Gallup Poll Finds Sub-Normal Identification of Muslims with USA

When a big-time polling company (Gallup) partners up with an Islamic nation (Dubai) to show Muslim success in the United States, the investigation may not be very challenging.

The just-released 132-page report (half in Arabic) is titled “MUSLIM AMERICANS: Faith, Freedom, and the Future; Examining U.S. Muslims’ Political, Social, and Spiritual Engagement 10 Years After September […]

Clinton Complains at Cuts

In Washington, it’s business as usual in some precincts, where many of the top Democrats haven’t heard (or don’t care) that the country is broke.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton objects to reductions in her cushy budget that allows her to be Ms. Generous around the world on the nation’s depleted credit card. In fact, the […]

Muslim Brotherhood Mosque Planned for Brooklyn

Immigration is the easy way to invasion in the 21st century, thanks to the political correctness that is deeply entrenched in elected officials and the willing idiots in the liberal media. Elites have learned nothing from the experience of Europe, where multicultural immigration (aka Muslims) is now admitted to have been a failure there by […]

Mega-Mosques in Europe Are Political Structures

It would be a mistake to consider European mosques as entirely religious edifices. As Lars Hedegaard says, they are more like “barracks,” designed to be centers of Islamic cultural and political influence.

Many mosques are funded by the Turkish government, which appears to have deep pockets for such projects. Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has made clear […]

France: Sarkozy Promises Crackdown on Muslim Street Anarchy

In Paris, Muslims intimidate citizens on a weekly basis by illegally blocking the streets for their Friday prayers. (See my September blog Muslim Bullying Paralyzes Paris.)

Islamic threats are successful because of events like the three weeks of riots and car burning by young Muslim males that took place in 2005. Also the 2007 riots in […]

Muslim Threats Force Free Speech Cartoonist into Hiding

The woman who suggested “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day” in support for the edgy South Park show has felt the wrath of hostile Muslims who believe that anyone who insults their religion should be killed.

The diversity extremists who believe the equality of all cultures tend to overlook Muslims’ hatred of free speech when it is applied […]

Ground Zero Mosque Opposed on 9/11

The SIOA folks had their freedom rally earlier today in New York City to stand for American values, which are increasingly under attack by totalitarian Islam. It looks like they had a good turnout, judging by photos like the one below from El Marco.

New York snapper Urban Infidel has posted some photos of the event […]

Cordoba: Then and Now

To many Americans of a certain age, the word “Cordoba” has the association of a Ricardo Montalban car ad from 1975. It was memorable for being over the top in its kitschy commercialism.

To Muslims, however, Cordoba means a historic conquest of part of the Western world, so using that word to name the Ground […]

Islam's Larger Mosque Strategy for America

In Heartland America, Allah’s gangsters are full speed ahead on massive building projects preparing the way for a world Caliphate, ruled by authoritarian, sexist sharia law. Following the example of Field of Dreams (“If you build it they will come”), Islamist strategists figure a deluxe mosque plus multi-use center will attract thousands of faithful Muslims […]

Obama Supports Ground Zero Mosque

We already know of Barack Hussein Obama’s fondness for all things Islamic, following in the footsteps of his beloved father and reflecting the President’s formative years spent in Indonesia where he practiced Islam as a boy.

But he took the occasion of his White House Ramadan dinner to voice strong approval for the Ground Zero mosque […]

Muslim Opposes Ground Zero Mosque for the Right Reasons

I tend to believe that most of the so-called “moderate Muslims” offering public opinions are really jihadists once you scrape the taqiyya off and get to the inner Islamist core. (It’s considered moral to lie in the cause of advancing Islam, which makes communication with Muslims rather tricky.)

A few women Muslims have struck me as […]

Americans Recognize the Mosque Threat

The New York Times recently took a snooty look at heartland Americans who object to mosques being constructed in their communities:

Across Nation, Mosque Projects Meet Opposition, New York Times, August 7, 2010
While a high-profile battle rages over a mosque near ground zero in Manhattan, heated confrontations have also broken out in communities across the country […]

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