Rasmussen Poll: Majority of Voters Believe Government Acts against Their Interests, Particularly in Trade Deals

The pundit class and the press generally were caught flat-footed about the success of Donald Trump, and before that, they bashed the Tea Party as racist and mean-spirited for wanting a restoration of Constitutional government, national sovereignty and other traditional values.

Donald Trump was not the first person to notice that the globalized economy of elite […]

Boehner Repositions for Amnesty

Talk about seizing defeat from the jaws of victory — that would be John Boehner’s leadership of House Republicans. The Speaker has been gifted with the most monumental screw-up in decades by the Democrats’ creation of socialist Obamacare for America which has crashed and burned worse than the Hindenburg.

It’s an epic opportunity for Reeps to […]

Rasmussen Poll: Voters Split Evenly between Obama and Tea Party with 42 Percent Each

Tuesday’s poll data was quite a surprise considered from the viewpoint of the efficacy of the propaganda media. The drumbeat Opravda voices have been incessantly insisting the Tea Party to be evil and racist, so any decent showing by the group in polling is worth noting.

Tea Party bashing has become quite the sport for liberals […]

Will Republicans Compete on Enforcement Toughness?

Is American sovereignty finally appearing as an important topic in the Presidential campaign?

Law and borders have been given short shrift in earlier Presidential elections because both parties have constituencies that favor permissive immigration enforcement: Republican elites like cheap labor and Democrat honchos believe that importing millions of big-government foreigners will bring a permanent liberal majority.

But […]

Gingrich Pitches Nuanced Immigration Enforcement

On NumbersUSA’s excellent page rating Presidential Hopefuls’ Immigration Stances, Newt Gingrich got a grade of D- — underwhelming for a top Republican. But the poor assessment was deserved.

Last year I wrote about Gingrich’s twisted tap-dance of massive hispandering: Newt Gingrich’s Foray into Cultural Treason. He imagines his duplicitous outreach to “conservative” hispanics (with a hefty […]

Tea Party Has Governor Scott Walker's Back

Didn’t Democrats dismiss the Tea Party as a temporary bump on the long road of politics? Harry Reid said grassroots conservatism would disappear quickly.

Saturday’s Tea Party rally in Madison in support of Governor Scott Walker indicates otherwise. Thousands showed up to voice approval of responsible budgeting to bring Wisconsin’s red ink under control, including the […]

Tea Is Sweet: Senator Hatch Moves to Axe Diversity Visas

A few years back, Senator Orrin Hatch presented himself as the compassionate conservative, with his promotion of the DREAM Act stealth amnesty for alien kiddies. In fact, he was an early adopter of the legislation and introduced the bill on the Senate floor in 2003.

Now he is looking at a more Tea-infused political landscape […]

Tea Party Rorschach

There’s nothing like wildly divergent interpretations of poll results to make my media BS detector perk up. When a CBS-New York Times survey of insurgent citizens (aka the Tea Party patriots) came out all over the map, something had to be up. And when I read the poll results for immigration that were little reported […]

Tea Party Poll: They're Traditional Americans

Rasmussen has a new poll out, just in time for hundreds of Tea Parties across the nation that will occur on April 15. The corrupt dinosaur media tries to paint T-Partiers as racist right-wingers, but as this poll shows, they are concerned citizens who want to save their country. The race of the President has […]