Is ICE Honcho Homan a Swamp Creature?

On Wednesday, the Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan appeared on Fox News and sounded like a tough enforcer as he discussed his agency’s duties, but his history is a little more complicated.

He railed against MS-13 and sanctuary cities in the interview. When Fox host Neil Cavuto observed how widespread the violent gang has become, Homan responded, “Our intelligence shows they’re in over 40 states across the country” and “we’re coming after them very hard.” He further expounded:

When [President Trump] signed executive orders, he basically told the Border Patrol agents and the 20,000 American patriots that work for ICE: you can now do your job, you will enforce the laws on the books. There’s no population of aliens that’s off the table any more, and we’ve been waiting on that almost a decade now. So you know I’ve made it clear when you enter this country illegally, you have committed a crime, and you can’t want to be a part of this country and not respect its laws, so those who enter the country illegally, you may get past the Border Patrol and in the past you had this feeling that, ‘Okay I’m home free, I got by the Border Patrol and no one’s looking for me’ — well, those days are over. We’re looking for you, we’re gonna prioritize what we do, but we’re going to enforce the law without apology.

Regarding those special safe spaces for illegal aliens, Homan said, “Sanctuary cities in my opinion, they’re unAmerican: that’s not an America I grew up in.”

He certainly has the enforcement song-and-dance patter down, just the sort of thing his new boss likes to hear.

Director Homan sounds like a tough immigration law enforcer, right? Deportation is happening, is it not?

In May, ICE gang arrests netted more than 1300 illegal alien criminals in largest sweep to date.

Interestingly, Breitbart News paints quite a different picture of the ICE leader, that he was Obama’s willing and enthusiastic henchman who released criminal aliens into America like the MS-13 monsters Homan now condemns:

Trump’s ICE Director Helped Author Obama’s Immigration Priorities and Executive Orders, Praised Them,, by Brandon Darby, July 10, 2017

The Obama-holdover chosen by DHS Secretary John Kelly to direct Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for the Trump Administration helped author Obama’s controversial immigration priorities and executive orders, and he also publicly praised them. Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan made the comments on video shortly before the 2016 presidential election at a time when most thought Hillary Clinton would win, but Donald Trump won and now Homan claims to be an immigration hawk. Continue reading this article

Hearing: DHS Secretary Kelly Suggests Congress Legalize Illegal Alien Kiddies

It was very disappointing to see Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly say he wants Congress to legalize Obama’s unlawful action of 2012 when he delivered an amnesty to hundreds of thousands of young illegal aliens, in a program called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Obama had stated for several years that he couldn’t unilaterally create a mass amnesty, until he decided that he could.

In the hearing video below from June 7, Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ, immigration grade this Congress F-) recites the tiresome cliché, “These kids who were brought here into the country through no fault of their own as children, as you know; in Arizona there’s 57,000 of them.”

Secretary Kelly responded, “As I said many many many times on this topic, we are not targeting DACA recipients. But that said — and I’m not gonna let you off the hook — you’ve got to solve this problem. A different man or woman in this job might have a different view of it. I’m not gonna let the Congress off the hook. You’ve got to solve it.”

Of course, Kelly is simply following the guidance of his boss, President Trump, who has been continuing Obama’s DACA program with remarkable enthusiasm, despite having promised during his campaign to end it. In fact, in April the president said “This is a matter of heart” — meaning it would be mean to send them home. What?!

Whose heart? Certainly not the hearts of patriotic Americans, who thought they had elected a tough immigration enforcer. Trump’s reversal has put him in the anti-borders camp of Obama globalists, at least for kids’ category.

DACA kids have gotten free educations and other social services on the backs of taxpayers, not to mention the all-important jobs obtained via their government-supplied work permits. Illegal immigration is theft, and youth is not an excuse for receiving ill-gotten gains. If your father was an excellent safe-cracker, I don’t think you get to keep the loot.

And the numbers of DACA recipients are not insignificant. Mark Krikorian found them the other day and reported in his article Amnesty Donald:

Assuming a constant rate of processing, that would mean Donald Trump has given access to work permits, Social Security numbers, driver’s licenses, EITC, and more to 13,436 illegal aliens who had not already been amnestied by Obama. That’s an average of 192 new illegals a day granted amnesty by Donald Trump.

