Socialist Sweden Finds Automation Unthreatening

The New York Times had an interesting cultural analysis about automation in Sweden, where the workers appear not to fear they will be made unemployed by smart machines. Americans, by contrast, are suspicious about the effects of automation according to a recent Pew poll, with more than 70 percent admitting they worried about job loss, social disruption and worsened economic equality.

The Times put the story on its front page December 28, including a photo of a modern miner using a remote control to run a loading machine.

Socialism looks like a good fit with the automated future if governments adopt the program of a guaranteed basic income, as recommended by Martin Ford, the author of Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future. The lefty countries are already set up to distribute free stuff, so the transition to a robot economy with cash for all would be no big deal. Certainly the Swedish miner Persson was agreeable and comfortable with the change. Still, the Times reporter seems to have become a little beguiled by Swedish socialism.

Curiously, the story had only one bland mention of the violent muslims who have made parts of Swedish cities no-go zones and transformed the once safe nation into the world rape capital:

Yet as Sweden absorbs large numbers of immigrants from conflict-torn nations, that support may wane. Many lack education and may be difficult to employ. If large numbers wind up depending on government largesse, a backlash could result.

“There’s a risk that the social contract could crack,” said Marten Blix, an economist at the Research Institute of Industrial Economics in Stockholm.

That’s one way to describe the civil war that’s brewing.

The Times story was reprinted in the Anchorage Daily News:

The robots are coming, and Sweden is fine, Anchorage Daily News, By Peter S. Goodman, The New York Times, December 28, 2017

GARPENBERG, Sweden — From inside the control room carved into the rock more than half a mile underground, Mika Persson can see the robots on the march, supposedly coming for his job here at the New Boliden mine.

He’s fine with it.

Sweden’s famously generous social welfare system makes this a place not prone to fretting about automation — or much else, for that matter.

Persson, 35, sits in front of four computer screens, one displaying the loader he steers as it lifts freshly blasted rock containing silver, zinc and lead. If he were down in the mine shaft operating the loader manually, he would be inhaling dust and exhaust fumes. Instead, he reclines in an office chair while using a joystick to control the machine.

He is cognizant that robots are evolving by the day. Boliden is testing self-driving vehicles to replace truck drivers. But Persson assumes people will always be needed to keep the machines running. He has faith in the Swedish economic model and its protections against the torment of joblessness.

“I’m not really worried,” he says. “There are so many jobs in this mine that even if this job disappears, they will have another one. The company will take care of us.”

In much of the world, people whose livelihoods depend on paychecks are increasingly anxious about a potential wave of unemployment threatened by automation. As the frightening tale goes, globalization forced people in wealthier lands like North America and Europe to compete directly with cheaper laborers in Asia and Latin America, sowing joblessness. Now, the robots are coming to finish off the humans.

But such talk has little currency in Sweden or its Scandinavian neighbors, where unions are powerful, government support is abundant, and trust between employers and employees runs deep. Here, robots are just another way to make companies more efficient. As employers prosper, workers have consistently gained a proportionate slice of the spoils — a stark contrast to the United States and Britain, where wages have stagnated even while corporate profits have soared.

“In Sweden, if you ask a union leader, ‘Are you afraid of new technology?’ they will answer, ‘No, I’m afraid of old technology,'” says the Swedish minister for employment and integration, Ylva Johansson. “The jobs disappear, and then we train people for new jobs. We won’t protect jobs. But we will protect workers.”


Self-Driving Trucks Will Be a Part of Unprecedented Social Change

It was nice to see the Los Angeles Times recognize the negative effect of self-driving cars and trucks which will cause severe job loss, as shown by a front-page story on Wednesday.

A lot of reporting over the last few years has had too much fan-boy wonderment at the rapid growth of admittedly amazing technology. But the automation gizmos are being designed to replace millions of workers: tech designers and business owners win, and workers lose.

The self-driving sector is now engaged in something of a gold rush. There is huge money involved on who prevails in the marketplace, and the big players in the automotive and tech companies don’t want to be left behind.

