DHS Secretary Johnson Claims Interest in Deporting Criminals

The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on Tuesday morning where the Chairman, Chuck Grassley, had the opportunity to question DHS chief Jeh Johnson for the first time since Obama’s executive amnesty last November. Senator Grassley used the opportunity to quiz Johnson directly about a case of a man, Emmanuel Rangel-Hernandez, who received the President’s DACA benefit despite being a known gang member. The alien later went on to murder four people, authorities contend.

Below, illegal alien gangster Rangel-Hernandez (r) is accused of murdering Mirjana Puhar, a contestant in the TV show America’s Top Model, among others.

Senator Grassley has been very persistent in pursuing the Rangel-Hernandez case, recognizing how it signifies the sloppiness by which the administration “investigates” — perhaps too strong a word — the illegal aliens which it intends to reward with citizenship. In February Grassley reported on information he had received about the criminal background of the accused killer, and in March sent a letter to the DHS demanding to know the truth. A week ago, the agency admitted its mistake in awarding the gangster alien with a DACA.

In Tuesday’s hearing, Senate Committee on the Judiciary Hearing on Oversight of the Department of Homeland Security, Chairman Grassley mentioned the gangster case just a few sentences into his opening statement (see below) and got quickly to that subject in his questioning.

GRASSLEY: I want to ask you about Mr. Rangel-Hernandez, a gang member that committed those murders I referred to. According to your April 17 response to me and Mr. Tillis, Mr. Rangel-Hernandez’ application should have gone through several layers of review, including by U.S. Citizenship Immigration Services’ background check unit.

Because of his gang affiliation, the department’s headquarters should also have reviewed the case. Thus, the adjudicator would only be able to approve such an application after a sign off from Washington leadership. There was obviously a lapse, but it’s unclear who dropped the ball.

First question, why was Mr. Rangel-Hernandez approved for deferred action despite his known gang ties. In other words, which office was responsible for approving the DACA applicant, and was it the adjudicator, the background check unit or USCIS headquarters?

JOHNSON: The answer to the Why question is simply he should not have received DACA. I believe on balance DACA is a good program. I also believe that this case is a tragic case, and this individual should not have received DACA. I cannot state that in stronger terms. . .

We’ve gone back and retrained the entire workforce that deals with these cases to make sure that they identify trouble signs, such as suspected membership in criminal gangs. . .

I’m interested in deporting criminals, sir.

Johnson never did get around to specifying the office that screwed up, claiming he didn’t know the name of the unit. (Lame!) Holding people accountable is not the government style. Johnson’s using the word “sir” was the closest to an apology the committee got.

Now, back to the beginning of the hearing for the first part of Chairman Grassley’s opening statement which was rather blunt:

Oversight is a critical function and a constitutional responsibility of the legislative branch. Every year, this committee tries to invite the Secretary of Homeland Security to brief us on the state of affairs of the department. It’s an opportunity to question the administration’s policies as well as an opportunity for the department to take responsibility for its actions.

It’s a pleasure to have Secretary Johnson here today. This is the first opportunity for our committee to question him publicly since the President’s executive actions on immigration announced last November.

Even though there is an injunction against the executive actions, we can still get a good idea of what to expect from the enjoined programs based on the way the department has implemented the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or “DACA” program.

It appears, for example, that applications for deferred action are being rubberstamped, evidenced by the fact that criminals and gang members are receiving this special benefit despite supposed policies against it.

Take, for example, the case of a DACA recipient in North Carolina, Emmanuel Rangel-Hernandez, who is accused of murdering four people, including a former reality TV model.

Last week, the department admitted Rangel-Hernandez had received DACA despite his gang membership, which was known to adjudicators, and despite already being in deportation proceedings.

The agency response indicated a lapse in the processing of Rangel-Hernandez’s application. However it’s not yet clear who ultimately made the decision to approve the application. We need to get to the bottom of it. We know that the agency has terminated 282 DACA requests because of gang and/or criminal issues. So, this appears to be a bigger problem.

This tragedy compels the question: What background checks are in place and are they adequate to ensure that benefits are not being provided to those who pose a threat to the homeland and public safety? And, does this administration truly have a zero-tolerance policy for the granting of immigration benefits to criminals and gang members, as suggested by the President?

The committee will also want to hear from the Secretary about the proposed expansion of DACA and why the department provided over 100,000 DACA work authorization extensions despite assurances its lawyers gave the federal court that it would not implement any aspect of the President’s executive action until February 18, 2015.

Whether discussing the 2012 DACA program or the 2014 executive actions, there remain questions about the legality of the President’s actions. There are also questions about how the department will fund the programs, and whether legal immigrants will suffer due to the prioritization for benefits of people in the country illegally.

The Secretary must also answer as to why this administration is allowing people here illegally to be put on a path to citizenship, which is clearly a constitutional responsibility of Congress. This path to citizenship is afforded through the administration’s use of advance parole, which they are encouraging DACA applicants to take advantage of. This loophole will set a dangerous precedent that will allow lawbreakers to obtain the benefits of lawful permanent residence and citizenship after showing a total disregard for American law.

