New York City Increases Security for Marathon Following Truck Jihad

Big sporting events like marathons are catnip to Islamo murderers, and the deaths on Halloween from the Uzbek truck jihadist has reminded the city that it remains a top target for allah’s killers.

CBS reported on the increased security measures for Sunday’s New York City Marathon, a top running event for elite athletes that features a […]

Expensive Diversity Spills into Sports: San Francisco Super Bowl Cost $3 Million Just for Local Police Overtime

High profile sports events make enticing targets for jihad-minded barbarians, a fact highlighted by the bombings of the 2013 Boston Marathon in which three were killed and hundreds injured.

As a result of sensible caution, the price tag for policing big sports is flying off the charts. A real jaw-dropper was the $2 billion cost to […]

Senator Kyl: Obama Admits Holding Border Enforcement Hostage to Amnesty

Arizona Senator Jon Kyl met with the North Tempe Tea Party on June 18 and revealed some Washington inside baseball — a fact that we’ve known all along. At 3:40 in the video below, Kyl remarked, “Here’s what the President said, ‘The problem is if we secure the border, then you all won’t have any […]

Washington Silent on Border Anarchy

Has there been a Washington response to the murder of Arizona rancher Bob Krentz on his own land? If so, I haven’t heard it. The border states have been left to pick up the slack, even though protecting the nation’s borders is the feds’ job.

Of related interest, a March 19 Rasmussen poll found a strong […]

Poll Shows Low Opinion of National Security

Rasmussen pollsters have found the lowest level of confidence in national security since 9/11. Obama’s kumbaya policies of treating terrorists like everyday criminals must not look effective to the country.

War on Terror Update

Confidence that America is winning the war on terror is down slightly this month, and belief that the United States is safer today […]