California Bashes Trump for Chilling Muslim Immigration

Just when you think California has maxed out on all the possible bad anti-Trump craziness, there’s this: Sacramento has decided to expand its education program about the WWII Japanese internment to connect it with current issues like President Trump’s rejection of hostile Muslims as immigrants. Apparently, the big liberal brains equate the unlawful incarceration of […]

Obama’s Government Ignores Suffering Christians in the Middle East

The Islamophile in the White House seems determined to jam as many Muslims as possible into the United States during his remaining term in office, and the refugee route is a handy import method. As it happens, the system is stacked against Christian refugees from the Middle East, who really do need help. The UN’s […]

Sharia France a Step Closer, through Food

How long does it take for hostile Muslims to get semi-Sharia instituted in Paris thanks to feckless legal authorities?

Not that long, as we see in this depressing example of police servilely submitting to Muslims.

The French are made of sterner stuff than their cowering officials. A few months ago, a group of non-Muslims residents of Lyon […]

Rally against Ground Zero Mosque: Highlight Video

The Stop Islamization of America organizers of the terrific D-Day event have compiled a collection of segments from the many excellent speeches that inspired the thousands of participants. It’s definitely worth watching.

For more, see my earlier post Rally against Ground Zero Mosque a Great Success.

Guardians of Jihadist Virtue Say Soccer Is Un-Islamic

For the No Fun in Islam file…

Much of the non-USA world is going gonzo over the the soccer World Cup now taking place in South Africa. The sport is nearly universally popular because it requires very little in the way of equipment and is easy to play.

However, in Somali territory run by al Shabaab, the […]

Polygamy in France: Islamic Family Values

This video (Polygamy in France) tells a lot about Muslim immigration math: one husband, two wives, 17 children. The first wife came legally as a spouse, while the second came via a tourist visa and remained unlawfully. Polygamy is illegal in France, but families like the one profiled get all the benefits of the French […]

Somali Refugee Sentenced in Vermont for Child Rape

Somalis are among the most undesirable, culturally inappropriate immigrants you could find. Yet Washington keeps them coming — more than 83,000 in 25 years as counted by Refugee Resettlement Watch.

Why is that? Fraud was the ticket some used until DNA testing was brought in.

Let’s review some of their behaviors and cultural traits: they are […]