As a result of the haste, safety may not be given proper attention by Washington because nobody in Congress wants to see China or any other competitor overshadow American technology. The Times article refers vaguely to a hearing which must be the September investigation which I reported: Senate Hearing Paves Way for Self-Driving Trucks. The Teamster representative Ken Hall was the only one who discussed safety much, noting:

For instance, I have yet to hear a serious discussion about how we will make sure an 80,000 pound automated truck will be able to maneuver around a warehouse or drop yard and not injure the countless workers also occupying that same space. Or how we would make sure that the rules governing a driver’s training requirements would be updated the moment one of these new vehicles is put on the road. And we haven’t gotten to the largest issue of them all, the potential impact on the livelihoods and wages of millions of your constituents.

Read Hall’s full testimony here

My optimistic self hopes that 80,000-pound self-driving trucks will not be loosed on the public highways any time soon — a software malfunction could be catastrophic. A reasonable (and hopefully long-term) introductory step would be the “platooning” strategy where a human driver pilots one truck with a small number of other vehicles hooked up electronically to the leader.

Furthermore, as the article points out, the political blowback will likely be severe when the public begins to see society transformed in a way nobody asked for, and the driving environment looks to be just an early harbinger of change. Many jobs are liable to face a die-off or at least be affected by the automation revolution. The Oxford study that got everyone’s attention in 2013 predicted that nearly half of occupations in the US were likely to be automated within the next 20 years. Yet Washington remains asleep to the danger, as demonstrated by Treasury Secretary Mnuchin’s clueless remark last spring that big automation was 50 or 100 years away.

There’s not a lot that can done to stop the harmful effects, because capitalism and invention go hand in hand. But ending immigration would be a prudent step, since it makes no sense for America to continue importing workers when machines will be doing many of the jobs in a few years, because:

Automation Makes Immigration Obsolete

This is one of the better articles from a mainstream newspaper about the difficult automated future:

The driverless revolution may exact a political price, Los Angeles Times, November 22, 2017

A driverless truck is seen at a garage in San Francisco in May 2016. Such autonomous big rigs already are being tested on the roads. The Teamsters warn millions that of truck-driving and related jobs are threatened. Economists see a political backlash brewing.

In its race to embrace driverless vehicles, Washington has cleared away regulatory hurdles for auto companies and brushed aside consumer warnings about the risk of crashes and hacking.

But at a recent hearing, lawmakers absorbed an economic argument that illustrated how the driverless revolution they are encouraging could backfire politically, particularly in Trump country.

It was the tale of a successful, long-distance beer run.

A robotic truck coasted driverless 120 miles down Interstate 25 in Colorado on its way to deliver 51,744 cans of Budweiser. Not everyone at the hearing was impressed by the milestone, particularly the secretary-treasurer of the Teamsters, whose nearly 600,000 unionized drivers played no small role in President Trump’s victory last year.

Driverless vehicles threaten to dramatically reduce America’s 1.7-million trucking jobs. It is the front end of a wave of automation that technologists and economists have been warning for years will come crashing down on America’s political order. Some predict it could rival the impact of the economic globalization and the resulting off-shoring of jobs that propelled Trump’s victory in the presidential election.

“This is one of the biggest policy changes of our generation,” said Sam Loesche, head of government affairs for the Teamsters. “This is not just about looking after the health and welfare of America’s workers, but also their livelihoods.”

Washington isn’t ready for it. The Trump White House already has indicated it sees it as some future administration’s problem. Silicon Valley remains in shock over Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin’s remark in the spring that economic fallout from this type of automation is 50 to 100 years off and “not even on my radar screen.”

“I don’t think anybody there is thinking about this seriously,” said Martin Ford, author of “Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future.” “They are still looking at this as futuristic and not having an impact and not politically toxic. … Once people start seeing the vehicles on the roads and jobs disappearing because of them, things will quickly become very different.”

The arrival of that reckoning is getting accelerated by Washington’s bipartisan excitement for self-driving technology, one of the few policy issues advancing. New Trump administration regulations don’t require industry to submit certain safety assessments, leaving it voluntary. And legislation — already approved in the House and expected to pass in the Senate — strips authority from states to set many of their own safety guidelines.

Objections raised by the National Governor’s Assn. and the National Council of State Legislatures don’t seem to be slowing things down. Consumer groups are dismayed.


 Somali Cop Shoots Innocent Woman: Tribe Claims Backlash

In Minneapolis, the local Muslim reaction over the murder of Australian woman Justine Damond by a Somali immigrant policeman has taken on a familiar theme — the old “backlash” dodge which attempts to make the Somalis into the victim.

