Saudi National Is a Suspect in Boston Marathon Bombing

Saudis have not been friends of America, most particularly in the 9/11 terror attacks where 15 of 19 of the hijackers were citizens of the Kingdom. So if one or more Muslims from Saudi Arabia were behind this terror attack, it would be no surprise.

A CBS report said the Saudi man was acting suspiciously and […]

JihadWatch on TV Headlines Obama's Welcome to Saudis

It’s hard to keep up with the worldwide problems that Islam causes, so it’s helpful that Robert Spencer appears on Canada’s SunTV weekly to list a few of the top (worst) stories.

Most notable, from an American viewpoint, is the administration’s decision to remove 9/11 constraints on Saudi entry to this country.

Nothing has changed in Saudi […]

Saudi Found Guilty of Terror Plot in West Texas

In less than two hours on Wednesday, an Amarillo jury found a Middle Eastern man guilty of trying to build a weapon of mass destruction. Saudi national Khalid Aldawsari (pictured) came to the United States as a student to study chemical engineering at Texas Tech, but his interests turned to jihad instead of science.

He was arrested in […]