Kris Kobach Reminds Americans That DACA Aliens Harm Young Citizens

Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime and is theft at best (and murder at worst): illegals come to steal jobs, education and welfare benefits from American citizens and taxpayers. The latest foreign moochers in the public eye are the DACA illegals, nearly a million foreigners (79 percent from Mexico) who are the latest poster “kids” — mostly young adults, actually — to be embraced by the open-borders Democrats.

As we know, the party is not motivated by generosity toward misplaced foreigners, but by the desire to turn all of America permanently Democrat as excessive immigration has done to once dependably Republican California.

The pro-alien press demands that Trump lighten up on DACAs who were brought by their parents “through no fault of their own” in a cheesy little mantra that we hear constantly. In fact, although many were brought by parents, they are adults now and cannot be allowed to continue ripping off Americans. The press has presented the DACAs as models of virtue, but the truth is they are not superior to citizens. The DACAs are consistently portrayed as academically high achieving valedictorians, but a stunning 21 percent of the group are high school dropouts, more than three times the national dropout rate of 5.9 percent.

DACAs can be rather insufferable, such as when a gaggle of them mobbed Hart Senate Office Building last November to demand mass amnesty.

So it’s a pleasant change to hear someone stand up for American young people who are directly harmed by the DACA illegal aliens competing for jobs and college, namely the Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. He appeared with Tucker Carlson recently and pointed out these facts:

KRIS KOBACH: Look Tucker, you’ve pointed out that the DACA amnesty is bad for Americans: it’s granting an amnesty to nearly a million people in their 20s and 30s; their average age is 24, who are gonna compete against young Americans who have a nine percent unemployment rate in that age group, and for the young Americans who don’t have a college degree. it’s a whopping 34 percent underemployment rate. So we’re legalizing foreign nationals who have broken our laws to compete against Americans who can’t get a job, so that’s bad policy.

In addition, it’s gonna cause another surge in the illegal immigration, so the idea that we have to do this is ludicrous and we should only even consider doing this if there are many many law enforcement advantages that are given to it, like ending chain migration, I think we have to have mandatory e-verify, and if we don’t get everything we want to secure our borders including the wall, then we walk away from the deal. We don’t need to do DACA.

TUCKER CARLSON: And not only do it, but put it right to the very top of the list of priorities of the US Congress — before everything, before the opioid crisis — it’s literally shortening the life expectancy of middle America — we need to do this. I feel sorry for some of the DACA recipients for sure, I’m not attacking them but it’s not clear why if you have any questions about it, you should take a moral lecture from a Republican senator who suggests that you’re the cynical heartless one when you raise questions about the effect on American citizens. How do we get to a place where Republican senators are lecturing us about how they’re far better people than we are because they’re for amnesty? How’d that happen exactly?

Good question, Tucker!

DACA Amnesty Now, Amnesty Tomorrow, Amnesty Forever

DACA amnesty now, build the wall later — that seems familiar somehow. . .

Oh, right, that’s how Reagan’s big 1986 amnesty went down — the lawbreaker forgiveness took place on Day #1, but the promised enforcement never happened.

Now we are told that a DACA amnesty (possibly to include millions of “Dreamers” on the slippery slope) can be finagled into a deal with a bundle of enforcement. Mark Krikorian makes a good case that a tough enforcement payoff including an end to chain migration and Diversity Visa will be worth the negative effects of the amnesty: The Logic of a DACA Deal, National Review, Aug 28, 2018.

This analysis reflects a political viewpoint, not a psychological one. It sorts out the deal that can be gotten through standard political negotiation. But that’s not how a DACA forgiveness will be seen in the Third World. Poor people desiring to mooch a better life in the United States will see the word “Amnesty!” and begin packing their bags. After all, if the tough-on-aliens President Trump allows an amnesty to happen, then America (the former “nation of laws”) will be seen as a paper tiger, with periodic amnesties occurring every decade or so. Amnesty Forever is the message.

Washington may be able to grind out difficult legislation on amnesty, but the psychological effects on people around the world are not being taken into account sufficiently. Krikorian understands the incentive being created and says “any DACA amnesty must be accompanied by enforcement measures.”

Okay, but will the enforcement be sufficient to balance out the hard-to-quantify alien surge? Many millions may come. We might see a future explosion of illegals working off the books. Do we want to take the chance of an alien tsunami?

