Muslims Pursue Days of Rioting over Jerusalem Non-Event

The propensity of muslims to riot over the tiniest slight is well known, but the recent blow-up is over the edge: President Trump announced that the US now recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the usual Muslo-punks run amok from Afghanistan to the West Bank, as they predictably hop campfires, throw stones and rip flags.

Who knew that the US had the power to bestow the official capital on foreign nations?

On Tuesday, the capital of Israel was Jerusalem, and no big deal.

On Thursday and afterwards, the capital of Israel was still Jerusalem and the local muzloids riot over the non-change.

Back in Realville, the government of Israel is located in Jerusalem, including its ministries, the Knesset legislature, the high court. The locale of a nation’s government is its capital by definition, a standard fact everywhere. The Palestinians just like an excuse to go berserk and destroy stuff.

Unfortunately, America’s undiscerning immigration system has welcomed Palestinians along with many other unfriendlies. The number of Palestinians is estimated to be somewhere over 85,000 by the Census.

One undesirable Palestinian admitted was the convicted double murderer Rasmieh Odeh who was hired as an Obama Navigator. After interminable years of legal wrangling, she was finally deported on September 20, 2017, for immigration fraud. The photo on the right shows a Palestinian resident of the US holding a photo of the murderer Odeh in support. In fact, a search for Odeh Support gets 362,000 hits, showing the backing of muslim immigrants for the killer.

Anyway, back to the Jerusalem fracas: Friday prayers had an energizing effect on rioting — funny how the Friday people are different from the Saturday and Sunday people:

Two dead in ‘Day of Rage’ over Jerusalem, Palestinian president defiant, Reuters, December 8, 2017

JERUSALEM/GAZA (Reuters) – At least two people were killed in clashes with Israeli troops on Friday when thousands of Palestinians demonstrated against U.S. President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the Palestinian president said Washington could no longer be a peace broker.

Across the Arab and Muslim worlds, thousands more protesters took to the streets on the Muslim holy day to express solidarity with the Palestinians and outrage at Trump’s reversal of decades of U.S. policy.

Israeli soldiers shot dead a Palestinian man near the Gaza border, the first confirmed death in two days of unrest. Scores of people were wounded on the “Day of Rage”. A second person later died of their wounds, a Gaza hospital official said.

The Israeli army said hundreds of Palestinians were rolling burning tyres and throwing rocks at soldiers across the border.

“During the riots IDF soldiers fired selectively towards two main instigators and hits were confirmed,” it said.

More than 80 Palestinians were wounded in the occupied West Bank and Gaza by Israeli live fire and rubber bullets, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance service. Dozens more suffered from tear gas inhalation. Thirty-one were wounded on Thursday.

As Friday prayers ended at the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, worshippers made their way toward the walled Old City gates, chanting “Jerusalem is ours, Jerusalem is our capital” and “We don’t need empty words, we need stones and Kalashnikovs”. Scuffles broke out between protesters and police.


Media Say Shrieks of “Allahu Ackbar” Should Not Be Seen as an Alarm

It’s curious the extent to which the liberal press goes to protect hostile Muslims, as it pretends that none of the group aims to murder infidels in acts of jihad. Not every Muslim is an actual bomber or headchopper of course, but Islam’s holy book does instruct all followers to kill non-believers who will not submit: the koran has over a hundred verses that sanction violence.

Below, Uzbeki Sayfullo Saipov (who entered the US under the diversity visa program) hijacked a truck and careened down a New York City bike path, killing eight on October 31. He screamed “Allah Ackbar” as he murdered.

Does the MSM believe it is protecting muslims residing the US from lynch mobs of Americans, angry at jihad slaughter? Nothing of the kind has occurred despite mass murders for allah from 9/11 in Manhattan to Orlando and San Bernardino.

Or is the press just so dedicated to the failed ideology of diversity that it will go to any length to protect it?

Robert Spencer takes up a symptom of media malfeasance in how it treats the usually hostile scream of “Allahu Ackbar” which often signals a jihad attack — not to worry, according to lib scribblers!

