certainly use Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty to steal a more profitable American job.

Meanwhile, California’s agricultural central valley continues to have high unemployment among farm workers. For example, Fresno County had an official jobless rate of 11.2 percent in November. So there are workers available closer than Mexico.

Note in the article following that the last farmer quoted is fully aware of the increased use of smart machines into agriculture, so they understand that robots are the future, not Mexican immigrants.

Farmers brace for labor shortage under new policy, Associated Press, December 28, 2014

FRESNO, CALIF. — Farmers already scrambling to find workers in California — the nation’s leading grower of fruits, vegetables and nuts — fear an even greater labor shortage under President Barack Obama’s executive action to block some 5 million people from deportation.

Thousands of the state’s farmworkers, who make up a significant portion of those who will benefit, may choose to leave the uncertainty of their seasonal jobs for steady, year-around work building homes, cooking in restaurants and cleaning hotel rooms.

“This action isn’t going to bring new workers to agriculture,” said Jason Resnick, vice president and general counsel of the powerful trade association Western Growers. “It’s possible that because of this action, agriculture will lose workers without any mechanism to bring in new workers.”

Although details of the president’s immigration policy have yet to be worked out, Resnick said the agricultural workforce has been declining for a decade. Today, the association estimates there is a 15 to 20 percent shortage of farmworkers, which is driving the industry to call for substantial immigration reform from Congress, such as a sound guest worker program. Continue reading this article

Fake Hate Crimes against Muslims, in Fresno and Beyond

On Christmas day in Fresno, somebody vandalized a local mosque, and shrieking immediately began characterizing the damage as a hate crime, a thought energetically stoked by the media:


Police now have a suspect in custody after a cultural center promoting peace, is the victim of hate.

Fresno police say a lone suspect vandalized the Islamic Cultural Center in Northeast Fresno on Christmas morning. Police Chief Jerry Dyer will release more information about the suspect at a Saturday morning news conference.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says it is clear the incident is a hate crime which is why the FBI is also investigating this case. The suspect went to the center twice Thursday morning, and the second time he dumped a bottle of bleach on the American flag. . .

Here’s a screen snap from the KFSN news report, emphasizing HATE:

But when the perp was identified as a local Muslim, Asif Mohammad Khan, the chatter changed completely. The family said the 28-year-old man was afflicted with “mental illness” and his sister apologized during a presser. The police chief said the felony vandalism was committed “for a very isolated reason” — whatever that means, as some sort of excuse apparently. So a Muslim committed the crime, not an American, and that makes it okay, or at least less bad. Hate all gone and diversity defended, phew.

Islam propagandists, particularly CAIR, pretend that anti-Muslim crime is huge and Americans are bigoted attackers of poor innocent Muslims. In fact, the FBI’s annual hate crime statistics show that Muslims are not long-suffering victims of cruel Americans. Of the 5928 incidents reported for 2013, only 2.3 percent were against Muslims. And one wonders how many of those were fake.

CAIR and their comrades worldwide advance the Hate meme to quash any reasoned discussion about the threat of Islam invading the west through immigration. Intimidation is an effective weapon, and hostile Muslims have been perfecting their world-conquest chops for 1400 years.

Incidentally, a Google search for Hate Crime Hoax can provide hours of educational fun.

Finally, in the spirit of year-end reviews of 2014, JihadWatch’s Robert Spencer compiled a list of outstanding anti-Muslim hate crime hoaxes:

The Top Anti-Muslim Hate Crime Hoaxes of 2014, Front Page, December 29, 2014

On Christmas morning, a man drove up to the Islamic Cultural Center in Fresno, threw rocks through the windows, and then entered the center and destroyed things inside. The local ABC outlet, KFSN, reported Friday that “Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says it is clear the incident is a hate crime which is why the FBI is also investigating this case.” But on Saturday, it turned out that the incident was not an “anti-Muslim hate crime” at all: the vandal was Asif Mohammad Khan, a Muslim. The destruction at the Islamic Cultural Center in Fresno was yet another in a long series of fake hate crimes designed to prop up the fiction that Muslims in the U.S. are routinely targets of discrimination and harassment.