The Washington Times observed the disapproval of Trump voters:

Trump’s reversal allowing amnesty for Dreamers enrages conservative base, By Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, June 8, 2017

The Trump administration has approved tens of thousands of temporary amnesties for illegal immigrant Dreamers, according to numbers released Thursday that underscore a major reversal for President Trump.

The decision has enraged the president’s conservative base, which hoped he would make good on his promise to revoke the policy, known in governmentspeak as DACA. Continue reading this article

Young Non-DREAMer Illegal Can’t Get a Job in the United States

The advent of the Trump administration has been a fine opportunity for the art of illegal immigration sob stories, and they can’t be hard for lib scribblers to dig up. Today’s sniffler episode concerns Mexican David Cruz Hernandez who just missed being a DACA moocher by being a few months too old. He nevertheless managed to cadge two degrees from the California university system, where he ripped off the state and took a slot that should have gone to a deserving, qualified American.

But now as a highly educated illegal alien, Hernandez is unable to steal an American job. Boo hoo.

Speaking of Obama’s DACA scam, President Trump has let the evil thing continue, even though he promised during his campaign to end it. Disappointing.

Below, illegal alien David Cruz Hernandez complains that he must travel abroad to use the skills he gleaned from the education subsidized by California taxpayers.

Uncertainty for undocumented graduates who aren’t ‘Dreamers’, San Francisco Chronicle, June 3, 2017

David Cruz Hernandez felt euphoric as he cleared tables at a restaurant in June 2012. News was breaking of President Barack Obama’s effort to shield from deportation hundreds of thousands of people who were brought to the country as children, while giving them access to work permits.

For Cruz Hernandez, then a 23-year-old UC Santa Cruz student, the program called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, seemed a solution to his life of uncertainty. He raced home that night and pulled up the eligibility rules on his iPad in bed.

Applicants must have arrived in the U.S. before June 2007. Check. They must be in school. Check. They must have entered the country before their 16th birthday.

“Oh,” he said to himself. He had crossed the border when he was 16 years and 9 months old.

Five years later, Cruz Hernandez remains anguished by his narrow miss. And he is part of a large group of people who have graduated from a California university or are on the path toward graduating, despite having no legal status, no pathway to a work permit and no protection from deportation.

These students are similar in profile to the “Dreamers” who qualified for DACA — who number more than 200,000 in California — but face dwindling options on graduation day, even though they arrived as juveniles and were provided strong educations, often with taxpayer-funded aid. Continue reading this article

ICE Gang Sweep Nets over 1300 in Arrests

“Gang sweep” is a phrase Americans haven’t heard in a while, and it sounds good.

In contrast, Obama preferred to release illegal alien criminals from jail, including violent ones. CIS reported that under the Obama administration, immigration agencies were rather permissive: ICE Released 19,723 Criminal Aliens in 2015. Perhaps the previous president saw diverse criminals as future Democrat voters.

Below, some tatted-up MS-13 members. Of the 1378 recent gang arrests, 104 were MS-13, who have been causing a lot of mayhem lately on Long Island.

Interestingly, CNN was reassuring to diversity enthusiasts in its report, headlining: ICE announces major anti-gang operation, mostly US citizens arrested. CNN detailed that out of more than 1300 arrests nationwide, “445 were foreign nationals, with 384 in the country illegally.”

Presumably we citizens are supposed to be relieved at that number.

Were any re-arrests of illegals released by Obama? Inquiring minds want to know.

ICE arrests 1,378 suspected gang members in largest sweep to date, Fox News, May 11, 2017

The Trump administration has concluded a six-week nationwide sweep of suspected gang members with 1,378 arrests — the largest such gang sweep conducted by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) to date.

The operation, which ran from March 26 through May 6, targeted gang members and associates involved in transnational criminal activity, including drug trafficking, weapons smuggling, human smuggling, sex trafficking, murder and racketeering.