Spencer’s video is a recapitulation of an article from a few weeks ago:

The Media’s Chilling Whitewash of ‘Allahu Akbar’, By Robert Spencer,, November 6, 2017

On Halloween last Tuesday, a Muslim named Sayfullo Saipov drove a truck onto a Manhattan bike path and murdered eight people while screaming “Allahu akbar.” In response, the establishment media has gone into a full-court press to convince Americans that “Allahu akbar” is not a phrase anyone needs to be concerned about.

The worst article, among many, was published in the New York Daily News. Zainab Chaudry of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) argued that non-Muslims shouldn’t “believe the worst” about “Allahu akbar” because Muslims don’t just scream it while murdering non-Muslims, but use it in a variety of contexts.

That is true, but it doesn’t change the fact that Muslims scream “Allahu akbar” while killing infidels because the phrase means “Allah is greater” — not “God is greatest,” as she falsely claims. It is a declaration of the superiority and supremacy of Islam.

Chaudry’s conclusion is chilling:

So the next time you hear Allahu Akbar — whether it’s in a media report, on an airplane, or in a shopping mall, remember that the phrase used by millions of Muslims and Christians daily to praise God regardless of their circumstances, can never be justified for use when harming His creation.

This is deadly advice. If you hear “Allahu akbar” yelled on an airplane or in a shopping mall, you may well be in the midst of a jihad terror attack. If people on that airplane are now conditioned by Chaudry and the establishment media, they may not fight back. If people in that shopping mall listen to Chaudry, they won’t immediately run, because that would be “Islamophobic.”

And so the casualties will be maximized.


Amazon Robots Propel Online Shopping but Repress Retail

Stores are certainly suffering since Amazon brought its robot battalions onto the retail field. The Kiva robots are an integral and necessary part of the millions of products that Jeff Bezos sells online and quickly ships to customers. Amazon purchased the Kiva robots in 2012 for $775 million; before that, human workers pushed carts around warehouses, walking miles daily to pick the items customers had ordered.

Below, the little orange Kiva robots scoot under racks of merchandise and deliver them to humans who fulfill the orders.

Today, many people find it easier to shop online than to spend hours to drive through traffic to a store that may not have what they want. Amazon’s recent record-breaking Cyber Monday following Thanksgiving illustrates its increasing success, along with Jeff Bezos’ ascent to becoming the richest man in the world.

The universe of work is undergoing a fundamental transformation because of automation and computers, and we’re just beginning to see how the future may function. Massive job destruction is a given, according to numerous tech experts. Oxford researchers forecast in 2013 that nearly half of American jobs were vulnerable to machine or software replacement within 20 years. Rice University computer scientist Moshe Vardi believes that in 30 years humans will become largely obsolete, and world joblessness will reach 50 percent. The Gartner tech advising company believes that one-third of jobs will be done by machines by 2025. The consultancy firm PwC published a report earlier this year that forecast robots could take 38 percent of US jobs by 2030.

Amazon may be adding employees now, but the company’s long term plans are to replace workers in their function of filling and packing customer orders as shown by the company’s annual Picking Challenge competition for robots.

And plenty of other industries from agriculture to accounting are incorporating more smart machines to save money.

So it makes no sense for America to continue importing millions of immigrants who expect to work here, right?

Retail jobs decline as Amazon’s robot army grows, CNBC, December 4, 2017

Amazon employs over half a million workers. In the past year alone, the online retailer has added roughly a quarter of a million employees to its headcount, and 238 cities across the country are competing to become the location of Amazon’s second headquarters, which is estimated to create 50,000 more Amazon jobs.

But according to Dave Edwards and Helen Edwards at Quartz, Amazon may be killing more jobs than it creates. Quartz found that there are 170,000 fewer retail jobs in Amazon-related industries — like bookstores, grocery stores and clothing stores — in 2017 than the year before.

According to their calculations, even if Amazon maintains an impressive 43 percent personnel growth for another year, the total number of workers employed in Amazon-related industries would still decrease by 24,000.

So where are the jobs going? Quartz suggests that an increase in robotic workers could be to blame. They estimate that Amazon added 75,000 new robots to their workforce in 2017 for a total of roughly 100,000. By these approximations, machines constitute 20 percent of all Amazon “employees.”