Below, Justine Damond was shot dead by Mohamed Noor, an officer in the Minneapolis Police Department when she tried to report a crime.

Portraying Minnesota Somalis as the injured party is a heavy lift, largely because of their years-long record of violence, jihad and non-assimilation. In 2009 (when the Somali population of the state was only 32,000), the AP reported that the Rise of Somali Gangs Plagues Minneapolis. In the same year, Shirwa Ahmed (a 2000 graduate of Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis), traveled to Somalia to blow up himself and 29 others in Mogadishu.

Last September Somali refugee Dahir Aden stabbed 10 persons in a St. Cloud shopping center while shouting Allah. Making local people fear a jihad attack while browsing in the mall will not convince them trust Muslim immigrants.

Dozens of young Somalis have returned to their cultural homeland to pursue jihad, like the fabulous foursome shown below. Why does Washington continue to import a people that doesn’t like Americans?

Some of those who remain don’t care to assimilate to American values: when filmmaker Ami Horowitz interviewed Somalis in Minneapolis, quite a few said they would rather live under sharia than American law. (Hint: Mogadishu has a brand new airport despite the recent al Shabaab unpleasantness.)

So if indeed there is a backlash against Somalis in Minnesota, an argument can be made that they brought on distrust and ill feeling themselves, by their years of violence, jihad and hatred of the US — which Americans have recognized as a threat.

After Minneapolis officer in police shooting is named, Somali community braces for backlash, Washington Post, July 18, 2017

When Mohamed Noor joined the Minneapolis police force and was assigned to patrol the city’s southwest corner, the Somali community there — the nation’s largest — threw a party for him to celebrate.

He was the first Somali American officer to serve in Minneapolis’s fifth precinct and one of fewer than a dozen Somali American officers in the department. His presence on the squad brought Somali activists some pride and reassurance at a time of Islamophobia in America and nationwide racial tension stoked in part by shootings of black people by white police officers.

Now that same Somali community is bracing for a backlash against Noor that has already begun.

On Monday, multiple media outlets named Noor as the officer who fatally shot an unarmed Australian woman in the city’s popular Fulton neighborhood over the weekend, an incident that has grabbed global attention and thrust Minneapolis into yet another uproar over police violence….

The report stoked fear among Somalis in the Twin Cities, who have worked for decades to become part of the city’s fabric. There are now Somalis on the police force, the city council and in the Minnesota House of Representatives. But the largely Muslim population of Somali Americans in the region still face Islamophobia and innuendo about terrorism.

“They fear this will be just another event used to create animosity toward the Somali community,” Mohamud Noor, executive director at the Confederation of Somali Community in Minnesota, told The Post.

Already, hateful posts criticizing Islam and sharia law are filling social media in response to the police shooting. Several far-right blogs featured sensational headlines that blamed the officer’s ethnicity for the deadly use of force. Continue reading this article

Tech Billionaires Prep for Automation Apocalypse

The story about ultra-wealthy Silicon Valley types buying land where they can hunker down raises immediate questions — what the heck do the tech rich have to fear anyway? They are on top of the world with wealth and influence, plus they can afford to buy a house in Palo Alto.

As it happens, the tech elites fear public fury over the jobless future they have created with automation and artificial intelligence.

The original long article in the New Yorker (Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich, Jan. 30, 2017) meandered around, but the point boiled down to this:

The fears vary, but many worry that, as artificial intelligence takes away a growing share of jobs, there will be a backlash against Silicon Valley, America’s second-highest concentration of wealth. (Southwestern Connecticut is first.) “I’ve heard this theme from a bunch of people,” Hoffman said. “Is the country going to turn against the wealthy? Is it going to turn against technological innovation? Is it going to turn into civil disorder?”

Below, Tesla cars are assembled in Fremont California by robots. Automotive manufacturing once supplied jobs for millions of Americans, but now the industry is largely automated.

Driving jobs currently employ millions of Americans, but self-driving technology is coming on strong.

The tech survivalists are surely aware of the dire predictions of massive jobs loss caused by automation, computerization and artificial intelligence. The Gartner analytical company predicts that one-third of jobs will be performed by robots by 2025, and that trend goes beyond manufacturing to cognitive tasks like financial analysis and medical diagnostics. A 2013 report from Oxford University researchers estimated that “nearly half of U.S. jobs are vulnerable to computerization” in less than 20 years. A recent report from the consulting firm McKinsey and Company, found that 59 percent of manufacturing work could be automated in the next decade.

