Burmese Refugees Flood Iowa Town to Fill Tyson Jobs

Meatpacking used to be a middle-class job for Americans, illustrated in the 1990 Academy-Award-winning documentary American Dream, which showed Minnesotans fighting to maintain their wages and benefits at Hormel which had cut them despite healthy profits. Companies later discovered that illegal alien foreigners were happy to work for peanuts, and wages were lowered accordingly. However, in the years following, occasional spurts of government enforcement proved troublesome, so the meatpackers turned to refugees to take the hazardous, poorly paid jobs. (See the 2008 report, Legal Somalians (“Refugees”) Replace Illegal Mexicans At Swift Plant.)

The latest influx courtesy of the Refugee Industrial Complex is the importation of Burmese into Iowa, home to many meat processing plants.

Interestingly, local Mexicans are miffed at the importation of non-hispanic diversity. As doctoral student Christina Ortiz observed, “But in a certain sense, they are in competition with each other. They are applying for the same jobs. They have the same skills. And that’s tricky. Obviously there is some tension there.”

Didn’t the Mexicans get the memo that Diversity Is Our Strength?

Other diversity symptoms have included drunk driving, public urination and unhealthy barracks-like living conditions among the newbies. So enriching. Four hundred non-English-speaking refugees in a town of 1899 residents (2010 Census) is a huge burden on schools and social services, despite all the happy talk.

If the reader objects to the government’s reckless refugee program to replace citizens with compliant foreigners, don’t forget that the State Department is accepting remarks from Americans on the topic. The occasion is an annual meeting, with the deadline for written statements being May 8 — that’s Wednesday!

Refugee Resettlement Watch has the relevant information about where to email or fax your thoughtful criticism of Washington’s ill-advised generosity toward hostile or uneducated foreigners. A local story not heard within the Beltway may call attention to the harm caused to Americans. Last year, I wrote about the struggle of stone-broke Oakland California to cope with 700 illiterate Burmese refugees, with a state unemployment rate of 11 percent, which I sent to the State Department.

If no local stories are available, the basic fact of continued refugee importation with 20 million citizens jobless shows how irresponsible Washington has become to the American people.

Naturally, the liberal press thinks it’s fine when other people’s jobs are redistributed to foreigners.

In Iowa meatpacking town, Tyson’s decision to recruit Burmese refugees marks a new chapter, Associated Press, May 05, 2013

COLUMBUS JUNCTION, Iowa –  The first Chin Burmese student arrived at Wilma Sime Roundy Elementary School three years ago, a smiling preschooler whose father often checked on his progress.

The school had long been accustomed to educating the children of the Mexicans, Hondurans and El Salvadorans who came to work at the sprawling Tyson Foods pork processing plant that sits outside this town of 2,000. But then, principal Shane Rosenberg recalled, Tyson informed school leaders that a new group of workers was coming — the Chin, a largely Christian ethnic minority who were fleeing their homeland in western Myanmar to avoid persecution.

A trickle of Chin students turned into dozens. Frustrated educators struggled to communicate, often having to call the pastor of the Chin church to interpret. Rosenberg intervened to ease the way, using grant money to hire one of the Chin to translate to and from the Hakha language. And he invited Chin parents for a welcoming ceremony and tour of the school.

“It was an awe-inspiring moment, for them to see the opportunities their children were going to have by being here in school,” he said.

All told, about 400 refugees have descended on the town, and more are arriving by the week to reunite with friends and relatives and work grueling jobs for Tyson. Like other waves of immigrants, they were drawn to this poor, sparsely populated region of southeastern Iowa by the promise of jobs, good schools and welcoming people.

And as was the case with other waves of immigrants, there have been bumps along the way.

“We’ve had a lot of experience with Hispanic cultures, but for all of us, the Burmese thing is new. There’s no one around that is an expert in that area or knows the language or this and that. That whole transition has been interesting,” said Mayor Dan Wilson, a businessman who grew up on a farm outside town. He said the influx has been more easily noticed in Columbus Junction than elsewhere: “It’s more obvious in a small town when you’ve got 200 new people coming in. You’re not going to blend in here. You’re going to stick out.” Continue reading this article

Court: No Deportation for Illegal Alien Kidnapper

America as a nation of laws is rapidly slipping away before our eyes. Even dangerous criminals are not deported, turning the idea of public safety into a sad relic.

Those familiar with the problem of illegal alien criminals know of the cases where drunk driving illegals were not deported after their initial arrests, and went on to kill innocent Americans like Denny McCann, three-year-old Marten Kudlis, Sister Denise Mosier and many others.

Now the goalpost has been moved back considerably, with a foreign kidnapper being allowed to remain in America despite the obvious danger to the public. Not that long ago, kidnapping was considered a very serious crime. In 1960, California kidnapper Caryl Chessman was executed for kidnapping.

