Illegal Aliens Continue to Escape Deportation by Hiding in Churches

One of the immigration enforcement problems that’s still around is the situation of illegal aliens taking up residence in churches for the “sanctuary” they offer.

As it happens, the concept is fake —churches cannot set themselves up as mini Mexicos inside the United States, separate from American law. ICE officers could walk in any time and […]

Kansas Voter ID Sets Off Lawsuit from Anti-Sovereignty Democrats

Friday’s New York Times front page included a whiner about a college student who claimed she was too busy to obtain proof of citizenship required to vote in Kansas (where sovereignty warrior Kris Kobach [pictured] is Secretary of State).

A distracted student is news?

This is pretty weak gruel, even for Carlos Slim’s Amnesty Gazette.

A 21-year-old because miffed when his […]

More Law Enforcement Obstruction from San Francisco

The ultra-left city is truly an upside-down universe, when the sheriff declares he wants to “opt out” of a federal law enforcement program, specifically Secure Communities which assists local jurisdictions with finding criminal aliens in jails. Who could object to checking out prisoners for instances of additional wrongdoing? Only San Francisco, the Queen of Sanctuary […]