“Gangs threaten the safety of our communities, not just in major metropolitan areas, but in our suburbs and rural areas, too,” ICE Acting Director Thomas Homan said Thursday. “Gang-related violence and criminal activity present an ongoing challenge for law enforcement everywhere.”

According to ICE, of the 1,378 total arrested, 933 were U.S. citizens, and 1,095 were confirmed as gang members or affiliates. Also, 104 of those arrested were affiliated with the dreaded MS-13 gang, eight of whom illegally crossed the border as unaccompanied minors. Continue reading this article

Los Angeles Times Swoons over Houston, America’s Most Diverse City

The LA Times is notable for its passionate trust in liberalism’s true faith of diversity. American culture, it assumes, exists only to provide a comfy habitat for immigrants and illegal aliens to enjoy. Preserving the traditional society for the benefit of citizens does not seem to be considered.

Tuesday’s front page served up a prime example of diverso-think, with undisguised delight about the change of Houston from an American city to the nation’s most diverse one, declaring that “Houston’s new boom is diversity.”

Doesn’t the Times seem a little too happy at the disappearance of white people? Its demographic chart shows only 25.6 percent white people in 2010. Would Zero white people be preferable according to the Times‘ values?

Perhaps the LAT has forgotten that pale persons were the founding fathers of America. In addition, they were almost entirely Protestants who were English-speaking British-descended persons.

So according to current liberal beliefs, the American founding was a complete disaster because no diversity. True, women and blacks were initially left out of the club, but that was fixed eventually. How curious then that the diverse peoples of the world flock here by the millions to live in a nation designed by white Protestant men.

Still, some might suspect that the left’s immigration diversity fixation today is a strategy to import millions of big-government voters, based on the culture of their homelands.

The Times gets carried away in its multi-culti enthusiasm, such as when it gushed over a diverse couple who don’t speak any language in common — the male Afghani and the female Spanish speaker — and need a translator. Just how enriching is diversity when one cannot even understand the values and culture of the Other? Perhaps the Times does not recall the Biblical lesson of the Tower of Babel, where God punished prideful humans by creating numerous languages and consequent lack of understanding.

Destroy the traditional nation, up with diverse anarchy! It’s the liberal dream, despite the bad fit with the normal tribalism that’s hard-wired in human nature.

How Houston has become the most diverse place in America, Los Angeles Times, May 8, 2017

The boys sprint in white and yellow uniforms down the green turf, grunting and sweating as the coach shouts from the sidelines. “Búscalo, búscalo,” he yells in Spanish, urging the players to sprint for the ball.

“Umusitari!” comes a voice on the sidelines — run down the line — from Biganiro Espoir, a native of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Margaret Long Wisdom High School soccer team hails from Central America, Mexico, Africa and points between. Its bench hums with Spanish, Kinyarwanda, Swahili and often English. But its real unifying language — soccer, played hard — is universal.

The high school is in southwest Houston, a city whose stunning growth and high-volume immigration have turned it into the most racially and ethnically diverse major metropolis in the country, surpassing New York in 2010.

“It’s really surprising to see a place like this in the South, where you consider it to be racist and xenophobic,” said Michael Negussie, a Wisdom High School senior from Ethiopia. “Stereotypes of Texas don’t apply here.”

Of course in some ways they still do. Houston — with a black, Democratic mayor and a powerfully pro-immigrant population — has potentially become one of the battlefronts in Texas over the city’s “don’t ask” ‘sanctuary policy,’ which prohibits police from inquiring about the immigration status of a person who hasn’t been arrested.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has led an aggressive charge to end such policies, and on Sunday signed a bill to punish so-called sanctuary cities.

Under the new law, set to take effect Sept. 1, local law enforcement officers are allowed to ask people about their immigration status during a lawful detention, such as a routine traffic stop. Local entities that prohibit enforcement of immigration laws could be fined up to $25,500 a day.

The sanctuary issue has roiled Texas, which has the country’s longest border with Mexico and an estimated 1.5 million immigrants who are in the country illegally. Much of the debate has focused on liberal islands such as Austin, where the governor has blocked $1.5 million in funding over sanctuary policies. In Houston, Mayor Sylvester Turner has balked at ordering his police officers to take on the role of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in carrying out immigration laws.

