Obama Plans to Give Immigrants an Easier Path to Purchasing Firearms

President Obama is sending signals that his second term will assault citizenship in even more targeted ways. Not only has he promised to reward millions of lawbreaking illegal alien foreigners with all the privileges of Americans, but now we learn that he wants to loosen requirements for immigrants to purchase firearms. New gun rights for [...]

Chimps with Guns: A Bad Idea

Our intelligent simian friends are not up to the responsibility of firearms, as illustrated below.

House Investigates Gunwalking to Mexican Organized Crime

The June 15 hearing held by the House Oversight Committee examining the ATF’s curious scheme of purposely allowing thousands of firearms to reach Mexican drug cartels did not crack the answer of who authorized the program and to what purpose, but did clarify how crazy evil it was. Chairman Darrell Issa says that high-level officials [...]

Patrick Kennedy Speaks for Mental Health

After the shooting of Rep. Gabriel Giffords by a disturbed college dropout, I wrote that the crime was a failure of the community to demand mental health treatment for the young man, rather than of gun control (e.g. PBS Examines Mental Health Intervention in Light of Giffords Shooting).

Pima Community College knew very well that Jared [...]

What Pima Community College Learned from Seung-Hui Cho

The similarities and differences of the Tucson shooting and the Virginia Tech mass murder are instructive, so it’s a little surprising that the MSM has not been more interested in exploring comparisons. In both cases, the schools faced a disruptive student who was potentially violent, but different steps were taken.

At Virginia Tech, authorities shrank back [...]