DHS Secretary Kelly Cites Border Terror Threats as a Top Concern

It’s not news that Islamic jihadists are joining up with Mexican drug cartels, but the recognition of the hellish partnership by the Homeland Security Secretary is. In fact, John Kelly says the threat keeps him awake at night.

Allah’s murderous thugs knew that Obama’s America had open borders and took advantage of that weakness. One example […]

Jihad Expert's New Book Focuses on the Iranian Threat

The prolific critic of Islam Robert Spencer, the webmaster of the excellent JihadWatch.org, has published a new book that warns the west about its most serious enemy: “The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Iran”.

As he remarks in the interview below, “Iran is what ISIS aspires to be” namely a jihadist state dedicated to killing infidels and […]

Islamic Enemies Eye America's Porous Southern Border

Evidence accumulates of the worsening terror threat on the southern border, nearly 20 percent of which was judged to be poorly guarded according to a recent GAO report. Rep Sue Myrick has warned that unfriendly Venezuela is a portal for Iranians and other hostile people to make their way into America via Mexico. Rep. Mike […]