“What I’ve consistently said is that we will obey federal and state laws as long as those federal and state laws are consistent with the United States Supreme Court,” Turner said in a March interview, “and consistent with the United States Constitution.”

The story of how his city turned from a town of oil industry roughnecks and white blue-collar workers into a major political centrifuge for immigration reform, demographic analysts say, is nothing less than the story of the American city of the future.

Houston boomed through the mid-20th century, thanks to the oil bonanza, and most of those who came to get rich were white. Large numbers of Vietnamese refugees began arriving in the 1970s, and after an oil collapse in 1982, they were followed by an influx of Latinos driven by cheap housing and employment opportunities. Whites, meanwhile, started drifting out.

The multi-ethnic boom has occurred deep in the heart of a state that has often seemed to regard conservatism, and Texas identity, as an element of religion.

The state’s Republican leadership has helped lead the fight this year not only on sanctuary cities, but to defend President Trump’s order on border security and immigration enforcement. Texas went to court in 2015 to successfully block expanded deportation protections for young “Dreamers” and their parents who brought them here illegally.

Yet demographic experts say the Houston metro area, home to the third-largest population of undocumented immigrants in the country — behind New York and Los Angeles — is a roadmap to what U.S. cities will look like in the coming decades as whites learn to live as minorities in the American heartland. Continue reading this article

California Tax Dollars Are Allocated to Defend Illegal Aliens in Court

Fox Radio host Todd Starnes commented on Tuesday that illegal aliens are getting even more freebies than the usual food stamps, subsidized housing, education, etc. in one California city:

“The Sacramento City Council is going to give taxpayer money to illegal aliens with immigration problems. The city agreed to set aside up to $300,000 to help illegals with their legal issues. They also beefed up their status as a sanctuary city, so it’s now illegal for city employees to ask about someone’s immigration status. In other words, one set of rules for law-abiding Americans and another set of rules for the illegals.”

True enough, but it’s worse than just one Mexifornia city ripping off the taxpayers’ dollars to aid job-stealing invaders: quite a number of cities are wasting cash on unlawful foreigners that could be spent on needy citizens.

Talk about paying for your own dispossession — California taxpayers are forced to fund the legalization of illegal foreigners who are here to steal their jobs and incidentally make America just like all the hellholes the aliens escaped.

For illegal aliens, California supplies a very generous welcome. Remember that in 2015 the state allocated $57 million in taxpayer funds so illegal aliens wouldn’t have to pay the full cost of drivers licenses. Plus the budget included free-to-them healthcare — a major mecca for moochers — etc. ad nauseum:

Following, the Sacramento Bee details the other California cities that are organizing free-to-them immigration lawyers — all the better to show their liberal bona fides to screw the citizens. Why would a discriminating illegal alien go anywhere else when California provides the top magnet of foreigner free stuff?

As Trump threatens deportations, Bay Area funding immigrants’ legal defense, Sacramento Bee, May 9, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO — Immigrants facing deportation have no right to a lawyer if they can’t afford one, but Bay Area governments are leading a movement — which could take hold throughout California — to ensure there’s an attorney by their side anyway.

Facing President Donald Trump’s pledge to crack down on illegal immigration, officials in San Francisco, Alameda and Santa Clara counties are hiring public defenders and pro bono lawyers for U.S. immigration courts. Critics call the trend a flagrant misuse of local tax dollars, but immigrant advocates say it’s a way to make these courts more just.

“It’s past time that we provide representation for these people,” said Jeff Adachi, San Francisco’s public defender. Starting June 1, his office is dedicating three newly hired attorneys to deportation cases, thanks to $200,000 allocated by city supervisors.

“You’re locked up in a prison or jail facility, often far, far away from your family, you don’t speak the language, and you don’t have any resources — you need help,” he said.

A lawyer can mean the difference between getting to stay in the U.S. or taking a seat on the next deportation bus. Just 11 percent of people without legal representation prevailed in deportation cases, compared with 33 percent of those who had a lawyer, a 2014 study by Stanford University researchers found. Nationwide, about 40 percent of immigrants facing deportation had no lawyer in 2016, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement data.

