Sharyl Attkisson Explains How the Mainstream Media Created Massive Mistrust in Itself among the Public

Sharyl Attkisson was an award-winning reporter during her career in the mainstream media, including 21 years at CBS. At some point in her time with the MSM, she found her freedom as a journalist was being compromised and she resigned to pursue an independent career.

She has written two books critical of the media: Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama’s Washington (2014) and more recently The Smear: How Shady Political Operatives and Fake News Control What You See, What You Think, and How You Vote (2017).

Attkisson also hosts a weekly public affairs program Full Measure which is shown on Sinclair stations and can also be seen on its Youtube channel.

Illegal alien crime is a topic that has been investigated on Full Measure.

So she is a good person to do a 5-minute Prager University explanation of why we hate the media (it’s rotten) and how it got to be so mistrusted — nearly two-thirds of Americans believe the press is full of fake news according to a Harvard-Harris poll published last spring.



TRANSCRIPT (November 6, 2017):

Trust in the media is at an all-time low—and for good reason.

We in the business of journalism have exempted ourselves from the normal rules that used to govern us, and so the most egregious kinds of reporting errors are becoming more common. Formerly well-respected news organizations and experienced national reporters are making the sorts of mistakes that wouldn’t be tolerated in journalism school.

When these mistakes are corrected at all, it’s with seemingly little regret. And the corrections never get anywhere near as much attention as the original salacious—but incorrect—narrative.

How did we get here?

I discuss that in detail in my book, The Smear.

Here are three factors:

First, firewalls that once strictly separated news from opinion have been replaced by hopelessly blurred lines. Once-forbidden practices, such as editorializing within straight news reports and the inclusion of opinions as if fact, are not only tolerated—they’re encouraged. The result: It’s never been harder for Americans to separate news that’s real from news that’s not.

Example: May 14, 2016, ten days after Donald Trump became the Republican presidential nominee, the New York Times published a blockbuster article titled, “Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved with Women in Private.” The story’s authors, Michael Barbaro and Megan Twohey, interviewed Rowanne Lane, an ex-girlfriend of Trump’s. Her quotes made Trump sound, at best, like a jerk, and at worst, like a predator.

The reporters went so far as to provide their own quotes for the story, presenting their personal commentary as if it were established fact, writing, “This is the public treatment of some women by Mr. Trump. . . degrading, impersonal, performed.”

The problem is, the reporting wasn’t true—according to Trump’s supposed victim. Once the story was published, she publicly accused the Times of misleading her, writing a “hit piece” against Trump and putting a “negative connotation” on what—she said—was “not…a negative experience.”

No matter where you stand, this was a huge development in terms of journalism: the main source behind front-page national news discredited the entire premise of the story. Free Courses for Free Minds .com You’d expect something like that to rock the whole news organization and prompt investigations, a retraction, and re-examination of policies. Yet, I can find no record of any of that. The Times and their reporters never even apologized or printed a correction. Continue reading this article

America’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions Implements Tough Enforcement against Repeat Alien Criminals

Illegal alien crimes followed by repeated deportations and re-entries are infuriating to knowledgeable Americans who care about sovereignty and public safety. A recent case of that sort occurred last month near San Diego, where a 15-times-deported Mexican drove drunk into an American family’s car and critically injured a little boy.

DUI suspect in hit-run crash that left boy, 6, badly hurt was deported 15 times, San Diego Union-Tribune, May 9, 2017

A drunken driving suspect in a hit-and-run crash that severely injured a 6-year-old boy in San Ysidro over the weekend had been deported from the U.S. at least 15 times, authorities said Tuesday.

Constantino Banda-Acosta, 38, was last deported Jan. 18, with at least 14 prior cases since 2002, federal authorities said. . . .

Below, six-year-old Lennox Lake was seriously injured when a drunk illegal alien Mexican smashed his truck into the Lake car.

A May 29 news article reported that Lennox is still hospitalized from the May 6 crash.

This preventable illegal alien crime was the background for a recent report about the implementation of tough enforcement against criminal aliens by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the inclusion of Kate’s Law into a bill now being constructed in the Congress:

WILLIAM LA JEUNESSE: This guy’s record reflects policy in the last decade. It wasn’t a mistake and it explains why the new Attorney General supports Kate’s Law to impose a mandatory five-year minimum for illegal immigrants who are caught re-entering the US after being deported. So here is Constantino Banda-Acosta after a night of heavy drinking and nearly killing a family near San Diego.