One thing seems very clear: there is little will or desire by this administration to enforce the laws on the books and to back up agents in the field who swore to uphold the law.

This administration needs to answer for the release of criminal aliens into our communities. In fiscal year 2013, the department released from detention over 36,000 convicted criminal aliens in removal proceedings or after they had been ordered removed. Then in fiscal year 2014, it released 30,558 convicted criminal aliens. They had convictions ranging from homicide to sexual assault to kidnapping to aggravated assault to drunk driving. Continue reading this article

Administration Lets Drunk Driving Illegal Aliens Go Free

JudicialWatch recently published a government memo directing Border Patrol agents to release unlawful foreigners driving drunk, a policy that is a serious threat to the safety of law-abiding Americans. In response, Fox News interviewed Mary Ann Mendoza, the mother of a Mesa Arizona police officer who was killed by a drunk driving illegal alien last May.

Officer Brandon Mendoza (pictured) was on his way home from work when his car was hit head-on by a blotto drunk Mexican who had driven 35 miles the wrong way on the highway. The Mexican had been previously arrested for burglary and assaulting a policeman in Colorado, but was not deported.

So Mary Ann Mendoza was angry at the preventable death of her 32-year-old son and wrote a letter to the President:

“President Obama,

“I am writing this letter to you regarding illegal immigrants.

“As a tax paying, law abiding citizen of the United States, I WANT my voice heard on this issue. My son, Sergeant Brandon Mendoza, an officer who was with the City of Mesa, Arizona police department, was killed in a tragic head on collision on May 12, 2014 by a wrong way driver on our freeways. This man happened to be an illegal immigrant, was in this country illegally, convicted of previous crimes, no Social Security number, no valid driver’s license BUT he had purchased a vehicle and registered it to drive in Maricopa County Arizona.

“I had my son’s life STOLEN from me by a man who didn’t value his life, was 3X the legal limit drunk, was high on Meth, drove for over 35 miles THE WRONG WAY on 4 different freeways and had NO BUSINESS BEING IN THIS COUNTRY!!! [. . .]

The whole letter and Mary Ann’s interview with Bill O’Reilly are published in my July blog, Arizona Officer Killed by Drunk-Driving Illegal Alien Is Remembered.

Here’s the article from Judicial Watch, revealing the government memo that shows this administration cares nothing about public safety:

Border Patrol Ordered to Release Drunk Drivers, “Allow Them to Go On Their Way”, Judicial Watch, February 13, 2015

The Obama administration has ordered federal agents responsible for protecting one of the nation’s busiest and most crime-infested regions near Mexico to stop apprehending drunk drivers, according to an internal government memo that also concedes an officer that elects to detain them is “acting within the course and scope of his employment.”

Obtained by Judicial Watch this week, the notice is titled “Enforcement Options With Alcohol-Impaired Drivers” and directs the 4,000-plus U.S. Border Patrol agents in the Tucson, Arizona sector to “release” individuals under the influence and “allow them to go on their way.” The document acknowledges that this feels counter-intuitive for Border Patrol agents, but eases concerns by answering a hypothetical question for the officers who have sworn to uphold the law: “If you allow this driver to continue down the road and they kill someone, aren’t you liable?” The answer is no, according to the new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) memo. “There is no legal requirement for a Border Patrol agent to intervene in a state crime, including DUI,” the order says, adding that “therefore there is generally no liability that will attach to the agent or agency for failing to act in this situation.” Continue reading this article

America’s Senator Publishes Scary-Long List of Obama’s Removal of America’s Immigration Enforcement System

Senator Jeff Sessions has a fine publishing operation in his office, demonstrated by his occasional fact sheets of well researched points regarding the failure of Washington to stem immigration anarchy.

A few examples include:

The New Dream Act Is Worse (2011)

Ten Questions for the Senate’s Gang of Eight Bill (2013)

Needed Measures for a Border Enforcement Bill (2015)

Now Senator Sessions has presented the mother of all lists, scary in its length, that enumerates the instances of President Obama dismantling America’s immigration enforcement system. It was posted on Breitbart on Feb 16:

Timeline: How the Obama Administration Bypassed Congress to Dismantle Immigration Enforcement

In September 2011, President Obama said, “We live in a democracy. You have to pass bills through the legislature, and then I can sign it.” Yet, since that time, and indeed before then, he has systematically voided existing laws and unilaterally created new measures that Congress has refused to adopt under either Democratic or Republican control.

Most recently, the President announced he would do what he once said only an “emperor” could do – grant unilateral amnesty, work permits, and access to government benefits to more than five million illegal immigrants. This unprecedented action, combined with new “enforcement priorities” for Department of Homeland Security personnel that exempt the vast majority of illegal immigrants from the threat of removal, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals directive, the “Morton” memos, and numerous other lesser-reported but far-reaching Executive actions, has threatened not only our constitutional system, but our national sovereignty. Indeed, the idea of national, sovereign borders is being daily eviscerated by the President’s determination to write his own immigration rules in defiance of Congress and the American people.