Below, President Reagan signs the mother of all immigration amnesty bills in November 1986.

As the enforcement stalwart Senator Chuck Grassley observed after voting for the 1986 amnesty, “You know what I found out? If you reward illegality, you get more of it.”

Senator Tom Cotton warned that passing the more extensive DREAM Act would be “the single biggest amnesty in the history of the United States.”

Keep in mind that there are nearly three billion more residents on planet Earth now compared to Reagan’s time — 4.9 billion in 1986 vs. 7.6 billion today. Most of that growth is occurring in poor countries.

Furthermore, DACAs are characterized as grateful valedictorians, when in fact they are demanding leftists who feel entitled, as revealed when they accosted House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi during a September presser. It looked like they were on the verge of violence against her for not being tough enough in demanding amnesty for all illegals.

An angry mob of DACA pests descended on Hart Senate Office Building in November, showing the Pelosi skirmish was not a one-off. #NoDACANoPeace is showing up on Twitter as a hashtag.

DACA amnesty recipients won’t feel appreciative to Republicans; they will instead add to a future permanent majority of Democrats created by decades of excessive legal and illegal immigration.

Finally, destroying the Founders’ unique creation by erasing the rule of law just to hand out amnesty candy is wrong. As Congressman Steve King tweeted on Sunday:

Every amnesty has opened our borders wider and made America less sovereign. The American character is being watered down by the presence of foreign cultures which want things done their way, often with a big-government preference. Immigrants gather in their own ethnic neighborhoods like Little Mogadishu in Minneapolis and the Little Mexicos across America so they can maintain their own cultures and avoid assimilation.

These and other negative symptoms show a system of legal and illegal immigration which has devolved into chaos. Decades of open borders have eroded the rule of law which cannot survive much more abuse from powerful do-gooders and cheap-labor importers.

It’s a mistake to sacrifice the rule of law for a even a good deal with strong immigration enforcement measures. Every amnesty creates another. Amnesty Forever is the result.

Will There Be Amnesty in the New Year?

The new year in Congress will probably include immigration legislation in January, with the DACA pests propelling the amnesty issue forward. The president has stated that he wants a wall and an end to the Diversity Visa and chain migration in return for DACAs getting amnesty.

Keep in mind that chain migration has been spiraling upward and added significantly to numbers leading to 2016’s record total of 1.8 million new foreigners. That total is a sobering 53 percent higher than just five years ago. Chain migration allows today’s immigrants to choose America’s future immigrants, and the math is brutal:

It’s also troubling that the media and others use the terms DACA and Dreamers interchangeably when there is a big difference in the groups: DACAs are comprised of around 800,000 specific people who signed up for Obama’s unconstitutional program; while Dreamers are any youngish illegal aliens and would number in the millions.

Here’s Mark Krikorian being interviewed by Fox News on December 31:

Spare audio of the interview:

MARK KRIKORIAN (0:50): In the Senate there’s still the filibuster; there’s a kind of parliamentary rules where you can move financial measures through with only 51 votes. This would require 60 votes in the Senate, and so they’re gonna need some Democrat buy-in, but the reason for this package is not just horse trading, it’s not the White House saying ‘Okay, Democrats, you want the amnesty, we want this, let’s make a deal.’ Laws are made like that all the time, nothing wrong with it, but that’s not what’s happening here.

You need to have enforcement elements like the wall and other things and get rid of the chain migration in order to limit the damage caused by an amnesty because if you amnesty people, first thing that happens is more illegal immigrants want to come because they say ‘Hey, look you know these people made it, we want to as well.’ The other thing is a few years down the road the former illegal immigrants then can sponsor their family members, and that’s what chain migration is.

So you need to fix those two things as part of the deal as damage control because if you just amnesty these people with DACA, you’re gonna end up with more illegal immigration and more chain migration now unless you do something about it.

Asked how he thought the congressional debate would play out, Krikorian responded:

KRIKORIAN: We’re gonna see. The question is are they gonna stick to their guns or are they gonna cave when Senator Schumer in the Senate says ‘No, no deal.’ The real question is, well two questions — will the president stick to his guns? I think he will. But are the Democrats willing to let these DACA work permits expire and these people become illegal immigrants again rather than give in to some of these pretty reasonable demands?