According to Khan’s sister Samia, the vandal is (like the recent French attackers who screamed “Allahu akbar” while trying to kill infidels) mentally ill. She also said that he was a devout Muslim who prayed five times daily. Dyer revealed that Khan had in recent days written that Osama bin Laden was the most inspirational person in his life. Dyer explained that Khan’s vandalism of the mosque “was not geared towards the Islamic community, it was not geared to the Islamic faith or any of those things and was simply to get back at a few people at the center who had belittled him and in his eyes bullied him.”

Dyer and other law enforcement authorities were extremely unlikely to consider it as they investigated Khan’s crimes, but the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and other Muslims have on many occasions in the past not hesitated to stoop even to fabricating “hate crimes,” including attacks on mosques. CAIR and other groups like it want and need hate crimes against Muslims, because they can use them for political points and as weapons to intimidate people into remaining silent about the jihad threat.

This has happened many times in 2014. Here are five of the most egregiously manipulative examples:

1. The Saleh and Akbar viral video.

In October, the Muslim bloggers Adam Saleh and Sheikh Akbar released a video entitled “Racial Profiling Experiment.” It showed the duo in Western clothing, coming to blows in front of an indifferent NYPD cop. In the second part of the video, they pass by the same cop in Muslim garb, arguing mildly – only to be harassed and frisked by the same policeman.

The video went viral. The Huffington Post hysterically proclaimed that it offered a “small glimpse into the ugly world of racial profiling.” Hamas-linked CAIR called for an investigation. But then it turned out that the whole thing had been staged. The Smoking Gun called the video a “cynical and duplicitous attempt to capitalize on New York City’s documented racial profiling problems.” Continue reading this article

Indonesia Devolves into Sharia since the 2004 Tsunami

It’s been 10 years since the terrible tsunami killed nearly a quarter of a million people around south Asian coastal areas in Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. In the years following, western nations and organizations contributed considerable money and workers to rebuild the place.

One might think that experiencing some of the best that the west can offer would make hard-hit Indonesia friendlier toward the people who helped, but that has not been the case at all. Rather than appreciating western values of science, efficiency and charity, the world’s biggest Muslim country (population 205 million in 2010) has turned to Islam’s totalitarian sharia law.

Just a few years ago, Islamic apologists would point to Indonesia as a fine example of Muslims behaving moderately. Perhaps they did then, but now the virus of ultra-extremist sharia has been instituted as the law of the important Aceh province, and other areas of Indonesia are moving in that direction. Across the Muslim world, jihad is on the march, and that means less freedom for anyone in the vicinity and violence toward anyone deemed not Islamic enough. The result is physical punishment for drinking alcohol, suspected sex out of marriage and women wearing tight or western clothing. Women are also not allowed to straddle motorbikes (a common form of transport) but are made to sit sidesaddle — a less safe position.

Last May, Amnesty USA reported in alarm, SHOCKING: Gang-Raped Woman in Indonesia Faces Caning for Adultery. Apparently the do-gooders have not read enough about Islam to know that it considers rape to be adultery and therefore the victim is punishable.

Below, an Indonesian woman is caned in Aceh for a violation of sharia.

Even the politically correct Voice of America reported the difficulties of Indonesian sharia:

Incidentally, fundy Muslims should be careful when they wish for full-tilt sharia, judging by the failure of the Islamic State to provide basic needs. According to the Washington Post (Living conditions crumbling in Islamic State), water and electricity are available for no more than three or four hours a day and garbage goes uncollected in Raqqa Syria, with similar failures around the glorious mini-caliphate.

Naturally, it is unwise to admit persons as immigrants from such a barbaric culture to the west, as Europe has been learning. You don’t add rotten apples to the barrel to increase the diversity.

Since tsunami, life in Indonesia’s Aceh province shaped by Islamic law, Los Angeles Times, December 27, 2014

It is a little past noon on Friday, time for Anshari and his troops to spring into action.