California and Bay Area officials are working to change that. Like San Francisco, the Alameda County Public Defender’s Office is hiring three new immigration attorneys with funding from Alameda County, the city of Oakland and The San Francisco Foundation. Their first new attorney started this week.

Santa Clara County and the San Francisco city government have approved grants in recent months for nonprofit groups that provide free legal representation in immigration court, which together total several million dollars. Los Angeles city and county officials are also working on a $10 million legal defense fund. The Sacramento City Council approved $300,000 in legal defense funding last week.

In the state Legislature, a bill that would provide an additional $12 million for immigrant legal defense statewide has passed the Senate and is moving forward in the Assembly, where it could be passed through a stand-alone bill or be incorporated into the state budget before the June 15 budget deadline. California would be the second state, after New York, to fund legal defense for immigrants.

The funding — which activists spent years fighting for — wouldn’t have materialized so quickly without Trump’s victory, advocates say.

“A lot of cities and counties see this as a time when they want to make a pro-immigrant statement,” said Oren Root, a researcher with the Vera Institute of Justice, a nonprofit that advocates criminal justice reform.

Critics, meanwhile, say that providing lawyers in immigration court is a waste of government funds. “I don’t believe there is an appetite among the citizens in California to use their taxpayer dollars to defend undocumented immigrants who may have committed crimes,” said Sue Caro, the Bay Area regional vice president of the California Republican Party. Continue reading this article

Mexico: Deported Children Explore Their Cultural Diversity

When illegal aliens are deported from America, the powerful open-borders lobby and left media carry on like it’s the worst thing in the world. In fact, many returns home turn out to be positive, particularly when the destination is Mexico, a wealthy nation that pushes its poor north to pinch a few pesos. Still, Mexico has a growing middle class and resources to deal with returning citizens despite its reflexive complaints toward the US.

Today’s example of positive re-integration into the cultural homeland comes from NPR, and although the segment title says the deported kiddies encountered “challenges,” the situation is one of basic readjustment to a move in locale. All kids hate having to go to a new school where they don’t have any friends and are fearful of not fitting in.

Below, Mexican kids deported from America get acquainted with their cultural homeland.

Of course it’s harder when the kids don’t speak the language, but the brain is remarkably sponge-like in young children and sucks up the new language rapidly. My now-retired bartender was born in Chico but spoke only Chinese when he started the first grade. He said it was tough at first but at the end of the year he was fine. That’s how easy it is for kids to learn languages.

Here’s the four-minute NPR audio:

Another nice thing about the deportations is that they send a message to Mexico that the United States is not their spare country to be entered at will.

Deported Students Find Challenges At School In Tijuana, National Public Radio, April 3, 2017

As President Trump moves to fulfill his campaign promise to deport millions of immigrants who are in the country illegally, they’ll most likely include Mexicans whose children were born in the U.S.. Over half a million of these kids are already in Mexico.

Researchers call them “los invisibles”, the invisible ones, because they often end up in an educational limbo of sorts. Most don’t read or write in Spanish, so they’re held back. Many get discouraged and stop going to school. In some cases schools even refuse to enroll them.

In the border city of Tijuana, however, there’s a model program designed to help these children.

At 20 de Noviembre Elementary, for example, roughly one-tenth of the school’s 700 students were born in the U.S. Administrators and teachers here have embraced kids like Anthony David Martinez, a skinny 9-year-old who recently arrived from Barstow, Calif. That’s where he was born.

Anthony could have stayed in California because he’s a U.S. citizen, but his parents are not. They were forced to return to Mexico and didn’t want to split up the family.

“I was like, ‘Oh no, I’m going to have to make new friends, new school, new everything,’ ” says Anthony.

“But now I’m happy here.”

Anthony’s fourth-grade teacher says his Spanish is “a work in progress,” but he has learned how to read and write in Spanish fairly quickly. It wasn’t easy switching from English to Spanish in class or when doing his homework, says Anthony. He’s still not used to saying the name of his school in English — 20 November. “It’s kind of weird,” he chuckles.