There’s not a whole lot to be done about the automated future beyond survival prepping, but Washington could at least end immigration, which is being made obsolete by advanced technology.

Silicon Valley billionaires buy underground bunkers preparing for the apocalypse, The Independent (UK), January 25, 2017

Tech entrepreneurs fearful artificial intelligence will displace so many jobs there will be a revolt against those responsible

Billionaires in the world’s tech capital Silicon Valley are reportedly preparing for the apocalypse by buying underground bunkers, guns, ammo and motorcycles.

Fearful that artificial intelligence will displace so many jobs that there will be a revolt against those responsible for the technology, the are entrepreneurs readying themselves for doomsday like scenarios. Continue reading this article

San Francisco Squawks as President Trump Axes Sanctuary Cities

The howls were loud, multilingual and self-righteous from the liberal city when its lawbreaking sanctuary policy was knocked down by the new president on Wednesday, as a noisy gaggle formed up on the City Hall steps to make loud demands in Spanish about their bogus “right” to live here illegally.

Illegal aliens and their supporters protested Trump and American immigration law at San Francisco’s City Hall on Wednesday.

The snotty sanctimony was off the charts and cruelly inappropriate, considering that San Francisco’s sanctuary policy is directly responsible for the deaths of four innocent people in the past decade, namely Kate Steinle and Tony Bologna and his two sons.

In an upside-down liberal view of reality, Mayor Ed Lee asserted that sanctuary made the city safer: “We stand by our sanctuary city because we want everybody to feel safe and utilize the services they deserve, including education and health care.”

Illegal alien sanctuary was not safe for Kate Steinle and the Bologna family however.

Below, sanctuary policy caused the death of Kate Steinle, who was shot dead on a San Francisco pier by five-times-deported illegal alien.

Reuters estimates the Top 10 U.S. sanctuary cities face roughly $2.27 billion in cuts by Trump policy, so the financial impact could be intense. Hard core zones are sure to resist and rejigger their budgets to pass the costs on to citizens. In San Francisco, the estimate of lost funding ranges up to $1 billion, and the politicians will have some explaining to do if the pain is that steep.

San Francisco Vows to Fight Trump on Sanctuary City, Immigration, ABC Channel 7 News, January 25, 2017

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday seeking to end sanctuary cities, that, in his words, “harbor illegal immigrants.”

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday seeking to end sanctuary cities, that, in his words, “harbor illegal immigrants.”

The president promised to cut federal funding to cities that don’t comply.

But Mayor Ed Lee says San Francisco stands firm. It will continue to protect its sanctuary city laws that have been in place for the past 27 years.

“We stand united that a safer city is a city that doesn’t allow its residents to live in fear,” he said following the announcement.

Meanwhile, dozens of immigration advocates took to city hall chanting “an organized community will never be deported.” Continue reading this article

New York Times: Americans Are Haters toward Gentle Muslims

The leftist ideologues over at the New York Times sorta kinda half-way apologized the other day for getting the election and the American people so completely wrong. But should you expect any real change in their sicko anti-American attitudes?

Of course not!

Tuesday’s front page had some fine examples of the same old liberal swill, with headlines like “Furor over Trump’s Pick of a Hard-Right Advisor” and “New Strategist in White House a Provocateur from the Fringe” — both referring to advisor Steve Bannon, formerly of, who is the current target of their rage.

The Times also continued its bashing of the citizens, as shown by the following gem:


The “America That Hates” refers to citizens who are rightly suspicious of Muslims living among us who sometimes take up jihad as instructed in the koran to murder infidels. The followers of allah have been killing non-believers for 1400 years, but the Times apparently thinks we live in a post-history time where previous beliefs and animosities no longer apply, even as ISIS commits brutal atrocities daily in the name of religion. Recent jihad activity like the mass murders in Orlando (50 dead) and San Bernardino (14 dead) remain in the public’s mind.

Pakistani immigrant Tashfeen Malik and her husband Syed Rizwan Farook murdered 14 Americans, pictured below, in their San Bernardino jihad for Islam.