More robots don’t always mean fewer jobs, but it may in the case of Amazon. Edwards and Edwards write, “While it may be difficult to prove causality, it’s not difficult to see the correlation between a decline of 24,000 human employees and an increase of 75,000 robot employees.”

Amazon attests that the investment in technological workers has improved efficiency. CNBC reports it takes 90 minutes on average for a human Amazon employee to find a product and package it, but with the help of robots, a product can be found and packaged in as little as 13 minutes.


Does Overpopulated California Face Long-Term Drought?

Here in California, the lack of precipitation during this year’s fall-winter rainy season is already prompting worries of another terrible drought. So Tuesday’s headlines warning about climate change in the polar region leading to endemic drought in California were chilling.

The Los Angeles Times had a well illustrated front-page article.

Last year’s rains were huge and saved the state from disaster. But a future of no rain is frightening because history has shown that long-term drought is a civilization killer.

Below, the depleted Almaden Reservoir near San Jose, California, in February 2014.

If the science is correct, then continuing to grow California’s population via immigration and open borders seems unwise, since a desert state cannot support the water requirements for 40 million residents already here. I tend to be skeptical about climate change generally, but a reduction in polar ice can’t be good.

Governor Jerry Brown believes in climate change very strongly, as he shows by traveling around the world giving speeches about it. Yet he has welcomed an unlimited number of Mexican illegal aliens to come here, and he recently signed a bill making California a sanctuary state which is another kind of invitation.

Yet the governor imagines himself to be an environmentalist, despite his active promotion of overpopulation in a state that continues to face a threat to its most basic and important natural resource — water. Democrats are well known hypocrites, but Brown is over the top here.

Climate scientists see alarming new threat to California, Los Angeles Times, December 5, 2017

California could be hit with significantly more dangerous and more frequent droughts in the near future as changes in weather patterns triggered by global warming block rainfall from reaching the state, according to new research led by scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Using complex new modeling, the scientists have found that rapidly melting Arctic sea ice now threatens to diminish precipitation over California by as much as 15% within 20 to 30 years. Such a change would have profound economic impacts in a state where the most recent drought drained several billion dollars out of the economy, severely stressed infrastructure and highlighted how even the state most proactively confronting global warming is not prepared for its fallout.

The latest study adds a worrying dimension to the challenge California is already facing in adapting to climate change, and shifts focus to melting polar ice that only recently has been discovered to have such a direct, potentially dramatic impact on the West Coast. While climate scientists generally agree that the increased temperatures already resulting from climate change have seriously exacerbated drought in California, there has been debate over whether global warming would affect the amount of precipitation that comes to California.

The study, published Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications, provides compelling evidence that it would. The model the scientists used homed in on the link between the disappearance of sea ice in the Arctic and the buildup of high ridges of atmospheric pressure over the Pacific Ocean. Those ridges push winter storms away from the state, causing drought.


Europe: Troops Battle Burnout As Well As Muslim Mass Murderers

The Washington Post reports from Europe that military troops assigned to protect the city streets from terror are “feeling the strain.” Apparently years of keeping Europeans safe from the terrorists which governments allowed to enter is taking its toll in terms of lost soldierly skills and general stress from the low-intensity civil war.

The Post front-paged its story with the now-traditional photo of a French soldier guarding the Eiffel Tower, which is seen as a prime target for hostile islam. The newspaper headline read, “In Europe, troops battle home-front burnout.”

European streets must be an extremely difficult place to protect when there are thousands of enemy jihadists who move among the innocent population. Christmas is coming, so that means increased targeting of by muslims of churches and holiday celebrations for mass murder. In 2015, France fielded 120,000 police and soldiers over Christmas to protect French citizens from the hostile immigrants.

Soldiers guard Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral because of danger from jihadists.

Lyon announced a couple days ago that it would cancel its famous Christmas market because of escalating security costs. A hijacked truck driven by a Tunisian failed asylum seeker attacked the Berlin Christmas market, killing 12 and injuring 48 last year.

The November 2015 multi-site attack in Paris killed 130 people, including 89 at the Bataclan theater, so the possibility of a huge death count is always a possibility in the minds of those responsible for safety.