At 20 de Noviembre, children like Anthony are not segregated or put in some corner of the school. They’re paired with native Spanish-speakers and they get lots of one-on-one tutoring to build their vocabulary and grammar in Spanish. To keep them from feeling frustrated or isolated, they’re allowed to mingle with other English-speaking kids during the day so it’s not uncommon to hear English at recess or lunch. There’s no stigma to speaking English because it’s a highly prized skill in Mexican schools. Continue reading this article

California Advances Legislation to Become a Sanctuary State

It’s remarkable the lengths that liberals will go to insult President Trump. A top example must be the politicians of California who are currently speeding to turn the entire state into a sanctuary zone for illegal alien criminals: on Monday the senate passed a bill to create statewide sanctuary status.

Any such renunciation of law and order will rightly be seen by illegal alien criminals as an invitation — welcome to beautiful California, foreign felons!

San Francisco’s sanctuary policy is responsible for the preventable deaths of four Americans — Kate Steinle and three members of the Bologna family — as a result of just one city’s protection of dangerous foreign criminals. Yet state politicians think the policy should be massively expanded.

Plus, it’s not like California residents are clamoring for more illegal alien criminals in their communities: an August poll from the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies found that 74 percent of respondents said local authorities should not be allowed to ignore federal detainer requests. Professor Jack Citrin, the director of IGS, observed about the study, “We found very broad-based opposition to the idea of sanctuary cities.”

Congressman Tom McClintock appeared on a Fox Business show Tuesday and recalled that a twice-deported illegal alien killed two California officers — Sacramento County Deputy Danny Oliver and Placer County Detective Michael David Davis Jr. Representative McClintock further observed that sanctuary “makes our state a mecca for this sort of thing.”

Typically, a PC-addled Sacramento Democrat characterized the sanctuary legislation to essentially exempt illegal aliens from law enforcement as a way to “make our communities safer.”

Say, have the bright lights of state government considered how their anti-law-enforcement model of society might affect California’s tourism industry ($122 billion spent in 2015) when word gets out?

‘Sanctuary state’ bill passes California Senate, Sacramento Bee, April 3, 2017

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Department of Justice will stop awarding grants to sanctuary cities, during Monday’s White House press briefing. “Unfortunately some states and cities have adopted policies designed to frustrate the enforcement of immigration laws,” Sessions said. “These policies violate federal law,” he said. 

The California Senate on Monday passed a controversial “sanctuary state” bill that bars local and state law enforcement from using their resources to help federal immigration enforcement.

The 40-member body approved Senate Bill 54, introduced by Sen. President Pro Tem Kevin de León, on a 27-12, party-line vote. It now heads to the Assembly.

We are trying to make our communities safer and be intelligent about this,” de León said. “No rhetoric and no bluster.”

Facing heavy opposition from law enforcement, the Senate leader accepted several amendments to the bill over the last month. Continue reading this article

New York Mayor Says Drunk Driving Is Not a Serious (aka Deportable) Offense

It is unconscionable for New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio to be so dangerously ignorant about drunk driving. During a discussion with CNN’s Jake Tapper about the city’s sanctuary status, the mayor asserted that drunk-driving illegal aliens are not a danger to citizens.

DE BLASIO: So, we differentiate. Anyone who is violent, anyone who is a serious threat to society, we agree we will work with the federal partners and they get deported. But we are not going to see, with a half-a-million undocumented people here — this would be true for 11 to 12 million undocumented folks in this country, the vast majority of whom are law- abiding — we are not going to see families torn apart over a very minor offense.

TAPPER: But is grand larceny or drunk driving a very minor offense?

DE BLASIO: Drunk driving that does not lead to any other negative outcome, I could define as that.

The CNN show transcript is here.

The problem is that habitual drunk drivers don’t kill anyone — until they do. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) reports that the average drunk driver has driven drunk 80 times before the first arrest. In 2015, 10,265 people died in alcohol-impaired crashes, up by nearly 300 from the year before.

Of the Americans killed by illegal aliens, probably the largest group is the category of citizens killed by drunk-driving illegal aliens. Here are just a handful:

Below, 21-year-old Sarah Root was killed in Omaha just a day after her college graduation by one of Obama’s protected DREAMers, reported here: ”Drunk Driving Illegal Alien Kills Woman, Is Bailed Out and Disappears.”

