Anti-Sovereignty Forces Spend $1.5 Billion to Lobby for Amnesty since 2007

Ever get the feeling that the open-borders gang has unlimited funds to destroy America? In fact, they essentially do, according to research from the Sunlight Foundation, which found $1.5 billion has been spent since 2007 in anti-sovereignty lobbying behavior. That means $300 million annually devoted to replace traditional Americans with big-government-loving Marxicans from the [...]

California: Illegal Alien Woman Stages Robbery to Obtain Victim Visa

There are probably lots more fake crimes committed to get victim visas that don’t get reported as such, but this story doesn’t avoid the criminal’s scheme. The “robber” turned out to be a juvenile family member who has since relocated to Mexico from Marin County, where the altercation took place.

The government doles out 10,000 U [...]

Measuring Border Security Is Considered

One of the tiny barriers on the national suicide via sovereignty abolition is the idea of border security as a prerequisite to the mass legalization amnesty. Even the great diverse hope of the elite GOP Marco Rubio said that his support for the Gang of Eight amnesty plot depends on the border being secured.

Now questions [...]

Senator Rand Paul Suggests a Bilingual America

The Kentucky Senator’s amnesty scheme, presented Thursday to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, was bad enough with its policy recommendations, but it contained a time bomb of a hint that the Spanish language should be accorded a bigger space in American society, perhaps even official bilingualism.

The zinger line (from the WSJ’s transcript of the [...]

RNC Chair Preibus Lays Out Amnesty Strategy for Republican Party

How did Reince Preibus keep his job as the Chairman of the Republican Party after the GOP lost a winnable election last November? It’s a question that I have. At least Mitt Romney has been mostly quiet since the devastating defeat.

But now Preibus is back, feigning leadership with a diversity-friendly to-do list that he thinks [...]

Arizona: ICE Released 122 Convicted Criminals Using Sequester Excuse

What sort of morally corrupt, irresponsible government could purposefully release thousands of dangerous foreign felons — a reckless act that clearly endangers the people? It’s one thing for Obama to close White House tours to magnify the effect of a small cut to the growth rate of government spending, but quite another to put public [...]

Amnesty Plans Keep Magnet in Place

Every report we have heard about secret Senate meetings for comprehensive amnesty includes as a matter of course that illegals get instantaneous work permits and freedom from deportation. The article following notes in its first sentence that “senators. . . agree on a path to legal status.”

It one of several words and phrases used to [...]

Obama’s Sequester Release Frees Thousands of Foreign Criminals to American Streets

Judge Jeanine Pirro opened her Fox show with a fine segment about the administration’s pre-sequester release of 2,000 criminal aliens, with more to come. She emphasized, “The first order of government is the protection of its citizens.” But that duty is not followed by this administration.

The first thing the Obama crew did with the excuse [...]

Catholic Elites Spend Millions to Sell Illegal Alien Amnesty

The Catholic church has upped its bankroll to wreck American law and sovereignty. It has added $800,000 to its previous amnesty spending of $3 million, since opening the borders to millions more hispanic Catholics is highly desirable for the bishops.

Not that it’s new for Vaticrats to work to subvert a nation that has been very [...]

California: 20,000 Illegal Alien College Students Sign Up for Free-to-Them Money

The issue of taxpayer-funded financial aid for illegal alien students in the state has been moving along through the system, and now it is here. Jerry Brown signed the California Dream Act into law in October 2011.

As Assemblyman Tim Donnelly remarked at that time, “Tuition rates have been going up, the universities have budget cuts [...]

Ann Coulter Explains Immigration Enforcement to Sean Hannity

It’s somewhat worrying when smart conservatives like Ann Coulter use the word “first” when talking about immigration enforcement, implying the nation should have border security “first” before awarding amnesty to millions of foreign lawbreakers.

That usage is confusing. In a January column titled Rubio’s Amnesty: A Path to Oblivion for the GOP, Coulter cleverly called the [...]

Congressman Smith Composes Enforcement List

Congressman Lamar Smith (R-TX) has compiled a fine to-do list of immigration enforcement strategies that would help if they were the implemented instead of a multi-trillion-dollar amnesty trough of goodies for lawbreaking foreigners. Among the items, several are suggested upgrades to existing laws plus a couple new ones, including ending the odious anchor baby magnet.

There could have [...]