Hopefully President Trump will end the insanity of Muslim immigration. Indeed, a Rasmussen poll from last year found that a plurality of voters agreed with a temporary ban — which could be a very long time if a chill in jihad is the metric.

The online version of the Times story includes the extra insult of a video from the Hamas-affiliated Counsel on American Islamic Relations:

Refugees Discover 2 Americas: One That Hates, and One That Heals, New York Times, November 14, 2016

The Council on American-Islamic Relations said it would not allow Muslim Americans to be intimidated and called on President-elect Donald J. Trump to defend their constitutional rights.

DUNDALK, Md. — Ra’ad and Hutham Lalqaraghuli are no longer sure which America they’re a part of.

Is it the hateful country they confronted a few weeks before the presidential election, when someone left a note at their door that said, “Terrorist Leave no one wants you here”?

Or is it the generous country of welcoming strangers who heard about their ordeal and showered them with gifts and cards with positive messages?

The victory of President-elect Donald J. Trump has intensified their whiplash. After a year in the Maryland suburbs, having arrived with their four children as refugees from Iraq, they find themselves comparing the threats they fled with those that might still emerge.

They did not sleep on election night after watching television coverage of the results. Continue reading this article

Citizens Reject Forced Diversity Policy by Supporting Candidate Trump

Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal front page featured a US map showing demographic change with the headline below reading “Rapid Change Aids Trump.” It seems that many citizens don’t like the cultural attack against American values that mass immigration and open borders cause.


Who ever voted to have a non-American nation? When given a chance to express their opinions in elections, Americans have chosen sovereignty and the English language. Other than ethnic restaurants, the government-mandated importation of various cultures from around the world has brought nothing but trouble for the citizens. As today’s WSJ article points out, schools are hard hit.

Below, the elementary school in Arcadia, Wis., went from almost all non-Hispanic white at the turn of the century to 73% Hispanic as of this year.


When immigrants relocate to a new country, they normally settle in ethnic neighborhoods where they can live among persons who share their language, values and culture. But when Americans want the same thing, they are called racist by liberal elites.

Furthermore, the rapid automation of jobs ranging from manufacturing to finance means that immigration is no longer needed for cheap labor — if it ever was. The government should be cutting the import of foreigners, but instead, according to a new CIS study, immigration is surging and the total population of immigrants hit a record high in 2015 of 43.3 million.

Places Most Unsettled by Rapid Demographic Change Are Drawn to Donald Trump, Wall Street Journal, November 1, 2016

Data show immigration has made small towns in the Midwest more racially diverse in the past 15 years, shifting the political needle

ARCADIA, Wis.—Small towns in the Midwest have diversified more quickly than almost any part of the U.S. since the start of an immigration wave at the beginning of this century. The resulting cultural changes appear to be moving the political needle.

A Wall Street Journal analysis of census data shows that counties in a distinct cluster of Midwestern states—Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota—saw among the fastest influxes of nonwhite residents of anywhere in the U.S. between 2000 and 2015. Hundreds of cities long dominated by white residents got a burst of Latino newcomers who migrated from Central America or uprooted from California and Texas.

That shift helps explain the emergence of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump as a political force, and signals that tensions over immigration will likely outlive his candidacy. Among GOP voters in this year’s presidential primaries, counties that diversified rapidly were more likely to vote for the New York businessman, the Journal’s analysis shows.

Mr. Trump is emphasizing the Midwest this week, with a stop in Wisconsin scheduled for Tuesday.

In Arcadia, Wis., Don Leibl saw the dairy-farming hamlet transform from nearly all white to more than one-third Latino as Mexican immigrants streamed in for jobs. It is a main reason, he said, he is voting for Mr. Trump for president.

“If you’d seen the way things have changed in this town, you’d say, ‘Something needs to be done about it,’ ” the 51-year-old computer systems analyst said, referring to immigrants there illegally. Continue reading this article

Syrian Sob Story Seeks Sympathy

It’s disappointing to see a normally decent reporter like William La Jeunesse doing refugee sob-story duty, but perhaps this is the new Fox regime getting dug in.

In the report, we see a Syrian family getting settled — they are some of the 12,500 Obama jammed in during this fiscal year with reduced screening.

The Bilal family seems decent enough, but why is infidel America supposed to rescue Muslims when other members of the all-embracing ummah (like wealthy Saudi Arabia) have taken Zero fellow members of the faith? In fact, the oil-rich Gulf States cite the security threat as the reason for not accepting Syrian refugees.