Below is a detailed timeline of how the Obama Administration systematically dismantled immigration enforcement, undermining the very rule of law upon which our nation was founded and upon which its greatness depends.

January 2009: Obama Administration Ends Worksite Enforcement Actions

In early 2009, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) executes a raid (initiated and planned under the Bush Administration) on an engine machine shop in Bellingham, Washington, detaining 28 illegal immigrants who were using fake Social Security numbers and identity documents. Shortly thereafter, pro-amnesty groups criticized the Administration for enforcing the law. An unnamed DHS official is quoted in the Washington Times as saying, “the Secretary is not happy about it and this is not her policy.” Instead of enforcing the law, the Secretary investigates the ICE agents for simply doing their duty. Esther Olavarria, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, says on a call with employers and pro-amnesty groups that “we’re not doing raids or audits under this administration.”

January 29, 2009: Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano Delays E-Verify Deadline

Former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano delays the original deadlines for federal contractors to use the E-Verify system, from January 15, 2009, and February 20, 2009, to May 21, 2009. Continue reading this article

California: Foreigners Storm State's DMVs for DLs

The gold rush is on in California for illegal aliens to grab much desired driving permits so they won’t be deported or have their cars impounded as they drive to their stolen American jobs.

Boosters of illegal alien driving insist that learning the rules of the road will make the lawbreakers better drivers and less likely to kill innocent Americans — even though drunk driving is a cultural value of Mexicans and is the cause of many crashes.

In addition, illegal alien drivers are not required to speak English, and the California DMV helpfully provides the written test in Spanish. Pablo probably comprehends “STOP” adequately, but non-English speakers won’t understand the temporary informational road signs put out by CalTrans.

Below, Mexicans await their DLs in the Orange County DMV.

The DMV lines are long not only because an estimated 1.4 million want the driving cards but also because a number of the foreigners have to return for a retry after failing the written test.

Hope – and some anxiety – as immigrants seek new California driver’s licenses, Sacramento Bee, January 2, 2015

Bundled up in a hat and jacket, Rogelio Yerena stood outside the Sacramento-area Department of Motor Vehicles office on Broadway on Friday morning, anxiously smoking a cigarette.

He had already been in line for half an hour, but he estimated there were another 30 or 40 people ahead of him before he would have a turn to take the written exam for a driver’s license.

Yerena, 24, was feeling confident.

“I studied a little bit,” he said in Spanish. “But with all the years I’ve been driving, I think I know the rules.”

Yerena was among the first batch of applicants to flood DMV offices on Friday as California became the 10th state to begin issuing driver’s licenses to immigrants who are in the country illegally.

Signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in 2013 after more than 15 years of lobbying by immigrant advocates, AB 60 requires applicants to prove only their identity and California residency, rather than their legal presence in the state. Under the law, which took effect at the beginning of this year, about 1.4 million undocumented immigrants are expected to apply for the special licenses over the next three years.

Yerena said he moved from Mexico with his family nine years ago and now lives in West Sacramento. He was looking forward to getting his license “as soon as possible.”

After once getting hit by another driver on the freeway and having to pay a fine for driving without a license, he said, “I’m always nervous when I go out driving, because there’s the possibility that something could happen and they’ll take away my car.”

DMV employees were not authorized to speak to the press, but several said their office was much busier than usual, though it was hard to tell how much of that was due to AB 60.

The start of a new year may also have contributed to the rush. In a statement, the DMV said it had seen about 6,200 AB 60 applicants statewide by noon. Those who passed the written exam were given a driver’s permit and required to return another day to take the road test.

In south Sacramento, the line at the DMV curled through the lobby, and sometimes out the front of the building, into the afternoon. More than a hundred customers filled rows of chairs, and a steady stream of cars circled the parking lot looking for any open space.

Veronica Oropeza, 28, left disappointed after failing the written exam twice.

“Nobody’s passing,” she said in Spanish.
Continue reading this article

SFgate.com Highlights ‘A Christmas Story’ but Ignores How Its Director Died

SFgate.com, the online home of the San Francisco Chronicle, recently underwent a rejiggering to make it more of a lifestyle site and less of a news source. Typical of the new format was a slide show with then-and-now photos: A Christmas Story: Where are they now?

Thirteen sets of photos are presented, with the final one being of the late director, Bob Clark. SFgate’s caption was disappointing in its lack of specifics:

Bob Clark directed ‘A Christmas Story.’ He later went onto direct several B-list movies, ‘Baby Geniuses’ and ‘Karate Dog.’ Clark and his son died in a tragic car accident in 2007.

In fact, the “tragic car accident” was a DUI crash caused by a blotto-drunk illegal alien who smashed head-on into Clark’s car after crossing the median on the Pacific Coast Highway a few minutes from Clark’s home in Pacific Palisades. Both Clark and his 22-year-old son were killed. The alien, Hector Velazquez-Nava, had a blood-alcohol level of three times the limit and was driving without a license. Nava pleaded no contest to two felony counts of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and was sentenced to six years in prison.