I think the Democrats may be willing to just play politics with this issue and let all of those people lose their work permits and lose their jobs when the Republicans in the White House are saying ‘Look we’re actually okay with amnesty in this special group of people in exchange for things to limit the damage.’ So it’s gonna be the Democrats maybe who will sink this potential amnesty for these DACA work permit people.

Foreign Flood into America Hits New High

We shouldn’t be surprised that the anti-American President Obama’s last year brought a record level of foreigner influx, as a major part of his destruction derby against the United States. He disapproves of the American people — particular the conservative ones — and used his presidency to overwhelm the traditional culture demographically and import a new people more accepting of liberal big government.

The Center for Immigration Studies analyzed the numbers and found that the legal and illegal immigration for 2016 was a record 1.8 million persons.

Chain migration grew alarmingly during the last decade and added to the catastrophic numbers. Steve Camarota of CIS remarked, “Our generous legal immigration system allows in a huge number of immigrants and then permits them to sponsor their relatives causing a multiplier effect. This chain migration has contributed to nearly 14 million immigrants settling here between 2006 to 2016.”

Increasing immigration is not the direction America should be going today — quite the contrary for many reasons.

The enormous number of foreign people residing here (more than 43 million) makes it possible for immigrants and illegal aliens to get by without speaking English. America has historically been good at assimilating immigrants, but the excessive numbers of foreigners are defeating cultural incorporation.

And while the human economy is booming today, the smart machines are coming on strong over the next few years, making immigrant workers worse than obsolete. If indeed the Oxford scholars’ automation forecast is correct and nearly half of jobs will be done by smart machines by 2033, then the unskilled, non-English-speaking immigrants may well become an angry underclass, susceptible to engaging in anti-social behavior. The optimal number of immigrants for the automated future is ZERO.

Here in California, an extremely dry start to the winter rainy season has been disturbing. Last year saw record rainfall ending the severe five-year drought, so the possibility of a return to the bad old days looks all too real. While much of the water supply goes to agricultural uses, the state population of 40 million — with over 10 million, or 27 percent of residents being foreign-born — is far higher than can be sustainably supported by a region that suffers periodic drought. In fact, the west experienced a series of Medieval mega-droughts from 900 to 1400, which is recent climatically speaking. California is FULL, and then some.

Below, the drought-stricken Lake Oroville (which is also a reservoir) was nearly empty in September 2014.

Large numbers of poor immigrants threaten America’s founding principles of limited government. As Ann Coulter has emphasized repeatedly, we shouldn’t be legalizing undocumented Democrats because it increases the growing welfare-prone sector who vote for big government every time (Let’s Start by Deporting the DREAMers!, Dec. 25)

Here’s a Fox News video report about the increased stream of foreigners:

WILLIAM LA JEUNESSE: I’ll tell you the findings will certainly be part of an upcoming debate in Congress over DACA and immigration reform. So the numbers include legal and illegal immigration, and it is based on the US Census: it shows 1.8 million new immigrants settling in the U.S. in 2016, highest level in US history and 53 percent higher than just five years ago, when the recession hit and many went home because they couldn’t find a job.

Now this is for 2016, the last year of the Obama administration, when there was virtually no interior enforcement or worksite enforcement, no visa overstay prosecutions, and the border saw that surge of Central American women, children, families. The increase was also driven by more guest workers, more foreign students and a change that allowed the spouses of visa holders to work, which of course encouraged more relatives to join green card holders here in the US.

The original CIS report is here: 1.8 Million Immigrants Likely Arrived in 2016, Matching Highest Level in U.S. History.

Tucker Carlson Notes the Demanding Mob of Illegal Aliens in Senate Office Building

A gaggle of illegals and their pals swarmed Capitol Hill on Thursday where they insisted on a big amnesty for DACAs and Dreamers and all their cousins ad infinitum.

The scene looked pretty rowdy, verging on unsafe, as a large crowd of angry illegal aliens loudly demanded citizenship privileges to which they have no right.

Who’s in charge of public safety in the Senate office building? After the attempted mass murder where Rep. Steve Scalise was nearly killed last summer after being shot during a baseball practice with several other Republicans and Senator Rand Paul had six ribs cracked by a neighbor a few days back, it seems like the safety of elected officials should get more consideration.