So why is Washington so naive when terror groups have said they mean to use the refugee flow for infiltration? Why isn’t American safety Job #1 for our government?

And even if the initial refugees/immigrants are not hostiles, it is often the younger folks who take up jihad as part of their youthful rebellion. Today’s cute pre-schooler (which the Bilal family apparently includes) can easily grow into tomorrow’s jihadist. Along that line, a Danish study found that second-generation Muslim immigrants are twice as criminal as their parents.

The extreme case is when the second generation returns to their parents’ homeland to fight for jihad, as many have. Last year, six young Somalis were arrested as they attempted to leave Minnesota to join ISIS, as have dozens of other Somalis.

The danger contained within the refugee program was the reason that Texas recently withdrew from participation.

Below, Texas governor Gregg Abbott joined with 29 other governors to oppose Syrian refugee resettlement.

But instead of explaining the obvious risk to public safety that inadequately screened Syrians present, Fox News gives us the sensitive sob story.

MELISSA FRANCIS: America opened her arms to more than 12,000 Syrians this year as they escape the violence and the civil war in their home country. A great many ended up living in California, so what can they expect and what can we do to help them settle in? William La Jeunesse takes a look at their first 90 days, and he is live in our Los Angeles Bureau — William.

WILLIAM LA JEUNESSE: Well, Melissa, that’s what we were curious about. What is it like to be dropped into a country — broke, you don’t speak the language and find out a lot of people don’t want you there. And yet it’s a lot better than what you left behind.

SAMIR BILAL: The situation in Syria is very bad. Here I find peace for me and my family.

LA JEUNESSE: The Bilal family arrived in the US three months ago after the war in Syria forced them to leave. Continue reading this article

California: Jerry Brown Signs Extremist Climate Change Bill

On Thursday, Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law that will force reductions of carbon emissions in the name of global warming prevention. The legislation requires a massive 40 percent cut of CO2 emissions from 1990 levels by 2030.

Few reports mention that in 1990 the state population was around 30 million, while today it is estimated to be 39 million. The Census Bureau may be hesitant to declare the scary 40 million number, an increase driven by immigration. Maybe the head-counters will go there after the election.


Plus, it should be mentioned that the self-appointed super-environmentalist Jerry Brown thinks open borders are a swell idea. In fact, he once welcomed ALL of Mexico to move here, an invitation he made astoundingly during a historic drought when there wasn’t enough water for California’s current residents, much less an additional hundred million or so.

And Third Worlders searching for a better life aren’t looking for better recycling opportunities; they come to get lots more stuff, like a bigger fancier car. Any true environmentalist understands that mass immigration to America of whatever legality is a big drain on scarce resources like water, and it increases worldwide pollution. That was essentially the argument of the Sierra Club reformers a decade ago who wanted the organization to return to its earlier stance of immigration restriction, but it turned out that the club was bought out for $100 million in donations with open-borders strings attached.

Meanwhile the manufacturing powerhouse of Red China remains the world’s top gross CO2 emitter by far. America’s outsourcing of industry has increased global pollution, because China finds it cheaper to manufacture without such regulation. Beijing has recently been promising some environmental clean-up of its factories, but talk is cheap.

Below a China steel factory in 2014 with attendant air you can see, because of its CO2 then being more than 45 percent above the global average.


So Jerry’s plan is lots more regulation, taxation and social control for California residents. Driving is about to become even more expensive, because Jerry wants to reduce petroleum use in cars and trucks by 50 percent. Even more businesses will be driven out by the unfriendly atmosphere of costs and regulation with accompanying job loss. California has been voted the worst state for business 12 years running, and it is now about to get worse.

La Times at least had the honesty to mention California population growth and how it makes the emission goals more difficult.

Gov. Brown signs sweeping legislation to combat climate change, Los Angeles Times, September 8, 2016

California will become a petri dish for international efforts to slow global warming under legislation signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday, forcing one of the world’s largest economies to squeeze into a dramatically smaller carbon footprint.

“What we’re doing here is farsighted, as well as far-reaching,” Brown said at a signing ceremony at Vista Hermosa Natural Park in downtown Los Angeles. “California is doing something that no other state has done.”