Following the deaths, ultra-liberal Hollywood was silent about who killed Bob Clark. His former publicist appeared on Fox News with Bill OReilly on April 9, 2007 (Illegal Immigrant Kills Hollywood Director):

MICHAEL LEVINE: Well, it’s nauseating, Bill. I mean, he was a very talented and gentle man, a man who was frankly underappreciated by our industry. But this happened.

And there’s been silence. The mayor, the city council, the supervisors, the L.A. Times have all said nothing. And if Fluffy the cat had gotten murdered that day, the city would have closed down. It’s a nauseating, grotesque injustice that this man was killed and his son was killed.

When actor George Clooney recently asked Hollywood heavyweights to sign a petition supporting free speech following the cyber-attack on Sony Pictures by North Korea, he could not get a single signature.

Such cowardice was no surprise to anyone familiar with the fate of Bob Clark. The film community congratulates itself on its bravery for supporting easy liberal issues where there is no danger, but any difficulty reveals Hollyweird’s spinelessness.

California Prepares to Issue Illegal Alien Drivers Licenses and Citizens (Not Foreigners) Will Pay $141 Million

The countdown continues toward California awarding official driving permits to approximately 1.4 million illegal aliens at a huge pricetag to the citizen taxpayers — $141 million is the state’s estimate for the program, although that sounds low given all the associated costs.

Below, in Los Angeles last year, non-English-speakers demand California drivers licenses for illegal aliens in Spanish.

The state is bending over backwards to serve the foreign lawbreaker community by expanding hours, opening new DMV offices and hiring 900 new employees to process the illegals. Sacramento could have passed the enormous costs onto the people whom the policy benefits, but it has not.

I noted last January that the cost of a DL was $33 and the price is not being raised for illegals. Most illegals would probably spend hundreds of dollars for a legal driving permit, given the hassel of driving unlawfully to reach their stolen jobs. Instead, Mexifornia is forcing law-abiding citizens to pay for services made for illegal aliens.

DMV prepares to issue high volume of immigrant driver’s licenses, Merced Sun Star, November 14

The new licenses, which will cost $33, will look almost identical to regular licenses. The only notable difference will be the phrase: “Federal limits may apply” on the front of the license. The back will read: “This card is not acceptable for official federal purposes. This license is issued only as a license to drive a motor vehicle. It does not establish eligibility for employment, voter registration, or public benefits.”

The aliens will be required to pass written and driving tests, but it’s doubtful those steps will reduce the carnage from (previously) unlicensed drivers, since drunk driving is a cultural value among Mexicans. It’s likely that driving deaths will increase following the policy surrender.

California immigrant license preparations continue with extended DMV hours, Sacramento Bee, November 12, 2014

On the verge of granting hundreds of thousands of drivers licenses to immigrants in the country unlawfully, the California Department of Motor Vehicles will extend its hours and offer more appointments next year.

In January California will join the ranks of states that offer driving permits to undocumented immigrants. The rollout hit a snag when federal officials rejected a proposed license design as too subtle but eased back on track after California redesigned the IDs to make them conspicuously different from conventional licenses.

The Department of Motor Vehicles has been steadily building towards an influx of license applicants projected to reach 1.4 million people over the next three years. The DMV has already announced a series of Spanish-language informational videos and last week unveiled emergency regulations establishing which forms of identification immigrants can use to prove residency and receive licenses. Continue reading this article

Drunk Driving Illegal Alien Mows Down Little Girl

Does Adolf Balbuena, pictured below, look 18 or does he look considerably older?

As a result of the young man being considered a minor, he is being treated differently for running down and killing a child in Porterville, California, with the age mentioned offhandedly in the video report below. But he has no drivers license, so how can authorities know his true age?

TRACE GALLEGER: Balbuena just turned 18 years old, so any criminal record in the past is sealed. But critics note the Obama administration has cut back enforcement of immigration laws against illegal immigrants with DUI convictions or identity theft convictions. A customs and immigration attorney has even filed a discrimination lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security. In it she alleges that she and her colleagues were told to use prosecutorial discretion when it comes to criminal aliens who had old DUI convictions. She says when she challenged her boss about an alien with a criminal record, she was told to quote, let it go.

It is not unheard of for illegal aliens for pose as minors to get more advantageous treatment, for example as happened with Honduran crack dealers in San Francisco. Middle-aged illegal aliens recently pretended to be teenagers to attend a Massachusetts high school.

Here’s more about the drunk alien hit and run:

Illegal Immigrant Drunk Driver Hits And Kills 3-Year-Old Waiting For Ice Cream, Daily Caller, November 11, 2014

An illegal immigrant driving drunk and without a license crashed through a fence Sunday, hitting and killing a 3-year-old girl as she was waiting in line for ice cream in Porterville, California.

Adolf Balbuena, 18, mowed down the toddler, Angeles Moreno, as she and several others, including an 8-year-old boy, were waiting line at an ice cream truck.