Their first stop is outside the gates of Meulaboh’s central mosque, where fruit and vegetable hawkers display their wares. The megaphone blares that it’s time for midday prayers, and Anshari’s team, part of the sharia, or Islamic law, police, hovers over the street vendors to ensure that they shut down during the minutes of religious observation.

“You should cover that,” snaps one officer, pointing to a cart full of mangoes. The merchant quietly obeys.

Later in the afternoon, Anshari’s uniformed squad will fan out to coastal spots and other areas where unmarried or unrelated couples may be trying to steal a moment alone. And they’ll be on the lookout for women wearing tight clothing, or anyone drinking alcohol or gambling — all offenses under sharia that could result in public caning.

About 8:30 a.m. on Dec. 26, 2004, a massive tsunami welled up from the Indian Ocean and struck Aceh province, where Meulaboh is located. More than 230,000 people in Southeast Asia were killed. In this corner of Indonesia, one result has been a stricter adherence to Islamic law.

Some see it as partly a backlash against the influx of foreign aid workers, who helped build roads and hospitals, but also brought with them Western values. At the same time, some of Aceh’s Muslim leaders regarded the disaster itself as punishment for wayward living, and began calling for a greater focus on virtue and piety.

Aceh province is known as the “terrace of Mecca” because it’s thought to be where Islam first spread to Southeast Asia, carried from the northernmost point on the island of Sumatra. Continue reading this article

Unions Recruit Members from Obama Amnesty Recipients

Once upon a time, unions stood for improving the lives of American citizens. The historic union leader Samuel Gompers said, “America must not be overwhelmed.”

Now unions have turned to the dark side of open borders, along with universities, the entire Democrat party and the Catholic church.

Below, an SEIU member in Chicago spoke earlier this month in favor of Obama’s amnesty.

In the video following, Byron York noted that illegal aliens can provide dues and muscle for unions, even if they are not supposed to vote.

Remember that while liberal elites want future Democrat voters, the aliens themselves care only about the work permits so they can grab more American dollars. Proof: Only 40% of the 2.7 million aliens who were amnestied in 1986 had become naturalized citizens by 2009. Therefore:

Work permits ARE the amnesty.

Unions launch recruiting push for immigrants protected by Obama actions, Fox News, December 25, 2014

America’s struggling labor unions got a gift this year when President Obama announced his expansive executive actions on immigration: potentially thousands, if not millions, of new members.

Labor leaders reportedly are launching a new recruiting push by reaching out to those immigrants affected by Obama’s immigration announcement last month.

The actions are expected to offer work permits to some 4 million immigrants who entered the U.S. illegally and, until now, were reluctant to join unions for fear of retaliation. Union leaders now say the president’s actions give them new protections — and are keen on signing them up.

“I think we’ll see very positive changes” because of the action, Tom Balanoff, president of Service Employees International Union Local 1, told The Associated Press. “One of them, I hope, is that more workers will come forward and want to organize.”

Even before the president’s announcement — which infuriated congressional Republicans — labor unions were pushing the president to use executive powers to ease immigration policy.

On the day of Obama’s decision, the AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka said the move would “allow millions of people to live and work without fear, and afford them the status to assert their rights on the job.”

Indeed, the AFL-CIO now says it’s training organizers to recruit eligible workers.

The SEIU, whose more than 2 million members include janitors and maintenance workers, recently announced a website where immigrants can learn about the action. And the United Food and Commercial Workers and other unions are planning workshops and partnering with community groups and churches to reach out to immigrants. Continue reading this article

Railroads Push for One-worker Train Operation, with Remote Control to Follow

When I was a kid in the last century, one of my father’s best friends worked as a fireman on the Erie Railroad (even though diesel engines did not require a man shoveling coal to keep the train running). He earned a comfortable middle-class living for himself and his wife from that job.

Now efficiency, technological advances and the demands for maximum profit have pruned the train workforce enormously. Like other areas of the economy, smart machines are moving in like gangbusters. The outlook for workers in general is dire: one analyst estimates that one in three jobs will be done by smart machines by 2025, only 11 years from now. Oxford University researchers estimated in a 2013 study that 45 percent of US jobs are vulnerable to computerization in the next 20 years.