And because demography is both cruel and insistent, Europe’s street warfare with islam will only worsen. A recent Pew Research report titled “Europe’s Growing Muslim Population” noted that even if islamic immigration were to end tomorrow, “the Muslim population of Europe still would be expected to rise from the current level of 4.9% to 7.4% by the year 2050.”

The Post report seems to be treading ever so carefully around the extent of the danger, the cause and the stressful effect on front-line troops.

The WP article was reprinted by MSN:

Soldiers guard Europe’s streets from terrorism. Critics say that weakens them in war. MSN, December 4, 2017

(The Washington Post) Green army trucks are rumbling across the cobbled streets of Brussels. Stiff-spined soldiers are patrolling the Champs-Elysees in Paris. Italian troops are guarding the Colosseum. And critics say the years-long deployments at home are sapping the ability of these militaries to fight wars.

Taken together, the domestic deployments — to guard against terrorism — are among the largest in Western Europe since World War II. They come as European militaries are tapped to address an unusually wide range of challenges at once: a resurgent Russia, grinding conflicts in the Middle East, migration across the Mediterranean and smaller wartime deployments far from their borders.

Confronted by terrorism, European leaders rushed their armies onto their streets in the aftermath of attacks starting in 2015. Although advocates say the deployments help bolster security, the peacetime duty has stretched forces thin.

Until recently, 40 percent of Belgium’s fight-ready soldiers were devoted to domestic guard duty. Some officers worry that the lack of time to practice warfare means basic skills are getting rusty. In France, the former leader of the military said last month that he quit in July in part to protest that his forces were “overheating.”

President Trump has pressed NATO allies to commit more toward their own defense and to international missions, but the domestic deployments have made that a challenge. The latest sign came last month at a meeting of defense chiefs in Brussels, when the alliance fell short on pledges toward the NATO training operation in Afghanistan.

In Belgium, a country of 11 million people, military leaders say their troops are feeling the strain.

“I had machine gunners with the rifle section who didn’t fire a machine gun in 16 months because they had become riflemen,” said Maj. Gen. Marc Thys, commander of Belgium’s land forces. “It’s like asking our national team that hasn’t played a game of soccer all year to go to the world championships. It doesn’t work.”

Until October, 1,250 Belgian soldiers were deployed across the country, guarding grand boulevards, train stations and other crowded public places that make tempting targets. The intention was to increase public safety and to give police officers more freedom to do investigative work rather than tie them up on guard duty.

The domestic deployments came as European nations struggled to find a way to protect themselves against attacks in a new era of terrorism strategies. Some recent Islamic State-inspired strikes used explosives and required large networks that could be disrupted through aggressive counterterrorism work, but other attacks were as simple as renting a truck and plowing it into a crowd.


Back Home Again, in Mexico

It’s December now, with Thanksgiving is in the rear-view mirror, so that means it’s time for the liberal media to start plopping out predictable illegal alien sob stories to warm up diverse cockles for the Christmas season.

The Los Angeles Times served up a three-episode series over the last few days, emphasizing the suffering of Mexicans who continue to break into the US with varying success.

Day two was a deportation story and therefore the most cheerful of the three. Plus, it notes that more Mexicans are leaving than coming.

Daddy got deported to Mexico and the wife and kiddies accompanied him — it must an example of those Mexican family values about which we used to hear so much.

Strangers in strange lands, Los Angeles Times, December 2, 2017

For decades, millions of Mexicans crossed into the U.S. in one of the largest mass migrations in modern history. But stricter immigration enforcement and new opportunities in Mexico have reversed the trend. Now, many are returning to towns like Malinalco, a rural community southwest of Mexico City. But coming home, it turns out, can be complicated.

As the cell door slammed behind him at an immigrant detention center in Detroit, Jose Roberto Tetatzin knew his life as an American was about to come to an abrupt end.

He thought about all the things he had acquired over 10 years of hard work in Michigan: the apartment full of furniture, the cool clothes, the cars.

And he thought about his daughters, 7-year-old Angela and newborn Lesli, both U.S. citizens who until that morning had such bright futures ahead of them.

Tetatzin knew he was going to be deported to his native Mexico. Now he and his partner, Judith Cristal Gudino, would have to decide what to do next.

Should the girls stay in the U.S. with Gudino, or should the whole family relocate to Mexico?

