Republican Governor Turns Illinois into a Sanctuary State

What good is having a Republican governor when he oversees the transformation of his state into a sanctuary zone that protect illegal alien criminals? That’s what happened on Monday when Gov. Bruce Rauner signed legislation that prevents local police from doing their jobs if the suspect is an illegal alien.

An additional sanctuary state is not the […]

FBI Pursues Illegal Alien Criminals, Three on Most-Wanted List

Anyone familiar with the ongoing problem of illegal alien crime knows that the July 1 murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco by a Mexican drug dealer was not an anomaly. Such mayhem is common: what’s uncommon is national attention by the media to the preventable crimes caused by immigration non-enforcement.

Former FBI agent Ron Hosko […]

Amnesty Politics Burble Up in Chicago Mayor’s Campaign

When Rahm Emanuel worked as Chief of Staff for President Obama, he was known to have advised against the administration pursuing a comprehensive amnesty as a bad move during a time of extreme unemployment.

Now Emanuel is campaigning to be mayor of Chicago, and his Democrat opponents are remembering and accusing him of insufficient ethnic pandering. […]