Hmong Family Values: Former Child Bride Is Murdered by Ex-Owner/Husband

Last week, an angry Hmong ex-husband, Neng Moua, went to a medical office in downtown Fresno and shot his ex-wife, Zyang Vang (pictured), to death and then killed himself. She had seven children, five from the murderous ex-husband.

The couple had a very Hmong history. He purchased her for $3500 from her immigrant parents in 1993 […]

Canada's Burqa Daycare Stirs Controversy

Montreal recently experienced some discussion about Muslim diversity after a photo appeared showing burqa creatures shepherding a group of Canadian pre-schoolers:

Why would any parent want their child taught by a masked person? You might as well have robots as daycare personnel. Pre-schoolers have smaller vocabularies than adults and rely more on subtle facial communication. Basic […]

India: Government Allows Renaming of “Unwanted” Girls

Could you imagine naming a baby Garbage or Reject? That choice would be incomprehesible in the United States, but apparently it is not unusual in India for disappointed parents who wanted a son to name a daughter “Unwanted.”

Below, India’s gender disparity is increasing because parents still prefer sons and don’t want girls.

Not all cultures are […]

India Census: 181 Million More in 10 Years

The United States is not the only nation to have a recent Census counting the residents: India has announced the results of its decennial tabulation.

Demographers have predicted for years that India would overtake Red China as the planet’s most populous nation within a couple decades. The Indian count — an additional 181 million persons in […]

Egypt’s New Freedom Doesn’t Include Women

One small bump on the road to the media canonization of Egypt’s revolution as an assemblage of noble founding fathers: the brutal sexual mauling of CBS journalist Lara Logan by 200 men of Tahrir Square. Fortunately she was rescued by concerned Egyptian women and soldiers, or else she might never have been seen again. Fortunately […]

Will Islam Be Mentioned in Buffalo Beheader Trial?

Remember the Muslim immigrant in Buffalo who beheaded his insufficiently submissive wife? The couple, Muzzammil and Aasiya Hassan, had founded an Islamo-informative television station (Bridges TV) designed to combat negative impressions about Islam, e.g. that it fosters violence and misogyny.

Wherever would Americans get pessimistic ideas about Islam? From Muslims’ daily terrorist attacks, perhaps? From continuing […]