At night, he talked through the dilemma with other detained immigrant fathers in the same situation, men from Central America, Africa, even the Middle East. Sometimes, they cried together.

When Tetatzin was finally deported in 2015 in connection with a drunk driving conviction two years earlier, he was part of a large wave of Mexicans returning home.

More Mexicans have left the U.S. than have migrated to it in recent years, data show, a reversal of the largest flow of incoming migrants in modern U.S. history and a significant new chapter in the immigration narrative that has long dominated U.S. politics and culture.

Some have returned to reconnect with family or take advantage of new opportunities in Mexico, where a declining birth rate means less competition for jobs. Others have been forced out, either deported, like Tetatzin, or deciding to leave because, in Donald Trump’s America, they felt less welcome.

In any case, the trend has sparked both hope and concern in Mexico. Many view the large numbers coming back as brimming with potential. Many returnees bring home English and other skills learned in the U.S. But others in Mexico are concerned; they fear unwanted competition for jobs, or worry that deportees sent home for committing crimes could worsen the country’s already high levels of violence.

On the day of his deportation, as his parents picked him up at the airport in Mexico City and drove him home to Malinalco, Tetatzin saw a town full of fancy new hotels and restaurants that had appeared during his 10-year absence.


White House Reports Huge Effect of Chain Migration

Good for President Trump’s brain trust for researching the under-reported evil of Chain Migration. A measure of its enormous effect: during the 10 years from 2005 to 2015, the U.S. permanently resettled roughly 9.3 million new immigrants on the basis of family ties — 70 percent of the total immigration. In short, immigrants are choosing the new residents of the US, not the American people. The chain migrants tend to have few skills and little to offer the United States.

Keep in mind that chain migration is a terrible legacy harming America caused by Ted Kennedy, a major architect of the 1965 immigration bill. That legislation opened the floodgates in many ways, with a big doorway being the expansion of chain migration. NumbersUSA says of that part of the bill: “Congress extended the chains to every country of the world and reversed the priority so that the chain categories had preference over skill categories.” That change in law is how America got 1.7 million Mexicans, 600,000 Indians, 600,000 Indonesians, over 500,000 Chinese and 80,000 Iranians in the ten years analyzed.

White House releases ‘explosive’ tally of green cards issued in ‘chain migration’, Fox News, November 30, 2017

Between 2005 and 2015 the U.S. permanently resettled roughly 9.3 million new immigrants on the basis of family ties; James Rosen goes in-depth for ‘Special Report.’

For the first time, the White House said, the federal government has counted the green cards issued between 2005 and 2015 to migrants admitted through family preference, or as immediate relatives of migrants already admitted into the country in perhaps the fullest portrait of “chain migration” ever developed.

“For years, we’ve known that large numbers of immigrants have been coming based on petitions from previous immigrants,” U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Lee Cissna told Fox News. “But this is the first time we really kind of see the whole scope of the problem. And legislators or policymakers at DHS can do what they need to do address the problem.”

During the ten-year time frame, officials said, the U.S. permanently resettled roughly 9.3 million new immigrants on the basis of family ties.

That’s more than 70 percent of all new immigration in that period, the White house said, adding it is also the primary driver of low-skilled workers’ entry into the U.S. A phenomenon analyst say most directly hurts American minority groups with comparable skills.

“These numbers are explosive. They show that American immigration skews almost entirely towards family-based admissions,” said a White House official who briefed Fox News on the data.


Rude Presidents — Donald Trump vs. Lyndon Johnson

The liberal media loves to rant on about President Trump’s rude behavior, remarks and tweets — and admittedly he does have his impolite moments.

But the MSM has a short memory, forgetting arguably the most offensive president of them all — Lyndon Johnson.

I recently saw the new film LBJ which included some of Johnson’s well documented vulgarities. An early scene showed him phoning a tailor, instructing him to leave plenty of room for Johnson’s enormous plumbing. Even the trailer included a scene of LBJ conferring with aides while taking a crap (1:12):

Now the coarseness of Johnson was part of the film’s narrative as a story of redemption: the rough Texan coming to embrace President John Kennedy’s Civil Rights bill after the assassination.