But now, liberal judges treat kidnapping nearly as severely as shoplifting.

Court Says Kidnapping Not Serious Enough to Warrant Deportation, Judicial Watch, January 10, 2013

In what may seem like a bad joke, a U.S. federal appellate court has spared an illegal immigrant convicted of kidnapping from deportation ruling that it’s not necessarily a crime of moral turpitude.

The decision, issued this week by the famously liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, rambles on for 27 pages and is almost comical. “This undoubtedly appears to be a difficult question at first glance,” it reads. “Kidnapping is a serious crime, and our instincts may be that it would meet the moral turpitude definition. Even for serious offenses, we must look to the specific elements of the statute of conviction and compare them to the definition of crimes involving moral turpitude.”

The case involves a Mexican man named Javier Castrijon-Garcia who entered the United States illegally in 1989 and incidentally has three American-born anchor babies. He has twice been convicted for driving with a suspended license (yes, California gives illegal aliens driver’s licenses) and in 1992 pleaded guilty to attempted kidnapping. He received a suspended sentence of 300 days in jail and 36 months of probation.

Years after the kidnapping case, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) finally earmarked Castrijon-Garcia for removal. He appealed but an immigration judge found that he was deportable because the kidnapping conviction is a categorical crime of moral turpitude. The Board of Immigration Appeals, the government’s final authority on immigration matters, agreed noting that it had previously listed kidnapping as an example of a crime of moral turpitude and that California’s penal code also defined it as involving moral turpitude. Continue reading this article

Prince William County: Illegal Aliens Return

Government-subsidized National Propaganda Radio (NPR) has a fawning update on the travails of foreign lawbreakers in Prince William County, Virginia. There was a crackdown a few years back, it reports, but the pests, er undocumented, have been straggling back, and NPR generously explains their struggles, while ignoring the citizens who demanded the law be enforced.

Prince William County was the site of a much publicized crime, the death of nun Denise Mosier at the hands of a previously arrested undeported drunk driving illegal alien, Carlos Martinelly Montano (pictured below).

The case was a source of embarrassment to the DHS because Montano had been arrested twice earlier but had been freed to roam America when he drove drunk into a car with three nuns, killing one.

Another notorious crime was the 2011 murder in Manassas of three and wounding of three others by Salvadoran illegal alien Jose Oswaldo Reyes-Alfaro, who was recently ruled incompetent to stand trial.

Aside from the entirely preventable death of Sister Denise Mosier and the mass murders, the general quality of life of Prince William County had declined enormously since the influx of the lawless foreigners.

A 2008 Washington Post report had surprisingly honest descriptions of what citizens endured:

A Hispanic Population in Decline, Washington Post, July 10, 2008; A01

The family that planted corn in the front yard of their $500,000 home is gone from Carrie Oliver’s street. So are the neighbors who drilled holes into the trees to string up a hammock.

Oliver’s list goes on: The loud music. The beer bottles. The littered diapers. All gone. When she and her husband, Ron, went for walks in their Manassas area neighborhood, she would take a trash bag and he would carry a handgun. No more. “So much has changed,” she said in a gush of relief, standing with her husband on a warm summer evening recently outside a Costco store.

But today’s report from NPR is cheerful about the county becoming majority minority and it looks forward to more hispanic participation in politics.

Debating The Impact Of An Immigration Crackdown, National Public Radio, December 26, 2012

In 2007, when Virginia’s Prince William County ordered police to check the immigration status of anyone they had “probable cause” to suspect was in the U.S. unlawfully, the impact was swift at family restaurant Ricos Tacos Moya.

“Suddenly nobody showed up,” says Stacey Moya, an employee, and daughter of the owner. “Nobody was around. Not one soul. We would go hours without any customers, any clients. Nothing.”

After community protests, the policy was soon watered down. In fact, police only check the status of those they arrest for a crime. Still, the stigma around the resolution stuck. Moya says one of her family’s restaurants went under. And while business at this one has picked up, it’s not the same.

“Not even on weekends after church,” she says. “Nowhere near what it was before. I guess nobody likes to be around in the public that much.”

Next year Congress is expected to again take up immigration reform, something it tried, but failed, to pass in 2006 and 2007. The collapse of those efforts prompted a number of cities and states to adopt their own regulations aimed at driving out illegal immigrants. But years later, it can be hard to tell just how much impact they had.

For one thing, Prince William County’s immigration crackdown coincided with the tanking economy. It’s hard to say which hurt more — police checks, or disappearing construction jobs. But one thing the policy aimed to address has not completely disappeared.

Demographic Shift Continues
Outside a 7-Eleven, just near the Moya restaurant, undocumented day laborers still gather. Twenty-eight-year-old Apolinar — who would speak only on condition we not use his last name — says he came here three years ago from central Mexico.

