America’s AG Jeff Sessions Praises Miami-Dade after It Rejected Criminal-Protecting Sanctuary

It was good to see Attorney General speak against sanctuary policy on Wednesday in Miami, Florida. From a psychological viewpoint, commending good behavior is a good way to encourage its spread. AG Sessions applauded the city for adjusting its police policies to remove sanctuary elements, for which it is being rewarded by having no cut-off to […]

Houston Sanctuary Killer Found Guilty

In any normal case in Texas of a man who had murdered a mother while carjacking her vehicle, the sentence would have been a slam-dunk trip to the executioner. But since killer Timoteo Rios escaped to his native Mexico, the Mexican government required a promise of no capital punishment in order to allow the perp’s […]

San Francisco Expands Sanctuary to Young Illegal Alien Felons

Infamous sanctuary city San Francisco has added to its list of criminal-friendly policies: interim Mayor Ed Lee has expanded the illegal alien protection. He announced that the city would no longer report illegal immigrant youths to federal authorities when they are arrested on felony charges.

This action parallels Sheriff Michael Hennessey’s decision to release illegal aliens […]

San Francisco Sanctuary Sheriff Spurns ICE

Sheriff Michael Hennessey is well known for his permissive views regarding immigration. One indication is how he stated a year ago that the federal Secure Communities program would interfere with San Francisco’s sanctuary policy of protecting unlawful foreigners. The program has caused the deaths of several, including three members of the Bologna family who were […]

Barletta Bill Would Defund Sanctuary Cities

Look out San Francisco (and others)! Your fat checks from Congress may be pruned back entirely if freshman Congressman Lou Barletta manages to pass his new legislation, which would end federal funding to cities that refuse to enforce immigration laws.

If San Francisco had not been a hopelessly foolish sanctuary city, coddling criminal illegal aliens, then […]

Santa Clara County Votes to Welcome Criminal Aliens

Santa Clara County is the home of San Jose and Silicon Valley, so there is a fair amount of California immo-insanity present. Even so, the idea that the Board of Supervisors would unanimously vote to opt out of DHS’ Secure Communities program is pretty stunning. That means police will now be disallowed from checking arrestees’ […]

Los Angeles Officials Coddle Rioting Foreigners

In Los Angeles, the shooting of a drunk Guatemalan national with assorted IDs who was threatening people with a knife has resulted in two days of rioting. The drunk was shot dead after he lunged at a cop with the knife.

I’ve been listening to the John and Ken show for updates; one report was the […]

Sanctuary Policy Criticized -- Weakly

When the press presents the objections of citizens to sanctuary cities, it certainly doesn’t use the strongest arguments.

Immigrant ‘sanctuaries’ rouse opponents’ wrath, LA Times, July 25, 2010

Reporting from Washington — Critics of the Obama administration’s decision to sue Arizona over its new law to control illegal immigration accuse the government of overlooking a more obvious […]