Still, LBJ’s crassness was all true, and we would probably know a lot more if he had lived during a time of social media and a nosy press. Richard Nixon observed, “People said my language was bad, but Jesus, you should have heard LBJ.”

LBJ was known for the “Johnson Treatment” — physical bullying to get his way.

A Google search for Vulgar Lyndon Johnson pulls up a variety of fascinating anecdotes, including a descriptive book review:

A lewd, crude Master: Michael Shelden reviews The Years of Lyndon Johnson, Volume III by Robert A Caro, Telegraph (UK), August 10, 2002

Near the beginning of this 1,100-page biographical tome – which covers the 12 years that Lyndon Johnson spent in the US Senate (1949-61) – the reader is offered an unforgettable image of the big Texan giving dictation to a nervous female secretary while he urinates in a corner washbasin. Apparently, such moments at his Capitol Hill office were not uncommon and were observed by several people. The scene “was startling to those who witnessed it”, his earnest biographer blandly notes.

Away from the spotlight, LBJ had the manners of a barnyard dog and enjoyed shocking his subordinates, whom he bullied mercilessly. Like most bullies, he was a coward at heart who used flattery and evasion to dominate more powerful foes, reserving his insults and tantrums for lesser folk. If one of his underlings did not jump fast enough or high enough, he shouted obscenities and threw things. He demanded absolute devotion, declaring, “I want someone who will kiss my ass in Macy’s window and stand up and say, ‘Boy, wasn’t that sweet!’ ”

Women were for sex and servitude. His shy, unglamorous wife, Lady Bird, was more of a maid than a mate, serving him breakfast in bed every morning and entertaining his cronies with huge meals prepared at short notice. At dinner parties he would say, “Bird, get me another piece of pie!”, and if she hesitated more than a few seconds, he would repeat his demand in a deafening roar.

At his Senate office, his female workers were fondled, ogled and overworked. Though his own figure was flabby, he was quick to berate any of his “girls” who put on weight. He wanted to make sure the view was good when they walked away from his desk. “I don’t want to look at an Aunt Minnie. I want to look at a good, trim back end.”

He boasted of his sexual prowess and had long affairs with at least two women, as well as casual flings with members of his staff. Robert Caro, who is a dogged researcher, has uncovered the story of LBJ’s previously secret relationship with Helen Gahagan Douglas, one of the few congresswomen in Washington during the 1940s. A former actress, she was an attractive blonde whose political career came to an abrupt halt after she failed to join her lover as a member of the Senate. In a dirty campaign for an open seat in California, she was defeated by a Republican newcomer who spread rumours that she was a Communist sympathiser. His name was Richard Nixon.


Tucker Carlson Blames Liberalism for Worsened Homelessness

The Fox News host was apparently shocked by seeing large tent cities during recent visits to New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington. He is right to point out the failure in liberal policies that ignore the poverty on display on public streets, and he is amazed there is so little concern among the local governments.

Actually, San Francisco has struggled unsuccessfully to grapple with huge numbers of homeless camped on the street, having spent $275 million in the recent fiscal year. The success of the tech industry has attracted many workers who have pushed rents up even higher. However, the city’s extensive services may perversely exacerbate the problem by making making homelessness more survivable.

Below, a San Francisco homeless person receives box lunches delivered on Division Street.

Tucker could also have mentioned the national policy of admitting huge numbers of poor immigrants and illegal aliens who compete for the same housing as well as jobs that low-income Americans seek. Why import poor people when our own struggle to maintain even the basics of life? Homelessness is worsened by immigration, particularly in diverse communities like Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Times reported in June that Hispanic homelessness is surging in the county, up by up by 63 percent in the past year.

TUCKER CARLSON: Superficially America’s major cities are richer than ever, more and more luxury apartments going up, many of them selling to foreigners; many trendy restaurants, artisanal shops. Hip professionals love big cities. But while our cities have become a playground for the wealthy and their children, things are not looking as good for everyone else. San Francisco, New York, other cities are losing middle-class residents at a frightening clip, poverty rates remain high. Homelessness, while declining nationwide, is hitting record levels in the big cities. If you’ve been to any of them, you know — tent cities everywhere. Liberals dominate every major city: is homelessness and the disappearance of the middle class connected to their economic policies and their social policies?

