Look for Smart Machines to Change Work Substantially within Five Years

Recent reports give a near-term picture of how experts believe the automation revolution will roll out. Continuing education to adapt to technology will become more necessary as some careers will “cease to exist.”

There is a minor industry of reassurance — writers who spread the message that the automation revolution is over-hyped and will not create […]

Immigration Enforcement Flip-flopper Goodlatte Leans toward Sovereignty in Hearing

Don’t you love the six months preceding an election? Members of Congress behave like well mannered little lambs who want only to do the bidding of their voting constituents, even on issues like immigration where elites stand in opposition to the desire of the people that our borders and workplaces be protected from foreign lawbreakers.

Take […]

Doubts Take Hold concerning the Smith E-verify Bill

Like many who care deeply about America’s borders and sovereignty, I had great hopes for a universal e-verify bill from the Republican House and was happy to hear that Rep. Lamar Smith had authored one.

But now the concerns are mounting that the legislation is fatally flawed and will do more harm than good. It should […]

Lamar Smith’s List for the Judiciary Committee

Unlike many New Years list-makers, Rep Lamar Smith has put his down in writing for the public. And Smith’s position as the new Chair of the House Judiciary Committee means his list is an important indication of the direction the House will take in many important issues.

He emphasized the importance of immigration enforcement in the […]

Rep. Gallegly to Lead House Immigration Panel

Rep. Elton Gallegly has been named as the Chair of the Immigration and Enforcement Subcommittee, rather than Steve King, as had been widely assumed.

I’m not completely sure what to think of this choice by Lamar Smith, the new Chair of the full Judiciary Committee. Was Gallegly chosen because King may have been seen as more […]