So why wasn’t he in jail? Well remember with the Obama policy of prosecutorial discretion? That directed US Attorneys to only file charges against most serious criminal aliens that allowed many to stay in the US but also gave Mexicans who were deported a free pass to go home without a criminal record, and that’s what happened here. Numerous times Acosta was caught entering illegally using fake documents or sneaking over the border, and the US Attorney gave him a free pass; even after arrest for DUI domestic violence, prosecutors using their discretion refused to prosecute. That is why the new administration bill opposes sanctuary-lite policies that allow misdemeanor criminal aliens to stay in the US indefinitely.

BILL HEMMER: So what does Senator Grassley want and how would Kate’s Law prevent similar incidents, if at all, William?

LA JEUNESSE: After entering illegally the second time, Banda-Acosta would have gone to jail for five years mandatory minimum, and this six-year-old that you see here would not have been found almost dead on the highway. It explains Sessions’ new orders for prosecutors to charge and pursue the most serious offenses.

ATTORNEY GENERAL JEFF SESSIONS: People who re-enter having been convicted of a crime, they get deported and they come right back. So you can’t just deport them again: they have to be punished, and that sends a message more and more that you shouldn’t come back. And if we build a wall and deport them, they’re not coming back.

LA JEUNESSE: So Democrats blocked Kate’s Law in 2015 and 16 but the same language of Kate’s Law is now resurfacing the border security bill the GOP hopes to pass this year.

Here’s some background on the illegal alien enforcement legislation now in the Congress:

Republicans look to fulfill Trump’s vow on ‘Kate’s Law’, The Hill, May 31, 2017

Republicans are going on the offensive with “Kate’s Law,” seeking to fulfill one of President Trump’s most high-profile promises while putting Democrats on defense over illegal immigration.

During the presidential campaign, Trump highlighted the murder of 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle, who was shot by a Mexican immigrant who had unlawfully re-entered the country after being convicted of a separate crime and deported.

Now, Republicans are working on legislation to impose a mandatory five-year minimum prison sentence for immigrants who have twice been charged with illegally re-entering the country or have prior aggravated felony convictions.

Language for Kate’s Law is tucked into a border security bill that Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) and House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-Texas) are working on, according to a draft copy reviewed by The Hill.

The bill, which Senate Democrats successfully blocked in 2015 and 2016, is a priority for Trump.

A May 2 tweet from Rabbi Shmuley Boteach shows him and White House strategist Stephen Bannon standing in front of a whiteboard with Bannon’s to-do list. The words “pass ‘Kate’s law’” are visible under the header “Pledges on Immigration.” Continue reading this article

Fake Hate Accuser Pleads Guilty in Court

There seems to be an uptick in fake hate crimes these days — maybe it’s a reaction to the Trump election or just more diversity generally. But these socially poisonous accusations are rarely prosecuted, so it’s nice to see a perp in court, charged for making a false police report.

Below, Michigan student Halley Bass pleads guilty in her hearing in the 15th District Court on March 6, 2017.

You have to read rather deeply into this detailed article to learn the accused says she was wearing a safety pin to show solidarity with “immigrants” (aka aliens) in Britain who feel threatened by Brexit — what a stretch to say a safety pin was the motivation for a hate crime. What adult person, even an alleged hateful one, can keep track of all the campus message signaling these days? The claim shows the length young liberals will go to achieve politically correct victimhood.

Ann Arbor woman pleads guilty to making up hate crime,, March 7, 2017

ANN ARBOR, MI — A 21-year-old Ann Arbor woman pleaded guilty as charged to one count of false report of a misdemeanor in 15th District Court on Monday, March 6.

Halley Bass admitted in court that she fabricated a story about a strange man scratching her face in downtown Ann Arbor on Nov. 15.

“I was suffering from depression at the time,” Bass told Judge Elizabeth Pollard Hines. “I made a superficial scratch on my face. It was visible and I was embarrassed about what I’d done. So I made up a story and told a friend that a stranger had done it while I was walking. I was encouraged to report it to the police. I made the mistake of doing that.”

At the time, Bass claimed her attack was part of the surge in hate crimes following the election of Donald Trump a week earlier. She told police she was targeted for wearing a solidarity pin connected to Great Britain’s “Brexit” vote.

Bass admitted to scratching her own face with the pin after becoming upset during a Woman’s Literature class at the University of Michigan, according to the Ann Arbor Police Department report.

Bass and her Ann Arbor-based attorney, Douglas Mullkoff, requested that she be sentenced through the 15th District’s mental health court. Hines said if court officials determine Bass is eligible, Bass will be sentenced by Judge Karen Valvo in that court on March 22.