After hitting Moreno, Balbuena backed up and drove away. He was arrested at his home around an hour later, the Fresno Bee reported.

Initial reports did not state Balbuena’s immigration status, but KMPH reported on Tuesday that he is an illegal immigrant from Mexico. Though the local district attorney is handling the case, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will ultimately decide whether he will be tried in the U.S. or deported back to Mexico, the TV station reported. [. . .]

Following is a story about the lawsuit mentioned above:

ICE lawyer’s lawsuit exposes how feds release illegals, By Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, November 11, 2014

The Obama administration told federal immigration lawyers to release illegal immigrants with “old” drunken-driving convictions and those found guilty of stealing other people’s identities, according to a lawsuit filed by one of the lawyers at the center of the operation.

Patricia M. Vroom, a top attorney for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Arizona, filed a 67-page discrimination complaint that details repeated battles with agency higher-ups who told her to close cases and not deport people whom President Obama deemed low-priority.

Federal officials were particularly dismissive of identity theft convictions from Arizona, arguing that the state’s laws were too strict and stealing an ID to get a job wasn’t a serious enough offense to get kicked out of the country.

“This was a very significant development, as generally, criminal aliens, particularly convicted felons, are, under the [prosecutorial discretion] memos, ‘priority’ cases that should be aggressively pursued,” Ms. Vroom said in her complaint.

But she said her superiors deemed the identity theft felons low-level offenders “since the typical alien defendant convicted under these provisions of Arizona criminal law had simply been using a fake I.D. to get and keep employment.”

Homeland Security officials said the department, of which ICE is a part, was looking over the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Arizona.

“We are reviewing the allegations in the complaint, which largely refer to events from 2012 and 2013 concerning workplace environment and various personnel decisions taken by key officials, some of whom have since left the department,” spokeswoman Marsha Catron said.

“The leadership of both [the Department of Homeland Security] and ICE take these allegations seriously and, when founded, will always take the appropriate disciplinary action,” she said.

Ms. Vroom, who filed the complaint Nov. 6, declined to comment through her attorney.

In her complaint, she detailed a September conversation in which top ICE lawyers told staff to ignore “old” DUI convictions if immigrants had enough “equities,” such as ties to the community or family responsibilities in the U.S., that would outweigh their criminal behavior.

ICE officials and Mr. Obama have defended their prosecutorial discretion, saying they have enough resources to deport only about 400,000 immigrants a year, so it makes sense to go after the most serious criminals, recent border crossers and those who have violated immigration laws repeatedly.

“We’re misallocating resources. We’re deporting people that shouldn’t be deported. We’re not deporting folks that are dangerous and need to be deported,” Mr. Obama said Sunday on the CBS program “Face the Nation.”

Mr. Obama has promised to expand his nondeportation policies by the end of the year, potentially granting tentative legal status and work permits to millions of illegal immigrants.

Deportations, though, have dropped by about 20 percent over the past two years, suggesting the administration is having trouble finding enough cases that meet its definition of “high priority.”

Critics say the Obama administration has given up on enforcement in all but the most extreme of cases. Continue reading this article

Mexico: 43 Disappeared Students Highlight Deep-Seated Lawlessness

Sometimes Americans forget what a barbaric society we have in our neighbor to the south. ISIS and other hostile Muslims fill up the media’s screen with their headchop activities, but Mexico is not far behind in savagery. In fact, Mexico should be grateful for murderous Muslims who take attention away from Mexican gangsters also employing horrific terror to achieve their goals.

Beach resort Acapulco has lost tourism following beheadings in the city following a spate of gangster intramurals. A 2013 ABC News piece called Acapulco “Mexico’s most violent city.”

In fact, 1,300 people have been beheaded in Mexico in the years from 2007 to 2011. Mexicans love to celebrate their Aztec ancestors (as one sees in amnesty demonstrations), meanwhile ignoring that the tribe was quite brutal as shown by archaeology.

A tragic reminder of Mexico’s cultural violence has been the 43 student teachers who on September 28 attended a political demonstration and then went missing, apparently taken away by police. In searching for the disappeared young men, other mass graves have been found, magnifying the horror.

Time magazine quoted one expert’s analysis, noting how the Mexican underside has been revealed by the crime (How the Disappearance of 43 Students Has Tested Mexico’s President, October 28, 2014):

“This event gave Peña Nieto a bloody nose,” said George W. Grayson, a professor at the College of William & Mary who studies drug trafficking groups. “It has demonstrated that his attempted security policy simply hasn’t functioned adequately and there are two Mexicos: the modern Mexico that the President embraces, but also the Mexico Bronco – a wild, savage Mexico.”

Below, families of the missing students have demanded more efforts for their relatives to be found.

Here in America, we should work to stop the Mexicanization of our nation via diverse immigration and invasion. Mexicans may say they hate the lawlessness at home, but immigrants bring their whole cultural package, including kidnapping for ransom, everyday bribery, deadly drunk driving, violent misogyny and a general criminal-friendly attitude. These are not the immigrants any citizen would choose as a group (although there are some fine exceptions who have embraced American values enthusiastically).

