Congressman Ted Poe Urges Some Surplus Military Equipment Be Sent to the Border

Texas Representative Poe has introduced legislation that a portion of the military equipment coming home from Iraq be transferred to the Mexican border to help with national security closer to home.

The bill is the Send Equipment for National Defense (SEND) Act, H.R. 3422.

Rep. Poe: Use Iraq military equipment to police Mexican border, The Hill, November [...]

Open-Borders Marxicans Must Be Happy with Obama

One of my mottos in life is “You can learn a lot by making a list,” so I appreciate a good one that lays down the facts in a thorough way. The following article is a helpful accounting of what Obama has done to destroy America using his enormous powers as President.

After all, in Obama’s [...]

Mexicans Turn to Sorcerers to Cope with Cartel Stress

To say Mexico is culturally backward is to understate a Grand Canyon of diversity that is nevertheless easy to overlook. The denizens of our southern neighbor may have TV sets and dress like cowboys, but underneath a somewhat familiar exterior lies a pre-Columbian outlook among many, particularly in the countryside. Superstition correlates with lower levels [...]

Calderon Complains Mexican Deportees Commit Crimes

Mexico’s Presidente Calderon (pictured below in the South Park style) has complained that Mexican citizens given a free trip home (courtesy of the American taxpayer) are committing crimes upon their return.

You would think he believes Mexicans have a right to be in the United States and should be allowed to stay no matter what. Such [...]

Houston: Corrupt Mexican Construction Workers Built Landmarks

Houston reporter Greg Groogan has been doing fine work on the illegal immigration/employment connection, in particular the fraud involved in the mass hiring of unlawful foreign workers, as I noted in the blog, Mexican Corruption Observed on Houston Construction Sites.

Since Groogan’s first television report, numerous Americans have come forward to tell their own stories of [...]

Mexico Meltdown: State Abandoned to Cartel

Here’s another marker of the worsening failed-state syndrome next door: Mexico City admits that government authority has disappeared from the Gulf state of Veracruz, leaving it to the ultra-violent Zeta crime syndicate.

As the graphic indicates, Veracruz is not a small piece of land. At more than 30,000 square miles, it accounts for 3.7 percent of [...]

South Park: Last of the Meheecans

When Comedy Central’s South Park cartoon series takes on a current issue, you can be sure the protrayal will be twisted.

A theme of the most recent episode is that Obama has made America so crummy that even Mexicans want to leave, and warped hilarity ensues in the usual South Park style.

Following is a [...]

“Illegals Have More Rights!” Says Texas Blogger

The item below is a personal story from a Dallas-area writer, James H. Reza, who recently experienced the worsening anarchy on the highways caused by the law enforcement’s permissive treatment of unlicensed illegal aliens who nevertheless drive on American roadways.

Sadly, the preventable carnage caused by drunk and unlicensed aliens appears to be on the uptick, [...]

Obama Admits His Deportation Numbers Are “Deceptive”

Some truth slipped out the other day when the President held a Q&A session in the White House for hispanic journalists.

Obama used that chat session to admit that his administration’s supposedly high numbers of deportations are “deceptive” because the stats count the quickie voluntary repatriations that occur every day on the border. These are the [...]

New Report Warns of National Security Threat from Narco-Mex

Serious national security experts say that the southern border is dangerously insecure, and Washington is in denial about the danger, ignoring Mexican narco-terrorism at America’s peril.

Texas border sheriffs participated in a press conference for the roll-out of a new report, Texas Border Security: A Strategic Military Assessment, written by Barry McCaffrey and Robert Scales who [...]

Tea Party Republican Debate Touches Immigration

Do these candidate creatures ever think about what they are saying? Even self-identified conservatives prattle on with the most ridiculous jabber about the revered institution of immigration: Rick Santorum says that immigration is the “lifeblood of this country” like the American nation is a junkie in need of a diversity fix.

He went on to recite [...]

Rick Perry’s Achilles Heel Is Immigration Enforcement

Byron York is one of the more insightful scribblers in the beltway orbit, and he recently commented on Rick Perry’s terrible record on immigration enforcement (below).

Note to Tea Party patriots: Perry looks good when he is shooting up targets at the range, but he is way too friendly with Mexican interests. He is all sombrero [...]

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