Bass originally told police that she got out of class at Angell Hall around 1 p.m. and walked to the Starbuck’s on the corner of East Liberty Street and South State Street, but left because it was too crowded, according to the report.

Bass said she then went to the Michigan Theater down Liberty to see what movies were playing and that while she was passing by “Graffiti Alley” a short time later a man attacked her, slashing her face with what she believed was a safety pin, the report said.

Bass told police the attack was likely prompted by the Brexit pin.

“(The) person must have seen the pin and picked on me,” Bass said, according to the report. “That’s my best guess. No other reason why he would be targeting me.”

Police asked Bass if something like that ever happened to her before.

“I’ve heard of other people experiencing incidents recently, but not to me,” she said.

The police noted several scratches on her face.

Bass described the suspect as an approximately 45-year-old white male, with stubble on his face, wearing a black baseball hat pulled low over his face, a gray hoodie with the hood down and sweat pants. Continue reading this article

CAIR Excuse: Sensitive Muslims Are Driven to Faking Hate Crimes by Cruel Islamophobia

Fake hate crimes claimed by Muslims are getting to be quite a thing, to the point where spokeshuman Ibrahim Hooper of the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) felt a need to explain it away. He says the reason for all the fake hate crimes is that muslims are driven crazy by the terrible “Islamophobia” that they suffer from meanie suspicious Americans.

“Islamophobia” is a go-to excuse for any misbehavior that muslims cannot easily escape. Now we supposed to believe that “Islamophobia” makes them insane. (Remember that a phobia is an irrational fear, while some muslims really are trying to kill us.)

Say, if America is so horrible, why don’t fragile Islamics move back to the loving Ummah community in the Middle East or North Africa? There’s plenty of Islo-territory.

Below, Iraqi Kassim Al-Himidi was found guilty in San Diego of murdering his wife after blaming the death on anti-muslim haters.

JihadWatch author Robert Spencer has an update on the new twist to diverse fake hate crimes in America.

CAIR’s Hooper: US Muslims “Mental Health Issues” Cause Them to Fake Hate Crimes

Even fake hate crimes are caused by “Islamophobia.”

Here’s a new twist: the establishment propaganda media’s narrative that Muslims are always victims is breaking down with the continuing revelations that Muslims have faked “anti-Muslim hate crimes,” and so now ABC News has doubled down: Muslims are victims, you see, because they fake anti-Muslim hate crimes. They’re driven crazy by “Islamophobia,” doncha know.

“These false reports unfortunately give ammunition to the industry of Islamophobes who promote the demonization and dehumanization of Islamic Muslims,” says Hamas-linked CAIR’s Ibrahim “Honest Ibe” Hooper. “Islamic Muslims,” Ibe? Are there non-Islamic Muslims now? Anyway, note how deftly Hooper plays the victim card even in the process of being exposed for falsely playing the victim card: the fake hate crimes are not a challenge to the veracity or trustworthiness of Muslims; rather, they’re tools in the hands of the alleged “Islamophobes” who supposedly “promote the demonization and dehumanization of Islamic Muslims” — as if its demonizing and dehumanizing someone to ask him to be honest. Continue reading this article

Five Muslim Hate Crime Hoaxes Are Explained

There’s nothing like a good list of facts to elucidate a topic, and the flurry of recent hate crimes untruthfully claimed by Muslims indicates the rarity of the real thing. But victimhood is a major value of the left, so emotive, colorful lies continue to be spewed.

Below, last month a Muslim teen residing in New York claimed she was harassed by Trump supporters on the subway, but it was all a lie.

Certainly we can expect an explosion of Muslim hate crime hoaxes during the Trump administration, since he has said America should suspend Islamic immigration until, as the candidate said following the Orlando mass murder jihad, “we can find out what is going on.”

Here’s what’s going on: some Muslims believe hijrah — jihad accomplished in infidel lands via immigration — is a duty to Islam and therefore immigration is their right as special allah creatures.

There were no Nazi visas during WWII because even the Democrat President Franklin Roosevelt understood that importing enemies as immigrants would be unwise. But today, Islam has declared war on the west, although many politicians pretend otherwise. The sensible policy should therefore be NO Muslim immigration for the duration.

Islam book author and JihadWatch blogger Robert Spencer has a little list that shows a pattern about hate crime hoaxes and how they are political tools…

Five New Fake ‘Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes’, By Robert Spencer,, January 17, 2017

As Trump’s inauguration approaches, the fake hate crime industry has kicked into high gear. A rash of widely reported “anti-Muslim hate crimes” have turned out to be hoaxes perpetrated by Muslims.