As Ann Coulter remarked the other day, “The country has changed . . . since the 1965 Immigration Act,” and not for the better because of millions of immigrants who prefer a big welfare state instead of the Constitutionally limited government envisioned by the founders to protect citizens’ freedom. And Mexican newbies bring not only a propensity toward big government but also a culture interwoven with crime, violence and corruption.

Interestingly, Mexico’s Day of the Dead holiday prompted coverage of the case in the American media, although some of the actual explanations were strangely sketchy. (See NPR’s mood piece With Mexican Students Missing, A Festive Holiday Turns Somber and the Los Angeles Times‘ emotive A day of too many dead in Mexico.) Say no evil against the diverse!

The Fox “Latino” report was somewhat more informative about the crime in poisonous Mexico.

As Mexico searches for 43 missing students, dozens of bodies turn up in mass graves, Fox News Latino, October 28, 2014

Mexican authorities in the troubled southern state of Guerrero are searching yet another mass grave in the hope of finding out what happened to the 43 college students who have been missing since late September. Based on statements from four people arrested Monday, authorities came upon the new location in Cocula, a town about 10 miles from where the students last were seen.

Testing still needs to be done to determine if the new site has the missing students’ remains.

The discovery of the latest mass grave brings the total number of clandestine burial sites up to 12 around the hills of Pueblo Viejo in the municipality of Iguala, leading many observers to reflect on the long history of institutional violence and corruption that has plagued Guerrero.

“It’s been one of those places where horrible things are going on but you never know what it is,” Adam Isacson, a senior associate for Regional Security Policy at the Washington Office on Latin America told Fox News Latino. “Even before Mexico became one of the most violent places on earth, Guerrero had a very high murder rate.”

The 43 students from a local teacher’s college disappeared after a clash with police in Iguala, about 80 miles southwest of Mexico City. After detaining the students, local police officers allegedly took them to a police station and then on to Cocula, Mexican Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam said earlier this month.

At some point, the students were loaded onto the back of a dump truck and – apparently still alive – taken to an area outside of Iguala.

For decades, Guerrero has served as a main conduit for drugs moving north into the United States – thanks in part to its access to the Pacific Coast and its overall sparse population – and with it a deep-seated culture of corruption has emerged in the state’s local political offices and police forces. Arrest warrants have been issued for the missing Iguala Mayor José Luís Abarca and his wife, María de los Angeles Piñeda, on allegations that they ordered two local police forces to stop the students from disrupting a political event the day of the disappearance. Continue reading this article

Pew Hispanic Investigation Shows Illegal Alien Comfort, Not Fear of Deportation

A recent Pew Hispanic report is being cited by the liberal press as illustrating “millions of people living in constant fear of removal” in the words of the Washington Post.

The Post further remarked that “half of the nation’s 11 million undocumented immigrants have lived here for at least 13 years,” in a state of extreme agitation according to media interpreters.

On the contrary, the multiple years of millions residing here illegally demonstrate how comfortable the foreigners are and how unnecessary an amnesty is. The illegals are getting along fine: millions hold stolen jobs, their kids of various legalities attend American schools for free and many collect taxpayer-funded benefits like food stamps.

Some aliens enter illegally in order to grab first-world healthcare. A 2006 Denver Post story admitted that hundreds of Mexican illegals in Colorado were there to mooch advanced medical care they couldn’t get at home. Mexican Ana Puente was brought illegally to the US for healthcare where she has gotten at least three liver transplants at a cost to California taxpayers of over a million dollars.

But lawbreakers mostly come for American jobs and more money (aka “a better life” in lib speak).

If illegals live in fear about being deported, they certainly don’t act like it. Illegals are busted for drunk driving all the time, so they can’t be too concerned about getting the hook. A Google search for Illegal Immigrant Drunk Driving Arrest found 3.7 million results. Case closed on the fear argument.

Illegal aliens are particularly secure in the United States under this administration, the minimal deportations of which have dwindled even more.

The Pew report being considered is titled As Growth Stalls, Unauthorized Immigrant Population Becomes More Settled. It has several interesting graphs, but the one below is pertinent to show the aliens’ comfort level.

A 2011 Pew investigation showed a similar serenity and lack of need for amnesty, which I blogged as Pew Hispanic Report: 63 Percent of Illegals Have Resided in US 10 Years or More.

Illegals aren’t clamoring for citizenship or the vote — that noise is coming from the Democrat Party. An official work permit is the real amnesty, and illegals would like to have that very much, although clearly most are getting along fine without genuine “papers.”

If millions of unlawful foreigners weren’t making money and successfully coping with American society, they would leave. Their length of stay shows amnesty is not needed, and would only reward and incentivize lawbreaking.

Illegal immigrants more likely to have lived in the U.S. for over a decade, Washington Post, September 3, 2014

The number of immigrants living illegally in the United States has leveled off in recent years, but those who remain are more likely to have far deeper ties to the country than they did a decade ago, according to a report released Wednesday.