Mesa, Arizona, Police Sergeant Brandon Mendoza was killed by a head-on collision with a previously arrested but not deported drunk-driving illegal alien with a blood alcohol level of .24 percent.

Young Alabama couple Tad Mattle and Leigh Anna Jimmerso were killed by a drunk-driving illegal alien with a blood-alcohol content more than three times the legal limit and who had at least four previous DUIs.

Houston Officer Kevin Will died when a drunk Mexican crashed through a police barrier at 90 mph and hit Will as he was standing on the roadside investigating an accident.

Three-year-old Marten Kudlis was run down in a Colorado ice cream shop by a 16-times-arrested drunk-driving illegal alien. Two adult women were also killed when the truck smashed into the building.

Best friends Tessa Tranchant, 16, left, and Allison Kunhardt, 17, died when their car, stopped at a light, was hit by a blotto-drunk illegal alien, who had three previous alcohol-related convictions but was not deported.

There are many more stories of preventable drunk-driving deaths caused by illegal aliens, but I’ll stop.

Does President Trump Plan a DACA Amnesty?

President Trump’s flip-flop on DACA illegal aliens is very troubling. During a December 7 interview with Time magazine, he remarked:

”I want Dreamers for our children also. We’re going to work something out. On a humanitarian basis it’s a very tough situation. We’re going to work something out that’s going to make people happy and proud. But that’s a very tough situation.”

That’s not what candidate Trump said during the campaign. In his August 31 Phoenix speech that outlined his immigration program, he pledged to axe Obama’s unlawful executive amnesty:

Number Five: Cancel Unconstitutional Executive Orders & Enforce All Immigration Laws

We will immediately terminate President Obama’s two illegal executive amnesties, in which he defied federal law and the constitution to give amnesty to approximately 5 million illegal immigrants.

But when spokesman Sean Spicer was recently questioned about the administration’s immigration priorities, he responded, “And as he said throughout the campaign, we’ve got a series of individuals we’ve got to figure out — people who have overstayed their visas, people who have committed crimes. . . So for now, the focus is going to be on people who’ve done harm to our country.”

Wait, DACA aliens stealing jobs and college slots that should go to young citizens isn’t harmful??

Certainly the murderers and rapists should be prioritized to be rounded up and sent home, but the DACA program requires a simple stop be put on enrollment. Otherwise, DACA continues open and adds aliens to the freebie list.

Furthermore, the argument that DACA aliens are innocent because they were brought by their parents as kids is not an excuse. Every young person lives at the mercy of their parents’ decisions and must sort out their circumstances given their inheritance. And why is it cruel for aliens to be forced to live in the land of their birth? Why can’t brown or hispanic people build excellent societies? Isn’t it racist to think brown persons must be rescued by white countries? Mexico would certainly be forced to work more effectively if it didn’t use immigration to the US as a crutch for its dysfunction.

As a dealmaker, President Trump should understand that the fine legal points of a permanent future DACA amnesty will not be the message sent around the non-English-speaking world. The smugglers will use the amnesty as a selling point, as they used the Trump election as a reason for a run on the border. With a DACA amnesty in fact or rumored, smugglers may pitch kids as tickets, as they did to great effect over the last couple years of Obama border anarchy. Will there even be border enforcement when kids are present?

It’s hard to limit lawbreaking into little sectors when anarchy has been the rule for years. For that reason, enforcement needs to be guaranteed, tough and all-encompassing.

President Trump should remember the wisdom of Adam Smith who observed, “Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent.”

Finally, Roy Beck has started a Twitter campaign to fight back against the rumored DACA amnesty. I’m using the existing hashtag #EndDACA.

Who knew we wouldn’t get even a week’s break from fighting immigration amnesty?

Obama Countdown: Sanctuary City Mayors Beg Current President for Illegal Alien Protection

Democrats don’t seem to care much about Americans — their safety, education or job prospects — judging by the latest ploy from big-city mayors who are largely Ds. They recently wrote to Obama, asking him to extend federal protection to illegal aliens under DACA.