The current debate in the railroad world concerns one worker operating entire freight trains — which have grown in length over the years. Naturally the people who know what happens on the ground think it is a bad idea because of the myriad of things that can go wrong and require a human to fix. (See the lengthy list: What’s Wrong with Single Employee Train Operations?, By Ron Kaminkow, General Secretary, Railroad Workers United.)

Plus, the number crunchers in the boardroom are already looking toward RCO, aka Remote Control Operation.

Below, an Amtrak control center in New York shows the railroad’s computerized future where far fewer humans are needed for operation.

The recent Associated Press report helpfully included some important historical details about the shrinking railroad workforce — from a post-war seven to two now and potentially one in the near future. Why are people perplexed by the lack of jobs in this economy? The decline of workers because of smart machines is happening everywhere.

Of course, it is obvious that America doesn’t need to import hordes of immigrants when millions of citizens cannot find full-time work.

Railroads Seek One-Person Crews for Freight Trains, AP, Dec 22, 2014

When American freight trains delivered cargo after World War II, the steam-belching beasts commonly had seven people aboard — an engineer, a conductor, up to four brakemen and a fireman.

Trains have since grown much longer, seemingly stretching to the horizon and often taking 20 minutes to pass through a crossing. And crews have been reduced in size — to five people in the 1970s and two in 1991. Now U.S. railroads want to put a single person in charge of today’s huge locomotives, taking another step toward a future in which the nation’s rail-cargo system increasingly could resemble toy train sets — highly mechanized networks run by computers or distant controllers.

For the moment, freight trains generally have two people aboard — an engineer who drives the train and a conductor who oversees the long line of cars. Railroad executives want to reduce that to a lone engineer, saying advances in safety systems, including a new automatic braking system under development, could minimize risks.

But labor groups and people who live near rail lines are skeptical.

“These trains are 7,000 tons going 50 mph. You have to have two people,” said J.P. Wright, an engineer for CSX railroad in Louisville, Kentucky. “It’s mindboggling to me that the railroads would go this far with it.”

The mayor of the Chicago suburb of Barrington asks how one person could split a stopped train to allow traffic and first responders through in the event of an emergency. Continue reading this article

Christmas in Diverse France: Army Is Deployed into Cities to Protect Citizens from Jihadist Muslims

Unwise immigration has its costs, as the French have been learning the hard way. There have been three street attacks in as many days, with at least two Allah Ackbars. As a result, the government has placed 1000 armed soldiers in urban areas where people congregate.

Predictably, authorities claim that crazies are to blame for the attacks, despite the large Islamic clues. JihadWatch’s Robert Spencer suggests another strategy:

France: Now 1,000 soldiers deployed on streets to combat Christmas jihad terror attacks, December 24, 2014

French authorities have described all the recent jihad attacks there by Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” as manifestations of mental illness. So why are they deploying troops? How can soldiers fight mental illness? Shouldn’t they be deploying psychologists?

Below, soldiers patrol Paris near the Eiffel Tower, armed with traditional weapons, not anti-psychotic medications.

SunTV’s Michael Coren and John Robson discussed the increased danger from “low-rent fanatics” who drive vehicles into crowded public places. Coren observed, “Their tactics though, and I don’t say this with any relish, they are successful in that they are changing European societies. France is changing security, protection, the way people regard themselves. Now this is precisely what the far left, the Marxist left tried to do in the sixties and seventies, to provoke a free society into becoming less free.”

In 2005, Muslims rioted and torched property in the Normandy town of Evreux. An 80-year-old woman remarked, “We were happy here. Now we’re afraid.”

In the decade since, the danger has only increased because of more Muslim immigrants.

France orders troop patrol reinforcements after attacks, New York Times, December 23, 2014

PARIS — After a string of attacks across France that have heightened concerns about Islamic militancy, Prime MinisterManuel Valls said Tuesday that hundreds of additional military personnel would be ordered onto the streets to reinforce a routine deployment of security forces.