“I have to support my family,” he explains in Spanish. “There’s just no work where I’m from in Mexico.” Continue reading this article

Brother of Illegal Alien Crime Victim to Run for Milford Selectman

Michael Denice is the brother of Matthew, the young motorcycle rider who was cruelly dragged to death last year by a previously arrested drunk-driving illegal alien in Milford, Massachusetts. Michael has just announced his candidacy for the office of Selectman in his home town.

Below, Michael Denise is the fellow in the white sweater in the center of the group assembled in Milford to protest the preventable death of Matthew Denise.

Denice plans to run for selectman: MyFoxBOSTON.com

The preventable death of Matthew Denice illustrated how little the state of Massachusetts cares about public safety for citizens. The accused Ecuadoran, Nikolas Guaman, had several prior arrests, including assaulting a police officer. Democrat Governor Deval Patrick was particularly egregious in defending the state’s sanctuary policy that protected the killer alien. Senator Scott Brown urged the governor to adopt Secure Communities statewide, but Patrick wouldn’t budge.

As someone who has followed the issue of illegal alien crime, I know that family members of victims speaking out can make a big difference. After Sean and Donna Wilson were killed by a drunk-driving illegal alien with 17 arrests, daughter Heather Steffek worked within the political system to improve immigration enforcement in Tennessee and Nashville. The city later implemented 287(g).

Ed Kowalski, the uncle of murdered high school student Elizabeth Butler, has testified before elected officials in New York and Arizona about the crimes committed by illegal aliens.

Any time the public is reminded that illegal immigration is not a victimless crime, it’s a good thing.

You can check out Michael Denice’s Facebook page about his candidacy.

Brother of Milford man who died in accident to run for selectman, Milford Daily News, January 11, 2012

The older brother of the Milford man whose death in a motorcycle accident spurred furious debate about illegal immigration has announced his intention to run for selectman this spring.

Michael Denice, 26, who lives at 22 Debbie Lane, has taken out nomination papers and has set up a Facebook page about his candidacy.

If Denice makes the ballot, he would likely face Dino DeBartolomeis, who is seeking his 11th term on the board.

“The citizens of Milford need a voice on town issues. I have seen many changes occur in Milford over the past several years, including a rise in crime, an increase in immigration-related issues and a decline in the local economy and businesses,” Denice said in a statement. “We need selectmen that will not only work for the people, but more importantly work with the people in the community.”

Denice is the brother of Matthew Denice, 23, who police say was dragged to his death Aug. 20 by a pickup truck driven by Nicholas D. Guaman, an Ecuadorean who is in the country illegally. Police say Guaman was drunk when he hit Denice, who was riding his motorcycle at Congress and Fayette streets.

Guaman has been charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter while driving, motor vehicle homicide while under the influence, among other charges.

At a September forum in Town Hall designed to clear the air about the local Ecuadorian community, Michael Denice chided Ecuadorean officials, complaining that illegal immigrants have to work under the table, cannot drive with a legal license and must violate other laws just to stay in the country.

“What is your solution for those illegal immigrants already here today?” he asked, prompting a standing ovation from a crowd at Town Hall.

Cook County Releases Hit-and-Run Killer Illegal Alien after Arrest

Cook County Illinois is doing its darndest to take the crown as the most lawless jurisdiction in America regarding the treatment of illegal aliens. California better watch out.

See LTG’s recent report about another case: Cook County Releases Dangerous Alien.

Cook County passed an ordinance that protects foreign criminals and endangers citizens. One victim was William Denny McCann (pictured) who was killed in a crosswalk by a previously convicted drunk-driving illegal alien, Saul Chavez. Now the family and community must deal with the fact that the accused was released from jail after being arrested for the crime, according to Cook County’s illegal alien get-out-of-jail-free policy.

Isn’t job #1 of the government supposed to be protecting the public from dangerous criminals? Not in Chicago, it appears, when the criminal is a hispanic illegal alien.

Cook County’s Saul Chavez moment
Politics trump justice as board immigration policy frees alleged DUI killer
, Chicago Tribune, January 4, 2012

Chicago politics didn’t kill William “Dennis” McCann.

What killed the 66-year-old man was that black Dodge Neon driven by an alleged drunken driver as McCann walked across Kedzie Avenue last summer.

But the politicians allowed the man charged in the fatal crash to skip out of jail despite pleas by federal authorities to hold him. Thanks to Chicago politicians, the alleged drunken driver is most likely hiding in Mexico.

“My anger is more directed at the fumbling and bumbling of Cook County agencies,” said McCann’s younger brother, Brian. “I’m more angry at the system than the offender. I know that sounds crazy.”

It happened June 8 on Kedzie Avenue in the Logan Square neighborhood. McCann was walking across Kedzie when he was hit by a car allegedly driven by Saul Chavez, 36, already convicted of one DUI.

