Scott Adams’ Book ‘Win Bigly’ Analyzes Candidate Trump’s Appeal

Author and Dilbert creator Scott Adams has a new book being published about the persuasive tactics of candidate Donald Trump, titled “Win Bigly: Persuasion in a World Where Facts Don’t Matter.” He appeared on Fox News to discuss the book on Tuesday:

Watch the latest video at

Adams has a psychologist-marketer point of view, and he […]

California Governor Debate on the Radio

On Thursday, concerned Californians can tune in to the John and Ken Show on KFI-640 (which provides online listening) to hear a Republican gubernatorial debate

People near Anaheim can attend in person at the Ayres Hotel.

In addition, the show has a podcast for later listening.

John and Ken’s take-no-prisoners approach of dealing with politicians promises a lively […]

Mayor Villaraigosa Limps Back to Los Angeles after Failing His Close-Up

Los Angeles’ hispanic Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa had his moment in the glare of the national spotlight at the Democratic Convention, and did not get good marks. His handling of the changes to the party platform from the stage was arguably the worst, most cringeworthy moment of the convention, as the audience refused to co-operate and […]

Texas Debate Language Considered

In the Lone Star State, the idea of conducting a debate in Spanish for the position of United States Senator has been proposed by Republican David Dewhurst, the current Lt. Governor.

Opponent for the R-nomination Ted Cruz demurred, but in a way that is not reassuring for friends of traditional American culture.

Cruz is supposed to be […]

Tea Party Poll: They're Traditional Americans

Rasmussen has a new poll out, just in time for hundreds of Tea Parties across the nation that will occur on April 15. The corrupt dinosaur media tries to paint T-Partiers as racist right-wingers, but as this poll shows, they are concerned citizens who want to save their country. The race of the President has […]