“There is a terrorist threat in France,” Valls told a news conference in Paris. “It is undoubtedly the main challenge of our time.”

But, seeking to reassure a jittery nation unsettled by fears of militancy linked to the jihadist campaign in Syria and Iraq, Valls said that between 200 and 300 more military personnel would be deployed, in addition to 780 already on the streets as part of routine year-end precautions. He indicated that the soldiers’ mission would be to guard against copycat attacks inspired by the three assaults.

“Vigilance, calm, determination. These are the key points,” Valls said, speaking after successive attacks in the central town of Joue-Les-Tours on Saturday, in Dijon on Sunday and in Nantes on Monday. Continue reading this article

SFgate.com Highlights ‘A Christmas Story’ but Ignores How Its Director Died

SFgate.com, the online home of the San Francisco Chronicle, recently underwent a rejiggering to make it more of a lifestyle site and less of a news source. Typical of the new format was a slide show with then-and-now photos: A Christmas Story: Where are they now?

Thirteen sets of photos are presented, with the final one being of the late director, Bob Clark. SFgate’s caption was disappointing in its lack of specifics:

Bob Clark directed ‘A Christmas Story.’ He later went onto direct several B-list movies, ‘Baby Geniuses’ and ‘Karate Dog.’ Clark and his son died in a tragic car accident in 2007.

In fact, the “tragic car accident” was a DUI crash caused by a blotto-drunk illegal alien who smashed head-on into Clark’s car after crossing the median on the Pacific Coast Highway a few minutes from Clark’s home in Pacific Palisades. Both Clark and his 22-year-old son were killed. The alien, Hector Velazquez-Nava, had a blood-alcohol level of three times the limit and was driving without a license. Nava pleaded no contest to two felony counts of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and was sentenced to six years in prison.

Following the deaths, ultra-liberal Hollywood was silent about who killed Bob Clark. His former publicist appeared on Fox News with Bill OReilly on April 9, 2007 (Illegal Immigrant Kills Hollywood Director):

MICHAEL LEVINE: Well, it’s nauseating, Bill. I mean, he was a very talented and gentle man, a man who was frankly underappreciated by our industry. But this happened.

And there’s been silence. The mayor, the city council, the supervisors, the L.A. Times have all said nothing. And if Fluffy the cat had gotten murdered that day, the city would have closed down. It’s a nauseating, grotesque injustice that this man was killed and his son was killed.

When actor George Clooney recently asked Hollywood heavyweights to sign a petition supporting free speech following the cyber-attack on Sony Pictures by North Korea, he could not get a single signature.

Such cowardice was no surprise to anyone familiar with the fate of Bob Clark. The film community congratulates itself on its bravery for supporting easy liberal issues where there is no danger, but any difficulty reveals Hollyweird’s spinelessness.

Centers for Disease Control Is Secretly Tracking 1400 Active Ebola Cases in US

Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson appeared on Fox News’ Media Buzz program on Sunday and had some interesting remarks about how the ebola epidemic is being reported — or rather suppressed by the government.

ATTKISSON: I called CDC not long ago and said how many active cases are being monitored in the United States of ebola and they said 1,400. I said, ‘Where is that on your website, these updates?‘ They said we’re not putting it on the web, so I think there an effort to control the message and to tamp it down. This is public information we have a right to and I think the media should not hype it, but should cover it.

I would be interested in more details, such as how many of the 1400 persons are visitors or immigrants from west Africa. Did Attkisson inquire about that? The President has the power to stop travel from infected nations to the US, but he would never block Africans to protect Americans from disease carriers like Ebola Tom (pictured).

As it happens, Sharyl Attkisson will be appearing live on C-SPAN’s viewer call-in program Washington Journal tomorrow morning (Tuesday). Perhaps some interested citizen will inquire further about the borders and sovereignty component of the ebola issue. (Contact info: journal@c-span.org and @cspanwj)

Los Angeles Ignores Illegal Street Vendors

The city of Los Angeles has long surrendered to the demands of its scofflaw residents in many arenas, one being the presence of unlicensed street vendors. Many are foreign, as hinted in Monday’s front-page LA Times article where the diverse sellers speak Spanish and offer Mexican food items.