Tucker Carlson found the lack of law enforcement to be disappointing:

“A literal horde of illegal immigrants stormed Capitol Hill today — hundreds of illegal immigrants and their supporters assembled in the Hart Senate Office Building very close to right here, chanting slogans in an effort to pressure Congress to disallow the deportation of people here illegally.

Now protesting inside the Hart Building is against the law; many protestors were students cutting school, and of course an illegal immigrant participating in an illegal protest inside the US is illegal on about eight different levels. Nevertheless only 15 arrests were made, and seems unlikely anybody will be deported over this or ever for any reason because we don’t deport people in America.

Howie Carr is a Boston area radio show host, and he joins us tonight. Howie, I mean not to put too fine a point on it, but for people here illegally to show up and scream at elected American representatives about how they demand this, that or the other thing, and then no one does anything about it kind of tells you that the law is toothless now.”

Howie Carr said he didn’t get it either, and went on to cite cases of violent crime in the Boston area committed by illegal aliens, like the Cambodian who beat and robbed an elderly woman in a wheelchair.

Here’s a spare video in case of disappearance and an audio version:

Interestingly, a recent poll found support for DACA forgiveness to be dropping: less than 30 percent of Americans want to see those illegals get an amnesty.

Immigrant Kids Struggle in School and Face Poverty

The immigration narrative is supposed to run something like this: the initial immigrant may struggle to get settled, but the kids will be valedictorians and successful in adult life. Even some illegal alien kiddies show up in caps and gowns to show their future potential as the immigration myth dictates.

Below, amnesty-seeking Dreamers paraded around Hollywood in 2010 in scholarly attire to give the impression of future success.

But the narrative turns out to be false, according to a new study from the Annie E. Casey Foundation. The second generation experiences more poverty and school failure — so much for the idea of immigrant progress!

If immigrant kids are not able to succeed in American schools, perhaps the reason is that there are too many of them. School stress caused by immigrant overcrowding has been reported in many areas, resulting in deficient education for all.

Children of immigrants experience more poverty, academic failure, report finds, Washington Post, October 24, 2017

Children of immigrants, who make up 28 percent of all children in Maryland and nearly a quarter of those in Virginia and the District, are more likely to live in chronic poverty and less likely to perform at grade level in school, according to a report being released Tuesday by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

The report highlights disparities in opportunities for children of immigrants. It also highlights the harder-to-measure impacts of persistent stress on children affected by government policies that result in the profiling, deportation and detention of immigrants.

“When you hear conversations about immigration and immigration policies, it’s rare that you hear about the impacts on kids being discussed,” said Laura Speer, associate director for policy reform and advocacy for the Casey Foundation. “These kids are going to be our future leaders, our future workforce. We need them to be successful if we are going to be successful as a country.”

Nationally, there are 18 million children who live with parents who emigrated from another country. Of those, 88 percent are U.S. citizens. About 5 million children have a parent who is undocumented.

While children of immigrants make up less than a quarter of the nation’s population of children, they account for 30 percent of those from low-income families, the report says.

They are also more likely to struggle in school. Only 8 percent of fourth-graders in immigrant families scored at or above proficient in reading in 2015 compared to 38 percent of children from non-immigrant families. And just 5 percent of eighth-grade children from immigrant families scored at or above proficient in math in 2015 compared to 34 percent of children from nonimmigrant families. The report used English-language learner status as a proxy for determining which students have immigrant parents.


You Say Dreamers, I Say DACA — Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

It was good to see Mark Krikorian note the difference between DACA recipients and Dreamers when he appeared Sunday on Fox News. Importantly, he reminded the audience that the Dreamers are a much larger group, perhaps three or four times that of DACA illegals, depending on how they are being counted — opening “a whole new can of worms” if Dreamers become the amnesty recipients.

Below, Dreamers paraded around Hollywood a few years back, wearing caps and gowns as they pretended to be scholars.

As I’ve pointed out before, the press conveniently prefers to confuse DACA and Dreamer, and anyway Dreamer sounds nicer than DACA to media scribblers.