Hate crimes are political capital in our petulant, victimhood-idolizing society: when real incidents don’t exist, there is incentive to invent them. The Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and other Muslims have on many occasions not hesitated to fabricate hate crimes, including attacks on mosques. For CAIR and its allies, this is part of a larger agenda. They wish to deflect attention away from jihad terror attacks and plots, and to end law enforcement scrutiny of what is supposedly an unjustly despised and harassed group.

1. On Saturday, Washington’s Bellevue Reporter noted regarding the arrest of Isaac Wayne Wilson — who is suspected of an arson attack on the Islamic Center of Eastside — that “law enforcement officials are shying away from calling it a hate crime.” But why? Especially since Wilson “reportedly has a history of contentious interactions at the mosque — including a conviction for malicious mischief”?

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Mike Hogan said:

At this point, we haven’t seen any evidence that this is a hate crime. A hate crime is proven by words or actions that the perpetrator was targeting a community because of feelings of animosity towards them.

If Isaac Wayne Wilson has “a history of contentious interactions at the mosque,” wouldn’t law enforcement officials have ample evidence of “words or actions” showing “that the perpetrator was targeting a community because of feelings of animosity towards them”?

Logically, they only would not have such evidence if his “contentious interactions” at the mosque had nothing to do with it being a mosque or with the Muslim identity of the people who go there. Is Isaac Wayne Wilson himself a Muslim? Is this yet another fake anti-Muslim hate crime? Continue reading this article

Germany Diversity Update: Sanity Returns Somewhat (with Upcoming Elections) but Actual Deportations Are Tough to Achieve

Below is an interesting discussion on Hungarian TV about the illegal alien situation in Europe, and how intractable it is. Once the moochers are in Europe, they are next to impossible to evict. The aliens have a whole laundry list of delaying tactics, and their home countries don’t want them back either.

Below, in 2015 young Middle Eastern males jammed a train in Hungary to reach Germany and its promise of lots of free stuff.

America certainly dodged a bullet by electing Donald Trump. Hillary promised to admit large numbers diverse unfriendlies, and we will never know how many jihadist murders were prevented by the voters rejecting Hillary.

Back to Germany, property crimes and violence against women (part of the Muslim diversity package) have risen enormously. The following report includes some shocking crime statistics, e.g. in Berlin, 86 percent of burglaries are carried out by the aliens. Nationwide, the foreigners commit 800 crimes per day.

Germany is far less safe because of Merkel inviting the Muslim world into the heart of Europe.

ANNOUNCER: Germany does not want migrants anymore. The German government intends to deny developmental aid to countries that refuse to take back deported migrants. It seems that the first one to get into trouble will be Tunisia. The security and political expert Georg Spöttle and Barna Fábián discuss the topic. Good morning.

BARNA FÁBIÁN: Good morning. I am thinking that these Arab migrants were not needed in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, so the richest countries in the Middle East want none of them. Now the countries where they actually come from also do not want them back. Where they will go?

GEORG SPÖTTLE: We found out that around 5,000 Tunisians joined the international jihad, mostly they went to fight for ISIS, and these endangerers (German: gefährdend) the German government would like to deport as fast as possible to Tunisia, and also the serious perpetrators and the infamous Nafris, who only went to Germany to sell drugs, who under 4-5-6-7-8 false identities get social benefits, we are talking about getting thousands of Euros monthly. Now Merkel and the government would like to get rid of them real fast, the elections are “ante portas” [at the gate] this year, in the fall especially, when we vote for a new Chancellor.

Sunday there was a protest in Tunisia against the possible return of jihadists. They marched through the city with a large sign saying, “We are not Germany’s garbage bag.” This is a wee bit strange, because these people did not hatch out from some eggs here, but came from Tunisia using the migration wave. It is very interesting that the Tunisian government was not in a hurry in the past, either, to take these people back. We could see it in the case of terrorists, for example in the Berlin terror attack. He was not even alive when his re-admission papers finally arrived. They could not provide that in two years. The North African countries: Tunisia, the Kingdom of Morocco are not really motivated or in a hurry to get these serious perpetrators or dangerous jihadists accepted back into their country. Continue reading this article

Muslims Are Fearful of Trump Inauguration!

A little-examined sub-genre of the immigrant Sob Story is the Fear Story where diverse foreigners claim to be anxious about violence against them based on Americans’ alleged racism or Islamophobia etc. But no violence has occurred.

Is it actually News when nothing happens but there is a ginned-up fear that it might? The liberal media apparently believes so.

The Washington Post promoted the idea of immigrant fear of Americans on its Dec. 27 front page where Muslims residing in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, say they “hold their breath” about attacks from crazed Americans following President Trump’s inauguration.