“I heard the impact, saw this man go up into the sky and land on the windshield,” witness Alberto Aceves, 39, told the Tribune shortly after the crash. “I thought, OK, he hit him, but the driver is going to stop. He might be all right.”

But the driver didn’t stop. Instead, the driver stepped on the gas. The tires rolled over McCann, who had fallen to the ground, and then the underbelly of the car caught him and dragged his body north on Kedzie.

“I pull up to the passenger side screaming at him,” Aceves recalled. “Stop! The guy’s under your car.”

An off-duty police officer joined in the chase after he spotted a pair of sandals in the street and looked up to see McCann’s body being dragged. The car finally stopped, with McCann still lodged underneath, and Chavez allegedly tried to run. Aceves and the officer — gun in hand — chased after Chavez and caught him.

Chavez was charged with a felony — aggravated driving under the influence — and held on a $250,000 bond. The Cook County sheriff’s office said Chavez had a blood alcohol content of 0.29 percent. Convicted of a DUI in 2009, he had just finished the two-year probation sentence.

Two days after the fatal accident, on June 10, the federal Department of Homeland Security filed what is called an immigration detainer for Chavez. The agency believed he was an illegal immigrant from Mexico. The form requested that Cook County notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE, if Chavez was scheduled to be released.

But as Chavez sat in the jail, immigration became an emotional issue before the Cook County Board. Board President Toni Preckwinkle and Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia pushed a new policy aimed at ignoring federal detainer requests and allowing suspected illegal immigrants who’d been jailed in misdemeanor or felony cases to make bond.

It passed by a 10-5 vote in September. The political payoff was obvious: It was a Democratic Party appeal to Latino voters over the hot-button issue of illegal immigration. Continue reading this article

“Illegals Have More Rights!” Says Texas Blogger

The item below is a personal story from a Dallas-area writer, James H. Reza, who recently experienced the worsening anarchy on the highways caused by the law enforcement’s permissive treatment of unlicensed illegal aliens who nevertheless drive on American roadways.

Sadly, the preventable carnage caused by drunk and unlicensed aliens appears to be on the uptick, since authorities still find it troublesome to deal out the same punishments to foreigners that they give to citizens. Common sense measures to protect public safety (like Secure Communities) are rejected by liberal politicians, even after terrible crimes that could have been avoided by prudent foresight and basic law enforcement.

A recent example of liberal irresponsibility has been the death of young Matthew Denice in Milford, Mass., at the hands of a previously arrested drunk-driving illegal alien. Governor Deval Patrick has nevertheless clung stubbornly to his policy of maintaining a Sanctuary State for foreign criminals.

James Reza is a retired engineer of Mexican heritage who defines his own feeling by saying that “all American Hispanics are not thrilled with illegal immigration.” He condemns the open-borders lawlessness, which one day came close to killing his son-in-law:

Illegal Aliens Have More Rights Than Americans!, by James Reza, Dallasblog.com, October 10, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, Cecilia, my daughter, in a somber voice asked me, “Dad, can you pick up Landon (my grandson) at school?  Chris (her husband) just had a bad car accident on his way to pick him up.” As I drove to Nolan Catholic High, I saw a parade of cars on the road where Chris had his accident. Avoiding the congested road, I opt to go another route to Nolan.  After I picked up Landon I informed him of his dad’s accident and that we were going to the accident site to check on his dad.  When we arrived at the accident scene Landon and I were shocked. Chris’ car was totaled, as was the car that hit him.  It had rained and the roads being slick the driver who was speeding lost control of his car causing the bad accident.  As I assessed the accident I was surprised that Chris was not seriously hurt, thanks to his air bag, which according to police saved his life or serious body injuries.  As the police questioned Chris and the other driver I noticed that he didn’t speak a word of English nor his 3 passengers.  Folks, not only was the driver and his passengers illegal aliens, the driver didn’t have a driver’s license or car insurance.  Had the illegal alien who had no business driving killed my son in law, I think my daughter and my grandchildren would have faced a difficult time in their future lives without their dad who is a great father and provider for his family.

When I learned that the illegal alien who hit my son in law’s car had no license and insurance I became incensed, not only at the police who didn’t arrest all of them for being here illegally and causing a near fatal accident, but at the damn uncaring car dealers who advertise in their car lots “no licencia, no seguranza, no problema!” (No license, no insurance, no problem!) My fellow Americans, when are we going to send a strong message with our votes to all the worthless politicians in Washington, in our state and our cities, that we are fed up with all the illegal immigration mess!  Having lived in North Fort Worth, a predominately Hispanic community for almost 48 years I saw with my own eyes the untold number of atrocities committed by illegals and how they would return to their homeland without every being prosecuted for the misdeeds.  No matter how gruesome the crimes these illegals commit, the Mexican government will not extradite them if they are to face the death penalty.  What Mexico really means is, “feed them, give them their medical needs, incarcerate them for life, but just don’t kill them!” Folks, we shelter thousands of Mexican criminals with our tax dollars.