The legislation, SB 32, requires the state to slash greenhouse gas emissions to 40% below 1990 levels by 2030, a much more ambitious target than the previous goal of hitting 1990 levels by 2020.

Cutting emissions will affect nearly all aspects of life in the state — where people live, how they get to work, how their food is produced and where their electricity comes from.

“We’re going to have to make the change about three times as fast as we’ve done so far,” said James Sweeney, director of the Precourt Energy Efficiency Center at Stanford University.

The state has already been ramping up solar power generation, handing out subsidies for drivers to buy electric cars and prodding developers to create denser communities connected to mass transit.

But research from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory shows that current policies may get the state only about halfway to the 2030 goal. Right now the state is inching closer to 1990 emissions levels, a target set a decade ago by an earlier law.

That means Californians can expect to feel more of what Brown has called the “coercive power of government.” Businesses will likely face more restrictive rules, and taxpayer and ratepayer money will be needed to subsidize cleaner technologies.

“You name it, we’re going to need it,” said Snuller Price, senior partner at E3, an energy efficiency consulting firm that has worked with state regulators.

Reaching the goal set by SB 32 could be a difficult task in a growing state. California has 38 million people now, with a gross domestic product of almost $2.5 trillion, making it the sixth-largest economy in the world.


By 2030, estimates from the Public Policy Institute of California and the Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy show, the state could have 44 million people and an economy of nearly $3.5 trillion, but carbon emissions would need to be dramatically reduced. Continue reading this article

Backlash Alert! Muslims Claim They Fear Violence from Infidels on 9/11 Anniversary

This year, the 15th anniversary of Islam’s jihad attack on New York City and Washington falls on the same day as Eid al-Adha, (aka the feast of the sacrifice) as a result of the lunar calendar. The Muslim media squad has jumped on the coincidence, pretending to be frightened of gangs of angry Americans looking for payback: Backlash!

As if! We all remember who murdered 3000 Americans on that awful day, but lynchings or other violence against the perp tribe by citizens are unlikely because we are a law-abiding people.

In the real world, keeps track of relevant stats, and the number deadly terror attacks since 9/11 as of today, September 2, 2016, is 29,141. The thirty-day count of dead from jihad today is 1223.

So the attempt of Muslims to portray themselves as victims falls short. But they keep trying, because the diversity-crazed media keep responding by printing the stuff.

Muslims are known to enjoy their colorful sacrifice holidays, as shown below.

In fact, a recent instance of Muslims being shot down in America were the two jihadists carrying AK-47s about to attack a free speech event in Garland Texas. They were killed by a local police officer with his service revolver during a shootout the Muslims initiated.

Muslims murder for allah every day, but we are supposed to believe they are somehow victims of mean Americans. And why does the government continue to allow them to immigrate here anyway?

Muslims fear backlash as Eid could fall on September 11 for first time since 9/11 attacks, Express (UK), September 2, 2016

MUSLIMS fear they could be targeted in violent attacks as the holy day of Eid could fall on 11 September for the first time since 9/11.

Eid al-Adha, also known as the feast of the sacrifice, is the holiest Muslim celebration.

But this year’s celebration could fall on the 15th anniversary of the terror attacks on New York and the Pentagon which killed 2,996 people and injured 6,000.

The date of the religious celebration is determined by the lunar calendar and is set by academics.

The celebration has fallen close to 9/11 in previous years but has never arrived on the same date of the attacks.

The Muslim Council of Britain said the date-clash would be “completely coincidental”.
Continue reading this article

In France, Immigrant-Caused Carnage Promotes Consideration of Limits

Monday’s Washington Post front page had a cheerful headline: “In France, immigration restriction finds rising support.” (The Nice truck killer was a Tunisian immigrant who appeared assimilated, i.e. he drank alcohol and ate pork until recently.)

That tiny morsel of immigration sanity has been slow in coming, true, particularly after the horrific jihad mass murders of the Charlie Hebdo magazine staff and the Paris multi-site jihad last November. Perhaps the thought of a 19-ton truck deliberately chasing down little children broke through the liberal religion of Diversity Uber Alles.

Islamic immigration diversity brings death, as France was reminded last week. Allowing historic enemies inside the gates remains an unwise policy choice.