The Post actually undermines its own case by noting that the 2015 jihad mass murder of several marines in nearby Chattanooga did not elicit any violence from citizens — not a single lynching or mosque burning!

But the inauguration of President Trump will unleash a torrent of hate violence against gentle muslims. Sure it will, Achmed.

In fact, there has been so little anti-muslim hate violence — a favored propaganda fuel of the left — that there has been a flurry of hate crime hoaxes, such as the lying muslim girl who claimed Trump supporters attacked her and the Houston mosque arson committed by a worshipper.

It’s gotten so bad that some in the liberal media now fear that muslims have become discredited as liars — ouch, hate hoax overdose!

Funny how the lefty scribblers never recognize the worst hate violence — the anti-infidel mass murders by muslims in Orlando, San Bernardino and elsewhere. And if those attacks were to cease, then perhaps Americans would not be so concerned about possible jihadists being dumped in their communities.

Below, the 2013 Boston Marathon was bombed by the two jihadist Tsarnaev brothers and resulted in three deaths and many maimed persons. This attack and many others have created American suspicion of Islam, but the media will not allowed it to be spoken.

APTOPIX Boston Marathon Explosion

Or maybe Americans are just so darn mean that we don’t deserve angelic muslims living among us. The government in that case should end muslim immigration to protect the peaceful followers of allah. Right, that’s the ticket.

Muslims in a Bible Belt town hold their breath, Washington Post, December 26, 2016

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — It was here, in this midsize college town in the dead center of Tennessee, that a right-wing effort to ban Islamic law found one of its first sponsors. Here, too, a congressman co-sponsored a plan to “defund Muslim ‘refugees’ ” and local residents sued to block construction of the only mosque, a fight that ended at the Supreme Court.

The town’s Muslims carried on through all of that, raising their children, saying their prayers, teaching at college, filling people’s prescriptions and filling their tanks, contributing to the civic life in a city of 126,000. They felt the familiar grief and fear of reprisal last year when a Muslim man killed four Marines in Chattanooga, 90 minutes away.

Now Donald Trump — a man who has repeatedly cast doubt on the patriotism of Muslims — is the president-elect, and he has selected a national security adviser, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who has called Islam a “cancer.” And a deep unease has again seeped into the daily life of many here in this Muslim community of about 1,500.

There has been a smattering of post-election harassment and insults — at schools, in parking lots, on the road — but nothing to take to the police or put Murfreesboro back in the national headlines.

“Right now, we’re hoping that it’s going to be calm,” said Saleh Sbenaty, an engineering professor at Middle Tennessee State University and one of the founders of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro. “But we don’t know if it’s the calm before the storm or the calm after the storm.” Continue reading this article

More Hate Crime Hoaxes from Muslims

It’s pretty safe to assume that hate crime hoaxes — particularly regarding Muslims — will explode off the charts during the Trump administration. Varieties of faked hate have been roiling communities and college campuses for years with no let up. One count finds 100 hate crime hoaxes in the last decade, and the Trump presidency is sure to inspire even greater phony-baloney victimhood.

One memorable freakout occurred in 2012 when an Iraqi Muslim man residing in El Cajon murdered his wife and faked it as a hate crime: the town’s Muslims went nuts, hysterically blaming Islam critics like Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller for creating “Islamophobia” thereby causing the crime.

Kassim Alhimidi murdered his wife Shaima Alawadi (whose photo he holds) and blamed the crime on some hateful American. Alhimidi is now serving 26 years to life in state prison.

Speaking of Robert Spencer, he takes up the topic of fake hate in his most recent 5-minute explainer about several crimes that never happened as described by Muslim “victims.” Do police in Islamic nations not do detailed investigations of crime? Muslim immigrants seem to expect their word to be taken at face value by authorities, which does not happen here.

Another ‘Islamophobic Hate Crime’ Hoax, PJ Media, By Robert Spencer, October 19, 2016

It’s a recurring and strange phenomenon: anti-Muslim hate crimes that turn out to be none of those words.

This one was especially egregious and heartbreaking — or at least that’s the way it seemed. The Huffington Post headlined its story with this:

Islamophobia Just Drove This Boy And His Family Out Of America

There was just one catch: none of it was true. The article began this way:

“I’m done with the U.S.,” Zeeshan-ul-hassan Usmani’s wife told him on Friday. Seeing her youngest son, just 7 years old, walk off the school bus bruised and battered that afternoon outside their apartment building in Cary, North Carolina, was the final straw.