Last week, as I watched a crime TV series I was appalled at a crime a young illegal alien male committed no more than 30 miles from my house in Denton, Texas.  The illegal abducted a young teen girl, tortured and raped her, and then he torched her car and took off to Mexico to live with his grandparents.  Later, when he was extradited to face a jury they sentenced him to life.  After the trial ended the mother of the illegal young man went to the mother of the teen girl and asked for forgiveness.  At that moment I remembered when Gov. Perry in his TV debate stated (here I’m paraphrasing), “We help the children of illegal aliens get tuition help in their education because through no fault of their own their parents brought them here.”  When will politicians like Gov. Perry realize that not all children of illegals are here to get an education!  Many commit crimes as this young man did in Denton.  With this tuition help to the children of illegal aliens, Gov. Perry along with other politicians exacerbate the illegal alien catastrophic situation in our country. Continue reading this article

Alabama Victims of Illegal Alien Crime Support Tough Enforcement

A parent’s pain of losing a child never goes away, and even more so when the death could have been prevented by government doing its basic job of protecting public safety.

In Alabama, Dan Mattle has begun to speak out in favor of his state’s restrictive immigration law, which has been called tougher than Arizona’s. His 19-year-old son Tad was killed by a previously arrested drunk-driving illegal alien who crashed into the Mattle car at a stoplight as the speeding Mexican fled from the police. Tad’s girlfriend Leigh Anna Jimmerson, 16, was also killed in the collision.

(See my article “Diversity Is . . . Drunk Driving” for background showing how hispanic culture celebrates inebriated vehicle operation as a desirably macho behavior. Even NPR agrees that “Latinos are responsible for a disproportionate number of DWI arrests and alcohol-related car accidents.”)

The couple is shown in the photo at right; the inset picture is of Felix Ortega, the habitual criminal who killed them.

Dan Mattle has spoken on talk radio and wrote an opinion piece (below) supporting immigration law enforcement:

Alabama Voices: Alabama’s new immigrant law needed, Montgomery Advertiser, August 6, 2011

As the father of Tad Mattle, killed along with his girlfriend in a horrific accident in Huntsville two years ago caused by the illegal immigrant Felix Ortega, I experienced first-hand results of unrestricted illegal immigration.

The driver was not just seeking a better life in the United States. He was a repeat offender with at least four DUIs, was wanted in at least four other states for both misdemeanors and felonies, had five different aliases, and was supposed to have been deported in 2001.

Because I support Alabama’s HB 56 to enforce laws against illegal immigration, I have been accused of not being Christian. I can no longer maintain silence.

Where in Jesus Christ’s teachings did he advocate flagrant violation of a nation’s laws? How is violating immigration laws and flaunting it in front of those who followed the legal process Christ-like? The willingness of HB 56’s detractors to overlook unfettered illegal immigration is just the sort of mindset that allows hardened criminals into our country.

I ask how Christian is it to allow evil men into our country to rob, maim and/or kill innocent, law-abiding citizens just to demonstrate your pious compassion? Where’s the compassion for innocent victims? (continues)

Dan Mattle’s sensible response to preventable crime was featured recently:

For Huntsville couple still grieving son’s loss, illegal immigration debate is deeply personal, AL.com, by Steve Doyle, Huntsville Times, August 15, 2011

Dan Mattle and his wife, Terri, don’t consider themselves especially political.
But when critics hammered Alabama’s new immigration act as mean-spirited and racist, the south Huntsville couple decided to speak up in support of the Republican-sponsored bill.

In late June, Dan Mattle made his first appearance on talk radio and wrote his first letter to the editor.

GOP legislators are “making up for the fact that the federal government is derelict in its (immigration enforcement) duty,” he said this month. “None of these laws would have passed if they’d been doing their job.”

Immigration became a deeply personal issue for the Mattles just before 9 p.m. on April 17, 2009.

Their oldest son, Tad, was stopped in traffic at the busy intersection of Whitesburg Drive and Airport Road when Felix Dominguez Ortega, an undocumented resident fleeing from Huntsville police, slammed into the back of Tad’s Toyota Supra.

Police estimated Ortega’s pickup truck was traveling nearly 70 miles an hour; no skid marks were found.

Tad, a 19-year-old Eagle Scout who had just earned a full academic scholarship to the University of Alabama in Huntsville, died in the fiery crash along with his girlfriend, Grissom High School sophomore Leigh Anna Jimmerson.

Ortega, with a blood-alcohol content more than three times the legal limit, survived.

“Everyone calls it an accident,” Mattle said. “But that was no accident – it was a murder scene.”

A native of Mexico, Ortega eventually pleaded guilty to reckless murder and is serving a 15-year sentence at Bibb County Correctional Facility.

