Jeb Bush: Rewarding Illegal Aliens by Another Name

Jeb Bush’s book Immigration Wars has been published, and he is trying to thread the needle between rewarding illegal behavior and punishing it.

The former governor’s solution is to give legal permanent residency to foreign lawbreakers. That would please the job grabbers just fine, but whole-enchilada border busters like Frank Sharry say no way, such a [...]

Moscow Mayor Tries to Chill Muslim Diversity

Russia has had a lot of bad experiences with Muslims, from a series of terrorist attacks with numerous train bombings to the terrible 2002 Moscow theater attack and the Beslan school hostage murders of 186 schoolchildren.

Some line must have been crossed recently, since the mayor of Moscow has decreed there will be no more mosques [...]

Why Aren’t We More Concerned about Schools?

The corruption of our school system should be a more important issue than it is. For one thing, the Republican Party should regard leftist multicultural indoctrination of American and immigrant children a top concern — certainly more important that rewarding lawbreaking foreigners with amnesty. A hispanic-focused reward trough won’t gain any votes for Rs; the [...]

Government Releases Thousands of Criminal Aliens

How much does the Obama administration care about the safety of the American people?

Not at all, judging from the illegal release of thousands of criminal aliens, blamed on sequester “budget cuts” which hadn’t even occurred. And the “cuts” are merely reductions in the rate of spending increases. The federal government is still on track to [...]

Sheriff Arpaio Offers Free Jails to Sequester-Befuddled Government

The Arizona sheriff known for his no-nonsense incarceration techniques has put out the welcome mat for criminal aliens that Washington prefers to release onto American streets using the sequester excuse. It wouldn’t cost Maricopa County much to pitch additional tents and assemble more 40-cent bologna sandwiches.

If the government wants to save money, it can close [...]

Congressman Ted Poe: Sequester Release Is Government Jailbreak

Congressman Ted Poe is a former Texas judge who is quite critical of the Obama administration’s release of hundreds of illegal alien detainees. His point, made Wednesday on Fox News, is that only a judge can spring lawbreakers from jail, calling the decision an “organized government jailbreak.”

Watch the latest video at

As CIS noted, the [...]

Congressman Barletta: Don’t Forget Visa Overstayers

Congressman Lou Barletta (R-PA) is one of the more thoughtful friends of national sovereignty in the House, where he usefully brings his experience as mayor of a small Pennsylvania town beset with a flood of illegal aliens.

On Tuesday, the House Homeland Security Subcommittee held a hearing on the topic: Subcommittee Hearing: What Does a Secure [...]

Top Republicans Pipe Up about Pre-Sequester Release of Illegal Alien Prisoners

Sequester malevolence is exploding all around the big capitol city, even though the reduction in the rate of spending increases hasn’t even started yet.

As reported in these electrons on Monday (see Sequester Savings: Jailbird Illegal Aliens Released into America), ICE freed a mystery number of jailed foreign criminals to save money that has not yet [...]

San Diego: Somali Immigrants Found Guilty of Terror Funding

In San Diego, some of the local Somalis were gathering up cash to send to jihadis back home — big mistake, since funding terrorism is illegal. The purpose was to finance the al Shabaab bunch, who are trying to institute a sharia government, featuring execution by stoning, death for watching soccer on TV or murder [...]

Media: Chinese Cyber Intrusions a Problem, but Red China’s Students Not So Much

The press has recently been full of articles about cyber attacks from Red China hacking into business and government networks to steal vital intellectual property and security secrets. Media outlets from NPR to Fox News have sounded the alarm about an escalated level of hacking intrusions.

Strangely, nobody seems concerned about the thousands of Chinese students [...]

Krauthammer Flogs Mass Amnesty Again

There’s something about the immigration issue that inspires all kinds of bad craziness. Perhaps it’s the false comparison of law enforcement vs. humanitarian concerns, as if a compassionate society could exist with a squishy legal system. Whatever the cause, even normally reasonable conservatives can go strangely nutty with odd fantasies, particularly the enduring delusion about [...]

SunTV’s JihadWatch This Week Observes Free Speech Protection in Dearborn and Relativism Elsewhere

It was interesting to hear Michael Coren’s recollections of his home town of Ilford near London and how it had changed from an immigrant town of Europeans to being the home of infamous Muslim pest Anjem Choudary. The latest news from the well known loudmouth was his urging to fellow unfriendly Muslims that they quit [...]