It seems that the Usmanis’ son, “little Abdul Aziz, a first-grader and the youngest child of Usmani and Binish Bhagwanee, was traumatized.” The trauma came from bullying by his schoolmates that specifically focused upon the boy’s Muslim faith:

[He] told his parents a classmate had tried to force him to eat food that wasn’t halal. When Abdul Aziz refused, five of his classmates ganged up on him, making fun of his name. They punched him in the face, kicked him in the stomach, and twisted his arm while calling him “Muslim” again and again, Usmani said.

Horrible, right?

But there were problems with the story from the beginning. If Usmani’s claim were true — “They keep beating him all the way from school to home on the bus” — then the boy would have suffered extensive injuries, and the bus would have been in an uproar, as anyone who has ever ridden a school bus knows. Instead, after an investigation, school officials announced:

No students who were interviewed witnessed an altercation. The bus driver did not witness an altercation. The child did not report to the bus driver any injury.

Continue reading this article

America’s Senator Publishes Scary-Long List of Obama’s Removal of America’s Immigration Enforcement System

Senator Jeff Sessions has a fine publishing operation in his office, demonstrated by his occasional fact sheets of well researched points regarding the failure of Washington to stem immigration anarchy.

A few examples include:

The New Dream Act Is Worse (2011)

Ten Questions for the Senate’s Gang of Eight Bill (2013)

Needed Measures for a Border Enforcement Bill (2015)

Now Senator Sessions has presented the mother of all lists, scary in its length, that enumerates the instances of President Obama dismantling America’s immigration enforcement system. It was posted on Breitbart on Feb 16:

Timeline: How the Obama Administration Bypassed Congress to Dismantle Immigration Enforcement

In September 2011, President Obama said, “We live in a democracy. You have to pass bills through the legislature, and then I can sign it.” Yet, since that time, and indeed before then, he has systematically voided existing laws and unilaterally created new measures that Congress has refused to adopt under either Democratic or Republican control.

Most recently, the President announced he would do what he once said only an “emperor” could do – grant unilateral amnesty, work permits, and access to government benefits to more than five million illegal immigrants. This unprecedented action, combined with new “enforcement priorities” for Department of Homeland Security personnel that exempt the vast majority of illegal immigrants from the threat of removal, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals directive, the “Morton” memos, and numerous other lesser-reported but far-reaching Executive actions, has threatened not only our constitutional system, but our national sovereignty. Indeed, the idea of national, sovereign borders is being daily eviscerated by the President’s determination to write his own immigration rules in defiance of Congress and the American people.

Below is a detailed timeline of how the Obama Administration systematically dismantled immigration enforcement, undermining the very rule of law upon which our nation was founded and upon which its greatness depends.

January 2009: Obama Administration Ends Worksite Enforcement Actions

In early 2009, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) executes a raid (initiated and planned under the Bush Administration) on an engine machine shop in Bellingham, Washington, detaining 28 illegal immigrants who were using fake Social Security numbers and identity documents. Shortly thereafter, pro-amnesty groups criticized the Administration for enforcing the law. An unnamed DHS official is quoted in the Washington Times as saying, “the Secretary is not happy about it and this is not her policy.” Instead of enforcing the law, the Secretary investigates the ICE agents for simply doing their duty. Esther Olavarria, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, says on a call with employers and pro-amnesty groups that “we’re not doing raids or audits under this administration.”

January 29, 2009: Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano Delays E-Verify Deadline

Former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano delays the original deadlines for federal contractors to use the E-Verify system, from January 15, 2009, and February 20, 2009, to May 21, 2009. Continue reading this article

New York Times Spotlights Arson of Swedish Mosques

Saturday’s New York Times featured a heart-tuggy photo on its front page, something it has done before in the service of diversity.

The subject of the picture is a cutesy immigrant child gazing upon little paper hearts strung on a burned out mosque in Sweden. To my suspicious eye, the perfect composition and oddly folded hands of the girl suggest a posed photo rather than an image taken from life:

The paper could have featured the destruction by arson of hundreds of cars in the warped New Years tradition of France’s hostile young Muslims. Instead of a giving prominence to the story, the Times ran a one-paragraph AP squib on page A10 (France: Hundreds of Cars Set on Fire).

A little background is needed to understand how Sweden got to a place where mosques are being fire-bombed. In September 2013, the government of Sweden generously (or stupidly) offered to take in any Syrian refugees who could get there — potentially over a million persons. The reality of such a major demographic influx began to become recognized as costing a lot and difficult to organize. Housing and jobs for many thousands cannot be made to appear just by the fervent wishing of liberals.