Municipal court records show that Ortega had three prior drunk-driving arrests in Huntsville under another name, Juan Sanchez. Police say he also used the aliases Adan Herrera and Reynaldo Martinez.

Mattle, 46, said he hopes Alabama’s immigration law will deter criminals like Ortega from sneaking across the border.

“We’ve got enough criminals of our own that are legal citizens,” he said. “We don’t need to let a bunch more in.” Continue reading this article

Illegal Alien Charged in Houston Officer’s Death Was Previously Deported

It seemed probable that the drunk-driving illegal alien who caused the death of Houston Police Officer Kevin Will was a repeat offender against American law and sovereignty. Now the reports are in, and yes, the blind-drunk Mexican Johoan Rodriguez, who was also carrying a stash of cocaine, had been deported twice previously.

(Whenever an illegal alien returns to America after being deported, it suggests he didn’t have a sufficiently long jail term to consider US law and order. Punishment is good.)

Not only was Rodriguez deported twice, he was stopped by the Houston PD three times in 2009 but was released; he had a valid Texas license he obtained before proof of citizenship was required.

Immigration back in spotlight after officer’s death, ABC News Houston, June 1, 2011

HOUSTON (KTRK) — A Houston police officer is dead and the man accused of his murder is in this country illegally. It’s another tragedy that has thrust the debate over the immigration system back in the spotlight.

We first told you on Tuesday that the suspect, Johoan Rodriguez, had been deported twice in the past. Since then, we’ve learned he’s had encounters with Houston police, but in each case he was let go.

Two of the last six Houston police officers killed in the line of duty died at the hands of an accused drunk driver who was in this country illegally. This latest tragedy has reignited the debate over our state’s immigration laws and what should be done about them.

On the eve of Houston Police Officer Kevin Will’s funeral, 26-year-old Johoan Rodriguez, the illegal immigrant and suspected drunk driver accused of killing him, appeared in court.

“It wasn’t any easier today than it was the other night. It’s been a hard process, it was a hard scene to go up and work. It’s difficult to see your friend out there like that,” said HPD Officer Don Egdorf.

We checked and found Rodriguez had obtained a valid Texas driver’s license in 2007 after he’d been deported twice and refused entry once. That was before the 2008 law requiring an applicant to provide proof of citizenship or legal status.

We’ve also learned Rodriguez was stopped by Houston police three times in 2009 for traffic violations. Police would have discovered his status had he been arrested and booked into the city jail — that’s where fingerprints are run through local, state and federal databases.

In the past year and five months, 948 non-citizens have been charged with DWI in Harris County. For the majority, it was their first offense. The figures are based on consulate notifications, so it doesn’t speak to their legal status, only that they are citizens of another country. Continue reading this article

Kevin Will: Houston Officer Killed by Drunk-Driving Illegal Alien

Being a cop is dangerous enough, but trying to enforce the law in a sanctuary city, where foreign criminals are protected like semiprecious endangered species, can be life-ending. That was the tragic and preventable fate of Kevin Will, who was struck down by a drunk-driving alien as the officer was sorting out a motorcycle accident on a Houston highway. The killer, Mexican Johoan Rodriguez, was apparently so drunk (.238 blood alcohol) that he crashed through the barricades in place for the accident.

Officer Will, 38, was described as a “latecomer” to police work, having tried other lines of employment, but who was apparently happy with his choice. He is survived by his wife, who is six months pregnant, and two children, aged 6 and 10.

Here’s a local news report:

The city of Houston has been strangely stubborn about keeping its illegal-alien-protecting sanctuary policy. Numerous deaths have occurred that could have been prevented by the simple application of law and order against foreign criminals.

My own incomplete coverage of Houston deaths caused by illegal aliens includes 14-year-old Shatavia Anderson, Houston PD Officer Rodney Johnson, Officer Henry Canales, 13-year-old kidnap victim Laura Ayala, teen murder victims Jennifer Erdman and Elizabeth Pena, mother Tina Davila (killed while protecting her baby from a carjacker) and waitresses Roxana Capulin and Maria Moreno Rangel.

Why is coddling foreign lawbreakers more important to city officials than public safety for citizens? Political correctness apparently causes mass insanity as well as preventable deaths. In addition, even if a criminal has not been given a pass by authorities to conform to sanctuary, the existence of the policy must be a magnet for criminal aliens.

Back to the case at hand:

HPD: Suspect charged in officer’s death was an illegal immigrant, intoxicated and carrying drugs, KHOU, May 30, 2011

HOUSTON – The suspect accused of plowing down and killing a Houston police officer in north Houston Sunday was found to be an illegal immigrant, under the influence and carrying drugs, according to authorities.