The study from Pew Research Center found that half of the nation’s 11 million undocumented immigrants have lived here for at least 13 years and as many as 4 million have U.S.-born children.

The findings offer the most detailed portrait yet of the undocumented population and come as President Obama is weighing options about how he could use executive authority to remake his administration’s deportation policies amid mounting pressure from advocates to stem the breakup of immigrant families.

“These new estimates show that today’s unauthorized immigrants have lengthier ties to the U.S. than those in the past,” said Mark Hugo Lopez, Pew’s director of Hispanic research.

Immigration advocates have said that the administration, which has deported more than 2 million immigrants, has contributed to millions of people living in constant fear of removal from communities in which they’ve lived for many years. Opponents of relaxed immigration policies say unauthorized immigrants broke the law to get here and compete for jobs with American workers in a still-weak economy. Continue reading this article

Arizona Officer Killed by Drunk-Driving Illegal Alien Is Remembered

Bill O’Reilly did a segment about Arizona police officer Brandon Mendoza who was struck and killed in a head-on collision by an alien driving the wrong way.

The case is painfully familiar to many others in the government’s normal inattention to public safety when illegal aliens are concerned. The killer, Mexican alien Raul Corona (also killed in the crash), was clearly a dangerous man. He had been charged with assaulting a police officer and burglary in Colorado, but was not deported. When sentenced, he was given probation and allowed to stay in the country, despite his attack on an officer.

Corona’s blood alcohol level was 0.24 percent on the night of the crash, which is very drunk.

Officer Brandon Mendoza (pictured) was just 32. His mother was unwilling to let his preventable death be forgotten, so she wrote a letter to President Obama:

“President Obama,

“I am writing this letter to you regarding illegal immigrants.

“As a tax paying, law abiding citizen of the United States, I WANT my voice heard on this issue. My son, Sergeant Brandon Mendoza, an officer who was with the City of Mesa, Arizona police department, was killed in a tragic head on collision on May 12, 2014 by a wrong way driver on our freeways. This man happened to be an illegal immigrant, was in this country illegally, convicted of previous crimes, no Social Security number, no valid driver’s license BUT he had purchased a vehicle and registered it to drive in Maricopa County Arizona.

“I had my son’s life STOLEN from me by a man who didn’t value his life, was 3X the legal limit drunk, was high on Meth, drove for over 35 miles THE WRONG WAY on 4 different freeways and had NO BUSINESS BEING IN THIS COUNTRY!!!

“The Federal Government knew he, Raul Silva Corona , was an illegal immigrant when he was convicted on crimes in 1994 in Colorado. The prosecutors were “lenient” on him and several charges were dismissed. When he was convicted of these crimes and 1994 and the government knew he was in the country illegally, why wasn’t he deported? Why are any of these illegal criminals in this country ??

“I am furious that the Federal Government allowed this criminal to stay in this country and KILL my son! I have attached several articles for you to PERSONALLY read about my son. He was an Icon with the City of Mesa Police Department. He was instrumental in making life better for people of all walks of life in the park project he took on. He was humble, selfless, worked many hours off the clock helping disadvantaged children and often used his own money to do things for the community, including “adopting” children at Christmas to provide them with gifts….out of his own money!! Continue reading this article

Drunk-Driving Illegal Alien Guilty of Manslaughter in Massachusetts Dragging Death

In 2011, 23-year-old Matthew Denice was dragged to death by a drunk-driving illegal alien from Ecuador. Nicolas Guaman, with a blood alcohol level at 3x the legal limit, ran a stop sign, crashed into Denice’s motorcycle and dragged the young man for a quarter mile as bystanders banged on Guaman’s truck to make him stop.

Matthew Denice, shown below, had graduated from Fitchburg State University and planned to go to graduate school to study criminal justice.

This crime was easily preventable had authorities used deportation as intended to remove dangerous persons. As noted in a 2011 report:

Family alerted police on driver, Boston Globe, August 23, 2011

Milford police arrested Guaman in 2008 on charges of assault and battery on a police officer and at least one public employee and of breaking and entering, according to the police and the Worcester district attorney’s office. The case was continued without a finding for one year. Police said he also faced a few minor traffic charges dating to 2007, but the district attorney’s office could not confirm that information.

Guaman had assaulted a police officer but was not deported. Massachusetts is crazy liberal and likes to pamper dangerous foreigners. The case is another reminder of what happens when the government forgets that its prime directive is to protect public safety — as exemplified by the recent report that the government released 36,000 foreign criminals including murderers, rapists and drunk drivers.

Another example of twisted values: a court-appointed psychologist told the previous judge on the case that Guaman couldn’t be tried because “nearly half of indigenous South Americans from Mongoloid descent are deficient in an enzyme required to break down and metabolize alcohol.”

According to proper liberal-think (plus some odd racial formulations), the killer was actually a victim.

The bench trial took four days, and while the prosecution pursued charges of second-degree murder, Judge David Ricciardone decided that a manslaughter verdict was more appropriate, with a sentence of 12-14 years in prison.

