AP Promotes Refugee Farmers

The Associated Press has a happy-talk story about African refugees being given plots of land — from “federal grants,” aka tax money — to grow vegetables, as if nobody else was responding to the increasing demand for fresh veggies.

Is farming a job Americans don’t want to do? Must we import illiterate foreigners to grow vegetables?

On […]

Los Angeles County Fears Amnesty Costs Will Hit Locally

Los Angeles has been ground zero for for bearing the brunt of of immigration diversity for some time. Unlucky in geography, the county was home to 9.8 million residents as of 2010, 56.6 percent of whom over age 5 do not speak English at home according to the Census. County Supervisor Michael Antonovich has been […]

Washington Partners with Mexico to Deliver Food Stamps to Mexican Illegals

The always diligent Judicial Watch has pried loose some incriminating documents from the government showing the USDA plotting with Mexico to distribute US-taxpayer-funded food stamps to Mexicans residing in this country.

We can see by the chart below that the illegal use of food stamps by foreigners residing in this country has been growing by leaps […]

Ann Coulter and Grover Norquist Debate Immigration Amnesty on CNBC

It’s nice to see an energetic discussion about the central issue of saving the country, when at least one of the speakers is knowledgeable (Coulter) and not a traitorous snake, a friend of hostile Islam (Norquist).

Many of the open-borders hacks don’t seem motivated to make sense — perhaps they are arrogantly sure of winning, or […]

Cost of Amnesty for Lawbreaking Foreigners Is Estimated at $4-5 Trillion

In the following video, Fox reporter Eric Bolling says, “A new report from Heritage Foundation expected to show making illegals legal would add 4 to 5 trillion bucks to the national debt.”

Steve Camarota, the research director at CIS.org, mentioned the same number during an interview with Neil Cavuto a couple days ago, but I can’t […]

Montana's Citizen-Approved Immigration Legislation Is Attacked by Lawsuit

One of the true bright spots in a disappointing election was the resounding success in Montana of a voter initiative to deny taxpayer-funded benefits to illegal aliens.

And, Legislative Referendum 121 won with a remarkable 80 percent of the citizens in support. The vote wasn’t even close. The win shows that heartland Americans are sick of […]

Sherman and Berman Get Physical over Amnesty Cred

Only in Mexifornia! Two dueling Democrats nearly came to blows over who is the better advocate of open borders and rewards for invasive foreigners against the well being of American citizens.

Actually, it was the younger taller Rep. Brad Sherman who put a modified headlock on the older shorter Rep. Howard Berman, with Sherman saying “Do […]

Chicago illegals Demand Free-to-Them Organ Transplants

A full plate of medical freebies from the unwilling American taxpayer is still not enough for greedy illegal aliens.

Below, Chicago aliens aggressively whined for free deluxe medical care with the help of their local Catholic church.

Moocher foreigners arrive illegally, work under the table or rip off a Social Security number to steal an American job, […]

Senators Sessions and Vitters Try to End Tax Loophole for Illegal Aliens; Reid Blocks

Many Americans became irate when they heard about the outrageous tax credits (cash, not deductions) that illegal aliens have used to rip off billions of dollars from this country.

On Tuesday, Senate budget hawks Jeff Sessions and David Vitters asked for unanimous consent to pass legislation that would close the loophole — an effort that was […]

California DREAM Act Moves Forward (Backward for Taxpayers)

Perhaps it’s the late spring proliferation of graduation ceremonies, but the media seems extra full of sob stories about illegal alien students, carefully crafted to sentimentalize the foreign kids and ignore the young citizens bumped from college slots.

We read about sympathetic youngsters who are characterized as courageously “coming out of the shadows” although zero DREAM […]

A List of Steps to Fix California

Fifth-generation Californian and classics scholar Victor Davis Hanson has been one of the more realistic chroniclers of the state’s rapid swirl down the toilet bowl from Golden State to Mexifornia.

Hanson’s latest thoughts concern what might be done, considering recent reports of the $16 billion hole in the budget. Gov Jerry Brown has been making a […]

Massachusetts Citizens Argue Unfairness of Illegals in Subsidized Housing

Massachusetts is among the most liberal of blue states, but that attitude may be changing at least in the immigration sub-topic due to the worsening assaults of illegal aliens on the taxpayer dollar during a painful recession.

A 2010 Rasmussen survey showed Bay Staters’ strong disapproval of goodies for lawbreaking foreign moochers: 70 Percent of voters […]

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