Investigators said 26-year-old Johoan Rodriguez had a blood alcohol level of.238, which is three times the legal limit, and had cocaine in his pocket when he struck and killed Officer Kevin Will.

Authorities said Will was interviewing the witness of a motorcycle accident on the 610 North Loop near Yale around 2:15 a.m. when the driver of a Volkswagen Beetle plowed through a police barricade.

Police said Will saw the car heading towards them, yelled at the man he was talking to get out of the way and pushed him to jump over a short wall before the officer was hit. Will died at the scene.

Will, 38, is survived by his wife – who is six months pregnant – and two children, 6 and 10.

“Officer Will was a very, very respected officer, young, energetic, his co-workers cared about him and he got along with everybody,” said HPD Chief Charles McClelland.

Will was sworn in with HPD in September 2009. Saturday was his one-year anniversary with the vehicular crimes division, police said.

Rodriguez was transported to the hospital and treated for minor injuries.

He was charged with intoxication manslaughter of a peace officer, evading in a motor vehicle and possession of a controlled substance.

San Francisco Sanctuary Sheriff Spurns ICE

Sheriff Michael Hennessey is well known for his permissive views regarding immigration. One indication is how he stated a year ago that the federal Secure Communities program would interfere with San Francisco’s sanctuary policy of protecting unlawful foreigners. The program has caused the deaths of several, including three members of the Bologna family who were murdered by a previously arrested illegal alien gangster.

Sheriff Hennessey must have missed the dust-up surrounding Arizona’s strict enforcement law SB1070 where the Obama Justice Department said that immigration was a federal responsibility only and sued the state over that idea.

Recently the Sheriff announced he would begin releasing illegal aliens onto the streets of San Francisco, in defiance of the Secure Communities law. The lucky aliens to be released have been arrested on charges deemed minor, including disorderly conduct, drunk in public and shoplifting.

Does the minor charge category include drunk driving, a crime which has resulted in the deaths of many Americans? Unclear.

Furthermore, Hennessey’s act of defiance may catch on in other liberal sanctuary communities, where public safety is not valued. In fact, Gov. Pat Quinn has announced that he will withdraw Illinois from Secure Communities.

ICE: SF Sheriff’s Decision To Release Some Undocumented Immigrants “Unfortunate”, by Bay City News, May 6, 2011

San Francisco Sheriff Michael Hennessey said today he will soon begin releasing undocumented immigrants held in county jail for low-level offenses even if federal immigration officials request that they be held as part of its controversial Secure Communities program.

The program, which requires fingerprints of undocumented immigrants booked into local jails to be shared with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials, will not apply as of June 1 to people arrested for low-level misdemeanors in San Francisco, Hennessey said.

The sheriff said the decision to ignore Secure Communities requests to hold the low-level offenders came after a talk last November with David Venturella, the director of the program.

“During the course of that meeting, he revealed that ICE detainers are not binding on a law enforcement agency to honor,” Hennessey said. “They’re merely a request to hold the person, not a legally binding warrant.”

He said he also reviewed San Francisco’s sanctuary law and says his new policy is in line with the local policy.

“I’m enforcing the county law, and not violating either federal or state law,” Hennessey said.

ICE spokeswoman Virginia Kice said Hennessey’s decision “is unfortunate.”

Kice said, “The identification and removal of many criminal aliens would not be possible without the cooperation of our state and local law enforcement partners.

She said, “ICE detainers are an effective tool to ensure that individuals arrested on criminal charges, who are also in violation of U.S. immigration law, are not released back into the community to potentially commit more crimes.”

Tancredo Campaign Ad Focuses on Crime Victim

Marat Kudlis, the father of a toddler killed by a drunk driving illegal alien, is featured in an ad for Tom Tancredo in his campaign to be governor of Colorado:

Three-year-old Marten Kudlis was killed as he sat in an ice cream shop by a crash caused by a vehicle driven at 80 mph by Francis Hernandez, a drunk alien from Guatemala who had been arrested 16 times but never deported. Two women in a pickup, Patricia Guntharp and Deb Serecky, were also killed. The killer was convicted on all counts in February and sentenced in April to only 60 years, far less than the maximum 108 years requested by the prosecutor. The punishment hardly seemed adequate for the deaths of three people.

A local paper had more information about the campaign ad:

Tancredo TV ad targets Hickenlooper for boy’s death, Durango Herald, October 15, 2010

DENVER – Tom Tancredo is running a television ad that blames his Democratic opponent in the governor’s race, John Hickenlooper, for causing the death of a 3-year-old boy.

The ad features Marat Kudlis, whose son, Marten, died in September 2008 when Francis Hernandez crashed into a pickup and sent both vehicles through the wall of an ice cream store, striking Marten. Two women in the pickup, Debra Serecky, 51, and Patricia Guntharp, 49, also died.

Hernandez was an illegal immigrant who had been in the United States most of his life. He had been arrested or contacted by police numerous times before the incident but never deported.