In addition, mayors of Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco are building a war chest filled with millions of taxpayer dollars to provide lawyers for the invasive foreigners’ legal defense.

One of the rationales cited in the mayors’ letter to Obama is that the illegals might have to return to violent homelands — which is pretty funny  coming from Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. His city is known for its high numbers of murders, with 2016 finishing out at 778 deaths, the most violent year in two decades. One analysis shows Chicago being more violent than crime-ridden Mexico City.

Below, Kate Steinle was shot dead in 2015 on a San Francisco pier by a five-times-deported Mexican, but the city recently doubled down on its sanctuary policy.

But Democrats think the protection of illegal aliens is the highest priority rather than citizen safety. Go figure.

Sanctuary City Mayors Urge Obama to Take Last-Minute Steps to Shield the Undocumented, New York Observer, December 29, 2016

Mayor Bill de Blasio and 30 other city and county leaders released an open letter to President Barack Obama today, calling on him to extend executive protections for undocumented immigrants in the final weeks before President-elect Donald Trump assumes the Oval Office.

The missive was a collective effort of the Cities for Action coalition, a group of pro-immigration reform municipal leaders that also includes Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner and Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney. It expended several paragraphs praising the president for his controversial unilateral actions easing deportation enforcement—particularly the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which shields individuals entered the country without proper paperwork as minors.

As the country braces for Trump to implement plans to expel at least two million foreign nationals, the local officials encouraged the sitting president to allow some 740,000 people participating in DACA to apply for another two-year extension even if their current protection period has yet to expire. Continue reading this article

Open-Borders Republicans Gear Up to Fight President Trump’s Enforcement Agenda

It sounds good when talking heads on TV jabber that the Republicans control the government, but the reality is more complex. While the GOP dominates the House, the party’s hold on the Senate is a slim 52-seat majority.

Worse, amnesty-hack Repubs are determined to shred US borders and sovereignty — do the names Jeff Flake, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio ring a bell? The traitorous Gang of Eight Republicans remain in the Senate to continue working for amnesty for lawbreakers and increased legal immigration, only the sell-out will now be more sensitively framed as kindness to young DREAMers, etc:

The problem is that amnesty is psychologically wrong. As Senator Grassley remarked following his vote for Reagan’s amnesty, “You know what I found out? If you reward illegality, you get more of it.”

Furthermore, one amnesty of millions in 1986 was an instance of misplaced generosity (where the promised enforcement never occurred) but a second amnesty constitutes a pattern that can never be erased. A second mass reward of lawbreaking foreigners means that immigration anarchy won’t be fixed, ever, because the word will spread across the world that America is still the stupid-generous open-borders soft touch it ever was.

And those who advocate “enforcement then amnesty” miss the point that the eventual reward for lawbreakers will be the overriding message and foreigners will continue to keep coming because the magnet of American jobs remains.

Don’t think law and borders have been achieved with the election of President Trump. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

Trump’s Border Wall, Deportation Plans Face Pushback From GOP, Bloomberg News, December 30, 2016

Donald Trump’s pledges to deport undocumented immigrants and build a U.S.-Mexico border wall helped fuel Republicans’ surprising election victories, but they now face growing challenges from fellow party members.

Three Republican senators are working with Democrats to shield about 750,000 young undocumented immigrants from deportation if Trump cancels a 2012 order from President Barack Obama that let them stay in the U.S.

Lawmakers want to “ensure that children who were brought here by their parents, through no fault of their own, are able to stay and finish their education and continue to contribute to society,” said Republican Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona. Republicans Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska are joining him on a measure drafted by the No. 2 Democratic leader, Dick Durbin of Illinois, that will be introduced after the new Congress convenes Jan. 3.

Trump’s campaign was largely powered by his get-tough stance on immigration. A Pew Research Center poll in August found that 79 percent of Trump voters want a border wall, compared with 38 percent of all registered voters.

But among lawmakers in Congress, the desire to build a wall along the entire 1,933-mile border with Mexico has evaporated. Republicans in both chambers instead support more fencing, border patrol agents, drones and other resources to curb illegal entry. House Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul said he’ll offer a bill with some of those steps in January. Continue reading this article

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