A few days ago, a group of asylum-seeking Syrians refused to get off the bus for their housing in a small town out in the boonies. Many protested with a hunger strike because their new homes were not urbane enough. One man complained the icey streets made it “dangerous for me to be here.”

So the mosque fires have occurred in an atmosphere of growing tension.

However, not everyone accepts the official story of white Swedes attacking diverse immigrants. An article in The Local (Sweden rallies after trio of mosque fire attacks) has comments and the first one suspects Muslims may have bombed themselves for the sympathy, an opinion that got a lot of favorable up-clicks:

May be they see the SD [Sweden Democrats, the anti-mass-immigration party] is rising so they set fire on their own Mosques to frame it?

In fact, fake hate crimes are fairly common among advocates seeking sympathy for themselves or their cause. A black kid running for student government sent himself racist hate mail to get votes. Liberal professor Kerri Dunn claimed her car was vandalized by evil racists, but witnesses saw her doing the damage and she was eventually sentenced to prison.

As for faked hate crimes carried out by Muslims, Robert Spencer recently listed five examples from last year alone: The Top Anti-Muslim Hate Crime Hoaxes of 2014. One was the murder of Iraqi immigrant Shaima Alawadi by her husband, who tried to make the killing appear to be an anti-Muslim hate crime committed by cruel Americans.

Despite the fact that no arrests have been made and therefore no perps identified in the Sweden case, the Times stuck with the convenient story of white Europeans attacking diverse immigrants. That may be the case, but the possibility of faked hate crimes is just as likely.

In Sweden, the Land of the Open Door, Anti-Muslim Sentiment Finds a Foothold, New York Times, January 2, 2015

ESKILSTUNA, Sweden — As Khalif Samantar knelt for afternoon prayers at the Eskilstuna Islamic Dawa Center on Christmas Day, he sensed a growing heat and a low, rushing sound coming from a nearby hallway. He focused his mind on the ritual, only to realize seconds later that someone was shouting, “The mosque is on fire!”

Mr. Samantar sprang through an open window and rushed through the snow in his stocking feet for help. Though about 70 people were inside the mosque at the time, no one was injured.

The fire, which gutted the Dawa center, was the worst of three suspected arson attacks on mosques in Sweden over the last 10 days. In the same period, two freighters bearing hundreds of asylum seekers were abandoned by their crews off the coast of Italy, adding to a surge of more than 200,000 migrants to Europe in 2014.

“We left our country as refugees. We were not looking for food or benefits, we were looking for somewhere to feel safe,” said Abdirahman Farah Warsame, the imam at the mosque where the fire occurred on Christmas Day. He is originally from Somalia. “Now that is gone. We have a feeling that society is turning against us.” Continue reading this article

Fake Hate Crimes against Muslims, in Fresno and Beyond

On Christmas day in Fresno, somebody vandalized a local mosque, and shrieking immediately began characterizing the damage as a hate crime, a thought energetically stoked by the media:


Police now have a suspect in custody after a cultural center promoting peace, is the victim of hate.

Fresno police say a lone suspect vandalized the Islamic Cultural Center in Northeast Fresno on Christmas morning. Police Chief Jerry Dyer will release more information about the suspect at a Saturday morning news conference.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says it is clear the incident is a hate crime which is why the FBI is also investigating this case. The suspect went to the center twice Thursday morning, and the second time he dumped a bottle of bleach on the American flag. . .

Here’s a screen snap from the KFSN news report, emphasizing HATE:

But when the perp was identified as a local Muslim, Asif Mohammad Khan, the chatter changed completely. The family said the 28-year-old man was afflicted with “mental illness” and his sister apologized during a presser. The police chief said the felony vandalism was committed “for a very isolated reason” — whatever that means, as some sort of excuse apparently. So a Muslim committed the crime, not an American, and that makes it okay, or at least less bad. Hate all gone and diversity defended, phew.

Islam propagandists, particularly CAIR, pretend that anti-Muslim crime is huge and Americans are bigoted attackers of poor innocent Muslims. In fact, the FBI’s annual hate crime statistics show that Muslims are not long-suffering victims of cruel Americans. Of the 5928 incidents reported for 2013, only 2.3 percent were against Muslims. And one wonders how many of those were fake.

CAIR and their comrades worldwide advance the Hate meme to quash any reasoned discussion about the threat of Islam invading the west through immigration. Intimidation is an effective weapon, and hostile Muslims have been perfecting their world-conquest chops for 1400 years.

Incidentally, a Google search for Hate Crime Hoax can provide hours of educational fun.