Pew Research Reports a Doubling of New Foreign Students on US Campuses since 2008

Money-grubbing American colleges and universities like foreign students with fat checkbooks, so we probably shouldn’t be surprised at their numbers growing rather sharply.

What’s really scandalous is that the growth of foreign students is substantially higher at public universities — those are the institutions supported by residents’ taxes.\:

California has been one of the worst offenders of opening wide its university doors to foreign students who conveniently pay full freight, unlike the state kids that the institution is supposed to serve. In 2016, the state auditor found that the universities lowered standards for non-residents so they could be admitted and pay maximum tuition. Such policies show up in changing demographics, like at the very desirable UC Berkeley, state residents made up only 67.6 percent of the admitted class in 2016 — meaning a whopping 32.4 percent of the admitted freshmen a year ago were not Californians.

The chart below is a couple years old, but it shows the trend of fewer state residents being served by their university.

Here’s the Pew memo:

New foreign student enrollment at U.S. colleges and universities doubled since Great Recession, Pew Research, November 20, 2017

Nearly 364,000 foreign students with F-1 visas were newly enrolled at a U.S. college or university in 2016, double the number at the outset of the Great Recession, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement data obtained through a public records request.

From 2008 to 2016, the number of new foreign students at U.S. colleges and universities increased 104% – far outpacing overall college enrollment growth, which was 3.4% during the same period, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. The increase was most pronounced at public colleges and universities, which faced budget cuts during the Great Recession and began to rely more heavily on tuition from foreign students.

In the years immediately preceding the Great Recession, growth in the number of new foreign students was more modest, increasing by 20% from 2004 to 2007, but still outpaced overall U.S. enrollment, which rose 7.2% over the same period.

Below are some key facts about foreign students studying in the United States. You can also explore the demographic characteristics of international students who pursued associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees from 2004 to 2016 with our new foreign student fact sheet.

About this analysis

Since the Great Recession, the number of new foreign students enrolled at public colleges and universities has grown faster than at private schools. Enrollments among new foreign students at public higher education institutions grew 107% from 2008 (100,956 students) to 2016 (209,217 students). By comparison, private schools experienced a 98% increase in new foreign students, with enrollment growing from 72,953 in 2008 to 144,697 in 2016.

During this time, overall enrollment declined by less than 1% at public schools and increased 22% at private schools.


Automation Makes Amazon’s Revolutionary Success Possible

Amazon owner Jeff Bezos was recently recognized to be the world’s richest man, with a net worth of more than $100 billion. An optimistic economy has helped push his riches to stratospheric heights.

Plus, automation has played a big part in Amazon’s success. The online shopping behemoth couldn’t process the millions of products without computerized warehouses and the little orange Kiva robots that move items to human workers who package the orders.

For a brief history of the company, see my Social Contract article, Amazon Robotics: A Case Study of How Smart Machines Transformed an Internet Store from last year. Jeff Bezos played the long game and won big for his patience.

A lot of the automation revolution takes place out of the public eye in factories and other workplaces. Nevertheless the effect on employment is real and will certainly have an increasing reach. The future economy will be very different as smart machines become more commonplace.

Below, Amazon purchased Kiva Systems Inc. for $775 million in 2012 to acquire its factory robots in order to replace workers pushing carts around warehouses.

Expert predictions have been sobering. Oxford researchers forecast in 2013 that nearly half of American jobs were vulnerable to machine or software replacement within 20 years. Rice University computer scientist Moshe Vardi believes that in 30 years humans will become largely obsolete, and world joblessness will reach 50 percent. The Gartner tech advising company believes that one-third of jobs will be done by machines by 2025. The consultancy firm PwC published a report earlier this year that forecast robots could take 38 percent of US jobs by 2030.

There’s a not that government can do to mitigate the negative effects of automation, although Bill Gates has suggested that robots should be taxed. For sure, the government’s practice of importing foreign workers to work cheap (aka immigration) should end as being totally obsolete, given the automated future.

Anyway, back to Jeff Bezos’ big day:

Amazon’s Cyber Monday was its biggest sales day ever, Money CNN, November 29, 2017

Amazon has once again beat its own sales record.

