Netherlands to Muslims: Don’t Come Here Please!

Curiously enough, some Dutch people would prefer that Islamic “refugees” move along to Denmark and made a nice little film to about that point.

The Dutch apparently think Muslims would be happier in Denmark — so thoughtful of Netherlands folks to care!

Copenhagen: Gunmen Attack Free Speech Meeting and Cartoonist Lars Vilks

One man is dead and three police officers have been wounded in Copenhagen after a coffee house was sprayed with full-auto gunfire during an event titled “‘Art, blasphemy and the freedom of expression” organized by the artist Lars Vilks.

Below, the cafe under attack was hit by an estimated 200 bullets.

The cartoonist was part of the […]

Denmark: Arab Christians Are Threatened by Muslim Immigrants

When Christians flee majority-Muslim countries (like Lebanon — 60%), they don’t always escape hostile Muslims. Middle Eastern Christians in Denmark now report being forced to move away from Muslim neighborhoods because of the danger.

It’s unfortunate the Danes allowed Islamic immigration in the first place. They must have thought they were getting some swell diversity, but […]

Muslims Threaten Free Speech from Paris to Perth

Free speech is increasingly under attack in the West, due to Muslim immigration, but there has been little media attention given to alarms like the attempted assassination of Danish journalist Lars Hedegaard (pictured) in Copenhagen earlier this month.

A Muslim came to his front door pretending to deliver a package, but instead drew a gun and […]

Denmark Reintroduces Border Control against Schengen Agreement

Europe has been a leader in implementing bad ideas, and for that we can thank them for illustrating bad examples. Europe’s welcome of tens of millions of Muslim immigrants has shown everyone who can see that not all cultures are willing to assimilate to Western values, particularly when they are historic enemies.

We also saw how […]

Danes Permit Dangerous Mega-Mosque

There’s bad news from Denmark, a country which had been so courageous in standing up for free speech during the Mohammed cartoons controversy. Now it is showing signs of weakness in the face of insistent Islam.

A huge mosque is about to be built there, financed by Iran, which Lars Hedegaard describes as being “more like […]

Denmark Arrests Five Muslims Planning Newsroom Massacre

In Copenhagen, several hostile Muslims were arrested for a mass murder plot against the Jyllands-Posten newspaper that published the Mohammed cartoons in 2005, which the Sons of Allah found objectionable. The current scheme was to shoot as many people as possible in the newsroom of the offending newspaper.

Muslims really don’t like the tradition of free […]