Hundreds of MS-13 Gangsters Are Arrested in Crackdown

On Thursday it was announced that more than 200 MS-13 gangsters have been arrested by authorities during a six-week operation to round them up after Attorney General Jeff Sessions had promised to prioritize the Salvadoran gang several months ago.

In April, he traveled to Long Island which has suffered from worsened gang crime, exacerbated by Obama’s […]

Accused Killer Ingmar Guandique Is Deported to El Salvador

It’s a sad end to a terrible murder: Washington DC intern Chandra Levy was murdered in 2001, and now the case seems finished. An illegal alien, MS-13 gangster Ingmar Guandique was tried and convicted in the death, but later his conviction was overturned, and today it was reported that the Salvadoran felon (who was found guilty […]

Azusa 13 Gangsters Are Sentenced for Anti-Black Conspiracy

In Los Angeles County, the sentencing of a father-son duo of Azusa 13 gangsters to prison indicates how the area’s little-noticed race war continues. Daddy Santiago “Chico” Rios (pictured with “Lil Chico” Louie) pleaded guilty last year to conspiracy to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act and conspiracy to violate the civil […]

Second MS-13 Gangster in Bologna Triple Murder Is Arrested in North Carolina

Throughout the incarceration and trial of illegal alien Edwin Ramos for murdering Tony Bologna and his two sons, the Salvadoran gangster said there was another guy in the car who was actually the shooter. It was never entirely clear whether “Flaco” was a real person at all or just a convenient creation of Ramos’ lying […]

Final Convicted Murderer of Teenager Cheryl Green Is Sentenced to 238 Years

It was 2006 when 14-year-old Cheryl Green (pictured) was shot and killed while hanging out with her friends in the Harbor Gateway neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Now, six years later, the final sentencing of the last gangster has come down. So much for the right to a “speedy trial” as guaranteed in the Sixth Amendment. How […]

Triple Murderer Illegal Alien Ramos Sentenced to Life in Prison

Monday’s sentencing of the convicted MS-13 gangster Edwin Ramos contained no surprises, since the prosecution under anti-death penalty zealot Kamala Harris did not allow for capital punishment.

Ramos shot and killed Tony Bologna and his two sons in a mistaken-identity gang hit on June 22, 2008. Ramos had been arrested for violent offenses previously, but was […]

Non-Deported Gangster Espinoza Was Violent in Jail

In Los Angeles, the illegal alien killer of high-school football star Jamiel Shaw (pictured at right) was found guilty of first-degree murder last Wednesday. This week the court has entered the penalty phase to determine whether Mexican gangster Pedro Espinoza will get the death penalty.

Information about the killer is now being revealed that was kept […]

Illegal Alien Edwin Ramos Convicted of First Degree Murder in Triple Killings of Bologna Family

One of the worst cases ever of a preventable crime by a previously arrested but not deported illegal alien gangster came to a near-conclusion today in San Francisco. Edwin Ramos was convicted of murdering Tony Bologna and his two sons (pictured below) in a mistaken-identity gang hit nearly four years ago.

There could have been no […]

Prosecution Testimony in Pedro Espinoza Trial in Murder of Jamiel Shaw

KFI radio reporter Eric Leonard has been attending the trial of illegal alien Mexican Pedro Espinoza for the murder of high school student Jamiel Shaw (pictured) four years ago.

Leonard appeared on the John and Ken radio show during the 3pm hour on Thursday to explain the day’s testimony. (Listen — trial info starts at 1:20.) […]

San Francisco Sanctuary City Lawsuit Fails

It’s disappointing, though not surprising, that the state Appeals Court has decided that San Francisco authorities cannot be held responsible for the deaths of a father and two sons at the hands of an illegal alien gangster whom the city had protected from deportation. The decision affirms an earlier ruling of one year ago from […]

Increased Punishment for Illegal Alien Gangsters from Washington

According to NPR, the feds are getting tougher on prosecutions of foreign gangsters by employing the death penalty when appropriate.

The poster thug for this story is an MS-13 gang banger who reportedly killed five people, so he is a fine candidate for Old Sparky. Nobody outside of his momma, la Raza and the ACLU would […]