Poll: Germans Reject Mass Muslim Immigration

In Germany, the citizens have been battered by a totally destructive immigration scheme cooked up by Chancellor Angela Merkel when in 2015 she welcomed unlimited Syrians to her country. There‚Äôs a new poll showing German disapproval, but the presentation by the liberal Deutsche Welle news organization does everything it can to murk up the disastrous […]

Egypt’s New Freedom Doesn’t Include Women

One small bump on the road to the media canonization of Egypt’s revolution as an assemblage of noble founding fathers: the brutal sexual mauling of CBS journalist Lara Logan by 200 men of Tahrir Square. Fortunately she was rescued by concerned Egyptian women and soldiers, or else she might never have been seen again. Fortunately […]

Australia: Muslim Residents Protest Women's Freedom

In Australia, someone painted a “Say No to Burqas” mural on a public wall, which got the local Sons of Allah into a raging froth. Oddly, when protests occurred against the sentiment of women’s equality, the media called the confrontation an “anti-racism rally.”

Wouldn’t a more accurate description be a “pro-sexism riot”?

Sadly, Australia has inflicted Muslim […]