Laura Ingraham Examines California Homelessness, including the Effect of Illegal Aliens

Thanks to the Ingraham Angle show for pointing out the often overlooked problem of spreading tent cities of homeless in California. It’s painful to see the increased human suffering in one of the richest areas on earth, and Laura Ingraham nails the governmental failure.

Below, the city of Los Angeles called for a crackdown on homeless […]

Los Angeles: In a Historically Black Area, Hispanic Immigration Expands into the Political Arena

Wednesday’s Los Angeles Times front-page story about the waning of black political power due to hispanic immigration into a historically African-American neighborhood made me think of Terry Anderson, the self-described “Prisoner of South Central.” Twenty or so years ago when Terry was getting attention on the radio and beyond for his outspoken views on immigration, he […]

Pew Map of Illegal Aliens: Los Angeles Stars in California!

Pew Research has just published a brief report illustrating the clustering of large numbers of illegal aliens, titled 20 metro areas are home to six-in-ten unauthorized immigrants in U.S.. So it’s simple: there are millions of illegals and they bunch up together in unlucky (or liberal) cities.

The Pew map tells the overall story:

The list of […]

Riot Neighborhood Sensitively Explored

In the Westlake area of Los Angeles, the local hispanics rioted for a couple days recently after an illegal alien was shot and killed by a police officer when the Guatemalan lunged at the cops with a knife. For more background, see my earlier blog: Los Angeles Officials Coddle Rioting Foreigners.

Naturally, a journalistic followup seemed […]

Los Angeles Officials Coddle Rioting Foreigners

In Los Angeles, the shooting of a drunk Guatemalan national with assorted IDs who was threatening people with a knife has resulted in two days of rioting. The drunk was shot dead after he lunged at a cop with the knife.

I’ve been listening to the John and Ken show for updates; one report was the […]