As is often the case, reader comments are more astute than the official article. Many called attention to public health threats caused by the lack of basic hand-washing and other sanitation standards that brick-and-mortar businesses must follow:

alvise giglio
If I tried to operate a brick-and-mortar restaurant in this fashion, I would be FINED and SHUT DOWN by the health department. Even food trucks have to have hot running water for operators to ROUTINELY wash their hands with soap and water. Restaurant operators must spend their own money to take courses to be certified in safe food handling methods, spend THOUSANDS on county/city health permits and other licenses.

How in the heck can the city be considering a way to legalize this? Why is it in the city’s best interests to attempt to legalize this? Would the city not be better off obtaining taxes from existing restaurants that are undercut? Would LA not be better off with a few thousand street vendors picked up and deported?

Vendors who are unlicensed, unregulated, untaxed and could potentially give their customers food poisoning is something that should not be supported. I know many turn a blind eye to this sort of thing but just remember they are undercutting lawful businesses WHO DO pay taxes and one of them could be the next ‘Typhoid Mary’ waiting to serve you up a taco.

Everyday LA looks more and more like the poor ghetto sections of MEXICO. Mexico has their rich and upscale cities and those communities wouldn’t allow anyone to sell merchandise or food like they do in LA. As the leaders of LA allow this activities to continue it will just get worst and worst.

Also not mentioned is how the surge of illegal pop-up sellers shows the failure of the economy to supply adequate jobs for citizens and newbies alike — see my September blog, Los Angeles: Street Vendors Increase Because of Unemployment. The jobless recovery indicates that the nation does not need increased immigration but rather far fewer imported workers.

A society cannot have just a little lawbreaking. Government permissiveness incites more lawlessness, particularly among those who reside in the country illegally and have ready excuses for every rip-off they commit.

Los Angeles shows the pathway of lawlessness and no borders to America becoming Third World.

Street vendors scrape together a living, always watching for police, Los Angeles Times, December 21, 2014

The young boy tugged on his mother’s shirt and begged for a shaved ice treat from Reyna Silva, who waited for customers behind her humble green push cart.

“Yo quiero raspado,” the boy in a Superman shirt repeated once, twice … six times, using his powers to break his mother’s will.

Silva, 44, scraped ice from a large frozen block into a cup and doused it with lime flavoring. The street vendor had been standing in a busy downtown Los Angeles alley for hours already this weekday afternoon, hoping to scrape a living from Christmas shoppers looking for deals.

For street vendors like Silva, the Christmas season is their version of Black Friday, except there’s no such thing as a big-ticket item — no $1,500 wide-screen TV’s, $225 Nike Air Jordan sneakers or $70 Lego sets. They cobble together a livelihood seven days a week on tiny-ticket items: shaved ice, tacos, corn on the cob, orange juice, bacon-wrapped hot dogs.

Some hope to pay for Christmas gifts that in many cases their own little girls — or boys in Superman shirts — wish for. But vendors like Silva say there are more pressing needs.

“I have to work to pay my rent, my bills, clothes and for food — to provide the basics for my son,” she said. “We’re all trying to find ways to make a living.”

And they have to do it without getting in trouble with police. However ubiquitous they are in much of L.A.’s vast urban landscape, street vendors like Silva are operating illegally. They have to be as ready to scatter when a police cruiser drives by as they are to make a sale.

Earlier this month, an L.A. council committee took a step toward legalizing and regulating street vending, discussing how sellers could obtain city permits. The plan has unleashed fierce debate over whether to legitimize the underground — but anything but secret — economy.

While some neighborhood councils support the plan, others such as Studio City Neighborhood Council members say they are against having street vendors in Studio City — legal or not.

“Putting street vendors in would only, in our opinion, cause more of a traffic jam and hinder people and perhaps become a real issue with cars and pedestrians,” said John Walker, president of the Studio City Neighborhood Council. “Some want them and probably have the room for them. We simply don’t have the room for them.” Continue reading this article

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