Finally, in the spirit of year-end reviews of 2014, JihadWatch’s Robert Spencer compiled a list of outstanding anti-Muslim hate crime hoaxes:

The Top Anti-Muslim Hate Crime Hoaxes of 2014, Front Page, December 29, 2014

On Christmas morning, a man drove up to the Islamic Cultural Center in Fresno, threw rocks through the windows, and then entered the center and destroyed things inside. The local ABC outlet, KFSN, reported Friday that “Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says it is clear the incident is a hate crime which is why the FBI is also investigating this case.” But on Saturday, it turned out that the incident was not an “anti-Muslim hate crime” at all: the vandal was Asif Mohammad Khan, a Muslim. The destruction at the Islamic Cultural Center in Fresno was yet another in a long series of fake hate crimes designed to prop up the fiction that Muslims in the U.S. are routinely targets of discrimination and harassment.

According to Khan’s sister Samia, the vandal is (like the recent French attackers who screamed “Allahu akbar” while trying to kill infidels) mentally ill. She also said that he was a devout Muslim who prayed five times daily. Dyer revealed that Khan had in recent days written that Osama bin Laden was the most inspirational person in his life. Dyer explained that Khan’s vandalism of the mosque “was not geared towards the Islamic community, it was not geared to the Islamic faith or any of those things and was simply to get back at a few people at the center who had belittled him and in his eyes bullied him.”

Dyer and other law enforcement authorities were extremely unlikely to consider it as they investigated Khan’s crimes, but the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and other Muslims have on many occasions in the past not hesitated to stoop even to fabricating “hate crimes,” including attacks on mosques. CAIR and other groups like it want and need hate crimes against Muslims, because they can use them for political points and as weapons to intimidate people into remaining silent about the jihad threat.

This has happened many times in 2014. Here are five of the most egregiously manipulative examples:

1. The Saleh and Akbar viral video.

In October, the Muslim bloggers Adam Saleh and Sheikh Akbar released a video entitled “Racial Profiling Experiment.” It showed the duo in Western clothing, coming to blows in front of an indifferent NYPD cop. In the second part of the video, they pass by the same cop in Muslim garb, arguing mildly – only to be harassed and frisked by the same policeman.

The video went viral. The Huffington Post hysterically proclaimed that it offered a “small glimpse into the ugly world of racial profiling.” Hamas-linked CAIR called for an investigation. But then it turned out that the whole thing had been staged. The Smoking Gun called the video a “cynical and duplicitous attempt to capitalize on New York City’s documented racial profiling problems.” Continue reading this article

Portland Terror Trial Outcome: Somali Immigrant Sentenced to 30 Years for Christmas Bomb Plot

In 2010, Oregon-residing Mohamed Mohamud (a naturalized citizen born in Somalia) planned to mass murder Americans at a Portland Christmas tree-lighting ceremony where typically hundreds of families show up for the festivities. He rang his cell-phone twice, thinking a huge bomb would go off, but it was a fake set up by the FBI to take out the would-be killer.

Mohamud was sentenced on Wednesday to 30 years prison time, despite the fact that the prosecutor recommended 40 years.

Interestingly, the case began when his father contacted the FBI, as noted in the video below, about his concerns that his son was becoming drawn to jihad.

Mohamud (pictured) is quite a piece of work, having decided in high school that he didn’t like Americans and wanted to pursue jihad so he could kill lots of infidels. When a supposed confederate remarked that the Christmas event would include many children, Mohamud responded, “Yeah, I mean, that’s what I’m looking for.”

But now he’s all sorry, apologizing to the Muslim community for making them look bad.

And despite many cases like this one that illustrates Somalis being a top diversity failure in this country given their crime and terrorism, Washington continues to admit them into American communities, including 8,278 Somali refugees in FY 2014.

Mohamud sentenced to 30 years in tree lighting bomb plot, Associated Press and Staff, October 1, 2014

PORTLAND – Mohamed Mohamud, the young Somali American convicted of trying to bomb Portland’s downtown square while it was filled with holiday cheer, was sentenced Wednesday to 30 years in prison.

Federal prosecutors recommended a 40-year sentence for the 23-year-old. The defense asked for 10 years.

He was arrested Nov. 26, 2010, after pressing a keypad button on a cellphone that he believed would trigger a bomb where thousands of people gathered for the annual lighting of a Christmas tree.

“I want to apologize to everyone in the community and everybody who was there,” Mohamed Mohamud said during his sentencing for the attempted bomb plot.

He admitted what he did was terribly wrong and apologized to the Muslim community for bringing shame to their religion.

U.S. District Court Judge Garr King said the sentence was necessary due to the seriousness of the crime and to deter others who might consider similar acts. Continue reading this article

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