Irish (and Others) Vie for Voluminous Visas in Senate Immigration Free-for-All

The Irish are back — now with hands outstretched for a special visa category in the all-encompassing open-the-floodgates immigration bill because they believe they are special, what with their history of millions bailing off the island for export to America. That background gives them a unique entre, they figure: therefore, the Irish deserve more visas [...]

Senate Judiciary Committee Continues Markup of Amnesty Legislation

Thursday was Day #3 of the Senate mark-up of S.744 in the Judiciary Committee. Unsurprisingly the Gang of Eight Republicans on the committee (Senators McCain and Flake) continued to hang tough with Democrats to prevent any meaningful amendments. It looked like a committee markup on the surface, but it was a dog-and-pony show with foregone [...]

Criminal Protection Is a Historic Element of Congressional Amnesties

One of the worst parts of the Senate amnesty bill is the disregard of public safety and the coddling of foreign criminals. And because this item has appeared in at least two previous amnesties, one must conclude that protecting illegal alien gangsters is a priority of the bill’s authors — the the special interests, [...]

House Conservatives Speak Out against Amnesty

On Tuesday, Congressman Steve King organized a presser with several House colleagues who strongly oppose the Senate amnesty bill.

The other speakers included Republican Congressmen Louie Gohmert, Mo Brooks, Steve Stockman, John Fleming and Paul Gosar.

Rep. King noted that he has been a fierce foe of Obamacare, but sees the Senate amnesty as “far, far worse.” [...]

Gang of Eight Senators Agreed in Advance to Defeat Effective Enforcement in Committee

The Gang of Eight loudmouths, particularly Senators Schumer and Rubio, insist that they are open to amendments to improve their 844-page bill. But when the Judiciary Committee met on Thursday to begin sorting through the hundreds of amendments, the deal was already cut. As Senator Jeff Sessions analyzed in a press release, the Gang of [...]

Senate Immigration Plotters Overlook Water Supply

The big suits in Washington are currently licking their chops in anticipation of passing a monstrous immigration bill that would increase US population by tens of millions over the next decade. Jamming in a Canada-sized bunch of new shoppers should goose up the GDP pretty good, business types agree!

Meanwhile out in the country, the inconvenient [...]

Senate Amnesty: Legalizing Lawbreaking on a Massive Scale (aka Nearly Open Borders)

A suspicious person might reasonably look away momentarily from the noisy debate on the legalization of (officially) 11 million lawbreaking foreign job thieves and reflect upon the ginormous “future flow” of legal immigrants that continues in perpetuity. Gargantuan unsustainable legal immigration is the real crime against Americans.

After all, to Democrats the goal is to import [...]

Amnesty Mark-up: Senator Sessions Lists Failures of Senate Bill to Make Good on Enforcement

Following is Senator Sessions’ opening statement listing the lofty promises made about tough enforcement in the Gang of Eight bill, with its lack of actual means to create that lawfulness.

One problem: I wish the Senator didn’t feel the need to begin his statement with a pledge of allegiance to the institution of legal immigration, which [...]

Rasmussen Poll: Only 30 Percent of Americans Regard Mexico As an Ally

There are a lot of polls around these days that refer to illegal immigration and mass amnesty, but the Rasmussen survey suggests that the less than a third of Americans believe Mexico is a friend. An earlier poll showed Americans don’t think Mexico wants the immigration problem fixed.

Mexico is by far the biggest sender of [...]

Amnesty Price Tag for Taxpayers: $6.3 Trillion

The long-awaited study from Heritage’s Robert Rector calculating the cost to taxpayers of the Senate amnesty bill has been published, and the price tag is steep: $6.3 trillion. When he authored a 2007 investigation of the same topic (Amnesty Will Cost U.S. Taxpayers at Least $2.6 Trillion), there were fewer illegal aliens lined up at [...]

Senator Sessions: 57 Million Get Legal Status under Gang of Eight Amnesty

Senator Jeff Sessions remains the indispensable man in defending American sovereignty from the open-borders gangsters. He recently revealed his population-increase estimates for the Senate’s enforcement-free amnesty legislation which is overly complex to hide its destructive elements.

Incidentally, it’s not the first time that anti-American extremists have gone nutso to overwhelm traditional citizens demographically with big-government foreigners. [...]

Senator Sessions: Senate Amnesty Bill’s Enforcement Weakens Existing Law

The Senate Gang of Eight promote their immigration legislation as balanced between goodies for foreign intruders and enforcement of American law.

But as sovereignty defender Senator Jeff Sessions has noted, “Like 2007, this bill is amnesty before enforcement. It’s immediate legality with the promise of enforcement.”

On Monday, a press release explained the failure of enforcement in [...]

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