The important point is that DACA comprises a specific list of around 780,000 known persons who signed up for the unlawful Obama program; Dreamers, on the other hand, can be any number the Democrats want. The D-Party hopes to inflate the numbers of illegal aliens receiving amnesty into the millions using confusion as a weapon.

Breitbart explored the Democrats’ devious discussions of DACA/Dreamers:

EXCLUSIVE– Sen. Durbin Spills the Beans on Amnesty: Admits ‘DREAM Act’ a Ploy for Open-Ended Amnesty, Breitbart News, October 7, 2017

Democratic leader Sen. Richard Durbin confirmed to Breitbart News that the Dream Act amnesty is open-ended and larger than his advertised number of the 780,000 people who have signed up for the DACA amnesty.

Breitbart News asked Durbin on Wednesday how many people would be included in the amnesty, which is co-sponsored by South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham. Durbin answered by saying:

We’re aiming at the DACA population, which is 780,000, but the Dream Act leaves that open.

Durbin spoke at a press conference arranged by Mark Zuckerberg’s advocacy group. The event featured roughly 100 illegal aliens. Breitbart News asked the Illinois Senator when he would have a public estimate for the number of people who would gain from open-ended Dream Act, and he replied:

I don’t know that we have numbers. We can tell you 780,000 DACA. You have got ask how many are eligible for DACA today that didn’t apply, and I dont know what that number is. I really don’t. It is going to be more than 780,000, but I don’t know what it is.


DACA Amnesty Process Begins to Take Shape

On Tuesday, the Senate held a hearing about what’s to be done with the youngish illegal aliens allowed to remain and mooch off America because of Obama’s unlawful DACA program. The president says he wants an amnesty limited to actual DACA recipients.

But how likely is a limited amnesty when the bi-partisan open-borders caucus gets revved up with the idea of cheap labor and grateful voters?

Not very likely at all. Senator Lindsey Graham piped up right on cue, “What will happen next is I think we’ll set down and deal with the rest of the 11 million” (Lindsey Graham: After DACA, Bigger Amnesty, More Immigration,, Oct. 5).

Republicans should know better than to trade amnesty now for enforcement later. That deal didn’t work out so well in the 1986 scam and shouldn’t be repeated. In fact, the American people are still owed enforcement from the promises made then, in particular a secure border and invader-free workplaces.

Forgiving the DACA bunch is moving in the wrong direction. The sketchy principle of birth citizenship stemming from a misreading of the 14th Amendment that allows pregnant foreigners to give birth to anchor baby US citizens is bad enough. Worse is the proposed amnesty for DACAs who entered at up to age sixteen. The DACA amnesty makes America look weak, stupid and unserious about defending law and sovereignty, and it reinforces the image of America as flophouse to the world.

A big step toward a DACA-plus amnesty occurred with the Senate Judiciary hearing on Tuesday: Oversight of the Administration’s Decision to End Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

It was disappointing to hear Senator Grassley talk about making a “deal” to protect the DACA illegals, even after listing the many failures of the program in terms of fraud and crime.

Several years ago, he observed an important point about illegal alien amnesty: “You know what I found out? If you reward illegality, you get more of it.”

That psychological fact has not changed since them. Rewarding DACA illegals will tell the world that another amnesty will come eventually as long as the foreigners have a good story that sounds appealing in the media. Now is the time to be tough toward lawbreaking foreigners, not generous. The government’s kindness should be focused on citizens, not invaders whose aim is to steal jobs from Americans.

Grassley Statement at Hearing on Oversight of the Administration’s Decision to End DACA, October 03, 2017

Prepared Statement by Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, Chairman, Senate Judiciary Committee

Hearing on Oversight of the Administration’s Decision to End DACA, October 3, 2017

Good morning. We’re here to consider how to address the problem created by President Obama’s unconstitutional executive action known “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.”  In September, President Trump gave Congress six months to act in accordance with the Constitution on an issue that impacts millions of Americans and hundreds of thousands of unauthorized immigrants.

We have been debating this issue for 16 years – what type of legal status, if any, that unauthorized immigrants who were brought here as children should have.

Since 2001, successive Congresses have considered this question and always refused to address it. In both 2007 and 2013, Congress considered what we called “comprehensive” immigration reform that would’ve legalized millions of unauthorized individuals. However, these misguided efforts at mass amnesty failed.