The tech giant said on Wednesday that Cyber Monday was its single biggest shopping day of all time. The announcement comes just months after it reported unprecedented sales on Prime Day, its special shopping event is for Prime members.

Amazon (AMZN, Tech30) said customers ordered “hundreds of millions of products” from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday. Not surprisingly, the best-selling product on Cyber Monday was an Amazon-branded product: the Echo Dot smart speaker. . .

Cyber Monday was also the biggest sales day ever for small businesses and entrepreneurs selling items on the platform. Customers ordered almost 140 million products from small businesses globally in the five-day period following Thanksgiving. . .

Beyond Amazon, a record $6.59 billion was spent online overall by the end of Cyber Monday, a 16.8% jump year-over-year, according to Adobe Analytics data. It was the largest online shopping day in history.

Tucker Carlson Pummels Politico for Fretting about Lack of Imams in America

How far has the liberal press descended into loony diversity ideology to embrace hostile Islam as a part of America? Don’t scribblers know that the koran has more than 100 verses advocating violence against nonbelievers?

Politico recently went off the rails in diversity lunacy:

Tucker Carlson couldn’t let that pass, including a hint that muslim immigration might not be a good idea from a safety point of view:

Spare audio:

TUCKER CARLSON: In case you missed it over the weekend there was a fascinating piece in Politico with the following counterintuitive title: “America is running out of Muslim clerics and that’s dangerous.” According to the article, the administration’s travel ban — the supposedly fascist one that affects just six out of dozens of majority Muslim countries — is causing a perilous shortage of Islamic clergy in this country. That is terrifying, explains Politico because quote “with no imam to guide them muslims could soon turn elsewhere for direction with possibly radical consequences.”

Huh. It’s kind of a weird thing to say when you think about it. We’ve been told for years that Islamic extremists are just a tiny minority within Islam. Foreign Muslims, our leaders have assured us again and again, are no more dangerous than native-born Americans — probably less dangerous actually because native-born Americans are horrible, as they often point out. And yet, according to Politico, young Muslims may spontaneously become violent if they don’t get the right kind of Imams, even though their faith and culture have nothing to do with violence.

Well, it’s funny how you never hear this same reasoning applied to other faiths. There is, by the way, a shortage of Episcopal priests in this country — have you noticed a wave of Episcopalian terrorism? Has Chuck Schumer demanded we import more Buddhist monks just to make sure young Buddhists don’t murder the rest of us? Probably not. Instead they’re telling us what they’ve always told us: it’s completely safe to admit more Muslims into America and bigoted even to question that assumption. And by the way, if you do question it, Muslim extremists might kill you.

Here’s the Politico article under discussion:

America is Running Out of Muslim Clerics. That’s Dangerous. Politico, November 26, 2017

How Trump’s travel ban worsened a shortage of qualified preachers—and why that’s dangerous.

Abu Marwan’s job has gotten a lot harder since Donald Trump took office. The president of the Masjid Al-Rahma outside San Diego, Marwan has relied on volunteers to serve as imam of the rapidly growing mosque ever since it opened in a strip mall several years ago. But these days, when he turns to those same volunteers, they always have something else to do. Marwan says it’s because they’re afraid of violence against Muslims, which has been on the rise since the 2016 election. As he puts it, “They always say they’re busy, busy. The truth is they just don’t want to do it right now.”

Bringing in an imam from overseas has been just as difficult. Marwan invited one from Egypt to come for the holy month of Ramadan this past June, but the religious leader was unable to get a visa. And so, these days, instead of a regular imam at Masjid Al-Rahma, there is a changing cast of volunteers, students and borrowed imams—and sometimes no one at all—to read prayers to the 300 strong congregation. “Every Friday it is a nightmare to fill in the gap,” says Marwan. “Sometimes I have to call hundreds of people and still I can not find someone. It’s very stressful.” . . .

As America’s Muslim population has grown from 2.3 million a decade ago to a current high of 3.3, according to the Pew Research Center, the number of imams in the country has struggled to keep pace.


Why must America have a growing muslim population, created by unwise immigration? Not all allah-followers will murder infidels during their lives, but enough do to under the declaration of jihadist war against us to regard them as an enemy of western civilization. Simple prudence requires us to keep them out.

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