The boy’s father levels an emotional charge against Hickenlooper in the ad.

“I am sending you Marten’s picture, Mr. Mayor. Try to sleep at night knowing your policy contributed to his death,” Kudlis said.

It should also be noted that when Hickenlooper was a restaurant owner, the business hired an illegal alien who later murdered Denver police detective Donnie Young in 2005.

Below, Marten Kudlis, who was killed by a previously arrested drunk driving illegal alien.

ICE Toughening Procedures for Drunk Driving Illegal Aliens

I certainly hope the following story is accurate, which reports that DUI illegals will be jailed rather than be released to further endanger the public. The reason given is the death of Sister Denise Mosier (pictured left) at the hands of drunk-driving alien Carlos Montano (pictured right) in August.

For years, the government has treated drunk driving by foreigners as no big deal, despite the fact that drinking and driving is a culturally positive value in hispanic societies indicating masculinity: only weenies can’t knock back a case of beer and drive home. Even NPR has admitted that hispanics are “responsible for a disproportionate number of DWI arrests and alcohol-related car accidents.”

Even dangerous serial drunk drivers have been repeatedly been turned loose on American streets instead of being deported. In one shocking case, the deaths of Sean and Donna Wilson, the killer had not been deported even after 14 arrests.

In 2005, Rep. Sue Myrick introduced the Scott Gardner Act which states that any illegal alien convicted of a DWI will face automatic deportation, but the bill has never been passed into law.

As a result of the government’s apathy about the danger to public safety posed by inebriated foreigners, drunk driving illegal aliens endanger every American who crosses a street or rides in a car.

So if there is genuine reform within ICE of treating drunk driving seriously because of the death of one nun (after the preventable slaughter of so many other innocents), that change would be a tremendous step forward. It would also be a surprise, given the current administration’s objection to sensible enforcement programs like 287(g).

We will have to watch to see whether this is real or fluff.

Jail for illegals facing drunken driving charges, WTOP, September 13, 2010

WASHINGTON – Immigration officials now plan to incarcerate illegal aliens when they’re arrested for drunken driving, WTOP has learned.

“The message has gone out to the field offices: Take them into custody, and don’t let them out on bond,” a high-ranking source within U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement tells WTOP.

The new, tougher policy comes after the death of a Catholic nun, allegedly at the hands of an illegal immigrant with previous drunken driving arrests in Prince William County. Carlos A. Martinelly Montano, an illegal immigrant from Bolivia, was involved in the Aug. 1 crash that killed Jeanette M. Mosier and seriously injured two other nuns in Bristow. Mosier was know in her Benedictine Order as Sister Denise Mosier.

After a 2008 drunken driving arrest, Montano, 23, had been detained by ICE but was released on his own recognizance, pending a deportation hearing. Mosier’s death sparked outrage that Montano had not been in custody.

Earlier, ICE said Montano’s previous alcohol-related arrests did not meet guidelines for detaining him.

“So even after a first DWI we have the authority to take him into custody. People in custody tend to go through the deportation process much faster,” the ICE source said.

Prior to this change, under the Obama administration, ICE had focused on removing violent criminals from the country. Some, including Prince William County Commonwealth’s Attorney Paul Ebert, had argued repeat drunken driving should be grounds for removal.

Ebert says detaining them at the time of their arrest would not be a legal issue.

“They still have rights under our judicial system, but on the other hand, if they commit a crime and are here illegally, they don’t have any right to be released.”

Last week, a Prince William grand jury indicted Montano for felony murder, driving with a revoked license and maiming resulting from drunken driving — the first time Ebert has prosecuted felony murder based on DUI.

“The feeling is ‘this should never happen again,'” says the ICE official. “The decision has been made to treat them like they would violent criminals.”

ICE just noticed that drunk-driving illegal aliens kill? Remarkable.

Asked by WTOP to confirm details of the policy change, ICE spokesman Brian P. Hale issued a statement:

“ICE’s highest priorities are apprehending and removing convicted criminal aliens, aliens who pose a danger to the community, and fugitive aliens. Aliens who are criminals, public safety threats, and fugitives are a main focus for the agency. That includes aliens convicted of DUI, particularly those already ordered to leave the country.”

Even with the new policy, scarce space in ICE detention centers may mean not all impaired drivers will be taken into custody immediately.

“If you have a gang member and a first-time DUI and only one bed, you’re going to keep the gang member in custody,” the ICE source tells WTOP.

Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart, who has been a sharp critic of ICE, says he’s “excited” by the decision.

“This is just the beginning. We have other dangerous criminals that ICE will continue to release until their deportations and that policy has got to change as well.”

Stewart has written to ICE requesting a list of all illegal immigrants in his county who have been released while awaiting deportation hearings. He says he has not heard from the federal government on his request.

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