The reason is simple. Remembering what happened in 1986, the American people recognized that legalization without enforcement and a way to address increasing demand for cheap foreign labor would only continue a cycle of illegal immigration.

That’s why for years, Congress, in a bi-partisan fashion, worked together to strengthen our nation’s border security and interior enforcement, but has struggled to address some of the thorniest elements of immigration.

Nothing better highlights Congress’s bipartisan commitment to preventing illegal immigration than the Secure Fence Act. That bill authorized the Government to construct almost 700 miles of fencing on the U.S-Mexican border. It passed with overwhelming bi-partisan support, including from then Senators Obama, Biden and Clinton, and from our current Ranking Member, Ms. Feinstein. As President George W. Bush said, that bill was an “important step towards immigration reform.”

Why? Because the Secure Fence Act was an effort to restore the American people’s trust in the integrity of our lawful immigration system by taking a real step in protecting our borders.

As recently as 2010 both Democrats and Republicans agreed that the only lawful action that could be taken was by Congress. President Obama himself summed it up best when he said he “wasn’t a King” and was “obliged to execute the law . . .[and] can’t just make the laws [himself].”

To paraphrase novelist T.H. White, a King President Obama was not, but a King he decided to be. On June 15, 2012, President Obama decided to bypass the Constitution and use his “pen and phone” to create DACA: a large-scale executive action for hundreds of thousands of unauthorized immigrants.

Not only did President Obama abuse prosecutorial discretion by staying deportation for these cases, he also allowed recipients to apply for work permits.

And they did, in the hundreds of thousands.  Since 2012, Citizenship and Immigration Services has issued more than 1.7 million work permits to DACA recipients. Granting these permits was a clear violation of the law and of the constitution.

From the beginning, President Obama’s executive action was riddled with numerous loopholes that allowed for fraud and abuse. Since 2012, victims and whistleblowers have contacted me to explain how criminals benefitted from this program. Continue reading this article

Los Angeles Times Reports Trump Supporters Love Dreamer Amnesty!

In case citizens have any question about what the proper attitude about a DACA/Dreamer amnesty should be, the liberal press is Johnny-on-the-spot to tell them. Candidate Trump promised to end the program that was begun by President Obama with an unconstitutional decree in 2012, but President Trump has recently backslid to a more Democrat position.

Not to worry — Trump voter are “flexible” according to a front-page headline on Saturday’s Los Angeles Times. Even previously pro-enforcement Arizonans now apparently think that “Dreamers” should be allowed to stay because they arrived through “no fault of their own.”

Interestingly, a 2010 Rasmussen poll showed that 64 percent of Arizona voters rejected citizenship for anchor babies, but the current Times item was less clear about public opinion, noting “Dreamers, who, polls show, are viewed with sympathy by a majority of Americans.”

The liberal press has been running at full speed to push public opinion about “Dreamers” into accepting an amnesty that will surely grow into the millions, thereby creating a new batch of Democrat voters.

The media have purposely expanded the amnesty language by using the more appealing term “Dreamer” which refers to any young illegal alien, while DACA refers to a numerically limited group of around 800K. When amnesty is on the table, Democrats want maximum numbers, because importing big-government foreigners is the only way they can win elections.

As Mark Twain observed, “No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session” — and double that when the subject is amnesty for future Democrats.

Friday’s newspaper headlines showed the media preference for the word “Dreamer”:

Trump Backs Plan to Stop Deportation of Dreamers — New York Times

‘Dreamer’ deal gains cautious support on Hill — Washington Post

‘Dreamer’ deal roils status quo — San Francisco Chronicle

Hope for resolution to ‘Dreamers’ dispute — Los Angeles Times

Trump confirms support for legislation against deporting of ‘Dreamers’ — Sacramento Bee

A Dreamer amnesty will send the message that American jobs and benefits are available to anyone on earth as long as they bring some kids. Basic psychology informs us that rewarding a behavior encourages more of it.

Here’s the Times article that encourages Americans to be nice to illegal alien job thieves, because deporting people is mean!

Dealing with Democrats? Protecting ‘Dreamers’? Here in Arizona that’s just fine with these Trump supporters, Los Angeles Times, September 15, 2017

Mesa, Arizona — Donald Trump’s tough talk on illegal immigration was a big part of the reason Dave Hagstrom and many others in this booming Phoenix suburb supported him for president. “Walls make good neighbors,” Hagstrom said.

