North Carolina Widow Uses Handgun to Hold Burglar

One of my new favorite websites to be checked every day or two is – Stories of Self-Defense, which aggregates the news accounts of citizens protecting themselves and their families using firearms.

As a Second-Amendment feminist, I particularly appreciate stories of women with guns prevailing over bad guys, like the young Texas mom who plunked […]

Darrell Issa: Update on Gunrunner Investigation in Mexico

There’s been a lack of interest in the media about what Darrell Issa found out when he visited Mexico on Friday as part of his continuing investigation of the ATF gunrunner scandal. So it was interesting to hear a brief report from him on Tuesday.

Chairman Issa Subpoenas ATF for Gunrunner Documents

It’s nice to see that Republican Darrell Issa, the Chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, is going after the administration on the corrupt and crazy Operation Gunrunner scheme of the ATF that delivered thousands of weapons to Mexican organized crime during a failed “sting.” We certainly wouldn’t have seen this kind […]