Liberals are strongly attached to their failed ideology of diversity that posits hard-wired human tribal identification can be rejiggered by elites to suit the current political style. Maybe the failure to assimilate hostile Muslims — a policy soaked in blood — is seeping through. We can hope, even though the Post has to maintain its neurotic attachment to other Diversity tenets, like Backlash against innocent Muslims.

Nice attack propels anti-immigrant sentiments into France’s mainstream, Washington Post, July 17, 2016

NICE, FRANCE — With this coastal city reeling from the Bastille Day attack by one of its Tunisian-born residents, one sentiment is growing stronger and stronger: Keep the immigrants out.

Across France, it is voiced by the far-right National Front party, which counts Nice as a stronghold. It is embraced by the ­center-right politicians dogging French President François Hollande ahead of elections next year. And though Hollande has preached tolerance and unity every time terrorism strikes France, his allies are also trying to tamp down immigration.

Leaders of Nice’s Muslim community say they fear that a backlash could make people such as the attacker, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, 31, even more disconnected from French society, sharpening the risk of more attacks. But there are now few mainstream voices in France’s political establishment advocating a welcoming policy toward migrants. Hollande’s center-left Socialist party appears likely to limp to a third-place finish in the presidential race next year behind the far-right National Front, which long had ties to Holocaust deniers.

The dynamic comes as voters around the world seek to bar the way to immigrants amid persistent economic challenges and wars in the Middle East that have displaced millions of women, children and men. British voters last month voted to sever ties with the European Union in a referendum widely seen as motivated by fears over migration. The presumptive Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, plans to build a wall to keep out Mexicans. And just over France’s coastline border with Italy, the anti-immigrant Northern League is also strengthening.

Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a Tunisian-born émigré was behind the wheel of a truck that barreled into Bastille Day revelers and claimed at least 84 lives.(Thomas Johnson/The Washington Post) Continue reading this article

Imam Insult: Nice Slaughter Had Nothing to Do with Islam

The liberal press loves to assist hostile Muslims by telling us citizens that night is day regarding Islam, as in, “Who you gonna believe — me or your lyin’ eyes?” The media insist: Muslims are peace-loving — everybody knows that! The Bastille Day mass murder in France is no exception.


So it goes after every monstrous atrocity performed as an act of devotion to allah — “nothing to do with Islam, honest!” The more horrendous the murders, the more absurd are the declarations of innocence for the Religion of Pieces. Meanwhile the Koran and other Islam scriptures are dripping with blood and exhortations to violence.

Dutch politician Geert Wilders angered many with his short film Fitna that showed Islamic violence with corresponding scripture:

Islam has been spread by the sword for 14 centuries: convert or die has been a successful strategy for them. Sophisticated Europe is falling into line just like the backward tribes of the Arabian Peninsula.


A recent example of Islo-denial needs a closer look — is it a gag? An actual statement by an Islamic cleric to show his disrespect of the victims? He certainly has no fear that his family will be mowed down in response — nope, westerners have been cowed into perfect dhimmi submission by political correctness. There’s no danger of any sort of physical backlash. The French won’t even demand that the hostile tribe who believes in the murder of infidels be deported to a more agreeable nation.

Is the following serious? Or the jihadist version of a crude joke on the stupid westerners…

Nice attack: ‘This has nothing to do with Islam,’ says imam after Bastille Day terror atrocity, by Jamie Micklethwaite, Evening Standard, July 15, 2016

Islam had nothing to do with the truck attack in Nice which claimed the lives of at least 84 people, a local imam has said.

Driver Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhle mowed down terrified spectators at the Bastille Day celebrations on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice on Thursday night.

After being stopped by armed police the attacker opened fire on the officers before being shot dead at the scene

One witness claimed he shouted Allahu Akhbar at the wheel.

Local Imam Tawfik Bouhlel, who is not related to the attacker, condemned his actions, stating that he does not represent Islam.

He told iNews: “I’m terribly shocked by what has happened. I have lived in France for 35 years in peace and harmony with others and for such a thing to happen gives me the most profound sorrow.

“The name is not familiar to me, I don’t know this man. What I will be saying during our prayers is that we must pull together.

“What this man has done is unthinkable and to be completely condemned because every human being is sacred, whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim, regardless of colour or religion.

“This has nothing to do with Islam. This man does not represent Islam. I am afraid that there are fanatics everywhere, in every neighbourhood. We can only defeat them together.”

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