So when the president moved this week to cut a deal — with Democrats no less — to block the expulsion of 800,000 immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children, was Hagstrom disappointed?

Not at all.

“If you were to deport them, where would they go?” Hagstrom, 60, a car-warranty manager, asked on his way to a Bible-study dinner at an upscale shopping mall. “To send them across the border would be inhumane almost. There’s no life for them there.”

Trump’s fiery rhetoric and promise to seal the U.S. border with Mexico attracted millions of supporters in last year’s election, many of them older white conservatives like the ones who repeatedly elected immigration hard-liner Joe Arpaio as sheriff here in Maricopa County.

But as Trump shifted this week to a softer approach on the young immigrants in legal limbo through no fault of their own, many of his most die-hard supporters moved right along with him — among them Arpaio, who was ousted in November by voters tired of his inflammatory approach.


Facts Undermine Media’s DACA Sob Story of Suffering Children

While the worthless liberal press falsely portrays DACA recipients as being innocent children, nearly all of them are young adults. Some DACAs are parents themselves, a situation that the San Francisco Chronicle ran as a front page story on Sunday, though without a tear-jerk photo.

As sob stories go, this one endangers the major premise — that of the “cruel” Trump threatening to deport little kiddies to homelands they never knew.

Strangely enough, the media never mention that their beloved President Obama created the temporary amnesty program (“Deferred” Action on Childhood Arrivals) that now has so many on the left shrieking up a storm. Obama probably figured a future president would be forced into engineering a big amnesty by the demanding Dreamers unwilling to forego the American goodies. The situation may indeed work out that way, judging from Trump’s weakness on the issue.

Up to a quarter of DACAs are parents themselves (!) according to the following news article. Wait — a sizeable number of Dreamers are dads and moms rather than little tykes? So confusing for the accepted liberal narrative.

Thousands of ‘Dreamers’ face agonizing choices about their children, San Francisco Chronicle, September 9, 2017

Erika Almanza picked up her 11-year-old son from school in San Jose one afternoon shortly after President Trump was elected and began to ask him about his day, but first the boy needed his own questions answered.

“Mommy, are you illegal?” he said. “Are you going to get deported?”

She assured him she would not, because she is a “Dreamer” — one of the more than 200,000 people in California protected from deportation by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA.

Now Almanza doesn’t know what to tell her son and his 7-year-old sister after the Trump administration announced Tuesday it is phasing out DACA. She is facing not only the prospect of being deported to Mexico in a couple of years, but the realization that she would probably choose to leave behind her children, who are U.S. citizens by birth.

“Their life is here. They only know here. The same way my life is here,” said Almanza, a 27-year-old small-business owner, who was brought to the U.S. from Mexico at age 4. Her partner, the children’s father, is undocumented.

While attention on the DACA program has long focused on college students, surveys suggest that up to a quarter of the nearly 700,000 recipients are believed to be parents of citizens. These relationships add a powerful dimension to the debate as Trump, who professed “love” for “Dreamers” even as he rescinded DACA, asks Congress to come up with a solution.


Tucker Carlson Debates Globalist Libertarian

If there’s a worse advertisement for the libertarian cause than the anti-sovereignty declarations of the unpatriotic editor of Reason magazine, I have never seen it. Katherine Mangu-Ward was recently quizzed by Tucker Carlson about the sketchy “rights” of illegal aliens, like DACA moochers for example. Also joining in the conversation was Mike Donavan, CEO of Nexus Services which provides services for illegal aliens like bail, so he is likewise an enthusiastic globalist. It was an open-borders firefight, with Tucker standing up for American citizens and the nation state.

TUCKER CARLSON: So Katherine, as a sincere libertarian, let me ask you a philosophical question: do we have an obligation to put the interests of American citizens ahead of the interests of immigrants?

KATHERINE MANGU-WARD: No I don’t think so and in particular I think in this case we don’t get priority in this case I just don’t buy it. All that those things are in conflict.

CARLSON: In general. you don’t think that American citizens ought to get meaningful priority over aliens.