The verdict was a disappointment to many, who thought the killer should get the maximum punishment possible. Local WBZ-TV new analyst Jon Keller wrote in Keller @ Large: Nicolas Guaman Is A Murderer: “The justice system bent over backwards to give Guaman a fair trial, but it didn’t do much for Matthew Denice and his family. It looked the other way while Guaman lived here illegally for nine years.”

Elsewhere on Boston media, radio talk guy Howie Carr discussed the case on May 19: Ann Coulter on Illegal Alien Amnesty and the Guaman Verdict.

Below, Matthew’s mother, Maureen Maloney, gave a victim’s statement at sentencing.

Interestingly, the judge said he gave a less than maximum sentence because of the defendant’s lack of previous criminal behavior. Apparently assaulting a cop is no longer a serious infraction.

Nicolas Dutan Guaman sentenced to 12-14 years in motorcycle dragging death of Matthew Denice of Milford, Masslive.com, May 19 2014

An Ecuadorean immigrant was sentenced Monday to 12 to 14 years in prison for dragging a Milford man to his death with his truck.

Nicolas Dutan Guaman was found guilty earlier Monday of motor vehicle homicide and manslaughter by motor vehicle by Judge David Ricciardone. Guaman was acquitted of the most serious charge he’d faced: second-degree murder.

Prosecutors said that on Aug. 20, 2011, Guaman struck Matthew Denice, 23, who was riding his motorcycle. Denice was caught under the truck and stuck in the wheel well, where he was dragged for about a quarter-mile as panicked onlookers tried frantically to get Guaman to stop.

Guaman was also convicted of reckless endangerment of a child, leaving the scene of an accident which caused personal injury or death, failing to stop for police and driving without a license.
Guaman’s six-year-old son was in the truck at the time of the crash.

Ricciardone also sentenced Guaman to serve 10 years of probation after his sentence is up, during which time he would be forbidden from driving. In all likelihood, Guaman, who came into the country illegally, will be deported before then. Continue reading this article

Government Releases 36,000 Illegal Alien Criminals

The Center for Immigration Studies recently published a study “ICE Document Details 36,000 Criminal Alien Releases in 2013” showing the Administration’s priorities regarding public safety, the government’s #1 job. Many of those set loose are seriously bad guys.

This foreign criminal release should not be confused with a different bunch, 68,000 foreign criminals sprung from incarceration announced in March. Yes, it is hard to keep up with the many ways that the American people are endangered by the crime-friendly policies of today’s Washington.

CIS’s handy list of the crimes committed by non-American bad guys tells the tale. The US has so many diverse opportunities for lawbreaking:

I wondered about how many miscreants in the list were lucky enough to come from nations that won’t receive their homegrown criminal, but the number was only 3,000. As reported here earlier, the Supreme Court’a 2001 ruling of Zadvydas v. Davis, 2001, required foreign criminals could not be jailed indefinitely if the dear homeland wouldn’t take them.

The response to the report was fairly intense — maybe because of midterm elections looming in a few months? Amnesty squish Congressman Goodlatte was quick out of the box to say he was shocked, shocked that bad guys were being loosed on American streets, even suggesting a hearing.

Does public safety oversight happen only when the members are seeing an election in the near future?

Fox News has had a couple segments. The following is decent.

This one also:

The Washington Times gave the story front-page attention.

Feds released hundreds of immigrant murderers, drunk drivers, sex-crimes convicts, By Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, May 12, 2014

Immigration officials knowingly released dozens of murderers and thousands of drunken drivers back into the U.S. in 2013, according to Obama administration statistics that could undercut the president’s argument that he is trying to focus on the most serious criminals in his immigration enforcement.

Among the 36,000 immigrants whom U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement released from custody last year there were 116 with convictions for homicide, 43 for negligent manslaughter, 14 for voluntary manslaughter and one with a conviction classified by ICE as “homicide-willful kill-public official-gun.”

The immigrants were in deportation proceedings, meaning ICE was trying to remove them from the country and could have held them in detention but released them anyway, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, which published the numbers Monday. The Washington Times also obtained the data.

“This would be considered the worst prison break in American history, except it was sanctioned by the president and perpetrated by our own immigration officials,” said Rep. Lamar Smith, Texas Republican. “The administration’s actions are outrageous. They willfully and knowingly put the interests of criminal immigrants before the safety and security of the American people.”

The data raised thorny questions about how the government decides which immigrants to detain and which it will release as they await court hearings and final action on deportation.

Jessica Vaughan, policy studies director at the Center for Immigration Studies, said the numbers undercut the Obama administration’s argument that it is trying to keep its enforcement efforts targeted at dangerous criminals.

“We keep hearing from the administration that they are focused like a laser on enforcement against the worst of the worst, convicted criminals, as their top priority. On the other hand, they are releasing, at a rate of about 100 a day, aliens from their custody with criminal convictions, and many of them are serious criminal convictions,” she said. Continue reading this article

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