MANGU-WARD: I don’t know what this means to say — meaningful priority over aliens. American citizens benefit when people come here work here, raise families here, and it is absolutely the case that these dreamers in particular are going to add to our economy add to our culture make America a better place

CARLSON: Those are massive assumptions that in some cases are true, in some cases are false, but if you could determine in a specific case if there’s one job and if you know you got a choice between someone who came here illegally and someone who’s an American citizen, you wouldn’t automatically go for the American citizen?

MANGU-WARD: Well I mean I think you could ask similarly, do I favor protectionist policies, do I think if a job could be here or a job could be in China is it morally better for the job to be here? I think the answer is no in that case too.

CARLSON: I vehemently disagree with you but I want our viewers to know what your position is on that. So this is not an abstract question because there are a ton of unemployed Americans, almost 100 million actually — not all of them want to go to work, but I think we could all agree a lot more of them ought to be working than are. Why would we be issuing any work permits to anybody from outside the country until those people have jobs?

And so it went with more of the same. These globalists believe it is totally fine for illegal aliens to take jobs in the US that by law are supposed to go to citizens and legal immigrants only. The citizens pay the taxes and fight the wars to keep the country going, while invasive foreigners come only to loot the wealth.

Below, citizens participated in a Washington DC No Amnesty rally in July 2015

The ongoing liberal freak-out about DACA aliens overlooks the fact that many of those foreigners are occupying jobs that by law should go to citizens. For example, Apple CEO Tim Cook has bragged that his company employs 250 DACAs — does he think working for Apple is a job that real Americans just don’t want to do? Radio show host Laura Ingraham has also spoken out about the forgotten citizens, remarking recently, “Americans are dreamers too. . . I think there are a lot of folks who listen to my show who turned out at these rallies for Donald Trump who really loved his America-first message and I think there are ways to be compassionate to people short of giving them work permits and federal benefits.”

Candidate Trump ran on an Americans-first platform, but his support for a DACA amnesty leaves citizens high and dry at the feet of open-borders globalists once again. We voted for national sovereignty, law and borders, but we are getting an amnesty process started less than one year into the new administration.

Is ICE Honcho Homan a Swamp Creature?

On Wednesday, the Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan appeared on Fox News and sounded like a tough enforcer as he discussed his agency’s duties, but his history is a little more complicated.

He railed against MS-13 and sanctuary cities in the interview. When Fox host Neil Cavuto observed how widespread the violent gang has become, Homan responded, “Our intelligence shows they’re in over 40 states across the country” and “we’re coming after them very hard.” He further expounded:

When [President Trump] signed executive orders, he basically told the Border Patrol agents and the 20,000 American patriots that work for ICE: you can now do your job, you will enforce the laws on the books. There’s no population of aliens that’s off the table any more, and we’ve been waiting on that almost a decade now. So you know I’ve made it clear when you enter this country illegally, you have committed a crime, and you can’t want to be a part of this country and not respect its laws, so those who enter the country illegally, you may get past the Border Patrol and in the past you had this feeling that, ‘Okay I’m home free, I got by the Border Patrol and no one’s looking for me’ — well, those days are over. We’re looking for you, we’re gonna prioritize what we do, but we’re going to enforce the law without apology.

Regarding those special safe spaces for illegal aliens, Homan said, “Sanctuary cities in my opinion, they’re unAmerican: that’s not an America I grew up in.”

He certainly has the enforcement song-and-dance patter down, just the sort of thing his new boss likes to hear.

Director Homan sounds like a tough immigration law enforcer, right? Deportation is happening, is it not?

In May, ICE gang arrests netted more than 1300 illegal alien criminals in largest sweep to date.

Interestingly, Breitbart News paints quite a different picture of the ICE leader, that he was Obama’s willing and enthusiastic henchman who released criminal aliens into America like the MS-13 monsters Homan now condemns:

Trump’s ICE Director Helped Author Obama’s Immigration Priorities and Executive Orders, Praised Them,, by Brandon Darby, July 10, 2017

The Obama-holdover chosen by DHS Secretary John Kelly to direct Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for the Trump Administration helped author Obama’s controversial immigration priorities and executive orders, and he also publicly praised them. Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan made the comments on video shortly before the 2016 presidential election at a time when most thought Hillary Clinton would win, but Donald Trump won and now Homan claims to be an immigration hawk. Continue reading this article

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